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Monday Night with Sherry Shriiner
July 2, 2012

I'm Not Seeing Anything in the Codes About an Attack on London During the Olympics

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night. I'm Sherry Shriner. Couple things I wanna talk about tonight. July's gonna be an interesting month. Got the London Olympics coming up. Talked a little bit about that on Thursday's show. And a lot of alleged planned attacks coming up, and so.

People have been asking me what I think about London. And, you know, there's a group of them that want to attack London during the Olympics. And then there's a group that doesn't. So if it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. I'm not seeing anything in the Codes about it. I think they're gonna be too wrapped up in their own destructions to worry about it. But that's not saying you shouldn't use discernment if you plan on going. I wouldn't go. I think the best seat in the house is the TV, so I'll be watching it from my own chair.

If You Put a Lot of Orgone in Your Area, Put Up Orgone Walls, HAARP and Tech Can't Work in Your Area

It's just not gonna be a pretty month, folks. We're seeing a regime change taking place starting this month. It's been working behind the scenes for months. Things not going the way either of the regimes have wanted. But for us, on our end, who just hate evil, and attacking both regimes, we're gonna see some huge successes, and so.

You know, I started our resistance war against them about 7, 8 years ago. And people laughed and they tried to discredit me. But, folks, look at our track record. Look at the track record we have. First of all, chemtrails can't stick in orgoned areas. Which knocks out a huge chunk of their death-by-chemtrails agenda. They wanna put zombie viruses in chemtrails. Anthrax. They wanna destroy your immune system. Have all these different poisons in chemtrails. And if the chemtrails can't stick, it's not gonna hit the population below them, and so. We've been able to saturate areas with orgone and chemtrails can't stick in them.

Also with HAARP. If you put up a lot of orgone in your area, you can put up orgone walls, HAARP weapons and tech can't work in your area. Tornadoes have to go find areas that don't have orgone in them. And so, especially the last couple of months, we've been able to close a lot of their doorways that they've been using to gather up the wind, and speed, and energy they need to create tornadoes and send them to different states. We've been able to close those doorways so tornadoes can't be formed. And so, we're taking their weather weapons against them. And that's why I've been harping to put up orgone walls and get it around your counties and your areas because the tornadoes coming towards them will just bounce off the walls, go to a different area that doesn't have them.

The Alien Ships We've Crashed or Disabled, Over the Years, with Orgone

Many years ago we crashed the Capricorn, which was Sananda's starship. Huge starship in the east, by the sun. Of course, NASA said it was a satellite falling to earth, and they were all out in the Pacific Ocean to make sure that any parts that did survive coming through the earth's atmosphere would not be seen by the public.

The Shema star, Maitreya's star, they call it the Ascended Masters--the New Agers all looking for this huge Shema star. It was gonna be their signal that their messiah Maitreya had arrived. And it was supposed to mimic the Bethlehem star. We caused that to malfunction, catch on fire. It's been sitting on the Ohio and Pennsylvania border for about six years now. Can't move. Just totally destroyed. It's a huge ship of theirs. Satan had his own temple on there. That's been null and void since then.

Nibiru, supposed to come in last year, the whole system with it. We should be on a totally different timeline by now. Nibiru would've come in and caused a lot of destruction, and a pole shift, and everything else. And we were able to saturate the atmosphere in space with the orgone, causing Nibiru to turn and leave. It's currently down, I believe, in the South Pole somewhere.

The system that came with it isn't faring any better. One of their routes was worldwide Islam. And they had this black cube that they were bringing in. Had tie-ins with Saturn, and Islam, and Mecca. If you all notice, they all march around a black cube in Mecca. The Muslims do. Has huge significance for their religion. And there actually is a huge cube starship that was coming in from behind the sun. NASA had gotten pictures of it. And we've been able to pretty much destroy that now. That won't even get any closer to Earth than it's been. I predict that will just back out, bow out of our solar system, head someplace else before it's completely destroyed. Like Nibiru did; it turned tail and ran. A lot of the different starships that came in with the Nibiru system falling under destruction and either running or just crashing to the earth.

Over the years we've crashed hundreds, hundreds of UFOs. Have killed up to about 80 percent of the Greys now. Little Grey aliens that do all the grunt work and the abductions for the Reptilians. Have been able to kill most of that race off.

Sananda, the Original False Prophet, Will Be Replacing Maitreya as Antichrist and the New False Prophet Will Probably Be Saint Germaine

We've also, just this past year, have crashed several cigar-shaped ships. And these are the ones, the huge 3-mile long cigar-shaped ships. 3 miles long, folks. Sananda rides in one of these. And Sananda will be arriving by the end of July, sometime in August. I predict his arrival of September will probably be his public arrival. But behind the scenes, perhaps, before his public arrival, I see him in August. Sometime August, September it's this Sananda arriving. And Sananda will be replacing Maitreya as the Antichrist, the biblical Antichrist.

Read Revelation, chapter 13 there's two beasts that are coming; the Antichrist and the False Prophet. Maitreya was slated to be the Antichrist, the first beast that was coming. But along with Shema we were able to destroy Maitreya. And so, Maitreya will not be coming. I think there's still a lot of New Agers that are looking for him. But he's been destroyed. And he's being knocked out of the timeline now. So he is not coming, folks. It'll be Sananda.

And, I would venture to guess, the False Prophet--and I'm gonna have to revamp my own websites 'cause we had it at different timelines--the False Prophet will be Saint Germaine. He is another Ascended Master. He works behind the scenes with global politics, instituting this NESARA program that's coming. You can go to my website,, and read about that. I've been warning about it for years. The global economic program of the beast. And I believe it will be Saint Germaine that will step up publicly. Become the second beast. With Maitreya's absence Sananda will move up from being the False Prophet into the Antichrist role, and so.

The Alien Bases That Have Been Destroyed, Over the Years, with Orgone

You know, over the years we've been busy. Especially this past year. We've had a lot of success the last five and six months, folks. I don't always talk about what's going on, what we're doing, but I always need your donations so I can keep going and keep doing what we're doing. Time is very, very limited. It's not even funny. And so, I need your donations to get through this month so that we can get some walls put up and some last-minute things done. Because the last minute is where we're at, folks.

Over the years we've been able to put a dent on Dulce base. I know when I went out there, I was able to release thousands of souls that were being imprisoned there.

Lima base, Lima, Ohio. Giants' base. We were able to destroy that. And that was a ancient base. Also connected to Wright Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

Recently, we were able to destroy Fort Knox in Fort Knox, Kentucky. And that was a completely alien, Satan-dominated base. Not a lot of humans even allowed in that base. We were able to destroy that. Satan had some powerful strongholds there. Now it's completely decimated. They've sealed it off. It's been destroyed.

Warren Buffett's base in Omaha, Nebraska, underneath his estate, we've destroyed that.

We've destroyed George Bush's (Sr.'s) base under his estate in Kennebunkport, Maine. Been able to destroy that.

We've destroyed the San Antonio base. San Antonio base was a huge base. Thousands of people held in cages as prisoners. It was also like a interdimensional alien base where they would crossbreed specific crossbreed experiments. I don't know what else you'd call them. Designer aliens? It's like a sport kind of base. They could pretty much crossbreed any kind of alien--other aliens wanted or something. I don't know. I don't understand the full details of that base. One thing about it, it was massive, it was huge. It had underwater tunnels going to the Gulf of Mexico from underneath it. Just a huge base. There's also a base underneath the Gulf of Mexico. Probably connected to this base in San Antonio, Texas.

We were able to take out the Kimball Castle in Colorado. We put up a wall across Colorado, which immediately after doing, they literally attempted to just try to burn the state down. And it's still on fire. And so, a bit of anger or retaliation. I don't know what's going on with the fires. Pretty much starting immediately after we took out the Kimball Castle in Colorado.

Bohemian Grove in San Francisco, north of San Francisco. Able to pretty much destroy that place as well.

There's a Hurricane of Orgone in D.C. Now - A Thank You Gift to Karl Rove for Trying to Get My Website Shut Down

And some of the last things, folks, that we've been working on, and I've been talking about it, and it's really reached an all-new height and peak is D.C., itself. Washington, D.C. is becoming a ghost town. What you're seeing now, as far as Congress, is basically just a bunch of clones, folks. Because the Congressmen have been soul-scalped for a long time. And so, they can't take the orgone. So what they do--and they can clone people in a matter of days. I think it takes three days to make a clone from somebody else. And so, what they're doing now is these Congressmen posing as humans have been sending clones into Congress to act like everything is normal.

They can't live in D.C. We've got a hurricane of orgone there now. And that was my thank-you gift to Karl Rove for trying to get my website shut down last week. [laughs] Trying to tick me off. I was almost ticked off. Yeah. A little bit of a gift for Rove. And I warned him, "Don't tick me off. 'Cause anywhere you go, your friends are gonna be affected." And so, he's lucky I didn't get his home area because--I didn't do his home area because I want him to stay home. [laughs] So he can stay home. He just won't be welcome anywhere else. Everywhere he goes, I'll be following, I'll be watching, and I'll be getting. Putting walls up around him.

So D.C. is now a hurricane of orgone and they won't be able to fight it. They can't stop it. They can't malfunction it, misdirect it. They can't do anything but leave. And so you're gonna see an exodus from D.C. It's already happening now. For the last four years, they've barely even been able to spend five minutes in the White House. They have dinners there, and they put on shows to make it look like everything's OK, but they pretty much stay in the underground bunkers there. Because the air in D. C. is so saturated with orgone that they can't breathe it. Burns them, suffocates them, annoys them.

It Doesn't Matter How Many Rituals You've Done, If You're Not in the Top Echelon of the NWO, You Will Be Left Behind When They Flee America

And so, we've been able to successfully take D.C. away from the Reptilians that are ruling over us. Gonna start to see an exodus from there. I don't know where they're gonna go. But what I do know is that in about 30 days there's gonna be a mass exodus from this country of this New World Order cabal. And it's not gonna be because the aliens are coming. Because they're friends with the aliens. They take their marching orders from the aliens already. They are aliens. They're gonna be fleeing this country from the wrath of God.

And I want all of the underlings to know everyone who is not in the top loop of the New World Order structure, itself, if you're not getting the daily memos, if you're not considered--if you don't have the security rank, or classified rank, or however it is they rank themselves (I'm not real sure), but they have their own top loop, everybody's who's in the know of what's really going on. And then everybody else under them is lied to, and led along on leashes. I call them the underlings. And these are the scientists, and the programmers, and the politicians, and everybody who pretty much plays the secondary roles.

I don't think there's a Congressman that even has security clearance high enough for the top level of the New World Order. They're just pawns. Congresspeople are just pawns. Most of the people in the highest structure of the New World Order, you're looking at, you know, the top-ranking Satanists. George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta. Obama would be considered one of them, but probably less appreciated as much, simply because he's president, not because he has any real power or rank. But his title does, more than he does. And unknowns. I mean, just people I couldn't even name.

But a good way of knowing who is at the very top is who is the wealthiest. That's how they rank their people. The ones with the most money have the most rank. And so, you look at Warren Buffett, George Bush, Sr., Dick Cheney, that whole administration. And then, you know, the ones--they never change, they just join everybody else's administrations when they come in. So you have Bush administration officials--when Obama--well, I was gonna say, when he leaves, but [laughs] there won't be an administration left when he leaves. They all go together. They're all just fleeing America. So they're all--they'll all be gone.

But everybody who has served them all this time, all these Congresspeople and all these people that were promised, "We're gonna take care of you. We're gonna protect you. Just join us," you know, "Serve the New World Order." Those involved with CFR, and the Trilateral Commission, and all these high-up secret society groups, you're all gonna be left. If you're not in the very highest echelon of the New World Order, you're gonna be left.

And this is almost gonna be a remake of the 2012 film. If you saw 2012, you saw all of them getting on boats and fleeing the world. You know, they were fleeing tsunamis at the time, but that's gonna be a little bit different. But they're gonna be in boats literally just fleeing America. And they're going to leave behind thousands of their underlings who made everything they're doing now even possible. Who worked toward the cause of bringing Lucifer to power. Towards our one-world government. And so, don't think you're gonna be protected and that you're loved by Satan just because you go to all these god-awful rituals. They do them every day, just about. Sacrificing children, sacrificing babies, torturing people, pain and suffering, all the gross orgies they do, the animal sex, the bestiality. It doesn't matter how many rituals you've done. If you're not in the top echelon, if you're not considered a top-ranking member, you're gonna be left behind.

To Those Who Will Be Left Behind by Their NWO Leaders: It's Not Too Late to Renounce and Rebuke Satan Because He Doesn't Own Your Soul

And so, you know, a word out to these people that have been involved with all these underground bases, have been involved with the military, the black ops military, the intelligence community, all these people who think they've been involved, they've gonna leave you behind. And it's never too late to renounce and rebuke Satan. It's never too late to renounce your participation that you've had with the New World Order. Because the blood of Yahushua can break all contracts, oaths, and agreements you've made with Lucifer. He can't own your soul. I don't care if you're a celebrity, or a musician, or a politician and you sign the dotted line to be initiated into satanism, into the Brotherhood. Satan cannot own your soul until you die.

So that dotted line, that paper, means nothing. He wants you to think it does. He wants you to think that you are tied by an agreement, by that contract you made with him. But he's not God. He's a wannabe. And so that signed agreement you made with Lucifer doesn't mean anything. And all the times...all the times you said something evil and wicked against The Most High, and His Son, and His people, those things can be forgiven. The Lord will forgive you. And this is one of the last chances you're gonna have. This is a wakeup call. This may be the last wakeup call a lot of you ever hear again.

It's time to turn your back on the losers. You know they're losing. He can't win. He's a created being. Why would you worship a created being and creation more than the Creator, Himself? I've been reaching out to Satanists and people involved with the occult for years. Look at my track record. Am I not who I say I am? A lot of you know I am who I say I am. The only thing I've never done is told you completely who I am. You can't handle the basics. You'd never grasp the rest. But look at my track record. Look at my track record. The war we started against Satan just 6, 7, 8 years ago and how far we've come in such a short amount of time. We're gonna chase them out of this country. We're chasing them out. And, yes, there's gonna be a lot of destruction and retaliation because of it.

But Satan doesn't own your soul. It's your choice. You can choose salvation. You can choose to serve and follow The Most High. He will forgive you for every ghastly thing you've ever done, every ghastly thing you've ever said about Him. He will forgive you. But you have to seek Him for forgiveness, and accept Him as your Savior, and acknowledge Him as your Lord and Savior, and follow Him.

The Orgone Warriors Are Succeeding in Taking Over Space, but When Satan Get's Cast Down to Earth, He Will Cause Massive Death

Many of you will just be killed off. You'll be left to die. As your top leaders take off and flee America, they're leaving you to be stuck to deal with whatever everybody else on Earth is gonna be dealing with.

And it's what I've been warning about all along, folks. The Locusts are coming, the Giants coming. Right now we're in a battle against the Amoebas. And it's this Amos line of aliens. And what they do, they are allies with the moon, with the Bears on the moon. And that's gonna be destroyed, too. Mars is gonna be destroyed. The moon's gonna be destroyed. A lot of these alien factions are gonna be destroyed.

And what does the Bible say? In Revelation, chapter 12 the Lord talks about a war in heaven, and Michael casts Satan down to the earth. Well, guess what. The hour's a lot later than you think it is. It's a lot later. Satan is not gonna be able to find a place in space to hide. Because we're owning it. We're taking over it. The Orgone Warriors have been busy. I've barely had time to breathe this year. Been so busy. Missions, getting the orgone out, getting walls up. And our orgone reaches the stratosphere. It's destroying all of their ships that come in. Their ships that come in have hit our orgone walls and turn around and go back out. They don't even want in our solar system.

Satan's gonna be cast to the earth. And when he's cast to the earth, he's angry because he knows he only has a short while. When he's cast to the earth, he has approximately 42 months. And in that 42 months there is going to be massive, massive, massive death. Death. If you look at the pale horse rider, when the pale horse rider arrives, about two-thirds of mankind are killed by the plagues, the wars, the destructions. The forces of hell arrive with the pale horse rider.

Then you have the black horse, which is famine. Which is only natural, because when all these people start to die of plagues, and these zombie viruses, and various strains of it that they've been trying to get going in the last two months, and really supposed to be picking up in July, it's gonna cause massive chaos, massive death. And our society's gonna be knocked for a loop. People aren't gonna show up for work anymore. The stores aren't gonna be stocked and filled up anymore. People aren't gonna go work at 7-Eleven when zombies are coming through the door.

Huge Ship of Amoebas Coming This Month - Creatures That Enter Your Body, Take It Over, and Wrap Around Your Mind

It's gonna be chaos. Not to mention we have an arrival. This huge ship of Amoebas coming in this month, in July. You better hope the orgone kills them right away, 'cause if they don't, we're looking at Hollywood epic proportions of the Alien. You know, the show, the movie, Alien.

And let me explain Amoebas. Amoebas are little creatures. They can start out the size of a worm. And they can get into an open cut, an open sore, your ears, your mouth, your nose, any kind of opening into your body, and then they start to grow. And they can either take over your physical body because they wrap around your mind, parts of them wrap around your mind and take over your physical body. Some, possibly, like in the movie, Alien, where it busts out of the person's chest. These are what Amoebas are. As grotesque as it is, and fiction as it sounds, these are what Amoebas are. And they're coming. And they're a whole shipload full of them. Now can you imagine if this shipload, if they unleash over the world. Because I see "avalanche." And I don't know if avalanche means a lot of Amoeba ships are coming in, or if avalanche means they're gonna open the doors and unleash these Amoebas all over the world. I mean, we're looking at some pretty epic proportion stuff.

I'm Seeing "Abbado," The King of the Locusts, in the Codes

And if that isn't bad enough, I'm seeing "Abbado" in the Codes. And Abbado is the Hebrew name for Abaddon, Apollyon, the Destroyer. He is from Revelation 9, the king of the Locusts. And these are ugly giant things. There's a YouTube video, believe it or not, people wondering if those were the Locusts. They had wings and they were flying. I think it's from Mexico. Very well could be. But these Locusts are gonna be coming en masse, especially when they see the open door that's gonna occur when the New World Order Satan freaks that run this country are fleeing for their lives in 30 days, at the end of the month, give or take a week or two after. Anywhere from mid-July to mid-August. So there's gonna be a vacuum. A vacuum in the power structure of this country. And this is when the alien agenda plans to step in and take over. And then we're stuck dealing with these Ascended airheads. I've been warning you about Sananda, Saint Germaine, this Ashtar Command.

These Ascended Masters, or "Aryans" as the Bible Codes Call Them, Will Fill the Void Caused by the Fleeing NWO Crowd

There's also a threat from China. And it's hard for me to depict the times exactly who's doing what as far as between the New Agers, these Ascended Masters, and China, because their terms are almost interchanging in the Bible Codes. China, in Hebrew it's Asia. And so, ancient Asia, uh...well, it's similar. You look at Aryans. People think, "Nazis." 'Cause Hitler wanted Aryans. He wanted a blond-haired and blue-eyed race. Well, Aryans is a term that's used to refer to the people that live under the earth; the Nordics, the Watchers, the Pleiadeans. They all dominate the North Pole. They have cities under the earth.

And Shamballa in India, the inhabitants of Shaballa are called Aryans. And this is where their main underground base is, is Shamballa. This is where these New Agers, this Saint Germaine,, it's not himself, he's pretty always up in his ship. The cigar-shaped ship. Try saying that fast three times. The cigar-shaped ship. [laughs] It's like a tongue twister. [laughs] He's usually in his ship.

And Maitreya's AWOL. Nobody knows where he is, what happened to him. I don't know if he's just been--I know he was completely decimated by the orgone. I don't know if he's still alive, or died, or...nobody knows what happened to Maitreya.

So these Ascended Masters, these Aryans, the Bible Codes calls them, refers to them as "Aryans" will step in and fill the vacuum and the void when the New World Order crowd flees. And so, we're looking at that in about 30 days, folks.

I Need Someone to Step Up with Some Big Finances to Help Get Things Done Quickly Before All This Goes Down

And I know exactly where all this is gonna go down at, so I need your help. I need your help. There's still things I need to do. Still things that need done before all this goes down. So I need someone to step in with some big finances. I need a boat. I need a vehicle to pull it; a truck. I need to be able to get some things done quickly. There's not a lot of time left, folks.

Believers that are worried, don't be, because the Lord is going to protect His believers. And so the money you have now isn't going to serve you much purpose in 30 and 60 days. It's not gonna serve you much purpose. But we need to get things done. We still need to get things done. So I need your financial help, folks. Because if I don't get moving on some things, then we could be knocked into another timeline, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. [laughs] And I'm enjoying the timeline we're on. It means a lot of us are going home. A lot of the Lord's people being protected from the coming onslaught. Because if you're not protected, you're gonna get buried under this coming onslaught.

Very hostile groups of aliens in our atmosphere. And they're not friends with the Reptilians that control this world. They are at war with these Reptilians. And if you haven't been paying attention to my show in the last 8 years, Reptilians are controlling our world governments. We're gonna get caught in the crossfire, so to speak.

Orgone causes Reptilians to develop scabies. It's like a skin plague, disease. Eats away at their skin. Almost like the flesh-eating stuff we're seeing now. Because that's from them. It's from them. All of these plagues that are coming, the LQP-79 Virus, the various strains are all developed by the aliens as biowarfare weapons. That's how they destroyed each other in their own wars in space.

The Angels Were Created as Hermaphrodites - They Had Both Sexes

Everybody think Satan's burning in a hot hell, and he's miserable, and he's just waiting for his final judgment. You couldn't be any more wrong, folks. Satan lives above the earth, he lives on the earth, he has temples under the earth. Prefers on earth and in space. He can appear on earth as a human. He was at the Queen's whatever you wanna call it, ceremony last month, dressed as a woman. He can appear on earth as a person. When he does, it's usually a woman. So we call him Lucy.

You know, most angels, especially back in the day when Lucifer rebelled against the Lord and convinced a third of the angels to rebel with him, they're hermaphrodites. They're both sexes. It's the way they were created. They were angels. They had both sexes. When the Lord created Adam and Eve, He separated the sexes. Well, the angels before that time were both. I don't know how else to say it. And so, that's how Satan is now. That's why when you look at statues of Buddha and Mithra they're hermaphroditic beings. They'll have a very masculine face, but they'll have boobs. Or they'll be very feminine-looking but have a penis. I mean, that's just how they are. They're hermaphrodites. But that's how the angels were created back then.

We've Got to Get Busy Saturating the Air with Orgone or These Ships Coming in Will Destroy All Mankind

So, anyway, folks. got a lot of different arrivals of different factions of Giants, Amoebas, the Bird race, the Bird people, I don't know how else to describe them. Reminds me of the ancient Egyptian hierographs where it was these tall human-looking people with the big beaks. Bible Codes calls them "birds." Allegedly, from what I understand, the Amoebas had taken over the Bird people, and so, ruling that entire race through their bird bodies, whatever. But they're coming. Their ships are coming in this month. And so we've gotta get busy saturating the air with orgone. We gotta get busy targeting bases that these ships would be in contact with, with orgone. 'Cause if we don't destroy these ships coming in, they're gonna destroy mankind. All of mankind.

And what else does it tell you, folks, when you see "Abbado" showing up in the Bible Codes? His very presence being August, September, October. Means the Antichrist is here already. And who is coming? Sananda. Sananda is gonna be playing the role of the Antichrist. And when he arrives is literally when hell breaks loose. That's why I've always referred to him as the pale horse rider. He plays two roles. He's the Antichrist and he's also the pale horse rider. Because they're just so similar in roles. Everything that happens when he arrives. And the pure destruction on Earth caused by it. Because when he arrives, hell comes with him.

And when I look in the Codes and I see Sananda coming, and then I'm looking at Locusts, and Philistines. And Philistines are just another general term for Giants. They're all coming. And, no, we haven't killed all of them. There's a contingency of Giants extreme north of space outside of our solar system that will be coming in. It's gonna take a while, but we will kill them all, but not at first. In fact, it's gonna take about 5 months for us to kill them all. So we need to get busy.

The Bible Belt States Need More Attention to Orgone - It's Not Witchcraft, It's the Lord's Answer to Your Prayers for Protection

Some places around the country that need more attention to orgone, for the Warriors that live in these states and they can get them. First of all, Virginia. It's not much orgone there, folks. Warriors need to stand up and get the state of Virginia.

Also Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina. You know, the Bible Belt states. And that's what I've always said. The least-protected states are the Bible Belt states because they won't listen. You know, they ask the Lord for protection, but they don't recognize the helicopter coming for them. They don't hear it, they don't see it. Or they do see it and they just spit at it and laugh at, "Your orgone, it's witchcraft. You're crazy." It's not witchcraft. It's the Lord's answer to your prayers for protection. Those who have saturated orgoned areas are protected from many, many things. Even the Chinese invasion that's coming because the Chinese hate orgone. Makes them sick. Same effect as the aliens.

So these Bible Belt states need to get busy.

Places That Are Looking Better with Aether Energy, but Which Still Need More Work - Ask the Lord What Area of Your State Needs Improvement

Also southwest Alabama. I am seeing an increase in orgone in Alabama, but the southwest area still needs work.

Probably the northwest side of North Carolina. Some good areas of North Carolina done, but the northwest side needs done. That could just be the whole west side of the state.

Northern border of Montana. I know we've got Orgone Warriors in Oregon because that place is looking really good with the aether energy out that way. It's not blowing over far enough into the northern parts of Montana, and it needs to. So we need Warriors to get that northern border. I asked the Lord to show us what needs done more, more of.

Northwest Indiana. I've been working on Indiana and so have others over the past several months. The central part's starting to look a lot better. We got the east wall up. We got the southern wall up. We got partial of the north wall up. But the northwest part needs more work done.

Gulf of Mexico. And, you know, it doesn't take much to read about all the demonic and alien-type creatures that have been coming up out of the floor since the Gulf oil spill several years ago. There is an alien base in the Gulf of Mexico. And that's the one I believe is connected to the one in San Antonio in Texas. Either way, we need to get orgone in the Gulf of Mexico. In the Gulf, folks. And I know there's people in the military that listen to this show that could get that done. Gulf of Mexico. Pound it.

California is actually looking really good now. We've done a ton of work the past year since last October in California. Warriors standing up. Me baking my butt off and getting orgone out to California. California's actually looking really, really good.

So, it doesn't mean stop. It doesn't mean stop. We're just talking about an overview of the places in America that have orgone in them and are looking good. But there's still areas of improvement everywhere. Every state has an area of improvement they could work on. And so, I need you guys to ask the Lord what area that that is and then go target it in your state, and if He wants you to get parts of a state next to you. You know, this war has been fought and won by the handful. Handful of people. 'Cause we certainly don't appeal to the majority.

A Lot of You Will Have to Decide Whom You're Going to Serve - I Hope You Choose The Most High Who Loves You and Will Forgive You

Either way, folks, July's looking interesting. August, September. And I'm not talking about alien false flag. 'Cause I don't even think they're gonna have time to pull that off. Because with the arrival of real aliens here, they don't need a false flag. Got all the Ascended Master ships coming in. You got these different ships coming in from different factions coming in. And they all ally with each other.

So just a heads up on what to look forward to next couple weeks, folks. And for a lot of you, you know, you're gonna have to decide who you're gonna serve. The Most High or Satan. You're gonna have to make a decision and then stick with it. I hope you choose The Most High because He will forgive you, He does love you. He hasn't turned His back on you. You walked away from Him. He will embrace you as one of His own. Because you will be if you repent of your sins, renounce your participation with Lucifer and the occult, and seek and follow Him.

You know, I know there's a lot of people out there in positions that could help me out. Just seek the Lord on it. There's not much time left. Seriously.

The Bible Codes Reveal That Satan Is Protesting That the Lord's Elect Are Starting to Leave Earth

You know, I'm keeping my eyes up on the sky this month. Be talking about the second sun, the twin sun. We should be able to see it this month. Some people can see it. They get pictures of it. But the twin sun, the second sun is like a portal planet. And it's where the Lord's people will be spending some time. They're already being taken there.

And Satan is whining and protesting. He's all mad. And I see that in the Codes and I laugh. He's always whining about something. People think he's some big, tough god. [laughs] He's a wussy. He's a wuss. Always whining about something. "That's unfair." "No, I don't want that." He's like a two-year-old, only he never grows up. A consistent two-year-old, whining. He's angry that the Lord's Elect are starting to leave Earth. It angers him. 'Cause he knows his time is short. The clock's ticking. I see him protesting all the time. He protests the orgone. He protests the Elect. He protests the sealed and the protected here on Earth.

Don't Let Sin Beat You Over the Head - The Lord's a Gentle and Loving God and Forgives Sins - It's Satan Who Keeps Reminding You of Them

You know, where do you fall in line with your own walk with the Lord? Where do you fall in line? Are you gonna be part of the Elect? Are you gonna be sealed and protected here on the Earth? No one's handed anything at birth and said this is what you are. You earn your spot. I hear from people and they say, "Well, I have issues. I sin too much to be effective for the Lord. He wouldn't count me as one of His because I sin too much." And I tell them, "Don't let sin beat you over the head. That's what Satan does. The Lord forgives you for sins. And then He wants to sanctify you and bring you into a closer and more real relationship with Him so that you can break out of those sins and become more like Him.

He's a gentle God. He's a loving God. Only Satan keeps reminding you about your sins and beating you over the head with them. Because he wants you to be ineffective. He wants you to be guilt-ridden, fearful. Don't let Satan beat you over the head. Don't let him win.

No Matter What the Contracts with Satan Say, He Doesn't Own Your Soul Until You Die - That Dotted Line Means Absolutely Nothing

He'll play any game he has, any trick, any card in his deck, to deceive you and fool you and keep you away from what the truth is. All he does is lie. Lie, kill, and destroy. And no matter what the contracts say, he doesn't own your soul until you die. So that dotted line means absolutely nothing. All you have to do is ask the Lord forgiveness for signing that dotted line and renounce the fact that you signed it. And the Lord's blood breaks that contract. Satan can't do a thing about it.

Your agreements to work in underground bases to develop technologies for the New World Order and the black ops, so many people involved, tens of thousands involved who have been promised that they would be protected in times like these. And I'll tell you right now, you're not. They have no plans of protecting you. They're going to flee the country and they're leaving you here.

I've Got About 30 Days to Get a Year's Worth of Work Done and I Need Your Donations So Our Plans Will Become a Success

Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News []. I've been trying to track this Amoeba avalanche I see coming. So that I can know in particular where exactly to target the orgone. Every country in the world needs orgone, folks. And so Warriors around the world need to get busy. You need to get busy. Again, we thank those who have been donating, helping us get stuff done. But like I said, you know what, I've got about 30 days to get a year's worth of work done. And I need your continued donations so that those things we have planned will become a success. So, go to my website,,, I'll have my address on it. Yeah, The Watcher Files is still up. After threatening to take it down, it's still up. You can send donations to

Sherry Shriner
P.O. Box 531
Carrollton, OH 44615

Anyway, until Thursday, folks. Yah bless.


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