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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
November 19, 2012


So Many New Agers Are from the Churches

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner and it's November 19. We're moving right along towards the end of this year. I, for one, am gonna have a laugh at all these New Agers waiting to ascend on 12/12 and 12/21, just to see the astonishment on the 22nd when they're all still here.

Folks, it's time to get out of apostasies. And, you know what kills me is that so many New Agers are from the churches. I don't know how they get turned around and pushed into the New Age agenda. They actually think they're filled with the Holy Spirit and they're being led by God. And, you know what? What does God say? He talks about the false angel of light, Lucifer.

In the Pentecostal Churches, When They Think They're Being Slain by the Spirit of God, They're Really Being Knocked Over by Demons

There's also a false angel that mimics His Holy Spirit. He was teaching me about this several years ago, about the Pentecostal denominational churches. You know, they think they're being slain by the Spirit of God, and they're falling all over the place. Couldn't be any further from the truth. It might feel like a warm, fuzzy feeling from the Lord, folks, but it's not Him. You know, I sat there and watched these people being--well, falling over. They weren't slain by Him. And I saw demons that would rise out of the people. They were literally knocking the people over. And then they would stand up and rise out of the people. And at that point, the people would get up and walk out of the church. And so--not out of the church, but just stand up and get back to their seats. So it was pretty wild. You know, I was amazed by the whole thing.

I've often been able to see into the spiritual realm when the Lord wants me to see things. And these demons, I've seen them before. They're not the ugly, grotesque animal kind. They're--actually, they mimic humans, but they're don't know how to explain it. They don't wear any clothes, but they're not really naked. It's not like you see any genital parts on them, but you see skin. And they have no hair. They're bald and just kind of weird-looking things. And they jump on people. And they're the ones that make people fall over.

Obama Gets People to Love Him by Using Hypnosis Techniques

They also use hypnosis techniques and other things on the crowd. I was watching a video about Obama using hypnosis techniques. And I remember years ago when I was warning about--this is back when Maitreya was supposed to come first--and I was warning about what the Lord had told me; not to watch this guy on TV. Not to watch them on TV because they use hypnosis techniques on people. And then I'm doing this Bible Code, and, sure enough, Obama doing hypnosis techniques. And there's also articles on the Internet and videos about what he's doing, how he's doing it.

And so, pretty wild, folks. A lot of times in these last days, don't even watch these people on TV. Now you know why people are so stupid, why they just fall for every whim. Somebody comes around promising change and they think it's a good change. He gave them change. He destroyed America. And he's gonna do so for the remainder. He ain't going anywhere. And he gets them to love him by using hypnosis techniques. So, a lot of things to watch out for.

The Shema Starship Has Been Abandoned

I was noticing in the Codes, Shema has been abandoned. And so, this is strike number two against their Bethlehem star. We decommissioned the first one back in 2008, 2009 and '10. So they spent a long time rebuilding it, trying to restore it. And now we've destroyed it again and they're out of commission on that one. It's been abandoned. They've actually just totally left the thing and abandoned it. And so, good job, Warriors. We're getting the orgone saturated in the atmosphere. It's affecting all of their spaceships, all of their starships, all of their objects coming in.

It's not Nibiru Coming in, It's the Second Sun, the Brown Dwarf Star, the Lord's Planet

You know, one of the things I keep seeing is these videos coming up, "Nibiru's coming in! Nibiru's here!" And you look at the videos and it's the second sun. You know, they don't care about Nibiru. Nibiru's not a problem for them. Nibiru--they were aligned with the Giants that were on Nibiru. We destroyed Nibiru when it came in last year. And it high-tailed it back to the southern hemisphere to get away from the northern hemisphere. And this Nibiru that's coming in is not Nibiru, it's the second sun. It's the Brown Dwarf Sun. And I've done videos, and have written articles on what this Brown Dwarf Star is. [The Brown Dwarf Star - Is Our Redeption Near?]

It's the Lord's planet. You know, people can't fathom that the Lord could have planets of His own, you know. I guess it's that mind-control religious programming that, you know, you hear the scriptures so much, and the doctrines, and the teachings that you start to imagine things the way you think they are. You know, we've all done that. You grow up thinking, well, there's a fine layer above the universe and heaven's up there. Heaven's on the top floor. And all the planets and everybody else are down below it. You know, you imagine all these things. And when you break through the mold of that, and you just sit at His feet and learn truth.

You know, it was Enoch that talked about this planet that he was taken to that the Lord had showed him that was being created for the forefathers and everybody who would come after him that would die. They would be taken to this planet. And this is the planet that people are now saying, "Hey, there's Nibiru." It's not Nibiru, it the second sun, it's Enoch's planet. And so, yeah, that does scare them. They have already tried to battle it, you know. They've been trying to shoot their nuclear weapons at it, I guess you could call it. Because they have very advanced spacecraft. They can shoot laser beams at it trying to destroy it, and they have [shot laser beams at it]. And the Lord just bounces it back at them and blows them up. It's been an ongoing war.

And this thing is coming closer to the earth. Coming closer and closer. And you know what? I challenge everybody who thinks I've lost my marbles, yet again, to read Revelation, chapter 7 and 8, and 14. Talks about the 144,000 standing in the presence of the Lord and He's writing His name on their foreheads. Really? Standing where? Standing where? You think it might be the second sun? This planet Enoch talks about?

Because they'll be returned to Earth after that point, after a certain time. And so, they're not going away and disappearing into oblivion. And so, they can't go too far. I mean, portals can only portal so far, so much. And there's portals all over the earth and we war against Satan's portals. And battle them with the orgone. Try to get them shut down. It's just always an ongoing war.

Get Actively Involved and Become a Resistance Force Against Satan, Either with Orgone or Through Prayer

And, you know, you can do so many things with just prayer, just by getting orgone out, and being actively involved. And so, I encourage everybody to get actively involved in one way or another. Because if we're not gonna stand up against Satan and his forces on this earth, who is? Who is? You know, if you're not gonna do it, who is? So get involved. Start praying down the strongholds of Satan. Ask the Lord to reveal to you what they are and start praying them down. You know, that doesn't take money. That doesn't take physical ability. Just prayer.

If you're listening to this show, you're fully capable of being a Prayer Warrior for The Most High. And that is our first line of defense. That is the strongest line we have. You know, all of us out here busting our butts getting orgone all over the world and everything, you know, that still doesn't beat the first line of defense, which is just prayer. But we show our faith by our actions. We prove our faith by our actions. And we do the things the Lord asks us to do. You know? It goes a long way from saying, "Oh, yeah. I believe in the Lord." And you go to church on Sunday and you sit on your butt the rest of the week. And Satan's destroying the world and you sit back oblivious to it. Do something about it, folks. Become the resistance. Become a resistance force against him.

This Whole General Petraeus Scandal Is Part of the Benghazi Coverup

A lot of news, boring news, this week. I don't know if all of you are as sick of this whole Petraeus scandal as I am. You know, who cares? General Betray-us has affairs. Who cares? You know, his whole affair thing is part of the whole Benghazi coverup. So he's just playing along, and his little women along with him. They're all just playing the role. They're playing roles. The whole thing is a setup. And so, who cares? You know, I don't even wanna hear about it in the media. It just bores me to death. And now he wants to come out with a book and, you know, make his money off of that. Talking about what a twisted individual, committing adultery, he is. Smiling with glee that now he can write a book and make millions. Well, who would want to buy it? Are people that interested in that kind of garbage and filth?

You know, it's almost like Arnold Schwartzeneggar, trumping around on the gossip circuit, almost proud of the fact he cheated on his wife and had a illegitimate child. That's how deranged these people are. And what's worse yet, the media thinks we wanna hear it. We want it shoved down our throats 24/7 [24 hours a day/7 days a week]. That's why I don't watch a lot of that stuff. I don't watch a lot of major networks. People ask me, "Well, what are you watching on TV?" Oh, the Food Network. [laughs] There's something I like. I like food. I like watching the Food Network just fine. Beats watching the presidential android primaries and everything else.

How to Detect If What You're Seeing on TV Is Not a Real Person

And that's another thing that the Lord has been showing me is, you know, this whole invasion that's been going on while we've been sleeping--'cause it's been going on longer than I've been born. And now it's just reaching mammoth peaks. And we're just waking up to it? I mean, that's also how tightly controlled information is.

But also just our own abilities of perception, to perceive what we're seeing, you know, and not excuse it away. You know? A lot of people do that all the time. You know, was that really Obama you saw, or was that the android? Oh, I don't know. How do you tell? Well, you look at his eyes. You watch his movements. You know? No person can humanly blink one time every half-second and speak a paragraph, let alone run a whole presidential debate. You can't blink one million times--the whole cloning project--and it goes with the robotoids and the synthetics--they all have problems, they all have issues. And if you learn to watch out for what the problems are, you can start to detect what is it we're watching on TV. These politicians, these journalists, these news reporters, religious leaders, supposed to be. How come they're not human? And I've told you, when every person we see on TV is a fake, they're agenda's accomplished. Almost.

You know, watch the eyes. Another thing is the slit eyes. Up and down, straight slits in their eyes. Humans have round, black pupils. Most journalists you see on TV today have those straight slit black eyes. They also morph in the middle of newscasts. And people think it's their digital TV messing up. But the other channels are fine. You can watch for the Barbie-skin, plastic skin. You know, people might think that that's television makeup, but it's really just Bar--I call them Barbies because they're synthetics and they just have this plastic look to them. They're skin is real plastic like they're Barbie dolls. Perfect skin. No blemishes. Just perfect skin.

Another thing is the weight issue. That's the biggest thing. How do you appear on a beach in the morning and then show up at a presidential debate six hours later 40 pounds lighter? Come on, folks. You know, people just need to start paying attention.

They Can Create a Clone of a Person in 36 Hours

Or you go to Google Images and type in Bush, Jr., or President Clinton, or, you know, and you see all their different pictures. You know? And it's like, look how many look-alikes and clones they have. That's not even the same person in all those pictures. It's all their clones and look-alikes.

And the scary thing is is that even since Bush, Jr., they've totally perfected their technology to where they can actually create a clone of a person in 36 hours. 36 hours. They can do a DNA duplication. All they need is a cell. And they can duplicate your body. And then all they need is a recording of your voice. So if you're a bigmouth like me, you're on TV, or they can somehow get a recording of your voice, they can have a perfect clone of you in 36 hours. That's a day and a half.

And they have these clones everywhere. Now, there's different types. There's synthetics, which remind me of Mr. Smith in The Matrix, where they can produce these Barbie-like beings hundreds at a time; synthetics. And then you have the robotoids, like what we saw with the presidential debate with Mitt Romney and Obama. They have no souls. None of them have souls. The whole point of a clone is that it's a soulless being. If it had a soul, it wouldn't be a clone.

You know, I've heard some people get on shows and interviews and say, "Oh, yes. A clone has a soul." Well, if a clone had a soul, it wouldn't be a clone, folks. This is kind of what, in the Bible Codes--you know, you refer to as Frankensteins. It's mammaries [I believe Sherry means mamzers]. And, yeah, the terms robotoid and synthetic, they come up in the Bible Codes. Because that's what we're dealing with.

Satan Speaks through Obama, Just Like He Did Hitler

You know, you've got--back to my previous thought of how much they've speeded up their technology since Bush, Jr. was in office. Look at how much they've perfected it by the time we got Obama. Because Obama--you have the real Obama. And then you just hide him somewhere and you pull out the robotoid. And the robotoid blinks a lot. And then you have the other ones that, uh, the look-alikes, or they don't blink as much, and they can actually carry a conversation, but Satan's speaking through him. Yeah, Satan speaks through Obama, just like he did Hitler. He speaks through Obama. They're like shells of human beings. and they're manipulated and controlled by the chip implants and also, I guess you could call, computer brains.

All of Our World Leaders Have Been Replaced, and So Many Have the Same Head Scars

If you've noticed, I sent out videos last week on my list of the work faceintree [YouTube username] does. She does all these videos of people. She really goes after the synthetics, and the clones, and the Reptilian shape-shifters. And so many of them all have the same head scars. They have head scars on the left sides of their heads. And some of them, like Obama, and even Michelle, and Prince William, and Kate Middleton, these scars will go under their headlines and go all the way--hairlines, I guess you could say, not headlines--it goes under their hairlines and goes all the way around the back of their heads. Because they've all had these lobotomies, these computerized brain surgeries where their brains are replaced by computers.

And if you're thinking, "Well, they can't do that. Because the person eats, drinks, talks, acts like us." Well, yeah, because they don't know any different that they're not like you or me. You know, they have memories because, after all, they're computers, so you can download a person's memories into their hard drive. And they believe they were created just like everybody else. They have memories of a mom and dad, or wherever they grew up, and they have all these implanted memories. They don't know, hey, we just, you know, took this guy's real brain out of his head and put you in it, and now you're gonna take over his body. They put all his memories into that computer and becomes that person.

All of Our World Leaders Have Been Replaced - Jimmy Carter Was the First to Be Cloned

And they live amongst us. I mean, they're amongst us. This is really prevalent. It's really prevalent. All of our world leaders have been replaced. I was kind of shocked to learn Jimmy Carter, being the first leader, by the time they had started perfecting this cloning technology, Carter was the first one they had used it on. [Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler, APPENDIX 3. CLONES, SYNTHETICS, ORGANIC ROBOTOIDS AND DOUBLES] And they had multiple Jimmy Carters. And the thing about this technology they have now is very hard to kill anyone. Because, if you would try to kill Obama, they could just pull out a clone. And how do you kill a clone? Maybe malfunction them. Cause them to malfunction. And then they'll just say, "Oh, he had a stroke."

But, you know, like Reagan, they killed Reagan when he was in office and replaced him with a clone, synthetic. And nobody knew. They replaced Nancy. Nobody knew. George Bush, he was replaced multiple times. Dick Cheney. Even George Bush's wife. I mean, they just replace these people in and out like they're carpeting. They replace them. Switch them in and out, in and out. Put a new one in. Because these--one thing I've learned about cloned beings is they have issues. And they don't last very long. And so you have to have multiple clones ready to go. To switch one out.

It doesn't take much. These people are always out of the limelight. I mean, how many times have you thought Obama was at a meeting somewhere, and he was in a underground base getting tweaked, you know. They just disappear him for a while. Or they put him on a tour bus. 'Cause they always gotta go tour for his campaign. They have some fake on the tour bus, while the real Obama's hidden away somewhere getting tweaked so they can pull him back out because he's a better clone than the one they have on the bus. You know, it's getting ridiculous how they play it.

Jesse Ventura Is Not the Truther He Appears to Be

But this stuff's reality, folks. And you can laugh at me as much as you want. But you know what? I've been bringing the hard truth for the decade, the past decade, on the Internet, and nothing I've ever said has been proven wrong. That's why heads of state, and countries from all around the world, and leaders of countries, listen to this radio show. They don't support it. If they supported it, I wouldn't be bankrupt. You know, the people that get supported are the people on their payrolls.

You know, you have so many that take over the truth movement, and then want people to think, "We're one of you. We're a truther. We're to help us all get away from the evil New World Order." And then everybody believes that the person's a true patriot and ends up they're, you know, they're getting paychecks by the government, they're controlled by the CIA. They can't behave very well. They can't control themselves. Because, eventually, a liar shows his stripes.

You know, when a person's telling the truth, the truth never changes. But when a liar has to pretend to be a truther, eventually, the cracks start to show. You know, they're gonna flop up that satanic hand sign, the Masonic handshakes, the Masonic hand signals, or wear the clothing with some kind of emblem on it that has the New World Order. I mean, come on, folks, Jesse Ventura doing a show on Reptilians don't exist. Really? Really? And them the next thing you see is him wearing a Illuminati leather jacket, with a double-headed eagle on the back of it, and then the Masonic number 33. He's a 33rd ranked. That's the highest known rank that you can go is 33rd. And then they go into the higher ranks, but those aren't known to the public.

So, publicly, if you're in one of these Masonic organizations, you think the highest it goes is 33. And a lot of these organizations are just feeder organizations to the main ones. Because if you ever get into a tussle with Masons, they'll sit and they'll try to talk about how they're a good-works organization. They all work to get children fingerprinted so if they ever get stolen, they can get found. And, you know, they kind of get into all this community stuff. That's not really what the Masons are about. But some feeder organizations are used to give that kind of a image to the public.

You know, the Masons are all about the god of light, and worshipping the god of light. And supposedly having all these secrets from Solomon. And, you know, blah, blah, blah. Goes on, and on, and on. It's basically Satan-worship. That's what it is, it's Satan-worship. But, typically, you don't even learn this till you get to the higher levels: 30th, 31st, 32nd, 33rd degrees, so. I know when you get to the 32nd, your title, your rank, is "worthy to be worshipped."

So does Jesse Ventura really think he's worthy to be worshipped? Does he really think he's a god? You know. 'Cause the whole thing just makes me sick. I thought he was gonna be one of us. You know, get the info out. Get the truth out. Expose them. No. And just because you're on somebody's kill list doesn't mean you're one of the Lord's people. I mean, just because they want you dead, just means that the other factions don't know who you're working with yet. And they haven't recognized you as one of their own. So when someone new comes out and starts pounding the pavement of being anti New World Order, it takes them a while to figure out, "Oh, he's one of us. Leave him alone." Typically how it goes.

There Are Those Who Are Anti New World Order Because They're Working the Alien Agenda

Or you may be a viable enemy like [Hugo] Chavez is. And so, they want him dead. That's the way it spins, folks. Don't get too excited about people. Because if you're one of them, you're gonna get propped up. You're gonna get the nice studios for radio shows, viral video. You're gonna get support. You're gonna get paid for it. You're gonna get sponsors. You're gonna have help. You're gonna have the technical support, producers, directors, things. You maybe even get your own TV show. You know, Jesse did. You get support. All that costs money and it all comes from somewhere. These guys are getting paid by the government to do exactly what they're doing.

A lot of them work the alien agenda. Yeah, they're anti New World Order because they're working the alien agenda. They're what's called White Knight journalists. Alex Jones is a White Knight journalist. Linda Moulton Howe, Steve Quayle, Jesse Ventura. All considered White Knight journalists. They work the alien agenda. They're gonna be in this crowd of the Age of Aquarius where we're all gonna ascend into the fifth dimension, and blah, blah, blah. The Ascended Masters are gonna come to Earth and help mankind. And we're gonna turn this into heaven on earth, God's kingdom on earth.

I have a whole website, Because they'll all start promoting NESARA. It's a big part of the alien agenda and this whole Age of Aquarius thing.

The Lord Has Put Robotoids on My Mind a Lot Lately

So, anyway, another thing the Lord's been showing me is about these parasites amongst us. And I've been talking about the robotoids a lot lately 'cause that's what He puts on my mind. Shows me things while I'm watching TV. And it just gets under my skin what they're doing 'cause it's so in-your-face. They don't even hide it anymore.

Christians Are Hoodwinked into Supporting the Jews in Israel Who Are Not Real Jews, but Are Talmud-Believing Satanists

Another thing is this whole land of Israel Jewish phenomena that's around us. And, you know, you just can't pound your head against the wall hard enough so people might hear the banging and wake up about anything. 'Cause so many Christians are so hoodwinked about Israel today. You know, the churches have them believing that Israel and Zionism is Jerusalem. And, you know, to be a Christian, to be a good follower of the Lord, you have to protect and defend Jerusalem and Israel. And they rally the bandwagon around Israel.

Well, folks, that would be fine, if there was real Israelites in Israel. If they were actually real Jews. But they're not. They're fakes. In Revelation 2:9 it says,

"I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

The Jews in Israel today are called Khazars. They're Khazar Jews. They're not real bloodline Jews. They converted to Judaism from their ancient homeland which was southern Russia. And they have worked their way up, over the centuries. They adopted Judaism as their religion. And they've worked their way up to where they dominate Israel today. These Khazar Jews. They're not bloodline, remember, they just adopted it. But they've taken over the entire race like they're real Jews. They don't even speak any kind of form of Hebrew language. They speak Hassidic. They're not Semitic, they're Hassidic. They don't speak a Hebrew language.

And so, today, Christians spend all their time, effort, and being aligned with churches who support Israel financially, or emotionally, or spiritually. The things that run Israel today are Satanist parasites. They believe in their Talmud, that is dominant worship in Israel today, that Jesus/Yahushua, the Lord's Son, his real name is Yahushua, is burning in hot excrement in hell. That's what they teach their children. And they believe that anyone who follows Him should be burning in hot excrement in hell with Him, they should be beheaded.

And for this the churches keep supporting Israel knowing that they're known Satanists that dominate that country? Come on, folks. And I know so many believers get sickened by the pictures of the Palestinians getting torn apart by bombs and their children being destroyed. And you think you just have to suck it up and agree to it because that's what Israel's doing and you have to support Israel because they're the Lord's people. Do you really think they're the Lord's people? There's more of the Lord's people in America, in Europe, than anywhere else on the planet.

America Is the Lost Tribe of Manasseh, Ephraim is Great Britain, and Dan Is Germany

The one hidden truth, convenient truth they've kept from everybody is where the 10 tribes of Israel disappeared to, where the lost tribes went, and who are the imposters calling themselves Jews today in Israel. Once you figure that out, it's a blinding light of revelation going off in your head. You can start breaking away from the religious mind control, what they want you to believe, and start believing the truth instead.

America is one of the lost 10 tribes, from Manasseh. Ephraim is Great Britain. Dan is Germany. We're sprinkled all over the world. The lost 10 tribes of Israel. America has all the tribes here. I mean, seriously, I see Levites everywhere and Ephraim here--America's a melting pot. Everybody's here. Africa has parts of the tribes there. They're everywhere, but Israel.

80 percent of the Khazar Jews in Israel today are fake Jews. They're Satanists. They worship the satanic book of the Talmud. And what happens to the other 20 percent in Israel today? They're persecuted. By the 80 percent. They're hated. They're killed. They're harassed. Just like Christians are today in Obama's America. You get harassed, attacked, persecuted. You're under surveillance. You're followed. They're treated the same way. But that's 20 percent in Israel. 100 percent in America. Yeah, they get persecuted in Israel for being Torah-believing Jews, Bible-believing Jews. And they're most likely, since they are Torah-believing Jews, they're real bloodline. They're real-deal bloodline Jews that are in Israel. The other 80 percent that dominate them are the fakes.

The Ezekiel 38 War Against Israel Is Not Going on Now - It Happens When Satan Is Loosed After the 1000-Year Millenial Reign

Another thing that gets thrown around the Internet so much you just wanna scream is in Revelation, chapter 20. I'll point something out. Because all you hear about is, "Oh, Ezekiel 38, the war against Israel. That's going on now. That's the Middle East war. And it's got Russia, and Turkey, and Iran. And they're gonna march on Israel." Everyone's waiting for this huge war scenario to break out in the Middle East. Let me point something out to you scripturally. In Revelation, chapter 20, in verse 7. And it's jumping ahead. We're at the end of the millenial reign, the one thousand years, when Satan has been tied up and cast into the abyss for a thousand years. He's let loose. And here's where we'll pick it up.

"And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them."

And it goes on, but I wanna jump over to Ezekiel 38 [verses 1 and 2]. And here we go.

"And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him,"

And then it goes on [in verses 5 and 6], talking about how all these armies are gonna gather together.

"Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them...Gomer, and all his bands...Togarmah...and many people with thee."

And look in verse 8.

"After many days thou shalt be visited: in the latter years thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out of many people, against the mountains of Israel, which have been always waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them."

OK, so this is talking about how during the 1000-year millenial reign, the Lord regathers all of His people, the real Israelites. And I'm not talking bloodline. In the New Testament, the new covenant meant that anyone could become a true Israelite who accepted Yahushua as the Son of God, who accepted Him as their Savior. They're the real Israelites after the new covenant. OK? But they're all gathered together in Israel. OK? And they've been living there peaceably for a thousand years.

And then what happens? Satan's loosed. He goes out to the four quarters of the earth. He gets Gog and Magog and everybody. And he ascends, like a storm, like a cloud covering a land, towards Israel, to destroy Jerusalem. And the Lord completely destroys Satan's army, this huge army he's gathered together. And not a hair on one person's head is touched. Satan's destroyed on the mountains around Israel. The Lord destroys him with His breath. He just--He takes care of it Himself. His people are never harmed. Not one hair on their head is singed, burned, hurt. He destroys them Himself.

Who Told People That the Ezekiel 38 War Had to Happen Before the 7-Year Tribulation Period? The Freemasons

This war, in Ezekiel 38, is the same war mentioned in Revelation, chapter 20, when Satan is loosed after the 1000-year millenial reign. And so, all these people putting up all these videos--because who told them Ezekiel 38 war was Russia against Israel and had to happen before the 7-year tribulation period? The Masons. You know, that's what happens when you have people with no biblical discernment because they're sold out to Satan teaching them scripture. You know, Hal Lindsay, Jack Van Impe. The TBN network, everyone thinks it's a Christian network. The Masons own it. Everyone on it has to be approved by the Masons to be a preacher on the network. And they're sitting there, "Oh, listen to me. I'm a prophecy guru. I know what I'm talking about. I'll explain scripture to you. I'll explain prophecy." And people listen to them by the thousands. So now they're all waiting for this Russian war on Israel. And they don't see the real war that's coming against America because they keep looking for the Russians to descend on Israel.

It's prophecy, folks. You know, it takes a lot to understand it. It takes even more discerning of the Holy Spirit and His gift of discernment to read it, and understand it, and have Him open your eyes to understand it. You know, I've been putting up with Satanists reading the Bible, for years, trying to tell me what prophecy is. It just gags me. Or getting Bible Code programs and putting up Bible Code websites. "Oh, look at my Codes. Look what I found." And you can find a lot of things in the Bible Codes. Doesn't mean it's correct. You know, the Lord knows how to confuse the wise. I mean, if you don't have the Lord's discernment, you don't even know how to interpret what you're seeing in the Bible Codes. You know? It's all in the abilities the Lord gives you. You can't give yourself the abilities. And that's what they try to do.

So, you know, you've got people in the government who think they're Bible prophecy gurus, trying to make this Middle East war happen because they're trying to make prophecy happen. Well, you're a thousand years too early. Hate to tell you and bust a little party over there in the Pentagon. You're a thousand years too early.

So, anyway, as they try to get this war going in the Middle East--and they've been trying to all year. And they've been trying to bring in Sananda. And the Orgone Warriors have just been raining on his parade all year long. Blocking every entrance time he--arrival time he planned. We've been able to block his portals, crash his ships, destroy his forces. I mean, we've been giving it to him all year long, folks. And actually for the last decade. But this year was the icing on the cake. Can't wait to see what happens next year. But they're still trying to bring him in. They're gonna have to readjust their plans, as usual, to get him here. But they do have, you know, they're still trying to bring him in constantly.

Iran Doesn't Want a War and Neither Does Obama, but the Khazar Jews Do

And, you know, on the side notes, they're still trying to get the war going in Israel. What's funny is that their equipment malfunctioned. And so, they're really having a time with it. Literally, if Iran wanted to, they could pretty much bomb Israel into the Mediterranean Sea because, you know, their equipment isn't functioning.

Iran doesn't want a war. Obama doesn't want a war. It's the Satanists that want a war. The bankers that want a war. These parasites, these Khazar Jews that have infiltrated not only Judaism and the Jewish nation, but they've infiltrated every government that supports the New World Order. They've infiltrated Russia, America, Britain, Europe, Germany, Australia. All of these nations that have adopted and accepted this New World Order agenda have been infiltrated and controlled by these very parasitic Khazar Jews because they run the banks, like the Rothschilds. They run the banks. They own everybody. They own every country.

And when you look at who the bankers are, they're Khazar Jews. Who was Hitler? He was a Khazar Jew. Who were the Bushes? Who is this bloodline, this Illuminati bloodline, that dominates all of our elections that you have to be in this bloodline to even be a candidate to run against them and win. The Illuminati bloodline. And where does it end? They've all got one thing in common; they're Khazar Jews.

The Legitimate Bloodlines of the Tribes of Dan and Ephraim Have Been Taken Over by Satan's Seedline

The Illuminati bloodline is a Khazar Jew bloodline. It's also got two other tribes mixed in it, legitimate Israel tribes. You've got the tribe of Dan and the tribe of Ephraim. And neither one of those tribes are listed when the second group is sealed on the earth, of 144,000. Those two tribes are not listed. Ephraim and Dan aren't listed. Because they're such evil, wicked tribes. Probably can't find 12,000 of the Lord's people within those tribes. They're Illuminati bloodlines. They're been taken over by Satan's seedline.

And so, you kind of have a new pyramid of control that begins to develop. You have the Khazar Jews on top; the parasites. And then you have Ephraim and Dan, which is Britain and Germany, underneath them. And by the way, if you look at the bloodline of all of our presidents, you'll find British and German ancestry amongst all of them. It's been a very crafted, well-manipulated game that they've played, of dominance of control.

And so, now these very bloodlines also being controlled themselves by this robotoid agenda that's taking over the New World Order. The androids, the synthetics, robotoids, fake humans; because the real ones are being replaced. Well, you're looking at a world that's gonna be brought to its knees very soon because the war is on. They want to destroy every human being off the planet. And the ones doing it are not even human.

If You're Not Ready for a War, You're Going to Be a Victim - Prepare for Plagues, Economic Collapse, and Famine

You know, I've been saying all along our war is against aliens, the fallen angels, and this whole New World Order, this bloodline. Because they even stem from the fallen angels, themselves. Their bloodlines. Ashtar Command. This whole New Age facade that's trying to replace the New World Order. They're just as bad, and worse than the New World Order crowd we're getting rid of. They're worse. It's all Satan's crowd. It's his forces, his people, his agendas. And they're coming after every human being on the planet. And they want to destroy--their idea of the Golden Age, which is what they're all working on now; supposedly, Hillary and Obama and all them working on bringing in the Golden Age. The Golden Age is an Age where there's no humans left on the planet. It's all Satan's. Belongs to all Satan, and fallen angels, and aliens, and robotoids, and synthetics, and androids. It belongs all to them. And all the humans are dead and gone.

So if you're not ready for a war, folks, you're gonna be a victim. You're a victim. I mean, you're gonna die. And there's gonna be a lot of death coming. You know, because they're gonna stop at nothing, and start bringing some of the epic plagues that they've had stored and getting ready to unleash on mankind. You know, I see strains of the Black Death Plague coming. They have a different strain of it that we won't have cures for, we won't have antibiotics for. It's going to kill a lot of people. They have hideous plagues coming, not even generated on Earth. Aliens, they create them in outer space, perfect them, and then bring them on Earth. So, a lot of death coming. A lot of death.

Not just that, but economic collapse, huge cost-of-living prices, famine next year, 2013. Better start preparing to start seeing the famine. Of course, with the rising cost of food and everything else that we'll probably start seeing towards the end of this year, it's gonna rise and rise and get much worse next year.

From What I Can See, Any Kind of Prophecy Can Be Turned Around or Stopped - We Can Win This War, but They Don't Want You to Know That

You know, he's pretty much got the green light now; Obama. He doesn't have to worry about another election 'cause he knows there won't be another one. So he's methodically and systematically dismantling America to destroy this country. They plan to rule the world from rebuilding ancient Iraq, ancient Babylon. That's why they have the palace over there. The Green Zone, the palace they built, it's bigger than the United Nations complex in New York. That's all part of the Disneyland facade coming up. The Antichrist will rule from over there because America's gonna be destroyed.

So it's up to us to fight back, folks. Because from what I can see, any kind of prophecy can be turned around, can be stopped. It's just that people don't. They don't.

You know, I see over and over in the Word where it says that the Lord's people will be given the land. That we'll be given the victory over our enemies. Really? How do we get the victory over our enemies if so much of Bible prophecy in the churches today is teaching the destruction? All it teaches is destruction. Where is the victory?

We can win this war. They don't want you to know that. They don't want you to think we can win this war. We can win. And we know what the Lord's going to do. But let's show the Lord what we can do. We can be resistance, a viable people on Earth that He can be proud of. If He saved His best for last, and this is the last days, what are you doing to show yourself as being one of the best, one of His best? He put His best here for last. What are you doing?

Get involved with the resistance, folks. Stand up and fight back. Orgone Warriors, need them all the time. People getting orgone out. Prayer Warriors, ask the Lord what it is He wants you to do. Maybe He wants you to do something different. Maybe He wants you to start something different. He led ME into the orgone. And we're the most effective group on the planet right now. We're pulling UFOs out of the sky. We're disintegrating alien ships millions of miles away.

Look up at the sky at night. Start counting the yellow, red, and orange ships in the sky that are on fire. They're on fire, folks. How come people don't notice this stuff? Why am I the only one in Carrollton, Ohio that can look up at the sky at night and see starships ahead of us on fire? Am I the only one around that would even notice?

And they're piling up in the north. I saw quite a few spaceships in the north the other night. I was kind of shocked. And Shema's stranded again. It's stranded and abandoned. On fire. It's gonna crash soon. Let's crash them all, folks. We've got time. Let's do what we're supposed to do with the time we have left.

Get orgone where you store your food. Your refrigerators, your kitchens. Because it will help destroy all the poisons and toxins they put in your food at the grocery stores. So when you bring it home, and you put it in an orgone-saturated area, like your kitchens, your homes, it can be cleansed and purified of all the toxins. Otherwise you're just gonna become victims of all the poisons and GMOs they're putting in the foods. The chips they have in them.

Start thinking of things to fight back, folks. Ask the Lord to lead and guide you.

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Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yah bless.

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