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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
May 14, 2012


It's Inevitable That Our Economy's Going to Collapse - The NESARA Agenda Will Be Taking Over

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And, I can't get in the chat room tonight. This thing is just loading in circles, so. I'll try to get in throughout the show, but I don't normally pay attention to it anyway, during the show. So, I'll just say the things I'm planning to say tonight. Quite a few things actually. Couple things the Lord's been showing me. And I'm gonna talk about that tonight.

You know, it's inevitable that our economy's going to collapse, folks. And I know there's a lot of stuff going around about the Internet. Whether they control the opposition or not, their favorite pawns that they do control giving out a lot of good info on it. Yeah, there's gonna be an economic collapse. Because as both regimes get ready, one gets ready to take over the other, this fiat system is on the way out the door. It's like 97 countries that use paper money that mean nothing, and so. This whole financial institution, this whole NESARA agenda's gonna be taking over. And so, right now it's kind of a fight in the background.


One Thing the New Age and NWO Agendas Agree on Is to Get Rid of the Saints

You know, I just wanna gag when I read their stuff. And, you know, at least with the New World Order agenda everything was, you know, right there in your face. "We're Satanists. You're Jesus freaks. We hate you. We're comin'." And so, they set up FEMA camps and everything else. And we knew their agenda.

With this alien New Age agenda coming, it's just, it's nauseating. A lot of Christians falling for that New Age garbage. Everybody thinking, "Oh, we're gonna get our Constitution back. It's gonna be restored. We're gonna get rid of the Federal Reserve and go back to a gold-backed currency." Folks, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. And the fact is, this new agenda taking over is much, much worse than the ones we're getting rid of. The useful idiots now, in D.C. They're much worse. It's gonna be much more nauseating to deal with because so much of the Christian crowd hears religious speech and they think these people are of the Lord. You know, it's quote some scripture like George Bush, Jr. did, and then go eat poop and sacrifice a baby, and they all think he's a Christian, 'cause he quoted scripture. So did Hitler.

And so, a lot of this stuff just coming out. Gonna be much, much worse to deal with than the New World Order agenda ever was. And they both rely on getting rid of the saints. Of getting rid of real Bible believers. Getting rid of any kind of opposition. And so, the one thing that both agendas, both factions agree on is to get rid of the real saints.

And so, you won't see the Joel Osteens and the Masonic network of TBN [Trinity Broadcasting Network] disappear. They're just gonna start praising Jesus. Everybody's gonna be in a praising Jesus mode because Sananda's gonna be the Jesus they're praising. That's why I tell ya and encourage ya to call Him by His real name, Yahushua, because they're all gonna be loving this Sananda that's coming.

But the one thing they wanna get rid of is opposition and bigmouths, and so. Both agendas agree on that and they'll both be coming after us. And I know that you've been reading about roundups and martial law coming. And that is coming very quickly, folks. It's on both agendas' script page. And it's gonna be happening very, very soon. It's gonna be starting. And so, if you see checkpoints and roads being blocked, and stuff like that, avoid them, folks. You don't wanna get taken to these FEMA camps. Avoid them at all costs. It's gonna be a war.

And so, a lot of people just unprepared for the fact that they'll be looking for them. See if they're on the list. I don't know what they're gonna say. That they're looking for terrorists or whatever. Well, guess who's the terrorist as far as they're concerned. You are. Especially if you listen to this show. And so, avoid them at all costs, folks.


War Against the Wicked! Taking it Back for Yah!

Anyway, things I wanted to talk about. And, I wrote an article, War Against the Wicked! Taking it Back for Yah! And I've posted it on all my websites. I've posted it, while the intro song was on, just seconds before the show was starting. It's at,, War Against the Wicked! Taking it Back for Yah! [] And the reason is, is because I wanted to explain even further this war that we're in against them.

Every day there's a war around us. There's a war for our souls, our thoughts, our beliefs. And, you know, they battle endlessly against us. So many wanna stay in denial. Wanna refuse to believe that the government really wants us dead. Which is [laughs] the only thing they work for, folks. It's the only thing they work for. Cancers, tumors. Poisoning our air, our water, our food. Our toothpaste, our shampoo, our makeup. It doesn't stop, because they don't stop.

Could washing your hair make you stupid?


Why Satan Thrives Off the Energy of Evil and Wickedness

Huge part of Satan's kingdom here on Earth is to enforce that these wicked Satanists work tirelessly to pervert Yahuah's creation. And they celebrate an unholy calendar with dates year-round as part of their membership, which quickly becomes their enslavement to Satan's kingdom. And I have an article on what they do and why they need such bad, wicked energy all the time, when you can read it. It's on my articles page. It's called The Net Masters []. So you might wanna read that to get some back ground information on why Satan thrives off the energy of evil, and wickedness, and negative energy.

Another aspect is orgone is an energy that surrounds us. It's the blue aura around the earth. It gives life and healing to our planet and people. It can be blocked or manipulated and turned into what's called DOE, dead orgone energy. Think of light and darkness, day and night. Light is vibrant and healing, and supports and gives life. And the other is dark and dismal. Well, unholy beings feed off dark and dismal energies. So you can think of demons, aliens, vampires, creatures of the night. Darkness is directly opposite to anything of the light, and vice versa.

Satan operates in both realms. But he only operates in the realm of the light to manipulate and destroy it. He's king of the darkness, opposed to everything that is of healing, good, innocence, or righteousness. And it is within his realm of darkness where he produces the energy needed to gain power. The more loosh, the more evil, the more dark energy he creates, the more power he has to operate with. It's almost like electricity. He needs this kind of electricity to operate and get power. You think of Popeye and spinach. The more spinach, the more power. He creates and receives this dead orgone energy from the death and suffering of others. Or from gathering the praises of those who worship him. That's why hell's such a terrible place. He tortures and torments those in hell because it's through their suffering he gains power. He gains power in secret societies, groups and organizations, and various occultic groups located around the world he forces to meet endlessly to praise him, to perform rituals, to help him further his plans and conquer and destroy Earth and all the goodness on it.


We Can Hijack Satan's Power! Heres How...

But what I've learned, folks, is that we can take all this evil energy that Satan produces, and that others produce for him, and convert it to an energy that The Most High can use for His own self. We can hijack Satan's power. We can hijack all of his ritualistic meetings; all of his church services where he has people praise him; all the death, and the torment, and the suffering he creates. We can hijack all of the power he's creating, you know. You know, we can break his chains, we can end his total rule and domination through darkness and fear.

We can join and unite forces on any given day that he is meeting. And that's why they have big ritual days set on the calendar. Everybody around the world meets on those ritual days. They perform rituals. We did it last, uh, just a week or so ago on that supermoon. They were all meeting to have rituals. They do a lot of sacrificing that night. They do a lot of praising Satan that night. And we took all that energy away from him that was being created and hijacked it for The Most High. We gave it to The Most High. And it was actually pretty simple. And I'm gonna teach you how to do that. It's basically just a prayer that you could say. You could pray something like this:

Dear Heavenly Father,

As they gather against You to blaspheme Your holy name, to do unspeakable and wicked things against You and Your creation, I ask that You take all the evil energy they produce and convert it to positive, healing energy to do with whatever You desire to do with it. I ask that it be taken from Satan's hands, converted, and delivered to Yours.

Thank You, Father, in Yahushua's name. So be it done.

You can add many variations and put it into you own words. It's not the specific words spoken in a particular way that are important, but it's the concept, itself. You're acknowledging our Father in heaven and asking Him to do something. In this instance, taking what is being offered and sacrificed to Satan to give him power, and converting that energy, created for something Yah can use for Himself.


Some Advanced Warfare Prayers...

For those with advanced warfare knowledge, you can ask Him to take that energy and release portals and gateways over the earth for His angels to use as they please. Ask Him to place Warrior angels around the portals to guard them from being overtaken by Satan and his forces. You can ask Him to take that energy and close Satan's portals and gateways, aggravating what seems like his unlimited access to Earth for he and his minions to abduct, harm, and torment the people on Earth. You can ask Him to take that energy to crash Satan's UFOs, to destroy their starships and all their homes and habitations that hover in our atmosphere over the earth. To can ask Him to take that energy they're creating to implement their evil plans and agendas on Earth, convert it, and use it to destroy their plans instead.

Remember, they're all gathering together to create DOE energy. And all we have to do on the nights that they're gathering together is start praying that the Lord take that energy they're creating, convert it from DOE to POE energy, and use it for Himself. And this allows Him, when you say, "Just take it and use it for whatever You want," this allows Him to release armies of angels on the earth, open gateways and portals here on the earth for His angels. It allows Him to close Satan's gateways and portals.

There's a huge war in the background that we don't see as humans on Earth. If you're into spiritual warfare, you learned a lot about this stuff already and you know it's a constant war, a constant battle. And so, now, with very little effort, all we have to do is ask the Lord to take that energy they're creating, on such and such a night, and convert and use it for Himself. We can totally hijack everything that they're implementing, everything that they're trying to do, and give it to Yah to use for Himself.


Satanism 101: Shedding Innocent Blood to Help Satan Establish His Physical Reign on Earth

You know, all of those involved in helping Satan establish his physical reign on Earth know that they must shed innocent blood to bring it about. That's basically Satanism 101, folks. They work together and accomplish this, not only through ritual killings where an innocent child or victim is sacrificed, but also through planned terrorist events, orchestrated disasters such as wars, famines, medical and pharmaceutical incompetence, weather disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes, innocent deaths caused by transportation disasters, poisoned or contaminated food, plague and flu pandemics, poisonous and deadly vaccines, just about every conceivable way of causing death on a large scale.

Senseless killings are also a means of theirs to use to collect sacrifices, such as using technology or demons, and chip-implanted pawns, using them as victims to kill one another. Causing cancer is a huge scale of sacrifices. And it's also their favorite tool of assassination against people they don't like, people they want dead. They can cause them to get cancers.

I have a bunch of ritual dates listed at the bottom of the article I wrote. [War Against the Wicked! Taking it Back for Yah!] They meet every single month. And every time there's a new moon, or a full moon, or an eclipse, those are huge ritual meetings, outside the all the other appointed holidays they already have. And so, you can learn when they'll be together so that all you have to do is pray and ask the Lord to take all the energy that they create during that ritual and convert it and use it for Himself.

So I wanted to pound that home tonight because, you know, I've been sitting here for years hearing about their rituals, and their meetings, and babies dying, and innocent people, victims, dying. And who knew that we can take control of this and do something about it? You know? I mean, they only do it so Satan can get power. That's the reason they do it. And so, now, we can take all that power that Satan was gonna get from the death of that innocent being, that person, and ask the Lord to convert it to POE and use it for Himself. You know, we can hijack Satan, folks. We can hijack him.


The Main Attraction of the Sun to Satan's Agenda Is Yamashita Gold

You know, in 2004, I started an orgone war against evil inhabitants above, and below, and even on the earth. Created websites:, And since then, thousands of UFOs and starships have crashed to the earth. Underground bases have be decimated. And the fallen ones, or the aliens, have been plagued with burning, with skin diseases, boils, asphixia, and necrosis because of the affects that positive orgone has on them.

Our orgone has saturated the atmosphere, the stratosphere, combating not just UFOs and aliens, but their chemtrail programs as well. Increasingly, many people witnessing, on YouTube videos, the seeming war at the sun, or the presence of UFOs and starships around the sun.

The sun is a dimensional object. And there's various aspects of the sun that very few humans even know about. And I'm not gonna get into all of them, but I do want to reveal one of the purposes of the main attraction of the sun to Satan's agenda. And it's a resource referred to as Yamashita Gold. Now in our third dimension, Yamashita Gold is a resource that can be harvested directly from the sun's core, and is a highly valuable resource to aliens. It emits NOE which is neutral orgone energy. And the aliens convert the neutral orgone energy to DOE, dead orgone energy, to energize their ships and UFOs. Yamashita Gold is dimensional like the sun, and it enables the UFO ships to become invisible and dimensional.

The reason UFOs crash, and we've been seeing them crash for years, crashing to the earth. The reason they crash is when they fly into saturated positive orgone energy areas, the NOE that powers that UFO ship turns into POE, it depletes the dead orgone energy that is supplying the ship, and then the ship malfunctions and crashes. See.


Yamashita Gold Can Be Affected by Prayer, Too! Ask Yah to Turn Its NOE into DOE

So, what I've been learning is that this neutral orgone energy, this NOE, this gold, they call it Yamashita Gold--I don't know why they call it Yamashita Gold; this is what they call it--this gold that they harvest out of the sun is NOE, neutral orgone energy. So all we have to do, because this NOE orgone, neutral orgone energy orgone, can be affected by prayer, all we have to do is ask Yahushua to turn the NOE of the Yamashita Gold into POE, and it will become deadly to them. It will become deadly. It's so valuable to them that they will retrieve it from fallen and crashed UFOs and starships if they can.

It's also, this Yamashita Gold is the backbone of the new currency that is coming to the world behind the NESARA agenda. It's gonna be backing the new global economic program of the beast. This gold never loses its value. It's of extreme importance to them. It won't be traded on open markets. I don't know what they're gonna do to the gold that we currently have on Earth. Apparently, the gold we have on Earth is a different type of gold that the Yamashita Gold, the neutral orgone energy gold in the sun.

So, again, folks, just another incredibly simple prayer to combat even this stronghold. You can say something like this:

Dear Heavenly Father,

I ask You to convert all the neutral orgone energy in the sun into positive orgone energy, and that You will block it from being able to be converted into dead orgone energy. I ask that all the neutral orgone energy that has already been taken and is being used in UFOs, starships, and the homes and habitations of the fallen ones be converted into positive energy so it is of no use to them and destroys them.

Thank You, Father, in Yahushua's name. So be it done.

Folks, this isn't just phenomenal, it's legendary. The fact that we can hijack all the DOE, the dead orgone energy that is created, by asking Yahuah to take it and convert it, and use for His own purposes, and to take the NOE from Yamashita Gold and convert it to POE, will effectively dismantle and destroy Satan's power bases of operation.


Fun Things to Pray for as a Warrior for The Most High to Cripple and Annoy Satan

So let's do it, folks. He's given us knowledge of what to do. Very simple prayers. They're listed in my articles. Everything I'm saying is listed in my article. And so, you can just go to my websites and read this article, print it out so that you have it. I don't expect my websites to be up very much longer. There's also a link on this article for Fun Things to Do. If you can remember, we came up with a list couple years ago of fun things to pray for in dismantling Satan's kingdom on Earth. All his bases, his DUMBs, his DUABs, everything else. And so, might wanna print that out while you can. [Fun Things to Do as a Warrior for The Most High]

Prayer is effectively destroying his kingdom on Earth. And that's why they hate us so much, folks. I have a lot of their target dates, satanic ritual calendars. Not gonna go through all of them, but I wanna tell you the ones coming up so that you can plan to start praying the day of the ritual dates that are starting. Beltane is past; May 1. The next one is June 21; summer solstice.

There's gonna be something going on May 20 because of the new moon. And so, I'll remind you of that. Also, if there's any other ones that they're throwing in for whatever reason. Because May, itself, other than May 1, Beltane, unlike other months, there's only that very one ritual listed for the month, and so. May and June seeming to be pretty quiet months. Maybe it's because they're allowed to go on vacation then. I have no idea. It's not like any of them go on vacation anyway. Too busy killing babies. Eating poop. So, if anything comes up besides the 20th.

But everybody should get ready, you know, the 20th during the day. You don't have wait at night till they're all meeting and having their ghastly rituals. You can start praying to yourself during the day, and asking the Lord to take all the energy created, that they create that night from the rituals, and convert it to POE energy to use for Himself, and so.


The Bible Codes Call Orgone an "Ingenious Product"

Anyway, I've got this article on my websites, War Against the Wicked! Taking it Back for Yah! Probably one of the very reason why the Bible Codes call orgone "ingenious," "ingenious product," "ingenious," because as they travel through our saturated areas, and you've known this, we've been watching UFOs and starships crashing, aliens are dying in underground bases above and below the earth, because of being asphixiated by the orgone, being plagued by it. The Reptilians have ugly boils and skin diseases now. And I told you years ago that was an effect that the orgone would have on them. Greys are dying en masse, and so. You know, I'm gonna read some of these terms that I posted, you know, 6, 7 years ago that the Bible Codes uses in describing what orgone does, or the way it affects them.

Melting (it melts their spaceships, folks)

And so, I have a lot of other terms that are relating to the orgone and the Faction 4. And so, you can go to my website,, if you've never been there, scroll down, and you'll find the info on Bible Codes and orgone. It's just an ingenious war we started against them. And they're losing it. They're losing it.


Satan Can't Thrive in POE-Saturated Air - He Creates DOE Through Fires, Wars, Weather Weapons

And so, Satan can't POE-saturated air. That's why one of the big parts of the chemtrail program, he was using it to deplete the sun from hitting the atmosphere to our earth, dim the atmosphere, deplete the aura from the earth, the blue aura, the blue aether energy, and create more of his own dead orgone energy. He gets power off dead things, folks. And so, when he takes something live and makes it dead, he gets the power off that dead thing.

And, you know, I remember a couple years ago when I was out west and doing a lot of orgoning out west, and as soon as I came home, the fires started out west. [laughs] Satan had to have that dead orgone energy in an instant. They were decimated. And so, the quickest way for him to produce DOE energy is by fire. By burning and destroying something because it's instant dead, instant death, and so. And it doesn't matter where it is. A forest or whatever he's picking on to burn. Or wars, you know. Or hurricanes. The deaths, the death toll from Katrina, you know, all the UFOs there taking bodies and stuff. That's 'cause that's aliens. That's what they eat. They eat human bodies. They eat human flesh.


Why Would Anyone Be Proud to Call Themselves One of Satan's Elite? - Is Being Rich Worth Being Tortured and Raped Your Whole Life?

And so do Satanists. I mean, people think they gather around at night to kill a cat. Come on, folks. Yeah, some of the lower teenage groups might, but the big dogs kill people. They kill babies. That's why trafficking in souls is one of their biggest networks other than drugs. They sell people, they sell children, like they're candy bars in a candy store. Always looking for children. They like innocence, sacrificing innocence.

And so, I wrote this other article, Enslavement of Satanism - Only One Way Out! []. Posted that on my websites as well. And, you know, I've been warning Satanists for years, trying to wake them up, even though the majority of them enjoy what they do. They choose to be who they are, and what they are, and what they're doing. But I wanted to put it in writing.

And, you know, over the years I've gone through a lot. All the assassination attempts, all the hate mail, all the e-mails, all the general mayhem and b.s. I go through. Nothing makes me more tired than having to listen to, what they call themselves, the elite. It gets tiring to hear themselves thinking that they're special because they're rich and born into serpent seedlines. You know, that's why they think they're the elite. That's why they think they're special. Because they're rich. And born in serpent seedlines. I think it's pretty nasty.

You know, Illuminati serpent seedline families don't even know what it means to be alive. They've been controlled puppets and slaves, tormented, tortured, raped, and abused, from the time they were born, and it continues their whole lives. And this is what being the elite means, you know.


The Sad Details on Growing Up as Satan's Elite

Let's break down what it means to be elite. From the time you're born, as a Rothschild, or a Rockefeller, or in the Royal Famiy, or in the Bush family, or any one of the others, you're carefully crafted and controlled into a very tight-knit satanic community. As a toddler, as a baby, you're sexually abused. And you're abused so much, and raped so much that your brain splits and fragments into many different alter personalities. And this is what's called MPD, multiple personality disorder, or DID, dissociative identity disorder. These alters are then programmed to act in a certain way. So, no matter what your other alters are, one is always permanent. And that's to be a sexual alter, to have a sexual alter. And that one is created and used by them so that they can use you as a sex slave to others in their communities.

As a child, these elite are taught to kill animals and other children. They're starved, beaten, tortured, and tormented so that their handlers can control their brains. They control their thoughts, their beliefs, how they view themselves, the world, and those around them. They're forced to participate in satanic ritual ceremonies of animal and human sacrifices, drinking blood, eating human flesh and organs, eating feces, and drinking urine. As a child, most of them have probably witnessed or been a victim of bestiality. They learn weakness such as compassion (what they consider weakness) can get them killed. So, they act brave through everything that's thrown at them just to survive.

Their parents aren't a loving mom and dad, they're the puppet masters who pimp them out to scientists, underground bases, and for sexual favors to others. And yet, they grow up loving their abusers. Because they learn to go along to get along, to survive. And most importantly, they learn to keep their mouths shut. They learn there's nowhere they can go. There's nowhere they can go for help. The police, the judicial system, judges, Congress, politicians, religious figures, they're all owned by the Brotherhood. Satanic Brotherhood.

So this is the world they grow up in. And when they have children, the children go through the same thing as well. That's why they're called generational Satanists. You're brought up ghastly. Tormented, tortured, and abused. And then your own children are brought up the same way. It goes from generation to generation.


Today Many People Are Lured into Satanism (The Brotherhood) to Gain Positions of Social Status and Wealth

Now not all occultists who are involved with satanism are part of the Illuminati families. They're the outside circle of the 13 Illuminati lines. But they're still considered to be serpent seedline, or children of Cain. In Washington, it's not who you know, that gets you a job, but what bloodline you're from.

Today, many people get initiated, and are lured, into satanism, what they call the Brotherhood, to gain positions of social status and wealth. They wanna climb the ranks of success, and they're persuaded, bribed, and treated like VIPs, to lure them into joining the Brotherhood. They use private jets, luxury hotels, free vacations, shopping sprees, fancy cars. In general, the best of the best of everything. And, typically, they target celebrities, music stars, sports stars, religious figures, politicians, corporate CEOs, the team owners of the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL. They're all prime targets for initiation. Many of them give in and become initiated due to the promises of greater wealth, fame, or even greater success. And I know you look at these sports stars like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James. You're thinking, "How much money do they need?" And yet they all join the Brotherhood for even more money and more fame.

You know, you can watch them everywhere because one of the biggest things they have to do, once you become an initiated member of this Brotherhood, is publicly praise Satan. And so, they do that by their hand signals. And that's why you see so many of them during basketball games, or football, throwing up the devil horn sign. See politicians doing it all the time. See religious leaders Pat Robertson, Kenneth Copeland, all them do it. You throw up the devil horns because that's part of their requirements of membership. Promoting and praising Satan, and so. [Satanic/Lucifarian Hand Sign] And so, plus they let each other know, "Hey, look, I'm in the elite group. I get to eat poop now." Yeah, that's what they do, folks.


The Unhappy Truth About Being in Satan's Brotherhood

And so, you know, over the years I've talked to many Hollywood and political insiders and outsiders, and I've watched Satanists for years. And the one thing I can tell you, folks, is they're not happy. I have never talked to a person that was either involved directly or indirectly with the Illuminati and said, "Oh, I love it. I can't wait till our next ritual." I've never heard anybody say that. Never. They're not happy. And once you're initiated, the fake imagery, the attention, and the lies, the bribes, the lures, they all fade away. 'Cause all that's the happy show they put on to get people attracted to satanism, try to bribe them into it. And once they initiate, they realize what a mess they've gotten themselves in. And so, basically have to put on the 'happy face' so that they can try and recruit others in. Misery loves company. One of their jobs is to get others in, recruit others in. They get more power for doing that. But they live the lie. They live the lie that satanism is this grand, elite thing that you wanna be involved in. It's all a lie.

The truth is that once you're initiated in you have to work very, very hard to get crumbs off of Satan's table. They work very hard. They have to prove themselves constantly by attending the constant rituals and publicly promoting him just to keep the wealth they have. Most of them are rich to get in, and if they don't do what they're told, and do what's expected of them, they can lose the wealth that they have. And so, not only do they have to work hard to keep what they have, but to even get more. Because the reason they joined was to get more. But it doesn't work that way. You know. How much more they get once they join is determined on their faithfulness and service to Satan.


What Types of Works Are Satanists Expected to Perform?

And it's always much more demanding than they thought it would be. They don't tell you in the initiation phase that you're going to be expected to produce works for Satan. I mean, Satan mimics satanism just like the churches, you know. You know, the Lord wants us to go out and produce works for Him. And our rewards are based on our works. Well, satanism's the same way, folks, 'cause Satan mimics everything. He doesn't do anything original on his own. He mimics everything the Lord does. And so, they have to have works, what you might call a ministry, to Satan.

So what types of works are they expected to perform?

- Well, you can create and operate a child and adult sex slave ring or become involved with one. So you're involved with sex slave rings.

- Pornography - creation of videos, movies, websites, to lure, defile, and destroy those who are lured into watching it and becoming obsessed with it. Get in the pornography scene.

- -Pedophilia - creation of videos, movies, websites, obtaining children to be used and abused (Walt Disney kids are the prime targets, child actors, being the prime targets). Making kids available for pedophiles. And the pedophiles are usually high-ranking members of all of these satanic groups, especially in Hollywod and D.C., and New York.

- Snuff films - Jim Carrey was big in snuff films. (These are pornographic children films where one is killed at the end of them.) These are all created and then sold on the black market to other Satanists. Huge demand for them.

- You can get involved with drug trafficking. Bill Clinton's thing, drug trafficking.

- Abductions and kidnappings for sacrifices. Because they need thousands of children a year, and adults, for their ritual sacrifices. Some of these groups are doing 3 sacrifices a week. I mean, like I said, the ritual calendar dates, those are just the mandatory. They also have a lot of ones during the week that they will call for a special sacrifice, because they need to generate more power for something. And so, they'll all meet together and have a sacrifice. And so, you know, they have people involved with the abductions and kidnapping.

- You can get involved with promotion of homosexuality, sexual perversions, abortion, and any other ungodly thing that destroys the foundation of the family or the murder of innocents. You can become a big-time promoter of abortion or homosexuality. You can promote it and that will give you points as being, uh, your good works for Satan.

- There's food contamination resulting in recalls. Remember the latest one with cantaloupes. I told you that one was coming. Especially ones with any kind of beef. These are all planned and orchestrated well in advance. And those are all works for Satan being done by Satanists in the background. Cancers and deaths being created and caused. And the Bushes are involved with creating cancers and bad health for people. Digestive problems, diseases and plagues, they're all involved with that. Also, the drugs, 'cause they're such cokeheads. The poisoning of our soft drinks. Cheney and Gore and their aspartame. Pharmaceutical companies and all that. They have something to do with that. Getting involved with soda pop companies, food processing companies, and manufacturers, to put chemicals in your food that make you sick, give you cancers, make you die. These are all their works. That's why they do it. They get brownie points from Satan.

- Senseless killings aren't as random as you think they are, folks. These murder/suicides that are ramping up. They control people via chip implants. So you can get involved with that. Chip-implanting somebody. And then they force that person, coerce that person to kill somebody else. That's a big one now that they're doing for Satan because, you know, they sit and plot in D.C. during the day. Every federal agency you've got people sitting their plotting the next senseless killing because they need a sacrifice for Satan. And that's what they consider their sacrifice. They get somebody to kill somebody else and then that's their sacrifice. You know, they coerce people into killing their wives, their children, school students, or other people at random in general. You know, they have eyes everywhere because there's Satanists of groups broken down all the way from the top levels all the way down to the local levels. And they spy on people. They look for good, innocent children that would be good abduction sacrifices.

- They look for people to use that have maybe a troubled background, maybe a mental history, medical issues that they can easily coerce, chip-implant and coerce to go on a killing spree, a shooting spree. They target people like this. And they use them to promote random acts of violence as well because that's all bonus points for them, brownie points from Satan.

- You know, vaccines (putting harmful chemicals and chips into vaccines causing cancers, tumors, plagues, anything that destroys a person's health. And they get points for that.


You'll Find Satanists on the Board of Directors of Corporations That Are Doing Things to Harm People

And, you know what, folks? They have everything covered. And they're always creating new ways to change your DNA, to harm the people on this planet, to promote sexual perversions, implementing more and more abductions for sacrifices, senseless killings, random acts of violence. And they're all involved. And these are, you know, corporate CEOs, the board of directors of these corporations, all those directly involved, pharmaceutical companies, they know they're giving you garbage. And so, you always know where the Satanists are. Look on the board of directors of all these corporations that are doing things to harm people.

You know, you look at the board of directors because they all jump around. They're on one board, and they go to another, and they go to another. They're always actively involved because they want their hand in it so they get the credit for it. They want the credit for causing cancers in children from vaccines. They want the credit for causing a cantaloupe contamination and people getting sick and dying from eating cantaloupes, poisoned cantaloupes. They want the credit for this stuff. Everybody involved gets credit. And so, that's why you'll see a lot of these Satanists on multiple boards of CEOs and things like that. Doesn't have anything to do with money, folks. These people are already rich. And I don't even think those are paid positions. They just want the credit that they get for hurting and harming people, and so. This is what they do, folks. And this is the life they lead.


The First Thing That Happens to a Person Initiated as a Satanist Is Becoming Demon-Possessed

And as soon as they're initiated in as a Satanist, the very first thing that happens is they become possessed with demons. And then they have to deal with loud voices all the time. These demons speak to them in loud, audible voices. And the only way they can get rid of them is by alcohol. Alcohol drowns the demons, I guess. And so, that's why so many of them end up as alcoholics. Practically drinking themselves to death just to drown out the voices of the demons who always yell at them and demand that they be praised. If you don't do something the demon wants you to do, they're yelling and screaming at them all the time.


The Demons in Satanists Want Constant Praise

Or they want the person to praise them. And so, you'll see these people whispering under their breaths. You know, I've seen Kissinger doing that before. I know you've probably seen all the public officials doing that before. Talking, mumbling to themselves. Praising their demons so they'll shut up and leave them alone. Because they want praise. They want you to praise them, constantly. And so, they torment them. You know, yelling at them, screaming at them. And the voices don't go away. They don't stop. They bother them all the time. So a lot of these people start getting involved with alcohol and becoming alcoholics.


Every Human Is Made in the Image of God - Those Working for Satan Are Still Hated for That Reason and He Will Kill Them No Matter What They've Done for Him

But, basically, folks, the whole reason I wrote this article, not just to expose the enslavement of satanism, but to let them know that there's a way out. There's one way out of it. You know, the New World Order, the whole regime, times out. Your time is so winding down you can almost count the days on a calendar. And, you know, there's so many of you involved, directly or indirectly, through secret societies, groups, organizations.

They've been led to believe that they're special and that they're gonna be protected by Satan, himself. But they're gonna find out real soon how little he really thinks of them. Satan hates humans. He doesn't care how much of his blood is in them. He doesn't care what they've done for him. How hard they work for him. How loyal they've been to him. It will never be enough. Because at the end of the day, they're still human. They're still made in the image of God. And he hates God. And that's why he hates humans; 'cause they're made in His image.

He's going to use this Galactic Federation, or whatever you wanna call it, or whatever New Age hum-drum term they come up with, he is going to use them to take over the world. And he will kill off all the humans, almost all of them on the earth because of it. Most of them will die under the Lord's judgment, but Satan's gonna have a huge hand in it himself as well. And he is going to go after the entire cabal that's worked tirelessly, effortlessly, just nonstop for him. He has no loyalty to them.

You know, I asked the Lord, "Well, what about all the top people? What about the Queen, and the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers?" We know the pope is a revolving door. It's really not an important position, because the real power's behind the scenes with the Black Pope. And He told me that all of these top-ranking families will be killed, too. He's not going to spare them. The entire cabal will be wiped out and eliminated while this new regime, this whole new New Age poobah stuff takes over. And so, all this wasted time and effort that this New World Order cabal, their families, the people involved with them, all for naught. Because He's just going to kill them all off.

And then there's those who took both routes thinking they could save their butts and work both agendas. And guess what. You may be the last at the bottom of the line of those being knocked off and killed, but you will be knocked off and killed. He's gonna get to you eventually. He might spare you for a little while while everybody else is in front of you, but you're still the line, you're just the back of the line. He's gonna kill you, too.


Yahushua Says That Those Relying on Deathbed Confessions Simply to Escape Hell Will Not Be Honored

And Yahushua has told me that many of these people are relying on deathbed confessions to escape hell. Yes, they all know hell exists, and that's where they're going for serving Satan. And they dread death in fear. They dread it. And so, many of them are relying on the thief of the cross story. And they know the Bible better than most Christians, where Yahushua granted eternal life in heaven to the thief that was on the cross beside Him. But what they don't realize is why Yahushua did it. He did it because the thief humbled himself to Yahushua and was truly repentant for the wrong things he had done and acknowledged the righteousness of Yahushua. It was because of the intent of his heart, his sincerity, and belief in Yahushua that saved Him.

And, folks, Yahushua's the ultimate judge. And He knows what the intent of a person is. And He's told me that for those relying on deathbed confessions simply to escape hell, He will not honor those. He will not honor them. So, folks, now, especially if you're indirectly involved with this whole New World Order crowd, this whole satanism crowd--perhaps you've been initiated, perhaps you're being bribed by them, you're in the early recruitment stages of satanism, you were born into a Satanist family--whatever the instance or issue is with you, now is the time to show real sincerity and turn away from evil and renounce Satan and the works of darkness while you're alive and can prove that you are sincere in your repentance and your love for Yahushua. You know? I mean, is greed worth your soul for eternity? Is it really worth it?


You Must Choose Yahushua Now, Before He Closes the Door - Here's How to Pray If You Are Truly Repentant and Ready to Break Away from Satan...

But you know what, folks? You must choose Him now, before He closes the door. The door of salvation is still open for you, but He will eventually close the door, just as He closed the door on the ark [Noah's] and then all those people drowned. So don't wait till too late. Don't rely on a deathbed confession. Because He wants to see sincerity. He wants to know that you're truly repentant for all the evil things that you've done, no matter how much of them you've done, no matter what you've done. He want's to see true repentance and that you really want Him to be your Savior. That you really do love Him.

And so, you know what, folks? The blood of Yahushua can break all contracts, oaths, and agreements you've made with Lucifer. He can't own your soul until you're dead. I know he tricks you, and he lies to you, and he says, "You already signed the paper where I can have your soul." That's a lie. He does not own your soul until you are dead. And so, if you have made signed contracts or agreements with Lucifer, the Lord will break those. You can break them through Yahushua. And so, I just have about 60 seconds left, but I just encourage anybody who's listening to this show to just say this prayer between you and the Father:

Dear Heavenly Father, The Most High,

I acknowledge and accept Your gift of redemption, Your salvation through Yahushua, Your Son. I renounce my involvement with Lucifer. I ask that the blood of Yahushua will break my oaths, contracts, agreements, bribes, and participation with him. I renounce any and all involvement I have had with Satan. And I ask forgiveness for the wicked things I have done against You and and Your creation. And I ask to be delivered from evil and Satan's control over me.

Forgive me, Father, I truly am repentant and I proclaim You as my Savior. And I renounce my former loyalty to Lucifer to now become a child of Yours and a daughter/son of Yours. Heal me and cleanse me of evil, fill me with Your Holy Spirit, and use the fire and cleansing of Your Holy Spirit to burn out all the evil beings and anything not of You, from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. And fill all the empty places with Your Holy Spirit. Lead me into, and teach me, Your ways, The Most High. Father, I ask for Your peace and joy. Thank You for saving me, for writing my name in the book of life.

In Yahushua's name, amen.

And you say that prayer between you and the Father, and you mean it, then now is the time to renounce the works of darkness, renounce Satan, walk away from it, and just prove to the Lord that you are truly repentant and sincere in wanting to become a child of His.

Anyway, folks, my time is out. And I will be back on Thursday at 1 o'clock, and I'll talk to you then. I don't even know if you can hear me. I don't know if they've cut me off or not. Anyway, Yah bless, everybody.



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