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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 2, 2012


Obama Orders US State Department to Fund Homosexual Groups Overseas

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it is October 1. And a couple things I wanted to talk about tonight. Sent this article out to my list earlier, Obama Orders US State Department to Fund Homosexual Groups Overseas []. And now you see what we're really doing over there. According to this article on, the US State Department, under Hillary, has already been funding homosexual groups in foreign countries with US tax dollars.

In Italy, American tax dollars were used to fund a Lady Gaga concert in Rome. The concert was part of a homosexual pride festival. The funding for the event caused outrage in Italy, but was largely ignored by the American media.

Hillary's been using American tax dollars to fund homosexual groups and events in Slovakia, Russia, China, Honduras, Uganda, Malawi, Turkey, Pakistan, and others. In Pakistan, the US State Department held a homosexual pride rally at the US embassy in Islamabad. The event prompted anti-US riots. Hid from the American people by the press once again.

And they've been doing this constantly, folks. Obama and Hillary have been working together granting homosexuals "refugee status" to come into the United States. And this includes HIV and AIDS.

And Obama issuing a memorandum today [back in 2011] declaring that it is an official duty of the US State Department to fund homosexual rights in foreign countries.

I mean, how disgusting is this, folks? We see all these rallies and protests in foreign countries and our media will tell you, "Oh, this is over policies being made by the government. And half of these rallies and protests are against the United States because we're pushing homosexuality in their countries. Funding homosexual events. Gay pride rallies and parades. Gay concerts.

Satan Is Ramping Up Sexual Perversion

And, you know, I was talking to a friend the other day and they were just outraged by the open homosexual behavior of people lately in the streets. And you know what? It's like, look at the TV lineup for this fall. Look at the lineup. Where they want you to accept homosexuality as the norm. You know, they've got the one show, something about--The New Normal. Two gay men raising a child. And they have lesbian shows coming on television. [THE PERVERTED WALT DISNEY EMPIRE]

And this is what Satan wanted. This is what I talked about months ago. That he was targeting wickedness and evil to ramp it up. He wanted it ramped up. They want same-sex marriages approved. They want rampant homosexuality across the world, not just this nation. They want porn in the streets to be accepted. They want every kind of perversion to be the new norm, to be accepted by the public. That's what they want, folks. That's what Satan wants. And his little henchmen, like Obama and Hillary, are just his cheerleaders. They do what he wants. They're his cheerleaders, folks.

They Pretend Orgone Doesn't Affect Them, but It Does - We Have Their Full Attention Because It's Hurting Them

You know, Obama was in Ohio last week. He flew into the Akron-Canton Airport. Then he went on to Kent State University where they had a rally or something there for him. [laughs] I knew there was something up with that. I'm not the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to deciphering what the hidden messages are in the things that they do. And, apparently, the whole message--because I'm not too far from Akron-Canton Airport. And also, Kent State's my alma mater. It's where I graduated from college. And he has every right to go there. I really don't care. It isn't like I jumped in my car and raced down the highway to see him.

But he was trying to give a message out. And he wants me to think that they're not afraid to come here. He wants to show me that my orgone doesn't affect him and that they're stronger than our orgone. And so, that's what the whole thing was about, basically. You know, "We're not afraid of you. We'll come to Ohio. Your orgone doesn't affect us." Well, you know what? If orgone doesn't affect them, then it would just be a waste of time and money for everyone involved. And the government could care less about it. But I can tell you we have their full attention, folks. We have their full attention because it works and it's hurting them.

You know, their assassination attempts against me have failed many, many times. Every plan they've set in motion, every assassin they've sent here, their special forces teams they've sent here, nothing has worked. And their poisons have no affect against me. So if orgone didn't work, why bother with all that? I mean, seriously. Why spend your time and thousands of dollars--like they really care. Because they just taxed all our money to them is nothing. They don't think twice about it. But they wouldn't spend so much energy and time trying to convince me that orgone doesn't work if it didn't work. [laughs]

You know, Rahm Emanuel, Leon Panetta, Netanyahu and Putin, they're all looking for ways to ban my orgone. Not orgone in general, because 99 percent of it being made on the Internet is outright junk, it's garbage. But they wanna ban MY orgone. Because my orgone is from The Most High. And it works at destroying the strongholds and bases of the wicked. And that's why they wanna destroy it.

Israel Tried to Begin World War III on September 11, But Their Alien-Based Equipment Malfunctioned

You know, I have confirmation that Israel tried to begin World War III on September 11, and their equipment malfunctioned and wouldn't work. Why? Because of The Most High. Because of the orgone, folks. Alien-based tech won't work, it malfunctions in orgone-saturated areas. You know, it caused the Roswell crash in New Mexico. Reich was out in the desert experimenting with his orgone pipes. And he was actually contracted by Eisenhower to find a way to bring down and destroy UFOs. And when he discovered orgone would do exactly that, then they stole his equipment and threw him in prison. Because then Reich [actually Eisenhower] changed his mind and decided he didn't want to destroy the aliens, he was gonna make pacts and agreements with them. And so, they had to shut Reich up.

Well, fast forward 2004, 2005 the Lord stands me up to finish the work Wilhelm Reich started back in the 1940s and '50s. And here we are crashing their UFOs. And so, that's what has their concerns, folks. And not just because it's UFOs with aliens, it's because their tech won't work in orgoned areas. They've had to ground entire new US Air Force fleets because they were crashing. They couldn't figure out, "Well, why are they crashing?" Well, they're hitting orgoned areas and crashing because they were based on alien technology.

I Need You to Support Us Financially Every Single Month in Our War Against Evil - I Have Boxes of Orgone but No Money to Ship Them Out

You know, the world's leaders conspire and look for ways to ban our orgone. And yet, many people, the majority of people here, won't even get involved with it. The few that have and do get involved, they've accomplished much. They've worked their butts off over the years getting their neighborhoods, towns, communities, states, their countries, their islands. I've heard from so many people around the world. And we have more to do, folks. We have many targets that we need to get with orgone. And you know what? Right now, my hands are tied. They're tied. I have Warriors willing to get targets, the list of targets I wanna get with orgone, but I don't even have the money to ship out the orgone to them. I don't have money to stock supplies to keep making orgone. I don't have money to even breathe right now. I can't even pay the bills, folks.

You know, they set parts of Washington [state] on fire to keep us out of Washington. To keep us away from sensitive areas of theirs, folks. You know, we found Mel's Hole. And we'll get it covered with orgone with or without their fires. But I need your help, folks. I need you to support our war against evil. I need you to support us financially every single month. And for those who do, I thank you very much, I love you very much, but I need more people to stand up and help out, folks. We don't wanna have to stop because there's no money to do anything. The only reason we should have to stop is because Yah says so. Because He says, "OK, it's time to stop." That should be the only time we have to stop. You know, so I need your financial support, folks.

I mean, I'm really in a bind right now. And it's October 1 and this month could be really interesting. And my hands are tied. I hate just sitting around with nothing to do. And so much to do. Got a garage, boxes, full of orgone, waiting to be sent to where they need to be. And I can't even ship them out because I don't have the money to ship them out. So help me out, folks. Warriors are willing and ready to go. You know? It's teamwork here. It's teamwork.

And I thank those people who have been sending in orgone, because I'll get it out to where it needs to be. You know, eventually, it'll get out. It'll get out. u know, there's a lot of people making pipes. A lot of people making some good-size orgone, sending it in so I can forward it on out to other Warriors. That's teamwork, folks. That's what I love about this whole war. It's just all about teamwork. Just spread it around where it needs to be. We work together as a team.

You know, the government tries to derail us and stop us at every turn. But we keep going. You know, when Yah lights a way, He makes it possible. So don't ignore Him when He tells you to support this ministry, folks. Just do it.

Nibiru Is Not the Second Sun (Brown Dwarf Star) - It's a Red Planet Full of Hungry, Tall Giants

You know, everybody wants more information on the Brown Dwarf Star or Nibiru. And I hear that all the time from people. And you know what, folks? Nibiru is not the second sun. Nibiru is a red planet, three times the size of Jupiter, and it has a gaseous red tail behind it which makes the planet look red. Nibiru doesn't rise and set with the sun every day. It's on its own separate path, its own separate route. And Nibiru is full of Giants waiting to feast on mankind.

And so, you know, last year we made it turn around and run away from the earth. And we need to keep that up, folks. We hurt them last year. The orgone burned them. And we need to keep fighting against them because they wanna turn that ship around and bring it back towards Earth. We need to do everything we can to prevent that from happening. Because this ship is just full of hungry, tall Giants. And they're pissed off. They're angry. They want retaliation. And so, [laughs], we need to prevent them from even making it back into this atmosphere. It's been hunkering down in the southern hemisphere, down at the South Pole since we ran it off last year. So we need to keep it down there, folks.

Expect a Chinese and Russian Land Invasion - Orgone the Side Roads and Countryside

I've been looking at Codes on the next war, on World War III, different phrases in the Codes I've been looking at. And one of the routes I'm seeing is the Chinese and Russian invasion of America. And they're very aware of what they call the hostile skies above our country. Hostile skies being because of the orgone crashing UFOs and alien tech military equipment. So watch for the land invasions, folks. For some reason, they think they'll have it easier on the land. So we gotta make sure they don't. We've gotta get the side roads, the deserts, the forests, every place you can think of, and every place that Yah leads you to. 'Cause it's not time to give up, folks. It's time to dig in.

They Want War in the Wintertime - Prepare to Resist and to Survive Freezing Temperatures

They want a war in the wintertime. In the winter. And every time I even start to think about it, my heart just sinks. Because if you look at World War II, every thing they've done is to mimic World War II. They wanna create a second Auschwitz here in America. Only this time, it's you they wanna haul off into these FEMA camps. And then they want it cold and icy. Because if people are freezing and hungry, they don't have much in them to resist. They don't have the energy, they don't have the strength. They'll pipe into a building or onto a train just to get in heat because they're so cold sitting outside with no clothes on in freezing temperatures. And this is what they wanna mimic for World War III here in America. They want people hauled off in FEMA camps in the dead of winter. So we need to get prepared, folks.

From What I Can Tell, Muslims Will Destroy Europe - The Russians Have Planned a False Flag and Will Blame It on Muslims

From what I can tell, Muslims will destroy Europe. And China and Russia wanna target and invade the USA. Now, a false flag--they have a false flag planned. I'm not sure what this false flag is. I don't know if they're gonna blow up another building. I have a feeling it's gonna be much bigger than that. Maybe shooting missiles at a city. But they already have a plan, whatever it is, but Russia's gonna be the one that's behind it. And they're gonna blame the Muslims for it, again. Another 9/11. So how many gullible Americans believe the Muslim lie? How many can you not wake up to the truth today about 9/11? They still wanna believe Muslims flew airplanes into the World Trade Center towers. And so, they don't have any doubts, any second thoughts about pulling off another false flag this month and blaming it on the Muslims. They're all working together, folks. They're all working together.

Obama Wants the Title of the Beast and the Role as the Antichrist

You know, Obama wants to be the Beast. He wants the title. He wants the role as the Antichrist. And he very well could fill it. He is the leader of present-day Babylon. The Old Testament prophets said last-days Antichrist would be the leader of last-days Babylon. The only things I've been cautioning against is will it be a president of America, or will he hand the power, and authority, and control of America over to someone else, thus making that person the Antichrist role. So, yeah. If it stood right now as it was, and stays the way it is, then Obama is the Antichrist. Now, if he hands the power of the United States over to Sananda or the UN, then that would give them the role of Antichrist and taking it out of Obama's hands. And so, really depends on what he does as president of the United States whether they keep the power here or give it away to the UN or somebody else.

Obama Is Part Human, Part Animal DNA; a Hybrid - You Have to Be One of the Bloodline Lizards to Get to the Top of the Polical Chain in America

You know, Obama's already part human, part animal DNA. He's a cloned mixture. Various DNA. Why do you think Valerie Jarrett is his handler, folks? Her father was a cloning DNA geneticist in Iran. And now she's got control of one of his little puppets, Obama. And, you know what, folks? I've dealt with many types of hybrids over the years. And, you know what? They're all open doorways for alien and demonic possession. They're like human portals. Different various aliens and demons can work through that one person. Because they're like an open doorway. It's very hard dealing with hybrids. And you know what, folks? They're all like that. Leon Panetta, Rahm, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld.

You know, from what I hear, when you're around them, they smell like sulfur. And people will tell you that when they've dealt with demons, the first thing they smell is sulfur. Because these beings are straight from hell. They're right from hell. They smell like sulfur. Sulfur and brimstone in hell. And that's why they smell like hell. Because these people are dominated and controlled by demons. And some of them are full blown Reptilian shape-shifters, such as Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschilds, Bill Clinton. Many of them, outright alien shape-shifters.

You know, you don't get to the top of the political chain here in America, folks. It's a Lizard club. You have to be one of them. You have to be from one of their bred bloodlines. And they call themselves the Colony. I often refer to them as the Brotherhood. They often refer to themselves as the Colony. And there's different colonies. The colony for entertainment, colony for politics, colony for religion. They have their various colonies.

Obama Punished Madonna for Telling the Inconvenient Truth that We Have a Black Muslim President

I was asking about Madonna's outburst earlier in the week. Madonna made a comment. She said something like, "We have a black Muslim for president, for bad or worse." And that's true. She didn't say anything that was false. We do have a black Muslim president. But Obama wasn't too happy with that inconvenient truth being blasted by Madonna. So he called on the high council of demons that rules over their little colony. Maybe it's over America. I don't know who it is. It's some kind of high council. Some kind of demon council. And asked that Madonna be punished by being raped by a donkey for her outburst against him. I told you guys how sick they are.

You know, they rule over all their colonies with intimidation, fear, punishment, even death. And Madonna's a high priestess. She's one of the highest-ranking in America. She's a high priestess. But it doesn't matter what rank you have. There's no protection either. If you cross the line and you tick one of them off, the punishment's gonna be brutal. And so, this is kind of what's been going on behind the scenes.

They had a huge ritual. I think it was last night or the night before. Some kind of huge ritual where her punishment was gonna be handed down for her outburst against Obama. And so, you know what? You know what the sad thing is, folks? The Lord would forgive these people, and bring them into His fold as His own, if they would just renounce their membership with Satan. Renounce their involvement with him, and accept Yahushua as their Savior. He would forgive them, folks. And many have left this satanic Brotherhood that dominates and controls America and Europe. Or this colony. Whatever you wanna call it.

It's Time for Those Who Have Left Satan to Quit Hiding - Let Yah Protect You - Be Bold in Your Faith for Yahushua

And you know what? It's time for those who have left to quit hiding, and step up and be bold in their faith for Yahushua. You know, show your faith by your works, folks. Don't cower in fear. Let Yah protect you against the wicked who want to destroy you and kill you, but put your life in His hands. And get busy for Him on Earth with whatever time is left. Show your faith by your works, folks. Don't cower in fear. Be bold. Be faithful.

You know, I know a lot have left. And I know Satan's been targeting a lot of the secondary, what they consider the secondary members of the Brotherhood or the Colony, whatever you wanna call it. And he'll target them and kill them just for fear that they'll renounce him and leave. That's what a coward he is. And these people, you could spend eternity in heaven with the Lord. He doesn't ban you from heaven. You're totally welcome to accept His forgiveness, accept Him as your Savior, and be part of His kingdom. He would welcome you. Satan doesn't wanna think there's forgiveness. He doesn't want you to think that you have a way out. But you do.

The Different Aliens Factions That Rule Over Our Countries and Moon

You know, Obama has alliances with the Muslims, the Russians, and the Lizards that control Britain, the Vatican, and the USA. You know, they don't care about what happens to this country, folks. That is energy for them. Misery and suffering is energy for them. And they need energy to stay in power. It's like food for them. They can't survive without it. Just like their father, Satan, can't survive without it. And so, there'll always be misery, suffering, and death when these types of beings are in charge. It's always gonna be misery, suffering, and death.

If people could only grasp a small amount of how these people operate, they would be blown away. You would see life through a totally new set of eyes. Just exactly how detailed and oriented they are. And they're everywhere. They're always planning deaths. They're always planning sacrifices. And not just necessarily for the Washington group, but for local state groups as well. They plan somebody who's to them would be a good sacrifice, they'll plan their death via cancer or a car accident. And they've set things in motion, and they happen, and people just think, "Oh, the Lord just took home another angel," or, "The Lord took that person home." When there's a group of Satanists in every county in every state, that keep an eye out for possible people to kill as good sacrifices for their group. That's how they operate, folks.

You know, threats to America that I've seen. Seen a hostile aliens attack by the Saurians. And those they can form an alliance with. That has been an ongoing threat for the past four months. So it's kind of amusing to see these articles coming up about the Americans and the Chinese working together. Maybe off the coast of San Francisco, or off the coast of Japan, or wherever else, in the Middle East. Nations working together to fight against underwater threats of alien bases.

And I don't doubt these things because there's a lot of underwater bases. And they don't control all the different alien factions that we have in our skies. They don't control them all. Now, the ones that rule over America, Britain, and the Vatican are the Lizards. Those are the Reptilians. That faction was over these three countries.

The Bears rule over Russia, which is why they adopted the bear as their name. And the Bears are dominant on the moon. We've all seen Chewie on Star Wars. It's kind of what they are. They're very highly intelligent beings. But they look like bears. They resemble tall bears. And that's the ones that rule over Russia. And then different countries have different factions that rule over them. And that's how things are actually run. I mean, maybe you wanna stay in your illusions of what the world's really like, haha. But it's all crumbling down soon enough, folks.

Possible Attack by Saurians - Chinese and Russians Plotting to Invade - Obama Wanting to Replace Constitution with Sharia Law

So right now we're dealing with a possible threat and attack by the Saurians because they're really mad. Because if you look at their star in the sky, Sirius, Saurius, Sirius, however you wanna say it (some call it Sirus), they're being hugely affected by the orgone. It's causing them to have to find another place to live. They're having to leave the star. And so, they're mad. They want retaliation against the orgone. Trying to get other alien factions with them to come and attack us here on Earth for retaliation.

Then you also have the Chinese and the Russians. Also plotting and planning to invade and take over America. Divide the spoils amongst themselves. And then you have our own government with Obama, who wants to throw away our Constitution and replace it with sharia law. And so, these are the different routes, the different threats that I've been seeing that are coming our way that we'd have to deal with. I don't know that they're all different routes and they're all gonna happen together at sometime eventually or if, you know--that seems to be usually the case. That things things just all lead in together and everything just meshes into one big puzzle, so.

How Do You Black Out the Sky? How Can The Government Claim We're Under Suprise Attack by the Chinese and Russians?

I keep an eye out on the skies. And they're saturated to the hilt with starships. And seems like I mentioned it a couple weeks ago on my show. And since then--I don't even see the sky at night. It's like it's just everybody's gone. It's like they black it out at night. In fact, I think out of two, three weeks now I've seen the moon maybe three times. Saw it Friday night. It was huge. First time I've seen it in two weeks. And it was out again on Saturday, which was nice.

I mean, how do you just disappear a moon for two weeks? How do you black out the sky so that even when there's no clouds there's no stars either? Just totally empty. No stars, no planets, no starships, nothing. Just nothing. Nothing. They do that all the time here. Maybe they're just bringing more ships in and I don't know what they're gearing up for. They've been gearing up for their little retaliation attack for a long time. And I've been talking about it for a long time. At least two or three years now.

Then you have the military being moved across the country. How can you even begin to claim, if you're our government, that we're under surprise attack, heh, when there's YouTube videos showing our trains carrying Chinese and Russian equipment all over the place, storing up for the attacks. You don't think they're coming? Hel-lo? You think they'd be spending the last umpteen years bringing in their equipment if they weren't gonna hand America over to them?

You know, the only thing they have to agree on is the lie that they're gonna give. 'Cause you know whatever they say it's gonna be a lie. It'll be something they all agree on. That's about the only thing [audio unclear]; what lie the American's will buy. 'Cause as far as they're concerned, America is so stupid that they'll believe anything they're told. That's what they operate on. And granted, since 9/11, many people on the Internet are waking up.

Conspiracy theorists are becoming more known as truth-tellers; the nuts. The government wants you to think conspiracy people are totally nuts and crazy. But as more and more people wake up, they can see that it's the exact opposite. They're the ones who know the truth, and tell the truth, and expose the truth. So more and more people are waking up to the different charades and games that our government plays and all their lies. 9/11 was a lie. It was not brought down by airplanes flown by Muslims. [laughs] But so many Americans are still buying that, that they feel confident that, this month, when they bomb a city with a missile, that they can say the Muslims did it and the Americans will believe it. That's how confident that they are. "Oh, look what the Muslims did now.

There's Nothing Stronger Than a Prayer Warrior - Ask the Lord to Release Prisoners Being Held in Underground Prisons and Bases

I know. I'm speaking to the choir. But it truly is aggravating, folks. Only one percent of people even care what the truth is. And even less than that one percent are people who will stand up and do something about it. [CULT OF THE ILLUMINATI: WHY SMART PEOPLE OFTEN CAN'T SEE THE TRUTH]

We can't stop them from lying, but we can expose their lies. We can't stop them from congregating and meeting, but we can make it as miserable as possible for them, by orgoning all the areas they congregate and meet in, 'cause we know they hate the orgone.

We can always be busy doing something. There's nothing stronger than a Prayer Warrior. I mean, that's our first line of defense, folks. Prayer Warriors are huge. And it doesn't take much to be a Prayer Warrior. You don't have to leave your chair to ask the Lord to release prisoners being held captive in underground prisons and bases around this country. And there's tens of thousands of them. They have prisons and holding tanks in thousands of places around this country, around the world. And all you have to do is ask the Lord to release them. To transport these people out of these prisons and put them wherever He wants them. And then to destroy the prisons so they can't be returned to them, or other people can't be put in them.

You know, I know a guy who spends a lot of time just in warfare prayers, asking the Lord to transport prisoners out of underground bases and tanks. And he's told me that Disneyland and Disneyworld just had huge prisoner storage areas under them. Almost a million people in the underground tunnels and bases underneath Disneyland where they imprison people. And then they breed them. And a lot of these people that are born never get to see the surface of Earth. They breed these people constantly. And then they use them in their satanic rituals. [MKULTRA (Reptoid) Mind Control Machine (See point #3)] [One of the Greatest Deceptions of All Time - Disney - The Disney Bloodline (See section "B. AN OVERVIEW")]

I mean, when you have, what was is last year? The G20 was here. And we were targeting all that the whole G20 week. Remember us doing all the warfare prayers and getting the orgone out to Camp David and stuff like that? And these Satanists, they don't shy away from what they're commanded to do. When each one of the leaders that came, when it was over 300 of the G20 leaders in their entourages that came with them, each one was required to sacrifice three people apiece. That's thousands of people right there for a weekend of rituals. And so, like, within three days of rituals, it's like, five, six thousand people had to be sacrificed.

This is a very controlled industry. You know, they have the people, they transport them to these places, they can keep them from ever getting out. How many times have you ever heard somebody escaping from an underground base saying they were held prisoner there and tortured and used for breeding programs? I've never heard of anybody. Once you're there, you don't get out. You don't get released. There's no getting out. But that's what they have. They have all these storage areas. These underground prisons.

So, Prayer Warriors have been busy asking the Lord to transport these people out, these children out, and then destroying to seal up these bases so they can't be used. A lot of aliens run these bases. If you're a Satanist, you're in the Brotherhood, one of the Colonies, then you know darn well you're in cahoots with the aliens and demons that are Satan's because they all work together. And Satanists see these Reptilians, they see the aliens.

You know, if you're a human, like George Soros, you know, you go to a satanic ritual, you don't have to hold your human form. You can just shape-shift into the Lizard form that you are. You know? It's kind of accepted. You know, isn't that what, uh, the one girl [Brice Taylor] who wrote Thanks for the Memories said? D.C. parties, cocktail parties where these politicians would just morph into Reptilians. [Reptilian DNA (Cain Bloodlines)]

Satan and His People Need Negative, Dead Energy to Stay in Power - Know Your Enemies

People think this is fiction. They think it's crazy. It's what we're dealing with, folks. It's us against them. You have these freaking aliens who want to destroy every human on the planet. It's us against them. Aliens are just fallen angels, folks. Just Satan's forces. Satan knows his time is short. He knows his time is up. So expect a lot more death. Because when there's massive death, that means more energy for him.

He operates off of energy. And it's not something that he can never have enough of. Because he can have a lot of energy one day or two days, and then, all of a sudden, it starts to die. Then you have to pump it up with more energy. It's just like using a shield. If you put a protective shield over your home every day and night, you have to keep putting that up because energy weens out. So you have to keep putting that shield up every day.

Well, that's the same concept with Satan. He needs energy. His people need energy to stay in power. And they get that by suffering and death. And fires do it, too. That's why they love fires. When you get orgone in an area--I don't know how many times I've been somewhere and I've orgoned an area and then a fire breaks out. Because it's pumping that dead orgone back in the air to drown out the positive orgone energy we just put there. So, you know, they need to buy some time. They need to realize, "Oh, no. There's orgone here. We've gotta get out." And they need to buy time so they can get their stuff and get out of the area. And so, they'll set it on fire so they can breathe the dead energy while they prepare to leave that area. And they do it all the time. 'Cause it instantly kills. Even if it's just weeds, grass, trees, it's the death of something living--the grass and the trees--and killing them. So it's dead energy for them.

Gotta wake up and learn how things work, folks. Once you get past the barriers, and the mind control, and the conditioning that you've suffered all your life, the things you were told when you were a child, the things your families believed, then you find out that it's a whole different way things actually operate out there, there's a whole different world out there, and how things really work.

We're fighting against different realms. We're fighting against different dimensions. When you're fighting against different dimensions, then there's different types of beings in those dimensions. I would love to just deal with the angelic dimension, and deal with angels. Who would complain about that? But that's not who we're at war with. And if you wanna fight and be a Warrior, then you have to know who you're fighting against. And that's where the learning comes in, folks. That's when you learn who you have got to fight against. The Lord's enemies are our enemies. I'm not talking about the redeemable ones; the ones that can be saved. But the unredeemable ones, those who have been judged already, partially, to be judged final at the lake of fire at the Lord's time. Until then, we deal with them. 'Cause they're under partial judgment right now. They could still operate with Satan. And they do. We war against them; principalities and powers in high places.

Test the Spirits - Learn When You're Hearing from the Lord and When You're Hearing from a Demon Pretending to Be the Lord

Be careful, folks. So many of you so eager to learn how to hear the Lord's voice that you start accepting voices spoken to your head as the Lord's voice. And I don't know how many times I've said on this show the Lord does not speak to your head. So if you are hearing voices in your head, rebuke them in the name of Yahushua. Don't listen to them. Ask the Lord, if they're around you trying to deceive you, to bind them and cast them into the abyss. So many people just going down the wrong path because they think they're hearing from the Lord, and they're listening to other voices. Other voices. Don't take it for granted that, "Oh, yeah, I know how the Lord works in that way. So it must be Him speaking to me." Always test the spirit, folks.

And one thing about other voices is they're quick to anger. And that's one thing that the Lord isn't. You know when He's angry He doesn't have to lift up His voice, you can just feel His anger and you wanna hide under a rock. He doesn't insult you. He doesn't degrade you. Demons do; the voices that speak to your head. They're quick to anger and they're quick to insult you. So if you can get that voice to insult you in some way, say something mean, nasty, it's not the Lord. It's not Him. He never says anything unkind.

So just step back, stop listening to any voice, and keep asking the Lord to teach you how to understand when it's Him and when it's not. Sometimes people have to go through these learning trials. Of learning, of messing up, of realizing they were listening to a different voice and not Yah's, so that they can recognize what they were listening to and thought it was Yah's. It's a learning curve. A lot of people going through this. I hear from people all the time telling them the Lord told them this, the Lord told me that. And I'm thinking, "That's not the Lord." It's not Him. Other voices, folks. Be careful of that.

If Military Intelligence Is Correct, We Should Be in Total Martial Law in Three Weeks

Anyway, it's October 1. And if military intelligence is correct, then in about three weeks we should be in total martial law. If military intelligence is correct. Now, they're iffy. Because there's always delays with any kind of military...anything military, of military. Always. Always delays. But it doesn't mean they're not getting ready. Doesn't mean they don't have something planned up their sleeve.

Because there's two different militaries in our country. You have the American patriotic military that defends the Constitution, protects our country from invasion. And then you have the black ops military. All these mercenary groups. All these different set-aside militaries that are operated by the Pentagon and the NSA. And these are the ones with the more advanced alien technology. These are the ones behind the FEMA camps; a lot of the stuff coming up. That's the black ops military.

And so, it's like any kind of occultic group. You have the front window dressing. And then you have the real truth behind the front door, and so. It's what we're dealing with now, is a lot of the black op military stuff. Chinese and Russian equipment being moved around the country. And those soldiers being brought in since last spring. Where are they piling them up at, folks? I don't think they're gonna sit in underground bases and our military bases forever.

And don't expect the media to give you any information. They just lie to you. Keep your ears and eyes open. Read the alternative news sites on the Internet. 'Cause I have no reason to lie. The ones who lie are the ones who get paid to lie. ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox; they're all lying. They meet every Saturday to figure out what's gonna be the news stories for the next week and how they're gonna spin it. Everything's so controlled, folks. If you think news just happens and just appears on your TV set, this stuff has been so well-planned in advance your head would spin. Every Saturday I'm hearing about the network executives getting together and deciding the news for the week. It's all planned. All orchestrated. It's all propaganda.

[The]; I like that site. A lot of good news.; good site.

Obama Said He'll Do What He Has to Do to Stay in Office

So just keep your eyes and ears open, folks. Because I don't know which of the four things I'm seeing would even begin to happen first. The alien retaliation, Chinese-Russian invasion...I could tell you right now, they're not gonna do anything about sharia law yet. That'll come later. Obama always said he would do what he has to do to stay in office. That he's not leaving, and so. Whatever false flag, how many missiles that takes, to keep him in office and cancel elections to make sure that he doesn't lose elections. And it's getting close, folks.

A Lot of the Places We Need to Target with Orgone Will Be Closed the End of October, So I Need Your Financial Support Right Away

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Until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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