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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
June 18, 2012


There's Nothing Unified About Satan's Groups - They Agree About Controlling the Masses, but Fight Over Who Gets to Do It and How

And hello, everybody. You're live with Sherry Shriner. It's Monday night, June 18. And a few things I wanna talk about. They're starting the G20 satanic fest in Los Cabos, Mexico today. Everybody's showing up to worship Satan and figure out ways to further destroy America, and Europe, and the rest of the world. And so, that's where we are, folks. That's the basic agenda. To destroy America, crash the Euro, implement martial law in America. And this is what I've been talking about. Their whole agenda with the zombie apocalypse.

And it's several different factions fighting it out, folks. There's nothing unified about Satan's groups around the world. That's why they have G8, G20, all these different meetings to unite all of them under one roof. Because they all agree on a one-world government controlling the world's masses. And Agenda 21 and reducing the world's population by 7 billion people. 6-1/2 billion. But they don't agree on who gets to run it, who gets to control it, who gets to do what. And so, even among them they fight over who gets to control and do what.

Then you have, within our own country and the other countries, themselves, different factions of satanic covens who are all fighting it out. And Satan has a field day with this because he goes to all of them. They all think they're special to him. That's why they do what they do. That's why they're motivated to do what they do. They all think they have an inside route, an open door, to Satan, himself. And so, he goes amongst various ones. He lies to all of them. He just leads them along like puppets on a string. And so, that's why there's so much division and fighting amongst them and everything.

You can look at the aliens. They've been in this huge underground war for a while now, all over some treaty Satan made with the Zetas that the others didn't agree with, so they went to war. He does that kind of stuff all the time. And so, that's why there's a lot of indecision amongst them. That's why when you talk to one groups, it's like a grain of salt 'cause you'll hear something else from another group. And you just sit back and analyze everything and [laughs] I just go to the Lord. You know, I just focus on what He says. He's not waiting on them. He's not waiting on them to make up their minds. When He wants to act, He'll act, and so.

A lot of things that He allows to happen because things have to get going. And we know that judgment will start in His house first. The war on the saints. And we know there's plagues, and diseases, and death coming across the world. And so, these are the things we're starting to see unleashed now on the world. Different plans for a global reset which will cause the Euro and the dollar to crash. The Wall Street crashing, interest rates rising, oil prices set to rise. They've been giving Iran and Iraq the freeze lately. That's why they've been keep oil prices so low. The original intent was to have them up to $15 by the end of summer, but the Arab sheikhs wanted to freeze out Iran and Iraq on their oil prices, and so that's why they've stayed so low all this time. So, eventually, if they do go back to their original plans, you'll start to see an increase in the oil prices again.

Their Ultimate Goal Regarding the LQP-79 Virus Is to Spread It Worldwide Via Chemtrails and Drones

Interesting things I wanted to mention. This LQP-79 virus. And this isn't going away any time soon, folks. The CDD, Center for Disease Deterence, tipping out some information on the LQP-79. And there's various strains of this. There isn't just one strain. And that's what I've been seeing in the Bible Codes as I was searching through the Codes, that there's various strains. And you're going to see it around the world. And I was looking at this LQP site, and it was talking about an outbreak in Santos, Brazil.

This is gonna become worldwide. This isn't just gonna stay in America. Because they can put this stuff in chemtrails and spray it across your country, across the world. And that's what they're gonna do. That's their ultimate goal. That's the ultimate way they're going to spread it. Divvying out drones to police departments across the country. Over 18,000 drones. And so, all it takes is someone trained in operating a drone over your area. Or even the military can send drones over your area from wherever they're sitting in the country. I know I had a drone over here last week sometime. Heard this weird buzzing outside. It's like 2 or 3 in the morning and I'm outside in the garage and I hear this weird buzz. So I knew it wasn't a helicopter 'cause I get those everyday. And I knew it wasn't an airplane. They don't fly this low and they don't buzz. And so, I never saw the thing, but I could hear the buzzing of this thing, and so.

This is what they can do. They can put these viruses in liquid containers on these drones and dump them on your area. They can put them in chemtrail solutions. Spray them over your area. In fact, in this particular Code I was looking at last night Holland came up. And the thing that concerned me is I can ever--I haven't been shipping out international orgone orders for over a year now. I gave those over to somebody else to take care of. But even the years I was, I can't remember ever shipping orgone to Holland. And so, that's a wide open area for them to target. Because what they're gonna target is areas that are not orgoned. Orgoned areas are protective areas against chemtrails. So think about it. If they plan on spraying these viruses in the chemtrails, and they can't get chemtrails to stick in orgoned areas, then they're gonna go to unorgoned areas. So, folks, we need to get areas orgoned. I've been screaming about it for 7, 8 years now.

When I Look in the Bible Codes, I See Satan Behind All These Zombie Viruses Being Unleashed

I've been yelling about the alien agenda for a decade. These aren't humans sitting around in political and public offices planning our destruction. These are Satan's people. These are Satan's fallen angels taking over human bodies. He works through them, literally. They soul-scalp humans and they use their bodies to work through. That's why people can't grasp when I tell them we're run by a bunch of Lizards, by a bunch of aliens. 'Cause we are. You know, when I look in the Bible Codes and I see Satan behind all these zombie viruses being unleashed on us, it's almost like, in the same breath, knowing that just the other day there was a military meeting and it was human militaries--they looked human, but I can guarantee you they weren't human. These aliens posing as humans in military uniform. This is what oversees us. People just don't get it, they can't grasp it. Planning our demise.

You know, I've warned you that they would start out saying it was from bath salts. That was just an excuse. And then people would get mad. And finally they would come out and say, "OK, OK. It's a virus. Here's our vaccine. Take the vaccine." That's what it's all about. Because the real danger of these viruses is in the vaccine. And so, when people go to get their vaccine thinking they're being protected, they're gonna become live carriers of this zombie virus. They're the ones to be careful of. Find the people who have been vaccinated and stay away from them. They're gonna become the danger to society. And yet, this vaccination program is going to be enforced by military and martial law.

What to Do If They Try to Bully You into Thinking You Need to Vaccinate Your Child for School...

So this is what they wanna do. They wanna enforce vaccinations like they did with the H1N1. Like they do with, "Oh, you have to have a vaccination to get into sixth grade or to get into seventh grade." Which is a bunch of crap. You know, they tried to pull that on me with my kids. And I simply sent the school a letter. I said, "I don't participate in vaccines. I don't vaccinate my kids. You can't force me to. It's illegal. So quit bullying, basically, quit bullying people into thinking they have to be vaccinated to go to school. Because they don't." They try to bully you into thinking your kid, your child, cannot enter seventh grade without this certain vaccine. It's a bunch of horse crap, people! Just send them a letter stating, "My child will not be vaccinated," and you'll never hear from them again. Because they can't legally force you to get a vaccine. Every state has a philosophical or religious exemption.

You know, somebody was asking me, "Well, if I travel to Europe, do I have to have vaccinations?" The Muslims aren't vaccinated. Just tell them you're a Muslim. [laughs] They don't force Muslims to be vaccinated to travel. Why should they force Americans? It's a bunch of hogwash. Don't let them bully you and intimidate you into vaccinating your children. What you're doing is killing your children. These vaccinations are like time bombs. They'll get you, down the road, with cancers, tumors. Some of them are right away. Some kids have immediate reactions.

And, of course, they have, uh, what do you call it? Well, they have disclosures to where you can't sue the government, or you can't sue the pharmaceutical maker of that vaccine, protecting themselves from lawsuits. There's also forms on the Internet that you can print out to have your doctor sign. And he'll become liable, financially liable for your child if your child has a adverse reaction to the vaccine they're gonna give them. And there's no doctor that's gonna sign it. Because they don't even vaccinate their own kids. They'll vaccinate yours, but they don't vaccinate their own. They know they're pure poison and dangerous, untested.

The So-Called "Friendly Aliens" Have Viruses Stored in Mt. Shasta That Will Be Used to Destroy Billions of People

Our government doesn't even have an idea what's in these vaccines. They come in from outside sources to the pharmaceutical companies here and then they're distributed. These vaccines are coming from places like the moon, from different planets. Shema was one of their places where they came up with a lot of different poisonous vaccines, chemicals to add in them. These are otherworldly, offworldly vaccines created by the aliens, these fallen angels. That's why the doctors will say, "Well, we've never seen this before." This isn't an earth-based plague is basically what they say in all their doctorspeak. It's not from Earth. We don't know what it is. Read between the lines, folks, when they start talking.

They're alien plagues. Yeah, the aliens are here, they want to destroy mankind. I've been saying that for years. Right now, this LQP-79 strain, there's a huge storage facility of these barrels of it in Hawaii. And they've been shipping it over to California to then be shipped out to distribution points. And they already have it stored in several areas throughout the country. I talked about, on my last show, how Mt. Shasta has been one of their storage sites that they have this virus stored. 'Cause I hate how these New Agers just worship Mt. Shasta like it's--Mt. Shasta is their main Mecca, it's their Jerusalem, it's their point of worship. Every religion has their main point. Christians have Jerusalem. Muslims have Mecca. Well, the New Agers have Mt. Shasta.

And they always want you to think that there's friendly aliens amongst us that are helping us. Yeah? [scoffs] Well, Mt. Shasta's a storage point for a virus that is gonna destroy up to about 2 and a half billion people. And not just this one strain. Like I said, there's several coming. There's several different strains. LQP-79 isn't infectious. You can get attacked by a flesh-eater, but you can survive and it doesn't turn you into a flesh-eater. The flesh-eating viruses are coming. They're coming behind these. We're gonna be dealing with these first as they improve their strains and unleash the flesh-eating ones that become infectious.

Orgone Is Slowing Down Their Progress - It's a Deterrent to the Zombie Virus

And one of the--the trouble they're having that I can see in the Codes is that the orgone is slowing down their progress. So orgone is a deterrent to the zombie virus. And I've always said it was. That's why, last year, when I got word that the CDC was going to attempt to start a zombie pandemic in Tijuana, Mexico and on up to San Diego, we orgoned the entire area to keep that from happening. And, of course, I look like an idiot because I'm warning people there's gonna be a zombie pandemic. But, hey, we got busy and orgoned the area, and never happened, so. I'll take the hit. I'll look like an idiot. But look how many people were saved. We saved that area. Then they took it to Africa, thinking, "What's wrong with this strain? It won't work. It'll work over here in Africa. It's working in eastern Europe. Why won't it work in America?" Well, that's because we have orgone here. When you go to unorgoned areas, that crap works. When you go into orgoned areas, it doesn't work.

And so, that's confirmation, folks. We need to orgone every area of this country. I've been so busy. I have just basically walked away from life, itself, the last five months to work on things the Lord wants me to work on. My laundry is stacked pile high. I could keep five maids busy trying to get this place cleaned up because I have had to ignore it, for five months. To just be in the garage. To just be in the Codes. So I can be watching what's going on. So I can be making the orgone necessary for the missions the Lord's had me oversee the last 5, 6 months. It's taken a toll. I'm exhausted. And when I wanna take a break and just walk away, the crap hits the fan. And I need to be here. Overseeing what's going on.

You know? Satan doesn't take a break. Satan doesn't get exhausted 'cause he doesn't do anything himself. He has all his little pawns do it. And they're all fighting for recognition. "Oh, look, our group did this. Oh, look, our group did that." They all fight for recognition amongst themselves. They all want that pat on the back. They're a bunch of scumballs. Meanwhile, it's the Lord's people that are suffering because they're the ones being targeted.

You know, internationally, the war on the saints has been on. They've been persecuted. Soros has been funding tribals, tribes in Africa, to kill Christians. Blame it on the Muslims. Soros. He's behind it. And they do it in China. And they do it in all the other coutries. And now NATO has assassination squads, pickup squads, to go after believers of The Most High. In America it's more hidden. Obama has a kill list. They target bigmouths. They target true believers. Why am I still here? 'Cause I'm very protected by The Most High. They keep trying. I'm still here. He'll take me home when He's ready. Until then I have to sit here and put up with all this crap. Unending surveillance. I don't know what they--they don't even get their reports right. [scoffs] When I hear what's on the reports, it's laughable. [laughs] I don't understand. If our government is going by intelligence gathered by the CIA, no wonder we're in such a mess. I don't know how they get anything right. They don't. They don't. It's laughable. They don't understand anything. How can Satan discern Yahushua? How can his followers discern Yahushua's followers? They can't. They can't.

If I Were You, I'd Be Learning How to Make Orgone and Getting Walls Up Around Your Town, County, and State

So we have stored vats and barrels of this virus in Hawaii coming over to California, being distributed. And they're looking for unorgoned areas. They're looking for your area that's unorgoned. Your eyebrows should be flying off your head about now. If I were you, I would be on the "Make Your Own" page at my website at, and learning how to make orgone, and getting walls up around your town, and your county, and your state. Start small, work your way out. Increase the area that has orgone in it as you move further away from your area.

OK, that's great, a lot of you have bought orgone over the years, enough to saturate your yards. So that's great. A zombie won't step in your yard. But they'll stand in your neighbor's and look at you. [laughs] Come on, folks. Get your neighborhoods, towns, cities. Put them on the run. I don't want them in my county. I put walls all the way around my county. You can put an orgone wall up. Put an orgone puck every half-mile to a mile around your county. That's a good wall. A loose wall would be every two miles. Anything other than that is a bad wall. Too many loops. Some protection, but too many loops. Especially if you live in the city because you need more in a city area as opposed to a country area. I live in a cow town, so, you know. Lots of room for orgone to saturate in the air, in the wind. A lot more different when you live in the city. I would be doing every block in a city. I wouldn't be thinking every half-mile, I would be thinking every block.

Expect More Attacks in July by Way of Chemtrails and Water Supplies

July you should be seeing a lot more of these attacks happening. So if you're not protected by orgone by then, you could end up becoming a victim. It's all in the chemicals, folks. And they plan on unleashing this in water supplies as well. Put orgone in your fridge so all the food and water you put in there will be cleansed by the orgone. If you're buying water at the store, put a orgone puck on top of it or beside it. If you have a water cooler, just put the orgone on top of the water cooler. If you have a gallon of water, put a orgone puck beside it for about an hour or two before you start cooking or drinking that water. You can buy jugs of water and stash it in your orgoned fridge. That way when you need it, it's ready to go.

And this is whether you have well water or city water because chemtrails can seep into the water supply if you have a well. If you have a well, you should bury orgone pucks in the ground around your well supply. That way the orgone saturates deep down into the ground and cleanses the water as it's coming up through the pipes. Much easier to deal with if you have a well than opposed to city water and reliant on city water. That just gives the Lizards easier access to kill you and get you infected. That's all these beings are, folks. They're Lizards.

People Are Realizing I Was Right About the Zombie Apocalypse, but You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

You know, people are freaking out that, "Hey, Sherry Shriner warned us about the zombie apocalypse a year ago, two years ago, three years ago. She predicted it. She was right." Well, folks, you haven't seen anything yet. Wait till the other stuff I've predicted starts happening. But you know what? This is a good exercise. This right here is a good test. Because if the fear of zombies doesn't strike you enough to orgone your areas, then neither will the Giants that are coming. So you'll just be victims. This should wake you up enough to start doing as I've been warning.

And I don't speak off the top of my head, folks. I speak as the Lord leads me to speak. This orgone is our defense weapon from Him. It's like a hundred and one uses. They can't understand it, which has been our biggest asset, is their ignorance. They can't discern spiritual things. They think logic. And to a person who bases their entire life on logic, I would never make sense to them in one minute. They would never be able to grasp me or you in one second. Because they have no understanding of the Holy Spirit and how the Lord works. So how can they understand us when they don't know the Lord? So, we need to utilize their ignorance as time we have to protect ourselves against them. Gives us more time. Buys us more time.

Every Night, Ask the Lord to Put a Shield Over Your Home and Around Yourself

I've taught you guys spiritual warfare prayers. Probably something I need to go over again is putting up shields over yourselves. And over your homes and your areas. I've never done my entire area at a time, but I do my house every night, because if I didn't, I would have drones and everything else inside of it. You know, when that drone came by here the other night, I was like, "Hey, Lord, if that thing hits my shield, I hope it bounces off and breaks in a million pieces." [laughs] That's why they stay way back. I can hear things but I can't see them.

Every night, since especially they like to play between midnight and 4 a.m. (it's when all of Satan's hounds are out), ask the Lord to put a shield over your home. And envision Him putting this shield going up from the backyard, or from the back of your apartment--if you live in an apartment building, picture what's in the back part of your apartment building, maybe a parking lot--all the way over the top of it to the front. And then ask the Lord to seal the sides down. So put a shield from the back all the way over to the front, and then seal the sides all the way around. In a sense, you're like, putting a dome over your house, over your apartment building, wherever you live. See this dome going over it. And then ask the Lord to put angels above and below it to keep anything out that is not of him. And ask him to make this shield impenetrateable so that nothing can penetrate through it. No attacks, no words, no curses, no objects, no beams. Completely impenetrateable.

And also, you can do it around yourself. Ask Him to put a shield around your entire body, full of light so that nothing can penetrate that shield. No words, no curses, no objects, no attacks of any kind. No onlookers, remote viewers, things like that. They can see anything but the light. They get burned by it when I get mad. I ask the Lord to put fire around me. [laughs] So anyone looking in on you just gets burned. I get tired of fooling around with these things.

Remember to protect yourself. You know, part of praying and asking the Lord to protect yourself, He's gonna say, "I've told you how. I've showed you how." In other words, do it yourself, in His name. Get off your little lazy butts and do it yourself. Instead of always asking the Lord to protect you, find out specific prayers you can say to make it more effective, instead of bothering Him all the time. "Lord, I just ask You to put up this shield from the back of my property, over my house, all the way to the front. Seal all the sides. Make it impenetrateable so nothing can penetrate this shield. Place Your angels above and below it to keep out anything that isn't of You. In Yahushua's name. Amen."

So easy, folks. So easy. Think to fight on your on two feet. That's why He gave you feet. That's why He gave you a mind, that's why He gave you a mouth. It's why He's giving us wisdom in how to use spiritual warfare against what we're dealing with. Because we're dealing with a spiritual war. This is a spiritual war. It's a dimensional war. And if you're trying to deal in logic, you're never gonna get it. You're always just gonna be one of those ones nobody likes to be around because your head's stuck in the sand because you're ignorant at your own expense. We're spiritual beings in a physical body. We have to fight spiritual and physical wars. People understand the physicals, but they don't understand the spirituals.

You Can Pray Over Water and Make It Holy Water

So, the Lord has shown us how to fight. And orgone is a dimensional weapon. Both spiritual and physical. And it doesn't affect humans. In fact, people love buying the stuff from me in the summer because they love to put it in their gardens. Plants, vegetables, birds, animals, they love orgone. It's a healing, living energy. You want a fruitful garden? Put orgone in it. There's a hundred and one uses. It's not just a zombie killer. It's a hundred and one uses for orgone energy, because it's the Lord's very breath. Can you imagine a zombie walking up to Yahushua or The Most High and trying to stand in their presence? That's how the orgone is because it's their very breath. Put orgone pucks in water, let it saturate, then you've got zombie acid. 'Cause when you spray it on zombies, it's like acid to them and they just die.

If you're in an island--different part of the world, 'cause over 160 countries listen to this show--and you have no idea what orgone is and you can't make it yourself, and you have no way of contacting anybody in America to do it, you can pray over water and make it holy water. And that, too, will destroy anything evil and wicked. Take water, put it in a container--spray bottle, gallon, whatever, whatever you've got to protect yourself with, hold water in--put your hand over it, put your hand over the water, and ask the Lord to remove all impurities that are in that water and to make that water holy, in His name. To make that water holy, to take all the impurities out, and to purify that water and make it holy water. It's very easy. You don't have to go to a Catholic satanic temple, church, for holy water. I can't even imagine them making real holy water 'cause they're so evil and satanic. Make it yourself. If you're a spirit-filled believer, you have the authority to make holy water in His name, because you have Him. You don't need a priest. You are a priest. We're all gonna be priests with the Lord during the millenial reign. So make your own holy water. And that's what you could do to defend yourself against these evil and wicked beings that are coming.

The Giants Will Make the Zombies Seem Lame, but They'll Be Hit with Rabies

The Giants are gonna make the zombies seem lame. Imagine a bunch of Giants that are 10-, 20-, 30-feet tall with rabies. Because that's what's gonna happen to them when they arrive. They're gonna be rabid. There's a strain that's going to hit them and they're gonna be rabid. Same thing we did to Nibiru. That's why Nibiru hunkered away. Nibiru's not coming back, folks. So don't even listen to the hogwash on the Internet about Nibiru. We destroyed it. Not physically, but the inhabitants inside were basically decimated and destroyed by the orgone. It's why they had to go away, decimate, go back to the south--Antarctic--and hide, try to regroup themselves, whatever's left.

But that's only one ship, folks. I mean, yeah, we've had success against Shema. We've had success against Nibiru. There's other ones coming in. There's other ones here. In fact, I've been in a fight with the Sirius B aliens forever. Since last year. Because if you look at the Sirian star, that star, Sirius, right off the foot of Orion, one of the brightest stars in the sky, and probably looks like one of the lowest ones, well, they're the ones that have been affected the most by the orgone, inadvertently, because they're one of the lowest towards us. And they've been extremely affected by the orgone, and they're mad. And so, they've been sending troops here since last year. They come, they die. I don't put up with them. I don't put up with any alien. I hate them all. They're all enemies of the Lord's. They're wicked. They lie. "Oh, look. I can act like a human and put on this fake glow, and tell them I'm here to help mankind. Deceive a bunch of them. That's what you call the New Age movement.

I'm Going After Satan's Strongholds - Warren Buffett's Base Was Destroyed - Kimball Castle Rituals Will Be Destroyed

So people gotta learn how to act. You gotta learn how to react to the stuff that's coming, or you're gonna be a victim. Might as well start thinking of your immortality. Get your areas orgoned, folks. I'm not kidding. And this isn't a sales pitch because I don't even sell it--I'm not even making it anymore. I have somebody else making it for me that I trust very much. 'Cause I'm too busy dealing with things that the Lord specifically wants me to take care of with and handle.

You know, when you pray and ask the Lord to tear down Satan's strongholds, you know, orgone was the first part. The last stages, He has me busy going after certain strongholds, underground bases that have been their playgrounds for years, have made many humans on top of the earth very wealthy.

I'm going after them. Going after Satan's strongholds. I can't always reveal what I'm doing. After the fact, I can. Warren Buffett's base was destroyed. Can't wait for the Kimball Castle rituals this week. [laughs softly] Those'll be destroyed. Those walls we've been able to put up across the country, you watch The Weather Channel people and they just get all excited about a bad storm coming, then it hits a orgone wall and fizzles, and you can just see the light go right out of their eyes. [laugh] They hit orgone walls and they can't get their storms started and going.

Every Dime into This Ministry Has Gone into Supplies to Take Out Strongholds - A $50,000 Check Could Get a Lot of Things Done

We've been busy, folks. Every dime that's been sent into this ministry has gone into supplies so we can keep going, keep making. It costs thousands of dollars in supplies. And there's stuff I need to finish, to keep going, so I need your continued support. There's a granddaddy-of-them-all assignments that--strongholds of Satan--that need taken out, that I need to get very much. I mean, it would just take a lot of stress and worry off my shoulders if somebody would just write a check for $50,000 and send it to this ministry. $50,000, boom. I could get a lot of things done for that. Take a lot of worry off me for at least a couple months. Not too many months, I'm always busy. I don't hang onto this money, it gets spent. It gets spent. The orgone's made and Warriors are sent out to do the work.

Get Your States Walled Up - On the Borders Is Where They Have the Worst Bases, Where They're Hiding

I need support, folks. And I do appreciate those who have helped. I wouldn't have gotten this far with the missions that we've had to do. I mean, if I had my way, every river, lake in this country would be orgoned. Every state would have orgone along all of its borders. Every state would be walled in with orgone. Every state. Getting walls up. It's what you need to do, folks. Get your states walled up. Because, you know what? On the borders, I'm noticing, of all these states, is where they have the worst bases. That's where they're hiding. They have a base on one side, and they operate in the other state. That's how they do it. Some of the worst borders I've seen were Ohio and Indiana. Ohio and Pennsylvania. Kentucky and Indiana. Some of the worst border areas I've seen. And so, I know that it's no different throughout the rest of the country. That all these border areas are gonna be the same way. Nebraska and Iowa. All these border areas. So, Warriors need to get out and get your border areas. If you can go all the way around your state. All the way across north, all the way across the south, east, west. Depending how many borders you have in your state, one orgone puck every miles. You don't have to do it all at one time. Split it up into different weeks, different trips. Just get it done. Get with other Orgone Warriors. Help me do my state, I'll help you do your state.

Brazil, huge, huge country and I think two Orgone Warriors down there. Two. They need a lot of help. They need a lot of help. And they're willing. They're willing to go out and do it. So if I get orgone to Brazil, that would be a huge help. Mexico, you know, we've been hitting that border area for a long time. We just need more people in Mexico willing to go out and distribute orgone everywhere. You know, if a zombie virus hit, that country would be completely decimated, because other than the border areas, there's probably no orgone in Mexico. So places like Mexico City would become a demon bath. I mean, they'll just be decimated. Europe, we've got the Warriors out there. Just gotta get more and more busy. It puts a lot of work on the shoulders of so few. And nobody has a lot of money. Everybody needs help. I help as I can, but I can't help enough that's needed. I just don't have the funds to. If I didn't have to worry about that, and I could just sit here and send orgone out around the world, that'd be a different story.

They Want to Quarantine New Jersey and Start Martial Law There - Take Their Plans Away from Them with Orgone

New York City, New Jersey. You know, they wanna quarantine New Jersey. That's where they wanna start at martial law. So take their plans away from them. Get the orgone across New Jersey. I know it's a lot. A lot of work. But one orgone puck every half mile or a mile across a state. And then being able to at least get one wall up so the Lord has something to work with. You know, when you put walls up, you box something in. That means no matter which direction the wind is blowing, it's blowing orgone across your state. So if the wind's coming from the west, it's blowing it all the way across. If it's going east, going all the way across. North or south. Up or down. That's why I like the walls. They're much easier, the boxes, to work with with our own weather patterns. No matter how the wind blows, it's gonna blow it across your state. And it's gonna blow it into other states around you.

So their plan is to increase attacks, get everybody afraid of the virus, and start enforcing the vaccination. And those who refuse the vaccination, they wanna bring in the military to enforce the vaccinations, and those who refuse will be sent to martial law camps. Well, we just need to take their plans away from them. That's all. If you see militaries in your area, start orgoning where they're at. Boy, I'm getting hot all of a sudden. It is like a hundred degrees in here out of nowhere. They hate it when I teach people how to protect themselves because they do all this work to destroy them, to destroy us. And then I teach people how to protect themselves and it kind of works against what their agenda is, don't you think? They want you dead. They don't want people protecting themselves. They want you to die. I think we should make them die. The orgone will kill Lizards. Kills aliens. Annoys them, asphyxiates them. Gives them skin diseases. Boils, scabies, leprosies, necrosis. Burns them from the inside out. We can fight back, folks. So let's do it.

"Fun Things to Do" List Prayers Numbers 1-3 Are So Perfect for Today

Anyway, I'm gonna keep in the Codes following these strains, because these are the dominant things that I'm seeing for the next month. And I was looking at this "Things to Do" list that I love, that I wrote several years ago along with other Warriors. We all put our ideas together and came up with Fun Things to Do as a Warrior for The Most High, our list. [] And do you know, on number two, 1, and 2, and 3, so perfect for today. Things to pray for:

1. Those at the top and who have worked the hardest to bring Satan's kingdom on earth end up in prison for their corruption and/or they get cancers, tumors, diseases, and plagues. [The same one that they've dished out on mankind.]

2. The plagues they have planned to unleash on mankind [such as the LQP-79] get switched with the [antedotes], and the cures/[antedotes] stashed away for the wicked to protect themselves with end up being the plague vaccines themselves causing the wicked and their families to die of the coming plagues.

See, they come up with these poisons and plagues like the LQP strains, and then they all have the [antidote] so it doesn't affect them and their families. Well, we can pray and ask the Lord to take all these safe [antidotes] that they have stashed away and convert them into the very plagues and vaccines that they're unleashing on everybody else, so that they, themselves, get infected by them.

3. The safe havens of the Satanists and politicians become worthless and useless because of contaminations, fires, flooding, earthquakes, destructions of any and every kind.

And we've been seeing that over the last several years. All these underground wars going on. All these bases being destroyed by fires, and bombs, and floods, volcanoes, and earthquakes. The Lord's already taking out their underground havens. We need to ask for an increase in the destruction of their underground bases. We need to ask that anyplace that they try to run to becomes more dangerous than the place they were before. In other words, there's no safety net for them anywhere. There's no safety for them to run to.

You know, Bill Gates and a lot of them are fleeing to Africa, they're fleeing to India, and they're fleeing to South America. We need to ask the Lord to contaminate all the areas they flee to, with all the plagues, and diseases, and drought, and famines that they've been planning unleashing on everybody else. So that there's no place for them to run. The only way they do what they're doing is because they're convinced that they're gonna be cared for and their families are gonna be protected. "Oh, come help us. And we'll protect you. We'll give you a condo in a underground city and you'll be completely safe." It's what they tell them. Till the Lord destroys their condo and their underground cities. Take away their safety nets, folks. Ask the Lord to destroy all their safety nets.

Ruin Their Meetings in Mexico, Colorado, and Around the World - Ask the Lord to Convert All the Negative Energy They Create into POE

Meetings this week. All week in Mexico. Ask the Lord to take all of the negative energy that they're producing and turn it into POE energy. Convert to Himself to use. Just ask Him--pray and ask the Lord, take all the negative energy, convert it, and use all the energy for Himself. Sabotage everything they do this week. Their rituals start tonight. So they'll be dredging up a lot of negative energy, dead energy, by sacrifices and other ways, disgusting, vile ways. Things they do to produce evil energy. So I'm asking the Lord from today, throughout this entire week, that every single ritual performed in Mexico, and in Colorado, and around the world, that He takes all of the energy produced in all of these rituals, converts it, and uses it for Himself. Giving it back to the Lord to use for Himself. We'll sabotage every bit of energy that Satan's trying to drum up, use. So all I need is people in agreement with me, and the Lord will make that happen.

You know, we destroy G8. We destroyed their rituals. We destroyed the Bilderberger rituals. Now we've just taken away the G20's. They need to learn who to fear, who is the one true God that they need to serve. They need to wakeup and realize that Satan's a loser and that doing anything for him means nothing. It's temporary, and it's useless, and it's worthless.

Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday. I'll see what's going up during the week with the virus strains and the GTO. See what the Lord has to reveal. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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