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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
September 24, 2012

No Show Last Week

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, September 24, and this is Sherry Shriner. And a couple things I wanted to mention tonight. I didn't have a show last week, and so. That's why you're not seeing it in the archives. I know most people listen to this show once it's been posted in the archives. So no show last week. But moving right along.

A Lot of Fireballs This Weekend - Warriors Are Doing a Good Job Crashing Alien Ships

A lot of fireballs in the sky this weekend. Been reading a lot of articles and they have a lot of YouTube videos on the fireballs seen in Ireland, the UK, West Virginia, Jerusalem. Always being seen in Southern California and Arizona as well. And so, we're doing a good job, Warriors. We all know what these fireballs are. They're not like mass space junk falling out of the sky. Yeah, they are space junk. But they're dead-alien space junk, and so. We keep crashing their ships out of the sky, folks.

You know, it's gonna get more and more prevalent. I can see in the Bible Codes where Yah is going to crank up the orgone. And started seeing that a couple of weeks ago. And then, boom. Now starting to seeing all these fireballs out of the sky. And so it's kind of funny. Also, He's cranking up the effects that orgone has on THEM. And not just the Lizards and the aliens around us, but the infested humans that are amongst us, and so.

Bible Codes in Regards to Maitreya: Ambulatory - Crippled - Paraplegic - Leprosy

A couple of the terms that I see dominant in the Codes lately with it is the term "scabies." And, let's see. According to the dictionary, scabies is a contagious skin infection caused by the mite. Characterized by intense itching, inflammation, and the formation of vesicles and pustules. Caused by the itch mite. And it burroughs under the skin. Contagious skin disease occurring especially in sheep and cattle, and also in humans.

And so, this is one of the things I've been seeing in the Codes in regards to the aliens. Also "leprosy." And leprosy is one of those terms I pretty much have to analyze where exactly it's being used and how. Because it could be used to describe various things. We have the flesh-eating viruses that they've been working on. We call them zombie viruses. And that very well could be in some way relation to a leprosy plague also. One of the plagues that's dominant with Maitreya. Always see that. And everybody, you know, wants to know what happened to Maitreya because he's been AWOL last couple of years. Terms I always see in the Codes in regards to him are always quite amusing. "Ambulatory - crippled - paraplegic - leprosy." He's not faring very well, and so.

Leprosy is--according to the pathological definition--a chronic, mildly infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium, affecting the peripheral nervous system, skin, and nasal passages and variously characterized by ulcerations, tubercular nodules, and loss of sensation that sometimes leads to traumatic amputation of the anesthetized part. Leprosy is thousands of years old. You could see it in the old biblical days. People had leprosy and it was very contagious. And they used to stand outside the gates and beg for money or food. They were cast outside of the cities and towns. They often had leper colonies. And orgone is an attributing factor to these aliens that have leprosy.

I don't know to what extent aliens get it as opposed to humans. I'm sure it's not a pretty sight. But they get it. And the one thing with these fallen angels is that animal diseases are more likely to be linked with them. Because that's what the Lord calls them. He calls them animals. He calls them beasts. And so, when you see plagues and diseases, it's often something that you could correlate with some kind of animal-type disease or these skin diseases.

"Reddening" and "Rashes" on the Reptilians Because of the "Boilermakers"

Another term I see in regards to the effect orgone has on them is "reddening" and "rashes." They'll get these weird patches of red skin. And you'll see that pretty dominant east coast morning show news anchors. Everybody out in New York City, sitting in our saturated Manhattan. Even the week we were there they were starting to look pretty bad. They looked like they'd been sitting out in the sun all day.

One of the effects that orgone has on them is rashes on their skin. Because it literally boils them. And one of the terms that I find for Orgone Warriors is "boilermaker." Because you're making a device that boils these Lizards. And it literally just burns them from the inside out. "Boiling - boiler - burnt - burnt up" are terms you'll see in regards to what the orgone does or the person who's making it, "boilermaker." They don't fare well in orgoned areas. And so, that's why I've been pounding the ground for so long, last 8, 10 years, to get the orgone out. Because it truly does destroy them. Chases them into their underground tombs waiting for them. Because all their underground bases are gonna become their tombs eventually, and so.

Aliens Live Among Us and We're Being Surrounded by Aliens Ships in the Skies

You know, and I've been warning for years that, you know, they're among us. They're among us. You know, the invasion, literal, was back in 2004, 2005 when they started overtaking mankind. And what they do is take over a human body. Probably you've seen alien movies, and they get a little bit dramatic. But that's how it is. These alien beings take over a human's body and become the host of that body. They look like that person because they're just taking over their body. And they act like they're human and they do things humans would do. Hold public office. Hold religious office. [coughs] But they're actually just humans that've been taken over [coughs] by alien entities, and so. Singers, celebrities. They're in every phase of our society in our world. And so, it's literally not [coughs] a war right now [coughs]; mankind versus mankind. But aliens against mankind. They are trying to destroy us. And they do it by subverting mankind. Hijacking, sabotaging, taking over, posing as humans. [coughs] And they work to take us over that way.

[coughs hard] Yeah, they're gonna start attacking me now, but that's all right. I got a huge thing of tea sitting here tonight. I knew they weren't gonna like my show. They always make me start coughing, start choking me.

And they're all over the skies. I mean, I go out every night. And if you look up, I mean, you just see starships everywhere from east to west, folks. [coughs] What's even more particularly amusing, is when they try to blend in with the constellations that are already in the sky. And they just try to blend in. But starships are always a little bit lower. That's why they're easier to detect. And, not to mention, that they're yellow. They're yellow and red most of the time. You don't even need binoculars half the time to go out and look at these things. They're orangish-yellow. You'll see red lights, blue lights. Sometimes you'll see green. Sometimes late at night you can see the trawlers in the sky in the east. They kind of fly in a huge oval pattern. One of them is Sananda.

Now, I know people on the west coast, they're probably not looking at the same eastern sky, maybe, that I can see. But there's no excuse for people in Pennsylvania and New York to not be looking at the same stuff I'm looking at every night. So, I, you know, I don't know how people can just stay in denial. We're being surrounded. Our air is being saturated.

All the Delays Are Because They're Suffering and We're Winning

Get your orgone out, get pipes out. Get them pointed up east. I've have two pipes pointed east and two pipes pointed west at all times. Also have one pointing north, one pointing south. And pipes, various pipes everywhere just pointing straight upward. That punches literal orgone holes right through the sky, and so. Especially if you go out in my area of the country. Because when I go up my driveway, sit at the top of my driveway, I can look straight ahead, straight up, and pretty much see the Milky Way part of the galaxy straight up ahead, right above my driveway, so. It'll be interesting to see what happens with that coming the end of this year. We're supposed to be passing through the center of the universe, and so.

No, it's not the end of the world, but, you know, with all these delays--delays, delays, delays, delays--I do get pretty frustrated, flabbergasted at all the delays. And, you know, it's because they're suffering. It's because we're winning. And we have them in so much derision. The things that they plan, and the things that they wanna do. You know, they plan something and they start crashing out of the sky. [laughs softly] You know, it's almost like, you know, we're defeating them, we're delaying their plans, but at the same time it kind of shoots ourselves in the foot because then things get delayed into oblivion.

But you know what? We need to just focus on what the Lord wants us to do. He's left us here, this last handful of Warriors, He's left us here for a reason. 'Cause we're getting things done, and He needs more things done. He leaves us here because we'll do it. We're effective for Him. When He's good and ready, he'll take us home, you know.

There Are All Kinds of Warriors in The Most High's Army: Prayer Warriors, Orgone Warriors, Survival Warriors...

I've kind of walked away from trying to awake the dead, and dumb and buried. And just dealing with those who are awake, and those who can be led and taught, and who can listen, and who will follow Yah. You know, I'm not in this to convince people we're surrounded by starships that wanna destroy us. You know, I'm not in it to convince people. Because if they can't walk outside and stick their head up to the sky and look themselves, then they just wanna stay in the same ignorant, false reality that they've been living in their entire lives. They don't want the truth. I just wanna deal with those that want the truth, wanna do something about it.

I mean, literally, you hear about all this stuff on the Internet, "Oh, we're the resistance. We're the resistance," they say. They do nothing. Really? What are you doing? You're crashing them out of the skies? Are you making them sick? Are you killing them? Are you boiling them? Are you--what are you doing? Just running your mouth for the resistance? How about backing that up with your works? To show and prove that you are the resistance. If you wanna be a Warrior for The Most High, then stand up and prove that you are, you know.

And it takes all kinds of Warriors. We've got Prayer Warriors, which is our front line of defense. We've got the Orgone Warriors, which is the resistance against the evil and fallen scumbags. We've got Survival Warriors who are teaching others how to survive for the times that are coming. People have different callings. And the important thing to do is to discover what yours is by seeking Him. And He's gonna nag you. He's gonna nag. I mean, that's the only way you always know for sure it's Him. You know, you get this gut feeling, "I should do this. I should do this. I should this." And it goes away after a while. And then it keeps coming back. Goes away, comes back. Goes away and comes back. That's Yah trying to get your attention. People need to learn all the different ways He operates and the ways He works. And you'll recognize when it's Yah.

People always say, "I don't know what He wants me to do. I've been asking Him for so long." It's like, you're usually doing what He wants you to do. He just has a habit of leading you into it. So whatever it is, or whatever you've been fighting against, it's like He's been trying to tell you, you know, "Start that news list. Start that website. Go down here and start a homeless shelter." Whatever it is.

Everybody has different callings. Not everybody has a calling to have a radio show on the Internet or a website on the Internet. Not everybody can even--is capable of handling any kind of speaking engagements or physical type of work. A lot of handicap people I work with. A lot of Orgone Warriors and supporters of this ministry that don't have limbs, that are in wheelchairs, that are suffering from various cancers in various stages. Been attacked most of their lives because Satan knew who they were and he was trying to stop them from fulfilling whatever the Lord wanted them to do. There's all kinds. Takes all kinds to be a team. And that's what we are. We're a team, we're an army here on Earth for The Most High to finish the last things He wants us to do while there's time.

What It'll Be Like If Martial Law Hits in the Wintertime

You know, I get so bombarded with sadness when I look ahead at the things that are coming. And one of the pictures that Yah kept putting in my mind, one of those pictures in World War II of the camps, the Auschwitz camps. And the people were, they were outside and it was cold, there was snow on the ground. And you've probably seen the same types of pictures. And the people are stripped of their clothes. And they're outside in the freezing weather. Not to mention, they're starved. And so, they're starved and they're cold. At that point, if someone was gonna come up to you and force you to get into a building where you know there's heat and warmth, you'd be more than willing to go, rather than fight against them. And that's the whole tactic of this whole FEMA camp martial law scenario that I've seen for years.

And every time I see it, I just, you know, I don't even want to acknowledge it, I just want the time to jump so that it doesn't happen in those times. Because I've always seen it dominant for the months of December and January. And on the east coast in the Midwest those are the coldest months of the year. And, you know what? When they come and they pull you out of your homes at 3 o'clock, 4 o'clock raids, or they pull you off the highway at checkpoints. And they're looking for us. They have lists of believers. Those who are the ones they're really after is the Lord's people.

So many will be taken out of their homes not dressed for the weather. And they're not gonna say, "OK, wait. Let's stop. Let's let them get some shoes on and a coat." No, you know, they're just gonna, they're gonna throw you in their vehicles and take off, then they're gonna throw you on a helicopter or in the back of a truck and haul you to FEMA camps. And it's in the dead of night, it's in the dead of winter. They're not gonna give you blankets to get warm, and coats, because to them you're just dead. You're sheep for the fodder. You're gonna be dead. And these are nothing but narcissistic beings anyway. They don't care about your emotions, your feelings. They didn't care about the Jews. They'll separate the men from the women, and the children from the adults. They'll separate families. And they'll be herded like cattle to their deaths, eventual deaths. And, yes, they do have incinerators. They do have the same type of oven facilities that the Germans had for the Jews. They have the same things ready to go.

And so, when I see this kind of stuff like, probably should have kicked in. We should've been in martial law in the summertime. And then it's delayed, and delayed. And you always get that heart-sinking feeling that, "Oh, my gosh! It is gonna be in the wintertime. It is eventually--it's just gonna hit in the wintertime." And that's easiest for them because that's when they can control people. They can keep them cold and hungry, miserable. They're not gonna have strength to fight up and stand up against them and resist them. And that's what they're counting on. And, you know, in the Word, in Matthew [24:20] it says, "Pray not that your flight happens in winter." It's warning the Jews. To pray not that their fleeing, their running happens in the wintertime or on a Sabbath.

I often wondered, "Why does it always say pray that it doesn't happen on the sabbath?" I know Sabbath is a high holy day. People rest. You're supposed to reflect on the Lord. But what detrimental is that. And the thing that strikes me is that if you were on the run for your life, running to get away from Chinese soldiers or U.N. soldiers, and you were in Israel, all the stores would be closed, there would be no stopping to get last-minute things as you took off to the desert, most people would be shut up in their homes or whatever. It's not the fact that pray it doesn't happen on the Sabbath. It's the reason behind it because it'd be nobody there to help you.

Be Prepared Ahead of Time with a Bugout Bag and Loaded Weapons - Avoid Road Stops - Don't Get Taken

So be prepared ahead of time, folks. Be prepared ahead of time with bugout bags, loaded weapons. You know, that's why they storm your house at 3 o'clock in the morning. Because most people have hit that last REM stage of sleep. You're in a heavy sleep. If your dog was barking, it would probably bark 5 minutes before you heard it at that level. And by then, they're already in your house with a gun pointed at your head, marching you out of bed into a vehicle. So you need to find ways of alerting yourself to when people are around you. And don't get taken. Don't get taken.

Don't be the good little sheepmeister and drive right up to a road stop knowing they have lists and they're looking for the Lord's people. Avoid the road stop. I can remember pulling up to one of those drinking road stops outside of my little cow town here. And I didn't know what was going on. I'd never seen a road stop before. [laughs] And me and my daughter were driving through. And it was in the middle of the day. It wasn't at night or anything. Maybe like 5, 6 o'clock in the evening. But all these people in front of me all of a sudden were shooting--we're going through this town and they're shooting down the alleys. And I'm thinking, "What's going on? What's ahead? Is there an accident?" And I saw police lights so I'm thinking, "Oh, it must be an accident ahead or some traffic must be stopped."

And I'm just oblivious. I'm just driving towards it. But all these truckers and everybody else, uh, not 18-wheeler trucks, I'm talking Chevys and Fords, just pulling off the road, getting away. Fleeing away from the road stops. And I pull up to the road stop and then I figure out, "Oh, this is what's going on. This is some kind of drinking road stop." And so, while they're just sitting there harassing me and my daughter, I notice that these male drivers coming in the opposite direction, they just waved them by. You know, I guess me and my daughter were more threatening-looking than single male drivers in trucks. [laughs] Kind of aggravated me a little bit. [laughs]

But that's what you do, you just flee from the--do what they did; jump down the alleys. Avoid the stop so you don't have to deal with them, deal with the police. Not that you're guilty of anything, but they always wanna make you feel like you are. They always treat you like you're guilty until you prove yourself innocent. And that's not the way America should be. It's not the way America ever was before until now we got all these Lizards in our police departments, and running our police departments. New World Order crowd everywhere. Bunch of narcissistic animals.

Church People Don't Understand Why We Need Weapons to Protect Ourselves Against the New World Order

Be prepared to defend yourself, folks. And be prepared to survive. I mean, the Lord says He will honor those and protect those who have sought Him. Who seek Him. He'll protect them during the hour of tribulation, the hour of temptation is what He says. What's the hour of temptation? You know, in Revelation 13 it tells you what the hour of temptation that comes upon the whole world is when the Antichrist and False Prophet, working as a team enforce the chip of the Beast. False Prophet declares that everybody has to get the mark of the Beast, the Antichrist's--of course, they'll call him God--and join his kingdom on Earth. That is the hour of temptation. And the Lord says He'll protect those whom He chooses to protect. It also says that there's many who will die for their faith. They've been chosen to die for one reason or another. Most of them being because their works weren't found perfect before the Lord. Or they hadn't been tested enough here on Earth for their faith. He wants to see if their hearts are really for Him. If they would die for Him. Many will die, millions will die in the FEMA camps. And the Lord allows it to test those people.

You know, if you're a awakened and aware Warrior right now, you're tested all the time. I mean, constantly. I mean, you're beat up, you're hung up, you're dragged around. It just, literally, feels like you go from one beat-down to the next. And you just get back up. And you keep going. You know? I mean, you don't give up and you don't stop. And, you know, you're just tested all the time. Your faith and your love is tested all the time. Most of the Bride has never been tested one-tenth the amount that other people have. These people who love the Lord--but they're the singers. They're the ones who sing in the churches about how they wanna be warriors for the Lord. And they're not doers. They're just talkers. Those are the ones who are finally gonna be tested.

You know, I get in arguments with these church-sheeple people all the time. 'Cause they don't understand why we need weapons to defend ourselves against the New World Order. Because they've never been under attack. They don't undergo the attacks we do. They have no idea what we're talking about. We speak in a totally different language to them. And so, they ridicule us, and they mock us, because they don't understand us. But one day they will. But it'll be too late for them, they'll be in camps. And then most of them have never been targeted by satellite weapons that burn you from inside out, outside in. You just fry. These microwave weapons that they have. And most of the choir that listens to this show already has been attacked by it and knows exactly what I'm talking about. Satellite microwave weapons. You know. The ELF [extremely low frequency] weapons. The heart attacks. They try to give you a heart attack. You know.

That's usually exactly how you can tell exactly what kind of a believer in The Most High you're dealing with; a baby or a Warrior. Because the babies just mock and ridicule, but the Warriors go, "Oh, yeah. I know what you're talking about." [laughs] They know what you're talking about. All you have to do is mention the first four words. They know what you're talking about. It's why we have orgone around. Orgone in front of our TV, mylar blankets on our windows, Mylar blankets back up in our cars, orgoned our properties. We're ready. We're ready. We're prepared and we're protected.

I Rebuked the Wind in the Name of Yahushua - Orgone and Prayer Warriors Are the Last Line of Defense

And there's a lot of attacks you simply can't protect yourself against other than through warfare prayers. You know, I was sitting outside the other day and the wind just kicked up. Started kicking up really bad. And I could tell by the way--the craziness of the wind--they were trying to strike up a tornado in the area because there was no rhyme or reason as to a direction the wind was blowing. It was kind of blowing in every direction. And so, I walked outside. And I rebuked the wind, in the name of Yahushua, and asked for the trees to calm down, to calm themselves.

And then I asked the Lord to melt and fry the motherboards on all the equipment that was being used to target and create the tornado in my area. Just melt the board beyond repair. Because they always use these HAARP facilities and computer programs. Everything's computerized. Anything that's run by computers is run by software programs, which means they're run on boards of chips. Digital boards, motherboards, whatever, if it's computerized just ask the Lord to fry and melt their boards.

I'll tell you what. Within three minutes, it was total peace here. Total peace. I wish I'd been a little bit quicker because then I had to go pick up all this stuff that the wind knocked off my deck. [laughs] Pick up the garbage cans. This stuff is blowing all over my yard. I mean, anything the wind could pick up and throw, it was throwing, so, you know. Most of the time, not all of the time, some storms are, you know, just nature. But most of the time around here, these storms eventually become past the point of just a normal storm. The wicked stage, it's usually all HAARP. It's usually government-created. And that's when you step into action, folks. Ask the Lord to calm the wind in your areas, the winds in your area. And ask Him to fry the motherboards of the equipment that they're using against you. Protect your areas. You'd be amazed how much peace you get within five minutes.

You know, we have to stay alert. We can't just sink and wander into the abyss of the couches and beds, because if we don't stand up and stay alert, who is? We're the last line of defense here, folks; Orgone Warriors, the Prayer Warriors. Because most of the rest are gonna be--are gonna go through affliction. They're gonna go through tribulation here on Earth. They're gonna go through martial law and FEMA camps. So we have to do everything we can now and try to teach those around us warfare prayers and how to fight against evil, and wickedness, and Satan. So they'll know. They'll remember something that they made fun of us--made fun of you saying--will come back as a bug in their ear later. And they'll remember it. You know, at the time they might have laughed at you and mocked you, but it'll come back to them later.

We Pinpointed and Targeted Mel's Hole, But Two Days Later, They Set the Place on Fire

Things we need to target, folks. You know, last Monday night, I didn't wanna say anything during the show--or not last Monday, but the Monday before that, two weeks ago. But we had been targeting that Mel's Hole out in Washington. And so, we spent couple nights reviewing maps, reviewing YouTubes, reviewing articles, reviewing everything we could scrounge off the Internet in regards to the Mel's Hole out in northwest Washington. And we found it. We nailed, NAILED, the location. Pinpointed it. And so, we were getting ready to target it. We were getting pipes and everything sent out there so Warriors could go get it. And do you know that two days after we had pinpointed the exact location of Mel's Hole, they set the place on fire. Literally, 95 fires in Kittitas and Yahima counties in Washington. 95 fires. So they could block off the roads to where this Mel's Hole is.

And so, I've been patient. The news reports still don't sound very good up there. They haven't even begin to address half the fires. They're now putting out articles on how dangerous the air may be to breathe. And they're still blocking off roads and letting the fires run rampant. Wants to keep us away from Mel's Hole. Now, if you don't know what this Mel's Hole is, it is a place in the ground. It's about, I don't know how many feet wide. Maybe about 16 feet. 16 feet or 20 feet, 60 feet wide, circumference. And it's endless. It goes down four miles into the earth and kind of dead-ends into a, some kind of Lizard base there or whatever. But they, uh, Red Elk talks about this hole. Has YouTube videos.

And so, if you wanted to get orgone down it. So they've blocked it off. Military owns the land that it's on. But that's OK. We can get around it. You know, uh, and fires don't burn forever. But this ought to spark a fire up every Orgone Warriors butt up in Washington, and in Portland, and Montana, wherever you are. If you can get to Washington, to Kittitas County, just to put an end to the fires as well, just start tossing orgone. Put some positive orgone energy back into the area. Breathe some of the Lord's life back into the area. 'Cause they're basically right now just desperate and trying to keep people out of there. And I'll tell them right now we're gonna claim the northwest part of this country for The Most High.

Orgone Targets: Mountains and Ridges in Oregon and Washington State, Vancouver Island in Canada, Oahu in Hawaii

Now, they've been hiding in all those mountains and ridges in Oregon and in Washington. Mount Ranier; huge alien base inside and connected from multiple angles of Mount Ranier. The Manastash Ridge is a huge infestation. Bases all through the ridges. All the way to Mount Ranier. All those mountains. Passes all those ranges in through there. And on the Portland side as well; the Oregon side. And so, all that has to be stepped up, amped up. More orgone, more pipes. 'Cause we're gonna chase all of them out of that whole area in those two states. Kind of a huge, huge infestation.

I know when we targeted Mount Shasta in California, seems like they've taken off to Vancouver Island in Canada, which is just north of Seattle. So, we need people to go on a summer vacation to Vancouver Island. [laughs] So Orgone Warriors go fishing up in Vancouver Island. Do some orgoning while you're up there. I know there's, uh, the tall blonds are in Vancouver. I don't know exactly where. I just know the Clintons were there a couple weeks ago. About last month. Up there visiting with the Nordics that had fled to Vancouver Island. And Bush was there recently as well. Bush, Jr., I think. I know he was up in Seattle and that's usually what they're doing if they're up in that area. Usually making some kind of a contact with the Nordics that are up in Canada there.

We have a lot of territory to claim around that area in the northwest, but we're getting there. We're getting there. A lot of Warriors out there. Brave Warriors out there. So, we're getting it. And I can see, you know, in the Bible Codes with just the little that we've done already, we've hurt it. You know, we may not have destroyed it. But we've hurt Mel's Hole. So, you know, all you've gotta do is saturate the air with orgone and let the Lord do the rest. 'Cause if it's an open hole, the air's gonna go straight down. Let saturated orgone air go straight down that hole into hell's oblivion, four miles below the surface of the earth.

Another area that needs done is Oahu; one of the islands in Hawaii. Oahu is the island where Honolulu is on. The city of Honolulu. There's some kind of portal out there. Something going on. And it's probably centered around the military base there. It's probably around Pearl Harbor somewhere. Wherever you have naval bases, you end up having some kind of dimensional portals to the planets centered around naval areas, and so. Oahu definitely needs done. We need to get the side of the island where that military base is. So if anybody lives out there, you might wanna give me a holler. We can try to help set some stuff up. I'm looking at the chain of Hawaiian islands right now. And Oahu's not the largest island, but it's one of the largest. Maui's not far from it--the big islands--not too far. Kauai [prounouces like cowie]? Is that how it's pronounced? On the other side of Oahu. Just things we need to pick up and step up and do.

People in Other Countries Need to Join with Us So We Can Cover the World with Orgone

People in other countries, you know, you need to join us, with us. Because, you know, when you look at the global map of things, and you look at all the areas, the strongholds of Satan that we've been able to tear down and destroy with the orgone, if you get your areas and the things that the Lord leads you to do, then when you look at the global map it all starts to make sense. You see this huge puzzle. And it starts to light up with all the areas that have orgone in them. And so, you know, no matter what country you're in, no matter what island you're on, people need to stand up and do what the Lord is calling them to do. You know, I can't travel around the world. And so, these people have gotta be willing to stand up and get their countries, get their areas.

You know, it's about doing what the Lord needs done here on Earth. And the reason why we're here. We're hear with a calling to accomplish something on Earth while we're here. That's the calling. Predestination. Sent here with a job to do. Well, let's get it done. Let's do it. Work together as a team and get done around the world what needs to be done. For His glory. You know?

The Bible Codes Reveal that Netanyahu Hates the Smell of Orgone in Israel - Orgone the Deserts in the Middle East

I was laughing the other night. I was seeing in the Codes "Netanyahu" throwing a fit about the smell of orgone in Israel. [laughs] Remember I told you that orgone to them has a very putrid smell. To them it's like, I don't know, maybe like smelling a dead body is to most humans. How you smell death and it's gross. Just that putrid death smell. Orgone is like that to them. It's very strong, very putrid. And they hate the smell of it.

And so, Netanyahu and, who was it, Cheney and Leon Panetta, and Obama. [laughs] I don't know if they were all together at one point, or just all--some kind of teleconference--but all basically griping about it. And so, we know where we're effective. [laughs softly] Israel getting it done. Getting the orgone around it. You know, the Negev Desert needs orgone in it. All the deserts in the Middle East. And it's very hard to get people to be able to get out in the deserts. You know, obviously, probably don't have these elaborate highway systems out in the deserts. Or roads. I don't know what kind of roads they have. But we need to get orgone in the deserts. You know, I wish I could just mail tons of it to Afghanistan and Iraq and have people put it in the mountains, the Green Zone, everywhere else.

We're Here to Help the Lord Fulfill His Plans - Don't Ignore His Leading and Direction

But either way, people need to get where the Lord leads them to get and quit ignoring it. Don't ignore His voice. Don't ignore His leading and direction. Because when everybody does what they're led to do, then His plans are fulfilled on Earth. His plans. And that's what we're here to do. We're here to help Him fulfill His plans. We just all have to do our own little part. Not much time left.

And, you know, a lot of delays. A lot of derision of their part. They're angry, they're hurting, they're in pain, they're ticked off, they're mad. We've chased them out of just about every place imaginable here in America. And they have to appear like it's not bothering them. Like, "Oh, so what. You don't phase us." And try to be brave, give speeches, and do television appearances. Meanwhile, they're dying 'cause a area's orgoned or whatever. I can see it in the Codes and it's just so funny.

We just have to keep doing what we're doing, folks. Yah's gonna be cranking it up this month and next month. He's cranking up all their skin maladies caused by the orgone. The effects caused to them by the orgone. It's really what I'm looking at the next two months.

Iran Will Preemptively Strike Israel or America If They Feel They're Being Threatened, but War Is All Planned Out

I know Ahmadinejad is taking the bait, you know. Bush baited him for years and Obama just ignored him. But Ahmadinejad's been wanting this war with Iran [Israel?] for a long time. And so, now he's threatening to preemptively strike Israel or America if they feel like they're being threatened that they're gonna be bombed. They're gonna preemptively strike the country first. So they're kind of paving the way to say, "Hey, look, Israel. If we think you're gonna bomb us, we're gonna bomb you first." So kind of clearing the path a little bit of saying, "We're gonna attack you first. We're gonna attack. And when we do attack, all we have to say is, 'Hey, we warned you. We warned you.'" And it's just pretty much the same route they're gonna use for America.

And, folks, all this is planned out. This isn't some shocking...a shocking attack out of nowhere, you know. They're all Satanists. They're all part of the Brotherhood. They all plan this stuff out. Probably will be war here in America. With all the delays it's hard to say exactly when. It's always delays. So just be prepared either way. Just be prepared. I know they wanted war several months ago with Iran and the powers that be or whatever kept preventing it, so.

Orgone Destroys the Aliens' Bodies and Minds

Kind of in delay land here, folks. It's odd that this isn't anywhere where we should be, should have been. You know, it's like last year when Nibiru was coming in and this stuff was supposed to happen and, boom, we caught Nibiru on fire and it had to whimper away. [laughs] And, you know, Nibiru's coming back. I see it in the Codes, but they're so injured. It's like, what's the point? The Giants on that planet are completely decimated with the orgone. And the one thing you don't wanna see is a bunch of fallen angels that are 20-, 30-feet tall with rabies. Or that have become zombies. Flesh-eating monsters driven out of their minds. Because that's what you see. That's about all that's left of them. You know?

Being under an imprisonment of orgone, Yah's breath, His energy, destroys them. Destroys their bodies, destroys their minds. And this is what's happening. Any kind of attack by them on Earth would just--that would be crazy. And I've always said it's not a--it is horrible and horrific when they do arrive. Because humans are the food. They wanna eat. So when they come, they're not coming to sit down at conference tables and make pacts with humans. They're coming to eat. It's gonna be crazy. It's gonna be chaos.

Chase the Aliens Out of Your Area with Orgone or They'll Be Feasting in It

So have your orgone water ready. You put that in spray guns and water balloons and then destroy them. Get your areas orgoned so they won't come into your orgoned area. They can tell which areas are orgoned and which aren't. So make them run to the next county down the road. The next state, whatever. Chase them out of your areas. 'Cause if you don't, they're gonna be feasting in it. And they're everywhere, folks. A lot of these ships I see in the skies. Saurians...I suspect those are probably the ships that we're seeing crashing like fireballs out of the sky because they've been the worst affected by the orgone. Because their system is probably the closest to Earth out of all of them. Others kind of travel in and out of Earth's atmosphere, where the Saurians live in the Earth's atmosphere. And their star, Sirius, which is called Sirius A or Sirius B, have been heavily affected by the orgone. And decimated and destroyed by it. And they're mad. They want revenge. And so, these are usually the ones we see flying in the skies, so.

And these are--this is an almond-eye race. Almond eyes being, if you look at the Grey alien, you see the almond eyes. The Saurians are black, and so. Instead of being grey, they're just all black. But they have those almond eyes. That's how I see it in the Bible Codes. When I see "almond," I know exactly what it's talking about. It's almond-eye aliens. So, interesting that the skies are being so heavily patrolled now. Now they're starting to crash. We're gonna have some more fun watching more and more crash.

So, yeah. Just pull up a seat about--when it starts getting dark, 8 to 9, you'll start seeing stars pull in and set for the night. I'm not talking about showing up like a constellation. You literally see starships like, pull in and stop and set up for the night. Set their spot for the night. It's amusing.

Stay on Top of the Warfare Prayers - Ask the Lord to Switch All DOE Energy into Positive Energy for His Own Use

Can't think if there's anything else I wanted to mention tonight. Stay on top of the warfare prayer, folks. Asking the Lord to switch all DOE energy into POE energy to use for Himself.

They've got satanic holidays this month, satanic ritual appointment dates, and everything else as we head into the end of September. So just ask the Lord to switch all the dead orgone energy that they're trying to create to give Satan power, ask Him to take all that away from Satan and turn it into positive orgone energy for Him to use for Himself. That's always a good one.

Anyway, folks, be back next Monday night. Till then, everybody. Yah bless.


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