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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
June 25, 2012 Wants to Shut Down Sherry's Right to Free Speech by Shutting Down

 (your emails and phone calls have of July 1st, 2012 they have left my website alone)

And hello, everybody. You're live with Sherry Shriner. It's Monday night, June 25. And so, a lot of things I wanna discuss tonight. And a few things happening here and there., the registrar of my--the, sent me a letter stating that I have to change registrars, they're shutting down my website after the 27th of this week. And so, you know, apparently operating in a total barrel of secrecy because they won't tell me why. Why they're shutting it down, who's complaining about my website that they're shutting it down. They won't give me any specifics. And so, I've asked people to just send and e-mails in support and defense of my website, That's always been a pretty large website. Been featured on several different cable shows. They like the logo on the site. It couldn't be more truer than reality, itself. A alien hovering above the White House. Only, in reality, they just--in the White House, below the White House, not just above it.

So they wanna shut my website down. And I really sat here thinking, "Should I start seeking donations and build a legal defense team to fight against it?" I know who I'm fighting against. And it's just Karl Rove and all those clowns. Wannabes and hasbeens. They still think they've got political clout in Washington. And so, these are the ones trying to get my website shut down. Cause hassles. And I've always said that I would be a target. That they would go after my websites, my radio show, everything else. And they are. And they've done this before and I have fought them, with The Watcher Files. That's been a site, throughout the years, it's just been a battle to keep that site up. And so, seriously, I mean, if you're not an alien, why would the website offend you? And it's basically an alien website. Expose aliens, who they are, what they're doing. So if you're not an alien, why does it bother you? These people are possessed.

So I need your support on getting out e-mails to GoDaddy. E-mails or phone calls. They have contact information on their website. Otherwise, they're just gonna shut it down. And I'll decide from their what I wanna do. Seek legal action against them or what. Some people just say, "Well, just find another registrar." Well, it's not that easy. You go to another registrar and the same problems follow you. They just attack that registrar. You know, they have no constitutional basis to fight. It's just free speech. They wanna shut down free speech. So, I'll figure it out after that. Other things going on. So much on my plate right now. It's like having to deal with a bunch of toddlers.

This Timeline We're on Now Is 180-Degree Difference from Last Year

Couple things coming out dominant in the next couple of months. And it's not a pretty picture, folks. I'm not gonna sit here and blow smoke up your trees and tell you it's a pretty picture, we're gonna have a nice time. I've never been one to hold back. And throughout the times I've been on this show timelines have changed. We've seen complete 180s happen and get thrown into different timelines. And we've been through all that for a decade now. I mean, I just kind of get used to getting knocked out of one timeline and put into another. Because nothing is set in stone. And there's always different timelines that are set. Depending on what we do determines what timeline we go down. You know, I see this in the Codes as routes. This is gonna happen, this could happen, this could happen. There's alway like three different routes of things that could happen.

I know if you're into that futuresque stuff, people talk about multiple timelines for time traveling and all that, well, whatever, I don't get into that aspect. But I do see it as reality that there's, you know, based on our actions, it's cause and effect that things happen. And so, this timeline that we're on, it's a 180 from last year. Remember last year we were expecting Nibiru to arrive. And it did. And a pole shift. And all these other catastrophic things to happen from September on. And we were prepared for that. But about the second week of September I knew the timeline had changed. I knew we were gonna triumph over Nibiru, so none of that was gonna happen. And none of it did. Nibiru ended up arriving. The orgone-saturated air fried it. It became ineffective and took off out of our immediate region in space, I guess you could say. Went back to the South Pole. It's safer down there. Away from the orgoned air that we have here in North America. And so, uh, above the equator, I guess you could say. So, you know, a lot of things were affected because of that. And we saw a whole timeline change at that point.

In this Current Timeline We Have the Zombie Virus to Deal With - The Bible Codes Reveal "Various - Multiple - Strains" of It

Well, the timeline we're on now is just very violent, very vicious, and it's not pretty. It's not a pretty picture. I've been warning about the various virus strains that they're unleashing on the public. The zombie-attack strain. They call it LQP-79. But that's one strain. There are various strains attached to this. And I see it in the Bible Codes as "various - multiple - strains." And they keep working until they can develop what I call the Hollywood strain, which is the one where it causes infectious bites and people can pass it on to each other through biting and stuff like that. That's the Hollywood strain. That's the Hollywood movies you've always seen of zombies. That one, probably a little bit further down the road.

But, for right now, we're dealing with all these other different strains. And these are pretty much being controlled and targeted. I mean, if you look at the strains we have now--and there were 5 attacks yesterday in various states. There was an attack in Calgary, Canada. An attack in Michigan, California, New York City, and Denver. There was an attack in Denver. And these were all going unreported by the media. They're not reporting it. I'm being told this by my sources who are out close enough to where the real info is that would know. And so, kind of like a media blackout right now. But the reason you can tell it's controlled is because, you know, most of it's being blamed on bath salts, drugs. But I'm seeing a huge push coming to where they're putting them in the chemtrails. There's different strains that can be used to put in drugs. There's different strains that can be put in food, in air, and in water. And these are the three areas the Lord has been leading me into to warn you of; the air, the food, and the water.

Obviously, those with a thinking brain wouldn't even consider the vaccines that are coming. Those will be even deadlier. Those will be the huge push to a huge and larger zombie infestation around the world. Stay away from the vaccines, folks.

According to the Bible Codes, Just Having Orgone in the World Has Slowed Down Their Plans

For right now, what we're dealing with is this huge push at putting them in the chemtrails. And that's why I've spent so much time over the last decade telling you to orgone your areas. Because if you saturate your areas with orgone, chemtrails aren't gonna stick. They don't stick above your area. And so, it's nobody's fault but your own if you end up with a zombie infestation in your own backyard. Because I have been warning for years for people to get their areas orgoned. And not just from chemtrails, but the zombies, themselves, won't thrive in a orgoned community. They won't like it. They'll go find somewhere else to live. Maybe they'll just wither and die. I can see in the Codes that just having orgone in the world has slowed down their plans. We saw it last year when they wanted to unleash an outbreak in San Diego. Orgone can destroy their plans.

This is purposeful, folks. This isn't, "Oh, my. What happened? We have a zombie outbreak?" This is being very purposefully planned and orchestrated by our government. They want this outbreak. Do you think for one minute that they're sitting in White House meetings concerned about the people of this country because of what's befalling us? [laughs softly] They're laughing. They're high-fiving each other. They've been planning this. They have conference calls to the CDC, "How fast can you get more out? How bad can we have this outbreak? How soon?" They want it now. They are conspiring to kill every person in this country and in this world. It's a conspiracy, folks. If you wanna call it a conspiracy, go ahead. But it's a conspired and orchestrated plan. They have conspired to do this.

They're Targeting Our Food and Water with This Zombie Virus, but Are at War with Syria for a Mineral That Flushes Poisons Out of Their Bodies

Not just chemtrails, but our water and our food. Obama was just meeting with all the heads of the people who set food policy. FDA and other leaders who set the policy for our Food and Drug Administration on how they can further poison our food. On how they can further poison it. From what I'm hearing, they are targeting berries, in particular, strawberries, because the virus strains can thrive in water-based fruits. And there's a lot of water base in berries. And so, they wanna contaminate the strawberries with this virus strain. And they're looking at other foods that they can contaminate with these virus strains.

And not only that, but our water supplies. They've had testing down in Georgia. They contaminated some of the lakes and ponds down there. And there was 4 or 5 different cases of flesh-eating disease hitting people. And they had to have limbs amputated. That was a testing ground. They wanna put this same flesh-eating virus that affected these people in Georgia in our water supplies. And interestingly enough, they have found a way to protect their own water while they poison ours. And I know this is gonna sound way out there to a lot of people, but welcome to my show, thus, the real reason we're in Syria.

You know, our media's been blackballing a lot of it, most of it. We are at war with Syria right now. We are at war with them. And the reason being that we're at war with Syria is because they have found that in the dirt, itself, in Syria--literally, in the dirt, itself--that there is a mineral there, and this mineral is released into the air, and dirt, and soil in Syria from a certain tree tree or--it's a plant or fungus that only grows specific to the area in Syria. And this fungus or plant releases this mineral into the soil and it produces some kind of a mineral that--it's like a bonding agent. And this mineral, anything that's impure will bind to this mineral. And so, what happens is if, uh, if you're drinking a glass of poison water and you have this mineral in that water, maybe just a drop this mineral in that water, all the poisons in that water will adhere to that mineral so that all of the poison that you're drinking just gets flushed out of your body and doesn't harm you. It's like a filter.

And so, they have discovered that this mineral exists in the land of Syria. And so, now they want the land. They don't care about the people. They don't care about the government. They want the dirt. They, literally, are in a war to fight for control to own this dirt in Syria. So while they poison the water supplies of everybody else in the world, they're assuring themselves of pure water supplies because they have this filtering agent that will purify the water they drink so they don't get poisoned.

Yeah. Pretty selfish. Don't think that they're gonna market this. "Oh, look. Buy this mineral and you can purify your water." They're not looking to market it to help you, or me, or anybody else. They're looking at it to protect themselves. These different Satanist groups working together. And so, they're looking to obtain control of this mineral. You know, it's like, why don't they just do the noble thing? Hire a company in Syria to dig dirt and send it to them. [laughs] I mean, you know, why don't they do something noble, instead of thinking they have to go in, kill all these Syrians, take over this country and destroy it, just 'cause they want the dirt. And they don't wanna pay for it, they just wanna own it outright. Why don't they just buy a desert in Syria with the money the government could raise the standard of living of those who live in Syria. Increase their health care. Increase their education. Increase sanitation. There's so much they could do with a lot more money.

But they won't do anything noble. It's not in their dictionary. They're gonna kill all these people, and cause all this grief and strife over there over dirt. So they can poison everybody else, but be protected themselves. So that's why we're in Syria, folks. Sounds crazy, but like I said, welcome to the show. That's the real reason.

Orgone Your Kitchen Where Your Food Is as Well as Your Electrical Appliances and Devices to Keep Away Demons and ELF Waves

So we're looking at, not just more zombie attacks in July, which are gonna get--could get completely crazy. Because now that they're pumping it in the air, and they're gonna start targeting certain cities water supplies with it, they're also gonna be putting it in our food. And this is why, the last show, when I mentioned what the Lord had told me about orgone, putting orgone in your refrigerator. Put two pucks on top of each other in your fridge. Put one in your freezer. Put orgone in your cupboards where your food is. So that the orgone can cleanse all the impurities out of your food before you eat it.

You know, I never thought about all the years that the Lord used to always tell me I had enough poison in me to kill 10 men. And that's usually on a constant basis. And it never really occurred to me. I just figured, "Oh, the Lord has my back." And He always does. But also, one of the things I've always done since day one when I started making orgone, was I've always had it loaded in my kitchen. I've just always naturally had a ton of orgone in my kitchen. I never thought it was cleansing and purifying all the food I brought into it. I never thought of it that way.

You know, when you think about it, demonic entities travel through electrical lines. It's one of the routes they get into your homes and stuff. And at night, where is all the creepy noises you always hear? They're always in the kitchen. If you're sensitive, like I've always been, to dealing with beings in the other realm, you can see or hear them, whatever, the kitchen is always like a dominant base for them. And so, that's why I always had it pounded in my orgone, because if they're gonna come into your home, they usually come through the kitchen. Some route through your kitchen. So I always welcome them with orgone.

And also your television sets. They can travel through your lines and come right through your television sets. So I alway have orgone in front of my TV sets, and computer monitors, because now, with the advent of technology, they can also target you. While you're sitting there watching TV, they can target you with their ELF guns and their ELF rays right through your TV, right through your computer monitors. You have to have orgone in front of them to keep the ELF waves off of you. Otherwise you're gonna start suffering with headaches, feel like you're gonna have a heart attack, things like that. They target you.

Now I Know Why I Was Seeing "Leprosy" in the Codes Years Ago, It's a Flesh-Eating Disease Like the Zombie Virus

So if you buy water, and all this stuff from the stores, make sure you set it in orgoned areas to be cleansed and purified for a while before you drink or eat the food. Gonna have to start paying closer attention, folks, because when this thing starts a life of its own, it's not gonna be the typical targets. And you can always tell. You know, they start with the drug addicts. When it's got a life of its own, you're gonna start seeing children attacking adults. It's not gonna be the cliches anymore. It's just gonna be Joe and Mary from down the street all of a sudden, boom, out of nowhere. It's gonna be normal people flipping out, losing their minds, and become taken over by these flesh-eating strains.

And, you know, I started talking--I remember years ago I was talking about seeing "leprosy" in the Codes. And I was wondering why. "Is there gonna be a leprosy plague? Why am I seeing leprosy in the Codes?" And this is probably back in 2007, 2006 when I was talking about I was seeing leprosy in the Codes, I don't understand why. Now I understand why. Because leprosy was a flesh-eating disease. And that's exactly what we're dealing with now. Flesh-eating diseases. Because these are purposefully strains that they're inflicting on mankind. Modern-day leprosy, only this is vicious. This is vicious.

So now you know where it came from back in the day when Yahushua walked the earth and people were suffering from leprosy. Same flesh-eating plagues. And probably from the same groups of people. People, i.e., aliens. I mean, they're not really people. We have Lizards. These different fallen angel factions ruling over the earth. And everything is kind of like a, you know, cliche. It's a cycle. Every time population would start to get built up, they'd throw in a massive plague. Bubonic Plague, Black Plague. And they'd kill millions of people. So they've had pratice doing this for centuries. Because the things that have killed mankind are diseases and plagues that aren't relative to this earth. They're brought in. They're unearthly plagues, they're not based from anything here. They're terrestrial plagues. They're brought in.

We're in the Middle of a Three-Prong Regime Change - My Info Comes from the Lord, Man Only Confirms It

We're in the middle of regime change. And I'm not talking about Obama and Mitt Romney. That'll be the least of anyone's concern. I'm talking about a literal world, global political change. You know, I've been warning about the Chinese for years. I started searching my transcribes and it goes back all the way to 2007, 2008. Probably even before them, but a lot of those earlier shows weren't transcribed. But there's a few that have been, and so I have that on my transcribe site. But I've been warning about China forever.

And so, it wasn't very shocking when I was talking to somebody the other night, and I said, "Look, we're in three routes right now." And they totally--they said, "How do you know that?" You know, but they wanna know how I know my info--where I get my info. You know, people ask me, "Are you part of the Brotherhood?" I say, "No." [laughs] "Are you in one of the Satanist groups?" "No." "How do you get your info? How do you know? How is it that you're so well connected?" Because in satanic circles only the most powerful have info or get info. That's the way I'm perceiving them. The way I understand them. 'Cause I don't have to join any group or segment. In fact, the Lord has told me not to. To stay away from any kind of affiliations with any kinds of churches, denominations, groups, societies. To stay away from anything, and just sit at His feet. I get my information straight from the Lord. I don't get my info from man. I can use man to confirm the things I know, but I get my information from Him. That's why He has set me up to be a mouthpiece on Earth. And people just don't understand what that is. They sure as heck don't take me very seriously.

We're in the middle of a three-prong regime change. With China, with the Ashtar Command (and I've talked to you about who that is), and with the rise of Islam. The Ashtar Command, these Ascended Masters, this whole New Age brouhaha stuff they come out with, they actually exist. It's a council that rules above the earth. They're fallen angels. They're not Ascended Masters, they're not angelic beings, they're aliens posing as religious angelic beings. They're fallen angels, folks. Kicked out of heaven, 'cause they were fools. And there's only two types of beings; celestial and terrestrial. If you were a good alien, you would be a celestial being and you would reside in heaven with The Most High. Terrestrials have been kicked out of heaven. That's why they live on other planets. That's why they live under our earth. That's why they live on our moon. They're a terrestrial race. They're fallen angels. Kicked out of heaven. And we call them terrestrials.

Talks at the G20 Include Our President Obama, the White House Senior Staff, and Congress Wanting China to Take Over America

The Ashtar Command is the dominant council, command that serves Satan. Playing friendly beings. We're gonna have a changeover into their rulership here on the world. You're going to see a rise of Islam. I don't know if it's going to be the Islam we see today. When you think of Islam today, you just think of all this crazy stuff, these radical Muslims that beat and rape women and children, and they're just animals. Murderers and rapists, and it's nothing but some big satanic, demon-possessed boys club. What I do see coming out of that is shariah law. All of our governments have been acclimating themselves to shariah law over the last several years. So out of Islam we would see shariah law. Even if we had a complete changeover to the New Age alien agenda right now, they would be implementing shariah law. It's one of their foundations as well.

And the one back door coming that I've been screaming about is China. Because they've been on our borders for like eight years now. Probably longer. Along our southern borders. You can hear from people that live in southern Texas, Arizona, California, Tijuana. People in Tijuana have seen Russian generals there. They have seen the Chinese tent cities in the Mexican deserts. There are Chinese tent cities in southern Texas. There's an RV city south of San Antonio. They have been waiting to invade for years. Waiting for the signal. The military now, in China, are preparing to invade. They're waiting for the signal.

You know, several years ago the whole thing with imminent domain and Hillary going to China with an agreement--and, you know, Snopes[.com] and all those sites, "Oh, it's a hoax. It's a hoax." Really? China owns our debt. And when you default on your debts, then the person you owe the debt to pretty much owns you. They're gonna own you. They own America. When America keeps saying, "Buy more of our junk bonds. Keep us afloat. And if we default on paying you back, we'll throw in our water supplies, our deserts, our park." [laughs] You can own what the debt was over. They own most of the mortgages. They own the house you live in. You think you're paying the bank for your mortgage? Guess who really owns your mortgage. It's the Chinese. They're gonna come calling. Because America is going to default on its debts.

And, you know, my hair stood up, the eyebrows stood off my face the other day when I was asking around what's going on at G20. 'Cause I haven't really been paying that much attention to it. Other than my direct prayers against it. And I was told that they want--and I'm not talking about the Russians, and the Koreans, and the Muslims, I'm talking about our president, Obama, and our White House senior staff, and our Congress--they want China to take over America. They have already sold us out to China. They've sold us out. The Constitution doesn't mean anything. It's gone. And just because you don't like it doesn't mean they care.

Obama's Been Trying to Get Civil War Going for a While Now by Signing Outrageous Executive Orders to Get People Angry

They're ready for civil war here. They fully expect it. In fact, Obama's been trying to get it going for a while now. He signed these outrageous Executive Orders recently, within the last week or two, allowing illegal immigrants to stay here and all this stuff. He does that to get people angry. To get them marching in the streets. He's provoking wrath. He's provoking riots. He's provoking more Occupy's, more Tea Parties. He's provoking your anger. He wants to provoke riots in the streets.

And, you know, as much as people have been so angry about illegal immigration over the decades here in America, nothing happened when he signed that into Executive Order. I mean, where was the outrage? Where was the protesting? Nothing happened. So now they've gotta go dig deeper and deeper into passing more outrageous, obnoxious stuff just to get a rise out of people. They want protests. They want angry people marching the streets. That's what they want.

They have no love for America. They want China to take over. And China isn't coming with outrageous tech. They're coming in numbers. You know, what they don't have in technology, they have in huge numbers. They can dump a hundred thousand Chinese in just your little town in just a matter of days. Now imagine that all across America. They already have their vehicles and weapons here. We've been parking them on military bases for the past ten years.

You know, my husband went to the post office one day, and this man walked up to him and says, "I don't know why I'm gonna tell you this, but I just feel led to tell you that I work as a border patrol officer on the Canada side, on the America and Canada side." And basically told him that they're not stopping any vehicles coming in with Chinese equipment. That they were told to let them go because they're heading down to Kentucky where they were parking them in, I think it was Lexington, Kentucky. Just green light Russian and Chinese equipment. Not even stop to look at them. Not even stop. Just let them go. Mm-hmm. They've been doing it for years, folks. Clinton gave them a port in San Diego. A water port. So they could ship their stuff in undetected. He also signed over the Panama Canal to them. Where they've been moving up troops to our borders up from the south.

The Whole Point of the Regime Change Is to Eradicate Humans - Fight Back, They Hate My Orgone Because It's Effective Against Them

One thing they hate, the Chinese hate it, fallen angels hate it, the Satanists hate it 'cause the demons hate it, any human possessed by demons is gonna be affected by it, they hate orgone. It's Yah's breath, folks. It produces His very breath. It's a righteous, healing energy. They hate it. They don't hate all orgone. They hate my orgone. Our specific strain. Our strain of orgone. Our brand. Our prescription. The way we make it. That's the one they hate. Because it's the most effective against them. So now your seeing why I've always said orgone has a hundred and one different uses. Not only will it keep chemtrails out of your area, and keep all the zombie virus sprays out of your areas, the Chinese don't like it, aliens don't like it, demons don't like it. And I like how they stand up people, these little pawns, to go on radio shows to discredit me and my orgone because they don't want people ready and protected. Now these same people are the ones fleeing the country from the things that are coming. Because they know what's coming. And people think, "Oh, the politicians, they're all leaving in July." They're fleeing. They know better. Because they know what they've caused. They know what's coming. They're taking their families and getting out.

They don't want you protected because they want you to suffer and die. That's the whole point of it. The whole point of regime change, a new regime, a global age, is one without humans in it. Hello? They don't want humans here. They don't want you here. They don't want me here. They don't want anybody here. Their idea of a global golden age is one where all the humans have been eradicated and eliminated. And one where they can set up their own...whatever on Earth and have Earth to themselves.

Well, the way I see it is fight back. What else can you do? You gonna just lay over and let them kill you? They might be successful in killing a lot of people on this planet, but that doesn't mean we have to lay back and let them have the planet unmolested. We can make it totally uninhabitable for them so it makes all their efforts useless. They can't live in an orgoned world, orgoned society. It destroys them. We can orgone the world and knock them out of here. Seems like quite a task, and it has been. It has been. But it's been effective. It's been very effective. Almost, what, 80 percent of Grey aliens are now dead. They're falling like flies. The Lizards that rule over us, they're all suffering skin plagues and necrosis. And now they're retaliating against mankind with necrosis and flesh-eating diseases. Pretty much the same thing that the orgone causes them. Kind of a justice, don't you think? Let the Lord give them back some of the medicine they've been giving to us.

Three Routes Working Together That Will Combine into One Route - New Age Ascended Masters, Chinese, and Islam-Based Law

Either way, we could have la-la New Age land here in America with the Ashtar Command, the Ascended fools, and all of them together, or we're gonna have Chinese running through our streets. And then we're gonna have an Islam-based law, global law. Quite a mixture, don't you think? Because it's not three different routes, it's three routes working together that are gonna combine and become one route. You know, I've heard from people over the years who've sent me dreams and visions they've had of the Chinese being here, and I just shake my head. Because it's coming. It's coming. And that's the least of our problems, really. Chinese and Giants, zombie strains. I believe they'll try to kill off as many Americans as they can before they even invade this country though. And that's what they're gonna try to do with all these different strains coming out. And the push for vaccines, and the push for martial law and getting the military involved with enforcing vaccines. It's gonna be a mixture of things. But it's what's coming. It's what's on this timeline we're on.

Ashtar Command works in the background pulling all the strings. Now the New Agers want you to think that they're Ascended Masters. That their Sananda is coming to help mankind. And their Sananda, they're gonna play him off as Jesus of the Bible. They all sit back, and mess around, and pull the strings of all these plagues that are going on. Sananda's very much in charge of it. They're in charge of getting these plagues to the earth, into these pharmaceutical companies who can turn around and make them into liquids and powders to put in our food, and our vaccines, and our water, and our air.

They all work together, folks. It's just one huge satanic engine with different parts working to make the engine work. The engine is Satan and all his different parts working together. And their one goal is to eradicate humanity. Eradicate humans. Kill humans. They'll work out the rest later. Right now they go through phases. They have different phases they have to accomplish first. And they're stepping it up. They wanna see more, and more, and more deaths.

Become Prayer Warriors - The Prayers of an Agent of Prayer Results in Power and Is a Force to Be Reckoned With

So you need to do what it takes to protect you and your families. Get out of the cities. Get out of the crowded suburbs. Find a quiet place somewhere where you can defend your property. The Lord honors our prayers when we walk in alignment with Him. You know, prayer is powerful, folks. But if He's been telling you to do something, and you've been willfully ignoring Him, then don't expect Him to answer your prayers later, because you've been ignoring Him. I find it's much more effective when you do the things He asks you to do and then He honors your prayers, because you do the things He asks you to do. You know? You know, in James it says that:

"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." James 5:16.

Do you know what effectual fervent means? Effectual fervent means that person is an operative of prayer. He is an agent of prayer. And availeth, availeth much, availeth is to have power. To be a force. The prayers of an agent of prayer results in power. And a force to be reckoned with. Prayer Warriors. Believers who actually believe what they pray. That tear down the strongholds, Satan's strongholds in this country and in this world. Target his strongholds, folks. Most people just, you know, they pray and they ask the Lord to protect themselves and their families. And, "I need a car," "I need a job," I need a house," "I need to pay bills." He knows all those things. If you got rid of your enemies against you, you wouldn't have half the attacks against you that you go through. Satan wants to see you suffer. Attack Satan. Go after the strongholds. Go after his forces he uses to come up against you. Get off your butts and become Warriors. Become Prayer Warriors. Destroy the strongholds of Satan.

Ask the Lord to teach you how to pray. [Teach Me How to Pray] Ask Him to teach you the specifics of what you need to pray for. You know, I sit at my desk and all these things will start coming to my mind and I'll just start praying as I'm working. "Oh, that's a good one. I'll ask the Lord that." And then I'll pray it, and then I'll continue working or I'll go to bed. End up having to get up because I just can't even sleep. All these things will come to my mind to pray against. And so, I'm praying all night long. Ask the Lord to reveal to you the things to pray for. What strongholds to go after.

I've got warfare prayers in my transcribes the last several weeks of this show. I've been teaching warfare prayers. Got them on my websites. You know, asking the Lord to convert all neutral and DOE energy to positive, that one is very powerful. That's one you can get up every day and say. "Convert all the DOE and NOE energy that's made today, and convert it to use for Yourself. Powerful prayers, folks. Because He could do the things we ask. He'll honor your prayers. Don't give Him your Christmas list, pray in alignment with His word. Ask for things from Him; discernment, strength, wisdom, how to hear from Him. [The Kingdom of God] How to love Him. [How to Love the Most High God] How to pray correctly. Have Him teach you all these things. Sit at His feet.

People, they run to the churches, and there's nothing to be learned there. They don't teach you anything. They just put you to sleep. In apostate doctrines, apostasy teachings. You're better off just sitting at His feet and asking Him direct to teach you the truth in all things. Ask Him that every day. And be prepared for the ride you're gonna be on. So many people today trying to wake up, and they just become haters of everybody who's different from them. They only feel comfortable with people who are likeminded around them. That's why you never get out of apostasies. Because you stay with likeminded people. They make you feel comfortable. The truth hurts. The truth can be shocking. The truth can roll you through a loop and then round a roller coaster. But you'll start to wake up and learn what the truth is around you.

We're Going to Have Worldwide Dominance by China, a Dragon Race - Pray and Ask the Lord What You Should Do with the Time You Have Left

There's a war against us. They're coming at us full blown, folks. We're gonna have worldwide China dominance, alien dominance. And why, in particular, in China? Because it's the dragon race. And what's the Bible call Lucifer? The dragon. Babylon has lost its superpower status. We're no longer the lone superpower in the world. China is. China is now the super economic and financial superpower in the world. The largest exporters. They've taken over where we used to stand. And that's exactly what Obama, and his administration, and the one that's before him have worked at all these years. When they started drafting bills to ship all of our jobs overseas to get to where we are today. Completely bankrupt and ready to default.

This Euro stuff, this has been planned for a while. The crashing of the Euro, that's gonna be permanent. The crashing of the dollar is next. All these crashings and bankruptcies have been systematic and very well planned. It's not going to get any better, folks. Start praying and asking the Lord now on what you should do with what time you have left.

I Need Your Continued Financial Support - Huge Projects Coming Up That Need to Get Done - They're the Icing on the Cake

Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News [] . Didn't have a show last week. I was just too exhausted. Yeah, I'm constantly busy, folks. I know how short time is. So I'm hitting it hard every day. Just going through the research, going through the Codes, talking to the Lord, getting missions done for Him. One month left, folks, the way I see it. One good month. And it's not even gonna be that great.

I need your continued donations. I have a huge project that's coming up that I need to get done. And all of the funding that we've raised the last several months for the missions I needed done, they were all done. And I thank all those who've supported this ministry so we could get them done. They've been completed. And now I need help for the next ones coming up, folks. And these are the icings on the cake. And these are huge. And so I need your continued help and support to this ministry.

So I'll see you Thursday at 1 o'clock. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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