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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
November 26, 2012


Looking Ahead into 2013 with Trepidation

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner and it's November 26. And a few things to talk about tonight. All kinds of little things going on here and there. Kind of a hodgepodge. Of course, right now, there's a lot of things--more I can't say than I can, and so. A lot of interesting things going on. I mean, it's not gonna be boring. If we have quiet time (which I doubt) for the rest of the year, then enjoy it. Because, you know, at the beginning of this year I said the years 2012 and 2013 basically were going to be phenomenal years, and not in a good way.

And so, we kind of heading into 2013 with trepidation because, you know, things that were delayed and pushed back because of election year this year, nothing's gonna be held back next year. And so, things are gonna get rolling. And so, you know, I look ahead and I don't see anything good. And I'm not gonna fake that there is and, you know, all that stuff. I just tell it the way it is and it doesn't look good. And especially now. It's really interesting going on.

The Anunnaki Are Using Some Kind of X-Ray Scanner to Look into Our Houses and Scan Our Bodies

Tons of Anunnaki in the skies at night. And they have this x-ray scanner thing. And I don't know if you've ever woken up in the middle of the night and you're burning up and you don't know why. And you just kind of find a cold spot on the bed, or throw the blankets off, or flip the pillow to look for the cold part of the pillow. They have this scanner thing, and they do this to me all the time, and they can look into your house. And this is alien technology. This isn't government, this is alien, this is the Anunnakis. They have this technology where they can look into your house and see exactly where you are. And they can actually scan your body from hundreds of miles in space.

There's a patroller ship I've seen. Kind of mimicks an airplane. A little bit more obnoxious than an airplane though. And it's silent. Has a lot of lights on it. They don't travel incognito. They don't care if you see them. Kind of patrols this area all the time. And what's happened is the Lord is allowing them to come into this area, basically [coughs], for a bit. So, they're allowed in. And they scan your body at night.

I don't know what it is they're scanning me. They can see all your health issues, or cause some. I don't know. Lord knows we all have probably two, three of them. But that's what heats you up. When they're scanning you. It heats your body up. And so, that's why you wake up and you're hot. And you're looking for a cold place on the bed or the pillow because they're scanning machines are what heats you up. Whatever it is that they have. I don't know what the name of it is. I don't--you know, I just know that it exists.

Ohio Is the Home Base of the Aether Energy of the Orgone War - The Lord Appointed and Anointed Me as Wilhelm Reich's Successor

And so, I know it's these, uh, innumerous--they're piling up in the skies. And I've told you this over the last several months. All these different alien ships. And so, a lot of them right now, the Anunnaki, they're tracing the problem of the orgone. [laughs] Yeah. I'm right here. You don't have to--it's funny how they come from the ends of the universe to find the spot where the orgone is originating. And, yes, that would be me. That would be Ohio. That's why there's so much attention on Ohio right now.

Ohio is the home base of the aether energy of the orgone war. We started against them back in 2004. The Lord appointed and anointed me to take over as Wilhelm Reich's successor. Taught me how to make the orgone. And since then, we have been pulling their UFOs out of the sky, crashing them. The media just refers to it as meteors crashing. Or people think they're seeing falling stars. They see flashes of light in the skies all the time. These are actually UFOs crashing. And what happens is they just go interdimensional. I'm not sure what happens to them, because we should be seeing all kinds of debris on the earth. And the fact that we don't, makes you wonder how they do it, how they go in between dimensions so quickly and all you see is the flash of light. But they're destroyed.

And, yeah, the home base of this war against them, this resistance against them coming to Earth is with me and in Carrollton, Ohio where I live. And that's why there's so much attention here. And it's gonna continue. It's gonna escalate. And so, I know it's escalating. You know, it was escalating a couple years ago. And we stopped that one. And the Lord allows it every once in a while. I don't--you know, maybe it's just to kick their butts. I don't know.

Bible Codes Reveal that I'll Have Confrontations with the Anuks - I'm Not Afraid of Them, I've Got the Lord on My Side

I know that there was a--last year, there was quite an attack here of the Sirians. And--Saurians--whatever you wanna call them. They are the black aliens. They look like Greys, but they're black. And, um, yeah, we took care of them pretty easily.

But they're piling up again and this time it's the Anuks. And I can go out at night. And, uh, I had a friend here and she can witness to this. [laughs] And there's a thing. It was hiding in the woods. It was an Anuk in the woods. I believe it was an Anuk. And this thing must've been 800 pounds. I mean, they step on branches of trees like they're twigs. And every time I go out now at night, I hear--he does it on purpose. They want me to hear them in the woods. And I just ignore them. I have work to do. You know how it is.

But their presence is becoming more and more frequent, I guess you could say. And I've seen in the Bible Codes where I will be confronting these things. Or I'll have confrontations with them. And that doesn't bother me. I mean, they don't scare me. They're just fallen angels. And, you know what? When you've been bought by the blood of the Lord, by Yahushua, then these things have no power over you. They have no power over you. They're the scum on the bottom of your feet. They're the toe-jam. And so, that's the way I see it, and it's the way I treat them. You know, I'm not afraid of them. Bring it on. I don't care. You know, I've got the Lord on my side. If I've got the Lord, then who can bother me? What can they do to me? So, it's getting interesting.

Bible Codes on the Anunnaki

A couple things I was looking at. Exactly what these Anunnaki are. Because, you know, there's different factions of aliens and I've dealt with them over the years on this show and on my websites. And I had done a Bible Code several years ago on the Anunnaki. And I thought it was interesting. 'Cause if you go to Google and type in Anunnaki, my Bible Code on the Anunnaki is one of the first things listed. [Annunaki] [laughs]

I found them in Genesis 25:32 in the Bible Codes. And I'll give you some of the terms that I found: Annunaki - Assigned - Gardenland - Eden. So they were part of the Watchers that were assigned to watch over Earth when the Lord had created the garden of Eden. So, God - Creation - Watcher - Keeper - Gardenland - Eden - Mutiny - Revolt - Rebellion. This is where they rebelled against the Lord. Talk about, in Enoch, it's in the first ten chapters in Enoch he talks about the Watchers' rebellion. And the Watchers were the ones who were assigned to watch over Earth. And they rebelled against the Lord and left heaven to procreate with human women on Earth, and so.

More terms related to them: Annunaki - Cherub - Angel - Seraph - Disgrace - Dishonor - Shame - Disgraceful - Mutiny - Rebellion - Revolt - Forfeit - Forfeiture - Retribution - Punishment - Yahweh - Lord - God. You know, if you wanna believe the alien garbage that these Anunnaki were our creators, these Anunnaki were not our creators. We weren't formed in test tubes by the Anunnaki to be slave miners on Earth. These beings, themselves, were created beings. They were created angels. They were cherubs and seraphs. They were angels by God in heaven. And assigned to watch over the Earth. When they rebelled, they were cast out of heaven.

But they still do reign in the first and second heavens. And inhabit other planets and star systems. Visiting Earth in UFOs. Many of them have underground bases in Earth. Also known as Nephilim and other names.

What's the Difference Between the Anunnaki and Nephilim?

But what I find interesting is that the Anunnaki are pretty much a different faction. I consider Nephilim more or less as the angels who procreated with human women. And the Anunnaki did, but the Anunnaki were also judged in a certain way.

And when I asked the Lord about it, "What's the difference between the Anunnaki and Nephilim? Are they not the same? Are they different?" There was different judgments meted out because of their rebellion against the Lord. And part of their judgment was the fact that they were put on their planet Nibiru, which people call Planet X, Nibiru. The original name I think I found in the Codes for it was Rahab. They were cast out of the solar system. And every 3600 years this planet returns.

And so, the Sumerians refer to them as the Anunnaki, the Anuks. And they describe them as giant homonoids, an average of 8-feet tall. Eight feet tall, probably 4[00] to 800 pounds. Because, I'm telling you, the things I hear out in the woods are huge. They describe them as homonoids, as human-looking. Of course, they'll have different features, but, basically human giants. Some of the descriptions I've been given of the Anuk are more or less animalistic, not human at all. And so, maybe they have created some kind of AI's, artificial intelligence beings. Because I know they like to toy around with crossbreeding. Seems like all the alien factions do this.

My Dream About the Nibiruan Woman

And so, I remember, a couple months ago, many months ago, probably, you know, six months ago or so, and I had this vivid dream. And I remember it to this day because it was just so weird. But one of the points of it was this--I saw this very tall woman walking up my driveway. And she was wearing a long, red dress. Very royal-looking. Talked about it on the show before. And just very black--very, very--a deep, dark black. I've never seen that color black. Just a very dark black. And she looked like royalty. Very skinny, very elegant. You could tell she was royalty.

And this planet, this Nibiru of these Anuks, they have a queen. They are a matriarchal society. And sometimes I wonder was this their queen I saw walking up my driveway. I have a long driveway. It's a quarter-mile long. So it's very far off the road. But I've often wondered if the Nibiruans--is what they're actually--the name they go by is Nibiruans--if they weren't and aren't a black race. Because sometimes I see in the Codes it's associated with black. And so, I don't know if it's a black race or not. It's not one of those things that I know that I know that I know 'cause I've seen it in the Codes so many times. It's one of those things I wonder about. And then having this dream of this black queen walking up the driveway was pretty wild.

Nibiru Could Be Trying to Make a Comeback

But I've been watching this Nibiru planet for years in the Codes. And so, either way, this planet is known as the "Planet of the Crossing." And this was supposed to come by last year. Remember all the hype, and I was getting everybody ready, "Hey, look. Planet Nibiru's coming. It's gonna be here end of September. Here's the timeline."? And then what happened was they came into our solar system and they met our orgone. [laughs] They met our aether shield.

And we have saturated the altitude of Earth, the aerospace around Earth, especially around America. Ended up it's also affecting Australia. A lot of orgone in Australia. But we're saturating the atmosphere with the orgone. And so, when Nibiru came in, it started to blister and burn them. If you can imagine these 8-foot tall, 400-pound giants with blisters all over their skin. It was burning them. Literally. And so, they hightailed it back out of our atmosphere and went south.

And so, it's kind of been hibernating, but the ships have been leaving Nibiru and coming towards Earth. That's what we're dealing with now. Because these are like mother ships. Nibiru's like a huge mother ship. It's a huge planet. And their UFOs can leave, come off the planet, and travel around wherever, come to Earth. And that's what they do. And so, this Nibiru planet, itself, could try to be making a comeback, eventually.

The So-Called Planetary Alignment of December 2012 Is Really Just the Alignment of the Sun with the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy

In December on the 21st there's the, uh, I don't know what they call it...ascension date, I guess, if you're New Age. [laughs] To us it's just a solstice. But if you're a New Ager, they're looking at 12/12, 12/21 as ascension dates. They're all going to ascend. To where, I don't know. But they're [laughs]--maybe they'll just ascend off the planet and go sit on clouds. Maybe a storm cloud would knock some sense into them. I don't know.

But their idea of what's happening is it's a planetary alignment. Now, nowhere is there registered a planetary alignment except from the New Age crowd. I was watching a video from NASA officials who were saying, "There's no planetary alignments due in December." And, going through my notes of Ophiuchus, I noticed some similarities. Ophiuchus, the 13th constellation that they appointed last year, the snake tamer, the constellation Serpens, also known as "serpent tamer." Ophiuchus is known as a "Sign of the Crossing." And, interestingly enough, that's pretty much the same thing that Nibiru is referred to. And so, I don't know if that's just a coincidence, "Planet of the Crossing." Planet of Crossing is what Nibiru meant. And Ophiuchus means Sign of the Crossing. So, very similar.

So, perhaps, Nibiru decides, "Well, they knocked us out one time. Let's make a comeback and try it again. We've developed this technology now where we can reverse POE energy. We've put up a shield that blocks it. So let's try to come back in." And they do work on this technology. I know they have a device. It's limited. Not all of them have it. And the Lord will allow it to work for His purposes for them for a while, whatever.

But, let's say this Nibiru decides to come back. Try this new shield that they have that will block orgone. And try to come in on December 21 at this alignment. Because it's not a planetary alignment. What happens is, uh, see if I can find it. What happens is the sun falls into the gap between Sagittarius and Scorpio, which is the two constellations on either side of the Milky Way. And this gap between the two that exists now is called the Dark Rift. And it also is where the center of the Milky Way Galaxy is located. So, if you look up at the nighttime sky, and you find the Sagittarius constellation and the Scorpio constellation, this Dark Rift, this gap between the two constellations is there. And it's called the Dark Rift. And that's where the center of the Milky Way Galaxy is.

The alignment that's gonna happen occurs when the sun rises in perfect alignment with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Which means the sun rises in the center of the galaxy. That's the alignment that's gonna happen. There's no planetary alignment of Venus, Mercury, and whatever. Mars or whatever. It's the sun rising in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

At the Moment of the Sun's Alignment with the Milky Way, the Knowledge of the Trees of the Garden of Eden Will Be Revealed

And at this time, when the sun rises in the center of the galaxy, Sagittarius is pointing its bow. Sagittarius is a horseman. It has a bow and arrow. And he's getting ready to shoot his arrow. If you've ever seen the constellation, the bow, the arrow, it's pointing right at the center of the galaxy. And what they say is it's at this moment that the knowledge of the trees of the garden of Eden will be revealed. So, at this moment, the knowledge of the trees of the garden of Eden being revealed.

Now, we already know who the trees of the garden of Eden are. And I've talked on the show how some symbolism is used. And that "trees" refer to people. In this instance, angels. Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat from the tree in the center of the garden of Eden. The tree being Lucifer. Which they ate anyway and were deceived. All these trees and apples. All that stuff's symbolic. So, this could be interesting. This could be, perhaps, when they reveal themselves to mankind. [coughs]

I've talked about the Ashtar Command and Sananda, and how there's this council of aliens above the Earth and all that before. And there's about 11, 12 of them. You know, they try to mimic the Lord and His apostles. Mimic everything in the Bible as much as possible. I'm not saying that is what's going to happen. I'm just saying that it's a theory that at the moment of the alignment--and I'm not even sure who made this theory up. I don't even have the link to it. I just kind of jotted it down in my notes.

But that would be an interesting way to arrive. Doesn't say how they're gonna reveal themselves. Just says that at this moment it will be revealed, and so. Something to watch for. Now, Nibiru makes its way through--and also at the Sign of the Crossing, the Planet of the Passing, whatever, comes through at the same time, which is Nibiru. That could cause some great upheaval and destruction of coastlines and things like that. A pole flip and a lot of things like that if Nibiru swings its way back through and comes through that way. That could happen. That would be an interesting aspect. Causing great upheaval. So that's just one thing.

The New Agers Are Pushing that the Ascension Will Be a Permanent Elevation of the Earth's Vibrational Level

I know the New Agers are saying that on the 21st there's gonna be a planetary alignment and the particle accelerators are gonna be working full-time to generate a high frequency on this planet, on Earth. And supposedly--I was watching this video. I don't even remember the name of it. On this ascension 2012 stuff, what the New Agers are preaching. And, allegedly, pyramids are particle accelerators in themselves. And they were built to trap this kind of energy in. Energy from the center of the galaxy to the Earth will last for 8 minutes on 12/21.

Now, I don't know if it does this every year. Or why 2012 is a special year for this to happen. But on 12/21 for 8 minutes the Earth's vibration level will rise, to a higher vibration for 8 minutes. And, supposedly, it's supposed to start from the south of the United States and all the way down to Guatemala. And for 8 minutes the frequency of the Earth is supposed to elevate. And all of these pyramids in South America were built to trap in this energy. To try to trap it in. To keep an elevated frequency.

And so, you know, all that work to trap energy for 8 minutes? But I think what the New Agers are pushing, this whole ascension 2012 is that it's gonna be a permanent elevation. This frequency is gonna be a permanent elevation. And everybody who is, I don't know, qualified to ascend, ascends. Ascension? Are they going somewhere? Or are their vibration levels just--ha!--just raised? [laugh] You know, this stuff just makes me laugh. Haha!

The Government and Black Ops Have Abduction Equipment to Make This Ascension Look Legitimate to New-Age Believers

But, uh, yeah, won't they all be upset when the 22nd comes and they're all still here. 'Cause the only kind of ascension being planned at that time that I know of is the government and the black ops having been working on perfecting their abduction equipment. And they actually have this technology. And they've been practicing where they can pick up huge groups of people at one time. It's some kind of abduction equipment. Because they wanna be able to pull this facade off. You know, they wanna look legitimate in the eyes of all those who believe their garbage and follow their hype with this whole Age of Aquarius and ascension stuff. So they'll be abducting people with abduction equipment. They won't be ascending anywhere, folks, but a UFO, and then off to freezers for the aliens to be used as food.

But, allegedly, this begins a new cycle. In 2012 is when we officially pass from the Age of Pices into the Age of Aquarius. Now, this was supposed to happen back in 2008. I don't know who has the "official" button. I mean, who pushes the button that says "We're finally in it. This is the official Age of Aquarius."? 'Cause I can remember doing shows 5 years ago saying, "Hey, they're saying we're in the Age of Aquarius already. We've passed the Age of Pices." And then it's 2012 and they're saying, "Oh, we're gonna go into the Age of Aquarius." Well, I thought we were in the Age of Aquarius. They can't keep their own stuff straight.

Either way, the Age of Aquarius is gonna be this time when these cosmic beings, this Ashtar Command, these aliens, these fallen angels posing as Ascended Masters and gurus--when they take over, pretty much, the rule of Earth. And so, then you'll know you're in the Age of Aquarius. Pretty much the Age of Satan. You can follow that in biblical prophecy when Satan is cast down to the earth. You know, instead of being the 7-year tribulation period, they're gonna be calling it the Age of Aquarius. So, that's how you can pretty much follow it.

Orgone Warriors in the Southern States Above Mexico Need to Be Getting the Orgone Out

But you know what I was thinking when I was watching this video from this area from south of the United States to Guatemala? I mean, that's Alabama. 'Cause I keep seeing Alabama in the Bible Codes. I don't know--you know, I've been trying to figure out why. Why, why, why is Alabama showing up? And there's other states. There's Georgia, there's Louisiana, there's Texas, there's Florida, there's Arizona, California.

And so, we need these states--the Warriors in these states need to be getting the orgone out. Just get it out. Because if it's out saturating the atmosphere, Yah can blow it all the way down to Guatemala, if needed. Hey, you know, it's just aether energy. It's positive energy. If these people are really going to ascend, it will help their ascension. [laughs] Blow some positive energy down that way. [laughs]

When you look at it, it could also be some kind of portal opening, some kind of gateway. And so, if we get the orgone energy blowing down that way, it's not, obviously, gonna harm anybody. It's not harmful. But if evil beings and things are trying to come through those portals, then the orgone will destroy them. And so, if you're in the bottom layer, southern layer of the United States, get orgone out now. Get it out. Just throw it outside. Get it out so it saturates the atmosphere, gets up into the air.

Because orgone is a constant emitter. It emits. It emits aether energy. It's called aether energy. It's called blue energy. It's called breath. God's breath is another name for it. And this is seriously causing a huge panic amongst them right now. This is what is drawing them into our galaxy towards Earth. Because this orgone is so effective everybody wants to know where it's coming from. And they're tracing the trails. They're following where it's coming from. So we need to get it out there. They know where the center is. Most of them already know now it's Ohio.

And [laughs], you know, it almost reminds me of when we were in New York and we would just follow the energy trails to where, you know, the evil politicians lived. And people wanna know, "Did you have maps? Did you have addresses?" Like, no, we just followed the energy trails. You could follow the darkness. You could feel the evil. And you just follow it. You'd end up at their driveways. And [laughs] that's pretty much how this positive, good energy is. They're just kind of following it straight here to Carrollton, and so. They know where it's originating from, so.

A lot of ships out at night. You can see those. And they look horrid. I mean, they might come in and they might be bright and shiny one night, and you look a week later and they're on fire. [laughs]

If We Could Get the Church in Alabama (Amongst Others) to Make Orgone and Get It Out, That Would Be a Huge Plus - We Are the Resistance

But, so, yeah. The 21st of December should be a date--if I remember right, there was a church down in Alabama that was--the congregation was--actually, we sent them some orgone to get out in their areas to help the people in the church. If we could get these people making orgone and getting it out, that would be a huge plus. Because that's what we need people doing. We are the resistance. If we're not going to fight against evil, who's going to? You know, if the Lord can't count on His own people, then who's gonna do it? And why can't He count on His own people to stand up and do something?

I certainly don't sit on my butt and just speak. I'm a doer and always been. I lead by example, and so. I've never been much of a talker. That's been my downfall. I'm not much of a talker. But I do it week, after week, after week, as imperfect as I am. I find it funny when people try to critique me. It's like why bother? I'm not a speaker. I'm not a--you know? I'm not here to get a Tony Award for Best Radio Host of the Year, I just get on and tell the Lord's people what they need to hear.

The Sun Is a Huge Portal - Imagine What Would Happen if Nibiru Comes Through - The Pole Flip Is Not a Theory, It's Prophecy

So, anyway, the sun's gonna rise in the center of the galaxy on 12/21. And I don't know if this is a huge, significant event. Maybe it does it every year on the solstice. I don't know. I never checked into it. But that's the significance of it. It's not a planetary alignment, it's the sun aligning with the center of the galaxy. And what I like, any time I hear about the sun anywhere is the sun is a huge portal, so.

You know, we have this huge portal at the center of the galaxy. You know? You can use that in ways we can't imagine, and so. And just imagine if Nibiru decides to come through from behind the sun or in front of it at that time, that could cause some huge upheaval on Earth. The Lord has warned people to get off the coastlines. If hurricanes right now can't do it, then you're gonna be taken off guard when the pole flip--the pole flip is not a theory. The pole flip is going to happen. It's prophecy. I mean, you can sit here and say, "Oh, it's just a Nibiru theory and that's been discredited, and blah, blah, blah. Well, fine. But you know what? Isaiah says the earth is going to rock to and fro like a drunkard. So that's not theory, that's fact. That sounds like a pole flip to me.

So, people need to get off the coastline. You need to prepare. Have places to run. And we all know what happens when a million people try to get off the coast at one time. You end up in traffic jams, so. You know, I don't know for sure any of that's gonna happen on the 21st. I'm just saying it's a possibility. You can know these things are gonna happen. Isaiah didn't say it would be 2012. He just gave us a description.

And the Bible gives the description that trees are gonna be growing plants out of season. Which means, you know, all this weather nonsense we've seen and put up with last couple years where it's snowing when it shouldn't be, and not snowing when it should be. And, you know, if you live in cold-weather states, you never know what kind of winter you're gonna have. If you live in a warm-weather state, you don't expect cold weather. And it seems to be they're getting the cold and we're getting the hot. And the weather's been crazy. The weather's been whacked. And that's what the Bible says is gonna happen. It says fruit trees are gonna be growing their fruit out of regular season. And so, well, that means whacked weather. And that's what we're having now.

And we haven't even begun to see the half of that. Because, so far, I have not seen a apple grow in the wintertime. We're going to. We're gonna see fruit being grown out of season, or trees being whacked because of weather. So, yeah, pole flip and fruits and vegetables growing out of season, at the wrong times. And this is the status quo. This is the kind of things we're gonna be dealing with at the end of the age. And we are at the end of the age, folks. So, these things are gonna be happening.

The New Blue Capricorn Ship

Let's see. Been seeing this object in videos on YouTube. This blue--it's this blue object, and it stands real tall. And they're saying, "Look, there's these three objects that are coming in," and I don't know what names they gave them, or if they gave them names. I'm looking at it. And I'm thinking, "All right, you know, I'll file it away in my brain." And then, when I'm working in Bible Codes and I see something that raises my eyebrow, like it did the other day, because I was looking at this blue--I don't know what you'd wanna call it. This object in space? It looked like a dinosaur head. I don't know. It's this long, skinny neck-type thing with a base. And--I don't know, it's just kind of strange.

But I'm in the Bible Codes and I'm looking, and it looks like Blue - Capricorn. And I'm like, what!? You know, I know we destroyed the first Capricorn. And that was by the sun. You remember it back, what was it, 2001, 2003? And the Capricorn came crashing to earth. And NASA sent ships out to the Pacific Ocean, and--whatever. Make sure it hit the ocean, and whatever. Shoot it down if they had to. I don't know what was going on. But I was laughing then, because I knew we had destroyed the Capricorn with our orgone. So, anyway, they spent all this time rebuilding the Capricorn. Just like we destroyed Shema in 2008 and they've spent all this time rebuilding Shema.

Well, the Capricorn's back. Capricorn 2, is back. And that's this blue object that's coming in. And also what's called Capricorn is this space fleet. The fleet Sananda flies around in. And it's this long cigar. They saw it out in Texas about two years ago. Think it was Brownsville. And the thing was like one-mile long. That was Sananda's ship. That's the one he flies on. But the spaceship, the home ship, mother ship, whatever you wanna call it, is that blue object that's being seen in the skies now. And that thing is like one-mile high and three-miles wide. That thing is huge.

Other Objects Coming In, Trying to Come Back In, or on Their Way Back Out - We're Going After All of Them One by One

And then there's the black cube that was coming in last year. You could see it by the sun. It was on the right side of the sun. And they're like, "What is this black thing over here by the sun?" And it was the black cube. And that one had Islamic significance. The whole worldwide Islam thing, agenda, coming in. And the cube's supposed to come in and have significance with that whole agenda. Well, what happened was, it was coming around the sun, coming towards the Earth, and it met our orgone wall. And it was burning. So it retreated and went back. Maybe it's coming in now.

They've come up with some kind of a shield. And anti-orgone shield some of them have. And they're depending on this now to use to come toward Earth. But it's pretty much, from what I'm seeing in the Bible Code, it's pretty much debilitated as well.

And the second Shema that they rebuilt and started relighting over the last year or so, it's in the east. That one is abandoned now. It's on fire. It's destroyed. It was destroyed in 2008. And they spent all this time trying to rebuild it and get it going again, and now they've just abandoned it. It's beyond repair.

And so, we've got Nibiru, which is wobbling along. I don't know if it's gonna come back this way or not. But the Anuk are leaving Nibiru and coming towards the Earth in their spaceships.

And then we have Shema, which has been abandoned and which dislocated like, millions of Greys, tall Greys. Because Shema was the home base of the Ashtar Command. And now they're dislocated.

The Saurians, S-a-u-r-i-a-n-s, led by Sirus [as in the word sigh], Sirus [as in the word sear], whatever you wanna call it. Sirius Star. That star system. That has pretty much, uh, that's on it's way of being abandoned. Because it's one of the lowest stars towards Earth. And it's been really taking a pounding by all the orgone. And so, they're furious. [laughs] We're just getting them all, folks. We're going after all of them one by one.

The Vicious Branches of Fallen Angels vs. The "Nice" Guys

And so, we need to keep getting the orgone out worldwide. 'Cause there's just so many different factions right now. There's--you know, the Bible Codes--the Bible prophecy talks about the locusts in Revelation, chapter 9. And in the Codes I see the term Locust. I see Philistines. I see the Anunnaki. And these are very vicious. Vicious branches of fallen angels. Of what we call aliens. They're not nice.

And then you have the Buffalo branch. And this is the Lizards, the Draconians, the Greys. Mostly the Greys. They like to play the Ascended Master New Age agenda stuff. And then you have--the New Agers would argue, that you have the Watchers and the Pleiadeans. Well, they're pretty much part of the Lizard and Grey camp of the Buffalo branch. I mean, they're just part of Satan's branch over there with the Lizards and the Draconians. They're all together. They just play nice guys. "Oh, we hate the New World Order," and blah, blah, blah. And they're, you know, it's all lies.

The Anunnaki Coming in Have No Alliance with Our Government

And so, you know, what worries them is that this Anunnaki coming in do not have an alliance with our governments. I mean, the Lizards do, and the Greys, 'cause they've never left, they've always been here. They live on our Moon and our other planets. And they have bases and underground cities under the earth, under the water. And they've always had an alliance with our governments. The Anunnaki coming in do not. The Anunnaki coming in, that are here now, that has everybody kind of anxious and worried about their presence, they've always viewed mankind as slaves. They've always had a real negative attitude toward any kind of human, any kind of--you know, they don't make deals with humans, they're slaves. And so, this should be interesting.

You know, I was wondering when is all this disclosure gonna take place. 'Cause Obama was supposed to do it earlier. And he keeps putting it off. I think what's gonna happen is there's gonna be an event on Earth. And I'm not gonna talk about this particular event, you know, specifics. But there's gonna be an event with these Anunnaki. And when that happens, that will be the catalyst for the disclosure. Because then the government can't hide. The government has nowhere to hide. They're gonna have to explain what's going on. Try to explain. They won't explain anything, but they'll give you some information.

There's gonna be an event. And it's gonna be the catalyst, and so. And I don't know when it's gonna happen. I would imagine soon. Because in the Bible Codes it's like, dominant. It's all over the Codes. So it's very, very close. I just can't put a date on it. It could be any time, anytime. So there's--yeah, there's gonna be an event.

What's funny is just sitting back and watching, you know, they're all anxious. The anxiety attacks, the panic, the worry. Because they can't control it. They can't control the Anunnaki. And, you know, the Nibiruans had an alliance with the race that's on the black cube and some of these other spaceships, but from what I'm seeing in the Codes is that a lot of alliances are getting broken. Broken alliances.

And so, it's gonna be interesting if the Lizards try to hold power on Earth. Because it's the Lizard faction, the Reptilians that are trying to stay in power. Because they're the ones who have built this whole New World Order. They're the ones behind the governments. They've soul-scalped, possessed. They're using cloning techniques. They've got androids and robotoids. They've done all this stuff in black projects that they've got out amongst us now. To build this whole New World Order. Their idea of a new world. And you know what? The Anuks don't have to honor any of that. The Anuks have always viewed themselves as the boss of Earth. So they're gonna be in conflict with the Reptilians over that.

The Satanists Have More to Fear from Each Other Than They Do from Those They Consider Commoners and Serfs

And I know this all sounds like science fiction blah-blah-blah, but you know what? Satan's kingdom is very diversified. And they all hate each other. I mean, you can see it now just with the different Satanist groups. They're all diversified. They all hate each other. [coughs] I mean, they wear these red bracelets for protection. From who? Bible-thumpers? Who's threatening them? Who's harming them? They kill each other.

They have more to fear from each other than they do anybody else who they consider the commoners and the serfs. Because the commoners and serfs aren't generally vicious murderers, and backbiters, and things like the Satanists are. What they do to each other. It's much worse.

It's much worse when you get up to those upper levels. To the real, uh, the top of anything. Entertainment, or politics, or religious. Because to get to those tops of the levels, you first have to rise to the tops of the levels in secret societies. And when you're in the secret societies, you're involved with all the Illuminati and Satanist groups. And to rise to the top of those, you just have to do disgusting and despicable things. Sacrifices all the time, rituals all the time.

I mean, I know they have their dates throughout the year where they have to do them, but most of them are doing these things every night. They're meeting every night. Especially the politicians, the political ones. They meet all the time. I mean, they have an altar in an underground temple in DC. And in the center of DC there's a huge underground base and there's a big temple there and a altar to Satan. And they take subways there from the White House, from Congress, from everywhere--the Pentagon, and they meet there and they do rituals constantly, and so. And it's day and night. It's, you know, not twelve times a year or something. And they're doing it all the time.

The Lizards Think They Have Control of the World, but the Anuks See Them as Slaves

And so, the Lizards think they have control of the world. Especially of America. And now here come the Anunnaki. You know. As far as they're concerned, Lizards are slaves. They're slaves. So it's gonna be interesting. Like I said, there's gonna be confrontations, and so.

And you know what? They hate us, too. They don't like the Lord's people either. They hate humans. They're certainly gonna hate the Orgone Warriors because we're the ones who've drawn everyone's attention here. 'Cause we're destroying them. I mean, they had it bad enough on their planet, and now they're burning. You know? They come into this system every 3600 years and now that they're here, they're on fire, and they're burning and getting blisters. Uh, yeah, they don't like us either. [laughs]

Christians Need to Have Two Things, Especially Going into the 7-Year Tribulation Period: Orgone and Spiritual Warfare Prayers Memorized

It's like Christians need two things: orgone and spiritual warfare prayers memorized. Learn how to call on the Lord. To bind and cast into the abyss quickly. Because you're gonna need to know warfare prayers, folks. Especially going into the 7-year tribulation period when Satan's on Earth. He's not even gonna hide his presence. They're all gonna be here. You're gonna need to know warfare prayers. Gonna have to stand on your feet and use the authority that the Lord has given you as a child of God and use it against them, fight against them. So, yeah. Things are getting interesting.

A Lot of Politicians Are Fleeing to South Africa, but Hillary Clinton's Not Going Anywhere - She's One of the Most Power in Washington, DC

I noticed a lot of them fleeing to South Africa, so I was looking at South Africa's countries today. But some of them are already at hundred percent inflation, no work, economies are crashing. And our leaders are fleeing there. Should be interesting. Think I've seen in the Codes where Dick Cheney's talking of moving to Uganda, South Africa. Just watching the power positioning play out, because some of them are just giving up and leaving. And others are standing up and taking their place, and so I have to keep an eye on where my enemies are. You know, they say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. And I typically like to know who's behind what coming at me.

So, you know, it's all a joke right now when you look at the power play in Washington going on. I mean, Hillary Clinton retiring as Secretary of State. And supposedly gonna retire to her home in New York. Trust me, she won't go near that home in New York. [laughs] It's been orgoned too much. She won't go near it. I don't buy any of that. I think what's she's doing is jockeying for position. Probably knock Biden out and become the Vice President. Oh, she'd knock Obama out, if she could, and become president.

But I think there's some kind of power plays going on in DC. Hillary's not going anywhere. She's probably the top diplomat in DC. She was the number one for the last four years in Obama's administration. The top political diplomat. And that's why they sent her everywhere to handle everything. And she's not only, you know, going around the world handling diplomacy matters, she's writing legislation for the UN, she's writing martial law and FEMA legislation, for the military, the Pentagon. She's all over the place.

And so, no. When it comes push to shove, and now the crap's gonna hit the fan--you know, to us it's crap, to them it's glory. She's not going anywhere. She's gonna be right in there. She'll take on some kind of new power position and push somebody else aside. So, you know, just watch and see what fireworks happen over there at the White House. Because when all is said and done, she's probably one of the most powerful over there, and so. Not to blow smoke up her butt, but that's just the way it is. She's a very powerful witch, and so. And her sidekick, Nancy Pelosi, another very powerful witch in the House, and so.

Anyway--and I mean that literally, not symbol--she is a witch. Practices the black arts.

Need You to Send in Donations - This Is Going to Be a Busy Month and I'm Down to Nothing - Need Your Help

Anyway, running out of time here. So I'll be back next week. See what the Lord has me reveal then. All I can say, folks, is still need your contributions, donations so I can get stocked up on supplies. I'm down to nothing, and I need to get bills paid, and I need to stock supplies.

And for the Warriors in the southern part of this country, you need to just get orgone out. Get it out so it gets in the atmosphere. So just some kind of portal openings from here to Guatemala. The Lord can blow the orgone that way.

So send in donations, folks. I need your help. Need your help. This is gonna be a busy month.

Till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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