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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
July 30, 2012


A Completely Satanic Opening Ceremony of the Olympics

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it is July 30, 2012. And probably a lot like most of you, watching the Olympic games this week and the opening ceremony. I missed a lot of it. But the parts I did see, I'm just kind of waiting for the Vigilant Citizen guy to come out with his expose. He always comes out and nails all their satanic symbols and stuff. [] They weren't really too hard to miss. I mean, we knew it was gonna be a completely satanic opening ceremony of the Olympics, and they delivered on that.

And it's kind of like, in your face now. They don't even care. I think if people would start making them accountable for bringing satanism into the government and into the public eye, maybe it would cause them to back down a little bit. But, you know, they're not gonna do anything until people force them to. They probably wear their satanism on their sleeves. They don't hide it. Often giving each other satanic salutes and symbols in public. I have a website of all their hand signals to each other.

You know, this stuff's been exposed on the Internet for years, so I don't know why, why it's taking so long for people to wake up and realize who they serve. They serve Satan. And so, it's been a long battle this entire century, starting back from Eisenhower. They have the aliens, they have the satanism, the secret societies. It has just torn and ripped this country apart and led us to where we are today. And it's not a pretty picture, folks. It's not a pretty picture.

The Underground Bases They're Building Will Become Their Tombs

They've been gaining ground everywhere. They've used billions of dollars in black budgets that they get from drug sales, illegal drug sales, child sex rings, pedophilia, underground porn, snuff films. They make huge money. They're behind everything. And that's how they were able to fund and build some like, over 500 bases underneath the earth. I think just here in the United State's 500. It's many more worldwide.

And to see all of this coming to naught. You know, the Lord told me years ago that these underground bases would become their tombs. And if they're relying on underground bases, that's exactly what's gonna happen. I think they're waking up and realizing underground isn't a safe place to be. Especially the past year there have been numerous wars just with infighting between the different alien factions that also live underground.

And, you know, the Bible says that Satan's kingdom is on the earth, in the earth, and above the earth. And, you know, that's exactly where we deal with all these different factions of Satan's kingdom. We call them aliens. There's different groups. Different names for these different groups. I know if you're in the churches, it's hard to grasp, because you just assume Satan's sitting in hell somewhere waiting for judgment. And you never really grasp the totality of Satan's kingdom because they don't teach it. And so, when people stumble on websites like mine, it's either a total shock value, or, "This is what I knew all along. I'm glad somebody finally has it in one place." And so, various reactions

But the truth is what it is, folks. And, you know, all these billions of dollars that they could've put towards free education, free health care, putting it towards the architecture of our country. You know, they talk about the roads and bridges. That's constant. That's not a federal program, it's a state program. And they've even given that over now to the Chinese to handle. But all this money they set aside, now being pretty much flushed down the toilet because the underground bases are on fire, they're burning, they're at war. Various things happening to them.

And so now they're pretty much being brought up to the surface to where they can survive. And we're getting them on the surface with our orgone war. We're getting them in space because orgone travels, it saturates up into the air. And they're kind of getting boxed in now. And, you know, the Lord pretty much has everything going the way He wants it.

On This Timeline the Lizards Will Be on the Run and Regime Change Will Start Taking Place

I've been watching a particular timeline for the last several months. And we're pretty much right on schedule, folks. It's actually looking the same way I saw it a couple months ago. And so, just had to do a lot of work to keep it that way. Had to spend 8 days in New York to conquer a lot of areas and important strongholds there that they had. Conquer those. And now we can enjoy the fruits of our efforts because this week the Lord is going to start cranking up the power of His orgone. And it's gonna be interesting. We're gonna start seeing an exodus from New York. This is what I predict. This is what I'm seeing in the Codes. It's going to start becoming more and more unbearable for them to stay there.

Now the time we were there, you know, various things going on. You know, they pretty much chased us the whole time we were there, and the Lord would just make us invisible. It was cat-and-mouse for 8 days. [laughs] They were the cats and we were the mice. [laughs] But we got our work done. And I'd love to see the reports because, you know, I heard they had like, three different units that were supposed to have us on surveillance. I'd love to hear what they have to say, since most of the time we were just invisible and they couldn't find us. So it would be amusing. And since we left, the Lord has kept the orgone at a low roar in New York and let it simmer for a little bit.

They had their small-arms ban meeting on the 27th at the U.N. And that didn't go very well. Didn't go exactly how they wanted it. Didn't exactly get it on a global scale. But they're working on other things. They're always working on other things. Trying to come up with different ideas to accomplish what their goals are. Well, you know, the Lord is going to start cranking up the orgone this week. So what was at a low roar, is now going to become a full tsunami.

And what I'm seeing, basically, is the month of August is gonna be a very telling month. It's gonna be an interesting month because we're gonna start seeing regime change take place. The Lizards are gonna be on the run. And I said this a couple months ago, and I'm thinking, "Oh, I hope this stays on this timeline. I hope nothing changes it. I just wanna get the ball rolling around here." And it looks like it's pretty much gonna stay there. They don't know it. They're so arrogant in their own stuff and in their own mindsets. But they are gonna be on the run. They're gonna be on the run. They have nowhere to go.

The Orgone Warriors Got Done What They Needed to Do

You know, the Orgone Warriors in America, we've gone through hell and back the last several years. But we've accomplished the things we needed to do. It took us a while. We were slow. But we got it done. Thanks to those who stood up and helped support, financially support, this ministry and this war. I call it a ministry. It's more like a resistance. [laugh] A war against evil. But we got done what we needed to do. We're still working on finishing final touches.

The Satanists Tell Their Initiates That I'm Lying to Discredit Me, But I Have Various Sources for Info

But when you consider D.C. is practically a no-alien zone right now, no-Lizard zone. They can't stand it there. Even their clones know, they can't run the capital of the country on clones. Clones are not reliable. They're basically just robots showing up for work and doing what they're told to do. It's like running a government with puppets on strings. Hoping the puppet does what the string leads him to do. So we're pretty much chasing them out of D.C., chasing them out of New York. Their home estates, which were their money stronghold, basically, and protective areas for underground bases, you gotta wonder how they keep at that secret from each other as well. It has to be amusing. I mean, you have thousands of people initiating into satanism. They want people to think it's cool, it's fun to be one of them, you'll get everything you want, all this...lies, recruitment lies, until they get in. But there's so much they don't tell the people at the bottom levels. And they always keep them in the dark.

So you gotta wonder, when the truth starts trickling out, what the people think, besides telling them I'm lying, which they often do. They wanna discredit me. And, you know what? You can point your finger at certain things. I get my info from various places. I get it from the Bible Codes. I get it from The Most High. I also get it from government sources. And sometimes my government sources hit it right on bat, a hundred percent. Other times they can be off. And so, my info comes from various places. And I usually tell you where my sources--what source exactly is when I give out info. And so, you know, with God, you're never wrong. You never go wrong. Using secondhand information sources, there's times you can, and so. Sometimes they don't hit it right. Sometimes they're just completely off or relaying information they heard or whatever, but it's always petty stuff. You know, the basis of info is correct and then some petty details might be wrong. It's like, "Whatever," you know. So I don't worry about the petty details.

Keeping My Eyes on China and Exposing the Aliens Amongst Us for the Past Decade

But it's been a long ride and it's about to be over for this New World Order faction. This Lizard faction. You know, the Lord's always had my eyes, the past decade, on China. China, China, China, China. And so, I often go back to talking about the Chinese. Try to bring up some of the more memorable things they pull and do. Because I know somehow it all plays a major factor in last-days prophecy. And, you know, sometimes it's just so subtle. They're like, sitting there simmering at the top of the water pile and you don't know how deep it goes until the bottom starts caving out, and so. The bottom's about to cave out, folks.

From what I can understand from what I'm seeing in the Bible Codes is that, to put it bluntly, there's gonna be a regime change here. And I've been talking about the alien New Age agenda for a decade. Lord pulled me into that. Wanted me to start exposing that years ago. And I put up and other websites to expose the aliens amongst us.

Usually lose everybody when you start talking about soul-scalping and shape-shifting. The average person can't handle it. The average person, you tell them that a human soul can be taken out of a human body and replaced by an alien host, you lose them. Or that they protect a certain bloodline so that they can shape-shift from being a Lizard into a human and back and forth, you lose them. But you could make a Hollywood movie on it and they'd believe it. Or they'd enjoy it or be amused by it. They can't grasp it as being something that's real.

And you know what I've been trying to do for a decade, is say, "Hey, this is real. This is who these people really are. This is what they are. This is They Live in reality. I don't know if you saw the movie, They Live, back in the '60s ['80s, actually]. Still an occultic goodie. ["They Live", the Weird Movie With a Powerful Message] Because that's the way it is. They're amongst us in society disguised as humans, and people don't get it. They just don't get it.

The Alien Agenda, Working Hand in Hand with the Chinese, Will Try to Take Over as the NWO Crowd Retreats

Well, the [curtain on the stage is] gonna be pulled back shortly enough so that people can see exactly what's going on. You know, from what I can see is this whole New World Order faction run by our government pretty much just going to be in complete cahoots by the end of August if even in existence. Because they're gonna be on the run. The orgone's gonna be cranked up. They're gonna be in trouble. They're losing all their strongholds. They don't have any place to meet. Things are disbanding quickly for them.

On the other hand, on the alien agenda, because they're gonna try to step in when the Lizards step out. Right now they're retreating. Right now they're trying to go back to planning stages. Figure out what they're gonna do. How to do what they wanna accomplish. Kind of retreating right now. But as they retreat, the alien agenda, which works hand in hand with the Chinese, will try to take over what they're leaving. And so, pretty much gonna start seeing things changing.

Now, you're gonna see another different type of global agenda taking place. And for all these people who have been waiting for a global monetary reset, probably gonna see that. You're gonna start seeing the world shift into more of a global unification slowly this month, and so. 'Cause one regime's on its way out, and another one's gonna rise up, and so. It's not gonna fare much better for the regime that's trying to rise up. Because they're not gonna be able to handle New York any better than the Lizards are, and so.

It's Been a Race Against the Chinese to Own the World's Resources

You know, I stumble over even how to explain this stuff because I don't even know how to explain it. There's so many different things involved. So many different groups, and countries, and factions. Basically it's the Chinese, folks. If you've been in any major city in America, you have noticed the increase in the Chinese that are amongst us. I mean, you go to New York, they're everywhere. Chicago, L.A. They're everywhere.

Wells Fargo now becoming one of the more dominant banks in this country. And will probably be the most dominant bank in this country because the other ones are going to pretty much either recreate themselves. I don't know if I'd close the doors on them, but they're gonna have to recreate themselves, because they're part of the Federal Treasury, part of the Lizards' agenda, the New World Order. And that whole thing is on its way out the door. And now you've got this Chinese New Age alien agenda coming up ahead of us. The Chinese own Wells Fargo. They own Wells Fargo. And so, you see all these massive Wells Fargo buildings going up all over the place. It's the Chinese.

The government, for years, has been handing over major contracts to the Chinese. Our manufacturing jobs. It's been a race for global resources the last several years. I think it was Condoleezza Rice, Condolizard, who said if we don't, you know, why should we sit back and let other people grab them. We can grab them ourselves. And that's what's been going on pretty much. Been a fight for owning gold, oil, heavy metals. Just resources, natural resources, of the earth, itself, that the Chinese have been going after.

And the media doesn't tell you anything. They keep it out of the papers. When we went to war against Libya to oust Qaddafi from office, there were over 30,000 Chinese contractors in Libya. Every time we go to war against a country, it's pretty much to beat the Chinese out of it, or to beat the Chinese to a major resource. It's been a race against the Chinese to gobble up the earth's resources. To own them, outright. There's 1.3 billion Chinese. There's 300 million Americans. And so you can see the clear dominance of not just in population, but also in land mass and everything that they control.

Bejing has the largest cloning facility in the world. And mentioned that several years ago on my show. And you wonder, why do they need the cloning facility? Why do they need the largest one in the world? I never really noticed the tentacles either, until recently. The Lord's been opening my eyes to it. Something very similar to being blindsided, folks. And the people who have been running the New World Order faction of the Lizards, the Clintons, the Rockefellers, Cheney, and Bushes, Soros, all of the dogs sitting at the top, folks, they're gonna be blindsided by their own stupidity. And what they thought they probably at one time could control and handle, they're gonna realize they don't have any control over it. That's why even anymore it's even so hard to even see some kind of separation between the New World Order Reptilians running our government today and the alien New Age faction coming in. It's going to be a subtle takeover because they're so closely aligned with them already.

The Chinese Are a Dragon Race, Serpent-Seed Race, Satan's Own Race - That's Why They Won't Tolerate Their Own Becoming Christians

You know, the Gobi Desert. I remember mentioning this years ago. In the Gobi Desert, which, by the way, is part of China, is one of the most ancient Reptilian bases on Earth. And as far as the Reptilian ranking system goes, the white, albino Reptilians are the highest ranking. And they are the ones who direct world policies and agendas on the chessboard that's being played now. And they are located under the Gobi Desert.

Also Shamballa. The ancient city of Shamballa. And that's kind of right between China and India there. And that's one of the main underground cities of, what they call, the Ascended Masters. Maitreya, who's dead, gone. Coming back--Raj Patel's trying to reinvent Maitreya and be Maitreya. So you might see him in the news trying to reinvent the dead Maitreya. But, basically, Sananda and Germaine, and all these Ashtar Ascended Masters, you'll see the whole New Age just goo-goo-eyed about this Ashtar Galactic Command stuff.

Well, they're heavily aligned with the Chinese as well. And you realize the correlation when you understand who and what the Chinese are. They're a dragon nation, a dragon race. Serpent-seed race, Satan's own race. And that's why they won't tolerate Christians, Chinese becoming Christians. They kill them. They put them in stadiums and kill them. And this might sound like something ancient, but they do this all the time. Chinese are heavily persecuted in China for accepting Yahushua as their Savior, for having Him as Christ. They kill them for that. Punishable by death. And they've been living like--for this--under communistic satanic regimes for centuries. Hasn't changed. This is the same regime that is rising through the ranks and taking over America.

The Chinese War Has Already Taken Place Through the Takeover of Our Economy

I know most people think there's going to be some kind of Russian and Chinese war. Well, it's already taken place. People haven't understood how. They expected bombs, planes, guns. It's taken place through the takeover of our economy, the takeover of our money, takeover of Wall Street, our banks. They're taking over our infrastructure, our institutions. This is the Chinese war, folks. And when they get to the point where they can completely take over our money, which is gonna happen soon, when they call up our debt, 'cause they've already acquired most of it, they're pretty much already landowners of America, then you'll see their soldiers in the streets. Because then they'll be taking possession of what they own.

Our government has put Americans up as collateral to debt. They've put your homes, your land, your estates, your lives as collateral to the debt that they owe the Chinese. And America is going to default on its debt. And the Chinese is going to reclaim, call what they owe. And this is where people will finally start waking up and realizing that we're no longer an American republic, we're being invaded by a communistic Chinese regime. This Chinese regime is going to fall under the New Age alien agenda because they're aligned with them. Satan's taking over the world through the largest military on Earth, which is China. China has the largest military on Earth. There's 300 million Americans, 378 million Americans. They have a 300 million female army, alone, in China. [laughs] Their women, alone, could come over here and outnumber us. That's just the women in the military. That's fighting-age women.

So, we're outnumbered. Americans will be outgunned. You know, it's not a pretty picture, folks. It's not a pretty picture. But we're gonna start seeing some of the things I've been talking about start rearing its head this month. 'Cause I could sit here and talk about how China's gonna take over America till I'm blue in the face. And until people actually see it, they're not gonna believe it. Well, it's all around you. Chinese buying up real estate, businesses. You know, they talk about, "Oh, we're gonna buy up this land and we're gonna build a Chinese city here." [laughs] All that stuff is true. They don't need to build their own city. They're gonna take over the existing cities we have. Like New York, Chicago. They're just gonna start taking over the cities we have.

The Chinese Are Trying to Find a Way to Prevent Their Clones from Malfunctioning in Orgoned Areas

I find it interesting that it's the Chinese that are trying to find a way to remanufacture clones so that they're not susceptible to orgone. They realize that our orgone in the air has been an effective weapon against Satan and his kingdom. They've seen what it does to the Lizards. They've seen what it does to aliens; crashing UFOs. So now they need to find a way to fight against it so that their clones don't malfunction around orgoned areas.

You've seen some of this last year with Judge Judy and that female reporter in Hollywood. But it said they suffered a stroke. Well, it was actually--the problem with clones is that their neurosystems will shut down. It's one of the glitches that clones have and why they're so unreliable. Because they don't last long and they tend to have neurosystem glitches, shutdowns. So now they're working away, trying to reinvent, recreate clones so that they don't have these glitches, so that they don't look so alien either. If you look at TV news reporters, I mentioned this on my last show, so easy to point out with their Lizard eyes. They're trying to fix the eye problem so that people can't detect they're not humans.

So they're working on a two-phase--and I'm thinking the whole time, "Why do they care what's going on with American news reporters? Why do the Chinese care if our clones are just cheap imitations, and only last for a year, and have problems and glitches?" Because they're the ones running this show behind the scenes. They're the ones running the show. These underground bases, these MKULTRA programs that our government started, they're all being puppet-string owned by the Chinese. They even own that. They're taking over completely. That's why you're gonna see Chinese in the streets. There's not gonna be an American military defense warding off a Chinese war against American. They're just gonna be so subtle, they're gonna be here. Our government's gonna do nothing but run. They don't have a vested interest in America. They're not truly Americans. They're not truly humans. And you're gonna see that when you see them turn tail and run and allow these things to happen to Americans, in America, itself. They have no vested interest in this country.

Those Who Worked So Hard to Be Something Big in Satan's Kingdom Will Have Nothing - They'll Be Fleeing to South America

So for all their hard work, these satanic scoundrels who worked their entire lives to be something big in Satan's kingdom, they're gonna have nothing. They're gonna have to run to other countries and count on their mercy just to have a place to park their stupid butts. They won't be wanted in America. They won't really be wanted anywhere. You know, they have plans of fleeing to South America. When it truly gets bad in America, they have plans of fleeing to South America. And so, all I have to say is our Orgone Warriors in South America better get busy. [laughs] Give them a nice welcome. [laughs] They've already been there. There's quite a few of the elitist families, Reptilian families buying up land in Africa so they can buy estates there. South Africa. So our Orgone Warriors in Africa need to get busy. If you've been making orgone and getting it out, you need to do so even moreso now. Because they're all coming to you in South America.

The NWO Crowd Wants to Destroy South America for not Bowing to It

And, you know, it's interesting, Bush bought up over a hundred thousand acres in, I think it was Paraguay. I heard he lost that. I heard the government forfeited it, took over it. But I don't know if that's true. But at the same time, they wanna destroy South America. They want a war against Brazil. They wanna destroy Argentina. And what is it about those two countries? Why do they hate--spend so much time on plotting against South America? I mean, Chavez has been the number one on their hit list, for years. They want him dead. Because they're not bowing to the New World Order. Their banks aren't controlled by the Lizards' monopoly. The Federal Treasury, the Lizard banks, carels. They don't own the banks or control them in South America. South America, Brazil, Argentina, their economies are doing well. They're not in debt. They're on the rebound from whatever economic problems they had. And they're doing well. And the Lizard-based New World Order can't stand that. They want everybody in debt, everybody hurting, everybody's economies a mess. They want disruptions.

There's Been a War in Syria and Damascus Will Be Destroyed as Foretold in Bible Prophecy

And so, you know, they wanna bring war to South America. They wanna bomb Turkey. They wanna bomb Iran. They wanna bomb Syria. They're already in Syria. They wanna pull Turkey and Iran into the war. There's been a war going on in Syria for months now. And all we hear about on TV is Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan. What war? What war? War against the Taliban? It's dead. That whole thing was a creation by the CIA to begin with. They've been fighting against Syria for months. Because Damascus is a stronghold of this alien agenda that's coming to take over the world. And the Bible says Damascus will be destroyed. Damascus is the oldest standing city on Earth. It's never been destroyed. That would be an interesting tourist spot. Not that I would go there right now. [laughs] Or advise anyone to go there. They're in the middle of a war. But it's gonna be destroyed. So we know that's gonna happen. When the Bible says something, you can take it to the bank. It's gonna happen.

Is There Going to Be a Bombing at the Olympics?

So amongst all this stuff going on now, you know, and people are asking me, "Is there gonna be a bombing at the Olympics?" They have it planned. I don't know if they'll pull it off. People have been talking about first contact being made at the Olympics. You know, that's because there's always so much huff and puff coming from the alien agenda, itself, their channelers for the New Age movement who say they channel the Ashtar Command members and blah, blah, blah. If anything, you'll probably see a UFO ship, which there was. You'll probably see, might see Sananda's cigar, maybe a couple UFO ships. Every time they say they're gonna make contact and make this big arrival to Earth, all you end up seeing is YouTube videos of UFOs. That's probably all it's gonna be for London. A bunch of YouTube videos of Sananda's cigar-shaped ship or UFOs in London. I don't expect anything going down in London.

I Dare to Say New York Is the Icing on the Cake

But New York City seems to be the interesting focal point right now. Because they're going to lose New York City. It's going to become unbearable for them to stay in New York City. We've conquered it for The Most High. He sent us on a mission and we accomplished it. And whatever mission He has sent us on has been completed. They've lost a stronghold. And it's getting to the icing on the cake now. I dare to say New York City is the icing on the cake. Maybe there's something else I'm missing. For now I would say it's the icing on the cake. I can't think of very many strongholds of theirs we haven't gotten now. A few more things to do that we're working on. But they're kind of just in support role capacities. Taking care of loose ends. I think New York City is pretty much the icing on the cake, and so. Now we're gonna see the regime change I've been talking about. I think it's going to facilitate it.

They Still Want to Pull off Parts of Their Plans for Bringing in Sananda

So, you'll probably see your global reset of currencies. And more of a global unification. I don't think Sananda's literally gonna return to Earth until September. They had plans for how they wanted to bring him in. They still wanna pull off parts of their plans that they've worked on for a century. Yes, you know, things are gonna happen. I can't really say anything. But you can hear my laughter. [laughs] Just thinking about it makes me laugh. [laughs] So, yeah, it's gonna get interesting, folks. It's gonna get interesting.

They'll Be Finding Ways to Assassinate the Lord's People - Protect Yourselves with Orgone and Spiritual Warfare

I don't know what's gonna set off FEMA camps and martial law. There's so many different routes they could use. But they're already coming after the Lord's people, and the bigmouths. And they have hit list. And, you know, they're going after people who cause them trouble. And their form of assassinations are cancers, and tumors, and car accidents. And I was told by someone that they could put a chemical in your milk, in your water that you drink and it shows up at an autopsy that you had a heart attack. So they have very advanced methods of assassination. It's not Hollywood. They don't send people and, uh, you know, shoot you Mafia-style. They usually try to use more ingenious methods, and so. So they can cover up the fact that your death was an assassination.

Many bigmouths over the last decade have been taken out this way. People sick for a few days, dying from the flu. Give me a break, folks. Poisonings. And these things are gonna step up. And that's why the Lord's people need to be more on alert. Always ask the Lord to bless your food. Have orgone in your kitchen so that it cleanses the food you bring into your house. You want orgone near your food supplies, and your water supplies, so it's cleansing your food and drinks as you're bringing them into your home. Also using shields. Putting shields up around yourself. Putting shields up around your home. Putting shields up around your car.

Fun Things to Do to Get Rid of the Invisible Military - Ask the Lord to Hang Them Up on Trees (To Annoy and Torment Them)

You know, you're gonna have to stay more vigilant. And I know people are tired. They're tired of always being at warfare against the unseen. Just tired of always being attacked. Always having satellite weapons attacking you, watching you, putting you under surveillance. The invisible military. More and more people now understanding what I've been talking about about this invisible military. 'Cause they're everywhere.

One of the fun things I found that you can do to get rid of the invisible military--because I've told you how they come into my house and they get all upset when I bind them and cast them into the abyss. Because they have families here on Earth and, you know, they whine and plead their case that they're just doing what they're told, and it's their jobs, and whatever. So one of the fun things I have found is you can ask the Lord to hang them up on a tree. [laughs] He hangs them up on trees. And I'll tell you what, it gets peaceful in your home, outside your home. [laughs] Even if you're just being harassed, and you don't know from what, ask the Lord to just take whatever's not of Him that's in your home or around you and hang it up on a tree. Hang them up on a tree. And He'll do that. And I've had so much peace and fun since I've started doing that.

Teach them not to come back to your house anytime soon. And you don't have to worry about listening to them whine about having kids and families, and how they're innocent and just being forced to do what they do. Just hang them up on a tree. They can eventually go back home to their families and maybe they'll get it through their heads to leave you alone. I've noticed a huge difference around here. Peace and quiet. Even for the occasional stupid ones that still come in, but you can always ask the Lord, you know, to hang them up on trees. Because orgone doesn't bother humans and that's why they go to invisible military when they're dealing with Christians who have orgone in their homes and areas. Because orgone doesn't bother humans, it just kills aliens, evil freaks, demon-possessed people. And so you end up being harassed by invisible military. And so that's a good defense. Just asking the Lord to hang them up on trees. If you live in an apartment building, ask Him to hang them upside down from the roof. Leave them there for several hours and then He'll let them go. [laughs]

The Denver Movie-Theater Shooter, James Holmes, Was Just a Mind-Controlled Pawn - His Actions Were Meant as a False Flag for Gun Control

You know, my war isn't against humans, my war is against the wicked, the fallen, and Satan, himself. And he uses humans. And a lot of them, some of them, victims, they're pawns. Look at the Denver shooting. James Holmes. He was just a sleeper, a victim. His dad worked for DARPA. He'd been one of the pawns in their underground base out in Denver. He's a mind-controlled pawn just like Timothy McVeigh, Sirhan Sirhan, and all these lone assassins. They don't work alone, folks. They have a lot of help. They just take the heat. They take the downfall. You know, these are the kinds of things we deal with. Not gonna get any better. Maybe more exposure, 'cause everytime they pull a false flag out, they've done it so much by now people are just onto it. It was obviously a false flag operation against gun control. I don't think they'll get their gun bans. And that's why they'll use Chinese on the streets. But that's just gonna bring civil war here in America. There's gonna be huge civil war. People see Chinese people on the streets, Chinese military, yeah, there's gonna be civil war here, folks. So prepare for that. Prepare for it.

Christians in America Need to Prepare for the War Against the Saints - There's No Huge Rapture Coming

There's not gonna be this huge rapture coming, take Christians out of America before all this happens. Christians are so elitist. American Christians are. They get very elitist about the whole thing. Because it's OK to die for Christ in any other country. You know, Christians are brutally tortured and killed in China. And Israel even. They hate Torah-believing Jews. They kill them. They harass them. Kill them. Christians are killed all over the world. Especially in Africa. Especially when George Soros funds Muslim hate-mobs to go attack and kill Christians in Africa. Yeah, this is what he does. And so, they die everywhere for faith.

But American Christians always believe, "Oh, no. Nothing bad's gonna ever happen here. The Lord'll come, and there'll be a huge rapture, and we'll all go home. [laughs] It's not gonna happen, folks. So prepare. Prepare. Sometimes you just have to laugh at their stupidity. You know, I grew up in the churches, too, for 30 years. And when you start praying and asking the Lord for the truth in all things, be prepared at what He leads you to and what He teaches you because that's not always what the churches teach.

You know, they get so involved with their doctrines and their apostasies. And you can't tell them any different. And that's the problem with truth seekers today. You know, you might be seeking the truth, wanna learn what the truth is, and then when you learn what it is, no one around you wants to hear it, and those around you just think you're crazy. Becomes a lonely journey. One between you and the Lord and others that are likeminded that you might run into on the Internet. They might be the only ones you have because they're truth seekers as well. When you pray for the truth, expect to be shocked. Expect to learn the truth.

There's no huge rapture coming, folks. There's a war against Christians coming. That's what's coming. It's not a rapture, it's a war. So prepare for the war. And don't let these soldiers into your areas. Don't let them into your homes. So many people are gonna be taken surprise by that because, you know, having a group of soldiers, Chinese soldiers, busting into your home at 3 a.m. Gonna take a lot of people by surprise. But that's what's gonna be happening. It's gonna be brutal. And they're not prepared to be courteous, and friendly, and abide by your Constitional rights. You're not gonna have any. You're going to be, what they're gonna consider, squatters on their land. So don't expect pity, sympathy, or for them to be gentlemen, because they're not gonna be, they're planning on brutally tormenting and torturing Christians here in America when they get here. The plans are to torment and torture, so. Just keep that in mind, folks. There's no rapture. There's a war. Antichrist war on the saints. And he will use the Chinese armies to do that.

Anyway, just something I wanted to pound...pound home again. What I've been doing the last couple shows. The fact that the Chinese are working hand in hand with the New Age alien agenda. They're hand in hand, folks. When the New Agers start la-la-laing about Sananda, and Germaine, and all their little Ascended Masters, the Chinese are going to be right behind them. And, not only that, but when Sananda does arrive--and I have a webpage on my website, Giants and Locusts, and other huge alien factions are coming with him. Maybe not the exact day he arrives, but shortly after. The pale horse rider. That you have always equated with Sananda because when he arrives, so does hell. And he, you know, he's stepping into the Antichrist role, and so. You could almost equate the pale horse rider and the Antichrist as one and the same being, one and the same character.

Two Things to Watch for: The Lizards Abandoning New York and Global Reset of the Nation's Economies

Anyway, folks. Be back on Thursday with Aliens in the News []. It's hard to believe this in Monday already because, I don't know, just kind of been out of sync since getting back from New York. Took 8 days to recover from an 8-day trip. [laughs] And so much to do, you know. I'd love to go back, even. Get a boat and go back. Get some things that I couldn't get done by land, so.

Anyway, some of the things you wanna watch for, I guess. Watch for all the Lizards abandoning New York. Watch for global reset of nation's economies. I guess that's the two things that I see the most coming up on the horizon, immediate horizon. And then everything goes downhill quickly from there, so.

I guess that's all I'm gonna say tonight. I don't even know if I explain this stuff good half the time, folks. But you should be able to understand. Sometimes I just have to mask things I'm saying, for no better reason than can't really come out and say what I want to. But either way, Yah's people will get it. The ones who need to know will know.

Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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