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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 8, 2012


There's a Device That Clouds and Blacks Out the Sky So You Don't See Any Stars at Night

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it is October 8, so. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. Probably just gonna jump all over the place mentioning things. I rarely really prepare for shows. I just wait and see what the Lord wants me to say. But He's put a lot of things on my mind today. So I've been trying to get some notes together. Pretty sporadic. That's usually how I do things anyway. I work through Codes throughout the week and I scratch things on paper everywhere, haha. My notes are everywhere, literally. Something comes to mind, I write it down, and have to go looking for it later.

One of the things that jumped my attention this week, because I've been aluding to this all along, because it's just not right when you look outside, you look up at the sky, and it's black. It's just black. And you're thinking, "OK, cloud cover, fine. No stars, whatever." But this blackness thing has become quite a phenomenon because, you know, it's just too strange.

Now, I was out of town a couple weeks ago and the moon was out. And it was the first time I'd seen the moon in a couple weeks. And it was full. And it was brilliant. No other stars were out. Just the moon. That was all you could see. Just the moon. For two weeks straight I didn't even see the moon. Maybe twice. And it looked like it was ready to tip over the eastern horizon.

And at other times, when it's a cloudy night, you'll see a lot of stars and you can see them when the clouds are moving, and stars will pop through, and that's normal. That's what you should see. But then when you go out other nights, it's just all black. Not a star in the sky. Not a cloud in the sky. Nothing in the sky. And I don't know if that's just above my house, or if this is everywhere.

But what I saw in the Codes was that they have this device and they use it to cloud and black the sky out. So I thought that was really interesting.

device - buffalo - arranging - clouding - shema - black - administration

The Ascended Actors Are Preparing to Cloud Shema and Black Out the Sky

And so, of course, "Buffalo" is just another term for aliens. I usually see it in reference to the Ascended Actors. The New Agers call them the Ascended Masters, but all they really are is actors. And so, they have this device. And they're preparing to cloud Shema. And they black out the sky.

Now, some nights, if you go out at 3, 4 a.m.,--it usually typically starts about 2:30, 3 o'clock a.m.--you'll see Shema rising in the east. And Shema is this bright, brilliant star in the sky. The G.E. [General Electric Company] light bulb apparatus that it is. They've been trying to rebuild it since we set it on fire back in 2010. And it went dormant for a couple years and now it's back at light bulb status. It can be really brilliant when they turn all the lights on. And so, you'll see it in the eastern sky. About 4, 5 o'clock a.m.

But lately, they've been blacking it out so you can't see it. And not turning the lights on. You don't see any other kind of activity. Usually you'll see UFOs in the eastern sky late, late at night and early in the mornings 'cause they kind of come to and from Shema. So, you'll always see them around the eastern part of the sky.

The Lord Told a Listener That the Bright Star He'd Seen [Shema] Was Full of Greys and Was Getting Ready to Explode

I got an e-mail from a listener saying that he had seen this bright star out last week. And I'm thinking, "I haven't seen it in a couple weeks. How can he see it and I can't and I'm in the next state over?" The Lord had told him that this star was full of Greys, which I've said numerous times, and it's getting ready to explode. And the thing has been shooting out red flames for a while now, and so. It would be interesting. Because I know this thing's going to explode. I know it's going to--it's the lamp mentioned in Revelation, chapter 8. It's the lamp that crashes to the earth.

But, interesting that, you know, dealing with this blackness phenomena and then actually seeing it in the Codes it's like, "Oh, I'm not so crazy." [laughs] Of course, I've been saying that for 20 years. "Oh, I'm not so crazy. See, it is true. They are up to something." I can always tell when they're up to something, just can't always prove it. People always want evidence. I don't always have evidence for the things I know and the things the Lord tells me. It's like, "How do I get evidence for that?" So, interesting. They're using their black device, and so.

The Vaccine Program Is Tied to Shema, Backed by the Grey Administration, and Overseen by the Lizards

One of the things I have been seeing is, you know, other than trying to pinpoint when Shema will please us all and just explode in space, is I've been warning about how our vaccine program is tied in to Shema. And we get a lot of our vaccines directly from this starship. They work closely with our government. You know, you refer to it all the time, all them being a bunch of Lizards, but also remember the Lizards and the Greys work together. And this whole vaccine program on Earth is actually backed by this whole Grey administration. It's the Grey aliens behind it. Overseen by the Lizards. And so, that's why it just sickens me when you hear of people getting flu shots and vaccines.

And I put up a website,, to try to warn people about vaccines and flu shots. Not just because they're trying to kill you with all the chemicals that you can name, think of the things they can't even figure out what they are, because they're alien. They're from the aliens, themselves, going into these vaccinations.

And you know what? Every time you get a shot, there's a lot number. It comes from a certain batch. And if you watch The X-Files, way back when. They actually had a show on it--I'll never forget it, 'cause I didn't watch that many X-File shows, but I saw this one in particular. And it had this huge warehouse and all these boxes and they were all separated by batch numbers. There was a huge warehouse full of vaccines. And certain people that had received a certain batch of vaccines had been targeted with one thing--and that's how they do it, folks. That was like total confirmation when I saw that show. Because they reveal a lot of information in television shows and movies. And so, I got confirmation. Because they target people by the different batches. And that's why they write down which batch you took. When you get a flu shot or something, they will write down in their records what lot number, what batch number your vaccine was from, and so.

Anyway, just the whole thing, whole vaccination program by the Greys, it's just sickening. And when I saw in the Bible Codes, confirming it,

almond - chip - administration

Almond is like a characteristic of the almond-eyed aliens. Not just the Greys, but like, the Saurians, and other types of Greys or aliens that have the almond eyes. Yeah, I'll see it depicted in the Codes as "almond" and the "chip administration" because there's chips in all the vaccines and flu shots that they give people. And they're the ones solely behind this entire thing. And they use our government as puppets to enforce people, encourage people into getting these vaccines because they also get these chips put in them.

Our Skies Are Full of Greys, Anunnaki, and Saurians - Your Best Weapon Against Them Is Orgone, not Bullets

But there's some things going on with Shema. I'm seeing armies coming from Shema. And so, not just Shema star, itself, but we also have the Saurians. And we also have a sky full of Anunnaki. Anunnaki starships are everywhere. And the Greys, and the Saurians. Our skies are full. And so, people are wondering, "Why are our federal agencies stocking up on thousands of bullets?" Well, you know what? I don't know what--they wanna shoot these aliens out of the sky with bullets? Do you think that's gonna work? You know what does work? Orgone. Because while they've been amassing in the skies, for months now, our orgone has been crashing them out of the skies.

Falling stars, meteors, balls of light, blah, blah, blah. Why don't they just give credit where credit is due? That Yahuah's Orgone Warriors getting their orgone out, getting it out around the world is what's crashing these UFOs out of the skies. You know, people can't always see the enemy. But you know it's there, so get busy. And you don't have to tell a Warrior to get busy, they're already busy. They already know. You know?

I've Been Warned That the Obama Administration Was Planning a Massive Attack with an Ebola-Zombie Virus Strain

So these are the kinds of things I've been seeing in the Codes because, uh, there was a warning I was given that the Obama administration was planning a false flag attack. And this attack was gonna be centered around that new virus strain of Ebola and zombie strain. And they were going to have a massive attack of some kind with this zombie strain.

And so, an Ebola and zombie strain--I saw this article like a week ago, two weeks ago. I wish I'd kept it. I don't even know what I did with it. But it was talking about this new strain that was out. But just imagine a zombie strain like we've seen, with the flesh-eating, they go crazy and start ripping off people's faces and stuff, coupled with Ebola. Ebola is like a--your organs become liquified. When you think of Black Oil Virus, that's what I think of as Ebola because blood, just black blood just starts pouring out of the orifices of a person's body; their eyes, their ears, their nose. This is really--when you think of this combination of a zombie virus, that's what you think of when you see Hollywood. I mean, the blood and the goo coming out of their eyes, nose, and ears. And they're zomibes and--you know? Eww.

They have this virus. They were practicing it. And they're ready to mass-attack with it. And so, you know, they've always targeted the west coast with these zombie viruses. And we've always gotten real busy to protect the areas they were targeting. Last year it was San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico. And we bombarded those areas with orgone.

I remember hearing that, you know, they usually take these practice test runs to Africa and eastern Europe because they can't figure out why they work there and they bring them back home and they don't work here on the population. Well, it's because America is orgoned. And every time they've tried to attack a certain place, we've been able to get orgone there.

Even an unknown place, Joplin, Missouri, 3, 4 years ago, we already had orgone there before that attack even started, so something--I remember hearing that something had gone horribly wrong, had to tornado the whole area. And it was because of a zombie attack. They were running a test there. I still don't know exactly what happened because nobody wants to confirm my original, uh...uh, well, I don't know what you wanna call it. My original broadcast, I guess, on exactly what was going on there. Nobody wants to confirm it. And so, they hate it when I'm right. They hate it when I'm right. They'd rather lie, cheat, and steal than admit I'm right about something.

And so, they...either way, they're planning an attack. I don't know if they're gonna do it. I don't see it in the Bible Codes right now. I'm seeing other things. But that doesn't mean they're not gunning for it.

I'm Seeing an Attack on the East - Watch for Some Kind of Poison Attack by the Russians

I am seeing an attack on the east. And, you know, that's where Shema is. Because I'm not even sure if people on the west coast can see Shema. Maybe they can, maybe they can't. I don't know. I know for darn sure Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, PA, and New York, east coast, you can all see Shema. And so, I'm not sure about California, and Texas. I don't know if these other places can see it or not, you know. But I know the east part can; the Midwest and the east coast.

But, yes, you know, the east is kind of dominant right now. So I'm keeping my eyes on that. Because I don't think--you know, I've been warned, "Oh, yeah, there's gonna be a Muslim attack." Actually there's gonna be a Russian attack and they're gonna blame it on the Muslims. That's a possibility. Although I'm not seeing any real huge specifics in the Bible Codes, it's a possibility. And so, you know, watch for some kind of poison attack, or something, by the Russians that they're going to blame--I don't think they're gonna blow up another building. I think they have to blow up a city to have a real effect. But I'm not seeing it right now, so.

They change their minds so much. They really do, and so. You know, I could get you all worried about some kind of attack and it doesn't happen and at least you're prepared. You know. And it's not like we worry, we just--we have a lot of compassion and we don't want people getting hurt, and suffering, and wish all these morons would just leave us alone, but it's not gonna happen. They're always looking for ways to attack and destroy. That's how Satan gets his power. That's how he stays in power, so.

An interesting date out of this month is October 11; 10-11-12. October 11, 2012 is 33; equals 10-11-12. That's the number 33. So if something was gonna happen, that could be a significant date because it's---their favorite Mason and occultic number is 33, so. Not saying it is, just saying it would be interesting.

I Wish You Guys Could See How Effective and How Dominant This Little Faction of Warriors Is - They Can't Kill Us

You know, the Codes are kind of all over the place with different things going on. And in the middle of it all the time is the Orgone Warriors just sabotaging all their plans. And sabotaging everything and blocking their arrivals, and blocking this, and blocking that, and so. It's always a huge laugh. I wish you guys could see how effective and how dominant this little faction of Warriors is. I mean, we have kings on the run. That should tell you something. I mean, they have teleconference calls trying to figure out ways to shut us down. Trying to stop us. They can't kill us. They've been trying for years. The Lord has our backs.

And what do you do with someone you just cannot kill? You can't kill them. You can't hack into their computer to shut them down for a radio show. I've already had that happen. Lord wouldn't allow it. I mean, Obama had hackers in the White House situation room Monday night trying to hack into my show and prevent it from coming on the air. Lord wasn't having it. He wasn't having it. Happens all the time, folks. So they just seek to discredit us and make us look like we're crazy. And you know what? I'm so used to that one I could care less.

And you know what? The Lord could open up the eyes of those who truly love Him and truly seek Him. He can open up their eyes to what the truth is. And then He just leads them to us. Or leads them to something else they need to be doing. So we've got some sky packed, filled full of armies that they're blacking out so people can't see.

I Think I Heard an Anunnaki in My Yard the Other Night

I think I heard one of these Anunnaki things in my yard the other night. Had a friend over and we were sitting outside talking and you could just hear the huge thing, this huge creature in the woods. I mean, the branch it must've stepped on was probably a tree limb of some kind. It was just so loud, you know. It was just so obnoxious that you could tell it was some kind of an animal. But it had to be at least 300 pounds to make the kind of branch noises, breaking things, it was making.

I've had one of these Anunnaki things in my yard before, but wondering if it's another one. They will come out of the ships and prowl around on Earth for whatever reason, and so; spying, haha. Enjoy the orgone, you know. I know I've got my place plastered. So, you know, interesting that they're so into blacking out the skies right now. Probably try to go out and see stars when the show's over. They always try to the opposites of whatever I'm talking about.

When I talked about that star in the west and how obnoxious it was every night, I haven't seen it since. [laughs] They took it away. It flew away. I don't know where it went. And then somebody else says, "Oh, I saw that star and I got a video of it." I'm thinking, "I haven't even see it. How are you seeing it?" They're blacking stuff out so I can't see. That's crazy. So, anyway.

There's a Comet Heading Towards the Earth, but the Orgone Is Going to Decimate It

Comet heading towards the earth. Usually when you see comets, they're just carriers, folks. And there's some kind of alien army that's following this comet in to our atmosphere. Not sure who or what it is, but it's gonna be destroyed. The orgone's gonna just decimate it, kill it. So I'm not too worried about that one either. Same way it's doing a lot of things in space. They don't want us to see all the destruction and carnage going on. They're trying to hide it. So maybe if they're blacking out the skies, you can't see all the white fireballs, you know. Or the green meteors. It's gets crazy. And so, maybe they're trying to black all that out so people can't see it. I don't know.

A YouTube Video Shows How the Name of Allah Comes Up 666 - The Global Threat of Islam Is Becoming More Dominant, a lot of times when I see stuff on the Internet, I'll just repost it to my list instead of reinventing the wheel. I don't have time for that. But I saw this YouTube video and it was talking about "in the name of Allah" and the, uh, what's it called, tetrogrammaton or something [tetragrammaton]. I don't know. In Hebrew letters; numerical numbers. And the name of Allah comes up 666. And I thought that was really cool because it meshes with everything else I've been seeing.

I've told you that Islam was a route, a long time ago. It's always been a route. As a global threat. A global threat of Islam. And it's becoming more, and more, and more dominant. Especially when I'm seeing that all of the aliens--because they're just fallen angels, folks--they're all tied in with Allah. And all these New Age Ascended Actors, they're all tied in with Allah. And then you have Obama who's tied in with Allah. All these space beings tied in with Allah. Allah being a moon god.

Also has connections to the black cube on Saturn, which I think is probably a temple on Saturn. There's also a black cube spaceship that was coming up from behind the sun. I don't know what happened to it, but I know we burned the heck out of it with the orgoned air. I don't think it's gonna come close to Earth. I think it's high-tailed it back where it came from. But you also have, you know, the command, commandment for the Muslims that if you're a true Muslim, everybody makes a pilgrimage to Mecca once in their lifetime as a Muslim. You have to be a card-carrying Muslim to get into Mecca. And they spend all this time circling this spaceship. This black cube spaceship in Mecca. It's all tied in, folks, with this Allah, Islam, and so.

If You Look at Sharia Law, They Just Borrowed Parts of That from Torah Law, but They Didn't Even Get Half Their Information Straight

Keep an eye on the stuff the watchmen are putting out warning people of Islam and Allah. Because it's, most of it's true. This route is coming out loud and clear now that some kind of one-world religion is going to be this Islam. Some kind of variation of it. I don't know if it's the exact one they have. They will have Sharia law. I see that a lot. Sharia.

You know what? If you look at parts of Sharia law, they just borrowed parts of that from Torah law. Because the no interest, no usury command in Sharia law was taken from the Torah law. The Torah law existed 5,000 years before they even came up with the Koran. They took parts out of the Torah when they wrote the Koran. Rewrote it, I should say, because they didn't even get half their information straight. The Torah's been around thousands of years longer, before the Koran was even written, and so. But there's other crazy stuff about it.

And if you look at the Talmud Jews, the Talmud which is a pure satanic, filthy book, talks about how anybody who worships the Son of God, Jesus, which His real name is Yahushua, their head should be cut off. And then you look at Islam, it's anybody who doesn't worship Muhammad should have their head cut off. It's kind of like similarities. All goes back to that satanism stuff, and so. Either way, folks.

Sananda's Whole Administration Is Centered Around Chipping People and the Locusts Will Help to Enforce It

So far, up to now, we have always been able to block these Ascended Actors from actually coming to Earth. We decimated Maitreya. Now he's AWOL [absent without leave]. And Sananda's been trying to come in. We've been able to block him pretty successfully. But, eventually, the Lord's gonna allow it to happen. He's gonna allow this thing to arrive. This Sananda. And the thing about his administration is it totally surrounds a chip administration.

When he arrives, you know, he's gonna be acting like he's Son of God, Ascended Master, whatever. He's just an actor. But his whole administration, it's also centered around the chip. Chipping people. And same thing with the Locusts that are coming, and the 200-million-man horseman army that is coming. Everybody's surrounded around chipping people. To chip. The RFID [radio-frequency identification] chip, some variation of it, is what's coming into dominant play. They're trying to force it on us through vaccinations right now voluntarily. But it's gonna get to the point where they're, literally, just gonna try to enforce it on people. And not just by a government aspect, but the aliens, themselves.

I mean, if you look at Revelation, chapter 9, talks about the angel bringing the key to the bottomless pit. And he opens up the bottomless pit [and the locusts came out]. Another thing that the Lord pointed out to me. And then to make it very clear to me, the other day...let me see what it Hebrew, the bottomless pit is space. It's the abyss. It's space. In the KJV, if you go by the Greek translation, everybody thinks the bottomless pit is Sheol, or Hades. That it's in the middle of the earth.

Well, first of all, the middle of the earth is not a bottomless pit because there's an end to it. Earth is a sphere. It's a circle. It's not bottomless. What's bottomless is space. Space. They abyss. The bottomless pit. It's very clear in the Codes that this is space. And so, the way it's written in the KJV, if you go just by what's written in the KJV, people think it's hell. Well, hell is the bottomless pit. It is space. But you got us talking about Hades and Sheol; burning pit that's in the center of the earth. Two different things, folks.

I'm Seeing in the Codes That the Locusts That Arrive Are Armed with Syringes - They'll Be Stinging People with Shots to Chip-Implant Them

But these Locusts, in Revelation, chapter 9, that arrive, have power for 5 months. Not to kill people, but to torment people with the stings of their tails. And what I'm seeing in the Bible Codes is that these Locusts are armed with syringes. They're gonna be chipping people. 'Cause like I said, they're all about chip-implanting. Now they could go after all of mankind except those with the seal of God on their foreheads. So there's probably some kind of supernatural seal that's placed on believers on the earth that these Giants aren't allowed to touch. And these are Giants. Locusts, you know, it's not a little green bug. These are Giants. Locust is a metaphorical term.

And so, these Locusts are always, from what I'm seeing, right behind Sananda. When Sananda makes his entrance on Earth, boom. Shortly after his arrival, or entrance, or whatever they wanna mask it as, these Locusts are gonna be arriving. And they're all about vaccinations, shoving syringes in people to chip-implant them, for 5 months. In [Revelation 9,] verse 10 it says,

And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.

When you get a shot, a flu shot, a vaccine, or whatever, any kind of a shot, it stings. Stings. And that's what John's relating it to; being stuck like by a scorpion. He'd never see a syringe in his life. They'll be chasing people down with vaccinations; these chips. They're not gonna ask you to volunteer. If you don't have the seal of God in your forehead, they're gonna nail you with these vaccines.

These Vaccines and Chips Can Change Your DNA - It's All About Harassment and Control and Turning People Away from God

And the things about these vaccines and these chips is that they can change your DNA. They change human DNA. They can change it. And so, people that you once knew are just gonna be changed and aren't gonna be human anymore. Depending on what kind of chips they have. And they can be controlled. I know chip-implanted people are often commonly misdiagnosed as schizophrenic because they hear voices. And that's tormenting to them. You know, just ask anyone, a Satanist today, that's in the Illuminati, that goes to these rituals. They, you know, every day, every week, every month, whatever, they can't get away from the voices, the demons harass them. That's why most of them are alcoholics, because alcohol deadens the voices, so I've been told.

And they're all chip-implanted and it allows demonic access. And if the demons aren't harassing you through chip-implants--chip implants are two-way transistor radios. And so, somebody could be sitting at a computer in a underground base or up in a starship, and just locate you via the chip implant you have, and torment you. I mean, technology is, you know, they could probably do a lot more than I'm even aware of.

But it's all about harassment and control, folks. And turning people away from God. One of the things they wanna do is eliminate the God gene particle that people have which is, you know, really asinine because God's breath is in every cell that we have. And so, they would literally have to just eliminate all living, breathing cells in your body to take the Lord's breath out of you, and so, it's kind of asinine. But, anyway, I never said they were smart. Just what their evil and wicked plans are, and so.

The Beast That Ascends Out of the Bottomless Pit to Make War Against the Two Witnesses Is Part of the Ascended Masters Group

These are the kinds of things--but the Lord's bringing to my attention about--let me give you this verse. I've been saying it all along. It's like confirmation. In Revelation 11:7 it says,

And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

And Revelation, chapter 11 is talking about the ministry of the two witnesses. And they witness for 3-1/2 years. And at the end of that 3-1/2 years the Beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit makes war against them, and overcomes them, and kills them. He ascends out of the bottomless pit. He ascends out from space. From space. The Beast. Revelation 17:8,

The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.

Ascends out of the bottomless pit. He ascends out of space, folks. This Beast. The Beast. Who's ascending out of space? The Ascended Actors. The ones I've been warning about. Maitreya, Sananda, Germaine, the whole Ashtar Command. Maitreya's been AWOL, but not forgotten. Sananda, coming in his place. Another route is also that Obama--because he is the leader of Babylon, and therefore qualifies him as role of Antichrist, whoever is leader of Babylon, to the president of America, because Babylon is America.

He could be killed and then be transformed, come back as this--be indwelled with Satan and be this Beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit, this space. And so, that's a route. And the other route is that he hands the power of the United States over to one of these Beasts that arrives. That's another route with Sananda. I told you he has pacts and alliances with Sananda already. This whole Ashtar Command that rules over the Illuminati families. Just the different routes, folks.

There's Nothing Real About Obama - He's Entirely Fake - He Was a Test-Tube, Lab-Created Baby with Someone Else's Stolen Identity

If you ever looked at Obama's head, he has scars all the way around from ear to ear. It's like one of these bobbleheads where--and this is kind of nasty--where you could just open up their skull and flip it open. You know, that's what they do, folks. It's hard to say what's in his mind. Probably some little computer attached.

And the thing that makes him human is the aspect that they have where they download other people's memories, and thoughts, and experiences, and they put them in people. It's like they just upload that information to the person. 'Cause i know the person he stole his identity from. You know, Obama's--there's nothing real about him. He's entirely fake. He's entirely fake. I mean, what's the chances of--you know, I talk to one particular person all the time and, it's like, "You have the same background as Obama. You have the same story." You know, and it dawns on me, Obama just stole his identity. I doubt that Michelle's even his wife. I doubt those are even his kids. 'Cause we all know Obama's gay.

I just don't--you know, everything about him is fake. He's got Russian ties. He's got Muslim ties. In the Bible Codes, they call this kind of a person a [mamzer]. They're bastards. They don't have real fathers because, they may be born of a woman, but they're test-tube creations implanted into a woman to give birth to that lab-created baby. That's what they do. And so, that's why they're called [mamzers]. And that's what he is.

And these fallen angels that are coming, a lot of them, their bodies are manufactured to look human. They're not real human giant-looking that they're gonna appear as. Those are fake bodies that they built for themselves, made for themselves to hide who and what they really are. The ugly things, the creatures that they really are. They're gonna try to come and look angelic, try to look human. You know, they're actors. It's all they are is actors.

Many People Don't Grasp What Bible Prophecy Talks About Because They Don't Understand What the Actual Terms Mean

So, anyway, just a shout-out because so many people don't have a real understanding and a grasp of what Bible prophecy talks about because they're not understanding what the actual terms mean and what they are. And, you know, I work in the Codes every day and I see prophecy coming [audio unclear] in the Codes and, "Oh, that sounds familiar. I know where that is." And I'll read in Revelation, and I'll see it in the Codes, and that's how I get a better understanding of what it is. Because you can't always go by KJV translation of prophecy. I mean, seriously, folks, you'll just always be searching and studying, going in circles. But it's good to have a grasp. Good to have a grasp of things that are coming.

Obama's Demons Abandoned Him at the First Debate Because He Had Not Been Doing His Satanic Rituals to Make Them Happy

You know, I don't have time every day to sit around and get bored watching the propaganda on TV. But I've been hearing a lot about what's been going on with the Obama fiasco, and Romney. [laughs] I don't know when the next debate is, but it should be interesting. 'Cause I'll bet Obama comes back full of vigor. Full of demons again. 'Cause they abandoned him last time 'cause he hasn't been doing his rituals and making them happy. So they made him look like an utter fool on national TV 'cause they wouldn't help him. But Romney, more than eager to please. Drinking blood all the time. Carrying it in his suitcase, calling it tomato juice. Pimping himself out to be sodomized by Lizards and aliens just to get on their good side. He wants the presidency.

There Is Truly a Fight Between Obama and Romney Because Their Two Different Factions Each Want to Take Power

It truly is a fight between those two. I mean, that goes without saying. Because there's different factions of Satanists that run this country. And his faction wants to take power, and Obama's faction has to fight against them. And so, it truly is a fight between the two. Because Romney really wants this thing. But the thing is, Romney's too human yet. You know, I don't know how many babies he's killed in the last month or how much blood he's drank, but he's still human, until the Lord just says, "That's it," and this guy just gets totally soul-scalped. And watch, if he was president, in two years you'd probably see all these scars around his head where they just dehumanized him to the point they've taken over his brain with a computer chip.

Do I think he's gonna get that far? No. I think Obama's--they just got too much invested with Obama. Because, technically, he's not really a human, and so. He's one of the best they've had, even though they've got about 12 of him, so. But it'll be interesting to watch for the next debate. I might watch the next one, just to see if Obama's been back at the rituals.

It Doesn't Matter How Nice the Politican's Message Is Because It's All About Satan's Agenda - They're Actors Saying What People Want to Hear

You know, so many people just don't understand how things work. And as I learn, it's just like, so appalling. So appalling. You know, politics starts at the satanism level. You know, people can go off and write all these exposes on why Obama did worse than, you know, Romney at the last debate and all this. You know, the real truth was he didn't have any help, because he'd been ignoring rituals. Sick of them. Who wouldn't get sick of them? They're always having to do rituals. You know, I don't know how Romney does it on the road. He must know, they put him on routes and in hotels where they have access to where they can bring in the sacrifices to be killed because he's doing it every night. He's sacrificing all the time. I don't know how they do it, but they do it. That's the level it starts at; how happy you're pleasing Satan. It's all about Satan, folks. Politics is secondary. So, the factions are fighting it out.

And it's even worse to hear people whining about, you know, "Ron Paul would be better." Ron Paul's another actor, folks. They all serve and worship Satan. He's just a different agenda. Said things a little nicer. Said things better than--you know, wants to get rid of the fed and all that. Yeah, well. Yeah, sounds great. But, you know what? That's all part of the New Age agenda to replace everything with NESARA. And that's gonna happen anyway, so. You know, a big step towards that is the revaluation of global currencies. And that's still on the back burner. That could be brought up to the front of the burner, this month, next month. Putting everybody on the same economic level. And if you think that's going to help America and Europe, no, it's gonna destroy those countries. It's gonna destroy them. Maybe that's why they're all getting ready for unrest. They're about to crash the dollar, crash the economy. Figure there's gonna be a lot of mad people. Uh, yeah, there's gonna be a lot of mad people.

Rhode Island, Delaware, and Massachusetts Could Use a Whole Lot More Orgone - People Need to Focus on Deserts, Forests, and Mountains

We also have a real threat from space right now to deal with. Maybe that's what they're worried about, but I don't know how they think they're gonna kill aliens with guns. And they've got this strain, Ebola zombie strain, ready to unleash. You know, shoot their brains out or get orgone water. It's a lot easier and a lot cheaper just making orgone water. Get some water, soak an orgone puck in it for a couple days. Get you a garbage can full of water, throw a couple pucks in there, let it saturate, and it's like acid to these zombie beings.

I don't know if they'd ever get that off or not. I mean, all I know is this Midwestern area is a fortress. It's a fortress of orgone. I don't know how a zombie would survive. So, maybe that's why I don't see it as much in the Codes. Because we've done so much work to fight against it that it's not the threat now that it once might have been.

Of course, that doesn't go for every area. I have no idea at this point what states--I know every state has a Warrior in it; most of them. Can't say all of them have done much. East coast is, uh, Rhode Island, Delaware, Massachusetts. Those places could use a whole lot more orgone. And I never hear from those people. South Carolina; never hear from those people. I know North Carolina and Tennessee have good Warriors in them. Arizona, Texas, full of Warriors. But that's just a huge state. In fact, the main areas in Texas have been orgoned.

People need to focus on deserts and forests with the orgone. Because that's where they're feasting at. That's where they're at. They're in the deserts and the mountains. You know, you look at the northwestern part of our country, Mt. Ranier and all those mountains in Oregon and Washington, they're just so infested, so infested with alien bases and aliens. And so, that whole place on the Oregon side and Washington just need pounded with orgone up in those ridges and up in those mountains, and in the forests. That Mt. Ranier just needs pounded, folks, pounded. So, anyway.

So You Think the Bible Doesn't Talk About Aliens...

Maybe next week I'll get more into this bottomless pit thing, but you know what? I just cringed when I hear people say the Bible doesn't talk about aliens. [laughs] Really? [laughs] There are aliens all over the Bible. You just have to know what to know what terms to look for. You're just misunderstanding what you're reading because of the transcription you're reading, so. All over the place, folks. Anyway.

October 10 and 11th Are Good Occultic Days for Something to Happen

I'll be back next week. And, like I said, some of the dates this week look interesting. The 10th and the 11th. And that's, what, Wednesday and Thursday. Good occultic days for something to happen. Maybe legislation being passed. I don't see anything real destructive happening this week in the Codes. I've been looking for it, but I don't see it.

They Will Be Abandoning Shema Again - I Expect It to Explode, Possibly This Month

I know they're gonna be abandoning Shema once again. And I expect that thing to explode. October's always a good month to see that thing exploding in, so maybe we'll hold our breath and it'll explode this month. I don't know. Still looking at that one in the Codes.

The Reason the Lord Is Keeping the Last of His Elect Here Is Because What We're Doing Is Epic - We've Been Very Successful in the Orgone War

You know, the background war is always going on and it's basically just us against them, causing their UFOs to crash to earth, killing their armies, you know. We're killing whole groups of aliens, folks. And we're very successful in what we're doing. It's epic. It's epic. And so, that's why the Lord's lengthening the time and delaying things. Because what's going on in the background is so epic. It's huge. I mean, you see one or hear about one, then it's probably about a thousand you didn't see or hear about. So, it's epic.

And that's why when he finally gets the green light to go forward, his full war on the saints is gonna be fully on. Because they are mad, they want revenge, they want retaliation. And they're already working all the time right now. I don't know a Warrior out there that hasn't been harassed and stalked and under surveillance.

You know, I know the Lord's working overtime protecting all of us because they've tried to kill us all for years. Especially lately, last year. So, they know who the Warriors are. They know who the Lord's people are. They've got lists; they're targeting them. And they're ending up short because they, you know, they can't kill us. There's some they've been able to kill and they've disappeared entire families. But like I've said, there's a difference between who the Elect are and who the Bride are. And you can kill the Bride, but you can't kill the Elect, and so.

I don't know how much longer the Lord's going to keep the Elect here on Earth. But the reason why we're still here is because it's epic. We're so effective right now, He doesn't want to take us off yet, He doesn't want to take us home yet, so. You know? They watch what we're doing down here, folks. You know, they're on the BDS [Brown Dwarf Star] and they're watching. They watch what we do. They're cheering us on, and so.

Anyway, be back next week at 10 o'clock. Same time. Till then, every body. Yah bless.


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