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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
May 7, 2012


Supermoon Had Every Occultic Group in the World Gathering to Do Their Rituals

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, and it's May 7. Couple things I wanna talk about tonight. I don't think I had a show Thursday. I was just too tired. You know, I've been running ragged. Last month, this month, next month, so. [laughs] Yeah. If I hadn't--wow. Here come the thunderstorms. Good timing, don't you think? They wanna annoy me during a show. Hit me right when I get on the air. This weather's really been wacky. We're 20 degrees below what we're supposed to be. I think in February we were 100 degrees above what we were supposed to be, so. I didn't mind February.

Let's see. A lot of stuff going on. And like I said, this month there is just crap on wheels flying from every direction. And so, trying to sit here and referee everything between all these different factions gets to be a handful. So, I could do the best I can and try to make sense of it. Throw out there what you should know, watch out for. Interesting, the supermoon Saturday night. And, you know, I think the concensus is pretty much, "What supermoon?," because it looked like a normal moon to me and everybody else who saw it. I've had night where I've looked outside and the moon looked much bigger, much brighter. So I don't know what all the hoopla was about a supermoon.

But either way, it had every occultic group in the world gathering to do their rituals. And they're everywhere, folks. Politicians, celebrities. Madonna and her new group out in L.A., Jim Carrey and his group, Soros and his group. Penny Pritzger and her group, Joel Osteen and his group. Just groups everywhere. Every city, every state, every country has groups in them.

And so, they're all out doing their rituals. I don't know where they meet. Houses, basements, clubs. I really don't know. But one thing I've been trying to teach you guys over the years is how everything is run by energy. How light and dark energy are really what plays...actually, energy other than Yah rules the world. It's part of our existence. Light and darkness. Positive and negative. And so, anyway, they're out there trying to drum up all this evil, negative energy so they can bring in their agendas or whatever it is they need.

Ask Yah to Convert All the Negative Energy Generated by Evil Groups into Positive Energy

But Yah was teaching me this trick. I'm probably slow. Everybody else probably already knows. But you could take all that negative energy that all these Satan freaks, and witch groups, and all of them create, and ask Yah to convert it into positive energy. And then that way it gives Yah the access to take all their negative, evil, satanic crap, turn it into positive energy and use anyway He wants. And so, I love the way we were able to ambush them all Saturday night, and take all their work, all their efforts in creating satanic dark energy from their rituals and chantings, and everything else they do, and turn it into positive energy so we could give it back to the Lord and have Him do whatever He wants to with it. Whatever He wants to with it.

And when I posted that on my Facebook, it wasn't 5, 10 minutes later I lost my Internet for the night. But it was on there, and people saw it, and people reacted. And able to join forces with all the other Warriors around the world and ask the Lord to take that DOE energy and turn it into positive energy. And He was able to do that, so we were able to accomplish a lot of things.

You know, people always say, "Well, the Lord's gonna do that. The Lord's gonna take care of us. The Lord's war on Earth. It's His battle." Yeah, it is, but He uses His people. Hel-lo? He doesn't just, you know, snap His fingers and things get done. It could be that easy, but there's rules that are followed. And He uses His people. He wars through His people. And so, yeah, the mass is, the majority, are always waiting for everybody else to get off their butts and do something. And thankfully there are a few people who will stand up and do as the Lord asks them to do. But no thanks to the majority that just sits on their butts.

But, you know, we were able to ambush them Saturday. Turn it into our favor. And, you know what? We know that they meet almost weekly for their rituals and stuff. And now we can just target all of them. Target all their ritual dates. Target all their meeting--you know, high satanic holy days or whatever you wanna call them. And just convert all that energy they're creating and give it back to Yah for Him to use. [laughs] And so, [laughs] yeah, we really can tear down their strongholds. You know, when you ask the Lord, "How do I tear down their strongholds?" He's gonna show you a lot of different ways in doing that. And it's really effective. I knew by morning that we had won. That we were able to accomplish that, and so.

A lot of things happening in the background people will never see, but just have faith that it's being done. Because when Christians unite and start praying and asking the Lord for things, we stop them in their tracks. We put a dead stop to them, and so.

Somebody of Importance Was on a Huge Ashtar Command Starship That Crashed in Australia

Other interesting things happening. Huge, you know, like I've said, there have been huge ships crashing. And last week, in northwest Australia, in the Pacific Ocean off northwest Australia, one of those huge several-miles-long cigar ships crashed. I could imagine it was probably floating over Australia thinking, "Oh, I'm out of the [United] States. I don't have to worry about orgone," and then hitting an orgone wall all the way across Australia, not even making it past the coast and just crashing in the Pacific. And this was one of Ashtar Command's fleets. Because the huge cigar-shaped UFOs, they're like, anywhere from 3 to 30 miles long. I don't know how long this thing was, but it was one of the big ones. So, probably directly one of Ashtar Command's fleets; cigar-shaped ones. And there was somebody of importance on it. I don't know which one it was. I don't know if it was one of their Ascended Masters or who it was. But one of them was on it that crashed. I don't know if he survived.

Another one, starship crashing in the Mediterranean sea just a few days ago. And so, they're coming down, folks. They're coming down all over the place. And Yah's cranking up the orgone. What it does is it somehow conflicts with their guidance systems on their UFOs. Causes them to lose their navigation. Causes them to malfunction. And they crash. And the thing is, is that most of them just don't even make it to the earth in piece. I mean, they usually catch fire in the atmosphere and then, you know, there's nothing left of them. But the ones that crash in the ocean, for some reason they can be salvaged. I don't know if they salvage them, or just try to see if there's any survivors, get them off. I really don't know what happens with that, and so. At least they have evidence of the UFO, itself. Guess the ones I see crashing out of the sky every night, they just never amount to a hill of beans on the earth, 'cause you don't find any of the--you see them crashing but you don't find any burnt pieces of aluminum. These starships and UFOs, just made from different types of materials, and so. So that's been going on. That's interesting.

Another G8 Summit NATO Conference in Chicago - They Want to Evacuate the City Because of Bomb Threats

Another G8 Summit conference in Chicago, NATO conference coming up. And there's a lot of...a lot of stuff going on surrounding this. I mean, you know, they wanna evacuate the city. And, you know, because of bomb threats, and so. Like, why don't they just move the conference. You know, why don't they just leave the people of Chicago alone and move the conference. Instead, they wanna make this big show, this big deal, out of turning the city into a police state for the week. And some people are convinced a dirty bomb is gonna go off, but from what I hear from my sources is it's a fake bomb threat. The whole thing's fake. They just wanna make it seem real to show, I don't know, show off? Show a hand of force there? I don't know. I really don't understand why they're so intent on just making this big military show there. I mean, it's Chicago. Take it, you know. Except for the innocent people that live there, what's there? The mafia, corrupt politicians? Who cares? Take them. Get rid of all them, leave the people alone.

So, that's gonna be in place the next couple of weeks. Trying to figure out is this a real bomb threat, are they gonna take the Sears Tower down? I don't think so. I mean, they tried a couple years ago to take it down, and the trucks carrying the bombs into the city were apprehended before they even got near Illinois. And so, you know, they tried twice to go after the Sears Tower. I don't even think it's called Sears Tower anymore. Think they changed the name of it. But everybody would relate to it if you called it the Sears Tower. They'd know what you were talking about. [Sears Tower now named Willis Tower]

So, I really don't know if they're going--I don't think they're gonna bomb Chicago at all. I think it's all just a, you know, a farce. It's too much going on in the background. Maybe it's one of their desperation things, "If you don't leave our money alone, we're gonna bomb Chicago." They're gonna get desperate because they have a lot of plans on how they wanna bring about and implement this Age of Aquarius. But the other factions aren't having it. And it seems to me that the other factions are totally winning at this point. And so, when I continue to hear what the New World Order cabal is planning and doing, it really doesn't even raise an eyebrow. It's like, "Oh." [laughs] Because they're losing. And they're gonna lose.

Obama's Clone Had a Judge Judy/Serene Branson-Type Meltdown

Interesting that Obama's clone had a meltdown the other day. Apparently, clones get some kind of shock to their central nervous system. And I guess it's like what--you'd refer to it as the Judge Judy effect [laughs] when she just went crazy, started mumbling and jumbling and making no sense. And they took her to the hospital.

That reporter, you can see these YouTubes on video where they just start to mumble and jumble. [What really happened to Serene Branson full interview] And the excuse is they're having a stroke. Well, apparently, it's their central nervous system. Goes into some kind of shock. And so, I guess Obama's went into shock the other day, and so. Haven't heard much else on that one.

Assassination Attempt on Obama in Columbia?

But I haven't gotten confirmation one way or another if there was a real assassination attempt on him in Columbia while he was there. But I know that there was something going on last night about midnight or so. There were shots fired at Obama. It was either Obama or Joe Biden. I'm not sure which one. And so, there was a code alert put out about the White House senior staff, and so, haven't heard anything else about that. Even if he did die, I mean, how dramatic are assassinations these days when they just pull out a clone. The only reason they would announce it on TV is if it was to their benefit. If it was gonna benefit their agenda in some way.

And right now Obama's been playing ball. He's been doing what they want him to do. So it's not his own faction going against him. It would be other factions that wanna take him out, and so. And I'm not ruling out his own friends, because they're a bunch of snakes. I wouldn't trust any of them as far as you could throw them. But he seems to be doing what they wanted him to do, in destroying America and bringing other things along. Of course, nobody can destroy America fast enough for George Soros. He's furious. He's had meetings since last year on how to destroy the American currency. How to take it away as being the world reserve currency. And right now that seems to be happening in the background.

The World's Reserve Currency Will No Longer Be the Dollar - A New Currency Will Cause Our Economy to Crash

I know that people are getting hyped up on the fact that DHS has ordered over 400 million hollow-point bullets. And they're getting ready for civil unrest here. And that's true, but I don't think people understand how it comes about. You know, the dollar's gonna crash. And we've had a crash since 2008, so everybody's like, you know, stock market crashed in 2008, there's a lot of homelessness going on. Nothing like we're about to see. Because, first of all, the American dollar has always been the world's reserve currency. It's always been the chief dollar. And it's always been the one traded for oil, which is the number one resource in the world. And so, other countries, China, Russia, Japan, Brazil, anybody wanted to buy oil, they had to purchase America dollars, and buy it in American dollars. That's what has propped up our economy all of these centuries. Especially this, you know, this one.

So, the world currency is going to be replaced. It's no longer gonna be the dollar. Now, Russia is stepping up and trying to push their ruble as the number one currency of the world. I know China probably wants theirs, the yuan. But they're gonna introduce some kind of petrol dollars. Some kind of new currency. And I know last week I talked about the new global financial system, where they were gonna introduce a new currency backed up with Yamashita gold. And so, you know, under that system, it's backed with Yamashita gold and everybody's currencies are backed by that. And that could stay the same. We could still have the U.S. dollar. But the world currency, itself, is going to change. It's no longer going to be the U.S. dollar. It's not gonna be the U.S. dollar. It's either gonna be a new currency that they introduce, these petrol dollars, or they come up with something else. But this is what's going to cause our economy to crash quickly when they do this. Because, you know, Wall Street's gonna crash, the economy's gonna crash.

We have no way to hold up our economy if other countries aren't being forced to buy our dollars. See, right now they're forced to buy it, 'cause they wanna buy oil where you've gotta exchange it in American dollars. Well, when you take that away, our biggest, number one moneymaker, and we already don't have jobs here, 30, 40 percent of the population's unemployed--here's no work in America. There's no jobs for all these kids coming out of college--it's gonna create a huge mess.

What Happens to America When the Dollar Does Crash

And when the dollar does indeed crash, when this new currency is introduced, all the fiat money that we have here in America, which is everybody's bank accounts and in their wallets, becomes worthless paper. It's worthless. And so, at the same time the dollar crashes, we're gonna have super inflation. Super inflation. And if you read the book of Revelation, everybody knows inflation's coming. Everybody knows. But on the heels of super inflation is super famine at the same time. And so, people aren't going to be prepared for that. People are gonna be broke, they're gonna be hungry. Especially if the government goes into default, which I believe is what's going to cause this massive civil unrest that they predict that is coming.

The government goes into default and can't pay Welfare, can't pay food stamps, it can't pay medical, can't pay anything. I mean, if the government goes into default, they can't pay anything. And so, yeah, that would cause a lot of unrest. People being evicted out of their homes 'cause they can't pay the rent, can't pay the mortgage, government's not paying for the Section 8. It could be chaos. Especially in the inner cities. Be chaos. And so, I know people that have mortgage loans, you can fight the bank for a year or two before you actually get kicked out. So you can buy some time. But if you're renters, or you're on set government assistance programs for rent, you could be out in the street fairly quickly. So, could be a lot of civil unrest, you know.

There's always a couple of different routes that could bring about this civil unrest. And I'm just trying to throw out some avenues that they could be using to get this. They always have their goals, but it's how they get there is when the routes change, and so. I mean, Obama could always go on TV and declare that the Constitution is now null and void and we're going under sharia law. Make an announcement that we're now going to honor sharia law here in America. That's a route. And so, I think it's more likely this other one because we've never really witnessed, in this country, a complete and total dollar collapse like we're going to. And so, with a new currency being traded for oil, the U.S. dollar becoming obsolete in the financial world, it's gonna be a trendsetting--setting new ground here in America. And they expect that to take place somewhere within the next 6 months, so. I don't think it's gonna take that long. I don't think they have that long. Because they need to get into other places of their agenda by then.

China's Been Buying the Bonds and Debts of Americans, Using Them to Get Our Assets

You know, if you look at it, who's really controlling things behind the scenes? I know the cabal thinks they do. New World Order cabal. But if you really look at it, side by side with these different factions working against each other, the Chinese have been buying up American dollars for years. And you always hear how China's been buying the bonds and the debts of all the Americans. Well, they haven't been sitting their money in the banks. I mean, last year China was the biggest buyer in the world. 25 percent of all buying last year was from China. And what they've been buying up is assets.

You know, they're not storing up American dollars to sit in the bank and draw interest. They're buying assets. They're buying gold and oil. Minerals around the world. They're all over Africa. They're all over Africa buying up minerals and mines, and so. They've been everywhere. And the whole thing with the war against Libya and these other smaller nations like Uganda, is simply NATO trying to keep the Chinese from buying up those African countries. There were over 30,000 Chinese in Libya when the war began against Qaddafi. 30,000 Chinese. Engineers and everything else, buying up assets, slowly taking over the country. And doing the same here in America.

If they own all of the mortgage debt, because they take your mortgage loan from the bank and buy it, and then they resell. They come up with more scams than you can think of. I can't even understand half the scams they come up with. But in the end, China's holding everybody's mortgages in their hands. So they can simply come to your house and tell you to get out of their house. Because they own the mortgage of your house. Even though you think the bank owns it, you're paying the bank every month, the bank sold the mortgage and the Chinese bought it, and the Chinese actually own it.

In a lot of these bank foreclosures, half of the mess was that they couldn't produce the deed or title to the house that's being foreclosed. Because it's all floating in derivatives somewhere, however they do it on Wall Street. One of their scams. And so, Obama was gonna pass a law stating that banks didn't have to produce the deed or title to foreclose. They don't have to literally produce it, which would help banks foreclose on millions of more houses that have been held up in foreclosure hearings, and so, making it easy on them.

Government Officials and Businessmen Working to Destroy America - They're Not the Patriots They Pretend to Be

But the Chinese and Russians have been working together in the background. And so, look at the Federal Reserve, itself. Tim Geithner speaks Mandarin because he works for the Chinese, folks. Tim Geithner's not a patriotic American trying to help Americans. He works for the Chinese.

George Soros, he's Hungarian. He's not born in America, red-white-and-blue patriotic American. He's just an idiot that got a lot of money shorting the Euro last year, made a billion, and now uses that money to pay rogue groups in Africa to burn and kill Christians. I mean, he's coming after the very heart of America, wherever it is. Our religion, our people, the Lord's people, this country. They want it destroyed. They want it destroyed.

They have meetings. What do you think this whole G8 meeting is at the end of the month? Bilderbergers are meeting. These aren't trueblood patriots wanting to do what's best for our country. They meet so they can find ways to destroy it. You know, you have to wonder why these people always go along with this stuff. How people can be so stupid. They don't do 5 minutes of research.

The Ultimate Ticket to Bring in the Alien Agenda Would Be Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul

They're still trying to spark a conflict or war between North and South Korea. That's been on the script for a long time. Hillary flew to Bangladesh to sell them arms. So while they rant and rave about fast and furious, Hillary's flying around the world selling arms to Asian countries. It never ends, folks. They still want a war with Iran. Romney says, "Vote for me. I'll strike them my first day in office." Obama doesn't want a war with Iran. Two assassination attempts in the last month against Obama. So, yeah, it's looking good for Romney. I still think Hillary's gonna get her butt in there somehow, if Obama does get an early exit out. Because she's always been part of this whole alien-type agenda.

You know, I was talking to one of my friends about it. I think, you know what the ultimate ticket would be for them, if they were gonna have elections at all in November--which is probably, by September, could be a complete mute point--it would be Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul. Ron Paul jumping parties, joining the Democrats under Hillary. That would be the ultimate ticket for them. And that would make the most sense because, you know, Mitt Romney, he's a Mormon and he has a little bit of that alien agenda in him. Because the alien agenda and Sananda, they have a lot of ties to the Mormons, and also the Vatican. Hillary has ties with the alien agenda. And look how huge Ron Paul is. There's a huge public fan, patriotic fan, and people think he's patriotic, but he's a freaking Lizard, same as Hillary. That'd be the ultimate ticket to bring in the alien agenda, and so.

Half the Mormons Today Don't Even Understand the History of Mormonism and Its Ties to Satanism

I think the whole thing with Romney is they wanna talk about how he spends his money. I don't think that's the main point. I think it's the fact that everybody knows he's Mormon. And, you know, Mormon's just a butt hair above Satan, itself. The demon, Moroni, runs Mormonism. It's got tight ties to Satanism; the Mormons do.

Half the Mormons today don't even understand the history of Mormonism. And so, the Mormons used to claim for 120 years that a black person couldn't get saved and go to heaven. And so, you ask a Mormon today and they'll say that's not one of their doctrines. But it was for 120 years. And the only reason they were forced and pressured to stop preaching it was because of the Civil Rights movement of the '50s and '60s. And so, it's just a really, you know, satanic religion where they have ties to Satanism, and so. I think that's one reason a lot of people are just turned off by Romney. [Republican Mitt Romney and the "Mormon Plan for America"]

The Jesus Campaign Is Being Struck Up to Condition and Prepare Us for Sananda's Arrival

But then you have Hillary. And, obviously, much stronger an opponent. And a much bigger cheerleader for the alien agenda than Obama, although Obama has ties with Sananda himself. It's a three-ring circus, folks. And notice nowhere I mentioned America, and Republicans and Democrats. All that's a facade. It's a has-been. They just use that for the window dressing, the TV crowd, the churchdom crowd. Everything is based on globalism and who's going to lead into the next, uh, I guess you could say the next century, which begins in 2013 because a lot of things are coming to an end in 2012. And you're gonna start seeing it more and more.

They really plan on the Jesus campaign that's being struck up. And you're gonna start seeing all of their little industry pawns come out and start promoting Jesus. And they're not promoting Jesus of the Bible, the Son of God. His name is Yahushua. They're promoting Sananda. But they'll do that with conditioning by calling him Jesus, because that's what he goes by, that's his name. You know, people hear me harp about, "Why don't you call the Son of God His real name, Yahushua." And this is the big reason why. Because Jesus is coming. Sananda's coming. It's not the real Jesus, the Son of God. And that's not His real name. It's not Jesus, it's Yahushua. People are gonna start seeing more and more of the manipulation that the Masons had when they concocted and put together the KJV. Yes, the biblical message of salvation is in the KJV, but so is the hand of the Masons in rewriting and taking things out of it, and so.

You know, when Jesus arrives--and there's gonna be a lot of promotion for him coming up--it's gonna be a huge deception. You know, it was funny because I was just coming across this Jesus campaign coming up, and here this Katy Perry was on TV, and they had some kind of story about her Christian roots and how she came to be a pop star. It's like, "OK, where's the real stuff? Where's the part where she sold her soul to the devil for fame and fortune?" And you can watch that on YouTube videos. [Katy Perry Sold her soul?? PART 2] No, but they ain't gonna show that on television. You know, they kind of gloss over the important stuff and give you the Hollywood version.

They want everybody loving Jesus. And trust me, folks, it is not for spiritual reasons. It is not for biblical and spiritual reasons. It's because they're introducing, they're bringing in Sananda and they want people prepared for him. George Bush, Jr. is supposed to stand up on I've accepted Jesus, and start promoting the Bible, and start rubbing elbows with Joel Osteen. I mean, that's gonna be enough to make everybody nauseous. Joel Osteen's a big-time Satanist. He's involved with the group in Houston. And, of course, George Bush, Jr.'s a big-time Satanist. Generational family lines. So you can see where it's all coming together, folks. The Jesus campaign, the rise of evil campaign.

And now you're gonna start seeing, "We want change. We want a new America. We want a new America." And they'll start implementing, you know, all this new stuff. A new currency backed by gold. Supposed to be a gold standard. All the world's currencies. But first it will crash fiat money of the American system first. They want chaos, and then they want everybody turning to Jesus. You know, raising the religious rhetoric of Jesus so that they can get ready to bring Sananda in. And Sananda plays the Son of God, this Jesus. He's a fake, he's a mimic. [Sananda]

They Will Shut Up and Get Rid of People Who Expose and Oppose Sananda

But, you know, and the thing is, when they do get prepared to bring him in, they are going to shut the bigmouths up. Because they don't want people like me going on, and on, and on about what a fake and fraud he is. They're going to shut us up. They're gonna come after the bigmouths before they even bring him in, because they want peace and quiet. [laughs] They don't want people harping about this is the Antichrist, this is a Satan's freak, this is not the real Son of God. They're gonna shut people up before they actually bring him in. And so, it's gonna be a war on the saints. It's gonna be a war on the saints, folks. And a lot of it will be hidden by, you know, whatever they claim it to be. Maybe they'll say we're all selling drugs and so they're doing drug busts at our residences and hauling us off to jail. I don't know what they're gonna say. They'll lie. The media will lie. The media may not even cover it. If they say anything, it'll be a lie. And then people will go back to sleep.
They're gonna take control of the Internet. They're gonna censor websites that are anti-Sananda, such as mine. Radio shows online. Online TV shows. They are going to censor everything. There's gonna be no more free speech. No more watchmen banging and yelling on the walls. They're going to shut, effectively shut, everybody up.

And any kind of opposition is going to be hauled off. And they're building a lot more Black Hawk helicopters for this. I've been hearing helicopters all week. I guess they're in training. [laughs] Training. And most of these will be nighttime ambush-type raids to get you at home while you're sleeping. Sending commando units to pick whole families up. And they disappear overnight. No one knows where they are. They'll use NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act] as a basis for that. And the thing is, Obama still has that clause in the NDAA that it can't happen in his administration, under his administration watch. And so, you know what? They'd have to get rid of Obama if they want to start that. Maybe it is their own people trying to take him out. Because that clause in the NDAA says it can't happen in his watch, under his watch.

The New French President, Hollande, Is Going to Destroy France the Way Obama Did Us

So, you know, just a lot of, a lot of stuff every direction. France electing a new prime minister, whatever they call it out there. You know what? They're gonna destroy France. Greece just defaulted. France is going to be next because this guy is going to spend them into oblivion, like Obama did us, under the pretext of change and fixing things. He's going to spend them into oblivion like Obama did us. And so France is going to be quickly speedball downward spiral over the next couple of months. So they'll be joining Greece.

Euro getting ready to crash, itself. Yeah. A lot of people getting ready for the global reset. This setting up of the new, what they're calling the new financial system.

Hundreds of Resignations, but Massive Public Arrests of NWO Cabal on Back Burner - Still a Viable Faction

Also talk about massive public arrests of the New World Order cabal. I'll believe it when I see it. I know they've been talking about it for ages. They talk about arrests being made. And then you see these people, you know, walking amongst us, you know. How are they arrested if they're still walking amongst us? But there were over 300 resignations in the last several months of high-ranking banking officials. Think they tell them either resign or get arrested. And so, a lot of them resigning.

I don't think anybody would think anything's changing unless the real forefront players were indeed arrested. And we all know that if they're in the forefront, they're not the real power players. 'Cause the real power players stay behind the scenes and they're never seen by the people, by the public, so. But either way, until you see Bushes, and the Clintons, and all them in handcuffs, [laughs] then they haven't been arrested. And they're still a viable faction amongst us. But they really plan on arresting the cabal. All these Satan freaks amongst us.

Karl Rove Says He Likes to Rip the Arms and Legs Off Puppies and Eat Them

There was a correspondents' dinner last week in D.C. and I guess Karl Rove was talking about. And he was actually telling the truth and people laughed. Think he's joking. But the MC [Master of Ceremonies] of the event was asking Karl Rove what he likes to do, and he said he likes to rip off the arms and legs off puppies and eat them. And people laughed. Well, hel-lo? This guy's a Lizard. He's telling you the truth. That's how they are. They're in your face. And people don't believe it. That's why they get away with it. Because they just tell you what they do. Nobody believes it. It's too insane to be believed. That's just too crazy. Well, it's true. It's what they do. They rips the arms and legs off animals and eat them. What do you expect from a Lizard? I guess there's a YouTube video on it. I haven't see it yet, but by means, if you wanna hear him say it in the correspondents' dinner, go right ahead. It's what they do, folks.

Alien Agenda Will Crash Banks and Freeze Bank Accounts - No Money Coming from Government for Social Services

Global reset, a lot of people, a lot of banks preparing for this. That's why I think right now the total edge goes to the alien agenda. What's really funny is that all of these banks are salivating in the fact that they're gonna make millions of dollars on the global reset changing foreign currencies. They're gonna make maybe billions, millions. But in the scheme of things, at the same time, the whole Federal Reserve system's going to be crashed and all of the banks related to it. Their accounts are gonna be frozen. They're gonna be bankrupt. And so, do not keep your money in the major banks, folks, because they're going to freeze the bank accounts of the wicked.

And perhaps that's what happens, causes the unrest, because when they freeze their accounts, it affects the accounts of the government as well and they can't pay their bills. Either way, whether through default or because their accounts are frozen, we're going to have civil unrest. We're gonna have people that have no money because the government's not paying for the social services they're expecting. Or unemployment, be no unemployment paid out. Be no Welfare being paid out. No Medicare. Nothing. Retirement. Nothing. Social Security. Nothing, folks. Nothing. When I say nothing, I mean nothing. Nothing will be paid out. There won't be one dime coming out of the government.

And that's why there's going to be so much war in the streets over it. If people can get riled up over a court case, and burn a city over a judgment in a court case, a murder trial, imagine what's gonna happen when they don't get their food stamps or their unemployment. Or they're hungry and they're broke, and now they're homeless because they've been evicted out of their homes. Imagine the chaos. And this is what's set to happen. And this isn't stuff I'm seeing in the Codes, this is stuff that they're planning on happening. This is stuff from both sides of the fence I see happening, and so. You know, through spring, through summer, could be chaos.

And let's not forget this false flag alien invasion they have planned, that's coming. Also, blowing up Congress. That's coming. Do you think it would cause a little bit of chaos if the president was assassinated and then shortly after, Congress was blown up? Do you think that would cause a little chaos in this country? 'Cause that's what they're planning.

Be Prepared to Live Off the Grid - They Want an Energy Crisis

So, you know, prepare, folks. Be prepared to live off the grid. You know, I hate reading these websites and they talk about, "Oh, there's these large CMEs [coronal mass ejections] coming from the sun. They're gonna knock out our energy grid." The sun's not knock out our energy grid, our government's going to. They want a energy crisis. And when they're good and ready for an energy crisis, they're gonna knock out our energy grids. They'll do it themselves. They blame it on the sun. They always have to have a boogeyman. Always gotta have a boogeyman. And you can bet whatever happens next, whether it's the president assassinated or Congress blown up, they'll blame it on Iran, because they wanna go to war with Iran. Gotta have your boogeymen to blame. They learned that one from the Jews, the Zionists. Blame it on somebody else, do it yourself, blame it on somebody else. That's how it goes, so.

Let's Get the NWO Pyramid Straight, Folks - The Queen Is at the Top and She'll Do Nothing to Help America

You know, a lot of stuff going on in the background with Russia threatening and strongarming the U.S. China along with them. And so, that whole invasion scenario pretty much starting to scream loud and clear with China and Russia here in America. And Britain knowing about it and doing nothing to stop it. Nothing to stop it, nothing to help the Americans. Just sitting back and watching it happen. And that's what the Queen plans on doing. She owns them, too. You know, the Queen, the whole New World Order system is a matriarchal system. The Queen sits at the top. Everybody thinks it's Rothschild. It's not, it's her. She's the Queen. She's the matriarch. She sits at the top. The pope is under her. The Rothschild is under her. Everybody is under her. Let's get the pyramid straight, folks. It's a matriarchal system.

"Scabies" and "Rabies" Showing Up in the Bible Codes

It's two terms I've been seeing the Codes that have been raising my eyebrows is "scabies" and "rabies." Scabies and rabies. I know the Lizards are suffering from boils on their skin. And that's an effect of the orgone. It's on my list of terms about orgone that I found in the Bible Codes years ago. You can go to my website,, and read that. It's one of the effects. So it really doesn't raise my eyebrows much when I'm hearing, "Oh, hey, the Greys are dying. The Lizards are getting boils." Really? Well, I knew they would. We're crashing their ships. Yeah, I knew I would. I put the stuff on my website 10 years ago, folks. [laughs] Just confirmations. [coughs] They don't like it. Been attacking me since I started talking. I don't care, I talk anyway. Can't shut me up, I'm the Lord's mouthpiece on Earth. You can make me mad, but you can't shut me up. It's not time yet.

Prepare for Everything, Expect Anything - Buy a Trailer and an Acre of Land Away from the Cities

So these are the things to watch for, folks, and prepare for. Collapse of our currency. Collapse of our economy. And super inflation. So whatever you have to do to prepare for this, you wanna get out of the cities. Find a trailer on an acre of land. Buy it outright. It doesn't have to be the Taj Mahal, the Hilton Hotel. Find something that's yours, you could own outright. If it's just an acre of land, at least you own it, you could put a tent on it. They can't kick you off your own land unless you don't pay your taxes.

Try to get something going with other people. Try to get something you could own outright, because they're gonna start putting all their cards on the table. Chinese start coming, kicking people out of the houses they own, what's your recourse? You've got none. You have to get out of their house. They own it. They own the mortgage to your house. They're calling for the loan, you can't pay it, they can kick you out. And I have a feeling that's gonna be a huge part of this whole civil unrest that's coming about. So, like I said, prepare for everything, expect anything.

Keep Sending in Your Donations to Get the Missions Done - Keep Orgoning and Praying, Too

You know, at the same time, we're getting busy behind the scenes, still going after them to attack their strongholds. So don't forget about that, folks. Still need your donations for that. Keep us going for the next several months so we can get mission done. I don't know how much time we're gonna have left. And people ask me about Chicago. Chicago's been orgoned. I'm not even worried about it. The Lord can crank that up and fry all of them in a second, if He wants to. Maybe He does, maybe He will, maybe He won't.

You know, crystals are a conductor and the Lord can speak directly to crystals. He can increase the energy of them or He can make them go dormant. So perhaps He wants them to be dormant. So, you know, they do their thing, they have their NATO conference, they do their thing, whatever. If He wants to allow that to happen, then it'll happen. If He wanted to fry all of the Lizards in Chicago in a second, He could. So it's really in His hands. We just do the work. We lay the groundwork that gives Him the ability to act in any way He wants to act. So, we get the orgone where He needs them. They're there for Him to use. And so, that's our job, folks. And then that's what we've been doing.

Also, being able to turn the tables in our favor by converting all the energy they're creating by death, and famine, and misery, and suffering. Ask the Lord to turn all of that energy into positive energy for Him to use. For any way He wants, any way He needs. And that puts it all into His hands, you know, so. [laughs]

Protect Your Money - Get Out of the Big Four Banks - Invest Internationally

A lot of stuff coming up, folks. Protect your money, if you have money. Get it out of Big Four banks. Get it out of CDs, insurance annuities. All that's gonna crash.

If you're going to invest, invest internationally. Invest in international CDs, international annuities, things that aren't tied to western countries' money. 'Cause all the western countries' money's gonna become worthless. There's other countries you can invest in. You can invest in Arabia. You can invest in Dubai. You can invest in Brazil, Argentina, India. Chinese, invest in the Chinese because they're gonna be strongest in the world. They're gonna be the ones, basically, that bring down the U.S.A. And their yuan is probably going to be one of the strongest currencies in the world. They own trillions of dollars in assets around the world right now. They're doing more buying than any other country in the world. Would it be wise to invest in the yuan? Yeah. 'Cause right now it's just an undervalued currency.

So, stay away from anything western. Stay away from banks, their CDs, mutual bonds, mutual funds, stock markets. Get out of all that, and start investing international and oversees, folks, because you're gonna lose--everything you have here's gonna become worthless.

A Lot of People Are Leaving the Country, But My Destiny Is Here

I know a lot of people are just leaving the country, and so be it. But my destiny is here. Other people's destinies are tied to here. And, you know, as long as the Lord needs us here, we're here. We'll be doing what He wants us to do. And right now, we're busy tearing down their strongholds, so.

California, Stay Away from Jack in the Box Restaurants - Beef Used in Those Restaurants Are Injected with Biowarfare Agents

Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday. Aliens in the News. A shout-out to those in California. Jack in the Box restaurants. Please stay away from those restaurants. There's a underground base, Coalinga, California. And this is a biowarfare experiment base. The E. coli strain came out of this base. And this base is tied to Jack in the Box restaurants because they have their cattle that they breed for the hamburgers and the beef at that restaurant parked right next to a military base. And they use, they inject these cattle with biowarfare and other kinds of DNA strain experiments, and so. Yeah, this is the beef you're eating if you eat Jack in the Box food. So, shout-out to stay away from that poison crap. Meat, in general, in California totally being injected with crap. Just goo and unimaginable biowarfare crap, so.

Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday, folks. Until then. Yah bless, everybody.


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