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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
September 10, 2012


Waiting for Things in the Background to Start Happening in the Foreground

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. A couple things I wanted to mention tonight. Tomorrow's September 11. Everybody thinks about it as the anniversary of 9/11, but it's actually Yahushua's birthday, and so. It's gained much occultic significance amongst the pagans, and so. Hard to say what all they have planned. Their plans always get delayed.  'Cause every time you see some things, it's like eventually you'll see "delayed." So we'll see what happens with the next couple weeks. I knew we were looking at a lot of background activity. Things going on in the background. Things that I've stated would happen, have happened, and so. You know, you're just waiting, I guess, for the bomb to drop. So everybody's on the same page and things stop--things that happen in the background start happening for people to see.

Obama Wants to Wait Until After the Election for the Global Reset to Occur

Right now, the war between the factions is on. They are trying to reset a new global economy. And when this happens, it will crash the American dollar and the Euro. And so, with both countries crashing--and this is what they want. One faction wants all the central banks to crash at the same time. And the other one wants to wait until after the elections. And then there's other factions that want it to happen now, before the economies crash.

And so, it's almost like a three-ring circus. I know Obama wants to wait until after the election for the global reset to occur. But he's willing to do anything to stay in office. And so, if it looks like he's gonna lose to Romney, he'll do what it takes to stay in office, and so. You know, I've heard a lot of different things. I've heard that he would cause a tsunami to hit the west coast, take out California. And that's viable. They could actually--it's doable. They could do it with their HAARP weapons.

Christian Families Have Been Disappearing, Even in Our Own Country, During This War on the Saints

Counting on this global reset to 'cause economic collapse on a bank holiday. I know a lot of people predicting, if that would happen, it would cause a lot of social chaos and unrest, and instigate civil war. And we're bringing in a lot of foreign troops to get ready for the onslaught of martial law here in America.
But what's really going on with that, folks, is they're getting ready for the war on the saints. And let's not forget, in Revelation, chapter 13, when the first Beast rises to power, he goes to war after the saints. It's one of the first things he does. And already it's been going on in the background for quite a while. There have been Christians disappearing, not just around the world, but in our own country. Whole families have been disappearing. And, of course, these families are God-fearing people. They're Christian families, part of the Bride. And so, they've been targeted for their belief in The Most High. And they've been disappearing silently.
The media doesn't report it. Obviously, they're hiding their own crimes. In cahoots with Obama's administration and what they're doing. It's kind of like they're siphoning off on the edges. They're leaving the bigmouths where they sit right now because when you take a bigmouth out, everybody notices. But when you take the silent supporters out, that sit along the edges, there's not that much of a notice. And so, that's what they're doing, folks. They're skimming off the edges right now. Taking people out of their homes. And, you know, it just gives new meaning "sleep with a gun beside your bed." Because, you know, because most people don't have a bad conscience that they've done anything wrong, so they can't imagine why the government is sending tactical teams to their homes to arrest them for something.
You know what, folks? They're up to no good. They're up to no good. You know, several months ago, I was told about a family in Massillon, Ohio that was picked up by the Feds. And I don't know exactly who or what did the abduction, 'cause that's basically what it was, but they took this family, never to be seen or heard from again. And from what I was told, this family was taken to a underground facility somewhere in Pennsylvania where they were being held prisoners and would eventually be killed and sacrificed. Because they're believers in The Most High, folks. And so, you know, they're not being given a fair trial. They're not given access to a lawyer. People are just being disappeared, held in underground areas, and then sacrificed, killed. Gives new meaning to these underground bases.
Well, if you look at the Denver Airport, the underground base--city, actually--underneath that thing, all kinds of tunnels and roads for vehicles to travel, and penned-in areas where they can unload people and just disappear them into that underground city where they eventually are killed. And so, this is what kind of facilities the government has been creating. It's the war on the saints, folks.

Expect a War with Iran to Hit Us Here in Our Own U.S. Cities by the End of This Year

You know, they may be projecting, "Oh, there's gonna be martial law. The dollar's gonna collapse. It's gonna be chaos." We've gone through a lot of ups and downs with the dollar over the year. We've gone through inflations. You know, we've been going through a depression. And then it hasn't been chaos and war in the streets. You know, I think what they're trying to do is instigate that kind of a chaos so they can validate the presence of foreign troops here. What they really want is to begin their war on the people. War on the citizens of America. That's what it's really about.
So this is, you know, there's a lot of people that are predicting a lot of events that are coming up. And they're true. And once they start, they're gonna happen quickly, but happening for various different reasons. One thing I keep seeing is missiles. And I remember back in 2003, when I started doing the Codes, posting them on my website, and I remember seeing missiles hitting American cities from Iran. And that Russia would come up, because most of Iran's technology has been given to them by Russia. So it seems to indicate that we're gonna be at some kind of a war with Iran. And I don't think the United States will instigate it outright. What I think probably is going to happen is Israel's probably going to nuke them, and then Iran will just fight for their very survival and unleash their inventory on America, and not even wait for a strike from America. And they've threatened to do that. They threatened it years ago. That if they thought they were going to be at war with America, that they would strike first.
And so, this is a very real possibility. I know all this month and last month they have tried to start this war with Iran. And every time they've tried to start it something would happen to sabotage their plans. And so, eventually it's going to happen, folks. There's going to be a war with Iran. But it's not gonna be what we're expecting. I mean, we've been at war with Iraq, or at war against Iraq, war against Afghanistan, war against Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria. This war is gonna come home and hit us in our own cities. And so, this is gonna be a different--this is actually gonna be a war. Because the other ones aren't really wars, they're just bullying contests. But with Iran, it's actually gonna be a war, and so. Could see that coming to fruition before the end of this year. Can't give dates on it, but that's part of the things that I see.

Obama Has Too Much Going on to Leave Office - Expect Things to Happen from Space Despite Lack of Disclosure

I know Obama's not gonna leave office. He's got too much going on. And he's got all the pacts signed with the Ascended Masters that are coming. And if you're part of the New Age alien agenda, then you're familiar with these Ascended Masters and this whole Ashtar Command and this Galactic Federation. And it sounds like a story line for Star Wars, sci-fi TV. But this stuff's all actually going on in the background.
I expected some kind of disclosure in the last two weeks. It's been delayed. I've even been asked by government sources about disclosure because they thought it would've happened already as well. And things just getting pushed back to where they're gonna have to play catch up. They're gonna have to backtrack. Because I think things are gonna start happening from space that they're not gonna be able to hide anymore. They're not gonna be able to deny. And so, I look for that to happen at any time.

The Entire World Will Be in a Third-World Economy When the Top-Producing Countries Are Destroyed, Then Most People Will Be Killed

I don't know if they'll do the disclosure before the global reset or after. Think of the global reset of money same as, almost like how communism works. You take from the rich to give to the poor. About the only problem with that is eventually you run out of money to steal from the rich. And so, basically, when that happens, in a global economy, you destroy the top-producing economies and elevate the third-world countries. They want everybody up on a playing level, the same playing level.

Well, what's really gonna happen is you're just gonna have the entire world in a third-world economy. And then you just start killing off the people. That's their main plans is killing off people, killing 6 and a half billion people. And that might sound a little farfetched, but if you read the book of Revelation when the Lord returns, there's only about two-thirds, maybe one-third of the world's population left that has survived the seven-year period by the time He returns, and so. Puts it into a little bit of perspective, folks, that a lot of the things they're going to implement are gonna be successful. Plagues, famines, pestilences, war, disease. Things happening that the Old Testament prophets predicted. That last-days Babylon, which is America, would build camps and prisons and imprison their own citizens. And this is what's gonna be happening, folks. FEMA camps, martial law, foreign troops in our streets rounding up people. These things are gonna be happening.

Defend yourselves, folks. You know, if I saw a government tactical team coming in my front yard, I wouldn't be opening the front door, I'd be grabbing my guns. 'Cause they're up to no good, folks. They're just gonna whisk you off somewhere so they can kill you slowly and torture you, and so. Prepare to defend yourselves. You have a right to defend yourself and the life of your loved ones. Especially your property. And they are illegal goons at this point. And so, they're not following the laws either.

A Lot of UFO Activity This Eve of 9/11

A lot of UFO activity outside right now. I don't know if anybody's noticed. I'm keeping an eye on the sky tonight. [laughs] And they're turning their lights on and off, so they're kind of like flying dark for a few minutes, and then they turn their lights on. Seem to be quite the zoo. I suspected it would be, tonight. I almost was gonna do my show sitting outside just so I could watch the sky, the show in the sky, what's going on. [laughs] Hope you folks have learned by now to get your yards fortified with orgone. 'Cause they hate it.

The Ascended Masters and Company, or the Phantom Network, as the Bible Codes Call Them, Worship Allah

Another thing that came to mind earlier today is that this whole thing about Daniel's description of the coming Antichrist, when he seeks to change times and the laws. Because it goes along with what I've been seeing with Obama and sharia law and this whole New Age agenda coming. You know, they claim to be more--their not atheistic, but more agnostic. They're more like, "We're all gods. We can all become gods." You know, gag in your sleep theology.
But they do worship a god, these Ascended Masters who come. Because they worship Allah. And that's kind of a weird mixture. You see this whole Galactic Federation, and the Ascended Masters, and the delegacy that's coming from them, they worship Allah. And so, we're looking a kind of a weird mixture of Islam with these cosmo beings, Ascended Masters.
The Bible Codes refers to them as the "phantom network." Because that's what they are. They're phantoms. They're demonic beings. They possess bodies. And what they do is--when you see them come, like Sananda and Mary, Maitreya if he shows up. He's still kind of AWOL. But there's a whole contingency of them. There's about 12 of them that are coming. Those bodies that you're gonna see them in are not their real bodies. Their real bodies are fallen angel bodies. They're tall Greys, they're Lizards. And they're gonna take on these very tall angelic-being bodies. They've created these bodies, and so. But they're really what the Bible Codes has just described as phantoms. And they just take on these bodies to fit in with mankind on Earth.
There's a whole phantom network and that's this delegacy from Ashtar. And this is what Obama is aligned with. He's aligned with that phantom network and has made pacts with Sananda.

The Ascended Masters Are Alchemists

One of the descriptions of Daniel describing the Antichrist is that he's a god that worships forces, a god his father's knew not. In other words, the forefathers, they didn't worship this god that the Antichrist is going to worship. And forces can be military power. It can be witchcraft. What's interesting with me is that the New Agers, these Ascended Masters and all those involved with this New Age blah-blah garbage, they're really into alchemy. They're alchemists. They like to change chemical properties of things and create new things, and so. The Bible Codes detail them as alchemists. And they even discuss that in their own writings. You can browse the New Age garbage websites and see what these Ascended Masters claim and the things that they do. And they're all into alchemy.

As the Politicians Flee America, Our Country Will Fall Under Military Rule and Possibly Chinese Rule

But I think what's pretty much gonna happen is the United States going under military rule. Gonna see the Pentagon taking more and more control. Because I think what happens is pretty much the politicians are gonna be on the run. Obama's gonna be on the run. Congress is gonna be on the run. They're all gonna be on the run They're leaving America to survive because we're chasing them out of America with our orgone war. They have nowhere to go. And if they stay, they're not gonna survive. And so, they're gonna leave. And our country is going to fall under military rule and foreign rule. You could call it NATO. Whatever you wanna call it.
They may just hand it over to the Chinese yet. Because the Chinese dragon society, the dragon people, they're the forces of Satan. They're the forces of the Antichrist. And they're his strong arm of control. And so, there's so many of them their female army, alone, is larger than our military in America. And so, they can fill the 300 million female army alone in China, and so. That's just the women. And they also have the largest cloning facility in the world outside of Beijing. They can clone soldiers, chip-implant them, and use them as pawns. And so, a lot of these different types of things, these different routes, that can be taken, folks. And, you know, I've been talking about these same things for years. It's just like rewinding the tape by about now. So, just a couple things to watch out for.

Instead of Thinking There's Going to Be a Rapture, Prepare for Persecution, Prepare to Survive

You know, they're coming after the Orgone Warriors and, you know what? They always are. You know, when I see that in the Codes I just kind of laugh. We're God's people. They can't touch a hair on our head unless He allows it. But I don't want Christians--what's gonna confuse them the most, is the fact that they misinterpret scripture. And so, they have no real understanding of the events that are coming because they hold onto false doctrines. They believe that a huge rapture is gonna come and save them, when the Lord warns them about a time of persecution and trouble. The Old Testament prophets warn them that the Bride is going to be persecuted for His name, and killed. It's right in black and white, folks.
And so, these are the things that people need to prepare for. Instead of, "Oh, I'm not gonna be here. There's gonna be a rapture," prepare for persecution. Prepare to survive. Prepare to hide. Prepare to live in a time where stores are closed, double-digit inflation, you can't afford food. Double-digit inflation is right around the corner, folks. The cost of food is going to soar. And as martial law and other things start taking over America, the supplies to the stores--anyway, the stores are gonna be closed. So there's nothing to buy--[nothing] you're gonna be able to buy anyway, even if you could, and so.

I Wish Those Supposed Bible Scholars Who Tell You Lilith Doesn't Exist Could Sit in My Shoes for a Week

[laughs] Yeah. I'm being told right now that all the UFOs that were outside have now turned their lights off. It's getting to be quite the show. [laughs] Yeah, it was pitch black when I went out to look. And I saw like, four and I'm thinking, "Something's going on." Yeah, because they're turning their lights on and off. [laughs] They want a war against me tonight. I'm here. I'm here. Bring it on. [laughs] You know, Lilith. Lilith has been trying to get a contingency of her offspring in space together to come against me here in Ohio. And I've been waiting for months. I've been waiting for a long time. And, you know, all I can say is, "Bring it on, Lilith. Bring it on." I'm not afraid of her.
I like how the churches, you know, these supposed Bible scholars, will tell you Lilith doesn't exist. [laughs] I wish they could just sit in my shoes for maybe a week, tell me she doesn't exist. They clearly don't understand the principalities and the powers of the air. Because that's one of the things I've had to learn fairly quickly. When I started to pray for the truth in all things, having to learn exactly what Lucifer's kingdom is, who all's in it, and how it operates. I mean, for most people sitting in the churches, they don't even begin to grasp the knowledge of what, exactly, is around us and the war that we're in. The principalities and powers of the air. The different factions and groups of aliens that we deal with. Different ways of looking at it, folks.
Yeah, mankind calls them aliens. We know they're just fallen angels, and different factions of them, and they've crossbred over the thousands of years, and there's these different types of groups of them. You know, it's really just fascinating when you start to learn what, exactly, is going on around you in Satan's kingdom. Most just don't wanna know. Most just wanna live in the comfort box of ignorance and not know, and so. I don't know. I don't know how they--you know, the Lord loves those who seek truth. The truth seekers. Those who love and seek the truth. And so, why wouldn't someone who says they love the Lord ask for the truth in all things every day and learn what the truth is? You know?

Why Do the Sheeple Ignore the Lord's Watchmen and Prophets, but Wake Up When a Satanist Tells Them Something's True?

We're about to see one of the most weird mixes of global religion and government you've ever seen in the history of this planet, and people have no understanding of what that is. You know, we've got alien beings coming as angelic beings. We've got Islam and Allah in the mix. We've got Obama ready to destroy this country by announcing sharia law. Not to mention waking all the sleeping sheeple with the disclosure that, "Hey, there are aliens amongst us. There are various starships in the sky." You know? Is that when they wake up? When someone else that doesn't even love the Lord tells them? They ignore the Lord's watchmen and prophets all these years, and they'll believe it when a Satanist tells them it's true? I mean, come on.

You know, even the Satanists know there's a Lord. Even Satan knows the Lord, and trembles. And these Satanists do as well. But the difference being that a lot of these top Satanists have already sold their souls to Satan. And they don't care. They're resigned to the fact that they're gonna go to hell. They're resigned to the fact. David Rockefeller, he knows he's going to hell. They're resigned to the fact. They're not gonna change. But they carry the facade that satanism is great, satanism's something that you wanna be a part of, it's cool to sell it to the celebrities and the Hollywood divas, the young kids, to buy that it's cool to be a part of it. I don't know how they think it's cool. And the ones who are really at the tops in it, eventually they just burn out. They burn out. And they've been leaving the Brotherhood.

You know, it's only a top 1 percent in the world that are even a part of this Brotherhood, this elite, satanic bloodline that rules the world. And these bloodlines branch out into every country. Top 1 percent. Sons of Esau and sons of Cain. Edomites and the sons of Cain. And so, if you study these bloodlines of the Illuminati, and the Edomites, they always controlled the banking and the politics. That's why the Lord was so angry that Esau married Edomite women. He said, "Jacob I loved, Esau I hated." Esau married outside of his race into the satanic line that even ruled back in that day. And it's the same ones that rule to this day. They rule the banking and the politics.

Confess the Lord, Profess His Name, and Stop Worshiping Created Beings Like Satan

You know, the Lord says [Matthew 10:32,33],

32 Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.
33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

Everything about being a believer in The Most High, it's about being bold and proud of who and what you are, and confessing His name. You know, the Lord doesn't have a hard yoke to carry. You confess Him. You profess His name. So many people wanna worship the creation, the created beings. Satan's a created being, folks. He's not God. He can't create anything. All he can do is crossbreed.

And up until now, he was always able to protect his followers from all the plagues and diseases they were casting on mankind because they were the ones doing it. Black Plague Death, Bubonic Plague, all of the huge plagues that wiped out millions of people throughout the centuries. All of those plagues were brought onto us by these fallen angels. By the aliens who hover in our skies and plot against the earth and mankind. All of these plagues have been brought out by them. And so, naturally, Satan can protect his own people and followers from it. Because they're plagues designed and created by his own forces.

But when the Lord's judgment hits the earth, there's gonna be no protection for them. The only ones protected are the ones with the Lord's seal on their forehead. 144,000 that are sealed and remain on earth during the tribulation period. They're the only ones that are gonna be protected by all the plagues coming and the different, various invasions that are coming. I've been talking about the Locust invasion that will be coming shortly after this whole facade with the Ashtar Command Ascended Masters and all this starts to fruition on earth. You're gonna start seeing the Lord's judgment on earth. And you're gonna start seeing the prophetic passages of Revelation come alive.

Be Bold in Your Faith and Who You Are, Especially When You See That Your Enemies Are of Your Own Household

You know, now is not the time to be sitting on the fence, folks. It's not the time to be sitting on the fence. Be bold in your faith and who you are. You know, the Lord said [Matthew 10:35,36],

35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
36 And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.

The book of Matthew. Your own enemies. Read Matthew, chapter 10, folks. Your own enemies are gonna be those in your own household. And He says in Matthew 10:37,

He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

You can't love anybody else before Him. He has to be your main, your sole priority. You know, I hear from people every day. Their spouses, their parents, their friends, everybody laughing at them. Being persecuted all the time for the things they believe in, the things they teach. People laughing and scoffing because they don't wanna wake up to the truth, they don't wanna learn the truth, they think you're crazy. Stay bold, folks. Stay patient, stay bold. Because the Bible already forewarned. You know, He brought a sword. Truth is a sword, and it cuts those who don't wanna hear it.

He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it. [Matthew 10:39]

How many people trying to run from the judgments of God that are coming. They're all trying to run so they can survive. Those who try to save their lives will lose them. And those who are willing to die for the Lord will find them.

It Doesn't Matter How Evil You Are or How Bad Your Sins...Humble Yourself, Confess Your Sins, Confess the Lord as Your Savior, and Start Living for Him

28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

That's Matthew 11:28-30. His yoke is easy. So many people are in so much torment. They're being tormented day and night. Things they've done that haunt them. Demons haunting them with memories. The things they've done. You know, the Lord says if you confess your sins to Him, He will forgive you for your sins.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. [1 John 1:9]

And that doesn't matter how evil you are, how bad your sins are. Some people have sacrificed babies most of their lives, have been involved with rituals, killing the innocents, have blasphemed the Lord's name, have done wicked and terrible things. And you know what? The Lord would forgive you, if you ask for forgiveness. And not hold it against you He would forgive you.

Some of you think you're too bad to be saved, to receive the Lord's salvation. You know what? That's a lie. That's a lie. But so many people are afraid of losing everything they have. They're afraid of being humiliated. Really? Who cares? Do you think I care for two seconds what people say about me? What they think of me? And that's what the Lord says, you know? Be humble, to Him. Profess His name. Profess Him. Who cares what your enemies think? You know what? Proud spirits are brought down low. He is going to bring down the proud. And the one thing He asks of His people is to have a humble and contrite spirit. To be humble.

Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD

Proverbs 16:5. All these Brotherhood people who are so proud of the things they do, the fact that they worship Satan, the fact that they have trillions of dollars. Who cares? You know, they pillage the land. They divide the spoil amongst themselves. And yet the Lord's going to destroy them all and their souls are gonna burn in hell for eternity. That's not something to envy.

James [4:10] says,

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord. Be humble.

He resisted the proud. [James 4:6]

You Can End the Torment Through Yahushua's Name - When You Have the Power of the Holy Spirit in You, Satan Has No Power Over You
It's not too late, folks, for anybody, no matter where you're at, and no matter what you're in, to walk away and renounce evil, renounce sin, renounce wickedness, confess the Lord as your Savior, and start living for Him. You can end the torment. Through His name you have power over Satan and his demons. You can rebuke the demons in Yahushua's name and they have to listen to you. When you have the power of the Holy Spirit in you, Satan has no power over you. The tables turn.

See, right now Satan has power over people and he torments them because they're not filled with the Lord's Spirit. He has full access to them. They're his own. But when a person renounces their sin, walks away from the sin, accepts Yahushua as their Lord and Savior, and is filled with His Spirit, now Satan and his demons are subjected to His authority through the name of Yahushua. We have power through the Lord's name over all the forces of Satan.

Do you think they come around me? They used to. They learned not to. I cast them, chained and cast them into the abyss. That's the kind of power and authority that we have in the name of our Lord and Savior, Yahushua.

You know, who wants to die with all the toys in the world, when you're just gonna suffer and burn in hell for eternity? It's not worth it. None of these people have peace. They drink to drown out the torments. They do drugs. They look for anything to drown out the torment that they're going through.

You can find peace in the Lord if you'll humble yourselves to Him. That's the only way you're gonna find peace.

There Are Millions of Alien Ships in the Skies - Satan Is at War Against the Lord - Complete What the Lord Sent You Here to Do

Yeah. Skies are getting full. Full of starships. Full of UFOs. I don't know how people don't notice this stuff. Go outside and look up at the sky and start counting the yellow stars that you see. And if you watch them long enough, they start emitting red lights. Those were alien ships, folks. Those aren't stars. Those are alien ships. There's millions.

And many are coming in. I keep hearing, "Oh, Nibiru's coming in," and blah, blah. It's not Nibiru they're afraid of, folks. It's the second sun. Satan is at war with the Lord's second sun. His BDS, Brown Dwarf Star. Satan's at war. He's at war against the Lord's people. He's at war against the Lord, folks. He knows his time is running out.

Like I said, it's not time to be sitting on the fence, folks. Ask the Lord what He wants you to do with the time you have left here on Earth. Seek Him. Ask Him what to do. Be the one that stands up and completes what they were sent here on Earth to do. Be the one that gets the job done that the Lord wants you to do. It's not much time left.

The Lord Gave Me 8 Assignments to Do This Year - I Need You to Send in Your Financial Support So We Can Complete What's on Our Plate

Anyway, folks, just a recap for the next couple of weeks. Things to watch out for. Watch for global reset of economies. Economic crash here in America and in Europe with the euro. Probably won't affect Germany, but it will the other countries reliant on the euro. Looking at a euro and dollar crash, stock market crash, double-digit inflation, disclosure, missiles hitting our cities from Iran, foreign-troop takeover, then turning from a Constitution Republic to a military police state. These are the things right around the corner, folks. And I'm not saying next year, or the year after. I'm saying within months. I don't see how they can keep stalling much longer.

We've completed a lot of the things the Lord wanted us to do this year. The beginning of this year, He gave me six assignments of six particular things He wanted me to do. And then He added on two more. So, eight. Eight particular assignments that He wanted me to do. We're almost completed with the eighth one now. Although they're throwing a fit. They'll set the country on fire in order to stop us from completing it. But we'll get it done. [laughs softly] We'll get it done. I don't care how many fires they set. We'll just go behind the smoke and rubble. You can't stop us. You can delay us, slow us down, but you can't stop us.

We're on the eighth one now, folks. I need your continued support to this ministry. It's really slowed down lately. And, you know, with so few months left in this year alone, and time, I don't think anyone doubts that hell is gonna break loose shortly before the elections. And if not before, certainly after because that's what the plans are, folks. So not a whole lot of time. I need your continued support so we can complete the things the Lord has put on our plate to do.

You know, we're not just talkers, we're doers. That's what the Lord's people are. They're doers. Doers of the Word. Their doers for Him. When He asks them to do something, they do it. We're doers. So let's be doing. Do what we do best. Tearing down the strongholds of Satan. Let's be reliable. Let's be dependable. All the good things you want to see beside your name when the Lord pulls out His books. Everything we've ever done and said is recorded. And I've seen these. I know that, just by working through the Codes daily like I do, that I'm getting a good idea of the books He has and the kinds of books He keeps. Let's be doers, folks. Let's be reliable, dependable. Slow, but dependable. [laughs] That's basically how we're described right now. Slow, but dependable. We're getting it done. We don't have much time to be slow anymore, folks.

The Orgone Is Causing the Lizards Grief - Their Tornadoes Didn't Take Out NYC and Their Devices Won't Work Against the Orgone

New York City was a huge icing on the cake to our entire orgone war against them. They don't even care if they blow it out. They tried to knock it over with tornadoes. [2 tornadoes strike in NYC; no injuries reported] They're trying to flee. To hide the fact that they're fleeing New York City, might as well just try to destroy it with tornadoes on their way out, right? Well, what's funny is the orgone does what I say it does. It protects against HAARP, and it protected against all the tornadoes they threw at it a couple days ago. Some places got hit, but those places weren't saturated with orgone. We weren't in those areas.

I imagine they would try to take down all of Manhattan with tornadoes if they could. Kind of like a two-way catch street with them. Now they're totally protected by orgone because Manhattan Island is completely saturated with orgone. And there's walls all the way up around that island. So it's gonna protect them against themselves. [laughs] It's also burning them out of their own little stomping ground.

They're trying to use transducers to redirect and rechange the direction of positive orgone energy to DOE, dead orgone energy, and it's not gonna work. Not gonna work. We already said prayers against it. I don't care how many devices they think they can come up with. I know Rahm's still busy trying to come up with ways to ban orgone. I'm sure Cheney will be on top of it now, too, since he's being chased out of his place in Wyoming. His little sleeping nest. His little torture chamber. His little human-hunting ranch out in Wyoming. These people are despicable and just cease being wicked. Serves them right. I don't pity them. I'll pray for them, but I won't pity them. And I don't envy them.

You know, some people are just jaw-dropped envious over the wealthy, because they have great wealth. It's like, so what? They can't take it with them. And they haven't done a thing on the earth with the Lord, so they'll have no rewards in heaven. None. They get their torment in hell, for eternity. What's to envy about that? Don't envy the wicked, folks. Don't envy anything about them. Seek the Lord and His righteousness. Not their wickedness. Don't envy their wickedness. You know, it's not money that's evil. It's the love of money and the things they'll do to obtain it. The greed and the wickedness. The sex-slave trades, the human trafficking, the soul trades, the soul slavery. I mean, it just goes beyond what you could even comprehend; the stuff they do. So the war's gonna heat up.

Still Watching for Sananda and Company

Waiting and watching for the arrival of Sananda. This Ashtar delecacy. Delegacy. I know, I can't say that word. Del-e-ga-cy. [laughs] They'll be arriving sometime soon.

Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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