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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
June 4, 2012


Iron Mountain: One of the First Underground Facilities Set Up to Serve as Backup or Shadow Government

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's June 4. And, having a couple technical difficulties. But that's the usual, so. They wouldn't let me post an announcement to the Facebook fans, so, had to do that myself. I wanted some extra time to get into the chat room before I started the show. Couple things I wanna bring up tonight. And I told you on Thursday that tonight I would talk about Iron Mountain and the secret facility that's there. So I'm gonna do that and probably bounce around and talk about several things because they all seem to be hitting at once and they're all related.

Iron Mountain's a huge facility. It's got parts of it in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia. And the one I'm talking about tonight is the one focused on in Virginia. I can't give you the exact location of it right now. I don't have it in front of me. But I'll get that for the next show. [laughs] I know I have it. Can't find it. I've talked about this facility before. I know it's on my website,, somewhere, and so.

Everybody pretty basically knows about the shadow government. [The Secret Shadow Government - A Structural Analysis] And Iron Mountain was set up as one of the first underground facilities to serve as a backup government in case something happened to our original government.

The Shadow Government Has Taken Over to Become The Government and the Officials Are Appointed from Illuminati Lizard Bloodlines

And what's happened is the shadow government, over the years, has basically taken control, basically taken over. Most of the federal agencies and think tanks that our tax dollars are paying for are actually going towards this shadow government now. It's pretty much become the government. It's taken over--you know, the Executive Branch alone exists of the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg group, the National Security Council. the Joint Chiefs of Staffs, the National Program Office, and FEMA.

That's no surprise. But in this shadow government there's no elected president of the United States. There's no elected Congress. In fact, none of these groups that run the Executive Branch of the shadow government are elected. They are appointed. And to be appointed anywhere in D.C., especially to a high-up office, it's about bloodline. And it's about satanism. Whether you're involved, how high up you are in it, what bloodline you're from has to be Illuminati. Everything is Lizard-oriented. Because they're dominated by the Lizard bloodline. [How Aliens Target, Manipulate, And Control Mankind]

We've been--back in 2005 when the Lord told me the takeover had begun [The Invasion....Has Begun], it had already, up to that point, had been going pretty well. You look around now and it's just mammoth. It's just everywhere. The people you listen to. The people you watch on TV. The people in Congress. People running our government. People running the NSA. Joint Chiefs of Staff. All of these. The police departments. The echelon of the military. Even in the religious circles. You have to be a 33-degree Mason or high up in the Eastern Star, the female equivalent, just to get a show on TBN, with the Trinity Broadcasting Network (The Blasphemous Network). [Bible Codes on TBN]. Everything's about secret societies and bloodlines. What degree you are, in a secret society. What bloodline you're in, for government and military positions, because Illuminati bloodlines have genes in them that can allow them to be taken over, I guess you could say, by alien hosts, by Lizards.

And so, when you look around us today, folks, we are just surrounded, surrounded, by Lizards. I mean, they're everywhere. I mean, there's so many videos on YouTube you can't even count them, of all this police brutality. That's because they don't know the Constitution, they don't care about it. And most of them are Lizards that are coming in and taking over the police department, and so. We're just surrounded by them, folks.

And that's what this shadow government--was supposed to work in the background. In case our country was destroyed by nuclear war or whatever happened. They always had imaginary Cold War with the Russians in the '80s as an excuse to stockpile weapons, build nuclear weapons, build underground bases. It was an excuse. It was just an imaginary lie so they could get busy on what the real agenda is. And that's what we're looking at now and having to deal with.

There's a Secret Section Inside of Iron Mountain Where Bill Gates Has Created Soul Technology for Satan

But inside this Iron Mountain, it's literally like a city underneath it. There's office buildings. There's apartment buildings. There's hotels. There's shops and stores. It's literally a city underground filled with government offices, and things for scientists. When you think of underground scientists, two things come to mind. Biowarfare and genetics, crossgenetics because they're always crossbreeding into something, some area they shouldn't be in. And also the biowarfare, developing plagues that can harm us and kill us through heir chemtrails, and vaccines, and flu plagues. And so, that's what you consider biowarfare.

But they also have this secret section in the center of this facility. And this is what I was talking about on Thursday. This section that they have where Bill Gates, himself, has created technology for Satan, himself, to use. And this is where we enter into a type of warfare, folks, that we have never seen before. Now, I've spent umpteen years talking about zombies coming, aliens coming, the New Age, the alien agenda, Lizards shape-shifting. I mean, you think of it, I've probably talked about it on this show. And now we're entering a whole era of new technology that most people just totally unprepared for. I can't even speak about it, let alone, uh, I guess most of it is mental preparation, because if you've got your areas orgoned, you're already way ahead of everybody else. So a lot of it is just mental preparation and realizing that, "Hey, that wasn't so fiction, that movie about machines using human souls to operate them. That wasn't so fiction. They were actually telling you something." [Soul Powered Engine]

They have this soul tech in Iron Mountain. And basically what it is, I call it soul tech. I don't know what else to call it. It's a black spine structure. And it has multiple uses to make people crazy. They have some kind of control that they can get over people. And then they can suck the souls right out of people. And these people are replaced instantly by demonic beings. And these people then become flesh-eaters and bloodthirsty beings. I know it sounds farfetched. We have the, what they call the LQP-79. A virus that destroys internal organs and affects the brainwaves to make you hungry for human flesh. Also causes necrotizing fasciitis. Necrosis is what you'd call it really. It's a deadly but more rare condition. It eats your skin away at an impressive rate. Becomes a fleshing-eating disease.

We've seen that in Georgia. We've seen this zombification in Florida, California, New Jersey, Texas. Where people just become crazy out of nowhere. They're just normal one minute, the next minute they become crazy and start attacking and to eat human flesh. And so, I was asking the Lord about this. And the Florida attack was caused by a laced chemical. This man, Rudy, whatever his name is [Rudy Eugene], he ate something laced with a chemical that caused this reaction in him.

Different Types of Technology to Attack Humans - Death Star Operating and Aligned with People Running Iron Mountain

And then I was noticing some posts on my Facebook. Seeing death beams coming from the Death Star. These beams coming, shooting from the Death Star. And right after that happen, this woman goes crazy and starts eating her baby. And so, we're looking at a combination of different types of technology and attacks on the human population. You have the soul-sucking machine that they have down in Iron Mountain. In Iron Mountain, itself, what they do is they utilize stations that they have around the world. It's almost like the control center. And they have different stations throughout the world that can beam, send out beams around the world. And I'm taking that if you get hit with these beams, then you can be soul-sucked through these beams into this machine that they have.

Another aspect they have is the chemicals, of course. Because there's different ways this is gonna hit people. The LQP-79 version, a successful version, because the one in Georgia was caused by contaminated water. They were trying to implement this zombie virus in contaminated water and putting this contaminated water inside water sources. And these people that got into the water with wounds already got infected and it became flesh-eating disease. That's like the beginning stages. That's like a zombie vaccine gone wrong, you know, because they didn't turn them into a zombie, it just started eating their limbs. What they want is people turning into zombies. And there's several different groups and factions fighting over who's gonna get this started, who gets it going.

But they're not just being dependent on chemicals either, or viruses either. They have these machines. And I guess that's what really freaks me out the most is because I see this in the Codes all the time. Told you about, what was it? May 20, May 21 when the Death Star came in, that it would send beams to Earth. And this is the type of beams--it's a battleship. And this battleship, which we call the Death Star, it's aligned and working with the people who are running Iron Mountain, the Iron Mountain facility. And they're the ones with that black spinelike structure, this soul tech, that they're gonna be implementing and using, and so. Those two are aligning together. So we have it from space and we have it from the black ops that runs our government (which we know is the Lizards, the Reptilians). So they're aligning together.

They Have Devices That Can Detect Orgoned Areas - They Figure They'll Find the Elect in Those Areas

And one of the things I see, also, is that out of this alignment--see, you have the Death Star, you have the black spine tech (soul tech). You also have--and I told you last week a little bit about this group that was coming out of NATO, it was backed by Obama, and they were going after who they believed to be the Elect around the world. They have these devices that can detect orgoned areas. And so, what they're thinking is they can map the entire world and see which areas are orgoned. And then, based on these maps, figure there's probably believers in that area. There's probably--the Elect are probably in those areas.

And, you know what? They could map orgoned areas. I could care less. What gets me is how they think that just because a area is orgoned that there's the Elect in that area, believers in that area. Because I've been out in deserts myself. There ain't nobody out there. [laughs] I know other people are, too. I've even, I've orgoned a lot of government facilities myself, and I could tell you there's probably no believers in those. So either way, either way, they're working on plans to come after the Lord's followers. Which, to this, I say, "Bring it on." Because they think they can get the Elect.

And if they thought getting me was hard enough, they haven't seen anything yet. They've been trying to kill me for ten years. In particular, last month. Three, four different specific attempts. We're talking commando units and bombs. None of them worked. So if they can't take me down, how do they think they're gonna take any of the other 143,999 Elect. [laughs] 'Cause there's 144,000 of us. [laughs] And what they fail to realize, 'cause they're so busy thinking they're such masters of the Bible--and I hate arguing with Satanists, of the Bible, because it's such simplicity things that they completely overlook, while they're so busy thinking they know everything.

False Flag Aerial Assault Alien Invasion Cancelled - People Pulled Off That Project to Go After Christians on Red List Instead

The 144,000 never die. They never die. I wonder why that is. So while they're busy killing us, trying to, um, they were actually supposed to have an aerial assault, false flag alien invasion. I've talked about it on this show a couple times. They cancelled that so they could pull people off of that project because they don't have the numbers, they really don't have enough people to make it look like an overwhelming invasion from space to cover the earth. Because we've crashed so many of their ships with our orgone. So they don't have enough people to make it look overwhelming for that. So they put people onto this other project which is going after the Christians, going off their hitlist, their Red List, implementing their Red List. [Are you on the Red List or Blue List?]

New Agency Started Up - Mostly Human-Looking Reptilians and Draconians Who Will Be Wearing Anti-POE Armor

So anyway, they started this new agency up. And I don't know the name of it, but I'll get it. I know they have a seal of a phoenix with a Monarch butterfly as their logo. And this agency's mostly Reptilians and Draconians, which means probably military people. If you looked at them, they'd look human, like in a military uniform, but it's really just a Lizard or a Draconian. Basically composed of them. And what they wanna do is they wanna capture saints because they wanna drink their blood. Yeah. They wanna take baths, have blood Jacuzzis of the saints. They want the blood of the saints, literally. Literally. They wanna drink the blood of the saints.

And they have this anti-POE armor that they wear. Most people wear under-armor. Yeah, these aliens are wearing--alien-looking humans--are wearing anti-POE armor. So that positive orgone energy doesn't affect them. And they have these devices, these handheld devices that can alert them when they're in a POE area, and also convert the POE into DOE energy so they can stand it. And I've seen in the Codes where they're developing devices to where they can overcome orgone energy, the aether energy that the Lord creates through POE orgone.

Through Prayer We Can Change the Matrix of These Anti-POE Devices So They Malfunction

So it's real easy, because I asked the Lord, I said, "You know what? How do we come up against these devices?" You know, this whole project, and this whole agency, they're putting offices up everywhere. I mean, this is like another FBI-type thing where you have an office in every city and state. This is like this agency. They're putting offices up everywhere and starting to follow and put under surveillance Christians that are on their Red List. Believers, saints. So I asked the Lord, I said, "How do you...what do you do? What do we do? They have these devices..." But it kept coming to me at the time, even when I was asking Him that that, you know what? It's tech. It's DOE tech trying to alert them to POE tech.

And so, it's actually really very simple. Because through prayer we can change the matrix of these devices so they malfunction. And that's all you have to ask the Lord.

- To change the matrix of the devices to cause them to malfunction.
- To have the devices give them false readings.
- Make them so they can't detect POE energy.

And so, all these devices that they have are gonna become worthless. Because when two people pray, things happen. Things happen. When they had this initiation ritual going on Saturday, and they were promoting George Soros. Of all people. He's already the high priest of New York City. The highest-ranking Satanist in this country. And he was getting promoted. And we decided to mess with the whole thing and turn their red lights blue. [laughs] And that pretty much killed the whole ritual for them, because they can't stand that blue light, they can't stand blue, they hate blue. Blue is a protective energy. It's a healing energy. A life-giving energy. I don't know if he got promoted or not, but it ended the ritual. [laughs] You know, anything to--and that only took what? One prayer, one second.

I mean, it's amazing what you can do when to or more are in agreement to pray about anything. It's very effective. Very effective. I mean, look what we did to NATO the whole week they were here. We totally bombed those rituals. They were ready to kill 1500 people. And I don't even know what the numbers were for the Illuminati's rituals. All it takes is prayer, folks. And so, all we have to do is band together as Warriors, as Prayer Warriors, and ask the Lord to break these devices, cause them to malfunction, change the matrix of them, have them give false readings and no readings, make them so they can even detect orgone energy (positive, or neutral, or dead). It would totally malfunction. It won't even work. So that's all we have to do. And also with their little anti-orgone under-armor that they wear. [laughs] You can ask the Lord to cause that to malfunction so that whenever they enter into POE areas, they're not protected, but they burn badly by it instead. That'll let you know you're in a POE area. You know, a little bit more time and this entire country will be a POE area. This entire world will be a POE area. You know?

Their Soul-Gathering Technology Uses Some Kind of Beams to Steal Souls

So these are the kinds of things that are going on right now, folks. I don't know what show that was, War of the Worlds, where they sucked humans up into these giant machines that were storming the earth. In the machine it never showed that these people were being used. They were pretty much just basic prisoners. Because I don't know how you would show it. How would even Hollywood, special effects, how do you show that souls are being sucked up into machines and becoming the power source of these machines? That's the kind of tech they've developed at Iron Mountain. Yeah, this is what Bill Gates is busy doing with his billions besides killing third-world country kids with his vaccine.

So they've got soul tech. Soul-gathering tech. They also have this tech, you know, they can use these stations around the world. If they're anything like ELF [extremely low frequency] towers, because they still operate off of beams, some kind of beam technology, Tesla beams. It's a high-frequency beam. Very hard to detect. They operate at very high frequency. And it's these beams that they can use to steal souls. They steal souls through these beams. I don't know if you've ever heard of the Dream Catcher, Soul Catcher I talked about, on the moon. I know some people just think, "Oh, that's not biblical. Uh-unh. That's not biblical." [laughs] I can hear it now. I can hear it now. I don't even wanna hear. I turn my ears off to these people. These are things we've never seen before. Isn't that what the Bible said was gonna happen in the last days.

The Hotel That the Bilderberg Meeting Was Held in Has Tunnels to the New CIA Base

We're gonna have plagues that we've never seen before. This all plays in together, folks. It's all aligned together. I was thinking about the plagues. And just since this whole New Age movement has really started to rise, this New Age alien movement started to rise, we've seen, several years ago it started with Morgellon's disease. We got Morgellon's. And then as they kept going on and the New Age kept getting more prevalent, Morgellon's began to rise. Then we got the bird flus. Now we've got Chagas. This bloodsucking insect that if it bites you, it releases parasites into you, causes heart attacks and heart diseases. They're calling it the new AIDS, the new HIV AIDS epidemic. This Chagas. We have this LQP-79 now. We have, in African countries, this nodding disease. They call it the nodding disease because people--it attacks their nervous system and their brain very slowly. Causes them to nod all the time. They lose function of their bodies before they--it's a very slow, miserable death. Takes months to even die.

But look at all these ghastly plagues we've had since the rise of the New Age alien agenda, in particular. It's always been with us, but look at the last several years, the huge rise taking over our government now. I mean, the whole week of NATO was pretty much getting all of the underlings and advisors of countries under the umbrella of the New Age alien agenda. The Bilderberg meeting this past week in Virginia. Basically just everybody getting on the same page that, "Yeah, this is the regime change. Now we're in a new regime."

And I kept wondering why they picked that hotel in Chantilly, Virginia. And I knew it probably had underground tunnels to it. And I wasn't disappointed. It does. It has tunnels to the new CIA base. They have this newer base now. And this thing is like, 7 miles long. And it's 7 levels deep. And so, first of all, it's probably about two or three hundred feet underground. And then when you get that far underground, you've got one level which is 7 miles long, and then it goes down 7 levels. So the thing is probably shaped into a huge cube. It probably looks like a huge cube 7 miles wide, 7 miles long. But they have this new base. And it also has a temple in it so they can have their worship ceremonies to Satan. Which is where they were a lot of the time during this week, this past week. Having their ritual ceremonies for one thing or another. Different groups, different people together at a time.

And so, this hotel in Chantilly, Virginia has access to this underground base, and that's why it was chosen. I really doubt, other than to get their appearance noted that, "Hey, the Bilderbergs are here,"--they don't even show you half the list, a real list of the people that are on it. I was looking at the list that they released for those in attendance of the Bilderberg. Yeah, those people may have been there, but sure as heck was a lot more people you could've put on that list. [laughs] About three, four hundred more. A lot more there than on that list, and so.

They Were Celebrating the Success of the Zombie Virus and the Death Star's Ability to Affect People

Just everything tied together. They've had so much success now with the zombie virus. They were loving it. They were high-fiving it. Celebrating the victory of a LQP-79 virus. Also with the success of the Death Star's beams being able to affect people. So, we're totally entering into a new era, folks. A new era of plagues, diseases, things we've never seen before, things we haven't had to deal with before.

And no matter how ghastly it gets, you know, I just shake my head when I look at this Death Star coming in to battle us. Aligned with the New World Order crowd, the alien agenda crowd. Really hasn't changed a whole lot amongst them because they were mostly all double agents to begin with. They all serve Lucifer. And so, they're bringing them into the umbrella under Lucifer. Serving Lucifer, coming together and uniting from five different factions to unite under Lucifer. Yeah, for now. For now. The humans are useful idiots. But when all is said and done and the regime is complete, you've got a new global financial system set up, and things are pretty much under their control, you'll probably start to see a whole lot less humans around.

Join Me in Praying that the Lord Unleashes the Plagues and Viruses onto Those Who Created Them and that He Makes Their Antedotes Useless

I know they all get cocky. They all get, you know, high-fiving and cheering about the zombie virus because they're pretty darn sure this zombie virus is never gonna touch them. Never gonna land on their front yard. Just never gonna affect their families. I don't even know if they have love for families. They're just so cold, narcissitic people. It's hard to tell. Do they really love their kids? You know, do they have any love at all in them for anybody? Even if it did affect their families, would they care? You know?

But I've been praying that the Lord will reverse it. And whatever antedote that they have stocked up and stored away for their own safety becomes useless. And that these very plagues and viruses that they're unleashing on the public end up being unleashed on them as well and there's no protection for them from it. And so, I know if other people join me as well, it's as good as done. It's as good as done the second you start praying it because I've seen the Lord answer prayer that quickly. You know, just trying to do silly stuff. Disrupting rituals, stopping a sacrifice that's taking place. And these victims that would've been sacrificed praised the Lord because they know the Lord was there protecting them, and so.

Get Your Orgone Water Made - Keep a Spray Bottle of It with You - There Will Be No Warning When the Zombie Virus Kicks In

We can keep fighting against them without worries because the orgone water, no matter what defense or offensive weapon they point at us, whether it's from a ELF tower, one of their stations they have around the world, probably the HAARP facilities being used to pump out these waves, the Death Star, itself, Mimas. No matter what tech they use, we're protected by the orgoned areas. And no matter if they're a soul-scalped demonic zombie through the beam tech that they have, the soul tech they're using, or a chemical-laced, induced zombiism, because there's different routes they're using, orgone water will kill them all either way, shut them down. And so, we have defenses. We just have to use them.

You know, people--I've been posting stuff on my lists for water guns and supersoakers, spray guns. Point being, get your orgone water made. Keep a small spray bottle in your purse or handbag with you, so if you're out and about in the public and--I mean, there's no warning. There's no warning. If you're working at a grocery store, a zombie is not gonna walk through your front door, like you've been expecting, like Hollywood zombies. It may get to that later, but right now they're having too much fun with the instant success of these viruses that work instantly. You're talking about normal people that may feel sick for a little while, then all of a sudden they just lose it, they just go crazy. It's like they snap. They get into a zombie snap and they all of a sudden have a insatiable desire to eat human flesh. And they're normal one minute and the next minute eating human flesh. So this is what you're dealing with, folks. You're not gonna deal with a typical zombie walking across the parking lot and you have time to go grab something out of your purse or backpack, so just stay alert. Just stay alert.

One thing about all these attacks last week, recent attacks, they haven't been infectious. They're not infecting the victims. And so, that's how you know you're just looking at preliminary viruses. Because the real viruses they're going for are the ones that cause infections in people so that when they bite somebody else it infects them and they become a zombie. And that's how it spreads. That will come. Maybe not right now. I hope it doesn't come this summer. But it's coming. I can't say it's not. I know it is. It's coming. But right now what we're dealing with is all these other different combinations of attacks that they have that they're getting ready to use.

The War on the Saints Is On - Ashtar Command Wants the Elect Gone

Talking about this agency aligned with Iron Mountain. Could track down and hunt the saints. The war on the saints is on. It is on, folks. They're coming after the saints. And the Lord's not gonna have it. So they're gonna have to think of different ways of attacking His people because the Elect never die. And the Elect are never deceived. I know the Ashtar Command wants the Elect gone.

They want the bigmouths shut up and they want them gone before they bring Sananda in. They wanna shut down the bigmouths. And that was always a plan of the original New World Order. That 6 weeks before martial law they would round up the bigmouths, they would start rounding up the bigmouths. And they're already working on legislation to start tightening free speech on the Internet so that they can come after and shut down the bigmouths. They're already working on legislation so shows like mine will soon enough become nonexistent. Shows that give out real info that are a real threat to them because they're not controlled by them. [laughs] Those are the ones that are a real threat to them.

They prefer controlled opposition. They'll tell on themselves. They'll reveal stuff, they'll rat on themselves. But it's themselves doing it. That's how they want it because they can make and protect certain things. Certain sensitive things and expose the rest that they don't care about. But when you come with people like me, people that have just been stood up by the Lord to speak, they can't control what I say. And so, they'd just as soon kill me or shut me up, shut me off the radio. So that's basically what's coming down the pike with that. They haven't had much luck in the killing department. [laughs] I'm still here. What can I say? [laughs] You can't kill and you can't stop what the Lord has stood up. Now when He removes His anointing and all that, then fine. Until then I just speak what He has me speak.

Dr. Rebecca Carley Is Going Around Doing Interviews on Rabies Vaccines

Have noticed that Rebecca Carley, Dr. Carley is going around doing interviews on rabies vaccines. [Zombie Rabies Virus Develop By NATO : Dr. Rebecca Carley on Alex Jones] And I remember talking to her.last year. Just a year before, we did an interview together. And we talked about what I had seen in the Bible Codes about rabies being in the vaccines. And so, now she's bringing that more and more to light. I don't know if she's mention our interview, but I remember that, bringing that up to her that I had seen that in the Bible Codes.

Chip Implants, Frequencies, Beams, and Death

So much going on, folks. But it's almost like a 180 [-degree turn]. It's almost like a 180. We've gone from...we've jumped into this whole new era of warfare that people really don't know anything about. You know, I'm just brushing the dust off the top of it basically with what I'm saying tonight. I'm telling you it's there, it exists, it's real. I can't give you a lot of details on it yet. Hopefully, in later shows. But I mean, this is definitely something people need to go through and start digging out the old Hollywood movies where they had soul tech, where they could use machines, even with lasers, to suck the souls right out of people. And then use these souls that they've sucked out of people to empower the machine, itself. And other tech that they have. It's why it's called soul tech. Because it's run by souls that are imprisoned there.

And it has to be pretty instantaneous because...I've been warning about moon beams and stuff last year or whatever, and when they hit you with these beams, instant death occurs. And so, that would be like instant demonic possession to take over that person's body. I guess it depends on who it affects. Like maybe if you have a certain kind of chip implant, and the beams are set on a certain frequency to go wipe out everybody that's operating on this, you know, 92.5 frequency, and everybody that has a chip implant that's set at 92.5 is affected by the beam that's sent out. I mean, that's one way of looking at it. That's the only way I can make sense of it. [coughs] To be why maybe one person's affected by it and the person standing next to them's not. [coughs] They can target certain frequencies.

Now You See Why the Biggest Part of Sananda's Agenda Was Chip-Implantation

So, depending on what your frequency is or what, if you're chip-implanted--and most of us are. Most of us have gotten chip implants from food we've eaten [coughs], water we've drank. [coughs] And they don't want me talking about this stuff. They're starting to kill my throat. [coughs very hard] They get me so I can't breathe. So I must be getting onto something. Something to do with chip implants and frequencies, and how they can target people. [cough]

And I know, I've always said, the biggest part of Sananda's agenda was chip-implantation. And now you're seeing why. It runs even the soul tech. Gonna determine who dies and who doesn't. Who can be controlled and who can't be. You know, that's why you can get--if you know you're chip-implanted, you can get neodyme magnets to deactivate the chips. If you've had vaccines, wherever you've had the vaccine shot, you can put a neodyme magnet on it. Tape it on there for 8 hours, flip it over on the other side, and leave it there for another 8. If you've, you know, been 20, 30 years since you've had a shot, leave it on there for a day. The older it is, the longer it's gonna take.

But yeah, his biggest thing has always been chip implants. Chip-implantation. And now we're seeing why. Because they can, you know, they can pull up your frequency on a computer screen and say, "OK, go affect this frequency." Now as a child of God's, you can use your will against being possessed or controlled by them. As a child of Yahushua's. But most people just don't see what's happening. They don't recognize what's happening. And that's what's gonna take the majority--the majority of them lose their souls. Because how many true believers do we actually have on this earth, on this planet? So you can already see the mess this is gonna cause because the majority aren't. The majority are gonna be the ones affected by all this tech.

Orgone Mission Against Fort Knox Successful - Waiting to Hear Results of Orgone Mission Against Alien Base Under Warren Buffett's Estate

So just entering into a whole new era of warfare here, folks. And as the Lord reveals more and more of it to me, I'll be exposing it on this show. It just seems like you open one can of worms and you get another one. It's never-ending. You get used to one and they start another. This has to be the last desperation, the last toy, the last weapon he has, Satan has. I know he had those brains hidden at Fort Knox that he was using. Some kind of power source. And we destroyed those. We completely destroyed Fort Knox. And that base is now completely abandoned. The brains that were there, there was one about the third level, and one all the way at the bottom level. Those are goo. Those are completely worthless. That base has been sealed off and abandoned. [Operation Wormhole The Orgone War Part 1] [Operation Wormhole The Orgone War Part 2]

And we also targeted Warren Buffett's base. He had an alien base underneath his estate in Omaha, Nebraska. We targeted that base. And I don't have any insight, as of now, as to what's going on with that base. But my money is it's destroyed. My money would be on the fact that it's destroyed. [laughs] I'll tell you next week for sure. But this base was hugely important to them because he's made his billions on selling tech that the aliens would develop, to corporations looking for alien tech, for high-tech new products, how to utilize existing tech. He had scientists working in the DUAB under his estate (Deep Underground Alien Base) who would come up with problem-solving solutions and new tech for these companies. That's how Buffett made billions off that. Well we've taken his moneymaker away. And we're gonna keep taking their moneymakers away. We're gonna keep targeting their Deep Underground Alien Bases. The war's on. It's on.

Still Need Your Financial Support for Orgone Missions - Get Involved While There's Time So You Can Have Something to Be Proud of When You Go to Heaven

And so, still need your support, folks. Still need funding. I spend it as fast as I get it, on supplies. We can't get enough done right now. And I have a lot of Warriors standing up waving their hands, saying, "Send it here and I'll get this. I'll do that." And so, still need your support. Appreciate everybody who has sent in money for this war. Appreciate that. We were able to put a whole wall almost up the middle of the country. Orgone wall, and so. You know, we're bordering states. We're putting up walls across the borders of states. Another part of our project. And hitting rivers and lakes.

And so, it's just taking thousands and thousands of dollars in supplies, and we've got the people willing to do the work. So, with more and more help in financial support, we could get just about every state, at least one of their borders covered. We need to get border areas covered. We got the entire northern part of Tennessee. We still need to get the entire northern part of North Carolina. Some of those southeastern states, we've gotten two or three sides of Ohio, two or three sides of Indiana. Two or three sides of Michigan.

We're just kind of working our way around and getting across the country. I've been across the country myself twice, three times. [Roap Trip 2007 - Annihilating Strongholds] [Road Trip 2008]. I know I've got a orgone wall from Salt Lake City all the way to New York State. And so, can definitely use more orgone walls coming up. Because all their hope is dependent on these devices that they have. And the Lord's gonna break those. They're not even gonna work. They're not gonna be reliable. So I'm not even worried about them. I'm not even raising a eyebrow. Let them know when they're in a orgoned area. They can't do anything--they're not gonna be able to turn it because we've locked it. We've locked the orgone so it can't be manipulated. Once it's POE, it stays POE. Can't be turned into DOE.

So, it's a war, folks. I still need your support. Got a couple more months, at the most, of good times to get missions done. You know, depending on how much they retaliate. Could make it a lot sooner that we don't have time. Time's a--it's a clock. It's ticking. So, still need your support, folks, on that end. And those who have never supported this show, now is your time to do so. Because there's not a whole lot of time left. And I think you'd want some kind of involvement and participation with this war, so you can at least go to heaven and be proud of something.

Anyway, folks, I'll be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News. I'll see you then, I'm running out of time here. Yah bless, everybody.


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