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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
Aug 6, 2012


I've Suspended the Thursday Shows for Now, but There Are Plenty of Shows to Hear in the Archives

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's August 6. And I anxiously await this month. [laughs] A lot of things happening this month. It's kind of like a crucial month. And I really can't say anything about it, and so.

I've suspended the Thursday shows for now. I might resume those later. Maybe September or October or whatever. But for right now there's probably more limits on what I can say that what I can't, and so. I don't want to screw anything up. I just wanna see, you know, sit back and watch the race, you know. Which faction's gonna do what. Which one's gonna get control. Because right now they're both pulling the hair out of their heads, and so. It's kind of fun just to be in this position. Sit back and watch evil fight evil. Instead of just being the one conquering all the evil. And we have our role to play. And we have them running, and so. That's what makes it so interesting, and so.

You know, for now I'll just stick with Monday nights. And I have a, you know, hundreds of shows in archives. And folks, you can listen to my shows back in 2005, 2006. They're just as relevant as if you were listening to me speak last week. Because events evolve, but the agendas don't change.

There Are Different Timelines

You know, there's different timelines. And we can be on one timeline, get knocked off, go on another timeline.

And what I mean by timelines is things that are gonna happen in a particular timeline, let's say. And something gets knocked out. Like last year Nibiru was supposed to come in and they had all this stuff that was gonna happen. But we burned Nibiru. And when monkey wrenches get thrown into the mix, all of a sudden, you can see us getting knocked out of one timeline and put into another. And that's basically what happened last year. And now you're hearing a bunch of, "Rah-rah. Nibiru's coming back." Blah, blah, blah.

You know, there's a lot of ships that came in with Nibiru. It wasn't just one alien craft. There's many. And so, there's a lot of things coming in. Every time they see something new, they call it Nibiru. And they're not all Nibiru, folks. I understand that most people just don't know what else to call it. But there's other ships coming in.

July 31, six days ago, the black cube was supposed to make its appearance. was in this timeline to make an appearance, but we burned it, and so. Just as we've been able to successfully burn all of their starships. It didn't knock us out of this timeline because it was actually factored in. Because I knew, we knew it was gonna get burned. And so, as much as the Satanists were counting on it, they can kiss it good-bye.

Their Plans to Act Like Celestial Beings from Space and Descend on Earth Will Be Monkey-Wrenched by the Orgone

And, you know, truth be told, could put the cards on the table, all starships are gonna be burned. And so, whatever they were planning. They had all these huge plans to act like they're celestial beings coming from space and descending on Earth. All of those plans are going to be monkey-wrenched. And simply because the orgone has saturated the atmosphere. And I claimed a couple months ago, we own the space. We've taken it over. So they're not going to waltz in here with some huge alien crafts and hover above our atmosphere without catching on fire.

In fact, if you go outside--I was looking up at the sky the other night--you can see the aliens crafts, they turn yellow, and they start shooting red flames. And they mimic stars. They sit up in the sky and they mimic stars. But you can see they're on fire. You don't even need binoculars. You can look up and see that these stars don't look quite well. They're not white, they're not radiant, they're not shining. They're yellow and shooting red flames. [laughs]

And these are all of the alien starships that are catching fire by sitting in our atmosphere. And it's gonna get to the point where they are going to have to flee or burn. And, you know, seriously, I don't care which one they do. We've done our job, so the results aren't up to us, it's in The Most High's hands. We just do what He asks and leave the results up to Him. And sitting back and watching the results is rather amusing.

You know, I went out on a limb couple shows ago and I said, "Come September, they won't even be allowed to fly their spacecrafts anymore. And it's looking that way more and more. They're gonna be grounded. And so, I anxiously await to see that happening. The Bible in Revelation, chapter 12 talks about a war in the heavens with the archangel, Michael, and Satan being cast down to the earth, and the stars falling with him. And stars is just a symbolic word for his fellow fallen ones, fallen angels. His leaders, his generals, his captains, his lieutenants. They're all very ranked, very structured. And they're all gonna fall with him. They're gonna be confined to the earth. And when I look at the Bible Codes, and I see that they're pretty much banned from the skies, you can put two and two together. And so, as above, so below. It's kind of like a cause and effect, you know.

We've Done, and Continue to Do, What the Lord's Asked Us to, So Let's Finish Up the Year with a Bang

We've done what the Lord's asked us to do. We continue to do it. Sometimes I just can't get on here and talk about all the things we do because it would be shooting ourselves in the foot, so to speak, so they could find out what we're doing, where we're at, the things we've planned, the things we're doing and planning. And so, a lot of times I just have to speak in roundabout terms. But the choir knows what's going on. [laughs] The choir always knows I've got something in my box of weapons, strategies I'm using to tear down Satan's strongholds. And that's why the choir, small percentage of it, is still left here on Earth. To help. To be either financial or vocal support. And so, last push remaining here on Earth. Few months left before things really start to hit. And so, we need to finish up the year with a bang, folks. We need to finish this up.

And so, I still need your financial contributions and support. I know it's a tough time of the year. Kids going back to school and things like that, but, you know, we're almost at the finish line, and I don't wanna leave things undone. I wanna tie up all the loose ends and finish the last few things we need to get done. We've had huge, huge successes this year. You know, every year I count on missions. And liked to write them out and put them on my website and I stopped doing that simply because it just gives them too much info. But we've had fun over the years. And, you know, sometimes you just have to think of both sides. There's a lot of things you guys need to hear, but there's a lot of things that we don't need to tell them, and so.

We're Not Dealing with Humans in Our Government - See for Yourself, on YouTube, All the Reptilian Shape-Shifters Amongst Us

Anyway, couple things I wanna talk about. What the aliens are doing that run America. You know, I've been trying to make it clear on this show for so long that we're not dealing with humans in our government, folks. And for years people have laughed, and they've said, "Oh, she must be following David Icke," or...whatever, you know. And, you know what, folks? I go by the things that I see in the Codes, the things that the Lord has taught me, the things He has told me. When you sit at His feet and ask for the truth in all things, be prepared for what the truth is. I have no affiliations with Dave Icke. I don't even know him. I've never even talked to him. But we've come to the same conclusions from completely different angles.

And so, for the doubters and the skeptics (and there's millions of them), you can go to YouTube, you can put in Reptilian shape-shifters, and you could watch videos from now for the next year [laughs] of all the videos of Reptilian shape-shifters amongst us. And you're gonna see sports celebrities, news celebrities. They're all over the TV networks. Religious people, religious leaders. Politicians. They're everywhere, folks. They're everywhere. They have infiltrated our society. They have taken over the top positions. They rise up through the ranks.

We're Saturated with Human Hybrids Amongst Us - They Look Like Us, but Some Have Powers and Abilities We Don't Have

And then there's just the entire aspect of them that just live amongst us. We're saturated with human hybrids amongst us. And that's kind of a term you have to look at loosely because while there's so many hybrids, alone, maybe 40, 50 million amongst us. And these are people that have been born with human and alien DNA. And these aren't necessarily the shape-shifters amongst us. These aren't the ones with an agenda to take over and destroy the world and start with America and things like that. These are just normal people amongst us.

One way you can tell--and you can't usually physically tell if a person is a human hybrid--usually you can look at their eyes. If they have the slit eyes. Usually the more famous ones do. The ones that are soul-scalped and are plain aliens in human form, they'll have the slit eyes. They'll be a lot more obvious. Physical traits amongst the other half of the hybrids amongst us is--sometimes you can tell by their eyes, the black eyes. Other ways is that they have abilities.

And, you know, when Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden of Eden, the Lord shut off, I think it was 10 of the 12 DNA codons. And they lost the abilities and powers that they had had when they were created. Because the Lord didn't create them with the forethought that they're going to turn evil. He was creating man in His own image and that was that. And so, when they fell, the Lord had to recreate what He created with Adam and Eve. He turned off the codons of their DNA so they no longer had the powers that they had at that time. And also had to make physical changes to their bodies so they would have to survive on food and water. Before, it wasn't even a necessity to survive. They were created as perfect beings, and so.

What they've been trying to do over the years is recreate the things that the Lord had shut down. And, you know, they've been doing this stuff in labs for years. They can create human beings with different DNA. Three strands instead of two. And they do all this in their laboratories. And a lot of these hybrids amongst us just have abilities that most people don't. You know, they can remote view, they can cause storms. It's almost like the X-Men in real life. They have all these different abilities amongst them. And then there's just normal people. We're like, "What? You can do what?" And I've met many, many people. Talked to many people over the years that are hybrids. And they know they're hybrids. They'll tell you what alien DNA they were born with. They'll tell you the things that they can do. And they look just like you and me, and so.

You know, we can reach out to these people. You know, I've always stated, "Salvation is not a bloodline thing, it's a heart thing." And so, they can be saved. And it's their choice, just like anybody else's, whom they're gonna follow, whom they're gonna serve. I don't know why I mentioned that, but that's just one of the dominant things that I'm just so surrounded with all the time. Super soldiers, hybrids, all of this stuff that just always seems to be in the forefront around me. Dealing with these kinds of people.

He's Baaack...Well, Sort Of - Raj Patel as Maitreya

Maitreya is back. And, you know, I've been seeing him creep up in the Codes, and it's usually Raj Patel. Seems to be getting a little bit more dominant. And so, remember I told you that the original Maitreya had been destroyed, had gone AWOL, nobody had heard from him. Seems like they're going to try to push this Raj Patel as Maitreya, who I told you a couple shows--you know, last year or whatever, last time I was making fun of it [laughs] (that's because they're all a bunch of evil scumbags). But they're gonna push this Raj Patel as Maitreya. They must be having problems with this sole Sananda scenario. I don't know what's going on. I don't know what's worse; bringing in Sananda--which, if you read their garbage and drivel--sometimes I go to their websites to see what they're up to. I haven't done that in a long time, because I usually can't even stand going to their garbage sites. But if you read their stuff, Sananda was always the lowest-ranking of the Ascended Masters. And so, being elevated to the status of replacing Maitreya's position was probably something they're still battling back and forth. And so, they wanna bring Maitreya back.

But, you know, they work so hard to discredit me that they just go into so many things that just don't make sense. And you know what? I don't care if they discredit me, they wanna try to discredit me, because there's nothing good that results. I mean, when I'd predicted the zombie apocalypse, and it was coming, and getting all these zombie outbreaks, flesh-eating people going crazy, notice how quickly they shut it off. The last couple weeks have been silent. There've been no attacks. Because they didn't want credit going to me for preannouncing that. And this is how insanely they work. But if it stalls their agenda, so be it. I don't care if I'm right about anything, because I give you routes that can be taken. And if it forces them to react, and change, and delay things, then so be it. You know, it doesn't bother me. I don't think anybody cares. We just go from one thing to the next. Everybody's used it by now. Everybody's used to the timeline changes and the agenda changes. [laughs] I don't think anybody cares. I certainly don't have an ego if I'm right, you're wrong. I just go with what the Lord shows me. And that's where it sits, and so.

Anyway, they wanna bring this Raj Patel back. This London autocrat. And the thing that's funny about that is how do you tell the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world that their mahdi lives in a suburb in London? How do you pull that off? [laughs] Do you pull that off? I mean, I guess we're gonna wait and see. I guess we're gonna see because they wanna bring it back. They're throwing it back into the lineup. Maybe Saint Germaine won't make a great False Prophet or, you know, whatever position he was gonna have to take, Maitreya's absense, coming in with Sananda.

But Sananda has always been a puppet of the Vatican's. He's always been more in a line for the False Prophet role. Because, watch for Sananda and his relationship with the Vatican start becoming more pronounced now. So not sure exactly, you know, you're looking at beasts. And the Bible calls them beasts because that's exactly what they are. And if you look at the Bible Codes, aliens are always referred to as beasts. They're always referred to as animals. And that's how you know the last-days False Prophet and Antichrist, the two beasts of Revelation, chapter 13, are not human. They may look human, but they're not human. They're aliens. They're fallen angels. They're animals. They're beasts. Just like Satan is. You know, the Bible calls him a dragon, a serpent. And these are descriptions of a reptile. They're Reptilian. He's a Reptilian. And so, it's all right there.

And if you want it even more in-your-face, you can see what they're putting out in the movies. Plenty of stuff going on that they reveal in our movies constantly. Wanted to find this one article. Oh, here it is. This latest shooting in Wisconsin. And, you know, I warned that they were gonna have more senseless shootings. And we had the one--actually started with the one back in Ohio, last year, the high school shooting in Chardon, Ohio. That was the kickoff. Certainly not the only one they've planned. They've planned plenty of those before, the Virginia Tech shootings and all that.

All these shootings are very planned by the government, folks. And I'm not talking about low-level employees getting together and planning these false flag shootings everywhere. These are high-level. These are Pentagon-level, White House-level, Congressional-level planned chaos for America. They get together and plan this stuff. The Colorado shooting--and that's obvious. Everybody's on to that one. The Wisconsin shooting, the Sikh temple.

There was a director, lo and behold, of the 4 or 6 that were killed. One of them was a director coming out with a movie exposing the false flag alien invasion that's coming. And so, throw him in with a bunch of other Sikhs. I don't even know what kind of--it was a Sikh temple. I don't know what that is. Buddhist, India? I don't know. Egyptian? I have no idea. I thought it was a Muslim temple, myself. [Sikh Temple Shooting: What Is a Sikh?] But it was a Sikh temple. The director of this movie exposing the alien false flag was killed. Has a movie coming out. And, you know what? I've been exposing this false flag for years. So, maybe it'll give some credence. They can't kill me. They've been trying for 10 years. But they will go after others who don't have The Most High's protection. And this was an instance of one that they got a hold of.

There Are at Least Two More Planned Shootings to Take Place

But there's more shootings planned. The basic message that they wanted to send out, the Sikh temple shooting, was "no one, nowhere is safe." Well, certainly not from a government that wants to kill and destroy everybody. So I thought that was kind of humorous that "no one, nowhere is safe" was supposed to be the message. And, you know, if we got rid of our government full of corrupt aliens, we would be a lot safer. Until we do that, no one's gonna be safe. They work hard at fulfilling Satan's agenda here on Earth. And Satan wants more shootings, more chaos. They want gun control. And they want gay marriage. And so, that's why the two most dominant things happening right now is the whole gay marriage fiasco and the shootings, senseless shootings everywhere.

And there's supposed to be two more coming. Right after this temple shooting there'll be two more. I don't know where they're being targeted at. But there will be two more. And probably more than that. But for right now there's two more planned. There was four total planned.

Argentina and Brazil, Who Have Shunned the Illuminati, Are Being Put on Their Target List, Behind Turkey and Iran

You know, the aliens that run America, folks, are working hard to kill you, destroy you through the food you eat, the beverages you drink, the air you breathe, your medications, your vaccinations. Everything that affects you, they're trying to destroy you with. It's a full war on America. We're at war against them.

You know, several months ago I was told about kind of like this behind the scenes battle with the woman that runs, I don't know if it's Argentina or Brazil. It's a woman leader there. I believe it's Brazil. And this is why South America's being put on the target list behind Turkey and Iran, and their "Most Hated Nations" list. Well, they've added Argentina and Brazil to that list. Because they don't have central banks. They don't have Rothschild-controlled banks. And they won't let America come in and destroy their farmland.

The Americans wanted to chemtrail the farmlands of Brazil and contaminate the soil so that they couldn't produce fresh food. It was all to contaminate and poison food. This is what we're eating in America, folks. And they want to spread this poison everywhere else. And the leader over there, she just had a fit and she wouldn't allow them to do it. She actually had her military come in and stand guard around their farmlands to protect them from the Americans.

You know, when they serve in our governments, the things they do that act in our name--and this isn't America, this isn't what Americans would do, this is what Satan-worshiping Lizard scum does. And that's what controls America.

So look for a war. I know they've been shunned by Argentina and Brazil. And these are two countries that are not in debt. They've rebounded from the economic problems they've had. And they're actually doing pretty well for themselves as nations. And the Illuminati just can't stand it. They want everybody in debt. Everybody as slaves to their democracy. [laughs] What they call democracy. Their brand, their version of it. And so they're being put on the target list. Chavez. They've been trying to kill him longer than they've been trying to kill me. And he's still hanging in. So that tells you he has a lot of the Lord's protection as well. To give him strength probably to stand up against the New World Order crowd, this satanic crowd that is trying to destroy the world, and so.

Iran, Turkey. I don't know why they wanna bomb Turkey. Maybe to get them on a certain side. Turkey's always been kind of a neutral nation. Still wanna bomb Turkey for some reason. And Iran is always on the table. A war with Iran.

There's Going to Be an Alien Assault on Mankind, a Retaliation, That They Can't Control - The Aliens Are Beyond Mad

Also we've got the false flag alien invasion coming up. There's actually two parts to this. And it's actually a controlled false flag invasion where our government was planning to have an invasion of sorts, but they couldn't pull it off. Because they had too few resources to do so. With the orgone saturating the air and crashing alien ships they're hurting for ships. They're hurting to produce the numbers they need to overwhelm the world all at one time with one invasion.

And so, they called off that and put together a unit, assassination unit, to go after believers around the world. And so, they were going after to try to kill believers around the world. And this assassination unit was being led out of Hawaii of all places, no doubts there.

But now this false flag invasion's back on the table. And the reason I say it's twofold is this. First of all, the created false flag is the one people are watching for. But what I'm seeing in the Bible Codes is that there's going to be an alien assault on mankind that they can't control. That they don't control. We've been able to do a lot of damage on Earth to space from Earth with our orgone war. And there are plenty of alien ships above us now hurting, and on fire, and having to leave their starships and look for other places to live and things like that.

They are beyond, hmm, beyond mad. I'll say it nicely. They're beyond mad. And so, they want to retaliate against Earth. And so, this, this is no false flag. This is a real...real deal war, retaliation that they're planning against Earth. And so, you know, and I'll state it again, the humans don't control this. So I can't call this a false flag because it's not like somebody can sign the dotted line to begin it or stop it. No one controls it. This hasn't been agreed upon and coming out of a committee with 25 signatures of approval. [laughs] You know how they work. No one controls this. No human controls this. This is going to happen out of nowhere. Unexpectedly.

And perhaps they know this and they're getting ready for it. I don't know if they know about it or not. I don't know what their intelligence level is besides a lot below mine. [laughs] And you would find this humorous if you knew how they work. [laughs] I guess it's...I don't know, humorous to me.

The Aliens Who Launched an Assault on My Property, the Saurians, Are Coming Back

If you remember last year, I think it was, and I told you that there was a alien assault on my property. About 5, 10 thousand black aliens I had no problem defeating with The Most High in about five minutes. They're coming back. And who these aliens are is they're the Saurians. And the Saurians come from the star system Sirius, pronounced Sirus, but if you look at it, it looks like Sirius. S-I-R-I-U-S. And so, there's Sirius A, then there's Sirius B. There actually is two colonies of these black-type aliens.

And if you look at my website, alien...what is it called, I haven't been there in ages. Or even go to The Watcher Files. They look like, uh, I don't know, Grey aliens, but they're black, they're tall. Because my logo, for some unknown reason, I'd put that alien in my logo, not even realizing the prophetic significance that would have years later. They would be in my yard. And those were the Saurians. I had no idea what that alien was when I put it in my logo. Years ago. When somebody made that logo for me. But that's what they look like.

The Guy, the Director, That Got Killed in This Sikh Temple Massacre Was Filming a False Flag Alien Invasion from Sirius

And interesting that the guy that got killed in this temple massacre over the weekend, the director was filming a false flag alien invasion from Sirius. The star system, Sirius. And this is exactly the same thing that I've been seeing in the Codes. And you all know how I am, I just sit back and say, "Bring it on. I'm just sitting here waiting." [laughs] "You wanna come here again? You want a piece of me? Come on." You know, I've just been sitting here waiting to watch events unfold. Because this whole attack scenario is on the table.

You know, before, you had the false flag scenario where they're, you know, creating an illusion of an alien attack. And they're actually feverishly and hurryingly training Air Force fighter pilots to fly UFOs so that they can mimic aliens, being aliens from different star systems and planets or whatever. And they couldn't come up with the numbers. That was on the table. That was a viable plan of theirs. There's files, there's folders. Of course, they shred info when I talk about stuff. But that was a credible plan. It's on the table. I've seen it for years. So it's not that one.

You know, the director may think this is a false flag, but what else do you call it? I'm sure he doesn't even know what else to call it. False flags are events humans create. The governments create a false flag, they blow up financial centers and then blame it on somebody else so they can go to war with that country. I mean, Israel's done that for years. "Oh, look what they did. They killed our athletes." You know, they killed their own. They do false flags for years. They create an event so that they can come around with their solution. And it's just politics, folks. Americans have been doing it as well. Americans brought down their own towers. Blame it on a towelhead in Saudi Arabia in a cave. I mean, come on, folks. And on CIA payroll. This is the stuff they do. Oklahoma City bombing. That was a government false flag.

This attack from Sirius is not a false flag. There's no human intervention or--I don't know if I should say intervention. Well, yeah, that'll work. Uh, there's no human involvement. They're not controlling it. It's going to happen. Because they're mad. Our latest mission in New York was highly, highly successful. And they are furious. And so, they want retaliation. And so, these Saurians from Sirius are planning to attack, make an attack on America.

So, interesting that the director who's coming out with a movie on this--I didn't even know there was somebody making a movie on it. Imagine my surprise. I had no idea that anybody else even knew what was going on. But he was killed in that temple. So apparently the government wants to keep things quiet. You know, they want the shock value, or--the thing, itself, that could always happen is that something that's planned gets knocked off the table for whatever reason. And, you know, I've seen that thousands of times over the years. They plan something and then knock it off the table. Delay it, don't do it, change their minds, you know, put it on the back burner. They do that all the time. So, I'm not seeing this being put on the back burner. I'm seeing this on the front burner. So, something interesting to watch out for.

The Aliens Are So Mad Because New York Was a Huge Power Base for All the Aliens on Earth and Orgone Is Destroying Them

If you don't have orgone in your areas, and you find yourself in the middle of an alien attack, alien assault on Earth, you're gonna hurt. 'Cause they're gonna fly right on top of your house. Now if you have orgoned areas, they're gonna stay out of them. They'll hit and run. Whatever their plan is, I don't know how--what their plan is to successfully pull off an attack on America when they know the orgone can destroy them. But they're gonna do it anyway. From everything I'm seeing, they're gonna do it anyway. It's almost like a suicide mission. They're gonna do it anyway. And so, that's what I'm seeing on the front burners, folks.

And if you're wondering why they're so mad about New York, it's because New York was a huge power base for all the aliens of the earth. Remember I told you the Bible Codes described New York as a barn. Because it kind of houses all the animals. You're gonna find every kind of animal in New York. You know, they live amongst us. If you've seen Men in Black--and I think I saw the first one. I never saw the others, but I'm sure the storyline's the same. And they go into pizza shops and, you know, two seconds into their meeting you realize the pizza shop owner's an alien and stuff like that. That's what it's like. That is what it's really like in New York. There're a bunch of aliens amongst the regular civilians there.

So it's been a huge stronghold of theirs on Earth since it was created, since New York was built. And New York, itself, was built on, or on top of, I should say, a huge alien base that was part of that island. It was a alien base deep below that island before New York was ever built on top of it. And that's why there was always so many tunnels. And you've seen them featured in movies in New York where they, you know, the alien in all these different types of alien movies. That's because those are true. They actually exist. Minus the theatrical value of whatever movies are. The storylines or whatever. There's always straight out facts that they show you in fiction format. So, very true about all the tunnels beneath there. Just never told you what the purpose was of those. That they all led to this huge alien base that pretty much dominates Westchester County. That entire county is literally right on top of the alien base. The alien base extends down into Times Square, as far down as Times Square, and over towards Pelham Bay and the Bronx. But pretty much dominates Westchester County.

We've Stirred Up a Hornet's Nest in New York with the Orgone - We Still Need Your Financial Donations to Tie Up the Loose Ends

And I talked about the brains at Fort Knox. Satan had these brains. I can't know, go into details on it. I don't understand them myself. I've seen them on alien movies, where they'll show these weird-looking brains and stuff. They exist. They had a brain in this base underneath Westchester County. They also had another one just like Fort Knox that they didn't know was there. Kind of separated itself away from the base in a separate area. Just like at Fort Knox where they had that one brain on like, the third level. And then there was a hidden brain on down like, the 14th or 15th level. This base was the same way, but they had different locations all together. The brain wasn't even part of the main base. It was separated off of the main base.

And so, they're mad. They're mad. We've stirred up a hornet's nest. They've lost their stronghold of New York. That base had been on fire since we left. Their being burned out of the tunnels. Their access to New York, their underground catacombs, habitations, whatever you wanna call them, being burned out of them. So they're mad. And they want revenge. And so, now we just sit and wait, basically. We wait for their retaliation. How far the Lord lets them go is up to Him. I just do what He asks, and so do His Warriors. We don't worry about their retaliation and revenge and all that. We just do our work, let Him take care of the rest.

And so, this is kind of what's evolving over the month of August. And I think the least amount I say about it, the better, actually. And so, that's why I'm just gonna be sticking to the Monday night shows for now. Unless they do something totally interesting, like arrive. [laughs] Come out from behind the scenes, from behind the curtain, and announce themselves. Until they do something interesting, I'll just stick to the Monday night shows. That would be interesting to me. Finally just see everything from behind the scenes come forward. Lift the curtain so everybody can see what's on the stage. And that's coming soon enough. That's coming soon enough.

But until then, there's loose ends that we need to tie up. So I still need your financial help to do that. My address in on my website,, or any of my websites, you can send in financial donations. Because it's getting good, folks. It's heating up. It's finally getting interesting. And I'm glad other people are onto it. I don't know who that director was, but he was onto the whole Sirius thing, whether he knows it or not. Might've had a few facts wrong, but he was onto it. He was far above everybody else.

The Revaluation of Currencies Is Around the Corner - You Can Profit from It Then by Buying Iraqi Dinars Now

One of the things I sent out this week--and I know some of you are gonna roll your eyes to the back of your heads--but I wanna talk about the financial global reset because it dominates behind the scenes as well. And depending on what circles you're reading and keeping an eye on or whatever of the alien agenda part, this global financial reset is a huge part to kick off their agenda. And masked right behind it is NESARA, which is the economic program of the beast. And that's on the tails of a global reset. And so, I sent out a notice to my list that the reevaluation of currencies is around the world and it's around the corner. Now they always pull this out--what they have planned to do is revalue all the world's currencies. Different countries that their currencies have been way undervalued for years. And what they wanna do is revalue them and make them worth more money than what they're actually worth now.

So what this would do for countries like Iraq, and Vietnam, and India, and these other countries that have been suppressed for so long, it makes their currencies more valuable on the world trading stage and economic stage. So it's good for them. But part of this global reset is the fact that they're getting away from paper money. Fiat money will no longer be accepted. It has to be--if your country has a currency, it has to be backed by a precious metal.

The United States, back when it was formed, our currency was backed by gold. But then they snuck in the federal treasury and it became worthless. It was no longer backed by gold. Became, what you call, paper money, worthless money, fiat money. Under the rules of this new financial global reset, fiat money's no longer acceptable anywhere in the world. So all these countries that have fiat money are gonna find their dollars worthless. They're going to be worthless. And you're going to see an economic crash as a result. And so, this is one of the things they've been getting ready for. And why they've been preparing to get ready for martial law here in America and the military in our streets. Because they assume that when the dollar crashes, there's going to be riots and chaos in the streets because of it.

No one knows when these countries' currencies are going to be reset, what they call, the global reset. No one knows exactly when it's gonna happen. And that's why everybody has just prepared for it. The banks are prepared. The military is preparing.

But you can also benefit off of all this that's coming. And I've talked about the Iraqi dinar before. And I have a link posted on my site, my list, for There's also other websites. If you buy a dinar, Iraqi dinars, make sure you're buying from a website that's backed by the U.S. Treasury. You don't wanna go to some scam site and get scammed out of your money. If it has a U.S. Treasury seal or they say they're backed by the U.S. Treasury, then you'd be safe to do business with them. But for 300 bucks, 600 bucks, even a thousand bucks--if you had a thousand bucks, you could buy one million Iraqi dinars. And when the global reset occurs, that one million that you have of Iraqi dinars will be worth about anywhere from three to seven million. So, for one thousand bucks--this is the way I understand it--your one thousand bucks all of a sudden becomes worth anywhere from three to seven million, folks. So, not a shabby investment. People've been calling it crazy for years. I've been kind of watching this thing since last year.

The Chinese Are Hugely Behind This Whole Global Reset

But the banks are behind it. There's four banks, Wells Fargo being the largest. And who owns Wells Fargo? The Chinese. That tells you the Chinese are hugely behind this whole global reset. And who did I tell you was aligned with this whole alien New Age agenda? The Chinese. Dragon race. It's all part of the New Age alien agenda, folks. And the Chinese are the ones behind it. They're the dominating force, I guess you could say, behind this New Age alien agenda. They're working hand in hand with Satan. So, you know. And as you watch events unfold, you're gonna start to see the Chinese hands more, and more, and more. I've told you they own the TV networks. They're the ones behind a lot of everything. They're taking over the banking, the government. You're gonna start seeing who's really pushing the strings behind the scenes. And you're gonna see it's the Chinese. And they're gonna be the ones enforcing Satan's rule on Earth.

Will the 1.6 Billion Muslims Believe that Their 12th Imam Mahdi Is Here Living in London?

And so, you know, I know one part of the agenda wants it to be an Islam controls the world type thing. And Maitreya's gonna come in and it's gonna be Islam. And that's a route, folks. It's certainly a route. Just not the dominant one. Not the one that makes complete and total sense, like what we're already experiencing with the Chinese New Age alien agenda. And so, I just think it's gonna be farfetched for 1.6 billion Muslims to accept that their mahdi, their prophesied 12th imam to come is actually already here and living in a suburb in London. I just--[laughs]--I wanna see them pull that one off. Seriously. [laughs] So that'll be interesting.

Another Route Is to Have Jesus (Sananda) Come, Quote the Bible, but Support the Koran

Another route is to just have Jesus come. I've been warning about this one for years. Sananda. And have him quote the Bible, but support the Koran, you know.
You have Jesus who looks like the Jesus that everybody hangs up in the churches. Of course, that's just Sananda. But you have him, you have his appearance, his looks, his style, but you have him supporting the Koran. That one would be really, probably really good deceptionwise. Of course, it would tick off a lot of Christians. And that's why they plan on getting rid of Christians. It's easier to get rid of, you know, 10, 20 million people in America who would die for their faith, than to get rid of 1.6 billion Muslims. And so, that's what they plan to do. Come after the Christians. Get rid of the bigmouths that don't accept Sananda as the Son of God. So, different scenaos--different scenaos--oh, a new word. Different scenarios coming up to keep an eye on.

Get Ready with the Orgone - Make Orgone Pipes and Point Them at the Sky and at UFOs - Orgone the Deserts

And this whole Sirius attack, which is interesting. If you have pipes. Point them up toward the sky. Orgone pipes. If you haven't made orgone pipes, you might wanna start. I know I sell the 1-inch ones off my website, and make those--if you can get 1-1/2 or 2 inch size copper pipes in your state, make your own pipes, folks. Get those 1-1/2 and 2 inch because they're much more powerful than just the 1 inch pipes. You can put more crystals in them, more powerful crystals in them.

And get ready. You can wave them at UFOs as they're coming over your area. Just point them at a UFO. It's like a blue sword of fire, literally. If you could see it in the spiritual realm, and you hold up a orgone pipe, it looks like a blue sword of fire. And just aim it at a UFO. Point it at them. And so, bullets and guns aren't gonna do anything with dimensional objects, folks, and dimensional beings. The orgone will. So orgone burns it and destroys them.

So, you know, get ready, folks. Get ready. We very well could have a alien attack here on Earth withing the next month, and so. Get ready with the orgone pipes. Get ready with the orgone in your yard so they won't even come in your area. You know, if they fly over orgoned areas, what they least expect to be an orgoned area, which would be the deserts, definitely need to orgone the deserts. I've been working on that one. Trying to get people to go out and orgone the deserts, because that's where the UFOs are gonna go. They're gonna come from the deserts. Let them get hit with orgone in the deserts and crash before they even reach the cities, so. Anyway, just a heads up on that, folks. To prepare. And just watch and wait and see what the Lord will do.

Anyway, until then, folks, I will be back Monday night at 10 o'clock next week. Will not be doing a show Thursday for the rest of the month, unless, like I said, something interesting happens.

Anyway, until next week everybody. Yah bless.


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