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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 15, 2012


Nikki Minaj Vs. Mariah Carey

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And October 15. Halfway through the month. That makes about, oh, three more weeks till the fake elections. And so, we should have some fun in between that.

Couple things I wanna talk about tonight. I know you guys really get into this celebrity nonsense, so couple things going around with that I wanted to mention, then I'll move on. [laughs softly] All right, so, I try and keep an eye on everything going around so I don't care what field it's in really.

There's just been this whole thing, this whole fight between Nikki Minaj and Mariah Carey. And I just have a comment about that because Nikki Minaj, obviously self-avowed Satanist, totally sold out to this Satanist New World Order. And then you have Mariah Carey, who I don't think is one of them. I don't think she ever joined them, and so. I don't know if she's an MKULTRA or not. I don't know any info about that. But I know she hasn't outright been initiated into and joined the New World Order crowd. And so, it's kind of funny that we have the dark and the light, a war. Nikki Minaj, total darkness, versus Mariah Carey. So, that should be interesting playing out.

Why Is Kim Kardashian Dating Kanye West Who Is a Total Sellout for Satan?

Another thing is I was just sitting here going through things earlier, and I saw this blurb on TV. And it was showing this Kim Kardashian--which I've never watched her show, but I know who she is--as dating Kanye West. And that raised my eyebrows. Because, first of all, Kim Kardashian's father, Robert Kardashian, was friends with O.J. Simpson. And he was the one trying to recruit O.J. Simpson into the death cult, into the Illuminati. But O.J. Simpson wouldn't join. In fact, he did the exact opposite. He would make fun of them and mock them.

And so, you know, you jump forward now, several years, and they were trying to recruit Kim Kardashian into the death cult after the season of her first show. But she refused to join. She wouldn't join. And so, for whatever reason, they allowed her to continue on with her reality show. I think it's called...oh, I don't even know. Um, something about the Kardashians. [laughs] I don't know. Like I said, I've never seen it. I've just heard about it, and I've heard her, and I know who they are. [name of the show is Keeping Up with the Kardashians]

So, anyway, she continues on with the second season. Maybe it's the third season now. I don't know. But she had always refused to join the death cult. Well, now it's like, did she give up and join? Or is she still holding out? Or is she still totally naive about who Kanye West is? Because Kanye West is a total sellout. He is a total, hundred percent soldout soul for Satan. Kanye West is very heavily involved with the death cult Illuminati. So why would Kim Kardashian be dating Kanye West? Is she that stupid? So it makes you wonder did she give up, did she give in?

I heard from sources that her brother, Robert Jr. Kardashian is joining the Illuminati. And I guess their next big ritual is Halloween, the end of this month. And they'll probably have initiations going on then. And I heard her brother Robert was joining. I don't know if that's 100-percent true, but that's what I heard.

And then, bam! All of a sudden, you see on TV Kim Kardashian dating Kanye West. And the only thing that's gonna come out of that is Kanye West is trying to recruit Kim Kardashian into the death cult, or making in known that, "Hey, Kim did join. See, she's with me." Or he's doing what they typically do, and I don't he's gonna do it to her, but this is what they typically do. When you join a death cult, you have to have a sacrifice. And, of course, Kanye already sacrificed his mother, so he doesn't need a sacrifice. So I think he's being used as more of a statement that, you know, maybe he's trying to recruit her in or already got her in. I don't know what the statement being made is.

The Typical Reason You'll See Celebrities Losing Family Members and Loved Ones Is Because They Sacrificed Them to Join the Death Cult

But these people, when you join a cult, you have to have a sacrifice. And what they typically do is get girlfriends that are on their way up. Actresses, or models, or long-time sweethearts or whoever. People that are working to make their move, or up, or whatever. And then they sacrifice that girlfriend as their sacrifice to the death cult. And that's why it's so typical among celebrities, you'll see them losing boyfriends, losing girlfriends, family members die. Because they sacrifice them. When you join the death cult of Hollywood (the New World Order), you have to have a sacrifice. And, you know, siblings, children, wives, husbands, anybody that you love or is close to you can become a sacrifice. And that's why so many of them have people disappearing amongst them. So that's one thing to watch out for with all of them. Who goes next, who dies next. Because, you know, the whole sacrifice thing.

Anyway--and, of course, it's brushed under the table. Just, you know, "Oh, that was a home invasion," "That was a car accident," "That was a drowning." These things are well covered up. Especially if they're sacrifices. You'll never hear an kind of investigations going on because they're just brushed under the table and hidden. Because those at all levels are involved with the death cult. They stick up for each other. They get involved with the coverup, so.

Did Tim Tebow Say No to the New World Order Death Cult?

I remember last year, I was talking about Tim Tebow and how they were trying to recruit him in. He was the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. He was the one that came out of college. They had the Tim Tebow phenomenon going on about how he prays before and after games or whatever. And you know what? It really was ridiculous because there's thousands of NFL players that are Christians. And not even NFL, but college players, that are Christians. That will get together before and after games and pray.

So what was the whole limelight deal on Tim Tebow? You know, they just made a big deal out of Tim Tebow. And, of course, he went over to the Denver Broncos. Well, he was heading right into a snake pit because the owner of the Denver Broncos, the entire administration, they're all sold out to the death cult, they're all involved. John Elway runs the Broncos from a management perspective and he's totally sold out. And he tried to recruit Tim Tebow in.

And I'm assuming Tim Tebow said no because Tim Tebow is now quarterback of New York. He's not even in Denver this year. And, you'll notice all the media has gone blackout on Tebow. There's no longer the big Tebow phenomena going on. You don't hear about the Tebowing and all this. They were making him into a huge celebrity and now there's nothing but dead silence. And this is what sparked my interest, you know, as the football season was beginning because there was no big Tebow shows going on. You know, they'd hushed up about Tebow. Which makes me think Tebow told them no, he wouldn't join. That's why he was traded.

Why Was the New World Order Crowd Giving So Much Media Time to a Guy That Prays?

So it's interesting how they're doing things. Because in their eyes, I mean, come on, folks, you knew it was a setup. Just all of a sudden, giving all this media time to a guy who prays. Well, the whole thing is is they thought it would be a great sacrifice, a HUGE slap in the face to the Lord, if they could get one of His own, that they prop up for his beliefs in God, and then get him to join Satan, get him to join with the death cult, the Hollywoods and stuff, the New World Order crowd. So that's why it was all built up for that. It was built up for the big rejection. That Tebow would renounce Christ and join with Satan. And it didn't happen. Tebow must've said no, you know. Now you never hear anything. Now it's just quiet.

So that's pretty good. Tebow refused. Good for him. Now he has my respect. Last year I was worried about him, wondering what he was gonna do. And I even posted on my Facebook list that we all need to pray for Tim Tebow, they were after him, they were trying to recruit him in. And now we've got our answer. He most definitely must've said no.

And so, interesting that the Broncos now have Payton Manning in there. And I don't know if Payton Manning is involved with the New World Order Crowd, the Satanist crowd, the satanism. I guess we're gonna find out. Because they're not gonna let anybody stay there that isn't. And so, he's either a bandage quarterback, 'cause they needed a good one quick 'cause Tebow left. Or he's gonna be there to stay for a while because he makes John Elway and the other Satanists happy that run that administration, and so.

You know, this stuff goes on all the time, folks, in the sports industry. Especially if you look at a lot of these sports teams, the management are Satanists. They're sold out hundred percent into what is called the death cult, or the Illuminati, or the New World Order. Whatever you wanna call it. It's all the same thing.

Let's All Pray for Kim Kardashian; That She Wakes Up to Who Kanye West Is and Stays Out of the Death Cult Completely

So that's all the celebrity buzz I have for now. But I thought that was interesting, just, you know, "Watch out, Kim. Are you that stupid?" You know, how could she be with Kanye West? So that'll be interesting to watch. See how that plays out. I hope she's not turning into one of them, gonna join one of them, keeps, you know, staying out.

She stayed out all these years, and now she's what, 35? And I mean, she grew up in the family. Her father was a sellout to them. And she's been a holdout all this time. So we all should pray for Kim that she either wakes up, and doesn't realize what Kanye West, is or just stays out of it completely, so.

Obama Is Working on Hitting Double-Digit Inflation by the End of This Year

Anyway, I made a post on my list, Facebook, last week, on plans. And, you know what? Their plans, they come and go like the wind because they try to set things off and then things don't happen. And so, doesn't mean they're not trying, just means they're blocked by other factions or other routes or whatever.

But what I've been told that Obama is working on right now is that--and I warned at the beginning of this year, I said by the end of the year we would hit double-digit inflation. And sure enough, hearing back from sources that Obama wants to hit double-digit inflation by the end of this year, which isn't that far away. And they also want to shut down the food distribution centers so that it causes massive shortages and riots by the end of the year. 'Cause I keep wondering, "Why are they keep--stockpiling all these body bags, all these coffins.

I mean, you remember a couple years ago, and they had all these hundreds of thousands of body bags shipping to Denver. Now you have got these coffins, makeshift coffins being shipped out in several areas all over the place. They're getting ready for massive deaths. And always curious as to exactly what event's gonna cause it because there's one in a million that could.

Just see what's going on in their own minds, what it is they're planning. And that's one of the things--they want to enforce a famine here. They want to force it. And they'll force it by shutting down the food distribution centers. That means there's not as much food in the stores. What is in the stores, the price is hiked. Supply and demand principles, folks. If there's a lot of something, you don't charge as much. If there's a little of something, you hike the prices up. And that's what they wanna do. They wanna hike the prices up on all the food, causing shortages everywhere because the distribution centers are closed down.

I don't know what excuse they're gonna give why there's shortages. But they're lies, because there's plenty of food. Any kind of a shortage is going to be purposeful, enacted by the government, itself, because there are no shortages. And so, that's what they wanna do.

Their Goal Is to Kill Americans and They're Using Chemtrails, Chemical Poisons, and GMO Foods to Do It

And also stockpiling bullets. Not just to protect themselves, but to become mercenaries themselves. They would just wanna shoot upon Americans. You know, shoot and kill. Shoot and kill at will. Their goal is to kill Americans. They want to kill Americans. And they'll do it any way they can. The war is on, folks. It's not something that's going to come, it already happening. They've been trying to kill Americans for the last umpteen years with chemtrail programs, and the tainted vaccinations, and all this is gonna get much worse. Much, much worse.

You know, I can't do a Code without seeing chemtrails and the chemical poisons they're spraying. They'll target areas--and if you'll notice, one of the biggest things going on, you know, besides cancers and stuff like that is just all the poison and how it's affecting people, everyday people. A lot of people having digestion problems. Can't digest food. Have the acid reflux. Having problems with their gallbladders. Having problems with their pancreas. Just so many people having the same problems. And these are all caused by the chemicals that they're spraying.

Then you have the GMO [genetically modied organisms] foods. And, you know, the GMO poisons in our food supply making so many women having fertility problems. A lot of women who can't get pregnant. A lot of women having to get hysterectomies. Just virtually affecting women in that way. And so, they're coming at different angles and every angle, folks. They're coming at every angle. So just something to be prepared for because it's gonna get much worse. It's gonna get much worse.

The Shema Star, Satan's Eye in the Sky, Is Directing Earth's Governments

And, you know, this whole thing, as I see this stuff being directed by the Shema and--the Shema star, comes up east every night about 2 a.m. Sometimes earlier on the east coast you can see it. I've been talking for years about this. And it was the one that we had set on fire in 2008. And then they spent years trying to rebuild it. You see "reconstruction" in the Bible Codes. What I thought was funny is that--I hadn't put two and two together--Shema - eye - bandaged

Which means they were able to fix the eye of Shema. And Shema is an eye in the sky. It's one of Satan's eyes in the sky. You see this Illuminati symbol with the eye. You see all the death cult artists promoting the eye. And all their songs, their hand signs, their CDs and graphics and all that. Always the one-eyed thing. I'd [inaudible] seeing graphics with a bandage over the eye. Because when we destroyed Shema, we were able to put a huge dent in their ability as serving as a eye in the sky.

Shema is Satan's star directly. And he watches everything on the earth from Shema. He has a throne, an altar, a palace on Shema. I've talked about the coucil, the Ashtar council that rules above Earth. They rule from Shema. This is the home base of theirs. So this is why I give this star so much attention. Because it's that dominant, it's that important. Policies from Earth are directed from Shema. The presidents of the United States take their orders from Shema. And, you know, our government agencies do, as well.

You look at our vaccine programs. A lot of the vaccinations are directly ordered from Shema. How to contaminate them, how to mix them with other formulas to destroy human DNA. They put chips in them. RFID [radio-frequency identification] chips. That's a huge program, operation, that comes out of Shema, is the chip-implanting. And I've warned about this Sananda that's coming.

The Saudi Royals Want to Assassinate the Pope

And one of the things that blew me away, because since last week I have been studying the Beast again, 'cause I feel the Lord keeps pulling me in that direction, trying to figure all this out with the Beast, because they change their routes and plans. I guess what's got me--eyebrows raised now is because these plans are now finalized in a sense that it's not just stuff I see in the Bible Codes or I read from the Bible, but also behind the scenes. They're working to make things happen. And you know when they're working to make things happen, the Lord is gonna have the final say, because prophecy will be fulfilled.

And so, I've heard for a while now, the Saudi royals wanting to kill the pope. They wanna assassinate the pope. And I was thinking, "Well, you know it's no big miss for us, I guess you could say. No big loss." They're Islam, the pope is Christian, and they're fighting against each other. It's like a symbolic war, even though Islam was propped up by the Vatican to begin with. No love lost there. They hate each other.

But there was recently a state dinner with the royals and Obama, given by the Queen to symbolize that the agreement's been set, the plans are made. And so, this is what they're coming out with. This is the latest route, the final plans, the scene is set, like I said. And so, you know, I have seen this in the Codes, but I could not wrap my mind around it. So I can't even imagine, for those listening to me, your reactions as well, because it just takes a while to digest. But this is basically the Beast. The things that are gonna be happening.

Sananda Is Actually Satan, Himself - It's Satan's Picture That's in the Churches

First of all, Sananda. Sananda is the fake Jesus. He's the picture, the portrait of Jesus you see at the Vatican. You see him and Mary. You see this Jesus, this portrait of Jesus in all the Christian churches in America. And what's the Lord always say, folks? When He says the churches belong to Satan or that He's not in the churches today. Because Sananda--and from New Age writings, if you believe that stuff--and I've heard that's all deception. Well, obviously, but in this instance, if you read the New Age writings, Sananda is the lowest Ascended Master. There's like, 12 of them. And when the two Beasts come, they're gonna have the other ones with them. There's gonna be a whole host of them. I think 11 arrive with him. 'Cause that's part of the Ashtar council. There's like, 12.

Anyway, he's supposed in New Age writings. This Sananda is the lowest-ranking Ascended Master. But that's deception, you know. And I've always referred to him as Satan's general; this Sananda. Because all the Ascended Masters are his generals. They're the prophets he's picked. They're the cream of the crop. They're his top guys, top people. But the reality is, because that's just the more, you know, deception to fool people in, I guess, Sananda is actually Satan, himself. When you see the pictures of Sananda, of this Jesus that's in the church, that's Satan! That's what Satan actually looks like. That's not a general of Satan's, that's Satan, himself. And so, I've been like, "Wow." This whole time. No wonder He says Satan's in the churches. His picture's everywhere. That is a personificaton of Satan. He has many...many...he can shape-shift in any form, he can use any kind of personification. Sananda is a personification of Satan. It's like Satan, himself. It's a form he will use.

Sananda Is Coming with Lilith Who Will Play the Role of Mary - Lilith, Adam's First Wife, Really Exists

And so, when Sananda arrives, it's basically Satan, himself. And he's coming with, not what the churches depict as Mary, but that's actually Lilith. That's Lilith. And that one's gonna confuse a lot of people because the churches have always ignored her, or renounced it, or just don't believe in it, about the first creation of Lilith and Adam. Well, it's true. I can't help it if they don't wanna believe it. If they can't grasp their minds around it. Lilith exists. She is a very viable entity--I hate to call her a woman, 'cause she's certainly nothing like a lady, but she exists. She exists. I've dealt with her. Other people. She's a real being. And she is actually the queen of heaven [Jeremiah 7:18, Jeremiah 44:19]. And so, when people are worshipping Mary, they're actually worshipping Lilith.

I was watching this video the other day, and it was talking about how the queen of heaven was actually Lucifera, the feminine side of Satan. And, you know what? I know he's both. I know he's male and female and all this, but, you know what? Lilith exists. And Istar has always been Lilith; another name for her. And Mary's another name for her. And so, we can't discount Lilith just because, yeah, Satan's a hermaphrodite; he's male and female. He can show up in a dress just as much as he can a long robe and play a male. I mean, he plays females, too. I heard he does it all the time; playing female. So he can show up as anybody he wants.

Now That We Know Who Is What and Who Is Playing What Role, It Gets Even Crazier When "Jesus" Arrives

But in the last days, when these Beasts arrive, Sananda is actually Satan. He's playing the role of Antichrist. And Lilith is playing the role of Mary. And she'll come with him, you know, as the mother of Jesus. This whole charade they're gonna put on.

And then you have Maitreya, which is still coming. Not the real one. The real one's dead or AWOL [absent without leave]. Nobody knows. But Raj Patel is gonna play the Maitreya since the real one isn't showing up. We destroyed him. [laughs] The orgone destroyed him. And so, for some reason we were allowed to have that victory. I don't know why, but we were allowed to have that one. And so, he's gone, the fake one's coming, which is Raj Patel.

And so, at this point, you know, we get this straight, who is what, who's playing what role, but it gets even crazier. Because Jesus is gonna arrive and he's gonna be announced by the pope, which means the Saudi royals haven't killed him yet. Because they plan on having the pope announce Sananda's arrival, this Jesus arrival. And he's gonna be announcing from Jerusalem. He's gonna be out in the Middle East. Gonna arrive out that way, stay out that way.

And he's gonna perform a lot of miracles. He's gonna come and woo the world with, "Oh, look what I can do." And have all these supernatural, demonic powers. And, of course, the Christians are gonna be astonished, at first, to see him. Because they're gonna recognize him. "Hey, that's Jesus." Because they've all adopted this picture in their churches as Jesus, this portrait. They've all adopted him as, "OK, that's Jesus. The Son of God." He doesn't look anything like that. I've seen Yahushua. Doesn't look a thing like Sananda, this Jesus--Satan--they put up in the churches.

But anyway, they're gonna be amazed, until he starts speaking. And once he starts speaking, there's going to be a repulsion amongst all the Christians everywhere. Because they're gonna know he's Satan at that point. As soon as he opens his mouth. Because he is gonna come promoting Islam. He's gonna come promoting the Koran, and Islam, sharia law, the whole nine yards. So you have a Muslim Jesus arriving.

And, you know, at this point, both religions are gonna be shocked. Both religions are gonna get a huge slap in the face because, first of all, the Muslims who are waiting for their mahdi get Jesus, the Jewish Jesus, the Christian Jesus, that they're totally not expecting. And the Christians get an Islamic savior? Jesus is Islam?

And he's gonna tell them that they've been reading the Bible wrong, that the Bible was manipulated. And whatever. He's gonna tell them their religion's all wrong and he's here to set everybody straight. You know. He's gonna set the Muslims straight and set the Christians straight.

The Real Christians Won't Embrace This Fake Jesus, but the Muslims Will Because Their Names Aren't Written in the Lamb's Book of Life

Well, the Christians aren't even gonna listen to the garbage. They're not going to embrace this fake Jesus. They're not gonna embrace him. And so, he will start a war against the Christians. And the Muslims, they embrace him. I mean, apparently, they fall for it. Because, in Revelation, chapter 13:8, it says,

They "that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world."

Obviously, their names aren't written in the book of life, and so they're gonna fall for it. They're going to accept this Islamic Jesus. But the real Christians won't.

Obama's Two Roles: Giving the Power and Authority of the US Over to the UN through Sananda and Announcing Maitreya's Arrival

And so, this is where we're gonna have Sananda taking over the UN, and Obama giving him the power and authority of the USA at the UN, through the UN. I know it sounds crazy, but that's exactly what's gonna happen because Obama has two roles to play. One is giving the power and authority of the United States over to the UN through Sananda and allowing this Islamic Beast to crush our country, and then later he'll be announcing Maitreya, the second Beast's arrival.

And so, if you think Romney's going anywhere, think again. I can't see all this switching over to Romney when all these deals and alliances have already been made with Obama, so.

You know, in 13:5 it says--and it's talking about this Jesus, this Sananda that's coming,

"And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months."

And farther down [verse 7],

"And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations."

It says it's given unto him. He's given the authority, the go-ahead, the approval. And he's mandated by the UN (signified by all power, tongues, and nations; just what the UN is) he's mandated by the UN, with Obama's approval, to make war against all the saints. Not just in America (through Obama), but through the entire world via the UN. Every nation on Earth he's gonna be given this power to make war against the saints.

Well, you know, the on the other half of the world aren't gonna have a real problem with that because they hate the Christians anyway. Mostly Muslims over there have been crushing and killing Christians for years, and so did the Chinese. So the real war, the bulk of it, will happen in Europe and in America. Coming after the saints. Coming after the Lord's people. And they will help him.

Britain, you're not gonna be protected by Cameron or whoever. And America's not gonna be protected by Obama. They're gonna allow it to happen. And so, there's gonna be a huge roundup and imprisonment and the killing of Christians. So this is gonna go on for how long? 42 months. 42 months.

Maitreya Will Promote Sananda as God and Enforce the Worship of This First Beast

And then what happens? Well, all of a sudden, Obama has an announcement to make. Maitreya's arrived. Maitreya's here. And he's going to arrive and amaze the world with his supernatural abilities as well. He's gonna be able to produce miracles, cause fire to come down from the sky, totally amaze the world by the things that he can do. And what he does is promote the worship of Sananda. And he commands that the whole world worship Sananda as God. Because the whole time Sananda's here, he doesn't self-promote himself as God. He waits for the second Beast to arrive, and the second Beast promotes him as God.

And so, the second Beast, this Maitreya, he'll arrive, he'll make an image of the Beast, and he'll force people to worship it. Probably some kind of statue of some kind. The Bible says that this image can come to life. Actually animate itself and appear as if it's coming to life. And it says, in Revelation 13, I think it's [verse] 18 [actually, verses 16 & 17],

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

Which is 666. So Maitreya enforces the entire world to worship the first Beast as God. So this is how we have this whole Sananda and Maitreya scenario. Somewhere in between the arrival of the first and second Beasts, when Jesus arrives and starts--this fake Jesus--that's why it's important, folks, to just call Him by His real name, His Hebrew name. His real name, Yahushua. Because it's not Jesus. It's never been Jesus. Jesus was a translated name. It's not His real one. They use that name to just keep His real one out of the Bible so they could deceive people. So that when Satan arrives, people will worship him as Jesus. It's all just a big deception game. So just call Him by His real name, Yahushua.

And He doesn't look a thing like the pictures that the churches hang up in their churches. Can you imagine all these people that have pictures of Jesus in their homes? That's actually Satan. You have pictures of Satan in your home. I don't. And when I go into people's homes that have a picture of Jesus up, I just get repelled by it. And now you know why.

Sananda's a snake. And, you know what? He's the one--and I've told you that I've seen in the Bible Codes how he's associated with the Shema star. He's a personification of Satan, himself. That's actually Satan. One of his personifications.

There's Going to Be a Fake Rapture After Sananda Arrives - People Will Be Abducted off Earth in UFOs and Taken to Hell

But somewhere after he arrives, there's going to be a fake rapture. And I've warned about a fake rapture. [Will Satan Create His Own Fake Rapture] And how they're going to start abducting people off of the earth. And they'll abduct them with UFOs. And so, you know, to appease the Christians who certainly don't expect him to come promoting Islam, most of them will tell you, "Hey, I believe in a rapture." 'Cause they all want the rapture. They all want that get-out-of-jail card, that escape card that the Satanists have thrown them all these years in their fake, apostasy churches. Especially the Pentecostals, the Baptists, all Protestant churches have been taken over by the Masons, by the Illuminati. They all lead you down into believing the wrong truths.

And, of course, they use Bible to back it up. Because deception wouldn't be good if it didn't sound real. You have millions of Christians waiting for that big rapture to come. And this is what it's gonna be. It's gonna be this fake rapture. And he's gonna appease them with that one. But it's not gonna be a real rapture. It's actually just UFO abductions. They're gonna abduct people off the earth and take them straight to hell. And so, you know, that's why I've always said don't go to the UFOs, stay away from them, run.

But, you know, at this point, I know for people it's gonna get really confusing and hard to wrap your mind around the fact that Jesus is Satan and he's gonna preach Islam. It's just crazy. I know, but that's what's gonna happen. And so, no he's not the real Son of God. He's just fake. He's Satan. He's mimicking. He wants to be worshiped as the Son of God. He wants to be worshiped as the Son of God, folks. And that's the best way he can do it is to come and mimic the Son of God. You know, you've had his pictures up in your churches this entire 2000 years, church age, which I've always called the apostate age. Hit it right on the head with that one. Have picture of Satan hanging up in your churches. Printing pictures of Satan for your Sunday bulletin. [sighs heavily] And yet, he's going to come, and he's going to preach Islam, and they're gonna have their fake UFO abduction raptures. And trust me, if you get taken up into these UFOs, you're not going to heaven. He's not taking you to heaven. It's not a real rapture, folks. He is taking you to hell.

You know, when I read that book by Mary K. Baxter years ago, uh, what is it? 40 Nights in Hell? 40 Days in Hell? Whatever it's called. [Actually called Divine Revelation of Hell] Excellent book. I strongly advise everyone to read it, even though, you know, I don't believe it was the real Son of God that took her on a tour. I believe it was Satan because he always plays Jesus in the background. He always plays Jesus in near-death experiences and stuff. That book still has a lot of truth in it. It still had a lot of truth in it. And at the end of this book she described how she saw UFOs arriving in hell and people getting off the UFOs. Yeah, guess what. That's the gullible Christians that thought that they were being raptured off Earth through these UFOs.

And you know what? The New Age, they're just as guilty because they preach to all their people in all their doctrines that they're gonna be taken off the earth with all these bad earth changes that are coming. That they're gonna be taken off the earth and wisked to safety. And so, they're gonna be just as deceived. They're gonna be on those UFOs along with Christians waiting for the fake rapture. So it's gonna be a mess.

No One Expects Jesus to Arrive and All of a Sudden Start Denouncing Christianity and Christians Who Believe in the Jesus of the Bible

Now, the real Christians, the ones that do know their Lord, they do know their God, whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life, they're gonna know it's all a lie. And these are the ones that will refuse to be deceived, refuse to worship this Islam Jesus, refuse this whole Mary thing. Even though they don't believe in Lilith, they're not gonna believe it's Mary either. They're gonna be the ones that are targeted and rounded up, hauled off to the FEMA camps.

And this is where the fifth seal is prophetically realized when you have all the souls under the altar. All those who were killed for their faith. This is why, because it's Satan's war on the saints. You just never thought you'd see it coming as Satan coming as Jesus and going after his own people. Which is exactly what happens. Because he turns his back on true Christianity when he arrives.

He turns his back on the real Bible. I'm not saying the KJV is the real Bible. I'm just saying the Scriptures, I guess. I don't know. There's better versions than the KJV. We've just never been allowed to have them because the Satanists shove the KJVs down everybody's throats. But the truth is there. The truth is there. And the message of salvation is there.

And so, you know, no one expects Jesus to arrive and all of a sudden start denouncing Christianity, start denouncing people who believe in Jesus of the Bible, of the KJV, and make war against them. Nobody is gonna see that one coming. It's gonna be pretty shocking. And so, that's why crowns are given to those who overcome. Because they realize all the deception being played, all the lies, and they hold fast to their faith in the Son of God. Yahushua, the Son of God. They understand this is a fake Jesus, he's a liar. This is a Satan.

Though Many Christians Will Be Allowed to Die, the Lord Will Also Protect Many and Take Them to Safe Havens

The rest of the world, they don't believe Yahushua, the Son of God, now. So when Satan arrives, this Jesus, and says, "Oh, they have it all wrong. Islam is the true religion," they're all gonna be cheering him on at this point. They're all gonna be cheering him on, and so. It's actually gonna be chaos. Pure chaos. Let's kill the Christians. A big witch-day hunt on Christians.

And then the second Beast will come and declare that the first Beast is God, and have everybody worship him, and, you know, declare that if you wanna enter into God's kingdom on earth, then you have to have his mark, name, or number imprinted in or on your right hand or forehead and join his kingdom on earth. And so, that will effectively divide the holdouts from those who still worship him.

So, that's where the whole mark comes into play. And there'll still be people--because, you know, during that time, the Lord's gonna protect a lot of Christians from being killed. He'll take them to save havens. He will protect them. So they're not gonna get everybody, but they're gonna get a lot of people, so. You know, it's really in the Lord's hands. He protects whom He chooses. There will be many He will allow to die for His own purposes, for His own reasons.

But there will also be those He protects. And it doesn't say He will rapture them off of the earth, it just says He will protect them. Now, if you look at Daniel, it talks about the Jews fleeing to Petra. They're not raptured off the earth, they flee to Petra. And what's Petra? It's a place of protection for the Jews during that time. And the same thing for the Christians elsewhere around the world. They will simply be taken to places, these safe havens, to be protected during that time.

The Only Ones Truly Raptured Off the Earth Are the 144,000 - Paul, Who Was One of My Favorites, Was Actually Allowed by God to Deceived Us

The only ones raptured off of the earth are the 144,000 the Lord speaks of. There's two groups of 144,000. One's raptured off the earth, the other one's sealed here on earth. And so, there's no big, huge pretribulation rapture, folks. I get asked this all the time from people, "Do you believe in a rapture?" No. "Why not?" Because the Bible doesn't preach one. You can twist scriptures all you want, from Paul and everybody else. And who's Paul? He's a scoundrel. He's part of the problem. He's part of the Satanist propaganda manipulation ploy to keep everybody deceived and in the dark.

You know, people have a hard time listening to me, the truth, because they don't wanna have to accept that Paul was a scoundrel. And Paul wrote 13 books in the New Testament. Well, hello. 13's an occultic number, don't you think? Don't you think 66 books is an occultic number? That's not the Lord's number, 66 or 13. So that can tell you there was some manipulation with the KJV. But people don't wanna hear it. They don't wanna hear it. They think they're gonna go to hell if they would even entertain the idea.

You know, when you pray and ask the Lord for truth in all things every day, it's not always pretty. The truth you get may not be the truth you were expecting. I mean, it certainly takes me for a loop. But when you want the truth and you're a lover for the truth, then you can accept it, chew it, digest it, and move on to the next one. You know?

Some of them aren't easy to digest. I'll be the first one to admit it. I mean, it took me a year to accept that Paul was a scoundrel and all the information and evidence that I was given about Paul. Took me over a year. And I was mad. I was mad. Because Paul was one of my favorites. When I was a child growing up, I had so much of his books memorized, just all the verses. Especially going to a Christian school and church every week. And, you know, just all the scripture memorization over most of my life. And here he's nothing but a snake.

Yeah, you throw out Paul and the rest of the Bible makes sense. That's the biggest thing. And you know what? I hear from so many people who just can't understand the Bible. It gets confusing and they can't understand why. And it's like, you know what? Throw out Paul, don't read his books, and the rest make sense. And people will tell you, "You were right. It makes sense now. I threw out all Paul's books and the rest makes sense."

You know, Jesus/Yahushua, the real Son of God, did not spend His time on Earth with the 12 disciples, and then apostles, to all of a sudden leave Earth and say, "Oh, I made a mistake," and then send Paul to recorrect all of His mistakes. That's what you have to believe if you accept Paul as an apostle of the Lord's. Because Paul was not an apostle. Never walked with the Lord. And was not part of his ministry on Earth. And that was a requirement to be an apostle.

And so, when you have all these people in Pentecostal religions today claiming to be apostles, ha! It's titles they give themselves. It's not from the Lord. Because if you're an apostle, you were with the Lord, a part of His ministry when He was alive here on Earth. That was the requirement to be an apostle. And there were only 12. He had the 12 disciples, and then after the Lord's death and resurrection, they became known as apostles. Paul was never an apostle. It was a title he gave to himself. Just like everybody else in the churches today give themselves titles.

People say, "Oh, James called him a brother." Brother--he was a cousin. Came from the same word. Because Paul was from the tribe of Dan. Doesn't mean he accepted him as an apostle.

The Lord Told Me That the Truth Is a Pearl and He Doesn't Allow All People to Have It

You know, these people twist scriptures to try to hold on to falsehoods. And you know what the Lord told me? He said the truth is a pearl. And He doesn't allow all people to have it. There are just some people that will never accept the truth, never get it. Because He won't let them. It's Him that opens a person's eyes and ears to see and hear truth. And there are just some people that will never get it. He'll never give it to them. Why? I don't know. He has His own reasons. You know?

I guess He honors those with the intent of their heart that really seek truth, that want truth. And you know what? The Bible talks about lovers of truth. How do you become a lover of truth? Well, you show it by your actions and your persistence to want the truth. When you ask the Lord for truth in all things, and you do it every day, you show persistence. You become a lover of truth. You want the truth. And then you're given truth that you find hard to accept, but eventually you get over your own barriers and walls that you put up, and you accept it and move on to the next truth. Shows your persistence that despite having to accept the fact that you believe the wrong things, that you don't care about your own ego, you're willing to admit you believe in the wrong things because you want the truth, and you're willing to accept what the truth is. Those are lovers of truths. They're on the journey for truth. Regardless of what it is.

And so many people just aren't. They're set in their ways. "My parents believed this," "I was taught this," "This is what my pastor teaches." And they're just set, in the box. And in the box they stay. And these are the ones that will be tested and tried for their faith, in FEMA camps, roundups, murders. It's gonna be horrible, folks. It's not gonna be fast, easy deaths. They're gonna torture people. They're gonna do hideous and abominable things. And people are gonna go, "I'm a Christian. How can this happen?" Hold on to your faith, folks. Don't lose it. Because the Lord's allowing it to happen for you to be tested for whatever reason, so.

The Lord Tests His People All the Time - Maybe Some of You Just Haven't Been Tested Enough in Your Lifetimes

Maybe some of you just haven't been tested enough in your lifetimes. You know, the Lord tests His people all the time. And there's so many people out there that call themselves Bible-believing, Bible-thumping, loving Christians that mock me from one end to the other because they don't understand the persecutions I go through, the assassination attempts, the constant surveillance, the poisonings, the attacks. Because I'm tested all the time. The Lord allows things to happen. And He says we're gonna suffer for Him. And I do. And other people do. And other Christians who have never gone through it don't understand it. They think there's something wrong with us. They think, "Oh, they're not really saved." [laughs] "They're not really saved." [laughs] Well, these box-believers are gonna have the final test in the FEMA camps. I'll tell you that right now.

So it's not just us, it's just that, you know, you haven't had it, you've had it a lot easier, you're gonna get yours. Eventually we all get it. So you either get it now, or you're gonna get it later. You know, we all suffer for Him. And He said we would. So, those of you who haven't, you're going to, big time. And the thing is, you have to keep the faith. You have to overcome the persecution, the murders, the grisly things that are gonna happen. And keep your faith to make it into the kingdom of heaven. That's the ultimate test and trial. You know?

I mean, I would die for Him. He knows I would. That's the only reason I'm still alive is because I would die for Him. I don't fear death, 'cause I know I would just go home with Him. And I'm willing to die for Him. And so, that's why I'm still alive. I've already been tested in so many ways. You know, when you're not afraid to die is really when you conquer Satan. It's when you become a conqueror. Because Satan can't intimidate you. There's nothing he can do that can intimidate you. Because you're not afraid to die for your love for Yahuah. He really loses power over you. He has no control over you.

Are President Obama and Vice President Biden Synthetic Humans?

So, anyway, next week I'm gonna talk about synthetic and android humans amongst us. You know, I mentioned last week about Joseph Biden and his debate. He wasn't even there. That was a synthetic human you were watching the entire debate as he was just so obnoxiously present there against Ryan, Paul Ryan. Ryan was human. Biden was a synthetic android.

And it'll be interesting tomorrow night, I think the second debate, I think, between Obama and Romney goes on. It won't be Obama. Watch the eyes, folks. If you start seeing incessant He's not real human. And so, I know the Obama that shows up tomorrow night will not be a real human. It's gonna be a total android.

Just watch the blinking. That's the biggest way you can tell who they are. Because if you sit wherever you are right now in your chair and start blinking as fast as you can, and keep doing it, and talk an intelligent paragraph or phrase or sentence, you can't even think and talk at the same time 'cause you have to concentrate on blinking, that's how annoying it is. And real humans can't pull that off.

These are synthetics, they're androids. The reason they blink so much is because the light hurts their eyes. And the thing with synthetics is their eyes dry out. Their eyes get real dry. And so, pounded with the light glaring at them, their eyes can't handle it. And that's why they incessantly blink the way they do, and so.

And they also have a scar behind their ear, but you'll never see it, unless you walk up right up to them and look good behind their ear, so. It ought to be good tomorrow night. I don't know if the real Romney will show up. I don't, you know, I really don't have any stories about Romney yet. They haven't really replaced him yet with any robots or androids. It's just been Obama. So, it'll be interesting. Anyway, just something to look for. Watch for the blinking, incessant blinking, whether it's a news reporter, or the debate moderator, or Obama, himself. And we'll talk about it more next week, folks.

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Until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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