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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
August 20, 2012


The Economic Crash Is About to Hit - Take Your Mind off the Bad Things Coming by Tossing Some Orgone

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's August 20. And this is when it gets interesting, folks. I've been waiting for the end of this month to come, and so here we almost are. So it's gonna start getting fun. Fun for us, because we're always on the defensive and offensive, working to teardown the strongholds of Satan.

But other than that, I don't have any good news because everything coming is going to affect people negatively one way or another. You know, there's no nice way to say, "Hey, folks, get ready for the economic crash. It's about to hit." But that's exactly what's happening, and so. You know what? Just take your mind off the bad things that are coming by going out and tossing some orgone. Know you're destroying Satan's strongholds, his kingdom, one alien at a time, with the orgone pucks. It's truly the only laugh I get. Because when you look at all the destruction that they're causing and is gonna be caused, coming soon, it's really disheartening to deal with. Hard to deal with, and so. But that's what's coming, folks. And looking at an economic crash coming.

The Social Security Administration Is Buying Hollow Point Bullets to Protect Themselves When Government Services Stop

And a lot of people have been sending out YouTube videos about, you know, foreign troops here preparing. And that's true. And FEMA camps. And that's true. And, you know, if you think about it, they're obviously getting ready for chaos. Chaos in the streets. Well, if they crash the government within the next week or two, make some kind of announcement that, "Hey, we're bankrupt. We can't pay our bills," or something, after they've bailed out bankers, and given CEOs millions in bonuses, and they've all bought up their 4th, 5th, and 6th homes, working on ships, and everything else.

They're gonna tell the masses they can't pay their bills. And so, with that going into effect, I know a huge chunk of America right now is dependent on Welfare services to even eat right now. So many unemployed--don't listen to their lies, their numbers, "Oh, we're at 8-percent unemployment." It's more like 28-, 38-percent. They're very ridiculously high. And they always fudge the numbers to make themselves sound better. But if you live in America, you know what the score is. Lot's of unemployed, lots of people dependent on Welfare, lots of people losing their homes, a lot of foreclosures. And that's the real story.

So, imagine if they say, before the end of this month, that they can't pay their bills for next month, what happens. The Welfare cards aren't charged and these people can't go to the stores and get food for the next month. That would cause a lot of anger. And, seriously, why would the Social Security Administration need to go out and buy hundreds of thousands of hollow point bullets? Since when has anyone who ever worked for Social Security needed to protect themselves? Have they ever been worried about the safety of their lives?

They're bureaucrats. They work in government buildings. It's not like they make housecalls and hand people their Social Security checks. Unless they expect retribution. And why would they expect retribution unless they had millions of people mad that they're not getting their Welfare checks? Maybe that's it, huh? They stop Welfare, they stop Social Security, which means health card benefits don't go out either. And so, all of these government services just seem to freeze and stop overnight. That would cause some chaos. Some angry citizens.

That's my guess. I'm just looking ahead here a little bit because all this stuff that's been happening--and the Lord said it would happen fairly quickly once they do start to begin--these are the kinds of things you can expect based on watching what their actions are. On their own actions. They're buying more riot gear protection. Social Security Administration's buying hollow point bullets. That'll tell you what kind of bullets to be buying, because if they're buying hollow point, that means they're the most effective.

Expect an Economic Crash Within Two Weeks - The Big Guys Like George Soros Are Dumping Their Stocks and Buying Gold

So anyway, I'm looking at--and this isn't a "Thus saith the Lord," folks, this is just based on their actions. It wouldn't surprise me to see an economic crash within two weeks. Especially with Soros, at the end of last week, dumping over a hundred million in financial bank stocks and buying over a hundred thirty million in gold. So they're dumping their financial stocks.

If you have any stocks in the stock market, it would be wise to get out of them while you can and invest in gold. Been saying that forever, but when you see the big guys doing it, maybe that will get people moving, because they know the crash is coming. And also with the Euro. The Euro and the dollar crash will happen about the same time. And for people who think the Euro's gonna hang on and not crash, get out of the Euro. Yes, they built it so they could crash it. And a crash is gonna come about the same time the dollar does. And so, just a shout-out heads warning on that.

Australia, you're looking OK. In fact, Australia, it's probably the strongest currency out there. They produce so much gold out of Australia every day. They're looking pretty good over there, and so. I know there's a lot of people from Australia that listen to this show. Just sit back and watch the demise that happens to America and Europe. For now. Eventually it'll hit there, but not gonna be a economic crash anytime soon because of mayhem from the Satanists.

Expect Alien Disclosure within a Couple Weeks - Obama Has to Warm Us Up to the Fact that We're Surrounded by Lizards

Also within the next few weeks, I'm not exactly sure when, probably sometime within the next two weeks as well, maybe three, you're looking at, finally, some kind of an official alien disclosure from Obama. And so, you know, that'll be interesting. You've gotta wonder how he keeps a straight face when NASA's in his White House office or whatever, they meet and tell them they're looking for aliens. [laughs] Or that they've found them. [laughs] Really? [laughs] I couldn't keep a straight face working for those clowns either.

Yeah, there's gonna be some kind of disclosure in the next couple of weeks. I don't know how far he's gonna go in releasing information, but they'll try to warm up the public on something. Because they're running out of time. And things are going to happen a lot quicker now than they've expected--they're always used to being able to delay something. When they're not ready, they just cancel it or delay it. Well, their backs are against the wall now to where they can't delay certain things. They're just gonna happen whether people are ready or not. They can't delay them. They can't push the button and say, "Oh, well, we'll do it in a couple of months. We'll stall it right now and we'll pick it up later."

Time for delays is running out. And so, things are gonna be happening. And so, somehow, Obama has got to warm the nation up to the fact that we are surrounded by a bunch of Lizards who wanna eat, control, abduct, and rape us. And I'm sure he'll put it in nicer words because he's friends with most of them. Our administration has been friends with these aliens that hover around our atmosphere since the 1930s, and so. Probably longer than that. We've had contracts with them every year. Treaties they make, renew, all the time. Hundreds of joint bases with them, under the earth, all over the place. 533 total underground bases. How many of those are joint or just purely military, I don't know. But I would have to assume that over half are--started out at one time as joint, and the aliens just took over and kicked the humans out. And that's why we're up to 533 because the military has to keep building them for themselves because the aliens keep taking over them and kicking them out, and so.

Sananda and Maitreya Are Coming, Probably Along with 11 Other Ascended Masters, to Take Over and Rule the World

And, you know, like I've said, this whole Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command thing that just sounds like hogwash New Age garbage, there's a lot of truth to them, the fact that they exist is truth, anything that comes out of their mouth is usually a lie. But the fact that they exist is true. Because they are coming. And, I assume that there's going to be a council of them. At least 12. Because the Lord had 12 apostles. And to this day, Satan has mimicked that by having--they have covens, and they have 12 witches and warlocks or whatever. They always have 12. The ideal number being 13. You have your 12 and then the high priest or whatever, and so. I assume Satan is gonna mimic that.

And I've talked about the two beasts that are coming; Sananda and Maitreya. And Maitreya went AWOL for a long time. He's coming back. He's..coming back in the Codes. I don't know that anybody among the top Satanists--Margaret Thatcher, George Soros, David Rockefeller--I don't know if anybody has talked to him direct yet. I'm not hearing anything. I've kind of put the word out there that, "Hey, he's back," to see what kind of a response I would get from anything. And no one is responding. I don't think anybody's heard from him. But I'm seeing him back in the Codes with Sananda. And I'm pretty sure Sananda will come first.

And there's also this panel. And I'm assuming that 11 other Ascended Masters, like Saint Germaine, and some of these other, they call them saints (and they ain't) [laughs], they're gonna come with him. And so, you know, after the 1st world war, we got the League of Nations. And after the 2nd world war, we got the United Nations. And so, they're really trying to press a 3rd world war so they can come out with the Cosmo Nations. I don't know what they're gonna call it. But war has been blocked. They were supposed to go to war with Iran this month, and that's been blocked. There was supposed to be a full blown-out war in Syria, and that's been blocked by the Russians. So they've been really trying to start a 3rd world war. My next assumption would probably be they'd go to North Korea. Try to start one with North Korea. Or spark one between Pakistan and India. Because they really wanna start a 3rd world war. And then out of this you would get this cosmic, um, I don't know what you'd wanna call it. Because it's a cosmic--it's the New Age alien agenda. It's what I've been saying all along.

But we're gonna have these cosmic beings, they call themselves New Age Ascended Masters, coming and taking over rulership of Earth. Of course now, they want you to think they're coming to help mankind. They put you to sleep with all their love-bug terminology. They're liars. They're haters of The Most High. They're enemies of The Most High. If you're a believer of The Most High, you're an enemy of theirs, and so. But they wanna come and help mankind. And establish their rule on Earth. So we're gonna have something like a Cosmic Nations, a Cosmic United Nations. You watch, they'll take over the United Nations. It'll be like a 12-person panel that takes over and begins to rule the world. And then when Maitreya comes, I suspect in December, then he would be the final one to come and rule over everyone.

Maitreya's Ship, the Shema Star, Has Been Restored, So He'll Probably Come in December Mimicking Yahushua's Star of Bethlehem

Still iffy on Maitreya, but not throwing him out, 'cause he's coming back. And so, I don't know if he'll come back physically or what, because, you know, he's having problems. He's ambulatory. The body he has, he's barely alive, and so. But I have to tell you he's back.

And his Shema star is back. We had destroyed it in 2008, in 2009. And thus, we've been on a three-year delay, four-year delay now. Well, they tried to restore it and rebuild it, and now it's back. And if you look in the eastern sky about 5 o'clock, you'll see it. It'll start to turn its lights on. And, boy, I'll tell you what. When they have that thing fully powered, it looks like the moon, itself. You'll think you're looking at the moon in the east. But that's Shema.

They've got it pseudo-back, looking like a big star. That's the idea. That's the plan. They're mimicking Yahushua's star of Bethlehem. When He was born there was a star in the east announcing His birth. And so, this is what they're doing with the Shema star, Maitreya's star. They have it rebuilt, restored, in the east, to signal his arrival. And so, that's why I think they'll pull that off sometime in December. Because they would wanna mimic Christmastime, when they say Yahushua was born, even though He was born back in September. He was born on 9/11. That's why they hate that date. That's why it's a huge occultic ritual date. Because Yahushua's real birthdate was 9/11. He had nothing to do with December 25, and so.

You know, maybe they'll pull something off. Maybe they'll say, "Hey," you know, "we're gonna come on His original birthdate," and bring Maitreya down on 9/11. I have no idea, and so. [laughs] You know, you can guess at what they're gonna do because they always change their plans. You know, you just look at the different routes that they have and analyze what they're doing. Will he wait till December? I think he'd wanna hurry up and be here when Sananda arrives, and so.

You know, we're just gonna have to wait and see, but I do think Sananda comes first. That's what I'm seeing. I don't know if the rest of the cosmic idiots are coming with him or not at the same time. Hard to say. But I do know that shortly after he arrives, he pretty much resembles everything about the pale horse rider. In the book of Revelation, chapter 6 you have the four horsemen. Because when he arrives, it's one disaster after the next. And so, one judgment from God after the next. And he brings Hell with him. He brings the forces of hell. I always see the Locusts, and the Philistines, and all these different terminologies for Giants and other type of alien beings associated with his arrival coming right after he does. And so, it's interesting. You know, our atmosphere right now is just filled with starships of Giants waiting to just come down here.

Huge Bugs Landing in the Desert in the Middle East - Good Job to the Arizona Desert Warriors for the Grey Colonies Killed

So, you know, I was told, the other day, that there are huge bugs landing in the desert in the Middle East. I think it's somewhere in Iraq or Saudi Arabia. Huge bugs. And when someone tells me huge bugs, I can imagine they're about 18-, 20-feet tall. There are giant alien bug-type creatures already landing and they're in our deserts. And so, keep an eye on anyone reporting strange YouTubes of strange creatures in the desert in the Middle East. I'm waiting to see some kind of visual of what these things look like. But I've never even seen an authentic visuals of the spiders that have been there. I mean, there's spiders in the Iraqi desert that are 10-, 15-feet tall. Giant spiders. And so, I can't even imagine what these bugs coming in are.

And, I'm telling you, folks, I skies are just getting saturated with alien ships. You know, I was just looking outside last week and saw hundreds of them. And all looking yellow. Not looking very good. They get in our atmosphere and the orgone starts melting them, and so. We'll have to see what starts to happen. I know we took out a very important starfleet command sometime last week. I don't know how many ships were involved. But they flew into one of our orgone-saturated areas and crashed, and so. A good heads up for those getting the orgone out.

We also managed to kill another colony of Greys in the Arizona desert. And so, whoever's been getting the Arizona desert, good job. Because, you know what? We're killing all kinds of colonies out there. It's like every time I turn around I'm hearing about a colony of Greys dying in the Arizona desert. And that's why we need to get the deserts, folks. If you live in Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, you need to get those deserts 'cause that's where they hide. That's where the aliens run and hide. And that's where we're killing them. So, good job to the Warriors taking care of things.

Adelaide, Australia Coming Up in the Bible Codes - Yah Will Crank Up the Orgone Out There - Good Job to the Australia & New Zealand Warriors

Another thing coming up. I'm seeing "Adelaide" in the Codes. And Adelaide is the, uh, I think it's the capital of Australia, and so. I know it's a city in Australia. I'm pretty sure it's the capital. I'm not Miss Geographic Genius here. But I'm pretty sure it's the capital of Australia. They're gonna run into some problems. Yah's gonna crank up the orgone out there. And, of course, there's orgone from one end to the other in Australia. Just like America, it's on both coasts and everywhere in between, and so. Warriors have done a great job out there. And there's a lot fewer of them than us. And the land mass is about the same. And so, boy, I thought we had a time here in America trying to get everybody busy. And they've accomplished that in Australia with half the number of Warriors that we have here. Probably just a handful out there, and so.

Let's see, Adelaide is the capital of the state of South Australia. What is the state of South Australia? [laughs] Canberra is the capital, uh, I know Adelaide's in South Australia. If you looked at a map of America, and you looked at New Orleans and Louisiana over by the Gulf Coast, that area, that's where Adelaide is in South Australia. And Australia's pretty much inhabited--you have the east coast, the west coast, and like, if you're looking--the Gulf Coast that you'd see in America. Their whole northern section like, where we have our whole northern part, northwest and northeast like, uh, North and South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Nebraska. Those are all uninhabited lands in Australia. Those are pretty much uninhabited. And so, if you would kind of compare countries, they pretty much just inhabit the east and west coast and their gulf coast regions. The lower half, I guess you could say.

But they've done a good job out there. Because everything that they get put out in Australia and New Zealand would reach the northern hemispheres, and so. It's like a double whammy for them. They not only help their own countries, but help everything north of them as well because the wind would just blow it up north, and so. South Australia is a state. OK. [laughs] I'm learning geography as I go here. [laughs] I think it's a region. I think we would consider it just a region here in America. It's not like a state like we have in the United States. At least a region. I don't know.

We're Doing Good Work, Warriors - The Orgone in New York Is Burning the Lizards' Eyes and They Have Trouble Holding Their Human Forms

But we're doing good work, folks. We're doing good work. I have been laughing so much the last couple of days. Now, remember I told you, after New York, that they would be on the run because the orgone was gonna start saturating New York and these Lizards would be on the run. And I have confirmation now that they are on the run. And so, [laughs] you know what? I knew that was coming. It just sometimes takes some time. But they're on the run. And we've pretty much taken Manhattan away from them, and so.

I know know I heard that the orgone is burning their eyes in New York. And they're having a hard time holding their human forms because their eyes are burning. And they're running to the Hamptons, and so. I know we have orgone on Long Island. Not a whole lot, but I know we have it there. And anybody, Long Island Warriors, Bronx, Queens, if you can get over to Long Island. Pound the Hamptons. Let's get them out of the Hamptons. You know, they've left Westchester, 'cause we chased them out of Westchester with it, and they went to their homes in the Hamptons. And so, let's chase them out of the Hamptons. You wanna stay in New York, go live in the Bronx and the Queens with everybody else.

I think it's funny. [laughs] Right now there's like a total decentralization of power. They really don't have a centralized place to meet right now. And you can't run a country from teleconference phone calls. And this is basically what they're being limited to; teleconference phone calls. They're off running and hiding anywhere they can get to get away from the orgoned areas.

Yah Is Going to Remove the Protection that Satan Gives to the Illuminati Bloodline Families

You know, they've tried to fake it for a long time because the one thing they've always wanted to do and try to do is dispute the effectiveness of our orgone and the power of my ministry here. And so, they've tried to act like it doesn't bother them. And that's always played in our hands. That's always played in our hands. Because we've been able to work uninhibited. And so, [laughs] you know, eventually, they're gonna find themselves having to leave the country. And that kind of a judgment is coming from the Lord anyway, because He has told me some things. I'm gonna mention them in a few.

Because, you know, if you're elite, if you're one of these elite, OK, people like the 13 Illuminati bloodlines, I know you've heard about the bloodline families, and if not, you can go to and type in bloodline families. I have all of them listed there and who the bloodlines are, and so. But if you're one of these families--and they're all tied and connected together; the Bushes, Obama, Cheney, celebrities from Hollywood. They're all interconnected, their all cousins. First cousins, second cousins, third cousins. It goes down the line. They're all bloodline. And if you grow up in one of these bloodline families, you're told, your entire life, how special you are. You're told that you're from a special bloodline, and how elite you are. Almost like entitlement. That they're entitled to everything, the best of the best, because of what they are. And this is the whole entitlement elitism that they carry with them, and why they look down on everybody else. Because they think they're so much better than everybody else. They've been told that from the time they're born.

But everything about them, these bloodline families, is micromanaged. You know, from the time they're born, they are slaves to this elitism. They're slaves to it. Their schools, their friends, their jobs are constantly being micromanaged. They're always being followed. They're always under surveillance. They're not free. They're slaves to Satan. They're slaves to Satan. And Satan has, you know, a whole army, branches, behind him that control these people. That watch them and put them under surveillance. Everything about them from the time they're born is strictly micromanaged.

And for a long time, these bloodlines, which are basically Rh negative, uh, if you're strictly Rh negative, then you're full-blood Rh negative, from two Rh negative parents, you don't have any mix, so I think it's just straight Rh negative, then they've been protected from designer diseases and cancers because all of those kinds of plagues and diseases have been custom-designed to affect different bloodlines. You know, AIDS, HIV, was a designer plague that was to affect Negroes and homosexuals and certain bloodlines. It never affected the Rh negatives. They were protected from AIDS. And so, what they would do is bioengineer all these viruses and plagues to affect certain bloodlines. Everybody's but theirs. You know, they worship and serve Satan and he's always protected them from a lot of things.

Well, you know what? Yah's allowed that to happen, but He has removed his protection from that. He's removing Satan's protection from these people, these seedline families that have always been under his control. And so, no longer will they be spared from plagues, diseases, sicknesses, cancers, tumors. They're gonna get them, too. They're gonna get them en masse. They're gonna get them bad. Because the Lord is gonna start pouring His judgment out on them. You know, Satan can't protect them when the Lord stands up to judge. They're gonna lose their power. They're gonna lose their health. They're losing control. You know, their gig is up.

They're gonna crumble in the misery they've created for everyone else and just be no more. I mean, they have micromanaged our economy and our country into the pit it's crumbling in right now. They've been behind it. They've been causing it. And they've always felt secure thinking they would be protected, they're above everybody else. But you know what? They're nothing. They're nothing in God's eyes. They're nothing in our eyes. They're just scumbags. And the Lord's judgment is on all of them. And Satan is no longer gonna be able to protect them from the Lord's judgment. Because Satan can't even escape the Lord's judgment himself.

Satan's Alien Factions Are Fighting Against Each Other - The Lizards Are Fleeing to the Desert in Libya - Warriors Who Can Get Orgone Out There, Go To It

You know, Satan's not God. He's their god, but he's not God. He's never created anything. Did he create heaven and Earth? No. He just recreates what God has already created. He crossbreeds what's already been created and makes something new out of crossbreeding. He's never even been able to create a blade of grass on his own. He crossbreeds something the Lord has made already. He recreates it. You know, you can look at it this way, since Satan doesn't own anything, that Yah has just rented it out to him for a couple thousand years, He's rented the earth to Him, and now time's up, that time's running out.

He's gonna be evicted. And he's gonna be on the run. And that's exactly what's happening now. It's gonna start happening. All these seedline families are of no use anyway to this new cosmic regime that's coming to take over the world. They have no use for the seedline families. They have no love for them either. I mean, come on, folks. There's no love in Satan's kingdom. They don't like each other. And you're gonna see them being destroyed from the inside out. They're always going at it.

The earthquakes last week in Texas, those were Lizards nuking underground bases of other Lizards. I mean the aliens are fighting right now. The factions are fighting against each other, and so. And that's what's been going on for the past year or two now. You see factions of aliens just going at it. Bombing each other out of bases underneath the earth. And it's continuing to go on. They're all just going at it, and so.

You know, it's not gonna be safe. Not a one of these bases that they've built, these safe havens that they've built for themselves to enjoy while the rest of the world suffered under tribulation and affliction will be safe for them to go to, and they know that. That's why they're gonna flee. So all that money they've spent, all that time, all that planning, for naught. They're gonna flee. Gonna head back to Libya. Probably the Gobi desert. Yeah, there's a, uh, I know there's a Gobi desert in Asia. There's one in Libya, too. There's a desert in Libya. I'm not sure what the name is. Maybe some of my geographers in the chat studio can look that up; what desert that is in Libya.

But there's a main desert in Libya. And that's always been a stronghold of the highest of high-ranking Lizards. They're the white Lizards. And they have a city underneath the desert in Libya. And so, this is gonna be where a lot of them are gonna run to. Just run back home to the desert in Libya. Also places where there's not much orgone. Like the desert of Libya. So if anybody's out there in the Middle East or in Africa, and you can get over to Libya in the desert and get orgone in it, that would be really good. Also India and China. I could venture to say there's probably not any orgone in either one of those countries. There is in the other Asian nations, but not China, itself. I know I've sent orgone to like, Indonesia and places like that. But China, itself, and India.

You know, how are you gonna run a country if you're in a boat fleeing to South Africa, and China, and India. You know, it's bad enough now they're trying to micromanage this country with teleconference calls. And the media's behind the coverup. Trying to put on a straight face and do their happy little morning shows every morning when they're about frying in all the orgone that's in New York. It's kind of funny, so.

Regime Change Coming Soon with the Ascended Beasts Arriving

Anyway, watch for the beasts arriving. You've got Sananda, and then Maitreya. Then you've got this whole panel of them. Probably 11, 12 of them that are coming with them. It's gonna be a whole cosmic show here on Earth to replace the New World Order that we have now. It's gonna be a regime change. I've been telling you this regime change is coming. And it's coming. And it's coming a lot sooner than most people expect. So I'm just keeping an eye on it for now. They've got a couple weeks left.

A Source Tells The New Yorker That George Soros 'Feels Hurt' By Obama

Another heads up. Thought it was funny. I was reading an article. Now, where'd it go? And I was talking about, it was on businessinsider.--an article, uh, talking about George Soros getting his feelings hurt by the Obama administration. [laughs heartily] How do you hurt the feelings of a sociopath? It's kind of funny. The title, A Source Tells The New Yorker That George Soros 'Feels Hurt' By Obama. [] [laughs] I thought that was funny because it just sounds too human to, you know, too much human stuff, terminology. These people aren't human.

And so, you know, they funded Obama and put him in there expecting him to do everything that they told him to do. They expected him to be a puppet. And, for one reason or another, Obama has just flat out refused to be a totally bought-out, 100 percent puppet for George Soros and the bankers. Everybody thinks Obama is a sell--and he is, he has sold our economy down the drain. But there's things Obama hasn't done, you know. There's things he was supposed to do that he just put both feet out and said, "No!" that's had them in a tizzy. They've been furious with him. They have been, you know--short of killing him, they've been, you know, threatening to put in Romney and take him out of office. And, you know, it's been a real war behind the scenes. And this has been going on for the last couple years, not something that's recent, and so.

And they wanted Iran bombed already. Like months ago. And Obama didn't want a war his first term in office. He did not want to go to war with Iran. Of course, him and Soros have been going back and forth over that for the last year or two, simply because Obama didn't want a war. Obama, there's was things passed in the health care reform that there was a clause put in, not during his administration. They couldn't put it into affect during Obama's administration. And so, there's things that he has just refused to do. And they're furious. And so, they're all threatening to get him out of office and put Romney in because Romney's a yes-man. Romney's already told them he'd go to war with Iran the day after he's elected into office. And so, he's their kind of man. He's ready to take orders and do whatever they say. They want a yes-man.

And so, you know what? For as many bad things as Obama's already done, you gotta wonder, you know, what's going--why--you know, he isn't destroying America fast enough, which is one of Soros' complaints. He wants America completely destroyed. We were supposed to have this economic crash last year. The dollar was supposed to tank then. It's been taking too long. He wanted war with Iran. And this is the thing. Soros hates America. Want's it totally destroyed. They all do, folks. But Soros has an unprecedented timetable, way ahead of everybody else's. Everybody else is ready to take geoengineered steps to get there and he just wants it right now. He wants it done quickly. And so, quite a bit of a war, and no love lost between George Soros and the Obama administration, you know, for those reasons.

Obama Answers to a Different Agenda; Sananda's Agenda

Obama answers to a different agenda, you know. He' I've always said, he's got strong ties with Sananda. And I think it's way, way, way beyond what anyone in his administration even knows. Obviously, Soros doesn't know a thing about it. Probably a lot of the others. But, you know, Obama just has a strong tie with Sananda. And they have things planned out between them. They have agreements amongst each other. And that's the route he's gonna ultimately take because he knows they're the ones who pretty much have the earth in their hands right now. Because they could destroy it in a second if they wanted to. They're above our earth. They have thousands of starships. When they get closer and start coming in, they can be a real threat. Right now they're up there. You can see them.

The one thing holding them back is the barrier that we've been able to place around the earth with our orgone. But I know that there's empty holes in that, too, because of the nations that don't have orgone barriers above them. They don't have any orgone in the nations. And so, they're like open windows for the aliens to come through. But, you know, they come over here, they're gonna fry. Basically what's gonna happen. And so, it's kind of like a cat and mouse right now.

Watch for the Government to Use Earthquakes and Tsunamis to Destroy the Country

But anyhow, and I've been told that Obama will pull a false flag to stay in office. We all have heard of October surprises. And, you know what? A tsunami in California could be a September surprise, for all we know. A lot of the earthquakes caused already are purposeful. Especially the ones in Iran. I mean, you know we're doing those. The HAARP's doing it. The government's directing that. So it's nothing for them to direct a tsunami wave against California and sacrifice the west coast. I mean, that's how desperate they're getting.

Watch for celebrities running and leaving Hollywood. Especially the ones that are tied to the bloodline families. Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Jim Carrey. A lot of the higher-up, well-known celebrities are all bloodline celebrities. Illuminati bloodlines. They'll be warned. They'll know beforehand when the tsunami will hit, and so. You know, their bomb assaults have pretty much been deactivated a lot of the time when they have tried to set off missiles and bombs. And so, I think that they'll go the one sure thing that they have, and that's HAARP. And use earthquakes and tsunami waves to destroy the country, and so. Watch out for that one, folks.

And not just a west coast tsunami, but also, um...what fault line is that? The fault line at the center of the country from the Great Lakes all the way down to the Gulf Coast. I can't remember the name of that fault line. They've been trying to blow that one for a long time. But we have that fault line orgoned pretty well. So we've been trying--yeah, the [New] Madrid Fault Line--weve been fighting back against that one. You know, I have nothing to go on that orgone would keep a tsunami wave from hitting, but I've seen tornadoes turn away from orgoned areas, I've seen hurricanes turned away from orgoned areas. So why not an earthquake? Why not a tsunami? I guess we're gonna watch and see, folks. You know?

Now I know the Madrid Fault Line has a lot of orgone around it and in the states all the way down. So, it'll be interesting to see how effective they can get with that. The west coast tsunami, I don't know exactly how much of the coastline, itself, has been done. So it should be motivating. Warriors, I know that they've been busy in California. I'm telling you, they're chasing the aliens out of Shasta. [laughs] They're running over the Vancouver Island now to get out of Mount Shasta. So we need people to get up to Vancouver Island and orgone that area.

Get Orgone in the Water Because It May Protect Us from Tsunamis

But get orgone in the water. Get it in the water along the coastlines. That's what I did for Lake Erie. I don't know if it'll work. I have nothing to say, uh, you know, this has been done before and it worked. But, you know what? Ever since I started with this orgone, I didn't know a thing it would do. I've learned as I've gone. And so, this is one of those things we're gonna find out. We'll learn as we go. You know, the Lord says it creates protection areas. And so, why can't it protect us from a tsunami? Why can't it protect us from an earthquake or whatever? And so, hey, let's just put our faith out there and let's back up our faith by our actions and get it out there. And let's see what it does, what the Lord will do, and so.

You know, I would rather see money and time wasted than lives lost. You know? 'Cause if it saves lives, then it certainly wasn't wasted. So, it's worth a shot, folks. It's worth a shot. I've put orgone along the shores of Lake Erie to try to protect Ohio. Back when I saw a comet hitting the Great Lakes. I believe when Shema does crash out of the sky, some think it'll crash in the Atlantic Ocean, I think it'll crash in the Great Lakes somewhere, causing tsunamis that would devastate the coastline of Ohio and also take out areas of Michigan and destroy Chicago. And so, you know, we covered the coastline of Lake Erie in Ohio as much as we could. Keep the waves off the people. That's where the bulk of the population is in Ohio. Along that northern area, from one end of the state to the other, there's just millions of people that live in that area.

And so, that would devastate millions if there was a huge tsunami wave from a lake from Shema crashing into it. And make no mistake about it, just because they have rebuilt and restored Shema, and now have it running again at full bright capacity, they can turn it on, doesn't mean it's not gonna crash. It's still gonna crash. [laughs softly] It's still gonna crash, so. You can read Revelation, chapter 8 about the bright light. What's it called? It's in Revelation, chapter 8 The lamp. That's Shema. The lamp that falls from the sky. That's Shema. And so, prophecy coming alive, folks.

Don't Let the Schools Bully You into Getting Your Children Vaccinated - They'll Leave You Alone if You Give Them an Exemption Form or Letter

Anyway, just gonna recap a few things to watch out for. I'm not doing the Thursday show. Trying to be quiet as much as possible. Make these people force their own hand. Do their own agenda without my help. As much as they hate me, they need me, and I know it. And I'm not helping them any, so.

Oh, another thing real quick. A lot of schools telling you that you have to have vaccinations to get your seventh-grader, or eighth-grader, or ninth-grader in them. Don't let the schools bully you. Go to my website,, you can go to, there are exemption forms. Nobody can make your child get a vaccination to enter school. All you have to do is print out the exemption form, tell them you're taking the exemption. And they will hush up. They will leave you alone. That's all you have to do. No matter how much bullying and how much they run their mouth saying your child has to have it or they can't get in school, you print off a form, or just write a note out yourself, "My state allows vaccine exemptions and I'm taking it based on religious reasons," and you hand it to them. Hand it to the school administrators. School principal, school nurse. You'll never hear from them again. And so, that's all you have to do, folks. As much as they run their mouths and threaten you and bully you.

Do not give your children vaccinations. They're nothing but pure poison. They're pure death sentences. And so, just wanted to make a point of that. Because I was hearing garbage from my own children's school how the seventh-graders had to have a vaccination to get into seventh grade. And I was thinking, "What hogwash." Because I've had to do that before, just print out an exemption thing, and give it to the school, and never heard from them again, so. They have to let your kid in school without any vaccinations. They lie through their teeth. Try to bully you and scare you into thinking you have to get them. So don't be doing the vaccines, folks. They're pure poison. The Lord hates them. They're an abomination. Don't put it in your body, so.

Watch for the Economic Crash and Alien Disclosure Back-to-Back

Anyway, over the next couple of week, folks, be watching for the economic crash. The dollar crash, the Euro crash. Alien disclosure. Both of these coming up. Back-to-back events. And then, of course, our leaders pretty much will be on the run. Already decentralized by power, decentralized locations. And so, having a hard time of it. That's why I think the economic crash and disclosure will be sped up. Because they need to get out of here. They need to get out, go find safety zones, becaue the orgone will kill them. It's already making them sick. I told you it gives them polio myelitis; one of the things. Also burns them from the inside out. So, expect them to take off within two to three weeks.

Anyway, point your pipes east, folks. Just keep them east so that we can take out Shema again. Their rebuilt platform.

And, until then, everybody. Until next week. I'll be back next week at 10 o'clock. Till then, everybody. Yah bless.


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