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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
August 13, 2012


The Filmmaker Killed in the Sikh Shooting Had Ties to the CSETI Organization

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it is August 13. And slowly reaching towards the end of the month. And so, it's gonna be interesting, folks. Couple things I wanna talk about. [sighs heavily] Where to start, where to start...?

Couple things happening. And, Kind of talked about it last week with the Sirius invasion. And what I was seeing in the Codes in regards to the Sirius invasion.  I don't even know where to begin. Um...I mentioned, last week, about the filmmaker's father who was killed in that Sikh temple false flag that happened in Wisconsin. And he was making a movie also about the coming Sirius invasion. I didn't see the trailer, so I would assume that's what it's about. But what I found interesting, and was talking to some sources earlier today, is that CSETI, the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrials [Extraterrestrial Intelligence], it's run by Steven Greer, this filmmaker has ties to CSETI. []

And so, what happened is our government is fighting against CSETI because CSETI wants to take control of the alien agenda. They wanna be the ones in charge. And so, they're kind of fighting with the government over, basically, the information that's being allowed out, I guess you could say. So it's kind of factional fighting between the groups, I guess you could say.

CSETI and Other New Age Groups Have Resorts and Retreat Centers Where They Soul-Scalp People

And the reason I mention it is because... I was watching this show a couple weeks ago. I just happened to be on. And it was talking about this guy out in Washington, over by Mount Rainer. And he has kind of like this New Age retreat kind of thing. And these people--you're all welcome to go over there and sit at night and watch the UFO show from Mount Rainer. 'Cause there's a huge UFO base inside the mount there. And every night the UFOs will start streaming out of the mountain, itself. And so, people set up chairs. And they go there and do rituals, and dancing, and whatever New Age blah-blah stuff you do.

But I find it interesting because I was given a warning earlier. And these little New Age Mecca-type retreat places like this one out in Washington where they invite you to come and watch the UFOs, a lot of the people that front these places are actually members of CSETI, this organization. And the organization itself, CSETI, is pretty vast. It's university professors. It's, you know, big people, little people. Kind of a fragmented organization, loosely-knit all the way around the world. Kind of like a New Age Mecca-type thing.

But they welcome you. They're very friendly, obviously. They welcome you out to the retreats, their ranches, whatever. And they're all about, you know, awakening, and enlightenment, and, you know aliens-are-our-friends type of people. But they're scalping people. And I know you're all very shocked about this. But they invite people in and then these people end up getting soul-scalped while they're there. And so, stay away from the New Age resorts, the New Age retreat centers, any kind of person that talks about being awakened or being enlightened. Those are buzzwords for the New Agers. Because, usually, the end result in the New Age movement is soul-scalping. You end up being soul-scalped and replaced by an alien.

And so, a shout-out warning to the people, in general, because, you know, we know this goes on. But it's such a massive scale. I mean, I have never liked Steven Greer. Just totally soulless black eyes. He runs The Disclosure Project. Tried to get on my F-book [Facebook] list. I wouldn't let him on. Just bad news, folks. And this is why. And this isn't even from something I found in the Bible Codes. This is something I'm hearing from government people, themselves, and so. You know, CSETI, the Center for Studies of Extraterrestrials, basically a center for deceiving gullible people and soul-scalping them. So, heads up on that, folks.

Our Government Is in a Panic Because the Second Sun, Brown Dwarf Star, Is Coming In

A couple years ago...I don't even know when, it's been so long...I talked about this scenario that I had seen in the Bible Codes. And it involved Dayton, Ohio. And I think--wow, this is probably back 2005, maybe, 2006 at the lastest, maybe, when I'd seen this in the Codes and talked about it. Something about a ship coming in or a comet coming in, and the government using their facilities in Dayton, Ohio to attack and blow up this incoming object. It's a ship, a starship, a comet, whatever it is. And it's been a long time since I'd seen that in the Codes. And it's been coming back recently.

And, you know, a lot of people aren't even--you ask them, "What's going on with Dayton, Ohio?" and you're getting the deer-look in the headlights look. But something that's coming up, it's ahead. I don't know exactly what Dayton's role is in it, but what's going on is this. And tonight I'm gonna talk about what people need to start waking up to. And I've talked about it before. The second sun. The arrival of the BDS, the Brown Dwarf Star. People refer to it as the second sun.

It is not Planet Nibiru. Planet Nibiru is red. It has a red tail dust behind it. It's also been--for those who have telescopes and things, have said they've seen it, it's kind of in the shape of a tombstone. And so, the second sun is not Nibiru. And you're starting to see a lot of YouTube videos on Nibiru coming in. It's not Nibiru, folks. Nibiru was supposed to come in last year, and we burned it out of the skies with the orgone. It had to reverse direction, leave our northern atmosphere, and it headed south. And so, it's been sitting in the southern hemisphere since then. You might see it from Australia, New Zealand, somewhere in the extreme southern part of our hemispheres. But you're not gonna see it up here where we are, the northern hemisphere.

What is coming in, and has our government in a panic, is the second sun, is the BDS, the Brown Dwarf Star. And this's coming up on the horizon here, folks. It's been coming in for a long time. And when Nibiru retreated, so did the second sun. But it just stayed in its rightful place behind the real sun. We're gonna see it moving and coming closer to the earth.

The Lord Has Been Deflecting Enemy Laser Beams Away from His Planet, the Brown Dwarf Star

And the government, itself, has been fighting against this planet. And, of course, they hide it all with chemtrails. Especially in the mornings. They don't want people to see the second sun even though there's pictures that have already been snapped around the entire world of the second sun. They've been fighting against it. And, from my own sources telling me that, you know, our Space Command has their own UFO starship-type fleets. And they're, you know, lined up with alien technology. They can shoot lasers, and beams, and look like, you know, a viable UFO force. But it's just humans in alien craft, basically. And they've been trying to shoot beams and destroy this second sun. They've been at war with the arrival of the second sun, this BDS, Brown Dwarf Star. And what the Lord's been doing is He's been deflecting their beams back at them and blowing the ships up. [laughs] Which serves them right.

It's almost mind-boggling to realize that since the 1980s, Reagan's threat from space he was talking about, which was his justification for building a Star Wars system, was the fact that they have known all along the same thing I've been trying to teach the Lord's people. That there is a planet, this moon, this BDS, Brown Dwarf Star, that belongs to Yah. It's His planet. And they're trying to destroy it. They've been spending trillions on weapon systems and alien tech to figure out a way so that when it arrives closer to our earth they can blow it up and destroy it. And even has gone so far--they know Bible prophecies, at the war of Armageddon, when Yahushua descends on earth with the clouds from heaven, the saints--developing tech to battle against Him at the war of Armageddon with this tech they've been spending billions and trillions on. They've been quite busy.

Now if you're sitting in my shoes, it's laughable. [laughs] Anyone who knows Bible prophecy, student of the Bible, even knows the Lord and loves the Lord, knows it's laughable. Satan can't blow up Yahushua, the Son of God, or God. And so, it's almost a fruitless effort. I guess it keeps him busy. I mean, he spent centuries, thousands of years, trillions of dollars trying to come up with technology that he can blow up The Most High? [laughs] It is laughable. And so--but this is what we're dealing with. I mean, we don't have free education, and free health, and everything else we could've had, because of all the money they siphon into these insane stupidity projects.

So, what I'm seeing is that this whole--you know, years ago when I first saw it, I wasn't sure what they were fighting against. I knew Dayton, Ohio was involved, and that the government was gonna be involved, and they were gonna blow up some kind of object out of the sky. And you know what? We've had numerous movies put out since then, you know, with...oh, I can't even think of his name...Bruce Willis, and others, Armageddon and all those movies. The threat from space, I guess you could say. But in this case, their threat from space isn't an alien craft, it's not an asteroid, it's not a huge comet coming in to threaten mankind. It's actually the Brown Dwarf Star, itself. And so, I find it amusing. Things are heating up with that.

The Brown Dwarf Star Is Not Heaven

You know, I wrote articles on the second sun and the Brown Dwarf Star. [Two Suns? Is The Dwarf Star Really Planet X?] [The Brown Dwarf Star - Is Our Redemption Near?] And I wanna clarify to all of churchdom out there that the Brown Dwarf Star is not heaven. Usually when you hear people trying to rebut my articles or whatever, they simply don't understand what's being said. And they misquote me. They tear everything I write to shreds, misquoting it to death. Because they don't understand.

In Enoch, book 2, chapter 70:1-4. Says,

1 And it came to pass after this that his name during his lifetime was raised aloft to that Son of 2 Man and to the Lord of Spirits from amongst those who dwell on the earth. And he was raised aloft 3 on the chariots of the spirit and his name vanished among them. And from that day I was no longer numbered amongst them: and he set me between the two winds, between the North and the 4 West, where the angels took the cords to measure for me the place for the elect and righteous. And there I saw the first fathers and the righteous who from the beginning dwell in that place.

There is a planet that has been created. And it's not heaven, itself. It's a prepared place for the Elect. The first fathers, the righteous, the Elect. And it's kind of like a interim place, I guess you could say. Now after Yahushua died and rose on the cross, and defeated death, and all that He emptied Sheol, upper Sheol of the righteous people. He took them to heaven with Him. I'm sure the people that were on that interim planet at that time were taken into heaven with Him as well. But that interim planet that Enoch describes still has always been there. And this planet is one where the Elect will be taken to.

Now, you know, people always say, "The Lord's not coming on a planet, He's coming in the clouds." That's a separate arrival, folks. The Lord comes with the saints at the war of Armageddon. That's not even the same subject. That's, you know, that's down the road a little bit yet. The understanding is, is that there are two groups of 144,000. And if you read in Revelation, chapter 7, I think it is, is when the 144,000 are sealed on Earth. Happens after the sixth seal.

The Churches Don't Teach that There are Two Separate Groups of 144,000

But what it doesn't come out and--or the church has mangled to death--is the fact that there are two groups of 144,000. There are the 144,000 sealed on Earth. And if you go back into Revelation, I believe it's chapter 14, there is a huge group in heaven standing with the Lord. He writes His name on their forehead. They learn the song on Moses. This is the first group of 144,000 that I'm referring to. Now the second group is pretty well spelled out. 12,000 from each of the tribes of Israel. That's spelled out in Revelation, chapter 7. But the one that isn't specifically spelled out as 12,000 from each tribe is just a huge group standing in heaven, is the group of the Elect, the first group of 144,000.

Now I have an article on my website,, if you read my articles page, on the two groups of 144,000. [Yahweh's Warriors:
The Two Armies of 144,000] Because this is, you know, the churches don't teach the book of Revelation, they don't teach Bible prophecy, they mangle everything to death. And the ones that do set themselves up as prophecy gurus are self-avowed Masons. They're 33rd-, 32nd-degree Masons. They worship Lucifer. And so, they only want you to know a very limited amount of prophecy. And that's why you don't learn much of it from the seminaries, which I call cemetaries, or self-proclaimed gurus like Hal Lindsey and the others. But either way, these are things that people need to wake up and start learning because these are truths that are coming full speed ahead at us.

This Brown Dwarf Star, this second sun (which people call the second sun) is coming towards the earth. And as it comes closer to Earth, you're going to see our government in a panic and literally try to blow this thing up. And I'm not talking about from, you know, UFO starships like they've been doing now and getting nowhere with. We could literally perhaps see them sending missiles from the earth towards space. And what they're gonna do is they're gonna tell people, "Oh, there's an asteroid coming," "There's a comet coming. We need to blow it up," "It's threatening our existence." It's actually this second sun that's coming in. And so, it's gonna be a battle. And that's what I've been seeing in the Bible Codes.

I did an article, Two Suns? Is the Dwarf Star Really Planet X? [] And like I state in this article, folks, the second sun is not Planet X. It is not a red planet. It is not in the shape of a tombstone. It does not have a system with it. It does not have a red tail dust. It's simply a interim planet, so to speak. Because what happens is this first group of 144,000, what the Bible refers to as the firstborn, the Elect. They are taken off of the earth. And this interim planet is where they go to. And during this time, Babylon will be destroyed on the earth when they're gone. And the second group will be sealed on Earth.

Sometime shortly after the second group is sealed on Earth, the first group will return. And they will have glorified bodies. These are people who never died. They were simply taken off the earth without ever tasting death, without ever being killed. And they come back to help, be helpers and assist the 144,000 that are sealed on Earth. And they also do other things for the Lord during that time. But most people can't even grasp the fact that there's two separate groups.

Our Governments Are at War with the Brown Dwarf Star

So that's what I wanna do tonight is just to give a shout out on exactly what this second sun is, this Brown Dwarf Star. Because our governments are at war with it. They are at war with Yahushua. And we're gonna start seeing some interesting things happening as they gear up to lead the world into thinking that there's some threat from space. Well, you know what? If you love the Lord, you're not threatened by His arrival, by the presence of a planet of His. Only the wicked and evil would be threatened by it, and they are. So that's one of the things going on right now kind of behind the scenes is them gearing up and getting ready to come up with better weapons and do something more potent and viable to try to destroy this Brown Dwarf Star. Because what they're trying now with their little UFO ships with laser beams isn't working. [laughs]

There Is a Comet Coming in Supposedly Bringing in Sananda, or Perhaps, Maitreya

Another thing is there is a comet coming in. And, remember I've said comets are carriers? They're, you know, they're like alien airplanes. They bring in aliens from different parts of our universe or whatever. And bring them into our atmosphere. And so, it's interesting that a comet is scheduled to come in. I don't know what the name of it is, whatever NASA feels like giving it. They know it's coming. And this comet is supposedly bringing in Sananda.

Now I don't know if it's bringing in Maitreya or Sananda. But I do know what's back on the table. And I've been mentioning, last couple of weeks, that Maitreya's been popping back up in the Codes. His role, that died for a while there, is being revived. I don't know if it's the real Maitreya. But the role, itself, of a beast playing the person, position of Maitreya is being revived.

And not only that, but if you look in the east in the mornings, you're see a very low to the earth white, huge star. And this is Shema, the 10,000-light-bulb ship that I had destroyed couple years ago with the orgone. It was caught on fire. They've been working for the past several years trying to restore Shema. Well, they've got it working back now to a functional level. Because it's fake. [laughs] They've been taking parts and equipment and trying to restore the thing for years. You'll see it start to turn it's lights on. Usually in the east coast it's about 4 or 5 a.m. I don't know about the west coast. But usually in the east coast, about 4 or 5 a.m., you can look east and see them turn the lights on for Shema. And this is the star that Maitreya wants to announce to the world his arrival. That was the original intent and plan of Shema. And from what I can tell, it's still the same plan. There was a commercial on the National Geographic channel two days ago, and it was talking about the star, the sign of Maitreya's arrival. And so, they're trying to revive all of that all over again.

And so, here we go with Maitreya. Now, Sananda, I believe, still believe, he will arrive on 9/11. Maitreya could use this sign, this fake star to announce his arrival around Christmastime. Because that kind of goes along with the whole Yahushua being born in Bethlehem and the star in the east announcing his birth on Earth. Maitreya's using the same thing except his is a manufactured light bulb piece of...I don't know what you'd call it. Some kind of apparatus. But he's gonna use that star to announce his arrival. So I assume he would probably try to mimic the same date, which would be Christmas, December 25.

If this is the case, then we're gonna see the one beast arrive in September. Which I still believe is on. I believe he's coming. No doubts about it. No screwups like last year. Nothing in the way to stop him. Just green light, bring it on, here comes Sananda preaching the Koran, acting like the churches savior. I believe he's coming in September, the light's still on for that. And then you can watch for Maitreya's arrival in December. They're not gonna come at the same time, I don't believe. I think the way that their routes, things the way set up right now, are the fact that they'll be a couple months apart.

Now, remember I said that Sananda always reminds me of the arrival of the pale horse. Because when the pale horse arrives, hell comes with him. And there's all kinds of plagues, and death, and destruction, and pestilences when the pale horse rider arrives. It's kind of like he brings destruction with him and, at the same time, Yahuah's wrath just rains down on the earth because the beast is here, too. So kind of like a double whammy.

Sananda Will Probably Retain the Role of False Prophet

Shortly after Sananda's arrival in September, and I don't know if there will be weeks in between, or a couple months, but shortly after his arrival is when you're gonna begin to see Giant invasions on Earth, the Locusts arriving. And you can read about the Locusts in Revelation, chapter 9. And so, when I'm in the Bible Codes working like they're back-to-back events. So, I'm not sure how much time is in between them. I just know eventwise, when the Lord shows me events in the Bible Codes it's Sananda and Locusts. They're kind of hand in hand. And we read about Locusts in Revelation 9. And you read about Sananda in Revelation, chapter 13 as one of the two beasts.

Now what roles they'll play, you know, uh, you know, Sananda was originally supposed to be the False Prophet. And I still think he'll probably retain that role. And Maitreya will come in and he'll take over as the first beast of Revelation. Because Sananda's tied in with Rome. I see him tied in with the pope, and the Vatican, and all that in Rome. And, you know, other outside confirmations that things and people that aren't even close to Bible prophecy are understanding what it is, confirming the same things.

I know his starship, the Capricorn, is often over at the Vatican, because we chased it out of Utah. [laughs] Chased it to the Vatican. And that's kind of where it's been hanging out. Also goes to Quebec, Canada. I don't think it makes the loop anymore to Utah. Used to do like, a Utah, Quebec, and Vatican kind of loop. And I don't think it's--I think it's pretty much been staying out of Utah since we orgoned that area. Kind of been staying with Quebec and the Vatican. Something with Quebec. Comes up in the Codes on occasion. And so, I know they still have some kind of a stronghold there in Canada. So the Orgone Warriors need to saturate Quebec as much as possible with orgone. Keep them out of your country. So those two thing, basically, are what's on the table right now that we're looking at.

New York City Will Be the Place to Find Work When the Aliens Give Up and Leave - Huge, Huge Crowning Achievement

New York City, very amusing. They're burning. They're suffering in New York. And there's going to be, you know, people leaving. It's gonna be the place to go find work if you're a human, because the aliens aren't gonna be able to take New York City much longer. And they're gonna give it up as a stronghold and leave. And so, kind of like the final nail in the coffin as far as holding onto strongholds in America. I know they have a few more. And I'm working on those. I can only work and move as fast as I have the finances to do so.

And so, folks, I still need your financial support so that we can get the supplies we need and do the things we need to do while there's still time. There's little time left. I mean, I have things on the board that we wanna get done. If they get done, great. If they don't, well, they would've, could've, should've. And that's where they'll stay because we just didn't get to them. But the only reason, the only thing tying my hands from gettng things done is finances. It's not like I'm not willing to do it. I have plenty of Warriors willing to do things, we just need to be able to get the orgone made and stuff done that we need. And it takes thousands of dollars to do that.

But if I had to leave Earth tomorrow, I'd be smiling all the way just knowing we got the main nail on the coffin, which was New York City. It was a crowning achievement, folks. Huge, huge, huge crowning achievement. And I thank every person who donated and made that possible. 'Cause that was huge. That was huge. Most of you won't even know the full extent until it's revealed in heaven. And it will be. These things will all be revealed later. And we can all sit and laugh then. Right now it's just kind of a lot of work. And it's recovering, and getting back to work, and moving on.

I Was Seeing "Snow" in the Codes for August - Snow in South Africa Last Week - Ask Yah to Crank Up the Orgone

You know, I was seeing "snow" in the Codes for August. And I thought, "How crazy is that?" And so, I never said anything about it. And here, from a person on my list that lives in South Africa, last week, they were having snow. In South Africa. Snowing--now first of all, it's never snowed in Africa. They don't even know what snow looks like, till now. Because it was snowing in South Africa last week. And from what I can tell, we could very well be seeing snow in September here in Babylon. And September in Babylon, Hebrew times, it can be anywhere from like, August 19 to September 19. So we could actually be seeing snow this early.

And they want snow because, for them, the cold air suppresses the orgone. This is kind of like a, I think it's a alien myth, because all we have to do is ask the Lord to crank up the orgone through the snow so that it still torches and torments them. [laughs] It's not like, "Oh, well. There's the one defeat-all; snow. Snow defeats orgone! Let's get some snow all over the Midwest!" No, it's not gonna stop orgone, 'cause all we have to do is ask the Lord to crank it up. But anyway, they like their little myths, so they can hold onto them. We could be looking at possible snow in America, sometime before the 19th of September. Just saying it's a possibility.

There Is an Ambassador on the Incoming Comet

I don't know when this comet's coming in. I haven't heard NASA mentioning anything about the comet yet. Don't know why they're being all hush-hush about it. Maybe they're not sure it's gonna come this way yet. Maybe they don't know Sananda's plans. I don't know. I'm not even sure Sananda's on the comet. What I am sure is there is an ambassador on it. There's some kind of important figure on it. I don't know if it's Sananda. But it's one of their ambassadors. So one of their ambassadors is on the comet. And that's what I was thinking, "Why would Sananda be on a comet when he's on the Capricorn?" I don't know, you know. [laughs] I don't think it's Sananda on the comet. I think it's somebody else. Maybe it's Maitreya. I don't know. I'll be seeing more, as the weeks progress, about this comet.

The Saurians Are Furious Because the Orgone Is Forcing Them from Their Homes

Waiting to see some more on this Saurian invasion. Seems odd that since I mentioned it in the last show, it's gone quiet in the Codes. Have not seen it in the Codes since I mentioned it. And so, that's interesting.

But the star, Sirius, is one of the lowest stars towards the earth. When you look out at the night sky, it's a very bright star. One of the lowest ones towards Earth. And they've been the most affected by the orgone. And so, they're furious because they're losing their star system. This Sirius A and Sirius B. They're losing their home. They're getting burned out of it. They're gonna be displaced.

And I'm seeing this happen with alien factions everywhere. They're getting displaced out of their homes. Especially these aliens in underground bases that we've been targeting. They either die or run. And so, when they run, they're displaced. They don't have another place to go right away. They're not all friends and live in a alien la-la like, you know, they all hate each other, and so. You know, it's not what the New Agers want you to think. It's not enlightenment and awakening. It's hatred, and envy, and greed. They all fight against each other. They all hate each other. When they get displaced out of one home, they gotta find another one to get into, you know. And not easy for them 'cause they have so many enemies.

Satan's kingdom is very divided. It's not a unity. It's not a union at all. And so, see a lot of displacement happening. Not just with the aliens under the earth, but also with the aliens above the earth in the sky. Losing their homes because the orgone was burning the air. Burning the air they need to survive. So it kind of messes with--kind of everything culminating with this Revelation, chapter 12, where Michael casts Satan to Earth. You know, he gets into a war with the aliens in heaven and casts Satan to Earth. Kind of starting to see that culmination coming to fulfillment here. Because come September, it's gonna be hard for any of them to stay in the air.

The Aliens Don't Allow the Humans to Use the Underground Shuttle Systems They Helped Build

You know, I've had people--you know, when I was talking about how they would be leaving on ships, getting away from this country on ships, couple people making note, you know, "Why don't they just fly? Why are they leaving in ships? Why don't they just fly?" Well, it's because the atmosphere is gonna become so unstable for them, they're not gonna trust it. They're not gonna be able to trust it. So they're gonna go back to ground travel. Ship travel.

And another one was, you know, "With this underground subterranean shuttle system, where these underground subways travel at Mach speeds, why don't they take those?" The amusing thing of that is that we've probably paid for every bit of that with tax dollars. Black projects, trillions of dollars, putting in this underground sub-Mach-par speed subways that can travel the earth in minutes and they're not allowed on it. [laughs] That's the gratitude they get from the aliens. They build it for them, but they're not allowed on it. Aliens don't let them on it. They don't want them near it.

And so, you'll see world leaders flying in their little Air Force Ones and their little whatever airplanes around the world because the aliens won't let them on the subterranean subway systems. Although they were built by them for them. So, very elitist these aliens are. You know, "Thanks for building that. Not get lost!" you know, type of thing. And they've been doing that with our underground bases for years.

Another Faction's Been Going to War Against the New World Order and Blowing Up Their Underground Bases

You know, they'll talk the government into building a joint base where they can share technology with our military. And so, they'll build these huge, what they think are gonna be joint bases, where technology can be transferred from the aliens to the humans. And what happens is, after the intial technology has been taught to the humans, or given to them, they kick them out of the base and take over the base. We're up to, I think, 400 bases now. Because our government never learned the first time. So they keep building all these underground bases for the aliens at an expense of trillions, and so. You know, they don't learn, which is obvious. And they have no recourse to fight against the aliens who kicked them out of their bases. And so, they just whimper off and build another one. And then the aliens take over that one. It's kind of like an endless underground war.

Another faction's been stepping up and in and going to war against the New World Order cabal that's been making all these bases all under the earth. All of them have been blown up, sealed up. That's why they can't trust those either. I mean, they built all these underground cities. I call them bases, but they're actually cities, folks. Some of them are 30 miles in diameter. They have cars underneath the ground so that people can drive from point A to B to C. Because when you have 30-mile-long bases. So they have roads, and vehicles, and highways underneath in these underground cities.

And the elitists, the elites had initially built these for their families so when pesky threats such as the BDS, the Brown Dwarf Star, comes in they can run and hide. And, of course, they would need to because just anything from the sheer presence of the Lord, Himself, would scare them underground. But it's not gonna do them a bit of good because those bases are being blown up. They're being sealed up. They're being destroyed. And that's why you see these movies like 2012 that came out, where they're all jumping on those ships and going to India.

Get Busy, Warriors, Because They're Running to South Africa - Another Orgone Mission

Another reason why you're not seeing them run underneath the ground to their billion-dollar underground cities they've built; because they're not safe. They're not safe. The safest place they're gonna find themselves is in the mercy of a ship. The air's not gonna be safe. The underground's not gonna be safe. They're gonna be in the mercy of their man-made ships when crap hits the fan. The one place they never thought they'd be. So it's all very amusing.

And they'll all be heading to South Africa. South Africa has, basically, I think, the highest elevation? Maybe not in the world, but apparently it's conducive to their survival. South Africa. And so, you're seeing a lot of Nestle, and a lot of CEOs from various corporations, heading to South Africa. They're buying up land, they're building houses, they're getting ready to run and have safe havens in South Africa.

And so, I only have three words for that: get busy, folks. [laughs] Because they might be able to escape air travel and underground travel and living, but they can't escape the Orgone Warriors. 'Cause I know we have Orgone Warriors in Africa. So, our Orgone Warriors in Africa need to get busy. And need to start plummeting southern Africa with orgone. So, another mission on the boards. And, you know, more for us to do. And so, like I said, folks, short time for a lot of things. And I'll tell you what? Shipping orgone to Africa is outrageously expensive. Outrageous. A hundred dollars just for a little box. So it's just outrageously expensive. But we can do it. We can get it done. We just need the help to do it. So I need your financial support.

Target Their New Age Playgrounds Like Mount Ranier - Get Reservoirs and Lakes in Mountain Ranges Especially

Another thing is targeting these New Age playgrounds they have springing up all over the place. Asheville, North Carolina; Mount Mitchell, Maggie Valley, whatever they call it. You've got Mount Ranier in Washington. And I need Warriors to stand up and get that Mount Ranier and surrounding forests there. You've got Olympic National Park, Olympic National Forest. We have Mount Ranier National Park. These areas all need orgoned, folks. And especially if you live near a lake or a river, throw orgone in it. If everybody did that, we could cover 50-, 60-percent of the water in this country. Protect it for humans to drink, and make it poisonous for aliens. It kills them, destroys them.

And so, you know, when you're in mountain ranges, and you see water reservoirs, that's because there's bases, there's alien bases in the mountain ranges. And they often use the reservoirs as exit and entrance points to the bases. They come up out of the water at night. And so, we need to orgone every kind of water source you can find. Reservoirs, lakes. Especially in mountain ranges. These national forests, I could keep busy in the state of Washington for a year, I'm sure. But I don't even have that kind of time. So I need Warriors that can stand up and help cover Washington, the whole Mount Ranier area. There's also the Mel's Hole area out that way. And I'm willing to do whatever I can to help the Warriors out that way as well. Another thing that Yah has us putting on the board. It's like, you've got some time, get this done, get this done, get that done. Like I said, if we don't, it's there. If we do, awesome.

When I Asked the Lord What I Should Do, He Said, "Sit Back and Watch"

In the meantime we've got, you know, the second sun coming in closer to the earth. The government in a panic. You've got some kind of alien ambassador coming in on a comet. There's a lot of things heating up, folks. This is gonna be an interesting month. This is getting fun. You know, when I asked the Lord, last week, "What should I do?" He said, "Sit back and watch." Sit back and watch. So there's gonna be a lot of things coming up within a short amount of time. But at the same time while we're sitting and watching, we can be busy doing things. So we need to be busy. We need to be busy, folks.

Expect Sananda and Maitreya - One in September and One in December

Global reset coming, probably around the time Sananda does. I don't know if our orgone pipes and things are gonna be able to take out this restored Shema. Because it's all just tech. It's like it's not even a real starship. It's like a manufactured light bulb. And so, you can try pointing your pipes and stuff at it. That's what destroyed the original Shema. And now we kind of like, have the restored and repaired Shema 2. I'm not sure if orgone's gonna be able to...what it can do to the restored Shema. It's made of manufactured human parts, and so...I don't know.

But you can see it turned on. They turn it on about 4 or 5 a.m. in the east. Huge star in the east. So, that's Maitreya's sign. [laughs] Maybe he's the one coming in September and they'll switch roles. 'Cause they hate it when I'm right about anything so they switch routes about stuff. That's why they change their plans so much. He can very well be the one that comes in September and then Sananda comes in December. It wouldn't surprise me if they switch up the roles. I mean, all I can do is call it as I see it. And this is the way it's going now, but next week it could all change into a different route. And so, you know, it is what it is, folks. We just have to watch it and analyze it as it's happening, so.

Maitreya's the one with the dark hair. He's the tall one with the dark hair. And Sananda's the one that looks like Jesus of the Bible. The picture hanging in churches today, that's Sananda. He's not Jesus. That's Jesus Sananda. I mean, think about it, folks. Everybody knows Jesus is a translated name from the Greek. But how do you get Jesus from Yahushua? The proper translation would've been Joshua. Because his name is Yahushua. And so, the proper translation would've been Joshua; the closest. So why'd they pick Jesus? It was like giving you Satan's general, Jesus, that's why. You worship in the name of Jesus? Jesus is Satan's guy's name. Worship in the name of Yahushua. The real Son of God.

It's so hard to wake up people in churches today and tell them, "Call Him by His real name." And that's why so many of them are just so clueless as to the things that are happening because they have no idea. And they think when the Lord stands people up like me to speak truth, they think you're whack. They won't ask the Lord, Himself, if you're speaking truth, they just assume you're not. They're digging into their own apostasies and errors to put together their own reasonings and beliefs. Instead of sitting at the feet of The Most High.

So, anyway, this is what we're up against, folks. And I'm gonna be in the Codes during the week to see what else the Lord wants to reveal. But right now it's getting interesting. Just kind of sitting here waiting for the arrival of Sananda, which will probably be a few weeks away.

Anyway, until next week, folks. Be back Monday at 10 o'clock. Running out of time here. Be back next Monday night at 10 o'clock. Until then. Yah bless, everybody.


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