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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
August 27, 2012


They've Becoming Decentralized and Desperate After Our New York City Orgone Mission

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday, August 27 with Sherry Shriner. I'm in a lot of pain tonight, but I'm gonna try to get through this as much as possible. Yeah, it hasn't been my kind of a week. Kind of took some hits from that mission last week, so. I'm feeling the effects all week long. I'm not really doing too good, so.

A couple things I wanna bring up. A couple things to be watching for. 'Cause everything I said that was gonna happen after our New York City mission definitely taking place. They are in a scramble. They are very decentralized. And they're getting desperate. And so, they only have a small window of time to implement a lot of things before things get so out of control and it's pure chaos here, and so. That's kind of why I'm sitting back and watching and waiting for events to appear, and arrive, and happen, and so. So far, delays on a few of them, but not cancellations. They can't cancel them. They can simply try to buy more time. But that is quickly running out.

They're Implementing the Star Wars Strategic Defense Initiative to Fight Against the Second Coming of Christ

A thing I wanted to mention again, because I know a lot of you guys do a lot of your own research, and Reagan had mentioned the Star Wars Initiative Defense Program back in the '80s. And so, we're gonna start seeing this more and more because I know it's a lot of information out there on underground bases and black ops and all this. But what they don't tell you is the space program, itself. And, you know, folks, I've been saying for years we have bases on Mars, we have more than just the International Space Station. There's actually 20 top secret space stations. The one that is joint with Russia is what they refer to as the International Space Station, like there's only one. But there's more that have been created. There's at least 20. We have bases on the moon.

And what these bases are are implementing the Star Wars defense program. Because they're not looking to fight an outward invasion of aliens. They're looking to fight against the second coming of Christ. And so, it's really ludicrous when you think of the billions of dollars that they have spent on Reagan's Star Wars to try to knock out the second coming of Christ.

And so, just wanted to bring that up. It's just basically the lengths they will go, and the lengths Satan is reaching to, to try to win this war. And if you've read the book of Revelation, you know who wins. The Lord will win. But I just want you to realize, and just do more research on the planning and the implementing.

There Are No Two Separate Parties - The Republicans Are Just as Much Satanists as the Democrats

And this crosses both parties, for those of you who still have your heads stuck in the sand and think the Republicans are a conservative party. The Republicans are just as much as Satanists as the Democrats are. They all do satanic rituals together. It makes no difference to them. They may be different factions, and different organizations, but they serve the same boss. They serve Satan. And so, all this Bible-holding, kissing babies, going to church, getting media there to catch them going into a church, it's all ludicrous. It's all ludicrous.

And so, there's no two separate parties. There's no Conservative Party in America. If you're a blood-bought, born-again Christian, you don't have a candidate. I can hear the people now, "Oh, we have Ron Paul." You don't have him either. He's hardcore alien agenda. He's just a different faction. You don't have a candidate. Period. We need to take this country back and it's not gonna be taking it back for either one of the parties to take over. They're the problem, they're not the solution.

Mitt Romney Pledged His Allegiance to Satan, Too, and That's Why George Soros Is Backing Him

If we're gonna take our country back from the ground up, we need to get rid of every single person in power. Because congressmen, the politicians, our religious leaders, they're all sold out to secret societies. And any person who is involved in a secret society pledges their allegiance to Satan. That's the first thing they do is pledge their allegiance to Satan. And so, how can you pledge your allegiance to the flag, or to protect the Constitution, or to serve this country, when your first allegiance is to Satan? Because Satan gives them an agenda, gives them orders, gives them a plan, and they have to implement Satan's agenda. And this goes for every country on Earth. But where I'm speaking to, in particular, is America because it's the one I'm most familiar with, and so.

You know, Satan is their boss. He is the one they serve. Mitt Romney serves Satan. He's been at the satanic rituals. He has pledged his allegiance to all of the satanic groups in D.C. He's one of them. You know, the only reason Soros is backing Romney is because Romney has pledged his allegiance to Satan. He has agreed, if he's elected president, he'll do certain things. What he's told to do by the people who control this country. And the one thing they want is the downfall of America. And Romney's agreeing to do that. He's agreeing to go to war with Iran. Whatever their agenda is.

And there's no love lost between Soros and Obama. They have fought the last four years. Obama not moving fast enough for Soros' agenda. Soros is the highest-ranking Satanist in America. He's the highest-ranking Satanist. He's not just a rich, fat, ugly guy. He's the highest-ranking Satanist. And so, he has a lot of clout in D.C., folks. Not just because he's rich and wealthy, but because he's the highest-ranking.

We Are Dominated and Being Controlled by the Draconians and Lizards - Our Leaders Are Not Real Humans

Disclosure, still coming soon. Still seeing that in the Codes. I was looking at a YouTube video earlier. It was kind of funny. Talking about how the Andromedians are coming to liberate us from the Draconians that have taken over us. And like I said, folks, there's no friendly aliens. They all have their own different agendas. They all want to control Earth. We are dominated and being controlled by the Draconians and the Lizards. I've been warning about that for a decade.

You can look at our leaders. And it's Hollywood in action. I mean, I've been screaming for years they're not real humans. They can holograph human images. The biggest thing is to just soul-scalp human bodies. Take over the bodies. You know, when these guys go home at night, and they take off their corporate attire, they're Lizards. They can go back into their normal form. Their permanent form which is that of a Reptilian, of a Lizard. These people are not human at night. They're not like us. And that's what I've been trying to tell you about for a decade.

Uh, my back, I'm in a lot of pain, so hang in there with me, folks.

One of the Biggest Agendas of the Draconians Is to Take Over All of Our Resources

But what I want you to realize is that this whole thing that we're going through now with the wars--got one going on now in Syria. It's been going on for a couple months now. A lot longer than the media's let on about. We're at a resource war with China. I guess it was most notable with our war against Libya. And it's all of our resources, folks. And this is one of the biggest agendas of this Draconian Lizard agenda to take over the world, is obtaining all of our resources. It also includes the enslavement of the planet. And the elimination of mankind. And, folks, this, together, is the New World Order. This is the New World Order that you hear our officials touting for the last 20-some years. This is what they've been working toward. So I hope people start waking up to what reality is.

The New Age Galactic Federation of the Ascended Masters Is Part of the Draconian Faction As Well

This Ascended Masters facade, this Sananda that's coming playing Jesus of the Bible, but's going to be very Islamic, they're part of the Draconian faction. It's all just a charade. You know, the whole New Age movement thinks that they have this separate good agenda. That they're full of love and light, and blah, blah, blah. And that they're just--they're the good ones, and the New World Order is the evil and dark cabal, and blah, blah. And I've been warning them for years that there's no difference. They're all the same. And they serve the same boss. People are gonna see it soon enough, but.

You know, this whole New Age Galactic Federation Ascended Master garbage, it's very real, it does exist. But look at who they serve, folks, because they're part of the Draconian faction themselves. They're not separated from it, they're a part of it. They're just putting people to sleep. You know, if they can't come in one way, they'll come in another. You know, they work different routes. And what I've been trying to do with this show for the past decade is show you the routes that they're working, the ones that are being played. Because there's different avenues. Satan never sticks to just one.

Nibiru Is on It's Way Back, But the Orgone Has Disfigured and Burned It

Nibiru, it's on its way back. And from what I can tell in the Bible Codes, it's very disfigured. Because they're suffering, they're burning. The orgone has pretty much disfigured, I don't know what you wanna call it. Boulder, carrier, planet, starship? It's full of Giants. It's very tall black Giants on Nibiru. So this is gonna be interesting.

Also, Shema being restored. And you can see this star rising in the east. And just as it was destroyed back in 2008, it'll be destroyed again. I do see some kind of UFO invasion coming from Shema before it's destroyed, and so. You know, there's several different arrivals that I see of aliens to Earth, and so. Shema planet being one of them.

The Ascended Master Regime Agenda Will Start Off with Vaccinations

One of the things that just raises my eyebrows the most and just makes me sick is that when the Ascended Master regime takes over, this New Age faction--'cause it's gonna take over--when it takes over, one of the biggest things on their agenda is vaccinations. And so, you know, it's like they wanna bring him in with a host of angels and, you know, make him look like a heavenly being. And it's almost like they have syringes in their hands, needles. Because their whole agenda is gonna start off based on vaccinations. Because what they wanna do is kill you. Hello? I hope the New Agers see it then and there because you just can't get through to them. But this whole thing with the Locusts coming in and the Ascended Masters, they have a huge vaccination program to poison you, to soul-scalp you, to change your DNA, and to kill you. So just a shout-out on that.

Obama Will Pull Off a False Flag to Stay in Office - Different Attacks Planned Around the World

A couple of things I've been watching because I know because Obama will pull off some kind of false flag. He doesn't wanna leave office. And so, if this Ascended Master regime keeps delaying itself--I expect them to arrive sometime in September, Obama with them. I don't see any kind of elections taking place if that happens, and so. But if that fails--and they're so indecisive, and they can never pull their own plans off--they have backups. And some of the ideas they've been working on is a west coast tsunami. You know, they'll sacrifice the west coast, Obama will, to stay in office.

Blowing the Madrid Fault Line with a huge earthquake. They've been trying that one. Seems like forever they've been trying that one. The Lord had us reinforce it earlier in the year. So the orgone must be holding that fault line. You know, if that fault line goes, it's gonna be because the Lord, Himself, allows it to go, not because they wanna blow it for whatever reason. He's not gonna let them, and so. Probably, eventually it will go, but not because they want it to. But they've been trying. So a heads up on that, warnings on that.

An electric grid attack. Could you imagine the beginning of wintertime and the power just going out all over the country? And so, that's a viable plans of theirs, an attack on our power grid.

I see more zombie attacks coming again. And they've kind of gone silent on the zombie thing, but it's gonna come back. Testing out their vaccinations. Seeing what works. Seeing what was effective the most in getting these people to turn into flesh-eating attackers, and murderers, and so. That is coming back a little bit up the road, and so. I don't know why they've stalled it, and so.

Couple cities I'm seeing in the Codes. Miami. There's something gonna hit Miami again. For some reason, it's being delayed. I don't know what. I just know I'm seeing Miami in the Codes a lot and that something's been delayed.

Adelaide. Warriors need to get Adelaide in Australia. Still coming up. Looks like some kind of alien attack or a takeover of Adelaide. And so, the Orgone Warriors in Australia need to stand up and get that area.

Also Damascus. And we know there's a current resource war going on in Syria. And also because the Ascended Master regime had wanted to arise out of Damascus. Kind of like be their Earth base, coming out of Damascus. And so, that being under attack by different factions who are trying to stop that regime from taking over.

Texas Judge Warns of Civil War If Obama Stays in Office to Hand Over Sovereignty of U.S. to the United Nations

There's something interesting I passed on to the list this week because kind of confirms what I've always been talking about. It says Texas judge warns of possible 'civil war' if President Obama is re-elected. But what he talks about--and this was on Lubbock, Texas Fox 34 News [], and they're quoting the judge, and he says,

[Obama's] going to try to hand over the sovereignty of the United States to the UN, and what is going to happen when that happens?, Head asked.
I'm thinking the worst. Civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe. And we're not just talking a few riots here and demonstrations, we're talking Lexington, Concord, take up arms and get rid of the guy.

"Now what's going to happen if we do that, if the public decides to do that? He's going to send in U.N. troops. I don't want 'em in Lubbock County. OK. So I'm going to stand in front of their armored personnel carrier and say 'you're not coming in here'.

"And the sheriff, I've already asked him, I said 'you gonna back me' he said, 'yeah, I'll back you'. Well, I don't want a bunch of rookies back there. I want trained, equipped, seasoned veteran officers to back me."

And what he's talking about is the sheriff, Kelly Rowe, uh, conversation with the judge. Anyway, it's just some kind of confrontation in Texas. But basically reaffirming what I've always been saying in that Obama would hand the sovereignty of the United States over to the Antichrist. 'Cause people always--you know, the Old Testament prophets always warned that the Antichrist would arise out of Babylon. Modern-day Babylon today is the United States. And some people just couldn't understand. Was it Bush? Was it Obama? There's always the route that whoever is leader of the United States hands over the rulership of the U.S.A. to the U.N. Thus, the leader of the U.N., the Antichrist, is the leader of Babylon as well. And so, that's always been a route I've warned you guys about. It's also definitely a route that Obama be the role of the Antichrist himself. Different routes coming.

China Can Take Over the U.S. if We Renege on Our Defaults and Loans to Them

There is also another route I've been warning about for years, is that China being given imminent domain over the United States, we renege on our defaults and loans to them, whatever, uh, default, they just take over the country. And so, that's another route as well, folks. And I've been warning about China for a long time because they are, in a sense, the armies of the Beast. They are seedline of the Beast. They are gonna serve as his enforcers. Think of it, folks. Think about it. They're the dragon race. Dragon race. It's no coincidence that China worships the dragon. And what's the Bible call Satan? They call him the Dragon. And so, China's very instrumental in armies being used for the Beast, the Beast's own purposes.

We could have a combination of things happening where Obama gives the authority of the United States over to the U.N. And, of course, the leader of the U.N. being this Ascended Master faction. And then the U.N. charging China to come in and take over the United States under the pretext that Americans are rioting, there's civil war, there's civil disobedience, whether there is or isn't, and bringing in the troops to take over our states and cities, and our streets. And so, could be a combination of both routes playing a part.

If You Want to Make Yourself Laugh, Go Toss an Orgone Puck

But these things are coming, folks. And like I've said last week, there's not a whole lot of things to be joyous about that are happening that are gonna be coming. And so, if you wanna do something to make yourself laugh, go toss a orgone puck because that's what destroys these Beasts is orgone. And they're still working on ways to ban the orgone. Still seeing that coming back now. And I'm seeing that pretty quickly. I'm seeing that soon. Maybe, you know, next month or a couple months, they're going to outright ban the orgone.

They May Shut Down My Archives and Websites - You Can Save My Archives to Your Computers

They're going to possibly shut down my archives, my websites. And I've been warning about that for years, folks. Karl Rove tried to have it all shut down a month or so ago. Eventually they'll come back. Obama will use an Executive Order, and so, pull his weight and authority on that.

So, I suggest, people, if you wanna save my archives to your computers, all you have to do is go to a archived link, either at, the archives page, or go to Blog Talk Radio, and right-click on the link, click on "save as," and you can save it to your computer in just a few seconds. And so, you can go through all the archives I have and save all of my shows.

I told you the ones I did back in 2005 are just as relevant to today than they were in 2005. Their agenda, their plans haven't changed. The only thing we've been seeing over the years is delays. But I mean, if you've been listening to my shows since it started, I'm still talking about the same things today that I was 7 years ago. And so, you might pick up a lot more information that I revealed back then. You might learn a lot more. I might've gotten more indepth about things. But you might wanna do that. Just go through and start saving the archives because a lot of valuable information over the years.

The New World Order Crowd Doesn't Understand Obama's Connections to Sananda and the Alien Regime

So we don't have a whole lot of time. We're in this window and I've seen this window for about 4 weeks. And so, I'm basically just sitting back and watching what happens during this window. We're in the second week of it now.

Obama should be announcing some kind of disclosure, alien disclosure. He's gotta get the public ready for the coming of these Ascended Master wannabes that are descending to Earth to act like they're some kind of religious righteous people, when they're Satan's scum. And they have the same agenda. It's what we've been dealing with now. Enslavement of the planet, elimination of mankind. They have the exact same agenda. Same tigers, same stripes, just a different charade, and so don't fall for it, folks.

And like I said, you know, Obama works both sides of the street. He's working both routes, and so. From the start, he's probably been more instrumental in working with the alien agenda. I mean, that's his main agenda, and so. These other ones who wanna implement the New World Order part simply don't understand his connections to Sananda, and these Ascended Masters, and this whole regime, alien regime that's coming. He has deep connections with them, and so.

Different Routes the Ascended Masters Could Take to Bring About Their Agenda

Things should be happening, interesting things, over the next several weeks. Global reset. Economic crash. Those things are day-to-day. That could happen soon. Any day now. That's part of this window. Events in this window I've been watching for. And that will go hand in hand with all these things. They're all gonna happen quickly together.

When you have the global reset and the economic crash, you'll have the alien disclosure. This announcement, declaration from Obama. He may declare a pact. He has what the aliens [inaudible] and has made with this country. I don't know how far he's gonna go with disclosure. But that is coming because right around the corner from disclosure will be Sananda's arrival, and so.

I do see Maitreya in the Codes, but don't see him taking an active role. I don't know if he'll resume what was supposed to be the top position as the Antichrist, the first Beast. I still see him in a ambulatory condition. The Bible Codes describes him as "ambulatory." I know he's watching, but I don't know how he's going--if he's gonna jump back in and play the role he was supposed to play alongside Sananda.

The deception is gonna be pretty good. There should be about 11 others coming with Sananda. I don't know if they'll come at the same time. And expect to see a fake Mary that's coming. It's not Mary. She'll be coming with Sananda playing Mary. Along with about 11 other scoundrels. Completing this whole panel, I guess you could say of these Ascended Masters. And it's this panel that will take over the U.N. and implement a global political and religious agenda upon the entire world through the United Nations.

And so, if Obama were to give the sovereignty and the authority of the United States over to the U.N., it would be, in effect, giving our country into the hands of this alien agenda, this cosmos agenda, and so. Yeah, that could spark civil war, and economic disruption. By the 1st of the month could cause civil disobedience. I'm just looking at different ways that brings about this eruption that they're preparing for, this public outcry. And so, different routes. If they don't go down one road, they go down the other, and so. Just need to stay alert, folks. Need to be watching and staying alert.

So Many Different Types of Alien Starships Coming In - The Orgone Is Still Burning Them and Protecting Us and Satan Hates It

More and more starships coming in. There's so many in the Bible Codes, I don't know what's what. There are just so many different types of starships that are coming in. These alien starships. And so, yeah, our skies are full of them. And so, as long as we keep getting the orgone out, the orgone burns them.

You know, I was looking up at the sky the other night. Hundreds of stars. And in between all the stars is where these starships mimic and try to get in between constellations so you can't find them. But they start to burn, and they start to turn yellow, and then they start to turn orange and red, and then they fall out of the sky. They burn out of the sky.

But it's not too hard. You can go outside--you don't even need binoculars--and look up and look at all the yellow and red stars that are on fire, and so. They're coming in en masse. Get the orgone out, folks, because the orgone will provide protection against these beings for your home, and your areas. And that's one of the reasons Satan protests this show so much to The Most High. Because I'm teaching people how to protect themselves. They want to take you by surprise. They want you to die. They don't want the Lord's people, or any people to be spared, to be saved from them. They want to destroy everybody.

The Lord Assigns Us Things to Do - I Need You to Send in Your Financial Support to Make Sure Those Things Get Done

And so, there's things that we need to wrap up for this year. Just because we accomplished New York City--everything we wanted to do there, we accomplished--we need to keep going. And we have things lined up and things we're planning to do. And right now my hands are tied because I can't afford to do anything. I can't afford to help some of these Warriors that are willing to hit the road and go do things because I don't have any funds. And so, I need your financial support, folks. The clock's winding down, so don't fizz out on me now. We still have a window of opportunity to get some last things done that the Lord is standing up people to go and do.

You know, like I said, I was on a mission last week. And, you know, I took a poison attack on that one. And it's pretty much destroyed my whole digestive tract. And I've been dealing with that for a week now. And I've been running a slight temperature every day. And just in a lot of pain. And should probably be in the hospital, but I don't have any health insurance. I don't wanna deal with that. I'd rather just hang on for a few more weeks and get done what's needed done.

And the Lord assigns us things to do. I see that in the Codes. And I wanna make sure those things get done that we're assigned to do, so. Whether it's sending somebody else out. Enabling other people to go get something or doing it myself, we gotta get it done. So I need your financial support, folks.

Also, no matter what country you're in, if the Lord is standing you up to get your islands or get your countries saturated with orgone, then get busy. Get busy. Because when crap truly does hit the fan, we may not have access to supplies to make orgone. You know, we may not have to worry about them outright banning it. We're not gonna have the supplies to make it. So we need to get everything that we can done now and not procrastinate. We can't afford to procrastinate at this point. We have to get busy and accomplish what the Lord wants us to do. And so, just a shout-out to everybody out there. We cannot procrasinate. We don't have that kind of time anymore.

They Have Plans of Trying to Nuke the Second Sun Out of the Sky

I don't know if there's anything else that the Lord wanted me to speak about tonight. Second sun coming in. They're still trying to hide it. They have plans of trying to nuke it out of the sky. Which is another joke, but that will happen, they don't listen to me. They still try to implement their plans. I think that's gonna be the biggest laugh I'll have all year. And I've had a lot of laughs this year, but can you imagine--they're already lost a lot of ships of their own space command. They send their own vehicles up there, their own UFOs, and they try to fight against angels and designated places of the Lord's. They actually try to fight against htem, and then the Lord just destroys them.

They don't learn. They always come up with an excuse to tell the rest of their followers why something failed. Instead of just saying, "We can't beat God," they come up with excuses. Satan won't accept failure. He just keeps running it in the ground with all of his failures. And so, they're gonna pile up. Their failures are gonna pile up. And you know what? The Lord's judgment is going to be struck on Earth because of it.

Make Satan Rule the World from the Deserts - We Don't Have to Give Him Access to Our Buildings, Offices, and Churches

You know, the Bible says that there's two Beasts coming. And they're going to unite the world under a global government, one-world government, one-world religion. But it doesn't say how. You know, we don't have to lay back and allow Satan to fulfill every whim that he wants to whim. OK, they're gonna rule the world. Let's make them do it from the desert, folks. Why should we give them access to our Capitol buildings, and our political offices, and our churches? Let's chase them to the deserts. Let's chase them to the deserts. We don't have to give them anything.

I was reading an article earlier today. Had a good laugh. On how Congress wants to appropriate 60 million to fix Capitol's dome, the dome on the Capitol. And at the same time, the UK is saying the same thing. That they need to spend billions on renovating the Parliament. And like I said, they're having a hard time in D.C. and in Europe because of the orgone that we have there. And they would all be leaving and looking for excuses.

And just watch. These kinds of excuses are gonna pop up and take over. Because they can't even meet in D.C. They're sending their clones in. You know, the Lord's told me they're decentralized. They've lost their centralization because these Lizards that have taken over all of these humans can't handle the orgoned areas. And their detectors are gonna be a joke. They're not--they don't work, and so. They've spent billions of dollars on technology to combat our orgone, and the Lord can just turn them on and off as He wills. And they're seeing that. They have no control over what is the Lord's, and so.

It's Cheaper to Get People to Volunteer to Die by Accepting Vaccinations Than It Is to Hunt Them Down and Kill Them

It's getting interesting, folks. I, personally, would like to chase them back to the deserts of Africa and the Middle East. And that's basically where they're gonna be heading if they wanna survive. Kick the Lizards out of here. This whole Draconian faction. Satan's faction. Make them rule the world from the desert. Gives more people a fighting chance to survive because they wanna kill you.

They wanna kill the masses. They're coming with their vaccines to ensure everybody gets soul-scalped and killed, dies of plagues. That's how they plan on killing off 75, 80 percent of mankind. You know, it's a lot cheaper, and a lot easier when people voluntarily agree to die by accepting vaccinations than it is to hunt them down and shoot them. There are so many gullible people that will get in line for a vaccination because the government tells them to. They're gonna be so easy to kill. They're all drinking the Kool-Aid.

Every Day You Should Be Asking the Lord for the Truth in All Things

Don't drink the Kool-Aid, folks. And seek the Lord in all things. Every day you should be asking Him for the truth in all things. Every day. You know, I see so many people that stick in the daily rut. They think, oh, going to church every Sunday and playing Christian is the way to go. They get comfortable in their religious boxes.

And, you know, I did that for a long time, too, but you know what? It's these people, especially, that need to start praying for the truth in all things because their pastors put them to sleep. The pastors don't tell them to get ready, to prepare. They put them to sleep with false doctrines, false theologies. They're not prepared for the things that are coming. They've all fallen asleep with their rapture doctrines. And you can't tell them any different. You can't tell them any different. But at least you can tell them the one thing that is effective and does make a difference, that they can't argue with, and that's ask the Lord for the truth in all things. Ask Him every day for the truth in all things. Because it's the Lord, Himself, who could open up the eyes of the dead.

Stay Armed to Protect Yourselves - There Will Be No Rapture to Save You When Persecution and War Come to This Country

I know a lot of people struggling with family members who don't believe the way you do. And, you know, this Faction 4, this Orgone Warriors, we're scattered around the world. There's not many people who understand what we do and why we do it. But just hang in there, folks. Just get your work done and do what the Lord leads you to do because we don't have much time left.

The Lord's people have always been persecuted. And this is no different. It's always been the majority, the biggest mouths, the biggest leaders, the most dominant, the biggest groups, that have always been wrong, that have always been apostate, that have always been led into idolatry and idol worship. And it's no different today, folks.

And one of the biggest dangers of Israel's past, and the Israel of today, is to be disarmed. Don't give up your guns. Protect yourselves. Be ready to fight back for your lives, for yourselves and your families. There's nothing I've ever read in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, that says there wouldn't be a foreign war on America's soil before a rapture. [laughs] I've never read that anywhere. Never read it. So many Christians think, "Oh, the Lord will take us home before that would happen." Really? Where was the rapture for those in Kosovo? For all the Christians being murdered and killed in Muslim countries? For all the Christians that are being murdered in China? They're hunting them down in Africa, in gangs, and burning them and killing them. Where was their raptures?

There's war coming to this country. And it's gonna be one implemented and instigated by our own government. They're gonna allow foreign troops to come in to subjugate the people here. They're being welcomed in. They're bringing in equipment now. They're bringing in troops now. They've been doing it for years getting ready for this. It's long been a part of the agenda.

The Satanists we've elected to public office have no loyalty to America. When you join a secret society--and to even be a candidate running for public office, you have to belong to some secret society group. Whether it's the Masons, or the Templars, or the Shriners, or whatever group it is. Because they all serve the same boss. They have no loyalty to America. So they will hand over America to the Chinese. They will hand over America to Ascended Masters from space claiming to be religious figures. And they'll run while we suffer, while we're destroyed as a nation. That's the plans. They're building their fortresses in South Africa, and India, and South America. They'll run and hide and protect themselves and their families while Americans are being destroyed by foreign troops. That's the plan, folks. So prepare.

If You're a Warrior for the Lord, You're on Their Attack List, but We'll Be Rewarded for Our Sufferings and Persecutions Here on Earth

Anyway, I'll be back next Monday. Hopefully I'll be feeling a lot better by then. It's hard to think straight when you're just doubled over in so much pain every day. So I just ask the Lord to tell me what to speak. And there's really nothing new to speak. I've said this all before. I've been saying it for ten years.

Prepare, folks, and get ready. Because we're in a interesting window, a interesting timeframe right now. Economic collapse. Global reset. Introducing the arrival of these Ascended Masters with our own president leading the way for that. They're very instrumental in that, folks. Obama is the one that will introduce them to the world.

Alien disclosure coming. I guess I could say "official" because they've always just denied it, but we've always known there's aliens and UFOs here. People deal with it all the time. People dealing with attacks all the time. If you're a Warrior for the Lord, then you're on their attack list. I don't know one person right now who's not under attack. Whether it's satellites, or surveillance, harassments, stalkings, poisons. Everybody's under attack. So seek the Lord, get your shields up. Sometimes he allows these attacks. And He allows them because there's great joy in suffering. He awards us more for the suffering we go through for Him, He can award us more later for. And so, that's a big thing, you know. That's why you just say, "OK, I'll suffer. I'll go through this. Because I know later I'll be rewarded for it." You know, it's a catch-22, folks. We'll be rewarded for our sufferings and persecutions here on Earth.

And it's enough just to know that we're gonna spend eternity with Him in heaven, while Satan and all of his forces, and all the people who help with his agenda, are gonna rot in the lake of fire for eternity. I don't know how so many people can be so deceived and still be helping this agenda. Scientists, technical people. There's so many who work in these underground bases. And they're all working together to implement this last-days agenda on Earth, where America and most of the rest of the world is destroyed. And they're all working to help him make this happen.

Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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