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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 29, 2012


The Hawaii Tsunami Fizzled Out and Their HAARPicane Plans for the East Coast Won't Happen Either

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's...what is this...October 29. Most people interested in this HAARPicane going on. And I'm not gonna get into the facts that it's a HAARPicane. It's clearly obvious, folks, that this whole false flag event on the east coast is being manipulated by weather warfare weapons.

You know, I've been watching for a west coast tsunami. I knew they had one planned for out there. And then this whole east coast one, a HAARPicane started. This perfect storm they're trying to create. And, you know, I sat and watched this tsunami fizzle out in Hawaii. There was no damage there. I think there was two car accidents. So, mainly, people just panicking because they're listening to Lizard reporters hyping in glee of the possible destruction that's coming. They're hyping it up, magnifying it a thousandfold because it's what they're expecting. Because they've been told to expect a certain amount of destruction damage.

This has all been scripted beforehand, folks. And it's not happening the way that they've been expecting. It's been fizzling out. And you know what? We've been busy. And so, I praise Yah for all that. When that fizzled out in Hawaii, I just had a calm hit my spirit that it's okay. Their plans aren't gonna happen in the east coast either.

Thanks to Those Who Stood Up and Donated to the NYC Orgone Mission, This Perfect Storm Scenario Is Not Coming to Fruition

You know, we've orgoned this world. Many, many nations. Hawaii being one of them; islands. And we've got orgone from the west coast to the east coast in this country. And their snowstorm kind of hit a wall in Colorado. It was supposed to be moved from the west coast on over to the east, where it would clash to the hurricane of the century that they've been brewing up with their HAARP weapons. And that's not gonna happen.

You know what? You hit the Midwest--Midwest is a pretty fortified area with orgone. And you know what? Back in August, the Lord had us in Manhattan. And I can think of the people now that contributed to help us with getting to New York City. But if they'd never stood up, it would've never been gotten. And this whole scenario being played out right now, this perfect storm scenario, would probably be coming into fruition. Because with all the donations we got in those two months, every penny was used towards New York.

And I was watching the Lizard channel, The Weather Channel, the other day, and they, you know, they're trying to hide their excitement. And they were showing a map of New York. And they were showing the Long Island Sound and how they expected the water from the Atlantic to come rushing through the sound and pass by Connecticut and come all the way down the waterway there alongside the Bronx and then on down towards Manhattan. And the UN sits right there on the edge of that waterway. I mean, it's right there on the edge. And the Lord had us pound that entire area, last August, with orgone. I'm 48 years old and we're going on 10-mile hikes. I mean, it was brutal on us physically. But we got it done. We got it done. And we're carrying heavy bags.

And, you know, we were just all over the southern end. We were able to get the entire southern end with orgone. They had police there on high-alert the whole time we were there. They were blocking off buildings, afraid we were gonna get into the buildings, themselves, and so they had Wall Street pretty much barricaded. But you could walk through it. Heavy police presence there, but also because they perform rituals in those buildings at night. And the police are used to act as security for the Satanists so they can perform their rituals. It's just so maddening and appalling.

And we were also able to put up an orgone wall from Manhattan to Staten Island. And that's a pretty large area. There's a lot of damage that could be done if the Atlantic were to go through that strait-way and hit New Jersey. Particularly the part across from New York, Manhattan. A lot of low-lying areas there. We never went to the southern end of New Jersey and a lot of these other coastal places, so.

But if the Lord holds up these walls that we have, it's gonna completely negate the wind. Because we've had experience with orgone over the last decade where hurricanes were hitting Florida or Texas, and we would encourage the Warriors to get orgone walls up. And it would force the hurricane to go back out into the ocean or switch directions. People that had orgone walls up were protected.

Their Intention, with This Storm, Is to Take Out Manhattan and Move the Financial Sector and UN Away from the Orgone

And you know what? I didn't make orgone specifically to protect from hurricanes. It's just one of these things we found that it would do. And orgone's like the ultimate weapon 101 that the Lord has given us to protect us from all of these weapons and devices they're using against us.

Now, if this was a judgment from the Lord, then orgone wouldn't work, because orgone's the Lord's weapon. It's like a volume switch. He can turn it up, He can turn it down, He can turn it off. And if it was His judgment, the entire east coast would be destroyed. You know? Nothing's gonna stop it. But it's man's judgment. It's the government that wants to destroy New York City. They wanna take out Manhattan.

In this whole, entire perfect storm fiasco, all the states and all of the people they're putting in harm's way is because they want to destroy Manhattan. They wanna take out Wall Street. They wanna take out the UN. They wanna take out the central form of power right now, basically. They wanna shut down Wall Street. They wanna shut down the banks. They wanna turn everything into a dictatorship and global control.

And they hate New York. Since we've been there in August, they've been fleeing by the droves. They can't take the orgone that's there. It boils them. Asphxiates them. Terms I see in the Bible Codes. I've also heard from my own sources that the Lizards that cover New York can't hold their human form around orgone-saturated areas. And so, a lot of them were fleeing out to the Hamptons and Long Island to live. Simply because they couldn't take being in downtown Manhattan. And so, they need an excuse to get away from having to be required to be in New York. They need to be able to move the financial sector and move the United Nations, because they're all miserable there. The orgone bothers them. It defeats them.

You know, the same thing with Congress. DC is such an orgone bomb, they can't stand to be there. And they're sending in androids. And people don't know any different. I mean, seriously, we just watched three debates with androids posing as real people, and maybe 1 percent of, you know, 1 percent of people, if that high, maybe 1 percent of 1 percent, even figured it out, were able to tell, "Hey, that's not a real Obama," "That's not a real Mitt Romney."

You know, how's this guy on the beach this morning and he looks like he's 180 pounds, and then tonight he looks like he's 130. It's not the television playing tricks on you, folks. It's the government. They're using androids. Nobody could blink one blink, once per second, and recite a paragraph. It's not humanly [possible]. Watch the blinking algorithm's of these androids. They blink constantly. You cannot humanly speak and blink that much at the same time. Sit at your desk and try it. It's just impossible. You can't even carry a train of thought.

So, their whole target's New York City. They wanna destroy New York City. They wanted to do this tsunami in Hawaii. The original plans was California. I think this tsunami was supposed to hit Hawaii and then magically head on to northern California. I think we've pretty much taken Southern California away from them. I know we've got the coastlines of L.A. and San Diego pretty well orgoned. I don't know about northern California, so. Maybe they figured that was a sure shot; they could hit northern California. But either way, the orgone out in Hawaii fizzled that one.

They Wanted Massive Destruction but Yah and His Army of Orgone Warriors Helped in Getting This Country Protected

And you know what? The orgone's not gonna stop water. It's never stopped flooding, although some Warriors would beg to differ because a couple years ago, back in Boston, when the rivers were rising and suburbs were flooding, people threw orgone in the streets and the floods and the waters receded and [inaudible] stopped. So, hey, maybe it would, but, you know, technically water's not evil one way or the other.

The wind is being manipulated by evil weapons. And the orgone will fight against the weapons because they're alien weapons. Anything using alien technology, the orgone will fight against. And so, that's what we're seeing. That's why we're having so much success right now in the east coast and in New York City. Because the orgone is defeating the wind. It's stopping their HAARP weapons from working.

You know, this isn't anything of what they were picturing and what they wanted. They wanted 100 million without electricity. They wanted wind damage. You know, right now they're getting flooding. They wanted the coastline flattened by horracious winds. They wanted massive destruction. And they're not getting it. And they're not gonna get it.

You know, they wanna flood out their own New York Stock Exchange and everything. That could be fixed. They wanted to flatten the buildings. They wanted those hurricane winds to hit New York with such ferocity that it just flattened all of the skyline. It's not gonna happen. Yah's gonna uphold the orgone walls we've put out and around. And, you know, it takes an army to do this. There's Warriors in every state who've had a part in doing this. In helping getting this country protected.

Because the Satanists aren't gonna stop trying to destroy us. It's always one thing after the next. And I've told you, this is what they do during the day. They sit in their offices, and they work with cells around the country, and they plan senseless shootings, assassinations, murders. They even plan car accidents to look like car accidents, to kill people. And it's not famous people, folks. It's good people. They want sacrifices for Satan. And so, they hound church groups, and churches, and they look for the best of the best. The most innocent girls, the nicest, sweetest boys, people who have a love for the Lord. They target them for death. And these kids are the ones that end up in senseless car accidents and dying, or getting cancers. And the Satanists all claim this as sacrifices for Satan. This is how they work.

Been dealing with these scumbags forever and you get to the point where you just get so tired of it and just nothing shocks you anymore. The only thing that shocks you is when people finally start waking up and realizing what's going on around them.

When the Satanists Plan Catastrophic Destructions, They Perform Rituals Day and Night - Alongside the Orgone, Our Best Defense Is Warfare Prayers

You know, we sent out prayers--one of the Warriors made up a bunch of warfare prayers. And, alongside the orgone, the best defense we have, always the best defense we have, is the warfare prayers. Because they're very effective. I mean, when the Satanists, like now, when they plan these types of destructions at this type of magnitude, you better believe they're meeting day and night and sacrificing innocents. Because they'll sacrifice day and night and do rituals to get Satan's help for the success of whatever they're planning.

You know, they wanted the perfect storm scenario. They wanted this cold front to hit this hurricane and destroy New York. And everything else was just collateral damage. And so, they're working rituals day and night. And when we pray against these rituals, and we ask the Lord to send His angels to disrupt and cause mayhem--I mean, I used to try to sit and wait and ask specific things for the angels to do. And now I just say, "Lord, whatever they can think of." Because I know they could think of a thousand things more than I could.

I've never been to a satanic ritual. I don't know exactly what goes on. I just know what I hear. The angels can see them. They know exactly what they're doing. And they know exactly how to disrupt them. And so, just ask the Lord to send out angels to cause disruption.

And ask--you know, one of the biggest things they try to do is create evil energy. Some people call it loosh, or dead orgone energy. They wanna create a atmosphere of evil energy that builds up. It's like a strength that gives them power. And so, we ask the Lord, "Take all that energy they're creating, all that evil, negative energy from all their sacrifices and degradations they do, and turn it into positive energy. Take it, and convert it."

And then the Lord can take all this energy, convert it into positive, and use whatever way He wants to use it. He can open portals and send angels down here. I've asked Him to send angels down and put a wall of angels along the east coast to help crank the orgone walls we have up, to defeat this HAARPicane they have planned.

Little Did I Know That We Would Be Saving Almost the Entire East Coast When I Went to Pound New York with Orgone for Yah

You know, the way they were talking at 8 o'clock tonight, Ohio should have been pounded with 60-mile-an-hour winds, heavy rains. It's raining and it's slightly windy. That's about it.

We've defeated them, folks. And throughout this night, and by tomorrow morning, when the worst of this hurricane should've hit, you're gonna see. Yeah, they might have flooding. They might be dealing with flooding, but they're not gonna get 1 percent of success out of this entire perfect flop that they orchestrated. 'Cause that's what it's gonna be. The perfect flop.

The Lord has stood His people up to war against it, to pray against it. We already did the footwork necessary. You know, back in August, I was just pounding New York with orgone because the Lord wanted us there and I knew it was pissing them off. I'm all for that. It kind of amuses me. I get a kick out of it. I had no idea, two, three months later it would be saving almost the entire east coast from sheer destruction. The Lord always knows and He always has us a step ahead.

The Satanists Ask Me, "How Are You Still Alive?"

You have to be completely blind and just wanna stay in complete denial to refuse to see the mighty hand of Yah and how He works in the earth today. And how he's been working through our orgone war to defeat Satan.

You know, people want excuses to come up against me and The Most High. And that's why many of them will die in the coming round ups and FEMA camps. Because He's not going to save them. When they wouldn't call out to Him when there was time, like right now, to learn the truth.

You know, I have, folks, the entire government on their knees. They know who I am. They know how effective orgone is. They publically deny me, but in private they talk about me all the time. They've been trying to kill me for 20 years. I've survived 3 presidential administrations, umpteen assassination attacks. The fact that I'm still alive is a testament to everyone of them that I'm one of Yah's. The earth is my battleground. I was sent here by Him, Himself, to take on Satan and his kingdom in these last days. And, pretty much, Satan and his kingdom in these last days right now is dominantly America and the New World Order.

He stood me up to be a mouthpiece on Earth. In the Bible Codes, you'll see terms, I'm a messenger, a seer, prophetess, a leader, a warrior. The Bible Codes describe me as a queen leading the people to battle. And yet, by most of churchdom out there, I'm despised, I'm mocked, I'm hated, I'm ridiculed. And these are by the brethren. These aren't the Satanists. The Satanists hate me, but they're always polite to me. They're amazed by me. "How are you still alive?" they ask. "How are you still alive?" "We know you're Yah's because you're still alive."

The Lord Asked Me, "Why Do You Call Them My People?"

I've been poisoned in every which way, for years. My body can only take so much. The car accidents, the shooting out my tires, the flyovers. I could go on, and on, and on. The commando units sent to bomb me during my show a couple months back. Hello? You know? People don't see it. And yet, I call them my brethren. And the Lord says, "Why do you call them My people?" Why do I call them His people? 'Cause these are haters, they're backbiters, they're gossipers, they'd rather believe lies than ask Him who I am, if I'm one of His. Who wants these kinds of people in heaven?

You know, when I disagree with the brethren, and I call them brethren because, first of all, I can't judge them, only God can, but when a person has a heart for the Lord, it's obvious. When they have a heart for the Lord and they love Him, we may not agree on beliefs and doctrines, but I don't belittle them, I don't nitpick, I don't hate, I don't backbite, I don't attack 24/7, I don't make it a ministry to attack them. I ignore them. I walk away. I do my own ministry for the Lord. I focus on what I can do for the Lord. And these are the things He has told me to do. Whereas other people think it's their entire mission on Earth to attack those who don't believe the things they do. Why attack the brethren? The Lord looks at your heart, not your knowledge.

You know, when people belittle me, and attack and mock me about the orgone war, I just walk away. I walk away. I don't waste my time arguing with people. And it profits nothing. It profits nothing to war against the brethren. What I consider the brethren. These same backbiters, and haters, and nitpickers, intolerables, the Lord gets very angry by them. Very angry. They think they're doing Him a service. They bring His wrath on them. That's why Satan's war against the saints, at first it's gonna seem like a success. Because he's gonna be able to round up and kill many Christians in these FEMA camps. If you look at the fifth seal in Revelation, chapter 6, many are killed for their belief in Christ. And the Lord allows it. He's going to allow many to be persecuted and tried for their faith and to be killed. To test them. While there's others He's going to protect by His own hand.

The Government Is Busy Perfecting Mass-Abduction Technology for Satan's Fake Rapture

You know, the churches want to believe in false doctrines set up by the Masons that pretty much run the New World Order. One of the big organizations, one of Satan's biggest on Earth is Freemasonry. I know, in this entire TBN network on television, all these pastors--Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Joel Osteen--they're all part of the Masons. And so, they've pumped the religious crowd for years, expecting a big rapture to come.

Meanwhile, the government's busy perfecting mass-abduction technology. They wanna use it to mimic a rapture. Because all these professed Bible gurus that so many of the churchdom follow have them believing in a pretribulation rapture, the government's gonna give them one. They're gonna use this technology for mass abductions.

The New Age has what they call ascension. And it's kind of like the counterpart of the Christian rapture. And they're trying to get all of their believers to believe that there's gonna be a massive lift, and all these people are gonna disappear because they're gonna jump into the fifth dimension. That's their counterpart of the Christian rapture. And both of it just leads to massive abductions by the government and the aliens, alien technology that they have. Because they wanna mimic a rapture. And then they're gonna bring in their false Christ, their Sananda. You know.

They Want to Stop the Sale of Our Orgone on the Internet as Retaliation for Making Hurricane Sandy a Flop

I've been looking in Codes and looking at this HAARPicane going on. And one of the things that jumps out at me is the anger that they have after all of this. So, probably tomorrow, next week, whatever--'cause all the anger's gonna be built up because it was a perfect flop, because we stepped in as Warriors of The Most High and we were able to stop their plans with the Lord's help--they're gonna be angry and they're gonna be looking for paybacks, retaliation. And one of the things I see, which I just kind of laugh about right now is that they're going to stop orgone sales on the Internet. Somehow they're gonna make it illegal to sell orgone. They're really gonna come after the Orgone Warriors.

And I'm not talking about all orgone. Because a lot of the orgone, especially on eBay, is junk and worthless, and produces dead orgone energy. They want our orgone, our particular strand of orgone--in the Bible Codes it's called a strand or strain to delineate it as a particular product, particular recipe or prescription of orgone. It's the one the Lord gave me. And it's the one I have on my website. And it's the one we sell. It's also the one we have videos on, teaching you how to make it yourself. They wanna stop the sale of orgone.

Well, they can stop the sale of orgone. That's not gonna stop a missed heartbeat anywhere. Because people make it on their own. Directions are on my website. The sales certainly aren't anything that even pays bills. That's not gonna bat an eye on me.

Obama's Got an Executive Order to Shut Down the Internet and Free Speech

But the other thing is Obama seeking to press this Executive Order he's gonna come out with (probably already has), about shutting down free speech on the Internet. Now, they've tried to come at me before. It was the last month when GoDaddy[.com] was threatening to take down my website, thewatcherfiles. And Karl Rove was on the phone with Google trying to get them to cancel my account with them. And they were on the phone with GoDaddy trying to get them to cancel my domain-hosting account. Which was really no big deal because I already had it set up with Canada as backup.

If they had shut down my websites, I would've just reopened them with a Canadian web host. [laughs] I just wanted to see what they would do. But the Lord said don't even bother with it. And Google let it go. So did GoDaddy. They said leave her alone. Leave her alone.

Well, they're coming back with retaliation. And Obama's got this Executive Order somehow shutting down the Internet and free speech, which means he's gonna shut down websites of those he hates. Radio shows; shut them down. He's going to come at us full attack, I guess you could say.

Obama "Inherited" Sherry and the Orgone Warriors from the Bush Administration

You know, when he became president four years ago, he was inheriting us from the Bush administration. I always thought that was funny when I would see that in the Bible Codes. Inherit - Shriner [laughs] He inherited us. The mess we'd caused. The war we had started the orgone.

George Bush [Jr.] couldn't stop it. George Bush, Sr. was oblivious. Bush, Jr. just thought is was hilarious. Couldn't take it seriously. And Obama just hasn't been able to stop us at all. He hasn't been able to do anything either. You know, Rahm Emanuel, it's his assignment to stop the orgone. And he hasn't been able to figure out a way. And Leon Panetta has kind of taken over from Rove and Cheney always trying to find ingenious ways for assassination attempts on me. And he hasn't succeeded either. But these are the things I deal with daily, folks. I deal with this stuff all the time.

But that's what I see next for retaliation because their HAARPicane is going to flop. It's already way below expectations. It should've destroyed North Carolina and Virginia Beach. And there should have been nothing but fear and intrepidation from people right now as it would be the slam on New York City tonight. I don't even hear the wind outside here. You know, I don't feel the rain, I don't hear the wind, I don't see the wind, I don't see the rain. Nothing. Ohio's quiet. I'm not. You know, I might open a door and I'm might see some rain, but it's not hurricane-style. Put it that way.

We've defeated them. We stopped them. The Lord used us to put these Satan freaks in their place. I couldn't be any happier right now. So they're gonna come back. They're gonna come back and try to shut down the Internet.

Obama Is Going to Be Reelected Because Romney Doesn't Fit Anywhere in the Picture - It's Obama's Show

I don't know if they're gonna be able to claim that the flooding in certain states is enough to null all the elections next week. Does it matter anyway, folks? He isn't going anywhere. He's gonna be reelected. Romney doesn't fit anywhere in the picture. He'll probably just get a nice severance pay for playing the role of a real sincere candidate. Give him more millions on top of his millions. [laughs] He doesn't fit anywhere. He might be a good Satanist, but he doesn't fit anywhere right now. It's Obama's show. So, maybe he'll rest easier hearing that from me. I don't know.

I heard he was over my house twice last week. They can't bring Air Force One here because the air is so saturated with orgone, I guess it really bothers Air Force One. So they don't fly it over here. And they can't bring their Boeing here. So they use a small plane to come over here. And they don't get too close. They stay pretty far back. I wouldn't even know they were here if I wasn't hearing about it from the people in Washington because most of the time, during the day, I'm usually sleeping till about 3 or 4 o'clock, so. You know? They could hit me with a tornado during the day, I wouldn't know it. Probably think I'm dreaming about it. [laughs]

I don't work their hours. I'm up all night and I sleep during the day. And I don't know what the big deal is, flying over here. You know? I asked if he saw angels when he flew by. Yah didn't show them to him, so. I don't know what they see. Two days in a row? It's probably every day.

This Whole Orgone War Is the One Thing That Has Them on Their Knees - It's That Effective and More People Need to Get Involved Now

So I don't know, folks. But the noose is tightening. We're gonna feel it after this failed attempt.

As far as everybody else, everybody who's not involved, everybody who's still a mocker and still a hater, how can you stay that way? How could you be so blind not to realize that this whole war we started years ago is the one thing that has all of them on their knees. They all know it. Everybody close to them knows it. And the Christians are the ones who are so blinded by stupidity. What I need is people to stand up and get involved. Wake up, get involved. We don't have a whole lot of time left.

If our wall in the Midwest hadn't held, we'd all be under feets of snow. New York would be pounded with snow. If our walls hadn't held in New York, the buildings would've been flattened by those high winds. It would've been the perfect disaster, the perfect storm. This is how effective--this is proof that orgone is what I say it is, the Lord's breath. His very breath on Earth. It's His very breath.

The Lord Wants Us to Fortify Our Homes and Yards with Orgone - There's a Huge Alien Attack Coming Though It's Been Delayed Since July

So get involved, folks. There's not much time. When I asked the Lord, "What do we need to do?" He told me, "Tell them to fortify their homes and yards." Because we're running out of so much time that with all these different attacks they're planning coming, you never know when just time's gonna be up. There's a huge alien attack planned. And this isn't something the government's planning. This is something the aliens are planning that the government can't control. Huge alien attack planned.

I've been watching this one in the Codes for quite a while. In fact, it was delayed. It was supposed to happen in July and it was delayed. The Lord held it back because He wanted us in New York City. And then it was supposed to happen in September, and for whatever reason, it was delayed again. Maybe the Lord wanted us to watch the fruit of our work in October in stopping this perfect disaster, storm that should've happened. The day-after scenario. Maybe He wanted us to see it. To still be here to see it. I don't know.

But He wants people to stand up and fortify their yards. Because this is the one thing that they hate the most. And it's that orgone is a protection. It protects the people. They don't want people protected. They want you to die. They want massive deaths.

Huge Plague Coming - Strengthen Your Immune Systems - Stay Away from Vaccines - Pray for the Lord to Destroy Chemtrail Planes

We've got a huge plague coming that they're planning. Some kind of pestilent. And so, we need to watch for that and strengthen your immune systems, folks, because you don't wanna get the vaccines and flu shots. That's how they spread the diseases. They've got everybody scared and running to get the vaccination, and there's straight up viruses in the vaccination.

They've got some kind of pestilent attack coming. And that's why I've been encouraging people, when you see chemtrail planes, pray for their immediate destruction and malfunction. And ask the Lord to turn all that chemicals into water vapor, into water. Because they plan on unleashing these plagues through the chemtrails. And you look up in the sky and there's chemtrail planes all the time. Ask the Lord to cause them to malfunction.

You know, when I see chemtrail planes and I ask the Lord to malfunction, I usually see them quickly heading back to an air base like, five minutes later. You'll see them blinking really fast and just speeding back to the air base. That's for the human ones. For the alien drones, they'll just disappear. You'll be sitting there watching them, these little fake holograms of airplanes, 'cause they're really these drones. When they're alien, they're drones. These rounded like--they look like barrels with hoses out of them. And they use holographs of white planes. If it's the alien ones, they'll just disappear. The holograph will disappear, and drone, and they're gone. If it's the Air Force, you'll see the planes hurry up and flying back to base.

So you've got a two-prong attack here, folks. It's the government and the aliens. You never really know which one you're dealing with, but it doesn't matter. Ask the Lord to malfunction, destroy, whichever one it is. You see one, ask Him to destroy it.

The Lord's Sending the Remnants of Hurricane Sandy to Pound Washington, DC

Funny that I asked the Lord to defeat the HAARPicane in New York and the east coast and to send the remnants to DC. And right now, DCs getting hammered. [laughs] They don't need DC anyway. It's nothing but robot-city. [laughs] That's funny. Somebody just gave me a heads-up about DC being hammered. [laughs] Me and the Lord have the same kind of sense of humor, I guess.

Various Attacks in the Codes This Week

So I'm busy. I'll be busy on the Codes this week. I've been busy looking at various things. And the things I'm seeing is the attack on free speech on the Internet. An attack of selling orgone. And that's a no-brainer to me. That doesn't even mean anything because 90 percent of the people make their own. It's not gonna affect this war one way or another. And that's why they'll go a step further trying to shut down free speech on the Internet. So they can come after bigmouths like me and shut down our radio shows and our websites; people that are on Obama's hate list, so. And the plague attack. Some kind of pestilent. Haven't figured out what kind it is.

Alien Attack in Alignment with Shema Crashing

And also this Shema crashing coming up in the Codes a lot. And this alien attack. This alien attack pretty much is in alignment with Shema crashing because they're from Shema. So they'll probably just abandon ship right before it gets ready to crash, and head to Earth. That's what I think. And that's Sananda's main ship, one of his main posts, anyways; Shema.

He travels around in the Capricorn. And I about dropped my jaw on the ground the other day sitting here. And the Capricorn, it looks like, is gonna be destroyed again. And we already destroyed the first one. But that was years ago. Like, 2003, 2004, when they said the satellite was crashing in the Pacific, hehe. And they sent out submarines. [laughs] That was the original Capricorn starship that we crashed out of the skies with the orgone. And so, Sananda's been floating around in this huge cigar-shaped ship. It's like three miles long, one mile wide. It's huge. It's a beast, it's mammoth. And it looks to me like that one is gonna be destroyed as well, alongside their starship Shema. Noticed that that obnoxious star in the west I've been talking about, that comes and goes, seen it last week, and that thing was on fire. So, Yah's cranking the orgone up in the atmosphere, saturating it, and just pulling these starships out of the sky, folks. They're gonna be crashing.

Other Alien News

And there was a lot of hype on the Internet about Nibiru. You know, people say Nibiru is coming. And then they have videos, and it's the second sun. It's not [Nibiru], it's the second sun. It's not Nibiru. Nibiru, there are survivors, but that alien ship is pretty much destroyed as well.

The black cube. They use this black cube as some kind of forecaster. Like this psychic black cube. Supposed to broadcast future events or something. I don't know, but that thing's destroyed, too. I don't know how they can claim they still use it. Because the black cube was coming into our atmosphere. It was on the east side of the sun. And the orgone was saturating it and burning it, so it pulled out. And I don't think it's coming back, so. If it does, it will crash.

We're getting them, folks. Our war against the wicked on this planet, with orgone, is defeating all of Satan's major strongholds. You know, I haven't gotten confirmation yet on the base in Maine that exploded last week. I was wondering if that was Bush's base under his estate in Kennebunkport. 'Cause I know that whole area's been pounded with orgone.

The sinkholes in Louisiana. That's a huge alien base underneath there. Some kind of alien war going on, I was told, so. And there are alien factions fighting against each other. And the cause of a lot of these underground explosions that the government's calling earthquakes. That is around the warpath. Because Satan promised them that they could have control of this New World Order or whatever. And the Lizards are saying, "I don't think so. This is ours." And so, they're fighting with the Zetas.

Aliens and Satanists Fighting Amongst Themselves

You know, Satan promises all these different groups the same things, "I'll give you power, prestige." Leaders of the New World Order. They do all these things for him. Worship and follow him. And serve him. And he lies to everybody. He lies to all these different groups. Tells them the same thing. And then the other groups find out and they're all mad at each other. And they fight amongst each other. Pretty much the same way the Satanists groups are doing here in America. You've got different groups here. They all serve Satan, but they're different groups.

You know, I found it amusing that Madonna, she wears this red bracelet for protection. Who does she need protection from? Bible thumpers? They aren't harming her. They have to protect each other from each other. They need protection from the other Satan freaks. [laughs] That's what you get when you serve Satan. You know, he promises them protection, but they'd kill each other in a heartbeat. They have to fight to protect themselves against each other. They plot each other's deaths. You know, Soros will plot Obama's death. Someone else will plot Soros' death. I mean, it just goes on and on. There's no love lost between these freaks. They're always plotting each other's deaths and demise. It's always one group against another.

Keep Saying the Warfare Prayers Against the Hurricane and Against Their Satanic Rituals - Pray for Peace for the Victims Being Sacrificed

Anyway, I will be back on Monday night at 10 o'clock. Stay in Codes looking at stuff, but for now just watching the HAARPicane fizzle out over the next couple of days.

Keep saying the prayers, folks. Posted them to my lists. Warfare prayers against the hurricane, against their satanic rituals. All these victims that they're using, they're gonna be in satanic rituals for the next four days. I think they go up to November 1 or 2nd, they'll be doing rituals. And they're doing them now anyway to pump up success of their perfect storm plans, and so, you know, they'll massively kill people. I'm not talking about putting one person on an altar and killing them. They will put up a number, a quota, and say every person here has to kill three people each. And so, they'll bus these kids in and kill them. And everybody has to kill three apiece. This is the kind of stuff they do.

And so, they're gonna be busy the next week killing the innocents. And so, you know what? Just give a prayer for the people being butchered by them. Ask the Lord to just take them home in peace. Ask Him to just give them a calmness and a peace of His presence with them. The one thing they can't stand is if someone dies with a smile on their face. Destroys the whole ritual. Destroys the mood. Or someone dies praising the name of The Most High.

These are the kinds of things we need to be aware of, folks, and being active against right now. So, pray against the rituals. Pray for the orgone walls to be upheld. Pray for the Lord to send brigades of angels, battalions of angels to do the work needed, that needs to be done. We can't think of everything, but the Lord knows what needs done. But He won't act unless we ask Him to. Otherwise you go by mankind's freewill stuff, folks, so.

Join Me in My War Against the Lizards - Be a Part of the Resistance Against Satan and Help Financially Support the Orgone War & Warriors

I guess I'll have to be checking out the Lizard channel later because the Lizard reporters are all in utter dismay at such lack of destruction right now. [laughs] It's really gross when you watch The Weather Channel, and all these reporters are just--they're so happy. They're so excited to be able to report so much destruction and all these imminent deaths that are about to happen. And they get so happy about it 'cause they're all just Satan freaks. And then it doesn't happen. And they're just like, they're jaw hits the ground and they look totally despondent. Yeah. It's what I work for, folks. Pissing them all off.

And you can join me. We need your help. We need your support. I've got bills to pay. You know, the number one resistance on this earth against Satan, and I gotta worry about getting bills paid. So, come on, folks. Be a part of the war here. Be a part of the resistance against Satan. And help us get our bills paid and orgone made, so that if we need to rush out on a mission or an assignment at minutes-notice, we already have it premade. That's one of the things that ties my hands the most is having orgone premade. It's almost an impossibility because it's just so expensive to make. So I need your help.

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Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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