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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
June 11, 2012


Robert Phoenix Interviews Sherry About Zombies on Free Association Radio

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night. I'm Sherry Shriner. And a few things I wanna talk about tonight. I had a interview earlier today with Robert Phoenix over at Free Association Radio. Had a great time with him. And I'll be posting that link on my website for those of you who wanna listen to the archive on that. You can probably also follow the same link that I posted to my list earlier today, and yesterday, and also on my Facebook. Probably just go to the same link to hear the archive on it. [The Monday Mash-How to Kill a Zombie by Robert Phoenix]

Clyde Lewis Will Interview Sherry About The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency on Ground Zero Radio

Tomorrow night I will be on, oh, let's see, Clyde Lewis' Ground Zero Radio out in Portland, Oregon. Think that's KXL 101.1 in Portland. That is a city area radio station. Also live on the Internet. So that's a pretty large audience. Over 1 million people will be listening, listen to his show, and so. Be on that tomorrow night for three hours. Think it starts at 9 o'clock Pacific Time. So I'm looking forward to that. Might start at 6...nah, [laughs] 9 p.m. Pacific to 12 a.m. Pacific. So, for those on the east coast that's starting at midnight. So I'll be talking from midnight to 3 a.m. It's a good thing I'm a night owl. I'm usually up working during that time anyway, so that's nothing for me. Might be a little bit for some of you guys. But I'll try to get a archive link to that, either way, for Wednesday. I'll have that posted on my site. [Ground Zero Guest 6/12/12 - Sherry Shriner : The Truth About the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency]

I Have a Great Team of Intelligence Gatherers and Info Analysts

A lot of people interested in this zombie virus and the things that have been coming up in the news. And I know I've spent a lot of time, in particularly the last couple days, getting together with my team. I have those who can hear Yah speak, those who are whistleblowers, or occultists, or wherever they are, or whoever they are, for whatever reason. I have a great team of intelligence gatherers and info analysts, and so. I've been seeking the Lord on this whole thing since the Miami outbreak. And so, I have a lot of information tonight on what's going on, what's gonna be happening. And so, I think a lot of people would particularly enjoy just one, one particular show where I speak about this so you can always refer back to the archive later.

The Guy Who Chewed the Face Off the Homeless Man Had Eaten Something Laced with a Chemical

But I knew something was up when, you know, someone just, in particular, out of the ordinary, person--and for all the wrong reasons being stereotyped. Black man. "Oh, must have been drugs. Ripped the face off a homeless man." And usually when you see these kind of just stereotypes, it's usually a government PSYOP [psychological operations] at that point, you know. It just reeked of everything wrong with it to be something real.

And so, I asked the Lord, "Was this bath salts? Was this drugs? Was this cocaine? What was this?" And the Lord told me that the man had eaten something laced with a chemical. And so, I was reading the news reports about this man. And stated he had been at a beach party earlier, and then started not to feel well. And so, I knew at that point he was probably given something laced with that chemical at the beach party, which then made him sick. Basically, what happened is it killed him, and being taken over by this parasitic worm that he had ingested, to become a savage flesh-eater. And I know this may sound crazy (but I always sound crazy so I'm totally comfortable in this realm of craziness [laughs]), but that's exactly what happened. And so I'm gonna talk about it tonight.

Their Plans to Release a Zombie Virus Revealed in the Movie, Prometheus

And if you think that's crazy, I've been talking about, over the years, how Hollywood has contracts with the Pentagon and the CIA to come out with movies that reveal their plans. They always sneak information in their movies. Everybody breezes by it like it's fiction. And it should be entertainment and fiction, but the truth is most of our movies aren't. Most of our movies have a certain level of truth mixed in with fiction, so that they can always come back and say, "Hey, we told you. You just thought it was all fiction." You know, they always have an excuse.

And so, I don't know if you've seen the movie, Prometheus [], but interesting that these attacks--the Miami one, the two in New Jersey--they happen right before this movie comes out. And in Prometheus it talks about this very thing. This zombie virus. And so, I'm gonna talk about it tonight and break it down for you.

There Are Different Types of Zombie Viruses Coming

And what the real game plan is, the real game plan right now--and, folks, there's different types of zombie viruses that are coming. The one we're dealing with right now, and was revealed in the movie, Prometheus, this virus is a more or less--I don't know how you can say it, but contained as opposed to spreadable. Except if you get the vaccine, then it's gonna be very spreadable. It's not passed on by being bitten or scratched like the normal Hollywood-type virus or zombie pandemic portrays. That one is coming, but that one is not the one we're dealing with now. So I wanna deal with the one we're dealing with now because you all know about the regular zombie virus. The person gets bitten or scratched, becomes a zombie themselves.

It Doesn't Matter How They Become a Zombie, They Can Die the Same - Store Up on Orgone Water

It doesn't matter how they become a zombie, they can die the same. You can kill zombies. If you're a prolific shot, you can shoot their brains out. If you're only dealing with one. If you're dealing with a gang of zombies, I would suggest a wider choice of weapon which is orgone water. Orgone water has Yah's very breath in it. POE orgone, positive orgone energy, produces the very same qualities that are in Yah's breath. In fact, in the Bible Codes, "breath" comes up all the time in relation to our product which is our strand of orgone.

There's a lot of people who claim they make orgone, but it's our strand, our recipe of orgone, that is destroying strongholds of Satan, that destroys wicked and evilness, that will kill zombies. It's like acid to them when you spray orgone water on them. And so, I talked a little bit about that earlier today with Robert on his radio show here at Blog Talk Radio.

You'll want to store up on orgone water. And what you wanna do is get a garbage can, a bucket, a swimming pool, whatever you've got. You know, a garbage can may have to do, a bucket. Put a couple pucks in it, fill it with water, let it saturate for a day or two, depending on how big the source is. If you've got a swimming pool, you might wanna wait two or three days. And then fill up your water bottles, your Super Soakers, whatever you've got, with the orgone water. I carry around a little caddy in my car with a bunch of spray bottles. I also have Super Soakers, and water guns, and water balloons, and that kind of thing, just to be prepared.

And I've always known that this thing was gonna hit in the spring and summertime, during baseball season. And so, every year, I prepare for this. And you probably heard me talking about it last summer. "I'm getting ready for the zombies. I've got my orgone water in a bucket in the car." [laughs] Yeah. 'Cause I knew it was gonna hit during the spring and summertime, and so, here we are. And we're seeing some attacks right now.

But that's the number one thing. If you need to learn how to make orgone, you can go to my website, There's a make-your-own page. You can learn how to make our orgone. There's videos, there's how-tos. It's very simple. It is very simple. If you can put a 3-, 4-step casserole together in the kitchen, you can make it out in the garage. And so, it's very simple. Anybody can do this.

And this has to be worldwide, folks. I know I've got a worldwide listening audience. And, you know, we all need to be protecting ourselves because these zombie pandemics, along with the viruses and plagues that are coming, they're gonna kill approximately 1.8 billion people on the planet. And so, prepare yourselves.

Why Are the Police Always Involved Right Away in These Zombie Incidents? They're Armed and Can End the Experiment.

This is going to be a real issue. Maybe right now it's just a few attacks, crazy people here and there the media wants you to think. But that's the game plan. You know, the whole game plan right now is to implement a few attacks to get people scared, freaked out. And that's exactly what we all were. "What! He ate his face off in Miami? What's going on?" Everybody was freaked out.

Then the guy in New Jersey, stabs himself in the stomach, rips out his intestines, throws them at the cops. The other guy walks in, tries to bite the hand off a cop. And it was clear to me that, "Wait a minute. Why are the police always involved right away?" I mean, that's almost like giving a child candy. Because it's a PSYOP. The cops are well-trained. They're armed. They can end the experient. They can end the PSYOP operation.

Because the way this virus works is it's a chemical that contains a worm, a parasite. And when you ingest this into your body, either by drinking something with it, eating something, it ingests into your body. The virus, itself, is what kills the person. The parasitic worm begins to grow in that person, takes over the person, and then that is what becomes the vicious flesh-eater. This parasitic worm.

And if you watch the movie, Prometheus, that parasitic worm that they show can grow up to 4 feet in length. So this is a huge parasite. And it has a ball head, a ball-shaped head that can open up into a cobra, look like a cobra.

These Are Unearthly Plagues That Have Been Engineered to Turn People into Savage Flesh-Eaters

I told you earlier, on my interview with Robert, these are unearthly plagues. These are not simple parasites that you can get from drinking contaminated water. These are unearthly parasites. These parasites have been genetically engineered to be able to grow and become vicious, savage flesh-eating monsters. They have been genetically engineered on purpose to do exactly that. That is their purpose. That's what they're engineered to do. And as we've seen, in Miami, and in New Jersey, in these other incidences, states across the country, that's what they've done. That's what's happened to these people.

What Kind of Zombie Virus Is This That Doesn't Turn Other People into Zombies?

This is not a spreadable, infectious virus. In other words, if a person is bitten by somebody, they don't, themselves, turn into a zombie. And so, that's why people have a hard time believing, "Well, what kind of a zombie virus is this? Because, you know, other people aren't becoming affected when they get bitten or hurt by this person." Because, you know, even I said, when I said--and this whole Miami thing incidence started--I go, "Well, it was truly a virus, the zombie virus we've all been expecting, the victim would've turned into a [zombie]. There's gonna be some mayhem at that hospital. We'll have to see if they report him dying. Because, typically, what they do is cover up incidences in hospitals when there's a zombie occurence in a hospital. But that didn't happen. You've never heard anything about him. He didn't turn into a zombie, himself.

So this is a particular strain of a zombie virus because it contains the chemical and the worm. And so, what we're seeing now is engineered incidences. In other words, this is a alien-engineered virus, itself, and worm, brought into this world by them. Stored in various locations around the world. Part of the Agenda 21 global elimination plan. I know you're all shocked by that. And this is one of their weapons of war against mankind.

There Are No Friendly Aliens - The Aliens in Mt. Shasta Who Are Pretending to Be Friendly Are Storing This Zombie Virus

Now I have always told you there are no friendly aliens, just aliens who play friendly. And I know the New Age crowd hates me for saying that. They always boo-ha-ha me, and turn away from me, and things like that. They will realize everything I've ever said is true when it's too late. How many New Agers do you know that consider Mt. Shasta in California to be next to God. I mean, Mt. Shasta has a deep Nordic base within it. Humanoid giant aliens play friendly, play like they wanna help mankind. And I always warn people. Aliens are not our friends. And maybe they'll wake up. Maybe you'll wake up now. Because one of the storage facilities for this virus, of this zombie virus that we're dealing with now, is in Mt. Shasta. Now does that seem like they're our friends to you? Huh? They play friendly. They want you to think that they're here to help mankind. They may be in sincerity in hating the New World Order, but they hate mankind, too. They just wanna implement their own agenda here. And they need mankind's help to do that.

You know, the Ascended Masters, and this Ashtar Command, and all these things I deal with all the time, same thing. They wanna implement their agendas on Earth. And they use mankind to do that. They use them. They use them and then discard them. They all have their own hideous agendas. In all these different alien factions, the bottom line is eliminate humans. Eliminate the humans. And they're all working together to do that because although they may disagree on agendas, they all agree on the same bottom line; eliminate mankind. They want humans off the earth so they can fight over it, and the victor gets the spoils. Basically what it is with all these different factions of aliens.

The Government's Game Plan to Get People to Accept a Zombie Virus into Their Bodies by Way of Vaccination

Anyway, so right now, what we're seeing is these particular people becoming ingested with this chemical, this virus, turning into flesh-eating savages. All of them are targeted for whatever reason. The one person ate something that was laced with a chemical. I didn't ask the Lord what happened to the other ones. But it's a manual-type thing. They have to be purposely given this chemical to ingest. They want the people to be afraid.

What they're gonna do, the game plan is claim it's bath salts. [Living Safe: New designer drug ‘bath salts’ are dangerous, addictive] Because it's such a ridiculous explanation, defies logic. But they'll claim it's bath salts, and eventually the public outcry will be so great because they believe the government is wrong in their assessment. They demand that it's a virus and they need to investigate it.

So that's what, supposedly, the government will then do. Then they'll say, "Oh, you're right. It is a virus. Oh, guess what. We have the solution." They're gonna offer a vaccine for the solution. And they are going to scare the masses in any way possible. Whether it's a hundred more zombie attacks, or whatever they need to do. They are going to scare people into going and getting the cure, the vaccine.

Now what's in the vaccine they're offering as a cure is the zombie virus, itself.

It Would Be Stupid to Ignore the Fact that They Want You Dead and Are Using Vaccines to Make It Happen

So, for now, they have to personally get it rolling. Actually give it to somebody, have them ingest it for that person to get it. Once people go and get the vaccine in huge numbers, they're automatically gonna be ingesting this virus and worm, this parasite. And so, it's out of their hands at that point. They don't have to hand-hold it, I guess you could say.

So then thousands of people will be stupid enough, who have ignored my website,, which warns you about the dangers of all vaccines, to stay away from them completely,--because the bottom line agenda of vaccines is to kill you, hurt you, harm you, give you cancers--ignore all the warnings they've ever heard from people warning them to stay away from vaccines. They'll go get the vaccine anyway, because they're afraid. They don't want their kids getting it. They think they're protecting their kids. They think they're protecting their loved ones. Whatever reason. These aren't evil people going to get vaccines. These are just deceived people going to get vaccines. So they're gonna go get these vaccines, and then they are the ones that are gonna turn around and become these zombie, savage flesh-eaters.

So, as usual, it's the people who stay away from vaccines that have more to worry about the people that are vaccinated. The people who are vaccinated are the dangers to society, not the ones who refuse vaccinations. The government always tries to switch that and make it seem like unvaccinated people are dangerous. No, no. It's the other way around. Always been the other way around. When you're vaccinated, you carry live viruses in your body. That's a true fact. I mean, that's just it. And, you know, for whatever reason, how do you kill polio by ingesting yourself with polio? They say your body will develop antibodies and so it won't kill you, or whatever insane reasons they give. Never believe a thing they say. Never believe the reasons they give. Don't trust the government. They always lie to you.

You Need to Prepare Yourselves Now Against the Coming Zombie Pandemic with Orgone in All Forms, Especially Orgone Water

So anyway, once these vaccinations start, and they're gonna start pushing them en masse, all these people getting the vaccination, then it's really gonna roll. You're gonna start seeing a lot of people just out of the ordinary, out of the blue, lose their minds. I mean, there was no warning from any of these recent attack people that anything was wrong with them. They just kind of snapped. And that's what this virus does. This parasite has taken over the brain, has taken over--infused its DNA with that person's DNA, becomes that person, and becomes a vicious flesh-eater. And so, you could be at a store shopping and one minute later someone in the next aisle, boom, snaps, becomes a vicious flesh-eater.

And so, you will want to carry orgone water bottles with you. Get little water guns in your purse or whatever. If you go the water gun route, make sure you coat the seams of the water guns with clear nail polish. It will strengthen them because these water guns tend to--and Super Soakers--they tend to leak. Most of them are just cheap stuff and they tend to leak. So coat them (the seams of water guns) with clear nail polish. I like the water guns, but I can fit a spray bottle in my backpack, or purse or something, easier. You can get different size bottles to carry with you. And you'll have that with you.

So that's what you're gonna need to do is--also with orgone pendants, if you have our pendants, you can make your own pendants. Wear orgone, keep orgone with you because they hate orgone. When that person dies, and this parasitic alien-type parasite takes over the person, it's a evil being at that point. And evil is just repulsed by orgone. Either the water is like acid to them, or orgone, itself, makes them burn. And it asphyxiates them. And so, orgone is a huge protection for us because they won't come near the orgoned areas. They won't come near people that have on orgone pendants. It is a form of protection. And so, put that in your preparedness list for the orgone water, orgone pendants. Get a orgone puck, keep it in your purse, your pocket or whatever. I know a lot of guys don't like wearing pendants. Well, you know what? Get a puck and stick it in your front pocket. People will think you're chewing tobacco or something. Pull one out if you have to and hold it up to a zombie.

You know, it's what I've been warning about for a decade. Why I've been pushing for so hard for so long for people to orgone their neighborhoods, and orgone their cities and their towns. Because the zombies won't thrive, they won't live in orgoned areas. And we even make it a point to go out and get as many lakes and rivers as we can. Because no matter which zombie virus somebody gets afflicted with, if they're chasing you, they're not gonna survive in orgoned waters. So you can run into rivers, you can run into lakes for protection. If they try to drink the water, it will kill them, because it's orgoned water.

I mean, we have killed 65 percent of Grey aliens because of orgone. If we're not crashing their ships, it contaminates their water. And their water's our water 'cause they take our water. They empty out our lakes, they reroute streams and rivers for their underground bases, they pilfer our water from the surface. And when they do that, it goes down into their underground hideouts, their underground bases, and they drink our water, they bathe in our water, and it's got the POE orgone in it and kills them. And so, it's a multifaceted weapon, this orgone is.

These Are Your Last Warnings Because They're Working Hard to Shut Up the Watchmen - They Want You Dead, Not on the Defensive

And so, everybody needs to get stocked up on orgone. If you never took me seriously before, you need to take me seriously now. Because this zombie pandemic, that everybody used to laugh at me because I would warn about it, this is just the tip of the iceburg. Wait until the Giants come I've been warning about. If you've been a listener of my show for the last 10 years, I've said a lot of off the wall things. I've been warning about a lot of off the wall things. And every one of them's true. So open the ears and the eyes, folks, and start paying attention and listening. I don't sit here twice a week to make noise, to hear myself speak. You know, I could be doing other things, but the Lord stood me up to do this.

So these are your last warnings for whatever they're worth, because they're coming really hard to shut people up like me. To shut us down, shut us off the Internet. They don't want us speaking the truth. They don't want us teaching people how to defend themselves against the coming aliens, Giants, viruses, plagues. They don't want you to defend yourself because they want you dead. They want you to die. That's the whole purpose for all of this; to kill mankind. They don't wanna kill just 1.8 billion people, they wanna kill 6 out of 7 billion people. Google Agenda 21. Global elimination project. And this is just tip of the iceburg of it, these zombie viruses coming.

So that's the game plan, folks. Introduce these attacks, get the public all riled up and conditioned, angry because the government's not really acknowledging what it really is. Then they'll come out with, "Oh, OK. It is a virus," and then they're gonna offer the vaccine. One, two, three. Stay away from the vaccines. Warn everybody you know to stay away from the vaccines that are coming.

This Particular Zombie Virus with the Prototype Worm in It Originated from the Moon - There Is No Cure

I have located, zeroed in on the location of where this whole--this particular virus with the prototype worm in it originated from. It originated from the moon. And they have moved it to places around the world such as Mt. Shasta in California, also adjacent to Shamballa in India off the eastern side of that base somewhere they have a storage area where they have this vaccine. Also in Japan. And many other--over a hundred, two hundred thousand locations around the world, folks. They're ready to unleash this vaccine. They want as many people as possible to be drugged up with this vaccine which will then turn them into savage flesh-eaters.

Anyway, just a heads up on this because it's here. It's not coming, it's here. It's just going to get worse. And there's no cure. Once you get this vaccine that has this virus and worm in it, you can't kill this worm. It just kind of feasts itself to death, I guess you could say. It doesn't spread to others. Stays within the host that has ingested it. And then it will just, uh, once it's stopped, it will die. But these beings, themselves, don't just stop at one person. They're not gonna stop until they're killed. So they could kill 5, 6, 10, 20 people before somebody's able to kill the flesh-eater, savage flesh-eater. So they can do a lot of damage before they're killed.

And this virus can adapt to any environment, folks. They can put this in the water supply, which they plan to do. We've been able to locate underground containers that are filled with water that are filled with this chemical and prototype--I guess you call them prototype worms, these parasite worms. They have storage tanks underground in multiple places. Louisiana. The Gulf Coast being one of them. People attributing it to Corexit. And, yeah, it could be put into the Corexit. Could be associated with that. Not gonna particularly speak about Corexit tonight even though that is a chemical. But there are underground containers in the Gulf of Mexico there that have this virus and parasites in it.

They Plan to Attack Our Water Systems, Air, and Food Sources with This Virus and Parasites - Here Are Ways to Protect Yourself...

So they clearly plan to attack our water systems with this. And they could also put it in chemtrails. They could put it in food sources. We know Satanists are all heading the corporations; Tyson, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Pepsi products. These are all Satanists and satanic corporations. And they can put this infection, this virus and parasites into their products so you're ingesting them. And so, there's certain things we can do to protect ourselves from this.

First of all, especially if you're dependent on city water sources, what you wanna do is make sure that any kind of water that you take from the city, fill up a gallon full of it, or even water you buy from the store--because a lot of the Satanists own the water bottling companies. George Bush owns them. Everybody else does. Set an orgone puck next to the gallon of water and let it sit there for a couple hours. It'll cleanse the toxins out of that water. So if there's any kind of zombie virus in it or a parasite, it will kill them, it will cleanse that water. If you have a water cooler, put a puck on top of your water cooler. If you take showers with city water, put a puck in your shower. If you have a well, bury orgone pucks into the ground beside the well. I did that years ago. Just buried it right in the ground beside the well, let it saturate down into the ground and cleanse the water as it comes up through the ground into the house.

Put two orgone pucks on top of each other inside of your refrigerator. Something about the swirling motion, the evaporation of the refrigerator. You need two pucks on top of each other. Put one puck in your freezer, and let your food sit in a orgoned fridge or freezer for at least an hour or two before you eat it.

These are just extra steps to take to protect yourselves, because they're gonna be putting this stuff in our water supplies. As horrid as that sounds, it's unfortunately true. And so, anything you wanna cook with, you wanna make sure you're cooking with orgoned water. So keep the water that you cook with orgoned. Keep an orgone puck underneath a gallon of water or beside it. Or even next to it is just fine.

And ask the Lord to bless all of your food and the things you bring into your house. To remove all curses. If you're eating out at restaurants, eating on the run--I know a lot of people just pick up food and eat on the run. I'm big on that because I'm always chasing kids everywhere. I'm always sitting on a field or in a gym somewhere. Ask the Lord to bless it, remove all the curses, and that would include the zombie viruses, and worms, and parasites, and things. Keep orgone water with you, 'cause you never know when you're gonna be out and about and somebody's just going to freak out on you and become a flesh-eater.

The Aliens Have Technology That Can Jam Our Guns, So Don't Count on Them to Save You from Zombies

And so, like I said, this is one type of the zombie virus that we're dealing with right now. The other one is coming. The one that everyone's more familiar with where the person dies, his body's reanimated because reanimation is included in that particular virus to reanimate the body. And a demon takes over the body and just starts ripping at other people, eating other people, biting other people, then that person becomes a zombie. That one's coming, too. But that one can be dealt with the same way. Orgone your areas. You get into a brouha with one of them, spray them with the orgone water.

Now the reason I don't like the guns--and I have guns. I have guns. I'm much more proficient with a spray bottle or a Super Soaker than I am a gun. I'll be the first one to admit that. But because the Lord's always told me the water is more feasible for the majority of the population. And that's what I'm here for. I'm not here for these military guys that are here to shoot somebody's brains out. I'm here for the moms, and the grandmas, and the kids, and the grandpas, and the men who haven't been expertly trained with arms and weapons. And also, what good is it gonna do you when, you know, you could be in a situation where you're surrounded by 50 zombies and you have 3 bullets left. Good luck. Good luck.

I'd rather have a fire truck full of orgone water and I can get out the hose and spray them all, kill them all. You can get those backpacks that they use for like, gardening purposes, and--what are those called? Power soakers for houses. Yeah, you could fill those up with orgone water and then you have a nice, powerful hose. Well, there's all different kinds of ways. You don't have to just go with the spray bottles, you can go with those, you know, power packs, and fireman carry, and mobile units full of orgone water with a hose. I mean, yeah, those are great routes to go. I just tend to start simple and then people can get creative on their own. 'Cause, like I said, the bullets are gonna run out. And if you've ever watched zombie movies on TV, or the movie theaters, I can't say I'm a big fan of them, but I have seen them. The people who rely on guns almost always get overtaken. I mean, it's a numbers game. So, there's more of them than you, and you're gonna run out of bullets, basically. So just a heads up.

And you know what? I had this really strange dream. And I hate to even mention it because, uh, it is what it is, but, in my dream I had a gun. And I was trying to shoot this old lady. [laughs] Who I knew was a zombie. I knew she was a zombie, but she looked normal. And she was just walking in my house. She just appeared out of nowhere. Just comes walking through the front door. Starts acting like she's all innocent and sweet, and the first thing I did was head for my gun. And so, I'm pointing it at her, 'cause I know what she is, I know she's playing me. And I try to shoot it, and the gun would not work. It would not work. I couldn't even pull the trigger.

And so, I was talking to some friends of mine earlier, and we were all talking to the Lord about it. These aliens have technology that can jam guns. They can jam your guns if they want to. 'Cause part of the dream, as I look outside, and there's an alien hovering over my front yard and all these zombies are coming out of it into my house. So it's like, "What!? What is this about?" Usually when you have something that crazy, there's something in there that He wants you not to forget. Because there's some kind of something in that dream that he wants to nail home. He wants to make sure that you remember, that you don't forget. And the one thing I won't forget is pointing that thing at that old lady and it would not shoot. It would not fire. So I had to run and get my orgone water. And so, it was just kind of a, one of those weird dreams that confirm what He's told me, what He's been telling me. To not count on weapons. You can have them, but don't count on them. Have backup. Always have backup, so

Does the Bible Warn Us About a Zombie Pandemic?

You know, one of the things people are going to be asking me is, "Does the Bible warn us about this?" And spent some time in Scriptures last night. In Revelation 6:8 it says:

"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."

First part of this says "Death, and Hell followed after him." If you look at the Strong's [Concordance], Hell is considered the netherworld, the realm of the dead. The grave, death, hell, the realm of the dead. In biblical Greek, it's associated with Orcus, the infernal regions, a dark and dismal place in the very depths of the earth, a common receptacle of disembodied spirits. Also known as Hades, it is the abode of the wicked, a very uncomfortable place.

These disembodied spirits are what we call demons. And they come with the pale horse rider. So not only does all the demons come out of hell, the nether regions of hell, but the beasts of the earth, which is one of their aspects that kill a quarter of the population of the earth, are the aliens that are among us. They're above us, they're under the earth, they're on the earth. We're surrounded by aliens. And aliens are nothing but fallen angels. I've written articles about this. You can go to my website, Look on my articles page. []

One of the Hebrew names for aliens is beasts and animals. And so, the beasts of the earth. Because we're their food source, folks. And, for some reason, they want to eliminate their food source. Seems like one of those--"Why do they wanna kill their food source?" But Satan hates mankind and that's the biggest thing on his agenda to kill all humans off the planet.

If you look in Strong's at the term "sword," most assume that this means war, which it very well could. Sometimes the Lord will use one word or phrase to refer to several different things. He's one to mince words. He just says something very concretely. He's doesn't elaborate all the time, or reinvent the wheel, or say the same thing over, and over, and over again. One word, one phrase, one scripture can have many layers to it. Can mean several different things and they're all right. Doesn't mean any one interpretation is wrong. But if you look at the word "sword," a sword is a weapon. It's a weapon of war. And this pale horse rider comes with a sword. He's coming with weapons of war. And bioengineered chemicals and parasites are one of the weapons they often use against each other that they're now turning to use against mankind. And so, bioattacks is a sword of theirs. It's a weapon of war.

The beasts of the field. I found this interesting in Strong's which is a metaphor. A brutal, bestial man, savage, ferocious. He comes with the beasts of the earth which is another metaphor for aliens. Bestial man, savages, ferocious beasts. Bestial man. To me that sounds like a perfect zombie. A savage flesh-eater. A bestial man. A savage flesh-eater.

When Sananda Comes with His Beasts (Aliens) and Bestial Men (Zombies), He Will Successfully Kill 1.8 Billion People Around the World

And, you know, Revelation 6:8 doesn't paint a pretty picture, folks. The pale horse rider comes, and already here, coming. And the New Age movement refer to him as the Ascended Master, Sananda. [Sananda] I've warned you this Sananda is the pale horse rider. Nobody believes me, but they will. OK, there'll be a few. [laughs] The listeners of this show. Sananda is coming. And when he comes, all hell breaks loose. And that's exactly what it's gonna feel like. It's like, wow, Sananda finally gets here, and look, crap hits the fan everywhere. That's because he's the instigator of it. He's the instigator, the implementer. They just talk out of both sides of their mouth, "Oh, we love you. We wanna help mankind," while they're busy working in the background in different ways to destroy it. That's how they are. They're all liars.

But he comes, and hell opens up, and all the demons from hell are unleashed out of hell. So they're with him. He has the weapons of war. He has savage and ferocious beasts and bestial men (zombies). And ultimately, through these various ways, he is going to successfully kill 1.8 billion people around the world, through these methods. That's roughly a fourth part of the earth. Because if you think about it, we've got--I was looking at Wikipedia or something and it said we had like, 6.9 billion. Probably over 7 billion by now. But if you go by 7 billion and round it up and you're looking at roughly 1.8 billion as a force, so.

How much love of mankind are you gonna believe that these freaks have? So, I asked the Lord, "Is that populationwise, or is that land-masswise?" And it is populationwise. A fourth of the population. And that's worldwide, so that means people around the world need to be busy prepping with orgone water and orgone pucks, and getting orgone in your areas.

They're Going to Deliver You Up to Be Afflicted, According to Matthew 24:9

Lord also showed me Matthew 24. In Matthew 24:9 it says:

"Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake."

Afflicted is a metaphor for oppression, affliction, tribulation, and distress. They're going to deliver you up to be afflicted. These satanic governments that control the world are going to deliver you up to be afflicted, to be oppressed, to be in distress. How are they gonna do it? Through their various plagues. I mean, I've been telling you forever that Obama has this relationship with Sananda. Also with Shema; this alien starship that we caught on fire years ago. That's still a orange ball in the sky, but still there nonetheless. And they produce a lot of these vaccines in correlation with each other. Obama has allegiances to this Sananda. This New Age, what they call Ascended Master. And then he's going to come claiming he's Jesus of the Bible, but also promoting Islam to get the Muslim crowd. It's just gonna be a mess, folks. But they give us over to be afflicted by these very alien beings that wanna destroy the world, which are in cahoots with our governments.

Matthew 24:10 Warns Us That Many Will Be Offended (Fall Away from the Truth) and Betray One Another

And in verse 10, this is what happens next. It says:

"And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another."

If you look at "offended," because in verse 9, it's when the persecution begins. We're being afflicted. Not only are we being afflicted by plagues and viruses through these vaccines and their outright attacks against us, they're also rounding up truth seekers, truth tellers, people interested in learning the truth. They're coming after these people. They've been building lists for a long time of people who they would consider to be anti-New World Order. What Obama calls the terrorists. They've been building lists for a long time and they are coming after the people on their list. They're coming after them. Midnight raids, 3 a.m. in the morning raids. Whole families are disappearing, people are disappearing, and there's a complete media blackout. Complete media blackout. And they're taking these people, and they're never being seen or heard from again. Because they're killing these people.

And so, they're already working their list, folks. They're already working these lists. People are disappearing. And so, what happens? In verse 10, "many shall be offended." What does offended mean? It means they fall away. They fall away from the truth. They kind of get into self-preservation mode. And they cause people to begin to distrust everybody. And they desert and abandon the ones they should be listening and trusting. You know, I couldn't--the list of my haters couldn't get any bigger, but it's gonna get a lot larger. Because people who listen to truth tellers on the radio are gonna be on lists. They're gonna be put on lists. If you're a prepper, if you're a doomsday prepper, or a zombie prepper, or a last-days prepper, or anti-New World Order, or "I love the Constitution," "I love God," "I love family," you're a terrorist to them! You're gonna be on their list. You could be on their list a million ways to one.

So, you know, be prepared, folks. Like I've said, get battery-operated lights because first thing they can do, and they like to do, is operate in darkness. Because they all have night-vision goggles and night-vision equipment. You could easily destroy that by getting battery-operated lights if they wanna cut the electricity off of your home, or in your neighborhood, before they make a raid. Make sure you have lights that can operate on batteries. Make sure you have loaded guns you have access to that you can protect yourself and your family. You don't wanna be rounded up and taken in the middle of the night by these freaks. Because if you let them take you, you're as good as dead. So defend yourselves at all costs. And, you know, self-defense is not murder. Protecting yourself and your family from these vicious beasts acting as our federal government is not murder. They wanna do you harm. And it's illegal what they're doing. So, by all means, protect yourself.

The other part of verse 10 is that they begin to "betray one another." People become afraid. And instead of sticking true to the Lord and standing firm in their faith in Him, they'll go into self-preservation mode, freak out, and to save themselves they'll start giving up names of people they know. "Oh, I know so-and-so and they listen to that radio show. They were stocking up and they've prepped for the last-days. And I know that person, and I know that person." They just start ratting on everybody. They betray the people they love to protect themselves, basically. And they also betray the Lord by doing that, so.

As It Says in Ezekiel 29:5, the Lord Gives Us to the Beasts of the Field and to the Fowls of the Heaven (Alien Factions) in Judgment

Same thing with Ezekiel 29:5:

"And I will leave thee thrown into the wilderness, thee and all the fish of thy rivers: thou shalt fall upon the open fields; thou shalt not be brought together, nor gathered: I have given thee for meat to the beasts of the field and to the fowls of the heaven."

The Lord allows this to happen. Why? Because of judgment. Because of judgment on this nation and on this earth. Beasts of the field, inhabitants of the land. Even includes underworld in Strong's. The ground surface, the soil, the whole earth, itself. Interesting that fowls of the air in Hebrew--alien factions, there are certain--they tend to--in Hebrew it's divided up into animal groups. But there's a faction of aliens, fallen angels, that are referred to as birds and poultry, and so, interesting that fowls of the air, also fowls of the heaven being mentioned. And heaven is space. Heaven is the sky we see, and space, the universe, itself. He is going to allow people to be thrown into judgment and to be given over as meat for the beasts of the field and the fowls of the heavens. Over to the aliens to be eaten. Read Micah 3:5. [] They rip the skin off of people. They torture them. They eat them.

And so, all of this, folks, does have biblical foundation to it for those of you who say it doesn't, or don't know it does. All very grounded in the Bible. And one other thing the New World Order crowd likes to do is self-fulfill prophecy. And so, if they're not sure one route's gonna happen, they'll engineer a route to guarantee that it does. And, you know, that's basically what we're seeing with these engineered bioweapons, these zombie viruses being unleashed on the public through the vaccines that are supposed to protect them. People think they're gonna be protected by these vaccines, and they are not going to be. These vaccines are--what we're seeing now is just the agenda plan, these baby steps to condition people to get ready to accept a vaccine. And they're gonna unleash other plagues. The flesh-eating virus in the water in Georgia where several people lost limbs because they got infected with this virus-infected water, that was a go at a zombie-virus vaccine. But instead of becoming flesh-eaters, it began eating their flesh, these victims. It began eating their flesh instead.

And so, we have different factions, different groups working to bring these viruses against mankind and upon us, so. You know, no matter what kind of vaccine it is, or, um, excuse me, no matter what kind of zombie virus it is we're dealing with, either way, the orgone water will burn them like acid. It will destroy them. Just point it at their face, point it at their eyes, it'll go straight to their brain. The orgone water will burn them. Orgoned areas will be a safety haven because they won't like them. Might not kill them instantly, but it does kill them. You know, in some instances it just make them very uncomfortable. They'll seek to get out of that area. And, you know, depending on how much saturation your area has, of orgone--takes a while to saturate an area, so don't wait until the last minute, folks. Don't wait until the last minute and then decide you're gonna throw a puck outside. Because it can take a while to saturate an area, so.

Anyway, be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News []. Tomorrow night I'll be on Ground Zero Radio, Portland, Oregon. Look forward to doing that show for three hours tomorrow night. I'll post a link on my Facebook into my Yahoo! list so that you guys can listen along to the show. [Ground Zero Guest 6/12/12 - Sherry Shriner : The Truth About the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency]

Till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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