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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
July 23, 2012


Orgone Mission New York City Accomplished

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. Speaking live from New York, United Nations building. [laughs] Just kidding. I've spent the last 8 days in New York City. And that was quite a trip. I'm still kind of recovering here, so I don't have a lot of energy tonight. My feet are just blistered. I've walked miles up and down and around that city. Just a lot of things to do. You know, time's coming down to a wind here and if we're gonna go out, it's gonna go out with a bang, and so.

You know, it was one of the last missions on my list for this spring and summer. Of course, I'm sure the Lord will add more if we have time. I never thought I'd get that city done. Had so many other things to do before that. You know, earlier in the year, back in March, the Lord gave me 5 things to accomplish, 5 strongholds that needed torn down. And I knew I couldn't do it without the financial support of the Lord's people. But I got busy. And people stood up to finance this. And so we were able to accomplish every single stronghold that the Lord had me put on my list. And New York City was always a possibility. It was never ingrained in anything. Just a possibility. And then the Lord said, "Go." You know, basically told me, "Go. Get there." So I assembled a group of people and we went to Him in New York. And some of the things I wanna talk about tonight just the things I experienced while I was in New York.

George Soros Took the Place of David Rockefeller to Become the Highest-Ranking Satanist in America

You know, one of the things that really just turned my socks inside out is how dominant the Satanists are that run this country. Not the political leaders, because they're puppets, but the outright Satanists, themselves. And they set themselves up as quite the elite here.

You know, while we were in New York there was a caravan. A black SUV and about 10 police cars escorting it. And this wasn't an elected official our tax-paying money was helping to chauffer this Satanist over to the U.N. It was George Soros. He's not even an elected official. Just because he has a lot of money, somehow they have this whole aura around them of entitlement. Entitled to boss the elected officials around. Entitled to do what they wanna do with our government and our economy, with our policies, our legislations. Just an overall above entitlement to do and get anything they want.

You know, George Soros simply took over the place of David Rockefeller. David Rockefeller used to be the highest-ranking Satanist in the country. And as he got older it passed down to who is now the highest-ranking, George Soros. And George Soros operates out of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. And what they do there is one abomination after the next. They do human sacrifices in the basement of St. Patrick's every week. You know, between St. Patrick's Cathedral and the U.N. he's very busy. Takes helicopters in and out of the city. He lives in Bedford, New York. And I paid him a visit in Bedford, New York as well. I don't know if he was home or not. I doubt it. Probably off killing a baby somewhere.

Do the New York City Police Officers Realize They're Being Used as Pawns for Child-Sacrificing Satanists?

But as I was all over that city, it was just appalling how--and clear--how they have complete control over the whole police department there. You know, when we went down to Wall Street, paid Wall Street a little visit, the one thing that stuck out was all the police officers that, you know, were put to stand guard in front of buildings. Now they thought we were there to get inside of buildings and get up on the rooftops. And so there were a lot of buildings important to them that had guards put of the outside of them to keep people out. And so it was pretty much a good marker exactly what their soft spots were because it had all of them heavily guarded by police.

And these police were very helpful in helping us get around town. The one thing that was completely appalling was the one night we were down in Wall Street. It wasn't incredibly late. And there were police officers everywhere blocking stuff off, on high alert. They were looking for us the whole time we were there. [laughs] And noticed this one building. And the second and third floor windows had iron bars on them. Almost looked like they were caging in all the windows.

Now Lower Manhattan is not a hugely residential area. It's a business district. We were in the financial district. So there's not a lot of gangs. In fact, I didn't see any in Manhattan. But there wasn't people down there throwing rocks in the windows, so why would they need metal bars on the windows? And you could feel the intense energy around the entire place. Just very evil. And what struck me the most was there were these side entrances and there was these vans there. And they use these vans, these box-paneled vans. And the lettering on the outside would usually have something to indicate children. Like a children learning program, reeducation something or other. And they use these vans to transport children into these buildings in Wall Street. So they can sacrifice them in basements as they do rituals at night. And there was clearly a ritual going on the night that we were there. They had the vans outside the building. They had police officers standing guard around the vans, around the side entrances of this building. Just a really sad, wicked energy. So we walked around. The Lord showed us places on our little sightseeing tour of Lower Manhattan.

You know, it just appalls me. You gotta wonder do these police officers even know what they're being used for. They're all being used as lookouts and security so that Satanists can go in the basements of these buildings and kill humans, to sacrifice humans, these nightly rituals. Transporting them around the city in children-type vans. Don't the people in New York ever wake up and understand what's going on? Are we the only ones? Why would a children's reading van or education program be parked outside of a Wall Street building? Think about it folks. Just a lot of evil and wickedness there overall.

Our Main Reason for Going to New York Was to Demolish the Evil Presence There

One of the main reasons the Lord had us go to New York was to just demolish the evil presence that was there. And we accomplished that. You're gonna see a mass exodus of these freaks from New York City. They won't be able to stay there. They weren't looking good the week we were there. The third day we were there, they were on television doing some kind of a interview. I didn't hear the whole thing or see it. And just looking like they were all burnt. Already getting burned by the orgone heating them up. That's what it does to evil, wicked beings. It burns them from the inside out. They're gonna look disheveled, uncomfortable, on edge, not themselves. I'll look for a mass exodus from New York.

Huge Underground Base, Alien Tunnels, and Portals in New York City

But one of the things the Lord had shown me before I even went to New York--and it's been featured in movies before--is the alien tunnels that are underneath New York. And these tunnels actually do exist. I don't think this is the human part of the base that the humans go into. There's a huge base there and it's kind of divided into two parts. One's that humans can access and then the other one that's off limits to humans. Just a total alien aspect of the base. And it pretty much encompasses all the way from northern Westchester County. Kind of starts over by Kensico Lake and then over to the west by David Rockefeller's estate. Just a huge area. And pretty much goes down the center and over from the west of Westchester Country, the areas of White Plains, Mount Vernon, and then kind of swings over to New Rochelle and Pelham Bay in the Bronx. Kind of swings over east that way. And then it also goes straight from just below Kensico Lake all the way down to Central Park. Through Central Park and then down just below Central Park into Times Square.

I think there's some kind of portal. Some kind of entrance to it right at David Letterman's theater there right in midtown New York. And also Times Square has access to this base. Another part of the underground system there, there is some kind of submarine tunnels that lead from the Hudson. I believe they go under the city and over to the U.N. There's some kind of portals and underground submarine area over by the U.N. And it's these portals, they're also used directly--I don't know if the humans use them, but I know this is how the aliens access the U.N. They're from the moon and Mars. Both the moon and Mars. And they have these portals that they can go right to the U.N.

Typically when they have all of these G8-, G20-type meetings, they bring all the world's leaders together, they're always led by St. Germaine, or Sananda will show up. One of the Ascended Masters of the Ashtar Command. I've told you that everything on Earth is directed by this Ashtar Command. And the New Agers call them Ascended Masters. These tall, humanoid-type beings. Maitreya was initially the highest ranking, but he's been AWOL. We were able to knock him out of the picture. And so now they're going towards--well, Saint Germaine's always led these economic forums. And then you have Sananda who has taken Maitreya's place.

But we were able to close down these portals that the U.N. uses. And if not closed down already, will be shortly. This underground base that just covers a huge land mass area of New York City up to Westchester County. Many parts of it already on fire. That base'll become useless to them. The Lord acting very quickly on some things, and then going to let simmer other things, take His time with it.

Satan Has So Much Power as an Angelic Being that He Spreads Out His Power Amongst Several "Brains" Hidden in Bases

There were also, if you remember me talking about when we went to Fort Knox just a couple months ago and demolished the alien base that was there underneath Fort Knox, that had replaced the gold facility. We once had gold there. That's where they held the gold; Fort Knox. The History Channel still shows that they hold gold there. It's all bs. There's nothing there but an alien base. And I talked about there was brains at Fort Knox. That there was one like, on the third level. And that one was being used to develop and create biowarfare strains. And that there was another brain at the very, deep part, bottom level of that base. Part of the Luciferian Consciousness.

There was also brains at the New York base. There was an ancient one at the top part of the base. Up by Kensico Lake area. And there was also another one in the Saxon Woods Park area. There was more kind of like a mechanical, techno-type brain. And that one's been destroyed, too. What we're finding that these brains, and a lot of these bases, the Luciferian Consciousness, he has so much power as an angelic being that he can just come in a human body. He can't appear in a human body. He would fry it. He's too powerful of a being. A lot of energy. And his human body could not contain his energized body. And so what he does is he spreads out his power amongst several brains that he hides in bases, throughout bases.

He does appear as a human. I've seen pictures of him appearing as a woman. He does that a lot. But he limits himself, his own personal power, by doing so because his true form could never be contain in a human body. And so it's part of these brains that--hidden--that he hides everywhere that help store and contain the power that he has. So, very interesting that the Lord's been showing us where these are so that we can completely destroy them.

The Bible Codes Refer to New York City as a Barn and to the Fallen Angels and Aliens as Animals

What was interesting about New York--and the Lord had told me before we went, seeing this in the Codes, is that New York City is like a barn. It's got every time of creature, being, there. And when you go to the city, it's one of the first things you can feel, if you're sensitive to energies, is that there's just so many different types of energies. It's like a smorgasborg of different types of animals that are there. Bible Codes refer to fallen angels and alien races as animals. And just very many, many different types that are there. They're like a barn.

And you could almost feel a shift as we were there every day, the air getting cleaner. Feeling like a cleansing going through the city as the orgone is working and cranking up its power throughout the city. A lot of these beings will leave. I believe that they will just start exoding out of New York City if they want to survive. Because depending on the strength of their species, their race, orgone can kill them very quickly or just slowly over a short time, and so.

The Energies at Bedford (Soros' Home) and Chappaqua (Hillary's Home) Were So Dark and Evil You Could Cut Them

One of the things that was particularly noticeable when you go out to Bedford, New York--and same thing with Chappaqua where Hillary Clinton lived--the energy there is just so dark, just so bad you could cut it with a knife. I didn't think I'd run into anything as dark and evil as the energy I felt at Fort Knox until I hit Chappaqua and Bedford. And the energies there are just so dark and evil you could cut them. And one of the things is these areas that have this really dark, wicked energy they're also dominated by a demonic being.

And if you've ever watched commercials or TV shows (and I kind of make fun of this kind of thing) where they have demons hanging on trees, and a car passes below it, and a demon drops into the car and sits next to the people inside and goes home with them or whatever. This is typically what you can see if you can see into the spiritual realm that's involved with these areas. Especially Soros'. Demons all over the trees. Just hanging on the branches. And when cars drive through, it just drops down into the cars. They drop down into the cars with the people.

So one of the things I was learning is that I've taught you guys how to put up shields over yourselves, around yourselves, and over your homes. You'll also wanna put shields over your cars when you're driving so that demonic beings can't access your vehicles. Just less hassles you'll have to deal with fighting against demonic and alien realm. Just putting shields over your cars as you drive when you leave home so you're not bringing them home with you.

The Lord Can Speak to Orgone and Tell It What to Do, and So Can We as His People

Another aspect of the orgone is that you can tell orgone what to do. You can speak to orgone. The crystal--and I've always said this--the crystal is a conduit. And you can speak to the crystal and tell it what to do. You can tell it to close a portal. Or, "Heal this aching area." And put it on your body that aches and the orgone will heal. It's a healing agent as well. It can heal or it can destroy. It destroys wickedness, alien, demonic beings. Anything with DOE energy. But it can heal as well. It can restore. If you've had aches, pains, cuts, bruises, cancers, whatever. Or you have spiritual hooks and roots in you and don't know how to get rid of them. You can speak to the orgone, and put it on you, and tell it what to do. Tell it what to do. Tell it to heal you. Set it around and tell it to close a portal. Set it in your yard and tell it to destroy alien ships that go by, destroy chemtrail planes, destroy chemtrails.

You can speak--and I always knew that the Lord could speak to orgone. I never even thought of the possibility that we could. That we could actually, as His people, speak to the orgone and tell it what to do. So this is a new, kind of fun aspect of it because, I've always said this, there's a thousand and one uses for orgone.

Or you could tell it to protect you at night. I ran into a lot of people. And one of the things I hear the most, and from complete strangers, talked to a police officer, couple of them, and some of the things they mentioned, they experienced the same things I hear from people around the world; sleep paralysis. And orgone can stop sleep paralysis. Lot of people experience this at night. And they're not gonna talk about it to other people because other people will think they're crazy. Or you experience supernatural phenomena every time you're trying to go to sleep. And you see weird beings in your room at night standing in your corners, walking around, dancing across your ceiling, shaking your bed, causing general mayhem. Or going through this sleep paralysis. Orgone can stop all that. Put it in your bedroom, put it underneath your bed, put it around your room, and you'll start to get some sleep.

One Night That I Went to Sleep Without Orgone in My Hotel Room, I Was Portaled to the Roof of a Building in Lower Manhattan

One of the mistakes I made while I was in New York--and this is a rarity. [laughs] This...this was a...I don't know how it happened. But I was in our hotel room. And we had left all the orgone we had out in the vehicles. And I didn't even think about it. Now I'm in my bedroom at night going to sleep and there was no orgone in my room. Of course, it hadn't crossed my mind I didn't have any with me. I figured there was a bag of it in the room somewhere. We'd been carrying it for a week. But I went to sleep that night, and I woke up several hours later. I don't know how--what the timing is on this. But I woke up later and I sat up in my bed. And there was nothing but skyline around me. [laughs]

Now, mind you, I had left the city. We're staying at a hotel in Westchester because we were focusing on the base north of New York, New York City. So I'd left the city. But I woke up in the middle of the night, sat up in my bed, and I was on, literally, the rooftop of a building in Lower Manhattan. I'm looking around me and I'm surrounded by the skyline, the tops of other buildings, and I'm just thinking, "How did I get here? What the heck's going on?" And kind of freaking out a little bit. Lord telling me to stay calm, stay in your bed, don't get out. So I knew He was with me, but it was still kind of freaky.

And I've done this before. I've gone to sleep and I wake up and I don't know where I'm at because I've been portaled somewhere or something freaky's about to happen. And that's one of the reasons I've loved the orgone because it stopped all that from happening.

So I'm sitting on the rooftop in Lower Manhattan in my hotel bed. It was taken with me. The whole room was, a matter of fact. Everything but the walls and the ceilings because I could see all around me and see the stars above me and the buildings around me. So I'm thinking, "Well, If I go to sleep. I'm just gonna lay down and go back to sleep, and when I wake up, I'll be back in my hotel room. And it'll all be normal." [laughs] So I laid down to go back to sleep. And I don't know how much time transpired. I woke up. I'd look around me, sat up in bed, and still surrounded by the New York skyline. I'm thinking, "Why am I still on this roof? How did I get to this roof? How did I get to this roof? What building am I on?" You know, at this point, I'm angry. Because I know they're messing with me. I don't know how they're doing it. I don't know why the Lord's allowing it, and I basically don't know what's going on.

So this happened--this went on several times throughout the night. And every time I woke up, I was still on the same rooftop. Finally, probably about the third or fourth time, I laid back down to go to sleep, I actually did wake up in my own hotel room. And what they had done--I asked the Lord later in the morning--is they had portaled my room, portaled me in my bed to New York City somehow. Some kind of witchcraft. Soros was behind it. But they had used portals to portal me back to Lower Manhattan and put me on that rooftop. Now what the whole reasoning was behind it, I have no idea.

During Our Orgone Mission the Lord Shortened Our Distance by Portaling Us

But I had just learned some neat things about portals. Because we're basically--on this planet we're surrounded by portals. And one of the neat things was that when we were out the night before, out in Pelham Bay in the Bronx and some areas out that way, we had a long ways to go to get back to the hotel, but the Lord shortened it really quick. Because He portaled us from this Pelham Bay area and City Island area--which, by the way, they also had blocked off by police officers. [laughs] And just for the record, none of their blocking did any good, was of no use, but anyway. The Lord can make you invisible when He wants you invisible. He can also use portals to portal you anywhere He wants to. And this is what He would do. He would portal us. He would somehow send us through portals. And when we would travel 50 feet, instead of just going 50 to 100 feet, it would actually be several miles at a time. And so, spending a lot of time traveling, you would just be wherever you were going a lot sooner. Without feeling the, you know, without having to go all that great distance.

So that was fun. It was the first time I ever experienced something like that. Where the Lord just portaled us from one place to another.

Since Invisible Soldiers Use Portals to Harass Us, and Orgone Doesn't Bother Them, We Can Tell Orgone to Close These Portals

I was aware of portals because orgone can destroy them and close them. Although I need to get a little bit better at getting my own closed in my yard. Because where they'll close it for aliens and demonic beings, human military I'm just always harrassed by invisible military. And they have these portals open and they just seem to come in and out unharrassed by the orgone. It doesn't seem to bother them. And this is how the Lord was teaching us to speak to the orgone and tell it to close those portals so that humans can't come through them. So that humans can't access them.

Most people don't even deal with invisible people, invisible military. But I've been dealing with it for years. That's why when I read these articles and see these YouTubes about, "Oh, look. There's a invisible military soldier in Iraq." Really? They're all over here. [laughs] Not in Iraq, there here, too. They're everywhere. They spy on people all the time, but they do so invisibly. You can't see them, but you can hear them. You can sense them. A lot of times you can hear them walk, you can hear them talk, you can hear them cough, you can hear them moving. And when you look in the general direction of where you hear this noise, there's nothing there. So there's ways of knowing. And animals will know when they're around, but they don't see anything. And so they go from being alerted that something's around to, "I don't see anything," you know. Or they just lay back down or whatever. So getting better at being able to close the portals that they use.

If You Want to Spy, Spy 8 to 4 and Then Be Out of Here, Because After 4 O'Clock You'll Be Thrown into the Abyss

See, everything that the Lord has already created and can use, Satan knows. And he mimics. And he uses it for his own agendas, and his own satanic groups and factions that serve and follow him, whether they be alien or human, and so. They know all this stuff. It's like we're playing catch up in learning how to combat it because they use all of these things that the Lord created, for Satan's purposes. And they use it against us. So we have to learn how to combat and protect ourselves against their tactics.

I remember one of the things I was doing is just rounding them up and having Yah's angels cast them into the abyss. And they were upset by that. A lot of them just doing what they're told by NASA. NASA has a portal in my backyard. And they just come in here and spy on me as they want. But I remember the NASA invisible people whining about just doing as they're told, and they're not hurting me, and not to hurt them, and not cast them into the abyss, begging me to just leave them alone.

Those are different factions. There's NASA, there's military. You think of all the different federal agencies that don't share files. When they wanna find out stuff about somebody, then they build their own file. You could have 10, 15 agencies spying on you. And so your own yard can become a zoo of invisible humans, let alone alien and demonic people. Aliens and demons don't come near my yard. The orgone burns them out. But the humans, sometimes I just get fed up and impatient with them all and I'll have the Lord just cast them all into the abyss or throw them into a time warp portal or something.

I don't like being messed with. Even if it's supposed harmless. But they--you know, nothing's supposedly harmless. They take your stuff. You know, they steal money, or they move things around to harass you. So it's not harmless. And they're invading your privacy. So, you know, if you wanna spy, spy 8 to 4 and then be out of here. Because after 4 o'clock, they're gonna start dying, being thrown into the abyss. There's nothing here to see, move along. [laughs]

I See the Top Lizards Fleeing in Ships on the Water - The Ascended Masters Come from Ships in the Sky to Take Their Places

But this was a huge, huge, monumental stronghold of Satan's we were able to demolish. New York City. And I kept seeing and feeling that a lot of these Lizards at the top, you know, Clinton, and Panetta, and Cheney, and Soros, and Gates, and Bernanke, and all them, I keep seeing them on boats, these ships, heading away, fleeing for their lives. I don't know when that's gonna happen. I just see it. In fact, I don't see it in the Codes for any time soon which was kind of shocking to me because I thought it would be a lot sooner, be sometime soon. Maybe it is and I'm just not seeing it in the Codes. I don't know.

But I see a changeover, regime change with this New Age blah-blah-blah stuff coming in taking over. You got Sananda coming in. And all these Ascended Masters. The Bible Codes call them Buffalo. I see them coming into New York and starting to implement their agenda. But they're gonna run into the same trouble as the humans did that are running, and going to be. They're not gonna be able to handle New York because of all the orgone we have there. We have conquered New York City for Yah. And we have demolished their strongholds. And they'll be the last ones to recognize it because they'll be coming in and taking over as the humans turn around and flee New York. So it will be interesting to watch the next couple weeks everything that unfolds with New York City and probably the surrounding areas. New Jersey as well.

Washington, D.C. we've already chased them out pretty much of D.C. They have to meet in underground bunkers. They can't even meet in the White House. They meet in deep underground bunkers there. Yah's cranked up the orgone around the Capitol. So now they're sending clones in because the politicians, the aliens that have scalped politicians, don't wanna go anywhere near it. And so they were having problems as it was just getting stuff done around D.C., running to New York. And now we've taken the New York stronghold away from them, and the Colorado stronghold away from them. They're really not gonna have anywhere to go. They're not gonna have anywhere to go. So this is gonna get fun. Because I know we've got Warriors in almost every state in this country. So anywhere they do go, all we have to do is chase them out with the orgone. Get their area saturated with orgone and keep them out, chase the wicked out, and so. It'll get interesting.

There's an Underground Base in D.C. That Hasn't Been Destroyed Yet - Take Their Strongholds Away

You know, one of the things that really motivates you is the fact that they're sacrificing so many innocent people. Satan requires this of them. You know, it's almost like a religion, this satanism, this sacrificing. Because what they do is, if their agenda isn't winning, if they're not getting the things they want, then all Satan has to say is, "Well, you're not doing enough. You're not sacrificing enough people, you're not shedding enough blood." You know, it's like these like these prosperity doctrines in the churches. "You're not doing enough. The reason you're not prosperous is because you're not doing enough." You know, that's how they keep people going and filling up the churches. Guilting them. "You're not doing enough." That's what they do in satanism. You're not doing enough, so they keep it going. Keep the sacrifices going.

And these sacrifices are everywhere. There's a base in D.C. The White House connects to it, it has tunnels that connect to it. The Capitol connects to it. I don't know exactly where the base is, although I believe it's right underneath the Mall area there, where the obelisk is and that pond. They call it the Mall area. I believe the base is right underneath there. I could be wrong on this one. But everybody, all these different points of access, the Capitol and Congress. It could also be directly underneath the Capitol building 'cause there's a lot of energy there. But I think that's where that orgone detector is that they have.

But anyway, they have this underground base in D.C. and that one has not been destroyed yet. They can still go there. And they're there all the time. They're there every day doing rituals, sacrificing humans. And if we could shut down all these places that they go, these strongholds that they go to sacrifice humans, we could put a huge dent in their whole satanic agenda. You know, they have these different agendas. They have NESARA, they have Islam, they have the New World Order. They're all just Satanists, folks. Let's just attack wicked and evil. Covers all the agendas they do because just go after the wicked, itself. Take their strongholds away. And you watch all the agendas crumble and Satan starts scrambling.

The Bible Doesn't Say How Satan Gets to Rule During His 42 Months - Let's Confine Him to a Desert

So, I'm gonna continue to ask the Lord where the strongholds are that we need to be, that we need to go after. I remember years ago He showed me the Dulce Base. Since then He has showed me many bases, and we've systematically been able to take out one stronghold after the next of Satan's simply with just the orgone the Lord has shown us to use. We've taken out spaceships, starships, thousands of UFOs. Almost the entire small Grey race has now been destroyed by the orgone. The Saurians being affected and destroyed by the orgone. We've got the Reptilians, the skin plagues they're dealing with now, being affected by the orgone. Maitreya. Took him out. And working on all the others, folks.

We're not done. We have a ways to go. And as we continue to strike against strongholds of Satan, they're going to retaliate and try to stop us from defending ourselves and going on the offensive against those who want to destroy us and plot our deaths on a daily basis. They know who the Christians are. And they know where you are. They know who you are and where you live. And so, anybody who is a child of The Most High, who's a Warrior of His, should have your homes covered not just with orgone, but also with shields to protect you and your families. And not just your homes, but your own personal selves, the vehicles you travel in. Just putting shields up all the time.

We're going after dimensional portals as we can. Different types of portals. Different, what they call gates. A lot of them being in the Middle East. Those are probably going to be open access points for them because don't know of many Warriors in the Middle East. And so, they can pretty much come in and out Middle Eastern areas a lot easier than they're gonna be able to, say, areas in America. We're just kind of taking America away from them. It was supposed to be Satan's final stomping ground. Doing what we can to take it away from him.

You know, the Bible says that Satan's gonna rule for 42 months, but it doesn't say how he gets to rule. You know, he wants to take over the whole world. But we can confine him to a small area of it. Let's confine him to a desert. You know, he had these big dreams of maybe ruling the world from the Vatican or ruling it from the Queen's castle, [Buckingham] Castle, or ruling it from the White House. Let's just take it away from him. The Bible doesn't say where he gets to rule. Let's make him rule from a desert. You know? Let's make the Lord's enemies as miserable as possible. Why should they have a free reign and enjoy themselves while they're destroying us?

We've Got to Stop the Murder of the Innocents - Find the Strongholds and Chase Them Out of It with Orgone

The murder of the innocents. Sacrificing thousands. They get away with this stuff. I saw more people, more homeless people in Washington, D.C. 20 years ago than I saw in New York City. I mean, that's one place you would expect to see a lot of homeless people. So where are they all? You know what? I think they're sacrificing them all. You know, the whole time I was in Manhattan, I didn't see one whore, one prostitute on a corner. I didn't see gangs anywhere. I didn't see drug pushers.

I didn't see any of this stuff that TV is dominant showing in regards to cities. In fact, I didn't meet anyone in the last 8 days that wasn't nice. Now you always hear about, "Oh, New Yorkers are rude. New Yorkers are rude." They're not. They were the nicest people I've met. I didn't run into one person that wasn't nice. It wasn't the stereotype that you see on television. I rode the subways. I didn't see graffiti on the walls. In fact, they were very clean. I didn't run into any weirdos in the subways. In fact, people just kind of kept to themselves. They didn't want bothered, but they weren't rude, or mean, or nasty either. They just seemed like nice people. You asked them a question, they'd answer it. It wasn't the stereotype.

It's such a police state there. 32,000 police officers in New York City, and thousands of them being used to implement Satan's agenda. To stand as guards so that Satan's top worshippers can meet in public buildings at night and sacrifice babies, kill babies, kill people they've kidnapped off the streets of New York, kill the milk-carton kids that've disappeared across America and being funneled into these groups so that they can sacrifice these people.

They're sacrifices, folks. They're killing thousands a year. You know, when you're busy sacrificing 2, 3, 4 people every night that adds up. And that's not just one group and one part of a city, that's many groups everywhere. They're all doing it. D.C. group constantly busy sacrificing people. It's why they can't get anything done in Congress. The New York group. All of them. Chicago group. Texas group. California groups. We gotta put a stop to it, folks. And find the strongholds and chase them out of it. Get their area saturated with orgone. If you live near a politician, if you live near an IRS building, police department, get them saturated with orgone.

Let's Go After the Government and Military That Pulled Off This False Flag Colorado Movie Theater Shooting

Anyway, I've been looking at the Codes for the next month or two. Albeit I haven't had a lot of time since I got back, but I started looking at them before I even left. There's gonna be a changeover coming. We're gonna start seeing this New Age Age of Aquarius plan start to take form and take over. Probably a lot more distractions in the news. They have a global gun ban meeting at the U.N. on the 27th, which should be really fun to watch. Watch all these Lizards start breaking out in boils 'cause of all the orgone that's there. Worldwide global gun ban. They're all coming in for that. So you'll start seeing other distractions. That whole Colorado shooting thing, typical false flags when they wanna--every time they wanna push gun-control legislation out. And everybody expects it now. So you think they'd come up with something new. No one's being fooled by this. Everybody knows it's a false flag. Everybody knows the government did it. That the government's behind it. So let's go after the government.

You know, they go after these MKULTRA pawns. And this guy'll spend prison for something he would've normally not done if he hadn't been chip-implanted, and coerced, and made to do so by our military and government. Just like Tim [McVeigh] and all these others that are being used as pawns for their agendas. Let's put the government on trial. Let's go to the government and military that planned all this and pulled this false flag off. Let's go after them.

People need to wake up.

Whatever They've Got Planned for the London Olympics, They've Already Been Working on Video Coverage

So it's July 23. We've got the Olympics coming up. And some Australia--posted a link to the Facebook page yesterday. Some Australia commercial accidently showed a flash of a bombed out stadium in London during the Olympics. So whatever they've got planned, they've already been working on video coverage. They preplan the video coverage. They'll bring in news reporters. And they're all part of the Satanist group. All these top news reporters. They all go in and do the rituals and sacrifices along with everybody else. They're all part of Satan's groups. But they work together to preplan the video footages they're gonna show. Like what happened with 9/11, the OKC bombing in ['95]. [BOMBSHELL: 9/11 COVER-UP UNRAVELING
CNN, BBC 24 Reports Conclusively Prove Media Prior Knowledge and False-Start Scripting of Building 7 Controlled Demolition]

They plan all this stuff ahead of time. And they plan all the video footages they're gonna show. They even prerecord scripts that the reporters are reading so that they can put the video behind them. Act like it's a live coverage or whatever. It's all preplanned to the core, folks. And they meet on weekends. Network media moguls, they all meet together on the weekends to plan what's gonna be in the news that week and how they're gonna present it, how they're gonna air it, what they're gonna say. Everything's preplanned, folks.

So, yeah. They're definitely...there is a group, and now two groups, that want a bombing in London during the Olympics. And, of course, it could always be stopped by the other faction, so you never know what's actually gonna happen until it does. But I suspect they're gonna start pulling out big distractions to keep the focus off of them so they can run and hide. They're gonna be busy looking for new places to live. They can't handle New York, they can't handle D.C. They're trying to be brave and still have meetings and stuff in D.C. to kind of put up a false united front that, "Hey, this orgone doesn't bother us. See, we're out here in front of the cameras right now." Blah, blah. As they send out clones. [laughs] Just send clones to all this stuff. [laughs]

Didn't See Me Coming, Did They?

I suspect that we'll be busy with distractions while they try to regroup and plot how they're gonna handle things that've come down.

Didn't expect it. Didn't see me coming, did they? Nope. Didn't see the Lord coming. He sent us, we went. So it'll be interesting the next couple weeks to see how they to see how they recoup from this. What they're gonna do. But as I suspect, there's gonna be a regime changeover coming in soon. So they'll be busy.

Anyway, I'll be looking the next couple of days to see exactly where we're headed next. What's coming down the pike here.

They Want Your Guns So They Can Destroy You - Never Give Them Up

Be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News []. No idea what I'll be talking about. I never know what I'm gonna talk about on these shows. I just show up. The Lord speaks through me.

Not a whole lot of time left. Watch the economies crashing. They've really gotta implement and start things going. The global gun ban isn't an option, it's a demand by Satan. He wants the gun ban. So that could cause some chaos, some martial law, some rioting. And rightfully so. You should never give up your guns. It always leads to the destruction of the people that do. That's why they want your guns, so they can destroy you. When you have wolves watching the hen house, that's what they do, they wanna destroy the hens, the hen house. So that's kind of where we're at, folks. It doesn't get any nicer. It's not gonna get any better. It's gonna be one thing after the next. Things coming out to destroy us.

Anyway, I'll also be back next Monday night as I start resuming the shows again. Really don't think we have a whole lot of time left, folks.

Still need your support so we can continue tearing down Satan's strongholds. Keep busy doing that. As I get my next list from The Most High of the things He wants us to target and focus on.

Anyway, folks, be back on Thursday and next Monday. Until then. Yah bless.


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