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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
November 12, 2012


They're Looking at Ways to Stop Free Speech on Internet Websites and Radio Shows, Stop Orgone Sales, and Ban Gun Sales

And hello, everybody.  You're live.  It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner.  And it is November 12.  And slowly inching towards the end of the month.  Posted a few things on my list this week.  And I've been mentioning over the last few weeks.  And actually saw a UN posting on it.  That there's gonna be a UN-sponsored event in Dubai next month.  And this is gonna propose new regulations and restrictions for the Internet which, critics say, will censor free speech, levy tariffs on ecommerce.

And this is the same thing I've been saying in that they were going to come after free speech on the Internet.  They wanna regulate websites.  Alternative-truth websites.  Bigmouth websites.  And YouTube, they wanna stop the expose of information on YouTube.  A lot of info being posted.  

And they wanna come after the orgone sales.  And so, in doing so, in a direct and roundabout way, go after--say they're going after all sales, but what they really wanna do is come after our orgone sales, which is ridiculous because that's not even worth having a meeting about.  Most people make orgone themselves.  They don't--won't even buy it, and so.  

You know, whatever.  It shocks them to no end that we have the freedom to mail their demise all over the world.  [laughs]  Because our particular brand of orgone is the only one that's destroying them.  It's effective, and so they wanna stop it.  And they've been trying various ways for the last several years.  It's been a major point of topic at the Pentagon, at the White House, at the UN how to stop the orgone.  And so they're desperate.  They're picking at needles.

But that's what they're gonna do.  And now they're having a UN meeting next month.  I asked my source how much longer I had for my websites and radio show.  And I was told probably December or January.  So, the way it looks, probably the end of December or January.  'Cause they will jump on whatever restrictions it is the UN gives out.  They will jump on those.  They will start following UN mandates.

Gun ban talks resuming in March.  They'll adopt that.  They're just gonna start adopting all of these UN regulations and mandates, folks, so tighten your belts.  You know what I mean.  Let's get ready for the ride.  'Cause it's gonna come fast and furious.  You know, it might seem like it's quiet now, but they're just plotting.  They're busy plotting.  They're still mad over New York.  Not being able to destroy it.  The orgone beating them.  And so they're plotting ways to kill us.  How can they kill us, they wanna know.  So that what's actually been going on.  

Obama's Weird Occultic After-Election Rituals 

I know they're just a ritual at the end of this month.  Remember last time Obama was elected back in 2008 they all took off to India.  Obama had like an entourage of 400 corporate CEOs, and all these celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Miley Cyrus, and a bunch of others took off to India at the same time.  Because there was a huge ritual in a cave in India that time.  I remember talking about it back then on my show.

Well, now it's the same thing, except this time it's in Denver.  They're all gonna flock to Denver at the end of November for some kind of a ritual again for Obama.  I know at the last ritual they had him hung up on a cross and they were carrying him around on a cross.  I don't understand this ritual stuff; what the significance and meaning was.  But if it's occultic, you better believe it's demeaning towards the Son of God.  And that's the kind of stuff they do, folks, and so.

Obama's Been Holding Back and Delaying Things Till After the Election and Now Things Will Happen One After Another

Either way, the war of the saints is on.  You know, Obama was doing things slow.  Kind of holding back to get over the election hump.  Delaying things.  And the thing about Obama is he's real slow and he's real methodical.  He never really quite knows what he wants to do.  He knows what he doesn't wanna do, but he doesn't know what he wants to do a lot of times.  

And so, he's not fully a part of the New World Order cabalist regime that our entire government is involved with.  Because he's got other alligiances.  And so, he's always fighting against the alliance that's here, faction that's here.  And so it's interesting to watch him stall the things they wanna do and try to pull in outside agendas.  What it does is it delays time, and so people have time to prepare and get ready for the things that are coming.  Because they're coming.  I mean, it's, you know, no more delay time.  

There was things that should have been happening in 2008, 2009 that were delayed till 2012, 2013.  And I told you the beginning of this year the next two years were going to be very fundamental to their entire plans.

And so, we've seen a lot of set up in 2012.  We were able to beat them at a lot of things and all of their plans in 2012.  But in 2013 they don't have to hold back anymore.  They now have, what they consider, time on their side.  Everything's on their side.  And so, what I've been seeing in the Bible Codes is nothing short of just one thing after the next.  

The Aliens' Arrival Is Gaining Momentum - Might See One on December 21 When the Earth Aligns with the Center of the Galaxy

Several different beings arriving.  And I told you that this Ashtar Command, this whole New Age group, fifth-dimension blah-blah land group, that there were several of them, probably like 11 or 12 of them, that would arrive.  Maybe not together at the same time, but there's about 12 of them altogether that will arrive.  In the Codes I see various terms that describe them.  And shamrock descendant--and shamrock is like a shapeshifter, one who morphs--descendant, coming down to Earth.  This one associated with Shema, which the Bible Codes calls a skylight.  And the Capricorn; and we all know that associated with Sananda.  Sananda being his cigar-shaped ship people have seen all over the world.  It was just over Lake Erie not too long ago.  I knew he was in Ohio.  I'd seen it in the Codes.

You know, there's other terms.  There's one coming back up as Brahman.  Another one that pretty much describes.  I don't know if that's gonna just be this Sananda, or Maitreya, or one of the others that are coming.  But there's more than one.  And their arrival is budding.  It's blooming.  Which means it's gaining momentum.  Could be--you know, when you see something like that in the Codes, it could be one month, ten months.  It's something that's budding.  It's blooming.

And so, I try to watch all the time for arrivals.  And seems like it's really dominant that by spring and summer we're gonna see something.  We're gonna see one of them arrive, and so.  I know a lot of people expect one of them to arrive December 21.  You know, it's a possibility.  I can't say no.  I can just say there's several different months and routes that they can arrive.  And the big thing about December 21 is when the Earth aligns with the center of the galaxy.  And there's some kind of a rift.  I don't know.  I don't have any of that info in front of me, but it's an alignment.  

But the thing I see about that, most importantly, is that there's a portal opening on December 21.  And that's why they renamed that constellation Ophiucus--did a radio show on that last year--to come after Sagittarius Constellation.  Constellation would be the thirteeth constellation.  

And it's kind of funny because in their constellation alignments, Sagittarius, which is a horse rider with a bow and arrow, is shooting its arrow at Ophiucus.  And so, that was kind of symbolic of the war we're in right now.  I am a Sagittarius.  And been fighting against these beasts for years.  So kind of, maybe it comes to a head.  [laughs]  Just kind of funny, you know, to view things that way.  I think we're all born on the dates we're born on for certain reasons.  The Lord doesn't do anything by chance.  Everything has some kind of a meaning to Him.  

The Satanists Are Getting Ready for Satan's Golden Age; An Age Where There Are No Humans Left on Earth

So, interesting, at the same time that I'm seeing these attacks that they're planning, that I'm hearing from the Satanists that they're getting ready and preparing to begin Satan's Golden Age, to bring his Golden Age to Earth.  And so, this whole Golden Age thing is the 8th kingdom.  It's the Age of Aquarius.  And always in alignment with anything to do with Sananda and his arrival, because they work so evil behind the scenes.

The biggest thing on their agenda is a cleansing program.  And what they've been trying to do is use the chemtrails to spray poisons on the people.  Specifically, influenza-type plagues.  And so, that's why I was jumping on the gun last week.  Trying to get everybody to make sure you go on the defensive or the offensive.  When you see a chemtrail plane, ask the Lord to cause it to malfunction, and spray out water instead of chemicals, and return it back to its base.  

Because they're really targeting where Yah's people are.  They know where you are.  They know the areas you live in.  And they're trying to eliminate them with toxic chemtrails to give them pneumonia, influenza.  And this mucus phlegm attack I keep seeing in the Codes.  Also seeing strain of Black Plague.  It's some kind of strain.  And, you know, that's what they've been harping on the past month, and continuing to do so, trying to get people sick and dying.

Their idea of a golden age is an age where there's no humans left on Earth.  And the humans that are left are soul-scalped, and they're chip-implanted, and they're a hundred percent controlled.  And so, until that Golden Age comes about, it's a war against humanity.  It's a war against mankind.

So people need to get the orgone out because the only thing, beside the Lord, Himself, that's gonna protect you.  And you can't be alert 24/7 watching your back at every angle.  That's what I like about the orgone.  It's the constant presence of The Most High here.  And I can do other things without always focusing on stopping attacks.  Because the orgone does that automatically.

Fortify Your Homes and Yards with Orgone and Seek the Lord for What You Need to Do with the Time You Have Left

You know, when I asked the Lord what we needed to do, He said to fortify your homes, your yards.  People need to do that.  Need to hunker down and get ready for the fight because it's coming.  You know, they want to eliminate the Lord's people off the planet.  And they're already doing it, and have been doing it in every country around the world and America is now.  They don't have to hide anymore.  Obama's not worried about reelection in 2016.  He's not worried about that.  Wouldn't even get that far.

He's gonna systematically tear down and destroy this country piece, by piece, by piece.  When everybody's in an uproar over all their lies and propaganda, they need to be seeking the Lord and asking Him what they need to do with the time they have left.

The CIA Killed the US Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi Because He Had Damaging Information on Obama

You know, I talked last week--there's still talk on the Internet going on about the Benghazi attack.  And I mentioned last week how that was all CIA-orchestrated.  And that was confirmed to be true.  The entire thing.  I mean, come on, folks.  Muslims don't rape men.  And so, the whole thing with the Muslims raping our ambassador, that was such a homo calling card of the New World Order.  That was their calling card.  That's their ritualistic-type murder.  The CIA took him out.  And the reason that they can blame Obama and get away with it is because Obama can't be tried for it.  You know?  

I mean, the guy is titanium.  People have been blasting him for years about no birth certificate, over a hundred social security numbers, and it doesn't matter because there's not a judge in this country that will even listen to it.  There's nothing anyone in a position of authority will do about it.  So do you really think anybody's gonna do anything if Obama sat and watched the Benghazi attack on a large-screen TV in the bunker (which he probably did)?  Do you think they're gonna do anything about it?  Come on, folks.  No one's done anything about this guy for 4 years.  He's got a free pass to do what he wants for the next umpteen.  And that's what he's gonna do.

So all these people are endlessly arguing about him being reelected, about the Benghazi attack.  And, you know, no one's even asking what the motive was.  Everyone wants to concentrate and focus on the fact that it happened and Obama didn't stop it.  Well, why did they kill him?  Why don't you get to the real info?  WHY did they kill him?  Well, they killed him because he had damaging information on Obama and he didn't want it out.  So what damaging information was it?

US General Petraeus' Extramarital Affair Just a Calling Card to Discredit Him for Something - Obama Not a Pedophile Like Past Presidents

You know, this whole extramarital affair thing is so stupid.  Don't even waste your time watching the TV propaganda on that stuff.  They have those kinds of things ready on everybody.  So if they need to take somebody down and out, and discredit them, they can pull out something.  I mean, this kind of stuff's required on all of them.  They could have easily pulled out the fact that he's a Satan worshipper and sacrifices babies.  He's a pedophile.  They could pull out those kinds of things, but they won't because they don't want people to know that any of that's true, that that stuff actually exists.  So they usually pull out the kiddie porn or the extramarital affairs, or they suicide them.  So it's usually just calling cards.  You can always tell when something's just a totally lie.  So now they pull out the extramarital calling card.  And, you know what?  I just call it a calling card because they all have extramarital affairs.  I don't think I know one person that's loyal to anybody, that works in the government.  

I think I've shocked myself last week on the show, or during the week when I was making a comment to something, because I realized Obama's the only president that's not a pedophile.  He's the only president we've every had that doesn't hard children.  That's one thing I can say about him.  As satanic as he is, as much as they pull out the android and say, "Oh, look.  Here's Obama," and the whole world is mesmerized by an android, can't even figure out it's not a real human they're looking at speak, besides all the things that he does and he is and he's gonna do, he doesn't harm children, he's not a baby-raper.  And look at the ones we've had: Clinton, Bush, Nixon, Ford, Reagan; they were all pedophiles.  I've never heard one instance, one remark about Obama being a pedophile.  I just realized that this week.  Kind of surprised me.  Oh, I'm not saying he's a good guy.  He certainly has his issues.  But just different that he's not a pedophile.  Most of them make a living out of raping kids, like George Bush, Sr.  They're just disgusting, wicked, evil people, folks.

Their Cleansing Program Isn't Getting Anywhere Because of the Orgone - We're Getting Some Victory Over the Vaccine Program

So they have their cleansing program going on, which isn't getting anywhere because we have orgone-saturated skies everywhere.  And these chemtrails will hit the orgone and dissipate, disappear.  But they're still trying.

Stay away from the vaccines.  I can see in the Codes that we're getting some victory over the vaccine programs.  People are waking up and realizing fluoride and vaccines are the opposite of what they're supposed to be.  They're harming and killing and destroying people not helping.  More and more people waking up and standing against it.  Same thing with the chemtrail programs.

And I find it interesting that while Sananda works in the background with all these programs to try to destroy humanity, that he's gonna arrive to Earth claiming to be the savior of mankind [laughs].  It's so twisted.  It really is.  It's one oxymoron after the next.

The Bahai Faith Is Primed to Become the New World Order One-World Religion

I did a show a couple years ago on Bra--Baha---what is it called?  Bahai faith.  And kind of puts it into perspective when you realize why they want war with Iran so bad.  'Cause it really doesn't have anything to do with nuclear weapons.  Iran hasn't been an offensive neighbor for years.  They had the 10-year war with Iraq back in the '70s, followed by the 10-year war with Iraq with the Russians.  And now the umpteen-year war with Iraq by the Americans.  But other than that, Iran has never made any threatening moves towards Israel.  So everything you hear about their nuclear program and trying to destroy Israel, they're just lies.  They're lies.  Propaganda.

What I find interesting is Bahai faith that is located in Haifa, Israel--how ever you wanna pronounce it, Hi-fa, Ha-fa, Hi-fa [pronounced as in the word "hi" according to] on Mount Carmel.  Mount Carmel is the same mountain that the angels met on when they fell, when they made an agreement to come to earth to procreate with human women.  200 officers met there and made an oath that they would all leave heaven and come to earth.  You can read about that in the book of Enoch.

And interesting that it's marked by an obelisk and a temple on Mount Carmel.  Now, obelisks are like a New World Order symbol in every country.  They all have the obelisk.  Interestingly enough, this whole Bahai faith was originated from Iran.  The prophet Bahaullah (whatever his name is) originated from Iran.  But Iran rejected him.  And they denounced him and his religion.  And just refused it as a religion or a belief.  And so, perhaps that's why they're so mad at Iran and they feel the need to destroy Iran.  Because Iran won't accept this Bahai faith which is being primed to become the New World Order one-world religion.  The Iranians won't have anything to do with it.  And this guy that originally started it was from Iran.  Maybe that's the real reason they need to go and destroy Iran.  Try to scare them into submission.  

Bahaullah, the prophet--in this religion he was a prophet.  Just Moses, Jesus, Muhammad.  And here's the New Age red flag, follks.  Whenever you see Jesus listed as just a prophet.  Because these New Age false religions won't recognize Yahushua, the Son of God, as the Son of God.  To him he's just a prophet.  And so, if he's not the Son of God, then His death, and resurrection, and mankind isn't mentioned, isn't recognized.  He's just demoted to a prophet status from being the Messiah, our Messiah.  They all demote Him.  

Mount Carmel is where Elijah made a stand against the Baal false prophets.  And right now, this religion that's made up of millions of members worldwide, they have their own court building, called the International Court of Justice.  And so, what they seek to do is teach all religions--this one raised my eyebrows, too, because the New Agers all claim that when the Ascended Masters arrived, Maitreya arrives, Sananda arrives--just wholely accepting the role of Sananda because for years [dog barks] Benjamin Creme had promoted Maitreya.  [dog barks]  Sit down.  And now they're having to promote Sananda because Maitreya AWOLed.  And so, uh......I lost my train of thought here.  Dog barking.

Either way, what they wanna do is pull all religions into this Bahai faith.  And the New Agers say the same things.  That when the Ascended Masters arrive, they're gonna teach Christians all the errors of Christianity, which they snuck in to begin with, they put in to begin with.  

Yahushua Didn't Take the Time on Earth, Every Day, to Teach the Apostles Only to Leave and Stand Up Paul Instead

If you think about it, all three of the world's major religions have a major, MAJOR false prophet leading it.  If you look at Islam, Muhammad was a false prophet.  The major prophet of Islam.  If you look at Catholicism, they're all worshipping Mary.  And, of course, she's not a prophet, but they have the major idolatry issues.  Have everybody praying to and worshipping Mary.  

And in Christianity, they implanted Paul.  And in all the churches today, they preach Paul.  It's always what Paul says.  Let's open up the Bible and read Paul.  They read one of Paul's books.  Every one of the major religions today have a huge false influence in them to lead people astray, to lead them away from the truth.  You know, you can't follow Paul and Yahushua at the same time.  They're two totally separate people.  Yahushua's the Son of God, Paul was a deceiver sent in to destroy, and manipulate, and deceive the truth, and Christians.  That's why the apostles rejected him.  James and Peter excommunicated him from the church.  He tried to kill Peter.  

And, of course, all this information is held up, hidden away, the church will never expose.  The Dead Sea Scrolls reveals quite a lot of information.  Former books, former letters they kept out of the KJV because they revealed too much of who and what Paul was, the real story behind Paul.  Most Christians today follow Paul.  He's their main source of who they read.  And then they wonder why the Bible doesn't make sense, why the Bible's so contradictory.  Because Paul teaches another gospel.  He tells you in his own books he teaches another gospel.  

Yahushua didn't take the time on Earth--His ministry was three years, every day, day-in, day-out, walking and teaching the apostles--to leave, and then say, "Oh, I made a mistake.  OK, I'm gonna stand up Paul and he's gonna change everything.  Call him."  Paul was a deceiver.  If you throw Paul's books out, the rest of the Bible makes sense.

Bahai Is a Sect of Islam Which Sananda Will Promote When He Arrives

But, anyway, these Ascended Masters are gonna come and reveal all the errors of people's religions and try to regroup everybody under the Bahai faith, this New World Order.  Bahai is a sect of Islam.  So the Muslims will adhere to it.  And they've always been taught that when their mahdi comes, he'll set their sects straight 'cause they're all in a bunch of different sects, arguments over doctrine.  And that's exactly what this Bahai faith system is waiting for.  They're waiting for their person to arrive to set everybody straight, the return of Jesus.  

And so, it all fits this Sananda perfectly.  Sananda arrives, promotes his Bahai faith, takes it to the Vatican, takes over the Vatican.  It all fits perfectly.  So, just have to wait and see how he relates with Obama.  Because I told you for a long time that him and Obama have an alliance together.  And the Vatican.  You know, they all--Sananda and the Vatican have been talking for years, working together.  Obama's in on it.  He knows what's going on.  So you've kind of got like a triangle between those three: the Vatican, Sananda, and Obama.  

Always interesting trying to figure out exactly what route they're gonna take.  You know, sometimes I just have to scratch my head.  But I'm glad it's not my job here on Earth to pinpoint exactly what they're gonna do because Satan spins spider webs everywhere.  He spins routes everywhere.  It's just interesting.  I just like to analyze it and follow along because it's interesting.  It's not my job, but it's interesting.  

My Job Is to Get People Armed and Prepared with Orgone As Well As to Bring the Lord's People Back to Him

My job is to get people armed and prepared with orgone.  And, you know, I've done about as much as I can with that for the last 7 years now, going on 8.  I've done about--you know, I've talked till I'm blue in the face.  How much you needed to get it out there.  And then that's my job because--arming the Lord's people for the last days.  

You know, the Lord's never told me to arm His people by printing out religious tracts from religions, promoting a religion, sending it out, spending all my time and effort on religions.  You know, it's about relationship, folks.  It's not about religion.  

The Lord said for me to lead His people back to Him.  He didn't tell me to lead people to a Baptist religion, or a Methodist, or Lutheran, or Catholic.  He said lead my people back to Me.  Why?  Because they've all strayed away from Him.  Why?  Because their religions, their churches, have pulled them away from Him.  They do what's right in their own eyes.  People do what's right in their own eyes.  They think what they're doing is right.  Going to church every Sunday, tithing to the church.  Maybe that's not what the Lord wants you to do.  Because when you start seeking the Lord for truth in all things every day, He pulls you out of the churches.

A lot of people miss being around or having companionship with fellow believers, but when you start to learn the truth, you're gonna find that compatibility with these people is impossible.  They may be your brethren because their hearts are for the Lord, but their ears are shut, their eyes are shut.  They don't wanna hear the truth.  They don't wanna hear about the things that are coming, the things that are happening.  They think you're crazy.  

Everybody knows what I'm talking about, can relate to that, when you try to wake up your family members to the fact that the New World Order--who and what they are.  The Illuminati.  The bloodlines that control the world.  Aliens above our heads and starships waiting to attack Earth.  They think you're crazy.  They think you're ready for a white jacket [straitjacket].  

And so, it becomes very impossible to even associate with the brethren half the time because there's a distinct line: those who are awake and those who aren't.  And those who aren't fight it tooth-and-nail.  Takes them years to wake up.  And you know what?  We don't have years anymore.  We don't have that anymore.  The years and we don't have the luxury.  Time is luxury now.  Time is luxury.  A lot of people are gonna get swept up in their ignorance, in their blindness and darkness, and they're going to get caught up in the deceptions that are coming and the war that's coming.  You know.

When They Start Controlling Websites on the Internet, You Will Be Cut Off from the Truth

The first thing the Beast of Revelaton 13 does, whether it's Obama, whether it's Sananda, whether it's whoever else people wanna think it is, the first thing the Beast does is being his war on the saints.  Now, there's not gonna be media coverage.  There's not gonna be a loud announcement, "Hey, there's a war on the saints going on.  Hello?"  There's gonna be censorship.  There's gonna be blackouts.  People are gonna be disappearing and it's not gonna be reported.  People are gonna be pulled out of their homes.  It's not gonna be reported.

A huge reason for tighter controls on the Internet, so that it can't be reported on the Internet either.  When you start seeing the tighter controls and restrictions is when they're gonna start acting without abandon.  When they can start controlling everything on the Internet and everything you hear.  Because when they start controlling websites on the Internet, they're gonna be shutting down talk shows like mine.  You're gonna be cut off from the truth.  You're gonna be cut off from what's going on.  There's not gonna be any way I'm gonna be able to be in contact with the Warriors at that point anymore.  It's like just all of a sudden contact's gone.  There'll be no websites, be no radio shows, be no more Facebooks.  They're going to clamp down on everything.  And that's when the war on the saints is really gonna go on without abandon here in America.

The Lord Didn't Regather His People into Israel in 1948

They're already killing Christians in Iran, in China, in Africa, in Israel.  Why do they target the Christians?  Why do they teach tolerance of all world religions, but they have no tolerance for Christians?  Because they know they're the Lord's people.  The Lord's true Israelites are His people who follow Him.  That's the true Israel.  It's not the land in the Middle East.  

You know, the Lord doesn't regather His people into Israel until after His second coming and after the war of Armageddon.  He didn't regather His people there in 1948.  That wasn't His regathering, that was the UN.  That was the New World Order setup.  Pulling all the Torah Jews to Israel and the Talmud Jews so they could set up Zionism, which is the same thing as New World Order satanism.  That's what dominates Israel today.  That was THEIR setup.  That wasn't the Lord regathering His people.  He doesn't regather His people into Israel until AFTER the battle of Armageddon.  That's why today you'll see more Jews in New York City, more real Jews, bloodline Jews, than you will in Israel.  They're not even Jewish in Israel, they're Hassidic.  Ask Rahm Emanuel.  He knows all about it.  They laugh about it all the time how stupid Christians are.  How easily they are led to believe falsehoods as truth.  Revelation 2:9 and 3:9; the fake Jews.  They're not real Jews.  So, anyway.

Things We Can Expect if They Want to Bring in the Golden Age of Lucifer

Just a heads up on some of the things coming.  Expect--you know, if they wanna bring in this Golden Age of Satan, Golden Age of Lucifer, then the things on the horizon we can be expecting--'cause they always depend which faction's in charge, which faction's doing what, 'cause there's different factions and I can't keep up on all of them.  If this is the one that's gonna take charge now, then we've got an economic collapse coming, on top of war on the saints, and a war on freedoms in America, a war on your personal rights.  Because to set up this global age of Lucifer, they can't have any of us around screaming about it.  That just simply isn't acceptable.  And a global reset means that there's going to be an economic crash here in America.  It's going to crash the American economy when they reset the global economy.  So that should be around the corner if they're gonna go this route; a global reset.

Also their cleansing program, which is part of their war on the saints, because these cleansing programs are all targeted at believers.  States where there's a high percentage of Christian believers.  So watch out for the Black Plague strains, influenza, pneumonia.  Anything to do with mucus and phlegm.  Lung issues, breathing issues.  Get the orgone out in your yard so it destroys the chemtrails.  Get it in your neighborhoods and your towns so they can't even spray in your area at all.  

And, you know, they're, like I said last week, they're soul-scalping on a massive scale right now.  I don't think I could emphasize it enough.  I can't put it in words to emphasize it enough.  But as I've said before, when every person you see on TV is a fake, then their agenda is complete.  I mean, come on, folks.  Open your eyes when you watch TV.  Look at the person's eyes you're looking at, you're watching on TV.  No human can blink once every second nonstop.  It's not humanly possible.  They're robots.  They're androids.  That's another big part of Sananda's program, as he comes as the messiah and savior of mankind, is robotism, androids, turning people into robots and zombies by chip-implantation and mind control.  They just want total mindless robots on earth.  

This is the Golden Age, folks.  And considering what the Golden Age is to fallen angels, because all of these Ascended Masters that are coming, this New Age agenda, these are considered begotten patriarchs.  They were begotten.  When the Lord created the angels, creation is just another term for begotten.  Created the angels.  They are the firstborn.  First ones that were created.  The eldest.  Seniority.  And two-thirds of them fell.  And the ones who fell with Satan in his rebellion against the Lord are the ones who are back with him leading the rebellion now.  The ones working in the background as Ascended Masters or other high-ranking titles, helping Satan usher in this New World Order on America, on the world.  

All the nations are all for a New World Order.  They just haven't decided who's gonna lead it.  China wants to lead it.  Russia wants to lead it.  America and Britain want to lead it.  [coughs]  And so they fight against each other.  [coughs]  Interfactional fighting, folks.

Warriors from Israel, We Need to Get the Sinai Desert and the Area Around Mount Sinai

I've said keep your eyes on the skies.  Mount Sinai might get interesting.  Sinai Desert.  Those areas always come up in the Codes, and so it's getting more intense with their mentions.  I suspect that Sananda will [coughs], these Ascended Masters will arrive in the Sinai Desert.  By doing so, it appeals to a lot of different agendas going on.  Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, Syria.  [coughs]  Just keep your eyes on the Sinai Desert.  

We need to get orgone in the Sinai Desert.  I've been screaming for years, "We need to get it there.  We need to get it there."  I guess it's not that easy.  Most people in Israel don't have cars.  Don't have a way to get orgone out that way.  I know we've got orgone in Mount Carmel.  And they're furious about it, but it's funny.  So I know we have it there.  We need to get it in the Sinai Desert and around Mount Sinai.  We need to get orgone there.  So any Warriors from Israel that are listening, you need a heads up on where to get it, if you haven't already gotten it.  But that's definitely where we need to target.

The Satanists Always Try to Force Prophecy to Happen and They Always Screw It Up

Chris Christie [governor of New Jersey] made an interesting comment on TV earlier today.  Kind of frustrated over their lack of destruction in New York and New Jersey.  Made a comment that they're just waiting on the Locusts in Revelations.  [laughs]  I didn't hear it myself.  I probably would've cracked up if I had, but they're waiting on the Locusts.  Well, the Locusts will arrive shortly after Sananda does, so.  

I know they're all working to get Sananda in.  I know this epic, proportionally, disaster was supposed to bring in Sananda.  Some kind of tie to Sananda.  But I was like, "Uh-uhn.  No way, they're gonna destroy New York City that way.  Uh-uhn.  They're not bringing him in that way."  So we all fought against it.  Started to stand up and fight.  I really was just waiting to see what the Lord was--waiting to see what He led me to do.  We'd already orgoned the city.  We already had walls up around it.  The Lord had us in New York in August.  Talk about a lot of back-breaking work.  That was back-breaking.  And saved the city.  But you know what?  The city's not gonna be destroyed by water.  The book of Revelation said it's gonna be destroyed by fire.  

So, something for the Satanists to think about.  They always think they know something, and they don't.  They always try to force prophecy to happen.  And they ALWAYS screw it up.  Because they don't interpret correctly.  I don't know who does their Bible-reading and coding in the Pentagon, but they should be flipping burgers.  They don't know what they're doing.

They're also trying to come out with a device that can convert our PO energy into DOE energies.  So, you know what?  With all the money they spend on this stuff, all we have to do is pray against it.  [laughs]  It's all we have to do.  Pray against it and it won't work.  So keep that in mind, folks, and keep it in your prayers.  I know the Lord's gonna let them have limited success with that in the coming month or two, for particular reasons that I'm not gonna go into.  

He allows things, folks, for His reasons.  Remember that prophecy will be played out.  You know?  Nobody can change prophecy.  It's written, it's gonna happen.  Because no matter what we do, the Lord ultimately knows the heart of men.  All all things are run by freewill and free choice, that simply just delays an agenda for a while.  It doesn't change anything.  It comes back later.  Prophecy's gonna happen.  The problem is people have so many different interpretations of what that is and they end up just going down their own roads.  [coughs]  And, of course, if the Satanists try to make it happen.  That's always just baffled me over the years.  Why they think they have to try to make it happen.  That started back with Bush.  He thought it was his job to make prophecy happen.  Anyway.

Read Up on the Bahai Faith, Because if They're Going to Use It, It's Already Set Up and Ready to Go

I don't know if I ever posted an article--I probably didn't--on this Bahai faith, but you can do a Wikipedia on it, you can Google it.  B-A-H-A-I.  Bahai, Baha, I don't know how you pronouce it.  [pronouced like the "ai" in Hawaii]  But it's B-A-H-A-I.  Google that.  Read up on it.  Because it kind of fits the bill in pulling in Christianity and Chrislam, everything together under one roof.  Just another route of theirs.  I don't know if they're gonna use this one.  I'm just telling you what it is.  It's there for them to use.  It's already set up and ready to go.  

I Need Your Support - If We Had Half the Money That Karl Rove Spent to Get Romney Elected, We Could Get All the Lizards Out of This Country

So, anyway, folks.  Be back next Monday night.  10 o'clock.  While I can.  I know I probably have another 4, 6 weeks maybe of radio shows.  And then we'll see what happens.  I've seen it in the Codes for a long time, where they're gonna come after free speech on the Internet, come after sales on the Internet.  They're just gonna start approving every mandate the UN puts out there, so.  This meeting is in Dubai next month.  The gun ban control talks take place in March.  I think it's March 18 to the 21st in New York City.  So, just prepare, folks.  The war is on against the saints.

Also, don't forget that I need your support for this ministry.  A lot of things we need to do in so little time.  If you look up in the sky, you see a lot of ships turning yellow, orange, red.  They're literally just burning.  Catching on fire.  Falling out of the skies.  That's because of the orgone.  That's because of the--saturated orgoned air catches them on fire.  It melts them and it catches them on fire.  And we need to continue getting it out there.  And so, I need your support to do that.  You can send donations to Sherry Shriner, PO Box 531, Carrollton, OH 44615.  

You know, I was reading something somewhere.  Karl Rove spent 178 million to try to get Romney elected into office.  Could you imagine if we had half that amount?  We could get all the Lizards out of this country.  [laughs]  We wouldn't have to fool with Democrats or Republicans.  We could chase all the Satanists out of this country.  Even Cheney's leaving the country.  He's going to Africa.  You know, we targeted all these places this year with orgone.  The estates of the top-ranking Lizards.  And they're leaving the country, folks.  And I told you they would leave.  We need to do it en masse.  We need to make them get out of our cities, out of our towns, out of our communities.  We need to get more work done.  The Lord had us really busy this year.  I worked my butt off this year.  I know a lot of you guys did, too.  So we need to keep that going, folks.  Not much time left.  It's why the Lord's giving us some nice weather; so we can get busy.

Anyway, till next week, everybody.  Yah bless.


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