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Aired on 05-31-2012


Thursday With Sherry Shriner

May 31st, 2012


Hello everybody you're live with Sherry Shriner and it's May 31st. There's a couple things I want to talk about today heading down the month.

And the Bilderberg conferences and so starting today -- what they began their preliminary ritual last night -- and I posted Warfare Prayer on my face book site. Destroy the ritual. Send a heavenly chorus with a complete orchestra to surround the above area.

The ritual was held in a basement kinda nonchalant, not a huge grouping there like last week with NATO. But this is just a preliminary. They're determined to get these conferences set off right this week.

And I'm determined to see that they don't. So we'll be ready tonight as sabotage all their evil and wickedness and just turn all that negative energy they're trying to create and convert it over into positive energy for the Lord to use.

We can take satan's power away...

You know we can take satan's power away on earth. He only has power he can create. You know he -- it's like spinach to him, he needs to create dark energy so he has power and whenever they need quick energy boosts like a 5hour energy drink -- a shot of 5hour energy they can quickly create fires because that creates instant dead energy into the air into the atmosphere.

You'll often see a lot of fires for this reason. And they're usually, typically out west because they are just easier to blame on whatever, you know?

Another fire, another forest fire another desert fire a whatever fire nobody questions it so they typically do this out west. Although I was hearing earlier there was a fire in northern Michigan going off. Figures because there's a lizard base right on that Mackinac Island. Mackinack, Mackinaw however you want to pronounce it.


There's a lizard base on Mackinac Island

Everybody in Michigan is probably rolling their eyes, "She doesn't know how to pronounce it!" But there's an island (Sherry's cracking up laughing) but there's an island up there in Michigan and there's a lizard base involved with that island. So you warriors in that area might want to get up there. Get Mackinac island. And George Soros also has an estate there.


Find their houses there's the D.U.A.B.s

Probably most likely if you wanted to find a lizard base it would be right underneath his house. They usually do this. They build estates and houses then they have their own access down into the lizard base through their own basements or wine cellars or whatever. Probably a good indication of exactly where it is. Just find his house. Same thing with Warren Buffett.

Sherry's batting 100% + grand slams

And George Bush Sr. his estate out in Maine ... if you just follow where all the top rich dogs are...what I'm finding and batting 100% so that they all live on top of alien bases. You know? They have these aliens doing research for them so that they can sell the technology and research they create to corporations -- that's where they make 10's of millions of their dollars selling the tech and the information they get out of the aliens that they have control over underneath their estates. So. Interesting set-up. Interesting.

NWO serve alien agenda

I would almost bet the Rothschild estate in Europe and several of them out in France and the Rockefeller estate in New York, about an hour north of the city probably all have huge D.U.A.B.s underneath 'em. Deep Underground Alien Bases because they serve the alien agenda folks.

We have deep underground military bases and we have deep underground alien bases. And the aliens have no particular loyalty to any particular group or factions here in America. Yeah our military has treaties with them.

Our president the White House I should say has treaties with them over the years. But they work pretty independently as well. And work very well with the Illuminati families and so. Target them. Easy targets if you are looking for missions -- to go on. Getting the estates of all these lizards.

What's the first thing satan does when he comes to power?

And you know there's a war going on right now. They're kicking it up. They want to take out the saints and if you read Revelation Chapter 13 it's the first thing Satan does when he comes to power -- when the Anti-Christ comes to power he begins his war on the saints.

Who do the nwo consider saints?

I find it interesting that the satanists and the Illuminati which is pretty much one and the same thing. But there's a lot of satanists who aren't Illuminati direct. But to them, to define a saint. They define them as the rebels the trouble makers the big mouths. The one's actively engaged in either praying down or orgoning down strong holds of the new world order and the alien new age agenda. To them those are the saints.

Church going putting on armor. Why?

And I've always told you. Church going, pew sitting Christians are not a threat to satan's kingdom. They're not a threat. Most of them don't even know warfare prayers. You aren't gonna learn them in the churches with masonic preachers ones who graduated from satan run seminaries -- aren't teaching their congregations warfare prayers. Oh they teach 'em to put on -- to put on their armor...what do they need it for they're not even in war. What's the...what do they need it for? They don't do anything. And they're not a threat to Satan either.


Very little time left folks

I've told you folks a million times it's about relationship with the Most High. It's not about religion. It's not about religion. It's not about how many times you go to church. How much money you tithe to a pastor while sitting at a church on a sun-god day ignoring Saturday which is the real Sabbath day. Do something for the Lord. Do something with your time left because there's really very little time left. You know they're surrounding the Elect like wolves. And everyone's getting surveillance, they're being chased, they're being targeted.

NATO's formed a group of assassins a pick-up squad I don't know what the official name is -- but they're operating Internationally now going after Christians, saints, real saints in the Middle East, Africa. They're going after them to pick them up. Kill them or send them into camps. Where they'd later be killed.

And this is kicking up in America as well. They've got -- they're making their lists:

  • People who listen to this radio show
  • People who visit my web sites being targeted specifically


They know who I am

Because if I make sense to you, if you can understand any of the kinds of things I talk about on this show -- that you're one of His. Because only His spirit can open your eyes, open your ears. They know the things I say are true. They know who I am. It's the church community in general that rejects me. That hates me. That fishes up lies against me. Because I don't follow their doctrine.

Seek Him shake off that apostasy

You know the Lord pulled me outta that years ago folks. He pulled me outta organized religion years ago and it taught me how to seek the truth in all things. And sit at His feet and learn what the truth is. And if people would do that today. Seek Him every day ask Him to reveal the truth in all things to them they would wake up outta their apostasy's. And their errors. And they'd learn to build a relationship with Him just by sitting at His feet.

Churches don't lead people to Yahuah

The churches aren't gonna teach you that. I never learned any of it until I left the church. I was in the church for 30 years.

A lot of activity going on with activating sleepers. Been hearing a lot from people who would recognize this kind of thing. I don't catch a lot of stuff either -- you practically have to scream Disney before I catch on. But so many people who have been brought up in the Mk Ultra programs or who have been through programming. They know the triggers what the kind of things that trigger them. And I've been hearing from them and just basic messages -- messages posted on forum boards -- commercials on TV or even in the scripts of shows being played.

TV commercials, on the radio...

A lot of triggers being placed. And a lot of people won't even turn the TV on because they don't want to be affected by it. I mean I could sit and watch TV all day I won't notice it, be affected by it. But just triggers being used -- because it kinda explains all of a sudden we're just having so much madness, going on around us. The zombie attacks, you know people freaking out, cutting themselves open. Eating other people. Eating their children. I mean these are purely demonic. Demonic acts. And so -- are these sleepers being activated? By the triggers that they're hearing via ELF magnetic waves? Or radio or television. I mean you never know what they've done to people.

California a huge mental ward

They can shoot chips into you. They have chip guns. I had one shot in my leg before. It caused cellulitous as a result.

It took me a year and a half to figure it out. But they can shoot chips in you. And they implant homeless people all the time. They use people as test subjects. Interesting the guy down in Miami who became the zombie was originally from California and I've told you California is a stomping ground for the new world order. They test everything there. They want to control the entire population of that state. It's like a huge mental ward.

It's like a huge mental health facility. They target their food. A lot of cloned facilities send their meat directly to California. Probably testing what that kind of thing does to your health. I mean it's just a breeding ground, it's a stomping ground for them, they test everything there. Just alot alot of crazy stuff going on. I asked the Lord what happened with that attack down in Florida and I was told that the man who became the zombie ate something that was laced with the chemical that causes the virus.

He ate something. Now if that was a bad salt he ate or piece of cocaine he ate whatever. Doesn't sound to me like the man was much of a drug abuser.

I think it's something so government like to put 2 people together. A homeless man and a black man and claim they're both on drugs. First of all the homeless man was homeless for 30 years and doesn't really look run of the mill drug addict type. Probably a veteran. Probably a good man who's just homeless, he's poor. The black guy he doesn't look like a drug abuser either. He looks like a nice man. Somebody who takes care of himself, thinks well of himself. You know none of them look like drug users to me. They look like victims of the government to me.

CDC wants to start these pandemics

Because we know the CDC is the one starting all this mayhem with their chemicals and viruses and flu pandemics because they want to start a zombie pandemic here. They've been wanting to do it since last year. You know they've tested it in Africa and they've had great success there and they have a huge media black-out here about all the zombie attacks going on in Africa.

So they think they're ready to start it here but you know if that was a true zombie attack the victim would have turned into a zombie. What has stopped the victim from turning into a zombie?


Huge vats of contaminated water

You know there was 4 or 5 cases in Georgia about flesh eating disease from the water and what I've been told is that they have tanks, huge tanks of water all around the world. They dump this contaminated water into a local water supply and they try to infect the local population through their water.


CDC intentionally putting zombie virus into the water

This is how they've been able to get off I guess the zombie attacks in other countries. And so interesting that now we have these attacks in Georgia and all of them are based on water -- they were in the water they got cut somehow -- the water infected them and they ended up getting this flesh eating disease. Probably testing the grounds in Georgia. Trying to get the virus -- the zombie virus going there as well.

Huge Hospital zombie pandemic last year

You know so we got Georgia and Florida -- New Jersey guy rips his stomach out and throws it at the cops, his intestines. And wasn't that New Jersey? Or was that Massachusetts last -- couple years ago that swine flu that guy died in the hospital and there was a zombie attack going on in the hospital. I think that was Massachusetts. (A niece brought her uncle( who got the H1N1 flu shot) into a Massachusetts hospital. Subsequently he died in the hospital and was reanimated by a demon who then proceeds to bite a nurse who then bites another person and on and on and on...progressing to over 165 nurses, doctors, hospital staff, security guards all getting bitten, they then die, the dead body gets reanimated by a demon who then turns around and infects another victim...cops were called in...1000's of bullets fired to take out these was a horrific scene and went on for hours...)

Craziness amping up

Either way folks the craziness is amping up. It's amping up. So make sure you get your areas protected with orgone. Protect your areas and go on the offensive. Get your city covered in orgone because none of these plagues will survive in orgoned areas. It's healing energy. It's positive energy. Even the wicked dark energy satanists can't stand orgoned areas. It's the healing positive energy of orgone P.O.E. energy they can't thrive in it, they can't survive in it.

Orgone used for protection

Do you think zombies would? Or anything else they create would? You know one of the things I see in the Bible Codes that they get so mad about is when I talk about how orgone is protection and how to build protection areas, because they don't want you to be protected. They don't want there to be protection areas. They want people to die. They want huge pandemics. They want people dead.

Bilderbergers meeting this week. They'll be talking choosing Mitt Romneys Vice Presidential Candidate. From what I've been told they'll also be bringing in Sananda also engineering the Euro crisis and one of the interesting aspects is the Bilderberg Conference is going to be involving Draconians, dragons. And they use this sun artifact -- I don't know what it is perhaps constructed of Yamashita gold I talked about a couple weeks ago on my show and remember I told you that gold is dimensional -- but they use this gold, satan uses it to communicate to all the draconian generals through this device he uses it almost as a walkie talkie. He uses it as a device to communicate to his leaders.

Gold harvested

And I've been asking the Lord to turn all this gold they have from the sun they use as communication devices into positive energy. Into P.O.E. energy. Because remember I talked about this gold they call it Yamashita gold, this gold and they harvest it from the sun this gold. And this gold is an N.O.E., it's a Neutral Orgone Energy that they get from the sun. But the thing about this gold is you can ask the Lord to turn it into P.O.E. energy. Because this is a dimensional gold.

The sun is a dimensional portal

I told you the sun is a dimensional object. I talked about the sun and then people say "Oh she's a sun worshiper." That's all they got they're so desperate to slam me and hate on me. But the sun has, it's a dimensional portal and it's how they harvest this gold off of the sun. That's why you always see UFOs up there by the sun. They're harvesting gold and they use this gold in their UFO spaceships, that's what makes them go dimensional but we can ask the Lord to turn all of this neutral orgone energy that they're gathering from the sun and convert it into positive energy.

No walkie talkie for satan

And that would pretty much leaves satan without a device. To be able to talk to his generals and his leaders -- really disrupt their meetings...sabotage their communications. Imagine that they do that to us all the time. Knocking out your Internet connections. Not letting you post things on-line. Attacking your websites. I've been going through this crap for years.

Agreed on

That's one thing we can be busy on for the next several days. Asking the Lord to bring things to your mind that you can ask Him to do. He puts it in our lap folks because we are beings of free will. And the Lord doesn't force Himself on anyone. You know? So if we want the Lord to act on our behalf we need to ask Him particular things to do. So put that down on your prayer logs -- something to pray for. Where 2 or more pray the same thing the Lord will honor. Be in agreement. What's agreed on on earth will be agreed on in heaven. So you get fellow warriors to agree with you in prayer and it will be agreed on in heaven.

Heavenly orchestra comforting...

I would think it's amusing. I haven't heard anything but I wonder if they can hear the orchestra in heaven at these satanic rituals. I know I had one. I had the Lord send a huge one to the NATO conferences / rituals. Huge. Complete orchestra. Can you imagine? How magnificent? How splendid that must be? I mean I don't know how they must feel having to go play for a crowd of satanists but they're proclaiming the Lords Name I mean they love to do that anywhere they don't care where it is. They don't care if they're in satans backyard, front yard, side yard they'll sing the praises of the Most High. So interesting. Do it all again this week.

Double Agents working both sides

You know we're in the middle of this regime change I've been talking about and we've seen a lot of players that work both sides still involved. You know. Double agents -- Cheney, Hillary, Gore -- all these people double agents for the alien agenda. Regime change. Getting out the old bringing in the new and I think the one thing upsetting a lot of people -- Fulford(Benjamin) and Wilcock(David) spending all this time telling people about mass arrests coming and all you see is bankers retiring. I mean come on. Where's the mass arrests? That banker retiring instead of being arrested. He just retired from his position. He just left his position. These people aren't being arrested for anything.

8th regime has no credibility

They'll say "Oh 335 were arrested in one month!" I haven't seen any of them arrested, yeah there might have been resignations, stepped down from their positions but that's a far cry from being arrested. And then they're saying they are going after the new world order cabal arresting Bush and the Clinton's and you know all the general scumbags like Donald Rumsfeld and Leon Panetta and Karl Rove, Rahm Emmanuel, general scumbags where are their arrests? How come they're not arresting them?

Come on, it's all a farce you have to start this new regime off with some kinda credibility don't you? Instead all they want to do is come after the saints. We're not your problem right now. Your problem is your own people.

"Oh that's because of 'bad channeling' tactics." pfffftttt

Because you sold this new age alien agenda to millions of people and they bought it hook line and sinker. And now they expect results. And you know typically you get when you go to these new age web sites..."Oh, so and so said that and they were channeling a false being." (Sherry's cracking up) They always blame it on bad channeling tactics. Or they blame it on so and so wasn't listening correctly. (Sherry's laughing) They always have excuses they are a penny a dozen...they're a dollar a dozen. They're just so cheap they're worth nothing.

Just change the plans...whoop...someone misquoted them. They have no credibility folks. Never will. Why do you worship the created? You know I was telling my friend last night these people who worship the created rather than the Creator...the Creator always has the edge He's the boss. He always has the edge. He can create or destroy His own creation.

Analogy of who is the boss

You know it's like people thinking they can get a Microsoft computer and find a fire wall that will keep the government out of it. (laughing) Bill Gates builds these things with access. They've open door access. You can't build a big enough fire wall to keep the government out because they have the access. They know how to get in. Because there's access loop holes. It's built into the software of every computer that you buy. So it's ludicrous to think you could keep them out. All because they're the bosses. They're the owners. It's their software that you have.

Yah or satan

Well same thing folks you're on the earth that was created by the Most High. You're serving lucifer (or) you're serving the Creation. lucifer's a fallen angle he has no power of his own only what the Lord allows him to have, he doesn't even have his own time -- his own time is defined and going to stop and he knows this. He knows this but the younger generation are in denial.

You know I find it interesting that all the older Illuminati's know who and what they are and know they are going to hell. But the younger generations of them don't want to believe it. They're in denial. The people who get sucked into satanism out of greed out of money. They want fame and fortune...they'll go into denial. It's a one way path to hell folks. So many get involved. They're not even generational families. They just get involved because they want a good paying job. High ranking position.

In their world money talks. Money talks everything else walks. And so if you're not rich you have no credibility. If you're not pulling in the 10's of millions you have no credibility in their eyes. You're not powerful. They don't want to talk to you.

Hillary and her hissy fits

You know I've heard stories about Hillary Clinton who just has screaming temper fits on campaign trails because she has to shake peoples hands and meet and greet them. She doesn't -- even for a $10,000 a plate dinner event she'd scream and use profanity in anger because she had to meet these people. Because ten thousand to her is crumbs. You know? They say she is one of the best in DC for diplomacy that's why she is on the road 22 out of 30 days a month. But she's just a good faker because she is very vile.

She can not stand poor people. She hates poor people. In their world it's all about money and it's money that gives you respect. And that's why they can't grasp how the Lords people work. They can't grasp it. They don't understand. You know? So if you're poor they don't give you any credibility. That's always been their biggest undoing.

Walk away from those dark affiliations and seek Yahuah

The Lord doesn't think in terms of money as credibility or wealth. He doesn't think like they do. So their days are numbered either way you look at it. You know one of the biggest things is these people don't realize that the Lord loves them and they could walk out of these satanic groups and they could walk out of these political affiliations they have and satanic affiliations, brotherhood affiliations, secret society affiliations. They can renounce them all and walk away. He loves them. He died for them too. They can accept Him as their Messiah. And walk away. From the filth that they serve.

And he doesn't force them to serve Him you know? We praise the Lord because we love Him. We aren't praising Him because if we don't we're gonna lose our jobs lose our families lose our positions lose our wealth lose our fame. We're not forced to do wicked and ghastly things to serve him. What's satan get out of that? Out of forcing people to kill babies? To rape babies? To sacrifice people constantly. To eat peoples hearts and organs? To drink their blood? To eat feces and drink urine...what does he get off of that? And what these people willingly serve him? Go along with that garbage?

The Lord forgives...slate wiped clean...

The Lord loves them and He will save them from that, His redemption is open to them. Walk away from that. Walk away accept Yahushua as your Savior and renounce satan. Renounce the works of darkness you've done and it's done. It's done. The Lord doesn't hold a score card over your head and say remember when you did this and you did that. When He gives you forgiveness it's real forgiveness. He erases the books. He erases the books of everything you've done. And He never brings it up again. You know? Your books can be erased. Seek Him for forgiveness ask Him to come into your heart and be your Savior and fill you with His Spirit and lead and guide you. He's not gonna force you to. He doesn't do that.

The fallen lost certain abilities

He doesn't force you to love Him or serve Him and you know these people aren't forced who love Him because they do. They just do. He loves us we love Him. Simple. satan he has to force people to worship and praise him. he has to force them through threat of death. So you tell me which one is the true God. The Creator or the creation? Everything he accomplishes is via tech. You know he remembers he was a standing angle at one time and he remembers the powers and abilities they use to have and so he spends time trying to recreate the power they use to have as regular angles, standing angels. Because when they were fallen (he lost those abilities) became fallen against the Lord and cast out of heaven not allowed to return. They try to recreate the abilities they use to have so this is how they roll. This is how they use tech to their advantage.

Bill Gates satan's little butt buddy

You know Bill Gates is one of satans favorites. So I hear. One of his little buddies because he's technological. He gets a lot of his ideas from the aliens. They all do. Steve Jobs got his tech from aliens. So does Bill Gates. They all do. And they've been coming up with particular devices and weapons to be used. Monday night I'm gonna talk more about tech Bill Gates has specifically developed for satan. That they're storing at Iron Mountain in Virginia I'm gonna talk about that on Monday. Aren't they just one wicked family huh? "Oh sure dad I'll create you some tech." It's outrageous. I heard satan visits Bill Gates and talks to him.

Yah don't need tech

Just imagine. What kind of a god is that? Who needs tech to survive. What kind of god is that? So anyway on Monday I'll be talking about Iron Mountain and most of you already know what Iron Mountain is it's a facility in Virginia it's suppose to be the alternative shadow government base in the event of a nuclear war or whatever hitting America they'd have a secondary place to govern the country out of. It's pretty much become the second home the shadow government. Black Ops being run outta there as well. And the more you look at black ops and you study black ops the more you realize that these people aren't even know...

Eyes give lizards away

A lot of cops you see the ones who are going crazy becoming thugs and pigs on the streets today and unconstitutional. They're unconstitutional because they don't even know what the Constitution is they're not humans. Most of them are lizard in human form serving in a police role capacity. Look at their eyes folks. Look at their eyes. Slit snake eyes. Black deep dark eyes. They're not even humans. Soul scalped a lot of em. Chip implanted controlled. In general just replaced.

250 Boston FBI agents...boom...gone

I remember hearing stories 10 years ago about how a bunch of FBI agents in Massachusetts were replaced by lizards. They took 250 FBI agents in the Boston area and rounded them up threw them all in a prison and then had cloned them whatever -- the clone stepped in to become those FBI agents. Of course it caused a lot of divorces and stuff I guess, but that's pretty wild. Look how easy that is for them.

If they can just round up officials. Throw them all in prisons and then use clones to replace them in society. That's what they do. Look at the head hunter agencies the employment agencies the government uses because they obviously don't hire because of brains. They hire lizards. They hire by blood-lines. If you're too human you're not really gonna get a job in the government they're not gonna like you.

Gov. 'Lizards R' Us'

You look at the government today it's not what it use to be folks. Most it use to be you'd get a government job and retire with a pension. Yeah now it's a lot more about what you are and not who you are. Lizards everywhere controlling everything. When the veil is lifted during the tribulation period and it will be people will see all these lizards for the aliens that they are. The demonic beings that they are. I would like to think not too many would be shocked about it though. That they've heard it so much that they're prepared. For what they're gonna be seeing.


100 zombies in a pack

You know I got a lot of response to my zombie video. How to kill a zombie. And I promote the use of orgone water and the reason I do that folks is because bullets and guns are -- they're not feasible. Yeah, if you got one zombie coming at you. Shoot it's brains out go for it. How many women are going to be able to pick up a 12 gauge aim it at the head and shoot it and blast it's brains out. Huh? How many kids? What if you're surrounded by 100 zombies and you got 3 bullets left?

Good luck. You know? I mean you always hear about all these guys who want to turn into Rambos. It ain't gonna happen. I wouldn't count on any of 'em to turn into a Rambo and be able to protect themselves let alone everyone else. What you think you can do and what you can actually do are 2 different things. Some of those people watch too much TV. You think you're gonna be able to shoot a zombie point square in the eyes? Yeah military yeah probably no problem. But guess what? How many of you are gonna have the military next to you during a zombie attack? Wake up, get ready. Get the orgone water ready because it's the only thing that kills these things. It's like acid to them. So if you want to put your faith in bullets that you can run out of -- so be it. Go ahead.

Keep spray bottles w orgone water handy

The rest of you need to be putting orgone water in spray bottles and keeping them in your cars. In your houses. Keep garbage cans of orgone water in your garages. Keep it also in your houses so you don't have to run outside to get orgone water. Keep yourself prepared. You never know when an outbreaks gonna happen. All it takes is a chem trail spraying and they can unleash what you saw in Miami. Because all it took was a chemical to turn that guy from a perfectly normal guy who started feeling ill into a zombie that he became. It was just it was a simple chemical.

$1 spray bottles at Dollar General

They could put that in a chem trail and spray it over an area. Which could be your area. It could be my area. It's just a chemical. They can lace anything with it. Your water supply. Your food. All it takes is getting one to turn into a zombie and then unleashing him into a public area. So be prepared. Spray bottles of orgone water. You can get spray bottles at the dollar store. In my town you can get 'em for $1 fill em up with water.

Be prepared folks. I've always felt there would be summer attacks because in the summers when I make sure my cars loaded with orgone water -- it's the summer months. I don't know I just have these spirit visions I just every time I have one about zombies it's been in the summer months. So. Spring and summer months. That's interesting I kept seeing Miami coming up in the Codes. And I also see Tampa so I don't know what's going on with Tampa. Maybe there's gonna be an out break in Tampa next I don't know.

Miami and Tampa

Kinda been seeing both those in the Codes for a while now. Miami and Tampa. I think Tampa is also the headquarters for that space agency that we have. There's an underground whatever base in Tampa so. Combines our military agencies and space agencies I don't know what the official name is.

Codes are very time consuming

But I know it's in Tampa. That's why often when I see things in Codes I don't always take the time to figure out exactly what it's talking about. Codes are very time consuming as it is. Very time consuming. I am seeing a lot of anuk in our air coming in and as far as I know these annuks don't have some kind of look we're scum bags let's all be friends mentality. They're like the lizards and greys already here dominating.

So there could be some interesting things happening between these different alien factions. Annunuki are not what you think. They're not humanoids. They're not tall humans like the Watchers. The Pleiadians. People like Pleiadians. They're huge ugly creatures. Long tails. Big teeth they are animal looking. Our skies are full of 'em. We've got creatures coming in you can't even describe. Like the bug creatures they look like praying mantises. They're dominant. How many times do you hear people talking about those ones? They kinda stay way in the background.

Help mankind - get their areas covered too

Make that all kinds folks but you know what? No matter how ugly they are. How big or small or different looking they are? None of them can survive around orgone. So get the orgone out. That's what you're town is gonna be one of the few protection areas in your state. If you want everybody popping in your town. Then do nothing else. Personally I like my town country because it's country. I've pretty much with other people have orgoned about 60 -- 70% of Ohio just to keep people safe where they're at so they don't have to high tail it somewhere else to survive.

I don't want 'em in my backyard. I like my little 2 light country town. Protect others. Get their area's covered with orgone too. Otherwise they're all gonna be in your yard. Think of it that way. If protecting others doesn't motivate you enough.

Give up pizza's for a week. Buy some supplies and get it made or you can buy it off my web site.

He loves orgone missions

Orgone the places you shop at. The places you visit. The routes you use to get there. Most importantly just ask the Lord what to do. Just ask the Lord to guide your thoughts. He loves orgone missions and going out and getting areas orgoned. He'll tell you where to put it. How to do it. He'll show you. He'll lead you. He'll guide you. It's kinda what He does with His people don't you think? He's true to His word. He guides the steps of the righteous. The righteous being those who seek Him. Not the ones who sing about Him but the ones who seek Him.

So week long Bilderberg Conferences starting tonight going into Sunday. So everybody should be busy on the spiritual warfare prayers to disrupt their rituals. Take the energy they're creating and convert it to P.O.E. for the Lord to use.


Maybe taking this energy and blocking the activation of sleepers that they're setting off. Sleeper agents that are chip implanted and controlled and don't know it and they get activated -- do this crazy stuff. Also that this chemical that they're using ask the Lord to turn it into water so it's non-effective ineffective.

Ask Him to bring to your mind what to pray for

A lot we can be doing folks we need to be busy doing what the Lord brings to mind. Ask Him what it is you need to ask Him for. We don't always know what we should pray for. Ask Him to bring to your mind what you should pray for. That one's easy.

And He'll bring to your mind what you should ask Him then you turn around and ask Him. It's not that hard, it's nothing I could find. He won't act unless we ask Him folks. He wants us to seek Him. Ask Him. Some people act like He's some abstract being that just because we have all the authority and power in Yahushua's Name that we should be using it without His guidance without seeking Him.

Include Yah

What's the point He likes being a part of what we're doing. He guides our foot steps He directs our thoughts He leads our actions. You know the churches just paint this abstract being -- just wants to judge -- or isn't paying attention at all -- you know off on a golf course somewhere all day. They don't paint the God that I worship. They don't teach the one that I know. Sit at His feet folks. Get to learn who He is. Get outta the religion. Get outta the mind control. The religious mind control. Religious dumbing down the Lords people -- get outta it!


Ask Him to reveal Himself to you

Sit at His feet ask Him to teach you all things. Ask Him to teach you how to hear Him. Ask Him to teach you who He is. And for those of you who have never experienced His love and His presence ask Him to reveal to you who He is.


Ask Yah to let you feel His peace & His joy

If you're one of these generational satanists and Illuminati whatever s and one of these initiates up to your ear balls in rituals and crap ask the Lord to reveal to you who He is ask Him to let you feel His peace and His joy. Ask Him to let you feel that because I know none of you are happy. There's no such thing as a truly happy satanist. They're not happy. None of them are.

The only time they are laughing is when they're destroying something that's good. That's the only time they're happy.

More stronghold busting

Anyway folks. I'll be back on Monday night. We'll talk about Iron Mountain and some of these bases that satan has scattered around the country and the world. Seeking to tear down these strong holds of theirs. More strong hold busting. Until then everybody. Yah bless.