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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
May 21, 2012


The Entire G8 Weekend Was a Waste for the Satanists There Thanks to Our Spiritual Warfare Prayers

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night. I'm Sherry Shriner. Couple things I wanna talk about tonight. Spent the week putting out spiritual warfare prayers, things like that, to knock out the festive satanic weekend the G8 had planned at Camp David. Believe that's in Frederick, Maryland. All the G8 leaders were coming in, all their senior staffs, the state department and their high-ranking officials, and their senior staff, the White House senior staff. All the federal agencies, basically, are senior staffs, and the high-ranking officials that run them. And the same goes with the G8. Britain, and Germany, and everybody else.

All there to participate in huge rituals. And, from what I was told, they had over 1500 people set aside to be slaughtered during the weekend. Mandatory 3 people each had to be killed by each of the G8 leaders that were there. Every person in attendance had to kill a minimum of 3 apiece. They were gonna have blatant sex rituals going on. Bestiality with donkeys going on. Just a really gruesome time set up by all these Satanists.

What they wanted to do was create enough energy Satan, himself, was supposed to be there. And looking to bring in Sananda. And I've told you Sananda had an arrival time in May. And that I would be surprised if he ever showed up in May. And, you know, as hard as they tried, he's not coming in May. It's gonna be September, like I've always said. Look around the 10th or the 11th for the arrival of Sananda, which is the New Age god, I guess you could call him. Their New Age god. Nothing but a general in Satan's Ascended Freak generals.

But the whole weekend, I guess from the get-go--I had spiritual warfare prayers so everybody could hijack the energy that was being created there. Ask Yah to do a lot of things to just hijack and sabotage that entire weekend. Ask him to send a huge orchestra from heaven over the area so that the victims could hear heavenly music so they wouldn't be terrified. 'Cause that's what they want. They want people terrified, afraid for their lives, and dying in agony and torment. That's what they get their kicks off of, folks. And so, if you die peacefully, it just takes all that fun and energy away from the Satanists.

But from what I'm told, the entire weekend was a complete waste for the Satanists. Angela Merkel commenting that the entire weekend was a waste. They couldn't get any of the dark energy stirred up and created that they wanted. They just couldn't get it going. I guess one of the big things was the real nauseous, offensive odor that was there. And if you remember me telling you, orgone has a really offensive odor to Lizards. They smell something we don't. To us, it's a healing and vibrant energy, has no smell. To them, it's a dead, decaying smell. It's really offensive to them, and so. I guess the odor was really repugnant for them there. And we had Camp David orgoned a year or two ago, so I was really surprised to hear that the G8 was gonna be meeting at Camp David. So I knew that at least we had that base covered. And real glad the Lord cranked it up for them. Made it real miserable. Well, it's hard to get into anything, or enjoy anything when you're just nauseated by every repugnant smell. And that's exactly what happened to them all.


A Lot of the Sacrifice Victims at the G8 Summit Were Not Killed - We Need to Find Where They Keep the Abductees

And so, I guess a lot of the victims weren't even killed, they were just kept where they're being hidden, or taken back. And that's another thing. We need to find where these people are. They have underground prisons in Virginia and Maryland that our government keeps for sacrifices such as this. We need to find those places. Let those people go. Start protesting and letting them go. 'Cause these people have been abducted. They're missing from their homes, their families. People around the world. I can't even begin to imagine how many of them are illegal aliens crossing over into the country that were scooped up by them to be used in sacrifices. They sacrifice thousands of people a year, folks. If you think 1500 people at one weekend ritual is a lot of people to die on Satan's altars, just imagine that every week among the hundreds of different satanic groups around the world.


Supreme Court Judges Were at the Satanic Rituals This Weekend

Abducting humans and selling humans for sacrifices, and children, is huge business. It's big business amongst them. It's a black market business selling children. And they use these children for either snuff films, or they put them in sex slave rings, or they sell them to satanic groups for sacrifices. I mean, they buy and sell children like it's a drug ring. Like you'd buy and sell drugs, and so. It's huge business for them.

It would be nice to see all that shut down sometime. I'm not gonna hold my breath since it's the government that runs it. So everybody's protected that's involved. Just like these satanic rituals, judges and the police forces. The Supreme Court judges were at the rituals this weekend, folks. So, what's that tell you about our government when you have the White House senior staff there. You have the senior ranking members of Congress there. The Supreme Court judges were there. State department, justice department, all of them were there. So it's a huge satanic club and they all protect themselves. The only person that can give us true justice is the Lord, Himself.


Alien Abductions Will Be Starting - They'll Be Using Some Kind of Blue Beams to Do It - If You See These Beams, Run and Rebuke Them!

I've been hearing that abductions will be starting. Particularly from the Ascended Master Ashtar Command fleet that's here. They pretty much travel in the cigar-shaped UFOs. And these cigar-shaped UFOs, there's several football-field long. They're huge crafts. And they are going to be beaming some kind of blue light on the earth. Some kind of blue beams. And through these beams is how they abduct people onto the ship. Through these blue beams of light. I'm sure the New Agers are going to say that they're being raptured. [laughs] Or whatever they wanna call it.

But if you see these blue beams of light, folks, run. Rebuke them in the name of The Most High. Rebuke them in the name of Yahushua. Because they are not taking these people up on their crafts to have tea and cookie parties. These people will eventually end up in the freezers of these aliens. People seem to forget that. We are their food source, folks. And a good way of just mocking all those who follow them and become lightworkers for them, and carrying all these various titles as their cheerleaders for this whole New Age agenda. They tell them they're going to bring them up into their UFOs and protect them from the coming earth changes, and give them all these lies. Basically what they're doing is beaming them up so they can stock them away for their food in their food cellars and their freezers. They eat humans, folks. [To Serve Man: The Aliens Are Coming And They're Cannibals!]

And so, I half expect this to start beginning, um, I don't know when. I guess you could start looking out for blue beams maybe not this month, maybe next month. I don't have a time on it, but I know that this event is going to start.


The Lord Used the Energy We Hijacked as Gateways to Create Portals to the Second Sun

Another event starting soon. A war on the saints. You know, I've taught you, in the last couple shows, how to hijack the energy that they're creating, and take their DOE energy and convert it and ask the Lord to turn it into positive orgone energy, and give it to Him for Him to use for whatever use He wants, whatever ways He wants. And in doing so at the last supermoon ritual that they had, if you remember, we hijacked all of their energy that was created during the rituals that night, and we asked the Lord to convert it into POE and use as He wanted. Well, He used it as gateways to create portals to the second sun. And if you've been paying attention, the second sun is back in our atmosphere now. And I know they're really furious about the arrival, the coming back, of the second sun.

I announced the second sun last year. And it was coming in. You could see it. As people were paying more attention to Nibiru coming in, of Planet X coming in, you could notice that there was another object by the sun and that's when most of us first became aware that, "Hey, what is that object back there?" That's what I was seeking the Lord on. He told me what it was. At the same time that Nibiru turned around and whimpered off--it was getting destroyed by the orgone-saturated air in our atmosphere. It whimpered off towards the South Pole. The second sun still stayed. And the interesting thing that it's now coming back towards us so that we can see it. It's coming out from behind the sun and becoming more and more visible and gonna be coming closer to the earth.


One Big Reason the Lord Wants Me Here Is to Make Announcements Since I Have a Direct Line to the Elect Here on Earth

Well, what's exciting about the second sun is that this is the planet that the Lord is preparing for the Elect. And if you've read my articles at my website,, I've got an article, [Two Suns?] Is the Dwarf Star Really Planet X? [] And also the other one, The Brown Dwarf Star - Is Our Redemption Near? [] And this planet--it's not Planet X. You're gonna hear a lot of things coming out. "Nibiru's coming back," "Is this Planet X?" Nibiru's not coming back. It's not Planet X. It is the planet of the Elect. And a lot of church people will scorn this. And that's all right. I'm not here for them. [laughs] I'm here for the Elect.

I told you I was here to wake up and army. I wasn't here for the majority. And one of the biggest reasons the Lord has allowed me to stay, wants me here for a little while longer, is to announce things. For a few more announcements that He wants me to make. Because I have a direct line to the true Elect that are here on Earth. Obviously not all of them listen to this show. But the ones in America do. And I find it interesting that out of 144,000 Elect, if you ever read my article, The Two Armies of 144,000, I know the churches teach that there's one army of 144,000. But if you study the Scriptures, and you study Revelation, chapter 14 and Revelation, chapter 7, you'll analyze and you'll see there's 2 different groups of 144,000. There's not just one group. And it's not referring to one group. Two different groups. And these 2 different groups are comprised of two different groups of people.

The Bride and the Elect are two different groups, you know. They're not the same group on Earth. In fact, in America, there's less than 3,000 Elect here. Out of 144,000 scattered worldwide, in the United States, there are less than 3,000. And that's why you'll hear me say that I always see the Orgone Warriors, the Faction 4, the group that I've been leading here in America and around the world, leaving soon. And that's why; because there's so few of us. And when you look at the numbers of how many Elect are in each country around the world, it's staggering to think that in the United States, one of the most dominant nations in the last-days prophecies, there's less than 3,000.

And so, with those numbers, when I was told that, I was really surprised, thinking, "Well, no wonder I always see my community, my Orgone Warriors being the Firstfruits and the Elect." Because we're so small and here this number is so small. And that's why. Somebody asked me today, "How many Orgone Warriors do you think you have?" I'm thinking, "Oh, less than 3,000." And, you know, even over the years, how many people have I sold orgone to, how many do I know are getting it out, listening to the Lord, and doing as He asked them to do? Even if they're not involved with orgone, if they're just the type of believer that can hear His voice and do the things He asks them to do, that number is so small. It's so small.

So many people today wrapped up in apostate churches. A lot of people are gonna wonder, "Why aren't I the Elect? Do I have to be an angel born in the flesh to be an Elect?" There are a lot of the Elect here, angels born in the flesh here for the last days, that won't make it because they've fallen off and lost their spot, they've fallen too far away from Yahuah. And so, another one will step in and take their place. No, He's not holding your spot open, folks. You either listen to Him and do the things He asks you do, and learn how to build that relationship with Him, or you can be led with Him, or somebody else is gonna step in and take your spot. And that's why I've been preaching for the last 7 years to learn how to hear His voice, learn how to develop a relationship with Him, learn the different ways He works, so that you can be led by Him. [The Kingdom of God]


One of the Dominant Features of the Elect Is That They Love Yahuah but They Don't Fit into the Churches

So, literally, less than 3,000 here in America. A lot of them just in countries you wouldn't expect. A lot of the Asian countries, the African countries, Indonesia. They're everywhere, folks. I know a lot of people think, "Well, that's Hindu religion," "That's Buddhist religion," "That's no religion," "That's garbage religion." You know, it's not about religion with The Most High, folks. It's about relationship. That's what I've been trying to tell you. And one of the dominant features of the Elect, between the Elect and the Bride here in America, probably your countries, too, is that they don't go to the churches. They're outcast from the churches. They don't fit in. They love Yahuah, they have relationships with Yahuah, but they don't fit in to the Sunday-mold church regime. They don't like the apostasies of the churches.

I know when you leave the churches, people try to make you feel bad and unholy, and unreligious because you're not meeting on Sundays, and being led by pastors that have graduated from Satan's seminaries. You know, the Elect are so above and beyond that, they know that there's nothing that these pastors from these brain-dead cemetaries can teach them. Because they can hear from Yahuah just fine. They've learned how to hear Him, how to hear His voice. They hear from Him just fine. They don't need to go to these brain-dead cemetaries that they call churches.

And so, if you're one of those people that have just never quite fit into the church crowds today, then you've done good. You've done good. Because I could tell you that these Elect aren't the ones you're gonna see sitting in the Sunday pews on church-god, Sun-god day. They probably honor the original sabbath, which is Saturday. They attempt to even keep the Lord's appointed times with us, with His festivals and feasts. Doesn't mean they're experts at it. But they're conscious of it, and they try to do their best to honor them.

They're just not your typical, stereotypical Sunday church mode Christian. Because if that's what you are, you're gonna find yourself in a FEMA camp. FEMA camp. You're gonna be rounded up and tossed into FEMA camps because those are the victims of Satan's war on the saints. He is going to be rounding up the Bride, tossing them in FEMA camps, because he's coming after us.

Satan wants a war. And he wants to come after the Lord's people in general. He can't separate who is who. He doesn't, you know, get the difference between an Elect or the Bride. To him they're all the same. He probably has a harder time dealing with the Elect because they know how to put him under their feet. The Bride's never been too much of a threat to him. You know, they support Israel, they sit in their churches on Sundays, they sing their songs from hymnbooks. You know, the Elect probably sing songs from their heart to the Lord. They just have relationships with Him one-on-one. They don't need that fancy stuff. And that's just a huge difference. It's about relationship with them, and it's not about religion, where you have the Bride and they're all into their religion. And it's these ones that will be the souls under the altar. And it's the fifth seal. Also in Revelation, chapter 13, Satan's war on the saints. They're gonna be the victims of all that. And they're all gonna be wondering, "Well, where's the rapture? How come we're not being raptured." They've fallen for these false rapture doctrines. And so they're gonna be, they're faith is gonna be tried. They're gonna be refined in the fire. They're gonna be refined through persecution and death.


The Second Sun Will Be the Home Base of the Elect, the Angels Born in the Flesh Here on Earth

So, anyway, with the arrival of the second sun--and I did a YouTube video on the second sun. [2nd Sun - Twin Sun - Two Suns - Second Sun - Sherry Shriner] Enoch talked about this place that the Lord had prepared for His people. And what happens is the first group, the Elect, the Firstfruits born on Earth, created, the angels in the flesh here on Earth, they will be taken up and this planet will be their home base, so to speak. Because once they are in heaven and the Lord writes His name on their foreheads--and I'll get into that in a little bit, here in a little bit--they're given ranks and rewards at the same time. But they're not gonna be sitting idle in heaven. They're gonna be allowed to return to the earth and go on missions and assignments for The Most High.

They're also going to be helping the 144,000 that are sealed on the earth. Now this is the group most people understand very well. 12,000 from each tribe of the 12 tribes of Israel are sealed on Earth, and they go off as evangelists, basically, during the tribulation period. This first group, the Elect group, will be coming back to help them get to where they need to be. Also be doing other things for the Lord during that time. And so, this second sun, this planet, will be their home base, where they will be able to come and go from the earth. And they will stay, basically, at the second sun, and so.


It's the First Group of 144,000 That Will Be Taken Off the Earth, Not Millions of Christians in a Rapture

Exciting times now that it's back. We can see it. It's getting closer, which means the Lord may start removing His Elect off of the earth, the first group of 144,000. And this is going to be pretty much a nonevent, for the most part. Because I know, you know, the churches teach, "Oh, there's gonna be a pretrib rapture and millions of Christians are gonna disappear," and blah, blah, blah. Well, that's not the way it happens. And especially with the first group of 144,000, the Elect. They're taken in groups at a time. Maybe one person here, one person there, over several months. It's a process of them leaving. It doesn't just happen all at once and we appear in heaven with the Lord. Doesn't happen like that. It's a process of the angels finding the Elect and taking them up, and so. It's not going to be an overnight mystery thing.

And another thing is, like I said, in the United States there's less than 3,000. So, you know, that many disappear off the streets being abducted by UFOs and our government for their satanic rituals. Where's the outcry? You know? They hide it all. There's media blackouts. Police department blackouts. They don't report missing people. They're used to that kind of thing. And so, if 3,000 Elect left--I think the real number is somewhere hovering around 2300. If those people go disappearing there's not gonna be much of a, "Where'd they go?" You know, people are going to assume that they were picked up and taken to a FEMA camp, they got picked up in a roadblock, or something, you know.

If they're missing their favorite bigmouth on the Internet or something and that person happened to be an Elect, I know the government likes to sabotage everything and put their people as the front spokespeople on the Internet. And they're not the Lord's people. They're not the ones the Lord stood up. They're not His people. And so, keep that in mind, folks. Especially when you've got the Elect here trying to do something to teardown the strongholds of Satan, and there's little or no funding to do that.


Those Who Have Donated Their $1000 to the Orgone Mission Fundraiser, Contact Me with Your Phone Number and a Time to Call

I've had to beg and cry for years just for funding to do the things that the Lord wanted us to do while we were here. So I had the fundraiser going for April, May, and June. Send in $1000 and you'll get an hour long conversation with me on the phone. And for those who have, you need to contact me, send me a time. E-mail me, send me your phone number and a good time to call you. I know some people are telling me, "Call me on Saturday," "Call me on Sunday." And the last two, I've been extremely busy on the weekends and I can't get to you. And so, this weekend I'll be setting time, those two days, aside to return phone calls. Try to get ahold of people. Some people I'm playing phone tag with. I haven't forgotten you. Love you very much, and I appreciate the fact that you're helping finance while you can in the last month or two that we have. Appreciate that very much. And I will get to you. I will get your phone call.

I love talking to the Lord's people, especially fellow Elect. You know that they're the Elect when they understand what you're talking about. That's one of the easiest things in recognizing who the Elect are. Because they don't think you're crazy. They understand what you're talking about. It's the heart they have for the Lord. And the Lord gives them the eyes to see and the ears to hear.


Most People Have Never Been Taught That There Are Two Groups of 144,000

I know a lot of the church yells when you talk about the second sun. And they'll yell, "The Lord isn't coming in a planet. He's coming in the clouds with ten thousands of His saints. And that's true. That's at the war of Armageddon. That's at the second coming of Christ when He returns to Earth. The Elect will also be returning with Him. But that's a different event. That's a totally different event.

Most people have never been taught the truth that there's two armies of 144,000 on Earth. One is sealed on Earth, by the angels. And that is also a process. Doesn't take place all at once. It will take several months for that to happen. The angels will go around and seal people, put the seal of God on their foreheads, so that they're protected from the coming plagues during the tribulation period. But the first group of 144,000 is taken off of the earth. And, according to Revelation 14, he writes His name on their foreheads. He writes His name on their foreheads and they learn the new song of Moses that they will be able to sing to Him in heaven, sing to the Lord. While the 144,000 are being sealed on Earth, the Elect 144,000 are in heaven getting His name written on their foreheads. So there's two completely different groups, folks. Two completely different groups.


The Dwarf Star Will Move Up from Behind the Sun So We Can See It

The Dwarf Star has always been hidden back behind the sun. And it's going to be removed from its place. It's going to move up so we can see it. And I have pictures of it. Posted a picture on my Facebook site. A picture that one of the Warriors took right outside Cleveland [,Ohio] of it last night. Good view of it beside the sun, coming up from behind it, off to the side. It's back, and so everybody should be excited. Everybody should realize, "Hey, this is it this time. We could really be going home this time." With the time we're in, yeah, I totally believe that. Because we don't have much time left.


The Defense Department Sent Forces to Invade and Blow Up My Home, but the Lord Stopped Them - He Still Needs Me Here

You know, I did my show last Monday night. And during my show it was ordered by the Defense Department--Leon Panetta and all his little buddies, sent two commando units, one by air and one by ground, to my house to take me out during the show. Well, the one by air crashed in a lake by Elliott, Pennsylvania, which was 5 minutes from my house when you can go 40,000 miles an hour, as fast as those vehicles can travel. So the air unit crashed. And the ground unit, which I still didn't even know where they were originating from, but one of their lead vans also blew up. It just blew up. Curtailing the entire ground invasion plans for that night. So that was knocked out.

Then on Friday they were planning to drop a bomb on my house. Well, this is the one I'd seen in the Codes for years. And you've heard me talk about how they wanna blow up my house. That's because I've known it for years that they wanted to drop a bomb on my house. Well, they took this bomb, they had it underneath the White House for some reason. These retards that would take a missile or bomb underneath the White House. They had it in a bunker underneath the White House. And they were signing it. They were putting messages on it for me. I guess, the typical, customary type thing the Air Force does. They sign their missiles before they drop them on Saddam and whoever else they're bombing. Well, they were doing that Friday afternoon, and the Lord wasn't having it and He blew the thing up. And so, there was about 3 to 15 of those responsible for transporting this bomb that died when it blew up. I haven't been given an exact number.

So, interesting that the Lord wasn't even going to allow that to happen, even though I'd seen it for years in the Bible Codes, and so. He stopped it. And I was kind of stumped. I mean, I know they were upset because it was strike 3. Everything they've tried to do to kill me, take me out, hasn't worked. And I was upset because it was supposed to be my ticket home. [laughs] I was supposed to get to go home. And now I'm stuck here because He blocked it from happening. So, interesting when He revealed to me that, "Hey, I need you here for a little longer. I need you to make some announcements. You're the direct line to My people, to My Elect," and so. That's how I know why and how this show is so important. Because the people who need to hear who they are and what they are are the ones listening to this show. So, interesting.


One Person Praying Can Take Down an Entire Regime - So Get Busy Praying Against the Bilderberg Meeting Coming Up

We do have some other events coming up. All is not lost. [laughs] All is not lost. We have something coming up on the 25th of this month. And I know--what is it, around the 29th to the 31st the Bilderbergs are meeting in Virginia. The Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia. And I don't think we have any orgone there, folks. So if there's Orgone Warriors in Virginia, Maryland, D.C., wherever you are, if you can get to that Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia where the Bilderbergs are gonna be meeting, that would be appreciated. Because I knew Camp David was orgoned. That's why I thought it was funny they were meeting there. I knew it would be sabotaged from the start. We just helped it along with all the warfare prayers and uniting people to stand together and pray against it. And we're gonna have to do the same for the end of this month for the Bilderberg meeting.


Once the New Age Alien Agenda Has the G8 Under Their Control, You Can Watch the Dollar Totally Begin to Crash

I now a lot of people hyped up this week over the Chicago NATO Summit, in Chicago. And I haven't really heard anything one way or another in regards to it. Heard there was a bomb. Heard it was a hoax. And the first thing I heard was, "It's a hoax." They want people to think there's a bomb going off, but there's not. So, apparently, they want all this police state nonsense, garbage, just whatever reason. And the Lord doesn't even really have me paying attention to it. So, that's how I know it's gonna be really no significance. 'Cause He has me paying no attention to that whatsoever. What I do believe is that they're all going to be confronted--we have a change of currencies, a change of the banking system coming up, and these Super G8 who have been at the forefront stalling all of that from happening, keeping all that from happening, they failed miserably this weekend, first of all. This whole weekend was a miserable failure for them as far as showing what kind of power they have. Because all they showed was how weak they are, and how much power they don't have against the Lord or His people. One person praying can take down that entire regime.

So, I think it's when Satan's going to stand up and realize he's not using them, he's not going to use them, he's going to use the New Age faction to bring in Sananda. And I've warned them of that all along. That they were just a regime on the way out. This whole New World Order facade. Just a group on the way out. And the other one was up and coming.

So I have a feeling all those in the G8 this week are gonna be given a ultimatum that they either join this new regime coming up or they're all going to be arrested. Because if you listen to the propaganda nonsense of the New Age alien agenda and Benjamin Fulford, one of their spokesmen--Alex Jones actually is, too, but I don't know when he'll come out more and more as a spokesman for that. Steve Quayle is, too. They're all just kind of spokesmen for the Jesuits and the New Age alien agenda. Eventually they're gonna all have to switch over. 'Cause they're already making arrests. They've been intimidating bankers for the last several months. Over 300 either resigned, or quit their jobs. They tell them, "Resign or you're gonna be arrested." Their agenda is to arrest all of those involved with this whole New World facade. Which would include the G8 leaders. So they're gonna be given an ultimatum. Join this new regime, hand over their power to them, or be arrested. That's what I think is gonna come out of this whole meeting, this whole NATO Summit, which I think is just, you know, a change of regime type thing this week. 'Cause the G8's always stood against this whole NESARA agenda, this New Age NESARA agenda coming out.

And with the banking systems already ready to switch over to other countries that are revaluating their currencies, trying to make the economic level of all the countries, put them at an even level, which was part of the socialism of the New Age alien agenda, it's all ready to come about, it's all ready to go. No one even knows what's holding it up. It's just all ready to go. So, I think after this week, when they have the G8 under their control, that you'll start seeing things, this New Age alien agenda, coming about more and more in dominance. And you'll probably start hearing about the elimination of the Federal Reserve, the elimination of fiat currency. You can watch the dollar totally begin to crash. Stock market will crash. With the economic crash it can be a lot of problems, folks. And all this being brought about because of the taking down of the New World Order regime and the rising of this New Age alien agenda, and so. Gonna be a lot of chaos with that. I would suspect June and July will be the month that the dollar starts losing value, we start seeing inflation.


The Lord Wants His Elect to Be Ready to Go

I know we have the coming of the cube, end of July. They're predicting 3 days of darkness. July 31 through August 4 or 5th, whatever that is. And so, that should be interesting. That all plays in with the arrival of their Sananda. So, very interesting, some of the things coming up. And those events won't--I can't see them being delayed any further. I know they really wanted Sananda in in May. Didn't happen. I knew it wasn't gonna happen, and so. We were able to sabotage that one. We don't have much time, folks. And the reason being the Lord just wants His Elect to be ready. He wants them to be ready to go. And so, that's why I'm still here. To help people get ready to go.

Look Out for Cigar-Shaped UFOs - Get the Pipes Up - Bible Codes Reveal that We Destroyed an Alien Base on the Moon

Anyway, saw a couple things to look out for. Cigar-shaped UFOs. Get the pipes up, folks. If you can make pipe blasters, get those up in your yard. Because I have pipes in my yard pretty much east to west and in between. Kind of follow the trajectory of the moon and the sun. And have pipes at intermittent areas that follow the trajectory. The sun loves it. The sun is vibrant and healing. They're gonna love the orgone. Who hates the orgone is all the UFO ships that hang out around the sun and the moon. And I was just seeing in the Codes the other day how we destroyed a base on the moon. How we're destroying the moon. And then I was told by one of my sources that an alien base had recently been destroyed on the moon. So that was some confirmation. And that's just one base. There's probably many on the moon, folks. But it's progress.


We're Destroying the Strongholds of Satan with Pipe Blasters and Prayers to Hijack the Negative Energies for Yah

We're destroying the strongholds of Satan. And that's just by having pipe blasters in your yard. You know, you can't always see how effective they are and exactly what they're doing. But they're very effective. I mean, if you sat and prayed a prayer last Thursday or Friday, and Saturday and Sunday, asking the Lord to ruin the mood and the event of the rituals taking place, you know, along with everybody else's they became very powerful. The whole weekend was a waste. It was a waste for them. Angela Merkel's the chancellor of Germany. Hitler's daughter. People say, "How's that possible?" Well, they saved his DNA. That's his daughter. Angela Merkel. And if anybody wants Satan's power, it's her. And they couldn't get it drummed up, and so. We won again. We won the supermoon ritual battle. We won the eclipse moon ritual battle. You know, we can keep winning all the battles. Because they're gonna be having rituals every day this week. Especially with the Bilderbergers coming in at the end of the month. You better believe there's gonna be a lot of ritual time set aside. We can hijack and destroy those as well, so.


The Lord Marked the Foreheads of His People in Ezekiel 9:4 and It Will Be Done Again, to the Two Groups of 144,000

Anyway, people need to watch the Brown Dwarf coming in. And I wanna give a shout-out to all those who preached that it's not a literal mark that the Lord puts on our foreheads. It's not a literal seal. It's not a literal name. I wanna read, just because, you know, it's not nothing new, the Lord has done it before, in Ezekiel 9:4. It says:

"And the Lord said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof."

He set a mark. He had the Levites, he had His people go through the city, through the midst of Jerusalem to put a mark on their foreheads. And it's gonna be done again, folks. Except this time it's going to be either His name written on your forehead, if you're one of the Elect. Or if you're one of His sealed, here on Earth, it'll be His seal placed on your forehead, and so.


These are Exciting Times - I Look for the Elect to Be Taken Home Over the Next Several Months

I encourage everybody to read my article, The Brown Dwarf Star - Is Our Redemption Near? [], Yahweh's Warriors: The Two Armies of 144,000 [], and also, Is the Dwarf Star Really Planet X? [], another article I wrote. And there's YouTube video I put on the second sun. [2nd Sun - Twin Sun - Two Suns - Second Sun - Sherry Shriner]

So, these are exciting times, folks. These are exciting times. I look for the Elect to start slowly be taken home over the next several months. May, June, July, August, September, October. Could be as long as 6 months. It's a process, like I said. It's not going to be all at once. And it may be couple thousand in every country, so. You know, there's 167 countries around the world. Maybe almost 200. And so, you'd think there's a couple thousand, or at least a thousand. Maybe so many on each island. It's hard saying how He's got it numbered. But they're scattered all over the world. I know that. And I know that over 167 countries listen to this radio show.

And I know that they're really made about the arrival of the Brown Dwarf, the second sun. So if it was one of Satan's planets, why would they be so mad at its arrival? Why would they be so mad if it was one of Satan's? They know it's the Lord's. They know it signals their soon coming destruction.


They Have Lists and Lists of Christians and People, To Be Rounded Up, Who Will Be Enemies of the NWO and New Age Alien Agenda

So be prepared, folks. Satan's war on the saints is going to be starting out of desperation. They couldn't kill me, so they'll start going after everybody else. They have this little analogy: kill the shepherd and the sheep will scatter. Well, they clearly don't understand how the Lord's people work. We all just listen to Him. He leads and guides, and so.

It's gonna end up being a huge war. It's gonna be the Civil War here in America. You know, they keep putting out these articles that, "Oh, there's gonna be--they want civil war and chaos because the dollar's gonna crash." Yeah, that could very well be so. But they're also hiding the fact that they're the ones instigating it because they wanna go after the Lord's people. They have lists, and lists, and lists of Christians. People who attend church. People would will be against the New World Order. They scour the Internet for years, collecting lists. You think you're hidden behind a screen name, think again.

They have lists of people that they can foresee will be enemies of the New World Order, enemies of this alien New Age regime that's coming, and they want to round them up. Especially before Sananda arrives. He wants all of them rounded up. All of his antagonizers, all the people who are set up to speak against him, he wants them all rounded up and disappeared of, before he arrives. So a lot of this is being instigated by Sananda. And he's the very one that these New Agers teach is an Ascended Master and teaches love. [laughs] Love and all this poobah stuff while he orders murders in the background.


Protect Yourselves and Your Families - Keep Your Guns Loaded and Ready to Go - Stay Home at Night - Avoid Roadblocks

They're snakes, folks. They're snakes. Been warning you about them. Don't listen to the poobah love stuff. But, that's what's happening. So while they instigate all the civil war, and the dollar crashing, and chaos, they'll use it to round up the saints. People won't know. They'll have a media blackout, so that people don't realize, "Hey, wait a minute. Why are all these church people disappearing? Why aren't they going after the real criminals?" He's coming after all the good church people. But that's the way it's gonna be, folks. They're gonna hide it. They're gonna hide it. So don't get taken. If you see roadblocks, go around them. Do what you can to prevent being taken by them. Protect yourself and your families. Stay home at night. Keep your guns loaded, ready to go. Protect yourselves and your families.

They totally rely on nighttime raids. That's why they have all that nighttime vision. So you can blind it out. Get those high-powered flashlights. Any kind of battery-operated lights, that you can light your property and your houses with. So that you can see them coming. Probably rely on a lot of nighttime raids, and a lot of nighttime roadblocks. People think they're just set up for DUI checkpoints, and so. Watch for them to implement these things very soon. I don't forsee getting out of May without some of it being implemented already. So, just watch your backs, folks.


The Lord Will Protect the Elect Who End Up in Camps Inadvertently

And some of the Elect will be inadvertently rounded up and taken to these camps. And the Lord says don't worry about that because if you're inadvertently taken and rounded up in these camps, He'll just take you home before they kill you, so, you know. You'll be protected either way. You won't die, so.


What If the Mimas Death Star Thing Is Just a Name for the Lord's Star?

Anyway, pretty much wraps up what I wanted to talk about tonight. I know the Death Star is there somewhere. I haven't gotten a picture of it yet. I've gotten a picture of the second sun. One object that's come up--I don't know if it's one and the same or not. What if this whole Mimas Death Star thing is just a...a name for the Lord's star? Are they two different objects or are they referring to the one and the same object. I don't know. I really don't know at this point. Wouldn't that be funny. [laughs] Because in the Star Wars movies the Death Star was a battleship. And if you think about it, when the Elect are taken there, and use that as a base to come and go to and from the earth, they're going to be given weapons to use as well. They'll be able to transport back and forth from the earth. So it's going to be really...really eye-opening to a lot of people.

We get so fixated that things are going to happen a certain way. Because they've been told things and timelines their entire lives about Bible prophecy that this is gonna happen and then that, and then that. And then a monkey wrench get's thrown in and they don't know what to think. Well, you know what? The true Elect, they have ears, and they have eyes. And they know how to go to the Lord and just ask Him to confirm things. Or they know when they hear something whether it resonates that it's true, so. It's gonna get really interesting.


Use the Evidence of the Lord's Power and His Hand of Protection Over Me as a Sign to Get Out of the Sin You're In

I don't worry what they implement and what they're planning. I mean, I'm still here. Two commando units and a bomb later, I'm still here. All in one week. Only if the Lord allows it is something gonna happen to you. It comes up to His permission, His authority. They don't have anything that He doesn't give them. They can't operate unless He gives them power and authority to. It's why Satan's such a wimp. He's weak. And all these people, these Satanists, and these Illuminati spend their entire lives worshiping him and doing all these ghastly rituals for him. He's a loser. They're on the wrong side. It's not too late for them to find the Lord. But the door is closing, so they better be making up their minds. I know a lot of them are amazed and impressed by the Lord's power and His hand of protection over me. Use that as a sign to get out of the sin that you're in, folks. Get out. And turn to The Most High.

Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday. Aliens in the News. 1 o'clock. See what the Lord has me to reveal then, if anything more, about this second sun, about the events that are coming up.

Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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