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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
November 5, 2012


Seal Team Six Show Is Nothing But Lies

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's November 5. And it is the eve of the elections. I know. We're not holding our breath.

They were showing some show tonight, Seal Team Six. I wouldn't even waste your time. I'm not wasting mine. Because you know it's already lies being put out by the administration to make Obama look good. One secret service agent already killed to hide the fact that it's nothing but lies. Not to mention how many people will come out after the show is aired to say what lies it all is. So, why even bother? I'm not.

When's the Alien Invasion Going to Happen? It's Already Happening

You know, I was just sitting here tonight going through some stuff the Lord's been putting on my mind lately. And I was kind of watching the news. A lot of Lizard channels, The Weather Channel, and it was almost humorous. They got so excited a big storm was coming. You could see the glee on their faces trying to contain their excitement. And then, just completely stumped. Completely horrified that they didn't get what they wanted. It was downgraded to a superstorm.

And, you know, folks, I don't know how many times you have to hear it from me or other people that these aren't people that are for us. They're not even humans. They don't view this country as their own. When you join secret societies, you join a globalist agenda. And part of that agenda is to destroy America. And so, they put their leaders in positions at the top of everything imaginable. Yeah, Weather Channel. Yeah, the cartoons. Cartoon networks. Children networks. They're conditioning the kids for what their future's gonna be like. Entertainment, politics, religion.

And, you know, with these new HDTVs out, and these plasmas, and these LCDs, and LEDs, you know, these big-screen TVs, they make it so clear, you can just see the pupils of half these beings eyes. Sportscasters, newscasters, weather people, religious people, government, actors, actresses, everybody. You look at their eyes and they're not round, black pupils, they're vertical slits. There's a problem with that, folks. Normal humans don't have vertical slits for eyes. They have round, black pupils.

And I've been talking and warning about this stuff for years. And now it's so blatantly obvious, there shouldn't be one critic out there. People should be embracing this knowledge. And they don't. They fight about it. They wanna know, "When's it gonna happen?," "When's the invasion gonna happen?" It's already happened. It's already happening. When you see an influx of UFOs, it's over! The over-it invasion is the last step of the plan. By then, they already control everything. And right now, they already are. The more you look around you, the more you see what and who's controlling us...

You know, the Lord told me back in 2005 the invasion's already taking place. And by then, the numbers were massive. It's millions already being soul-scalped amongst us. And the soul-scalping is getting ever far-reaching. And not just soul-scalping, but hybridization. There's over 60, 100 million in the world today that's not even 100% human. People that walk amongst us. I think it was 60 million in the United States out of, what, 300 million? So I don't even know what the world numbers are, the real numbers for the rest of the world. It's getting horrific, folks.

It's the Zionist Talmud-Satanists Who Own the Land of Israel Right Now - Don't Support the Nation, Itself, Only the Torah-Believing Jews

You know, just a couple comments about the HAARPicane. Because if you look at everything, it's a totally lopsided war between good and evil. Totally lopsided. They have all the money. They own the banks. They have trillion-dollar bank accounts. A hundred-million-dollar Visa credit cards. They own and control the government. They own the television networks, the newspapers, the radio stations. They control the biggest religions, the ministries, the corporations, the economy. Endless money-making potential schemes. The military. All the technology. THEY own it. Who's THEY? Lucifer's leaders that work behind the scenes to move the world into one-world government and one-world economy. And here, they call themselves the New World Order. In Israel, they call themselves Zionists.

It always make my blood boil when you see all these sheeple Christians throwing their patriotic support behind Israel. They think it's the Christian duty to support Israel. Folks, the Lord never united Israel back in 1948. That was a Rothschild's, a Vatican, creation. They put the Jews back in Israel. It was all planned. It was all scripted.

The Holocaust was already predesigned, preplanned to eliminate all the Torah-believing Jews in Germany, so that when the Jewish were given the land, the Talmud-Satanists would be the dominant majority. They would be the ones to control the land that the UN was giving them.

Then they gave them the star of David, which is nothing but an occultic symbol. David didn't have a star.

So now you have Christians today going around touting, "Oh, we need to support Israel. We need to pray for Israel." I would support and pray for the Torah-believing Jews that are persecuting in Israel today. Just like they persecute the Christians that go to Israel today. But the nation, itself, I wouldn't give one red cent to.

They're Satanists. They worship the Talmud. The Talmud proclaims Jesus is in hell and burning in hot excrement. And they claim all of His followers should be with Him. And our Christians, people who call themselves Christians in America, are supporting this. They support the ideologies when you support Israel today. And their ideologies are filthy. I have articles on the Talmud at my website, [and], exposing what they believe. And they call it Zionism. The New World Order in Israel is called Zionism. So Christians think, "Oh, that's Jerusalem," "That's a Jerusalem term," "That's a biblical term," "That's a righteous term." No, it's just another name for New World Order. It's satanic. It's satanism. They won't wake up.

The Lord Had Us Go and Prepare New York for What Was Coming - The Davids Took on the Goliaths and We Kicked Their Butts

So here they have this whole New World Order crowd. I'll simplify it and just--a New World Order crowd. Israel Jews. Britain; includes them, too. They have everything. They run everything. They control everything. They're the Goliaths. They're the giants.

And then there's us. We have nothing but limited resources. Most are scraping the barrels to get by. No fame, no fortune, no recognition. Suppressed, beaten up, beaten down, beaten sideways.

And yet, with all their trillions of dollars of technology and ionosphere and weather-creation weapons, they couldn't get a hurricane in New York City higher than two feet above the national average that was set in 1918. The Davids took on the Goliaths and we kicked their butts. We kicked their butts at their own game, that they dominate (so they think).

And you know what? They're angry. They're mad, they're angry, they want us to die, they want massive deaths and destruction. You know, as they watched the hurricane hit New York City, and the aftermath, they were horrified. And they weren't screaming, "Help them! Get FEMA and supplies to help the people." They were screaming, "How can we kill them? How can we kill them?" They screamed in disgust that New York City was still standing. That Staten Island was still standing. That New Jersey Shore still even existed. They wanted a hundred percent destruction and they got about one percent.

This wasn't the epic Day After Tomorrow event that they wanted. They prepared for this. They plotted. They planned it. They scripted it. They had video simulations preprogrammed already, newscasts prewritten already, for exactly how they wanted to display everything. And then, boom. Bust.

What happened? Us. We happened to it. You know, if I hadn't taken that mission in August back to New York City, going to New York City, small group of people with me, that place would be on the ocean floor of the Atlantic right now. And Staten Island. And Jersey. They would've gotten their way with New Jersey. The Lord had us go and prepare that place for what was coming. And then, when the storms hit, the Prayer Warriors united, and they stood together, to fight against the storms that were pounding on the east coast.

North Carolina, that wasn't a half percent of the damage they wanted there. Why? Because a Orgone Warrior had already prepared that place. Virginia Beach, same thing. They hit our orgone wall all the way up the coastline.

We Won't Always Beat Them - The Lord's Judgment Is Coming and the Disasters Will Become More Epic

But you know what, folks? We're not always gonna beat them. We might've won this battle in the war, but Isaiah said the earth is gonna rock to and fro like a drunkard. The Lord has been using me and other people for years to get off the coastlines, get away from the coastlines. So there's your warning. If you haven't taken heed yet, wake up and get away from the coastlines. It's gonna get much more violent, much more vicious, and that's the Lord's judgment coming. The only reason we were allowed to knock down this one is because it was man-made. It was a HAARPicane. It was their plan to destroy New York City. And that's the only reason the Lord let us battle against it. And now, if it was His judgment, He wouldn't have allowed His orgone to work. He would've just dormanted it and made it go to sleep.

We did a good job, folks. We did a good job. And we've gotta continue to do it because the Lord told me earlier today it's going to start getting more, I guess you could say, in terms of epic. The disasters are gonna get more epic. More massive. Affecting more and more. Like this is gonna start becoming the norm. Epic disasters. So, anyway, I guess that's what we need to prepare for, folks.

What's Going to Happen on December 21? There's No Mention of December Anywhere in the Codes

I get a lot of e-mails. People wanting to know what's gonna happen on December 21. And you know what? Unless it's weather-related, I'm looking at Codes ahead into 2013. And I look at January and February. There's really no mentions of December anywhere. It's just a quiet month. I think it's gonna be one of these months, like last year that came and went without much of anything. No pop, no fizzle.

I know they wanna bring in this Raj Patel, Matreya, December 25 has always been his big date. But you know what? I always see delays in the Codes as well. So I'm not holding my breath. I know what their plans are and, you know, there's just some dates and months that they favor moreso than others. I'm not holding my breath at anything.

Delays, delays, delays. And sometimes you get mad and you wanna bang your head up against a wall about why so many delays. It's because when things do happen, it's gonna be so epic your lives are gonna change overnight. Things are never gonna be the same again. And so, the Lord isn't quick to just bring His judgment on earth. He's patient. Much more patient than a lot of us are. We just wanna get it on, and get going, and get out of here.

They're Beginning Phase Two of Their Invasion Plans - They're Working on an Orgone Detector That Can Convert Postive Energy to Dead Energy

But I look ahead and it's the same things. It's just the same thing I saw back in June, and July, and August, and September, and October. The major thing is beginning phase two of their invasion plans. [The Invasion....Has Begun] Which is their arrivals. Some people think it will just be flyovers, where they'll just be flying over constantly. And you know what? I see that in the Codes now. They have whole fleets flying over. But so far, they've been doing it in the clouds. They're using clouding to hide them. They're using invisible tech or they come in and out of dimensions.

They're afraid. They're afraid because they know that the orgone can pull them out of the air and crash them. And that's why you're seeing so many what the media calls meteors falling to earth over the last several years. Because they hit orgone-saturated areas and crash.

And so, they've been silently working in the background. The Pentagon's been working with them. Well, the Pentagon's pretty much owned by the aliens anyway. They've been working on an orgone detector. They wanna be able to detect when they hit orgoned areas so they can stay out of them, I guess. I know Air Force One has one on it. I guess when it goes through an orgoned area it starts beeping. But they're working on a detector. And they already have one in Washington. Supposedly, a small version of one in Chicago on top of the City Hall building. They call it the neutrino detector. They were built by the Japanese. I don't know if they've upgraded them or what's going on. But they're working on these detectors that can take positive orgone energy and convert it into dead orgone energy. So all the orgone we put out, they can convert the energy.

Now we do the same thing. I mean, when we start our warfare prayers against their rituals, and against their weather weapons, we just ask the Lord to convert it. To take all the dead energy they're producing, convert it to positive energy for him to use for himself. Well, they need to depend on technology for this because, after all, Satan as a god is pretty useless. He has to depend on technology for everything, otherwise he can't rule the world. He's not omniscient, he's not omnipresent, he's not all powerful. He's just allowed, with what he has, with what the Lord allows him to do with the things he has.

And so, they're working on this detector. And I think what they'll do is probably start arriving more and more once they figure out a way to suppress the air, to suppress orgoned areas. But, you know, when you think about it, orgone, itself, is a living energy, life force of the earth. So, what, are they only gonna do nighttime, when it's dark and there's no aura? I mean, orgone, itself, the blue aura of the earth is technically aether energy and that's what orgone is. It produces aether energy. It puts back into the earth what they've been trying to suppress with their chemtrails. It's called a balancing war. They've been trying to destroy the healing and life energy of Earth. And by putting orgone out there, we put it back. It just like a balance war. Because you need balance in all things. The Lord put balance in all things. They've been trying to disrupt the balance, and we've been putting it back where it needs to be, over the years.

The Lord Told Me I'm Surrounded by Thousands Who Want to Kill Me - I'm at Peace Because He Wants It That Way

But that's the next thing I see is this arrival of them. There've been different planned attacks, possibly already taken place and already eliminated with. I mean, there's a lot of things we don't see. The Lord told me I'm surrounded by thousands who want to kill me. And so, my first thoughts are they're in space. Because, obviously, they're not on the ground. I mean, yes, there's thousands throughout the world who want to kill me, but I'm not surrounded, literally, by them. I'm sure He's referring to space. And I know that He keeps a lot away from me. I know I have a huge angelic security force around here 24/7. [laughs softly]

He's says I'm at peace because He allows it, He wants it that way. He doesn't want me to see the things that are around and going on. And I don't. I'm at complete peace. The night before the HAARPicane, I was at complete peace. I wasn't too fretted over it. We just went to war against it. We'd already done what we could for New York. You know, that tsunami in Hawaii, with the little orgone we have in Hawaii, it fizzled that. I knew when that tsunami hit Hawaii and it fizzled it, our orgone fizzled it, that it wasn't gonna get anywhere near the epic proportions that they had planned for New York City. I just knew we had to do the work, and that was going to prayer against it, uniting in warfare prayer against it. We had already done the groundwork. We had already put the orgone everywhere it was needed.

There's things we would've, you know, could've done better. I wish we'd had a boat. We didn't have a boat. We could have got all of the front of New Jersey a lot better if we'd had a boat, been able to travel out in the water. Probably could've gotten better walls up out in the Atlantic if we'd had a boat. But considering, they only got about 1 percent of the destruction. And we didn't have a boat. That's pretty good. That's pretty good.

The Lord's Had My Mind on the Soul-Scalping Going On

The Lord's had my mind, the last couple of days, on the soul-scalping going on. And I was watching today, flipping through the channels, and there's Maury Povich. And someone I usually don't pay attention to. But I looked at him today, and I was thinking, "Are those slits? No way! Those are not slits. This is Maury Povich. He seems like a nice guy." Sure enough, black, vertical slits. Now, vertical is up and down. And you look at somebody's eyes and their pupils are not round, but their up and down slits, means he's been soul-scalped, he's been possessed, by an alien being, host being, the Lizards. It's usually a typical sign of Lizard possession, being soul-scalped by a Lizard; the slit eyes.

You know, man is a living soul. And a fourth-dimensional being is a dead soul. And so, when one of these beings takes over a human body, it's what we refer to as soul-scalping. The New Agers refer to it as ascending into the fifth dimension. You know, they want to eliminate our earth and create their own world, their own earth, which is a world void of real human beings. That's their fifth dimension. An earth void of real humans. Just all soul-scalped, possessed human bodies.

Satan Literally Has an Office Building in New York and It's Called Goldman Sachs

You know, the Satanists and the New Agers, they run the same agenda, but they term things a little bit differently. They just change the terminology a bit. You know, Satanists outright worship Lucifer as god. You know, you'll hear from Satanists, "Oh, we don't worship Lucifer, we worship ourselves." Well, the top ones do. The ones with real power, fame, and fortune. They shake hands with Lucifer. They know who he is. And Lucifer appears in many different personifications on earth. He appears as a man. He appears as a woman. He can appear as any type of being he wants to.

You know, you watch these movies, Hollywood, and, you know, sometimes they come up with these movies and like, supernatural show or whatever, and they'll show Satan has an office. And I always just laughed at those until I realized that was real. And I was also told it was real. I was like, "No way. He really does?" He owns an office. He's a typical businessman. Not all the time. It's one of his little hobbies. But he has an office building in New York. He has an office in this building. And it's called...Goldman Sachs. I know, you're all shocked. But he does. He does hold an office in Goldman Sachs.

And I'd always heard that, you know, if you wanna rise up through the chain of power in satanism here in America and the New World Order, everybody comes through Goldman Sachs. Internships there, or you work there as an employee at one point in your rise up. That's so you can be groomed properly by the real power behind the world which is the bankers; Goldman Sachs.

We're Being Dominated and Controlled on Every Side by the Luciferian Agenda

You know, the highest ranking Satanist is the chairman at the Federal Reserve. You would think, I was told, it was the archbishop of New York, St. Paul's Cathedral. Then I was corrected that it was the Federal Reserve chairman. So I don't know which one it is. Doesn't really matter to me. They're all just going to hell for refusing to accept Yahushua as Savior. You know, worship Satan as god.

That's how small everything is really becoming, folks. America, itself, just seems to be getting tighter and tighter, and smaller and smaller, because we're being so dominated and controlled on every side by this Luciferian agenda. There's practically no room to breathe anymore.

Then you have the Satanists who are just underground Satanists still. They sacrifice in their temples and altars to Satan underground, literally. Have their underground bases, underground churches.

Then you have the New Age agenda which is open in everybody's faces, only it takes on different personas as well.

One of the Biggest New Age Facets Is Yoga

Different facets of the New Age are broken apart so it looks like, uh, what do you wanna call it...decentralized. You know, they don't have just one New Age religion or [inaudible]. They decentralize it, break it up in parts, so that different parts of it can snare different groups of people. Because as a whole, they weren't getting the masses enough. They weren't getting the numbers. But when they broke up and decentralized, they tend to reach out and be able to grab and deceive more people at a time.

One of the biggest things going on is yoga. And you've actually seen people talking about Christian yoga. Churches having yoga sessions. And yoga is very dangerous. It's very satanic. There's nothing Christian about yoga. This is Satan's wolves in the churches leading the gullible to damnation because that's what they're there for. Most of them.

People think, "Oh, he's a pastor. He must be a good guy because Satanists can't claim to be Christians. Satanists can't claim to have accepted the Lord as savior." I don't know who started that lie, but so many Christians believe it. That's why if they walk up to a Satanist, and they'll ask, "Who's your Lord and Savior?" he'll look at them and say, "Jesus Christ." [laughs] It doesn't bother a Satanist. I remember I was in church and one of the sayings, "Oh, a Satanist can't admit he's a Christian," or something. And it was such a lie. It was such a lie.

First of all, Jesus Christ is not the Son of God's real name. And so, if you're gonna hold Acts 4:12 literal, neither is there salvation under any name under heaven, under God, but Jesus Christ, basically.

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved."

Then you're all in trouble. Because Jesus Christ is not His real name. It's Yahushua ben Joseph. Call him Yahushua. But that's His Hebrew name

So, anyway. You can see how the deceptions are gonna be so easy to snare the church sheeple. They're so smart, they're stupid. They think they know their Bibles. They don't.

Yoga as a Way of Soul-Scalping Is Very Getting Dominant

But this yoga thing. You know, the Lord was telling me ways of soul-scalping because it's getting so massive. It's getting so dominant. And when you open things that were shut, and supposed to be kept shut, you're gonna run into trouble. You're gonna run into soul-scalping and possessions, demonic possessions, which are two different things, basically. Because a scalping can typically take place outright, but it usually involves some kind of demonic possession first. Demons take hold of a person, and then the ultimate scalping takes place. And the ultimate scalping is replacing that human with an alien host.

I don't know what they do with a human soul. They can either kill the person if it's one of theirs, outright. Like, if you sign the dotted line for fame and fortune, and sell your soul to the devil, Satan possesses you at that point on. And, for a lot of people, there can be no turning back. If it doesn't possess them right away, it's kind of like a mercy time where they could back out of it. Most of them are told they can't, but you can. The blood of Yahushua can break all contracts. So, if you sign that dotted line with Satan, and you accept Yahushua as Savior, His blood can break that contract you made with Satan.

But they don't tell them this. They scare them and tell them, "Well, that's it. You're mine now." They don't scare them. I mean, these people sign the dotted line because they're all for it. You know? They want the fame and fortune and wanna join Satan's side. But the second they do that Satan owns them, almost technically. Doesn't really own them till their dead, but they can be soul-scalped. So, I guess that's my point.

They can be soul-scalped at that point. Their bodies can become havens, literally, for demonic and alien entities. And they can either just take over them and work through them, and push that original person, uh, it's hard to explain. People who dissociate would know how to relate to it. Because when people dissociate you leave, technically, your entire physical awareness, go back into your mind, recesses of your mind somewhere, and another being takes over your body. That's basically what happens with soul-scalping. These people dissociate, they go wherever they go, when they dissociate, and--the astral realm, I'm assuming--and the being, the Reptilian host takes over the body, basically.

Or it can become a permanent thing where the human is totally just killed and then the alien takes over the body completely. There is no dissociating. He just owns it completely. Satan completely takes over it.

But this is becoming more and more dominant amongst us. And some of the ways they trick and fool people into becoming soul-scalped is through yoga. They use the mantras. These people saying mantras over and over again and calling for spirits and all, they have no idea what they're really doing. They think it's some cool Middle Eastern thing. It's satanism.

And not only that, but with drugs. Drug abuse. Especially the drugs of today which are more potent and powerful than anything you've ever had.

Kundalini Spirits in the Church - Awakening the Serpent Power within Leads to Possession and Soul-Scalping

The kundalini awakening. The big thing going on in the churches today about the kundalini. There is nothing more satanic than that. It's just out there. It's so--in fact, the gnostic word for spinal cord is serpent. They understood it to be the serpent. Kundalini is serpent awakening. They wanna waken up the serpent power within them. And it starts at the base of their spinal cord and works all the way up to their head, the crown chakra. There's seven chakras. And it goes through each chakra. And it's supposed to open up the chakras. And make them more knowledgeable. But the Lord's told me it just leads to outright possession and soul-scalping.

There was an article I was reading and it talks about kundalini complications. And this is something they don't tell people involved with yoga. 'Cause the whole basis of yoga is to awaken the serpent power within you. That's the whole basis. Now, the Western view is that, "I'm just learning muscle techniques and relaxation techniques." Okay. That's like, you know, going and sitting into a bar and saying, you know, you're there to enjoy the atmosphere, the spirits that are there. I don't know.

But either way, found it interesting that there's a huge problem with complications with people trying to awaken their chakras; this whole kundalini experience. And the number one problem is an overload of one's nervous system causing the person to have a break with reality. A break with reality necessitating a hospital stay and medical treatment. A break from reality. 'Cause that's the one thing the Lord told me when I was talking to Him about it, is that these people open what should be closed, and then start to experience these demonic possessions.

And, for the most part, a lot of them are convinced they're having these huge spiritual revelations that the rest of us just aren't having because we're not as gifted as they are. [laughs] I guess that's one way of putting it. 'Cause I've run into all kinds of people that have their chakras opened and they're all into this stuff. And the Lord's told me that's a Pandora's Box. They can't even deal, begin to deal, with the problems that they have. And then the reasons most of them have so many problems is because they've opened Pandora's box.

You know, the Lord closed a person's chakras. And these are all part of the judgment between Adam and Eve. They lost a lot of the gifts, and the talents, and the knowledge they had before the fall. Now Satan wants to redo and undo part of that judgment. And undoing that judgment is by getting people to try to open up the chakras that they have.

You know, if the Lord wanted us to open up the chakras, we'd have been born with them open. He would've had a Sermon on the Chakras, right beside the Sermon on the Mount.

Speaking in Tongues Is Abhorrent to God - He's Told Me People Curse Him - They Could Be Inviting Demons into Them

And people that get into this New Age stuff, they want you to think you're missing something. It's like the Pentecostals and their tongue-speaking. "You must be missing something. You must not be a good Christian because you're not speaking in tongues."

Speaking in tongues is abhorrent to God. He hates it. He doesn't have to speak to you in a babbling language. And He doesn't need you to speak to Him in one. He understands your language perfectly. That's not a tongue of the spirit, a language of the spirit. It's a language of the flesh and Satan dominates it. People sit there in their tongues and they curse the Lord. They don't know what they're saying. They curse Him. He's told me they curse Him. [Strange Tongue]

And then they have an interpreter. They have the whole charade. Satan plays it well. There'll always be someone around who can interpret what someone said in tongues. Satan tells them what to say. What the interpretation is. And, of course, the interpretation isn't anything what the person said. [laughs softly] It's just a charade, folks. It's a satanic charade. And that's what this kundalini stuff is. And that's what this chakra stuff is. It all leads into possessions and soul-scalping.

And these people at Pentecostal meetings speaking in tongues, they could be inviting demons into them. They wouldn't know. Inviting demons. And then they need deliverance. They stay in the Pentecostal circles forever. Because the person in front of you, if you're in deliverance, the person in front of you gets delivered, and then he leaves, and the pastor delivered it, puts it in the next person standing in line. You leave with getting delivered of one demon that's harassing you, leave with another, get a new problem. These are all forms of possessions and soul-scalpings, folks.

Soul-Scalping and Chemtrails - I See the Term Phlegm in the Codes All the Time

And then something I was reading at this forum--sometimes you find information in the weirdest places, and this is one of them--um, if I could find it. Uh...chemtrails. It was regarding soul-scalping and chemtrails. Because, this raised my eyebrows. Because I see the term phlegm in the Codes all the time. And, you know, ever since this whole--the chemtrail operation's been going on for forty years. But the last tens years, significantly, and the last decade it's been closer aligned with pneumonias, also vaccinations. And so, when I see the term phlegm, you think some kind of pestilent attack either through vaccinations or chemtrails. People are gonna get pneumonia. Things like that.

But what I found interesting was this guy's interpretation of phlegm. Why they're putting so much phlegm in the trails and why it's causing it. See if I can find it...'cause, you know, in the early days, back in the '90s--it's not the early days, but earlier--people were starting to come down with Morgellons Disease. And that's because they were putting fibers in the chemtrails.

But it didn't have--and at that time I was warning there's gonna be some kind of pestilent attack between--it was California, Arizona, and Texas. It was California, Florida, and Texas. I don't remember the three states. Ended up being the exact three states I had said it would be. And it was this Morgellons attack. It didn't have the desired massive effect. There was people that got Morgellons, and the doctors didn't know what to do with them. They didn't know what it was. Refused to even acknowledge it was a disease or a plague. People couldn't get any relief from it. It's still a problem with Morgellons. But now it's being more accepted as some kind of a plague.

They're Using Nanotech Mucus to Cause Phlegm to Kill People at Night

But they went from fibers and they went into some kind of this nanotech mucus. And at first it just caused allergylike symptoms with people. And, you know, you hear from a lot of people that notice chemtrail planes out all day, they'll start getting problems with their allergies. But these nanotech mucus contains nanotech brain cells, which would replace the brain cells of anyone who, perhaps, die overnight.

They have dry mucus and mold in these chemtrails. What happens is people are sleeping at night and they suffocate on their own phlegm. And what would happen is the replicating of their brain cells would continue on so that soul-scalping could take place. An alien could take that person's body. Take over it. Because it's not officially dead 'cause it's still replicating brain cells. The person's soul would be gone, but it could be inhabited by an alien host at that time, and so.

I know it sounds crazy, but this is what they're doing. It's actually--when you find truth like this mixed in with all the other stuff on the Internet, seems pretty interesting. You've just gotta be able to chew the truth and spit out the hay. You know, if I see something that I can see that's aligned with the Bible Codes and what I see in the Codes, and then see somebody talking about it, that, you know, you rarely see people even mentioning it talking about, it's pretty interesting at that point. Because they drop this mucus stuff and you end up breathing it and inhaling it. And then what happens is the mucus cuts off oxygen to your lungs and sends neuro impulses to the brain so it recognizes suffocation.

If you wake up, some people wake up like your body's numb. Kind of like a sleep apnea. Maybe you'll jerk and wake up, realizing you're not breathing. Uh, I don't know exactly how to explain it. Maybe you wake up and you start coughing phlegm. Maybe the Lord's jerked you out of a deep sleep. You didn't realize it's Him, and you just happen to wake up and go into a coughing attack, and you're coughing up phlegm.

They're using this mucus to cause phlegm to kill people at night. And then, a demonic or Reptilian soul (either one) replaces the human soul. And this is a huge method of soul-scalping people. And this one almost goes under the blanket. I mean, people wouldn't notice it. You just kind of wake up the next morning and your husband's kind of out there, maybe acting weird, maybe not acting like his normal, usual self. Or your wife. And you start noticing things are just different about the person, but you don't put two and two together. But the real person's gone, and now you just have this demonic or Reptilian host that now controls your spouses body.

I mean, 1 in 40 people's estimated to have been soul-scalped this way. And you wonder why our divorce rate's so high. One of the typical things, signs, just all the broken up marriages. "What happened to my spouse? Not the one I married." And it almost always leads into divorces. And people don't know why. That's one of the reasons. The person you actually married at one time has been replaced. Soul-scalped, replaced. Either they walk amongst us, they live amongst us. They're here by the millions already. Billions of people have been affected.

Soul-Scalped and Possessed People on TV, Political Robots/Androids, and the Real Reasons for the Secret Service

When every person we see on TV is a soul-scalped and possessed human, their phase two will be complete. Phase one. Phase one will be complete. They'll be ready. And when the alien ships arrive en masse, that's just the icing on the cake for them. That means they've already got dominance and control of the world, of the earth. There's not much time left. 'Cause when you look on TV now, it's dominantly fake humans.

And I haven't seen anybody else on the Internet talking about android Obama and Romney for the last three debates. How do people not notice they're not human? It's not even humanly possible to blink one time a second, a nanosecond, and speak a paragraph, let alone run a two-hour debate. And they're so much thinner as robots than they are when they're just out there themselves. No one's noticed they used robots for the debate instead of the real candidates.

Why do they use the robots? So they can completely control what's being said. They're so afraid that when they use humans, that the humans will screw up and say something they're not supposed to. That's why when Obama does real speeches, and they're not pulling out the robot, they always have Secret Service standing close to him. I've never seen them have to do it, but they can sabotage and stop whatever he's doing if he says something out of line. That's what they're there for. They're not there to take a bullet for the president. They're there to make sure he stays in step. He doesn't say anything he's not supposed to. They control everything.

Secret Service, you can think of it as a two-part organization. Yeah, there's the window-dressing part, where they protect the president. And then you have the other half, where they control the president. You know, they follow the president around to make sure he's doing what he's supposed to be doing. Only saying the things he's supposed to be saying. Not giving anything up. Not saying anything out of misstep. Not giving away the agenda.

They're so paranoid. They hate having to use humans. That's why, for debates, they totally use the robots, the androids. So that everything is controlled being said. They don't have to worry about the humans screwing up. There must've been some screwups somewhere, sometime, if they're so adamant on this tight of control. I'd love to know what and who did it. [laughs softly] Because now it's just so obvious. To those who have their eyes open.

Another reason they have suck tight control with Secret Service around them is so you can't get too close to the cars and see inside them, even though they're black-tinted windows. People used to be able to see Bill Clinton shape-shift in his limo. They'd look in the car, it'd be a Lizard in it. So they're putting an end to that one.

I've heard that if you get too close to the Beast, Obama's Beast [presidential limousine], that it's real suffocating. It's just almost like a paralyzing evil. It just suffocates you, you can't even move, can't even breathe. It's just like a real dark, paralyzing, suffocating evil. It's because they're evil beings, folks.

People Need to Protect Their Souls - Stay Out of Sin and Stay in the Lord's Hands

They're really, really beginning to dominate the masses. I can't say it enough. People need to protect their souls. You know, you're being deceived, you're being tricked, and you're losing your souls. The deceptions. By deceptions Satan deceives the world. So things people do aren't necessarily gonna seem evil to them. They're doing it for all the right reasons. They wanna raise their awareness, their consciousness. To them, they're doing it for the right reasons. But it's deception and Satan's gonna steal their souls. And that's what's happening. On a massive, massive scale. He doesn't even have to start chip-implantation enforcement yet. Doesn't have to because he's got huge success just on deceptions.

Watch the things you do. Stay out of sin. That's how you keep Satan from getting your soul. Stay out of sin. The Lord protects His. And His don't leave His hands. They're not involved with Satan's toys on his playground. They're in the Lord's hands. They stay in His hands. They're doing the things He wants them to do. That's why He's covered and protected--covers and protects them in His hands. They're His. They're following Him. They're doing what He leads them to do. Not what their pastors deceive and trick them into doing. Even the Bible says if two are deceived, they both fall into the pit. Pastor and the believers. Can't blame it on your pastors, folks. Take personal responsibility for your own relationship with the Lord. Whether you're being deceived or not's not His fault, it's yours.

Anyway, I'll be back next week, 10 o'clock. Still need your support, folks. [inaudible] gonna get through these next several months here. Gonna find out what their next plan of attack is so we can jump ahead and get areas protected as they're gonna be needed to be. Helping Warriors stand up and get their own areas. Need your help, folks.

Till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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