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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 22, 2012


Comparing the Original Romney and Obama with the Android Romney and Obama

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And October 22. And probably like most people, probably busy watching another debate of the androids on television. I wasn't really paying attention to it much, but I peeked in on it to see what was going on. And same o' same o'.

You know, it cracks me up because I talked about this last week on the show about how they're androids and the telltale signs you could tell you're dealing with androids. They didn't change a thing for this week. [laughs] You can't even count the blinks, they're blinking so fast.

Another thing is, earlier today they had some kind of videos of Mitt Romney on the beach of Florida playing beach volleyball. And that was actually Mitt Romney. You know, healthy-looking guy. Nice-looking, especially for his age. And Obama is, too. Typically nice, healthy-looking. Then you see these anorexic androids on TV. It's like, "How does he lose 40 pounds, from morning till night?" I wish I could do that. You know, people don't put two and two together. I mean, the androids are at least 30 pounds lighter, skinnier than the actual people themselves. You know, I'm thinking, "I need an android." [laughs] Somebody that just does my work for me. All this talking. [laughs] So I can go play beach volleyball.

People don't even notice. They don't notice. They don't wanna notice. They don't wanna have to admit that anything I've ever said in 12 years is true. That's even scarier to them than just staying stupid. So they prefer to keep their heads in the sand.

Obama Marriage Arranged to Hide Fact That He Is Gay

I was reading an article. It was kind of amusing. Let's see if I can...find it again. And this one was about Jesse Jackson talking about how Reverend Wright arranged the Obama marriage. [Jesse Jackson, Wright 'Arranged' Obama Marriage] And I told you from the start this whole Obama marriage was a sham. They don't even live together in the White House. And so, funny that Reverend Jeremiah Wright comes out and talks about how Michelle Obama was actually put with Barack Obama because he's a gay male and needs a wife for a cover.

And you know what? They do this all the time in Hollywood. I talked about it earlier this year how the bulk of them are bisexuals, and so they have a countercover made that basically is a cover. They have their husband and they have their girlfriend or boyfriend on the side. You know, husband and wife, girlfriend/boyfriend. And their marriages are just covers. And so, pretty much the same thing Jackson was revealing about how Wright arranged the whole marriage between him and Michelle.

She just wants the money. You know, she'll do it for the money. You know, promises of...they're gonna put a black man as president of the United States, and she'll just get to shop, and travel, and spend money, and have fun, basically. And that's what she does.

So, you know, the truth always comes out. They just like to be the ones revealing it. They can't stand it when somebody from the outside reveals the truth because they like to be the ones controlling what comes out and the way it's put out. And so, they set up their own front men, like Alex Jones, to be their supposed frontpeople for truth-telling. They're just controlled and bought with a government check every week. So, interesting.

You know, there's this, uh, the Jesse Jackson group in Chicago. And I was reading one of their articles earlier. Talking about Obama and how he doesn't have a chance to be renominated as president, and already looking for a way out, buying a house in Hawaii. And how they all think he has HIV AIDS 'cause he's lost so much weight. And I'm just laughing because, you know, the original Obama looks fine, but when you look at the android who's about 40 pounds thinner than the original Obama, then, yeah, he looks like all of a sudden he's very thin. [laughs] You know, in all their brilliance, they can't critique a fake Obama from a real Obama, so.

These Satanists Ruling Over Us Think Yah Isn't Paying Attention and That Satan's Won

Anyway, I find it interesting that, you know, all these Satanists around us, and ruling over us, think Yah isn't paying attention because He's allowing them to do everything they wanna do. You know. They're getting so much leeway in all of their agendas and plans that they think the Lord isn't paying attention, that Satan's won, Satan has the upper hand over the Lord.

And, you know, you can believe anything you want to when you really wanna believe a certain outcome, which they do. They really wanna believe that Satan's stronger, when the truths are blaring right in their faces. They refuse to give credit where it's due. And they always look for meaningless excuses as to why a lot of their plans are never fulfilled. Why they didn't work out. The strange things that happen to them. Strange thing that happened to Michelle Obama last week when she came to Ohio. And they excuse all that away. They excuse it away. They don't recognize, they refuse to recognize the Lord's hand and His involvement in things.

Ohio Governor, John Kasich, Found Out About a Planned False Flag and Warned Obama to Stay Out of Ohio

You know, I heard about the governor of Ohio calling up the White House and ripping Obama a new one. Apparently finding out about the false flag attack they had been planning for Ohio. I've been talking about it for a little bit on this show. Always see it in the Codes. Leon Panetta, and Dick Cheney, and Rahm Emanuel, these guys never sleep. Karl Rove. They're not gonna sleep until I'm dead. And so, they're constantly planning things. And they've been planning different types of false flag attacks for Ohio. And, apparently, the governor, John Kasich, found out about it. And so, he called them, and warned them to stay out of this state, and if they try to do anything here, he'll expose them all.

So I thought that was, "Wow. He just got his name on the death list." [laughs] Good for him. He's in good company. I've been on it for 15 years. [laughs] But somebody that's standing up to them. Not taking their nonsense. You know, he's not gonna be bullied by a bunch of Satan freaks.

And I'm sure they lied to him. I'm sure they said, "We don't know what you're talking about. We have no plans. We would never do that to our own people," and blah, blah, blah. I'm sure John's smart enough not to buy any of that. Because the first thing they wanted to know when they hung up the phone was how he found out. [laughs] And if there was nothing to find out, if they weren't guilty of it, they wouldn't be wanting to know how he found out. And so, pretty interesting. The Lord does work in ways. And He does stand up people at certain moments in time. Whether it's a phone call, or an announcement, or an article, or a posting. He stands people up to do the things He wants them to do.

If You Want to Hear the Lord's Voice, Quit Doing All the Talking and Start Listening

You know, so many people ignored Him. You don't sit and pray all the time, "Lord, lead me into doing what you want me to do," and He's trying to get your attention; "Post that article," "Make that website," "Make that video," "Go on the corner and make this announcement," and y'all ignore it. You ignore it. Learn to listen. That's the biggest thing I've had to tell people over the years who wanna learn how to hear the Lord's voice. "Shut up. Quit doing all the talking and start listening."

It's that still, small voice in your spirit that talks to you. You know, when you're praying, be still, be quiet and just listen. And it's not a voice that speaks to your head, it speaks to your heart. And so, whenever you hear a voice to your head, test the spirit. It's not gonna be His. It could even be a manipulation. Government technology. They try to mimic the Lord. They blast thoughts to your head. They want you to think it's from the Lord. They have mind[voice]-to-skull technology. They have all kinds of technology that they use. And not just them, but demons, themselves.

A Massive Plague Attack Is Coming - If You See a Chemtrail Plane, Ask the Lord to Destroy It and Turn All the Chemicals from It into Water

So, anyway, folks. Some of the things I see coming is a pestilent attack. And I've been seeing this for a while. Some kind of plague attack that they're wanting to get off. And I don't know exactly when it's gonna hit, but some kind of massive plague. I imagine they'll pull it off with chemtrails because it seems like a lot of their attacks coming up, that I've seen in the Codes, are caused by chemicals. And the one way that, of course, they use to attack us with chemicals is the chemtrails.

And so, that's why I've asked, on the last show, and again this time, is to be vigilant. When you see a chemtrail plane, ask the Lord to destroy it. Ask Him to cause it to malfunction. Ask Him to turn all the chemicals that they're spewing out of that plane into water. Ask Him to just act immediately, as soon as you see it.

You know, I was outside the other night, and it was already dark and there was chemtrail planes out. And didn't really see them spraying anything, but I knew they were trying to. And it was aggravating me so I asked the Lord to destroy the plane, cause it to malfunction. About 5 seconds later, it had all lights on, blinking, heading back to the airport as quick as it could. [laughs]

You know, sometimes I wish they would just explode in the sky and just crash to earth, but then you're coming up with another kind of scenario like that one movie where the chemtrail plane falls into a lake or a pond and then the whole town's water supply is poisoned. [The Crazies (2010)] So maybe it's best to just return to the airport. I don't wanna be responsible for that one. I don't want innocent people getting hurt. Just the scumbags.

Ways in Which They Massively Kill People Include Cancers and Poisonings

So just be vigilant when you see these planes because they're really amping it up. They're really amping up the toxicity that's in these chemicals they're spraying. They want higher cancer numbers. They want more cancer deaths. That's their number one way of assassination, folks. And this isn't Hollywood. When the CIA wants somebody dead, you know, they don't just hire a hitman, or bust into their home and shoot them while they're taking a bath or sleeping, or car accident. I mean, those are their number one resources, but it's not always how they work. Because the most effective and massive way that they kill people is cancers, tumors, poisonings. They can poison your food and it mimics heart attacks. They have some kind of a chemical poison they can put in your milk. And when you drink it, it mimics a heart attack. So, you would be listed as dying of a heart attack. That's the way they massively kill people.

You know, brain aneurysms; now, that's one of their routes. Other ways they work. Just eroding at your immune system so that when they think they've got it good and low, they can go by and spray over your house something really toxic that your body won't be able to fight off, that can kill you. So keep your immune systems up. But that's one of the major things about all these chemtrail planes. They're weakening the human immune systems so that when they do come out with the toxic stuff, many more people will become sick by it, get killed by it.

They know people are on to the vaccinations and flu shots, but you know what? They don't care, because it still doesn't outnumber the people that will still line up and get them. The number of people in the know still isn't a threat to them. Even though we have the Internet, and we have all these alternative news sites, and all these alternative news sources now that are telling the truth, that still doesn't put much of a damp in their agendas. You know, that's why they don't care, you know, if you find out. What are you gonna do? You know?
They keep planning all these false flags, and these false bombings, and these false flag mass shootings. They're using their Manchurians for these. MKULTRA pawns, assassins. And no matter how much we know about it on the Internet, they're not gonna stop. They don't care if we know. That's how brazen they are. They don't care if we know. And they have more plans. They always do. This is what they do during the day. It's part of their ministry to Satan; to cause death, mayhem. They're now finding ways to contaminate food to make recalls happen because some kind of fruit, or vegetable, or milk, or dairy product was contaminated. That's what they do. They sit around and plan this stuff all the time. Then when it happens, they get their little satanic bonus points.

That's what they work for. So those are the types of things that they're still working on. I know they're trying to blow the [New] Madrid Fault Line, but we took that away from them. And so, if they wanna think that the Lord's sleeping on the job and not paying attention, they need to ask themselves how many times, since last spring, have they tried to blow the Madrid Fault Line and haven't been able to. They need to ask themselves how many of their bases have mysteriously blown up. They have no clue.

Valerie Jarrett Says Our Orgone is Play Powder and Is Meaningless and Worthless

And they lie about me. They always lie about me. Or rumor. Our orgone's a rumor. It's play powder. Valerie Jarrett says our orgone is play powder and it's meaningless and worthless. [laughs] This is what they tell those that aren't in the know. [inaudible] that ask them about our orgone. "Is it true? Is it crashing UFO ships? Is it crashing them? Is it saturating the air? Is it blowing up spaceships out of the sky? Are these meteors really UFO starships crashing to earth?" Of course it's true. The orgone does all these things. But they have to deny it for everybody else. They deny it. They don't want people to find out about the orgone and anything that Sherry Shriner says is true.

The Lord's waking people up. The Lord's waking them up.

[whimpering sounds] [sound of door shutting] That's my dog. [inaudible] [laughs] Can't remember if I put a shield over my property before the show or not. Always action around here.

Obama Will Be Reelected Whether the People Like It or Not - He Fulfills a Lot of Characteristics about the Antichrist

Anyway, wanted to talk about the Antichrist. Talked about it a little bit last week. Wanna talk about a little about it this week. Some people think I should wait until after the election so that I'm sure I'm right. [laughs] I'm sure I'm right? I don't think there's really much choice in the election, folks. Obama will be reelected whether the people like it or not. It's probably one of his arrogant attitudes why he doesn't really care if he strikes up points during the campaigning process or not. Doesn't really care what people think because he's practically a shoo-in anyway.

And what's interesting is the different routes that can be played. I don't care who becomes president on November 6 because the route still stays the same. You know, there's a lot of characteristics about the Antichrist that Obama fulfills that, practically, Romney doesn't fulfill any of them. But if Obama left the United States and became Secretary General of the UN, he would just continue.

You know, I posted a thought to my Facebook last week about considering that the goal of the Antichrist is two different people, two different beings acting as one. In other words, you have one leader, one candidate who fulfills all these prophecies as the Antichrist until you get to the head wound part. And then he dies, he comes back and amazes the world, and they worship him as God. Because it's this new kind of supernatural person that he's become after he returns to Earth. So we're looking at one role, but from what I can tell is two different actors. Because it doesn't really matter which actor it is, Satan can control either one.

Satan speaks through Obama now. If you listen to his voice, they're very hollow. Really, it's annoying. Sometimes it's not as annoying as other times. But you can just hear this real hollowness to him. Satan speaking through him. But this one role, the Antichrist--and the Bible says there's been a lot of Antichrists, but there's always the one to come. There's always the last one, the final one. This is the one I'm speaking about.

And from what I can tell, it's two different roles; before the head wound, after the head wound. It just seems like there's two different--there's a possibility of manipulation there. Because there's no doubt about it that I see Sananda coming. This fake Jesus. The Bible Codes are very dominant about this Sananda.

And there's no doubt about it that Obama wants to be the Antichrist. He wants to be the Antichrist. You know? One of his comments was to make sure I knew that his motorcade was called The Beast. [laughs] Yeah, I knew it was called The Beast. He doesn't wanna miss any points. He wants to be the Antichrist, folks.

You know, I can't imagine any other time where it would be so easy where a man with the most power on Earth, representing the most powerful country in the world as America is, and the Lord's mouthpiece on Earth--I'm not much, but I'm His mouthpiece--and in this day and age you can have a liason working between his office and me. [laughs] And most people would be shocked to know. They'd be shocked to think. But it happens. It happens.

You know, in this day and age in technology straight to Satan, himself, I could get a message to him if I wanted to. I know people laugh, but, you know, you can shoot an e-mail, you could get a phone call from Nibiru if they wanna get ahold of you. [laughs] They can call your cell phone if they want to. It's not always humans I get phone calls from, folks. And it's obvious. I mean, you have to get past some of the annoying features, annoying aspects of it. But it's interesting, to say the least. But it's not a hateful war between us. It's polite. It's courteous. We get our points across without spitting fire. You know.

The Head Wound of the Beast and the God of Forces

The Bible says the Antichrist would honor the god of forces. And I remember back in the day when I was warning everybody about Bush being a Satanist. And how the Protestant church people all kicked me out of their chat rooms. They didn't wanna hear it. Couldn't even be true. That was blasphemy against George Bush. [laughs] They didn't wanna hear it. Said, "Oh, the god of forces is the military."

You know, it's...forces. When I think of forces, I think of forces beyond our control. As in forces of space. And when you look at Obama's presidency behind the scenes for the past four years, very, very aligned, not just with Satan, but with his top command that rules the skies above us. Very aligned with them. And the one thing they all have in common is Allah. They all worship the moon god, Allah. And Obama having on his ring the inscription, In the name of Allah. And in the tetragrammaton it numbers out to 666; in the name of Allah. It talks about how the Antichrist will seek to change the times and the laws.

Well, I've told you to watch out for Obama and his coming enforcement of sharia law. He wants to replace the Constitution with sharia. And this may not be the before head wound; Obama. It may come from the after head wound one. But that's one of the things I've been warning about. Because sharia law is--I've warned about the mixture of Islam and Christianity. This Chrislam. One of his--it's kind of like before head wound/after head wounds. [laughs] But there's no doubt about it, there's gonna be a head wound. Some people think that's going to be a nation. Something to do with military strength being hurt.

And you know what? I haven't seen an assassination Code on Obama yet. I haven't seen him suffering a head wound in the Bible Codes yet, which makes me believe it's not any time this year. But what I do see is almost a panic. Sananda and this whole command of Satan trying to break through this realm without crashing so they can get more involved here.

Picture a Bronze Jesus

And so, I do believe--and this is gonna sound really crazy, but that's why I have a show, so I can be crazy and nobody can [inaudible] what they think. I don't take callers that much. [laughs] Call this crazy, but "bronze" comes up. Somebody posted a picture, and I wish I'd kept it. I don't even know where I saw it. I don't know if it was on my Facebook or on a website. And it had a black Jesus Christ, but Obama's face had been transfigured into Jesus' picture. That's about what it's gonna be like, folks. A transfiguration of Sananda and Obama. Really. I would put money on it as much as I'm starting to see it.

So...[noises in the background] these dogs are just going nuts today. They're driving me crazy. [more noises] One has to be behind me. One has to sit at my feet. And they can't just be quiet. Anyway. [laughs] [even more noises] Picture that one. A bronze Jesus. A bronze savior. Antichrist. And by bronze, I mean exactly that. It's not black, it's not white. It's the hybrid color of black and white, but referred to as bronze. That's what I'm seeing. So I know it's a route. I know it's a definite route. [dog whimpers] [background noises] This place is a zoo tonight. What's going on? [more background noises]

I might go through this stuff a little bit more next week. I have a lot of information on this. I just wanna give you an idea, a heads up on what I'm seeing in the Bible Codes because as crazy as it sounds--and eventually all this stuff in the background makes its way to our reality, to our realm of where we can--we'll actually be able to see and hear them. And all their plans come into fruition.

The November Surprise Could Be a Tsunami or Shema Crashing

So watch for chemical attacks, folks. Watch for chemical spraying. Watch for pestilent attacks. Watch for the November surprise. I know you're all looking for that October surprise, but I think it's more of a November surprise you might wanna be watching for. And I'm not exactly sure what that is yet myself. Shema crashing? Could be. Some kind of tsunami. And I don't know...I don't know where this tsunami is. I'm starting to see it come up in the Codes a bit. It would be one of those two if I had to take a guess, tsunami or Shema crashing.

Because the Orgone Warriors Are Doing Their Jobs, Sananda May Not Be Here Until the End of December or Next Year

I don't think as much as Sananda wants to arrive in November he's gonna be here. I think that's gonna be, uh, toward the end of December or even next year, itself. Because if the Orgone Warriors are doing one thing right, it's the fact that they're doing their jobs. [laughs] And we are crashing them out of the sky in amazing numbers. We are decimating the entire aerospace of the Ashtar Command, and the entire councils of Satan's, that we always see above the earth. We're decimating them.

So we need to keep doing that. We need to keep getting the orgone out. We need to keep going on the offensive as much as possible. We need to focus on the deserts, the forests, and the mountains. And that's a given, after you've already gotten your neighborhoods and towns, folks. We need to get more out with the time that we have. The Lord has not told us to stop yet. When He tells us to stop, then our jobs are done. He has not given us the red light to stop yet. So we need to keep going with the orgone. Ask Him where He needs you to put it. Ask Him to make a way for you to be able to make it, to buy it. Ask Him to make a way so that you can get your areas done.

Wherever You Are, You Need to Orgone Your Countries - Heads Up, Warriors in Israel, Africa, and Honolulu, Hawaii

I don't care what country you're in. I don't care what part of the world you're listening to my show from. You need to be getting your countries.

Israel Warriors, [dog barks] Israel Warriors, we need Hermon Mountain, the mountains on Lebanon, the border. We need those done. We need Sinai Desert done. I've talked to a lot of Jews and just getting out into the desert areas isn't always that feasible. Ask the Lord to make a way. Ask Him to make a way. I know you can get to Mount Hermon and the mountains on the northern part of Israel. You need to cover the ends north, and the southern ends of Israel.

And whatever country you're in. Africa. I know we have a lot of African Warriors. Stay busy, folks. Everybody around the world.

Hawaii. Hawaii hugely needs to be done. The island with Honolulu on it [Oahu]. That one needs done. I know there's like, five or seven islands out there. I can't always remember the names of all the islands. But the island with Honolulu on it needs done. And that's some kind of portal out there. If I imagine if we were able to target any island in Hawaii, it's gonna put a dent in that portal that's out there. So no matter which island you're on, get it done and then try to get the next one.

Need You to Send in Donations to Keep Shipping Orgone and for Orgone Targets

Still need your donations to keep doing this, folks. Takes a lot of money to ship this stuff all over the world like we do. All over the country. You know, the ingenious idea someone sent in the other day of using Flat Rate boxes, [laughs loudly] yeah, noted. Noted. We try to use Flat Rate boxes when we can. But a lot of the stuff we mail, you can't always squeeze in a Flat Rate box. So, very costly when you can't. You know, it could cost $50 to send a box to Washington.

Mel's Hole is still a targeted area, folks. I haven't given up on Mel's Hole and the Mount Ranier areas. Still very targeted.

Bases Imploding in Maine and Louisiana - Alabama Typically Comes Up in the Codes

There was an earthquake in Maine last week, and so I've been waiting to hear if that was actually the base on the Bush's compound out there that imploded. Haven't gotten confirmation on it yet, but that would be interesting.

Down in Louisiana, the sinkhole problems. Basically have a huge underground base there that's imploding.

Alabama coming up in the Codes. I'm not sure if some of the aftereffects, I guess you could call it, from the underground bases imploding in Louisiana are gonna show up on the beaches of Alabama or not, but something's going on there. And so, if I see anything more about that or get confirmations, I'll let you know.

Alabama typically comes up in the Codes. That is the number one state that Obama hates the most, behind Ohio. They hate Alabama, and so--basically for different reasons. They hate Ohio because I'm here. They hate Alabama because they consider it a racist state. And so, don't expect a lot of love from DC towards the way of Alabama and the southern states. They view them as hostile, racist states, so.

Don't Let the Government Evacuate You - They Only Want to Help You Die

Something to keep an eye on; the Gulf Coast. Don't let the government evacuate areas, folks. If you're hearing about the government coming in, you're starting to see military vehicles popping up, get out of your area. Don't let them relocate you to a FEMA camp or a safe-haven area. Because all they're gonna do is imprison you somewhere and eventually haul you off and kill you. You don't want their help. Do things on your own. Stay away from government help.

Romney Will Do Anything Satan Wants in Order to Be President, but Obama Lines Up to Scripture Prophecies

I thought, by now, Obama would've done something a little more desperate like bomb the city or something. Haven't seen anything in the Codes and hasn't happened, so. Doesn't mean because I don't see it in the Codes it's not gonna happen. I mean, they can often be things that the Lord just doesn't want me to focus on and so He doesn't show me it.

But, like I said, I think he's feeling pretty confident that he isn't going anywhere in November. I can't, in the slightest, imagine that he is. I'm not a supporter of him, but I am an analyst of him and I can't see him going anywhere, folks. He's the perfect Beast. The perfect Beast. I've told you he's not human, where Romney is human. So there's a problem there.

Romney's just a wannabe. He'll kiss Satan's butt to the coastlines and the Poles and back just to get to position of presidency. He'll do whatever they tell him to do. He's more than willing to show them how faithful and obedient he is to Satan. He's been killing babies and everything is almost nightly for months. But he's human. You know, his little androids are only gonna go so far. Even with his little android, there's not enough in his line, itself, I guess you could say, that qualifies him.

I mean, look at all these prophecies for Obama that just line up to Scripture, line up perfectly to a lot of things. But unless he goes on to the UN and becomes Secretary General, then we have to switch routes. But I don't think we're gonna have to switch routes. I don't think we have much to worry about. I don't spend a lot of time on day-to-day politics, what's going on in the country, as much as what I see in the Codes and what's going on with Satan's alien ships coming in and...

These dogs just wanna play now. Somebody sent angels here and now they got the dogs all giddy. [laughs] They wanna play. Come on, guys. [letting the dogs out of the room] You know, listeners. That's what I get with a crowd full of praying believers. You all sending angels here. [laughs] They're always welcome here. They know they're welcome here. Usually have a yard full of them 24/7.

Obama Coming Back to Cleveland

So where were we, folks? Thursday Obama will be in Cleveland. I'm sure he'll be flying over my house. I'll think of some way to write a message in my yard or something. That would be funny. I'll just give him the orgone salute when he flies by. I don't know why they like Ohio so much. It's almost nauseating.

Send in Your Financial Contributions to Help Me Get the Orgone Out

Anyway, don't forget, folks. I need your financial contributions to continue what I'm doing. A lot of things slowing down this month. And it's not snowing here. We had 78-degree weather here today. I have plenty of time before it starts getting nasty cold to get some work done. I just don't like having my hands tied and can't do it because of finances.

So check my website for the mailing address. And till next week, I'm gonna be working--well, there's somethings that the Lord's been showing me that I just can't get into. Just can't even begin to get into right now, so. Maybe as time goes. We'll just have some fun with the elections over the next two weeks, huh? It's on to the same stuff, folks.

Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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