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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
May 28, 2012


Watch for a Zombie Virus Breakout in Miami, Florida

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's May 28. And, just sitting here going through some things. And a lot of you might this this month has ended up being rather quiet, but it hasn't been. It's really been...a lot of things moving forward in the background, I guess you could say. Gonna talk a little bit about that tonight.

Gonna give you a heads up on this zombie attack in Miami. I know a lot of people asking me about it. And, you know, from eyewitness reports, the guy was ripping off the other guy's face. So it's not like they were just mad at each other and he was biting him or whatever. He was chewing off his ears and spitting them off, and his nose. Just really nasty. And eyewitness saying it was like watching something from out of The Walking Dead [TV show]. Very well could have been.

Heads up in that area to watch for a virus breakout. If he was a zombie and he had the virus in him, then, undoubtedly, would've given it to the victim whose face he was chewing off. And so that the victim would would most likely have the zombie virus as well. And it would've probably been some kind of incident in the hospital. So I've been waiting to see what they say about the victim. If he was pronounced dead or something, you know they're gonna hide it under the carpeting, about the victim. But would most likely die at the hospital, if he was a victim, if he did turn into a zombie. Because they would probably have security kill him. Probably be some kind of incident at the hospital he was taken to. So, if anybody hears anything about that, send me the info.

And it could be leading up to something much bigger there. I warned of a zombie attack in Tijuana [,Mexico] last year. The CDC was trying to implement it in Tijuana and San Diego, California in between that whole area there. Between Mexico and California. And we were able to saturate the area with orgone and keep that from happening. Same thing as with Joplin, Missouri. Couple years ago, the tornado that leveled Joplin, that was a zombie scenario gone bad. And I think it was because we already had orgone in that area. And I think it affected the zombies they were trying to create. And so, they just tornadoed the whole place down.

How to Kill a Zombie

And I've seen Miami coming up in the Codes, so. You know, I've been keeping an eye on it. So this could be interesting. So I'm just gonna keep an eye out, see if they're targeting that area. Now, if you live in that area, I wouldn't be leaving home without orgone water. And so, what you wanna do is go to the dollar store, whatever, go get some spray bottles, some empty spray bottles. And fill them up with orgone water. And the best way to do that, get a garbage can, fill it up with water, put a couple orgone pucks in it, let it saturate for a day, and then fill up your water bottles with that water. Because it's like acid to zombies. It will kill them.

I have a YouTube video, How to Kill a Zombie []. I know I get a lot of flak from people, "Well, a bullet will kill it." Yeah, it will. But how many are gonna have guns, bullets, and accuracy to shoot somebody's brains out? So, most people are gonna be with knives, golf clubs, defenseless. Get the orgone water, folks. Get the orgone water made. Very easy to do. Garbage cans. You can buy the orgone off my website or you can make it yourself. The directions are on my website [How to Make Your Own Orgone Blasters]. It just needs to simmer for a day. Get two or three pucks in a garbage can full of water and you're set to go.

I know last summer I was carrying around in my car a bucket full of spray bottles. And I've always known some kind of zombie outbreak was gonna occur in the summer months. And so, I'll have to get that pack ready myself. Don't wanna be caught off guard. Might wanna put a cooler of orgone water inside your house. So you have it inside so you don't have to go outside to get it if you're under attack in your home. Not saying it's gonna reach to that level, but you never know. I mean, they've been trying for a long time to get the virus off the ground. What it is is some kind of chemical. And they can put it in vaccinations, flu shots, the chemtrails. They've been testing it in Africa. And they get huge zombie outbreaks in Africa from their virus they've created. It's a man-made virus, folks. They're intentionally setting this off. There's nothing accident about it. So, you know, if you wanna point the finger at blame, it's the CDC and the Pentagon, because they've been working together on it.

Look for this Mimas Death Star to Come out of Orion, and Black Cube Arrival End of July with 4 or 5 Days of Darkness

So, another thing going on, Mimas, the Destroyer, Death Star, whatever you wanna call it, it's a moon of Saturn's and it is here somewhere. [Saturn's moon in Death Star's twin] Look at the constellation, Orion. Might be coming out of there. It's supposed to be a moon of Saturn's, but this thing kind of moves around. It's kind of like a battleship. Like a alien battleship. And been seeing Orion in the Codes. Look for this Death Star to come out of Orion. Probably already there. We also have the arrival of the Black Cube, July 31, which is just short of two months away for the arrival of that one. And a period, 4 to 5 days of darkness that's gonna be caused when they block out the sun with that, and so. A lot of interesting things happening.

They're Trying to Implement the New Economic Policy, but Don't Be Fooled by the Name, It's the Same Evil Game

The NATO conference last week, I told you that was basically gonna be like a ultimatum-type thing. Wanting them to join the regime takeover or else, basically. There is a regime takeover underway. We're going into this alien New Age, this Age of Aquarius thing I've been talking about for years. You're seeing that taking place right now. We're in the middle of all that. In the background you have the banks switching over to hard metal-backed currencies, which will make the fiat money worthless. Which is what we have now, the dollar's backed by nothing. They'll crash the dollar. The Euro's gonna crash.

So, interesting things happening at the banking level. And as they implement they're regime, you're gonna start hearing about new economic policies such, uh, I don't know what they're gonna call it. The New American Century, NESARA. They keep coming up with different names to try to hide the fact that it's NESARA. I've been talking about NESARA for ten years. You can go to This new economic policy they're trying to implement. So that's taking place. Expect that to go further this month and June.

Ask the Lord to Cause Total Mayhem at the Bilderberg Conference in Chantilly, Virginia

Also, this week, starting on Thursday through Sunday you have the Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, Virginia. So they'll be having their usual satanic rituals this week, folks. So I've got the prayers out. Those we used for NATO we can turn around and use for the Bilderberger conference this week as well. I know we destroyed the conference last week because they never could produce enough dark energy to implement the things they wanted to do. So we need to repeat it, turn around and do it again this week. You know, there's warfare prayers I posted on my Facebook site. And I'll go ahead and I'll take those off and paste them to my normal websites so you have those as well.

And basically just asking the Lord to cause total mayhem at this Bilderberg conference. To take all of the dead energy that they produce, the dark energy--they do all these rituals to create dark energy. And it's simple as asking the Lord to take that dark energy, turn it into positive energy, and to use any way He wants to use it. And He can take that energy and do things that He needs done with it. I mean, how they can't see that all things are created by Him and for Him, even evil can be used by Him and for Him. He can take the dark energy, the darkest of energy that they can create in killing and torturing people, turn it into positive energy, and use it to open up portals and gateways to the earth that the angels can use. So it's a constant war in the spiritual realms. Gates and portals being opened and closed, between the angels and the fallen angels.

We Can Take the Power Out of Satan's Hands and Sabotage His Plans! - Just Ask the Lord to Convert the Dark Energy into Positive Energy

And so, we can do a lot of good by just giving all this dead orgone energy to the Lord to use as dead energy. The fires in New Mexico, fire is a really fast way to produce dead energy when they need it. Because, remember, they feed off of dead energy. It's like a spinach to them (reference from Popeye who eats spinach for instant strength). Satan needs it for power. And they need to create dark energy so they can implement things, basically demonic possession in people and things like that, and so. You know, they'll start up a fire just to create dead energy. And so, what you can do is ask the Lord to take all the dead energy created from that fire, and convert it into positive energy to use for Himself any way He wants to.

Weathers are huge energy-momentum vehicles, and so. The hurricane in Florida, you know, I was busy on that last night, asking the Lord to take all that DOE energy created by the bad weather, and turn it into positive to use for Himself. We can destroy them. We can sabotage all of their plans and their agendas. Because they plan things to get the glory out of how much destruction they've caused. And we could take that away and turn it around, give it back to the Lord. You know?

Anything gruesome, these zombie attacks, that's another way of theirs of creating more spinach. Creating more loosh for them to use. Ask the Lord to take all of the energy created by that and turn it into positive and use for Himself. You know, we could take it out of Satan's hands, folks. We can take it out of his hands.

I know people are waking up more and more to how we can fight against Satan's kingdom. And it all comes down to energy wars. Because everything is light and darkness, good and evil, righteous and unrighteous, holy and unholy. And all of that produces energy. And so, you're either producing a lot of love and energy for the Lord, or you're producing a lot of hate and evil energy for Satan. Well, they work very hard to produce that evil, hate energy for Satan. And just imagine that they could fill up an entire ocean with all the hate and evil energy that they muster up and create and then we just steal it from them, we just say, "No. We're gonna give that ocean, that you just filled up with all this energy, we're gonna give it to the Lord to use." He can use it anyway He wants to. All He has to do is convert it to positive, and it's nothing for Him to do that. If you ask Him to do it, it's done. We can take so much out of their hands, and so much of their powers and abilities away from them. And this is what's causing the storm amongst them. They don't want Yah's people waking up to how to defeat them.

They've Put Together a Super-Secret Organization from NATO Forces - Prepare Yourselves, They're Coming After Christians

And so, this started, I don't know, probably implemented last week in their NATO meeting here. But what's come out of it, one of the things that's come out of it is they've put together a super-secret organization from NATO forces, I guess you could call them commando units, and they're going after people that they suspect are the Lord's people. They have lists of people that they suspect are Christians. They can't tell the difference between an Elect or a Bride or whatever group they're in. They can't tell the difference, they just suspect they know, and go after them. And this has been taking place in various countries outside the United States. They've been going and rounding up Christians late at night. This secret organization out of NATO, which Obama's totally behind.

And so, a heads up to those here. It hasn't hit here yet. But let's not fall asleep, because Obama just appointed last week an assassination khazar to rule over his master list, be the one to oversee his hit list, the people he wants to kill here in America. So that will be implemented here shortly. They're working overtime on implementing martial law here. They want martial law for an excuse to start up rounding people up on their list. And so, it's much easier for them to pull you out of a car at a checkpoint, than it is to have to gather a force together and come to your home to pick you up. Because they know that people are armed. That they have weapons. That they'll be home waiting for them to come.

They Can Use Zombie Outbreaks to Enforce Martial Law - Get Out of the Cities - Get Your Orgone Water Stocked Up

And so, they're trying to think of other ingenious ways of trapping people and picking them up off their list. And so, you know, hey, a zombie outbreak in Florida. I suspect one in Texas. I know the police have been training, I don't know if it was just San Antonio or Dallas, I believe it was Dallas, they were training to quarantine the entire city. And that was a couple years ago. So why would they be training in how to shut off the entire city and keep everybody in, not let anybody out, unless they were planning for something horrific there like a zombie virus. 'Cause they wouldn't let anybody out. If you would try to get out in the real scenario you would be killed. And so, it's why you don't wanna be caught in these cities, folks. They can easily encircle them and quarantine them. Shut off the highways, shut off the access roads, and not let anybody in or out of them. So, get your orgone water stocks going. Get them stocked up.

Trying to think if anything else comes to mind for virus attacks. But I know that they're--that's just one of the ways they can use to enforce martial law. And that is definitely on the agenda. They wanna start that very, very soon, here in America. If they started it last week, it wouldn't be on-time enough for them. They're already running late. And so, I suspect, you know, we're gonna be looking at maybe some surprising events for the month of June in regards to NATO forces here, checkpoints, martial law. Maybe they'll just go with the nighttime hit squads to pick people up.

They May Be Coming After the Quiet People First - On the Internet There's More Protection in Using Your Real Name than in Using an Alias

You know, I don't think they're gonna go after the bigmouths first. I think they're gonna go after the quiet people. The ones who stay in the background, the ones who don't make much noise, ruffle many feathers. But they're on lists. 'Cause if you're involved with the Internet, if you're involved with churches, they have your name. They have you on a list. They watch, no matter how many aliases you have--and you're better off using your own real name. There's more protection using your real name than using a fake one on the Internet or just a silly alias, because nobody misses those when they're gone. Nobody will notice. Nobody knows who you are. There's more protection in being a bigmouth than being a quiet bystander. They're going to be going after these quiet bystanders. That's the ones they're going to be picking on first. And so, just prepare for that, folks.

Get Flashlights, Load Your Guns, and Be Prepared for Nighttime Roundups - And Call Out to the Lord for His Protection

If you see them coming, I've told you to get flashlights, because, you know, they have millions of dollars in nighttime vision equipment. So why would they stockpile night vision equipment if they weren't planning on using it. [laughs] So the usual time they'll be coming after people, folks, is nighttime. So expect it, be prepared, have flashlights, have your guns ready, lock, load it, pop the safety, start shooting. You know? Protect yourselves and your families. Because they are coming to kill you. They're not coming to have tea with you and break bread. If they don't kill you on the spot, they're gonna round you up into a FEMA camp somewhere. You will be separated from your husbands, wives, your children. You're gonna be separated. You'll never see them again. So prevent it from happening anyway. Call out to the Lord for His help and protection as well.

What Revelation 14 Says About the First Group of 144,000 - The Firstfruits Group

You know, I've written articles on the two groups of 144,000. And, in particular, in Revelation, chapter 14, which he talks about a group of believers that are in heaven. They're seen in heaven. This is known as the Firstfruits group. And they're taken into heaven and the Lord's name, Yahuah's name, is written on their foreheads. He tells John, in Revelation 14:4, when he asks who they are, and he's told:

"...they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins."

This is spiritual adultery, not anything sexual.

"These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits (first ones taken) unto God and to the Lamb."

This army, this group of people, is a mixture of men and women. They were undefiled by the world's Jezebel religious system. The spiritual adulteries, the apostasies, the false religions that dominate the world today. And, yes, I'm talking about our mainstream churches. The Catholic churches, the Protestant churches. If you're up to your earball in churchdom, you're up to your earball in apostasies. Because it's not about religion, it's about relationship, folks.

Feminine terms in the Bible are often used to describe spiritual things. "They were not defiled with women" meaning they were not defiled by religious whores and abominations. The things that take place in our churches today.

"And in their mouth was found no guile (craft, deceit): for they are without fault before the throne of God." ([Revelation]14:5)

The craft being witchcraft, itself. A lot of ministries today dubbing into witchcraft. Calling it prosperity gospel, prosperity doctrine, gold dust, happy dust, whatever they wanna call it. All the little gimmicks they have in the churches. It's all witchcraft, folks. All these people throwing the blood. And how many times can you throw the blood of the Lord, you know. It's all witchcraft. I get so tired when I hear people, "Claim the blood. Throw the blood." [scoffs] That's just an abomination to Him, and so is blood. And so, a lot, a lot of witchcraft in the churches today. Even though they have good intentions, folks, it's still witchcraft.

But the Elect, the Firstfruits aren't fooled by this. They aren't deceived by this. They're not participating in this. And the one thing about Revelation, chapter 14, it never says how they're redeemed off the earth. In verse 1:

"And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father's name written in their foreheads."

They're just there with him. John is not told how they're brought up. But he is seeing, once they're in heaven, the things that take place. And people will say, "Oh, that's the 144,000 that's referenced in chapter 7, 12,000 from each tribe of Israel. No. It's a separate groups. If you look at these two passages in the Bible between Revelation 14 and Revelation 7, they are two groups of 144,000. Two different groups. The group in Revelation 7 that's 12,000 from the 12 tribes of Israel are given the seal of God in their foreheads by the angels. They're not taken off of the earth. They're sealed by angels when they're on the earth. In Revelation 14 they're just in heaven, they appear in heaven, John sees this crowd with the Lamb, with Yahushua, and they have His name written on their foreheads. Which is a lot different than a seal. In one group of 144[,000] you have a seal, the other group you have His name. Two different groups, folks. And this Firstfruits group, this 144,000, Firstfruits unto Him.

How the Firstfruits Group Gets to Heaven - The Lord Has Already Begun Taking Them Home

If you've read my article, Angels in the Flesh [], you'll get a more understanding of what Firstfruits is. Because Firstfruits are seniority. They have seniority. They were put here on the earth by Him to be here in these last days. They don't die. They never see death. They are the only group that never sees death. And so, what I wanna bring your attention to is the fact of how they get there. John talks about them being there. The Lord's told me they're there. I mean, I've had to go back for the last umpteen years between these two groups. I know very well there's two different groups. For me the fun factor was figuring out what we get to do as the first group as opposed to the second group that's sealed on Earth.

But what I'm gonna tell you tonight is that this first group is taken off of the earth slowly, it's a process. The angels will rapture them off of the earth, or take them off the earth, whatever you wanna it. The Lord, He'll just rapture them off. But it won't be a huge instantaneous event. It will happen as-needed event. You know, especially with these NATO forces and everybody hunting down the Bride, possibly getting Elects in the mixture. The Lord will just take them. He'll just take them home. He'll protect them. If they were to die, He will take them home before they die. Because the first group, the Firstfruits never die, they never see death, so.

And this is happening already. And there's reasons He'll take some people off the earth and leave others. For some people there's no reason for them to stay. You know, maybe they're on a island. Maybe they're in a country that's really not involved at the center stage scene right now, being the New World Order and this regime change. They're not really involved with it. He may just take them home. You know? You may start hearing of people just up and disappearing. It's not going to be on a real noticeable event in America.

If You're an Elect, It's Possible for You to Lose Your Place and Be Replaced by Someone Else

I hate to burst everybody's bubbles, but out of 144,000 there's really not a lot in America, sad as that is. Why? Because so many of them are involved with today's religious whores and abominations, and they're full of guile, they're full of witchcraft and deceit. And that's why you get knocked out of the Elect group and don't make it as the Elect.

But some encouragement for those who thought they were the Elect and have lost their place, because that's totally possible as well--just because you may know or think you're one of the Elect, you can lose your place. If you fall away too far away from Yah, then you can lose your place. You can be replaced by somebody else.

The second group of 144,000, 12,000 from each tribe of Isael--and nobody knows who they are, so. You know, these bloodlines, these people are sealed by the angels all over the world. They will be here on Earth during the tribulation period serving the Lord as evangelists, and so. And warning people to repent, bringing people to the Lord, preaching the message of salvation. This group will be stood up, it's talked about in Revelation, chapter 7, after the 6th seal, the great earthquake, when that group is sealed on Earth.

If you're not in the first group, you can always make the second one, and so.

The Bride Is Involved with the Religious Whores, Apostasies, and Abominations in Today's Churches

And then there's the Bride. Then you have the Bride. And the Bride pretty much is all of those involved with all the religious whores, and apostasies, and abominations that have engulfed the churches today. Everybody who goes to these, and sits in them, Sunday after Sunday are the Bride. And they're the ones to be tested. And the Lord talks about them being tested in camps. And we know them in FEMA camps. We know it as martial law roundups. And it is the Lord who allows these things to happen. Because when His judgment comes upon the earth, it's gonna come upon his people first. Judgment starts in the house of the Lord first. So these roundups and death camps, all prophesied by the Old Testament prophets, will come into reality.

The Biggest Difference Between the Elect and the Bride Is that the Elect Can Hear the Lord's Voice and Be Guided by His Spirit

So fight back, folks. Because, like I said, they're not taking you to have tea. Fight back. Don't let them pull you over in stop points, take off. Avoid them at all costs. If you feel the Lord telling you to stay home, stay home. If you feel Him telling you to turn right, turn right. Turn left, go this way, go that way, don't go that way. Listen. Learn to hear the Lord's voice in your spirit. That's the biggest difference between the Elect and the Bride. If anybody wanted to ask me how would I know, because I know a lot of people who are Elect, I know a lot of them, and I'll tell you the biggest difference between the Elect and the Bride is the Elect can hear him. They know His voice.

My sheep hear My Voice and they know Me and I know them. That's what the Lord says. The Elect can be guided by His Spirit. That is the hugest, biggest difference. Because when I look at people, and I talk to them about, you know, just hearing from the Lord and sitting at His feet, they look at you with, you know, lights are on, but no one's home, the deer in the headlights look. And I went through that as well, because I sat in the churches for 30 years before I walked away from it all. And I said, "OK, Lord, You teach me the truth. I'm sick of all this. Who's right? Every church is the one that's right and everybody else is going to hell. I'm sick of it. I just wanna know the truth. Which one is right?" And you know what it boils down to, folks? It's not about religion, it's about relationship. Learning how to sit at His feet, learning how to hear His voice, learning the ways He works because He works in different ways.

You know, I could talk to five different Elect people that I know are the Elect and they each hear from the Lord in a different way. And they all always know how to identify it's Him. And that's what the Lord will do. He'll teach you how to identify the specific way that He's going to be speaking to you, talking to you, guiding you. It's building that signature relationship with the Lord that I talk about in my one article on The Kingdom of God []. But that's a huge difference, because the Elect will know what you're talking about. The Bride look at you like deer in the headlights. They don't know. "Oh, put on the armor of God." Yeah, they sing about it all the time, but they never do it. They don't know what it is to war for the Lord.

Some of the Strongest Believers in The Most High I Ever Met Are the Prayer Warriors

You wanna war for the Lord, pick up some orgone and go hit the Pentagon, go hit the White House, go on a orgone mission, you wanna war for the Lord instead of just singing about it. The Elect hate evil. They may not be able to afford to go on orgone missions; maybe they don't have a car, maybe they don't have legs (I know that, I know some of them don't), but they can pray. They can pray. And they do. Some of the strongest believers in The Most High I ever met are the Prayer Warriors. The Prayer Warriors. They don't even have to leave their house for that. They're our front line of defense, folks. And our front line of offense.

You know, when you're a seasoned Warrior, you do both. You pray and you do. But I don't know one seasoned Warrior that doesn't sit back and enjoy just listening to a Prayer Warrior go at it. [laughs heartily] I mean, they're just gifted. They're just gifted Prayer Warriors. They can just pray, and pray, and pray. And you're just laughing, you just giggle, you just love it. Because you can just feel the gates of hell shaking when these Prayer Warriors pray. They don't even have to leave their house for that. And they don't have to have money for that. You know? The Lord's ways are simple. But yet so very effective in tearing down the strongholds of Satan.

You know, we don't have to go camp out in Chantilly, Virginia this Thursday through Sunday. We can teardown their strongholds from our livingroom chairs. You can tear them down, just through prayer. Just through prayer. You wanna get orgone in the area, that would help. Because that really stirs thing up. You know, at the NATO rituals last week, the odor was killing them. And I asked the Lord to intensify and maximize the odor. Make it unbearable so they couldn't even get the energy up to rape people. That it would just be so repulsive. And it was to them. It totally ruined their festive atmosphere they planned on creating. And we're gonna do it again. We'll be busy again this week. Doing the same thing for the Illuminati rituals in their meetings this week. You know? Let's take it back for The Most High, folks. Let's take it back for Him. You don't even have to leave your house to do it.

We Realize Our Time Is Short and Orgone Warriors Need to Be on the Road Now - Please Continue Supporting the Orgone Missions

We've been busy. Behind the scenes. On missions. On orgone missions. We realize our time is short before people will pretty much be commanded to stay in their homes. Locked up in their homes because martial law is in full effect. Rounding people up. Maybe not martial law now, but you know the snakes are up rounding people up, or maybe telling you to stay home. So we need to be on the road now. And I have Warriors willing to go and do. But I have to be able to provide the supplies and the orgone to them. And so, I have been busy for the past two months doing nothing but making orgone and getting it out. And so, I need your continued support on that. I need the finances to get that done. It takes a lot of money to do this. One mission alone could cost 6, 8, 10 thousand dollars. Just huge ones we have planned we wanna do. Huge strongholds we're taking down.

The Fort Knox Base Has Been Abandoned (Way to Go, Warriors!) - They're Creating a New Base Underneath the HAARP Facilities in Alaska

You know, I talked to you about the Fort Knox base. It's abandoned now. They've totally abandoned Fort Knox. The brains that were there are now goo. They're just goo. I was asking the Lord about it the other day, and He said it's abandoned. Nothing there. And so, now they're trying to reinvent the Fort Knox base in Alaska underneath the new HAARP facilities that they're making out in Alaska. So, you know, we know where to find them now. Destroying the brains was huge. Because there was only three that I know of and we destroyed two. There's one left and I know where it is. The problem is that mission would cost a lot of money to go get and do. And so, I don't wanna tip my hat on where it is. Only a handful of people know where it is, because I can't always keep my mouth completely shut. [laughs] There's always one or two I'll blab to. But they know where it is.

We're Going After the Alien Bases of the New World Order Kings, Too

And, you know there's some other strongholds we've been going at. Some of these kings of the New World Order who have been sitting pretty on their alien bases, making all kinds of money and billions of dollars off the alien technology the aliens produce for them that they can sell to corporations, yeah, we're after them, too. You know? We wanna watch their fortunes crumble along with their bases.

So, we're not just being defensive, folks, we're proactive, we're offensive, we're doing, we're out doing with the short amount of time that we have. I mean, think about it. If the Lord's already starting to collect the Elect, the Firstfruits, the 144,000, it's not gonna go on for very long, do you think? Maybe 3 months, 6 months the most. So if you're an Elect, and you know you're an Elect, realistically how much time do you think you have if He's already starting to collect people. OK, so time is winding down. It is winding down.

And the only reason I'm still here is because He wanted me to make announcements. A few more announcements, do a few more shows. I could've been taking out last week, last Monday, when they had two commando units coming at my house during the show. I could've been taken out Friday when they had a bomb under the White House that they were gonna fly to my house and drop on top of it. The Lord's protecting me and keeping me alive. Why? Because I'm a direct line to His people. I'm the one with the truth, folks. I don't care how many lies they say about me on the Internet. You know, I just get tired of that garbage. Oh, I'm into sun worship, oh, I'm into this--those are lies. Even the White House knows I'm the only one who's gotten it right all these years. Everything I've ever said. Everything I've ever said. Even they know.

If You're an Elect, What Kind of Message Are You Going to Leave for Your Last 3 to 6 Months Here on Earth?

So let's get busy, folks. Not much time left. And you have no control over names on the list. Who the first crew[?] are. Nobody does. If you know that you are, get busy. What kind of message are you gonna leave for your last 3, 6 months here on Earth? What kind of message are you gonna leave? You know?

I mean, think about it. People taken now may have been taken to be saved because NATO forces were chasing after them. Or they're taken because there's no reason for them to stay, they're not doing anything anyway. What kind of entrance do you want in heaven, folks, if you're taken off the earth now?

Just a little motivation. Because I know, you know, one thing I've never wanted to do is look back with regret. To look back with regret and say, "Oh, I wish I'd done more, I wish I'd done that, I wish I'd done that." You know, I don't wanna look back with regrets. And I've worked my butt off for years focused on this war against Satan and the strongholds he has. And I've been focused on it for years. I mean, I don't know any other way to say it. I'm a doer, I'm a talker, and I'm effective.

And so many of you have stood up and become effective as well. You might not be much of a talker, but you're a doer. Whatever your assignment is. I'm not saying 144,000 Orgone Warriors are out there because that's not true. There's not 144,000 Orgone Warriors. There're different types of Warriors. Maybe they were sent here with different types of assignments. Just to love the Lord and be an example for Him. Have a true heart for Him, a true relationship with Him. It all comes down to real. Who's real? Who's real about their love for the Lord? It comes down to just being real. Being real. The Lord's people are humble. They're real. They'd give you the shirt off their backs. They're just real people. They're real. Their relationships with the Lord.

They're not bullies. You know, I can't stand these government droids that go into religious forums and on my Facebook even--they're all over the place, my Yahoo! lists, they're everywhere. But you can always tell them apart because of their spirits. They can't figure out how we know who they are and what they are. [laughs] All these years. They can't figure it out. "How do they know? How do they know?" It's their spirits. They're not the Lord's. You always know. And always trust your instincts, folks. You know who you're comfortable with because you feel the Lord's spirit in them. And you know who makes you nauseous. And who makes the red flags go up. And who's a bully, and who's arrogant, and who has to be the boss, and who has to be better than everybody else. It's so government. Because they always have to be at the top. They always have to be the boss, the bully. [laughs] That's just the way they are. The girls are so much worse than the boys. They just make me nauseous. But you can always tell from a person's spirit who and what they are.

There Are Two Routes to a False Flag Invasion, Aerial Assault: Scripted or Total Media Blackout

So, yeah. These things are coming up and on May 31, which is this Thursday, the first day of the Bilderberger conference, they have a very high secret classified file for an aerial assault to take place. And this is the false flag invasion I've been telling you about that they were planning. The date is May 31 so it could happen any time after the 31st. If its gonna happen beforehand--there's slight less of a chance it's gonna happen before then than happening on the date or afterwards. And what this file is, is the protocol of exactly how this false flag invasion's gonna happen.

And trust me, folks, they were in meetings on Saturday. Media network bosses, military bosses. They all get together on Saturdays and have meetings. And they were there together this Saturday discussing ways they're gonna introduce it to the public if they announce it on the media. There's two different routes. Either it's gonna be scripted, and all the news reporters are reading off the same script, like you saw for 9/11. Or it's gonna be a complete bomb and there's a total media blackout when none of them show anything, or you'd have to go to YouTube to watch the videos. Because the mainstream media will impose a total blackout. And so, these are their two routes. Their plans for this false flag invasion.

According to the Bible Codes a Lot of Anunnaki Are Filling Up Our Space

But I think the laugh's on them because when I look at the Bible Codes, and I'm in them every day (even my spies can attest to that), I'm seeing a lot of Anunnaki. A lot of Anunnaki filling our space up. And Anunnaki creatures are very ugly. Now if you look at, I posted these pictures of aliens and I said these are xenomorphs. Well, do you know how many people have contacted me since I did that? And the blue and black one that was used in the movie, Alien, that is actually an Anuk. I've been told by so many people, "That's an Anuk. That's an Anuk. That's what the Anuk look like." So, if you wanna see how ugly they are, go to, scroll down to the center of the page, look for my information on xenomorphs and artificial intelligence beings (A.I.'s), and look at the blue and blackish huge hideous thing. And that's what's filling our skies. We have tons and tons of Anuk.

So how does the Illuminati gel with this? OK, the Illuminati is run by the Lizards, the Dragons, the Greys. And the Greys are all dying and crashing. The orgone's killing them off. So we're pretty much left with Lizards who are now suffering with skin plagues because the orgone gives them necrosis. So they're now suffering because they've been on Earth all this time with the orgone. The Anuks haven't been on Earth as long as they have, so they're not as sick yet, or suffering yet, as much as they have because of the orgone. So they're filling up the skies. Then we have the bears, the Chewies I've been warning you about. They're the technological geniuses. They're the real tech geniuses. We have them on the moon and everywhere else.

Our skies are pretty full. It's a zoo. It's a zoo of different types of factions. And they're not all aligned with the New World Order. So as much as the New World Order thinks they can control the skies with their own invasions and Hollywood scripts, they may very well be taken by surprise by a unexpected assault from the Anuks. I mean, I'm just saying this. I'm just throwing this out there. I don't know anything for sure. I'm just throwing this out there. That they don't control everything like they think they control it. Plain and simple. Fair enough? They don't control what they think they do. They control some, but not all. So, it's gonna get interesting. It's gonna get really interesting. You know.

Their Are Warriors in Miami Who Can Totally Nip the Zombie Threat in the Butt

And now what? Zombie attacks? Gotta worry about this, too? Get the orgone in Miami. I know there's orgone in Miami. I don't know how much, but I know there's Warriors down there. I was just talking to one last week. So I know there's Warriors down there. And they can totally nip this alleged zombie threat in the butt. Maybe it's already being nipped in the butt. Maybe that's why there's only one attack so far. Because I know there's orgone down there. I know that for a fact. So, ask the Lord to crank it up. Crank it up to ten thousandfold, Lord, with all the orgone that's in Miami, Florida and that surrounding area. So this whole zombie attack gets nipped in the butt.

You know, I wish we could remote control zombies. Then maybe we could just gear them towards the CDC, the Pentagon, the White House. Send them to the Illuminati. Send them back to whence they come from. They're the ones who want this zombie apocalypse. Let's put it in the front yards of those who want it and leave the innocent people alone. Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. I wish we could just remote-control all this evil and wickedness and set it on their own front yards.

Learn to Hear the Lord's Voice - He Works Through Your Instincts and Your Gut Intuition, So Follow Them

But anyway, folks, prayer is very effective, orgone very effective, very effective. And just seeking Him. Learning to hear His voice in these last days because it's gonna keep you alive, it's gonna keep you out of trouble. You know? You may avoid a lot of unnecessary confrontations by just following your instincts. Most of you can't recognize the Lord's voice, but you know when your instincts are speaking to you, so follow your instincts. Because that's usually the Lord, you just haven't recognized it as Him. You haven't learned the ways He works. Yes, He works through your instincts and your gut intuition, so follow them.

America May Be the Last Place Where a Lot of the Coming Things Hit Because They're Afraid of the Warriors Here, the Elect

So we're pretty much at a interesting phase of Bible prophecy. Things are finally happening. America may be the last nation where a lot of these things hit. But we're also one of the toughest nations. The Warriors here, the Elect here aren't sitting on their thumbs doing nothing. They're pretty good Warriors or they wouldn't be so afraid of us. They wouldn't be starting with everybody else first and dreading to come to America and start the roundups here because they're afraid of us. They don't have to be afraid of us, be afraid of the Lord, The Most High, who protects us, who goes before us, who guides our steps. Maybe they'll learn the fear of the Lord.

They're Ready to Flip the Switch on the World's Currencies and Crash the Dollar - Get Hard Currencies, Stock Up on Food, Water & Medicines

Anyway, folks, I will be back on Thursday. I'll be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News. I'll probably be talking about, revealing more of what's going on with the Illuminati conferences this week. I'm not really feeling anything. It's like NATO to me. I just wanna yawn. Other than the outright evil that they're gonna try to create, I just wanna yawn. I don't feel like anything significant's gonna happen. It's all in-the-background stuff anyway, folks.

And, you know, like I said, it's regime change. It's regime change. Out with the old, in with the new. More positioning, more posturing. More finalizing of their banking setup, because it's ready to go. They're ready to flip the switch on the world's currencies. And when they do that, the American dollar's gonna crash. Cause chaos, cause martial law, whatever. They're ready, they know what's coming. It's inevitable, it cannot be stopped. So prepare for it, folks. Get hard currencies. Stock up on food, water, medicines, things like that, so if there's disruptions in services and stores, you're not stranded with nothing.

Anyway, I'll be talking more about that on Thursday, and whatever the Lord leads me to discuss or reveal on Thursday.

Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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