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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
December 3, 2012


12/21 Is the End of Satan's Rule on Earth in the Air - He Will Be Cast Down to the Earth

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it is December 3. And [sighs] I don't have any real cheery news tonight, folks, so buckle the seat belts on. This month, literally, is gonna be the month from hell. And I just don't see how many ways they can get around it because [coughs] time is up.

Remember I warned about the bathtub effect? How quickly things were gonna happen one after the other once they started. And so, that's what it reminds me, from the 21st on of this month. [coughs] If you look at--and I'm gonna talk about all the hoopla tonight about 12/21 and the solstice. And you have the Hopis, and their prophecies of the Blue Kachina Star. The Mayans, and the end of their calendar. The New Agers, and their ascension. The Christians have jumped in with the rapture.

But what we're running into--and I saw this article posted, and I posted it to my Facebook list because it just rung of truth. Sometimes you can catch some real pieces of gems in the most obscure places and in the most obscure things. And I just grabbed this one when I saw it because it just rang of so much truth. I'm not so sure about the way they describe it in that the interpretation of when Satan rebelled and gathered a third of the angels, one third of the stars of heaven. That it wasn't actually a third of the angels that rebelled, but, rather, a time marker indicating some kind of a marker of a processional period being over which Satan exercises power. The temporal position of power and authority he had all this time given to him by God.

And, in any case, this article was stating that Satan's power ends on 12/21. And this would also correlate to Revelation, chapter 7 which is when Satan is cast out of heaven. There's a war in heaven, Satan's cast out. And, indeed, this is--this is what's gonna happen, folks. 12/21 is the end of Satan's rule on Earth in the airs. He is going to be cast down to the earth. And from that point on is when we'll begin the great tribulation period on the earth.

Some can argue, "OK, are we starting at the beginning of seven years, or are we starting at the 3-1/2 years?" I'm not sure about the timing on this. I know that Obama wants to start mandatory chip-implanting in March. And if that was the case, that would pretty much put us the middle of the tribulation period. Put us somewhere right in the middle right now.

There's people that are whole 7 years. And there's the people that are 3-1/2 years, 42 months, and so. We do know that the whole mandatory worship of the beast and the chip enforcement marks the middle of the tribulation period because then after that there's 42 months. So if you're going by time markers through events, you can just watch for that event.

The Hopi Indians' Blue Star Kachina and Sananda's Blue Spaceship

Either way--you know, I was looking at I think it was the crystallinks website. Somebody sent me a link on the Hopi's Blue Star Kachina. [Hopi Prophecies] And I had to, you know, had to just laugh. I mean, [sighs] know it really just seems like these natives who have--seem to be sincerely good people. Just totally deceived. It seems like they've been thrown the snowball by Sananda and they got hit in the head and been stuck there for a thousand years. If you read their stuff, they're talking about this blue star. They interchange it; they call it the Brown Dwarf.

But I know Sananda has a blue spaceship in that we've seen it above Ohio. He has--it's huge. It's three-miles high. About three-miles high and about two-miles wide. I mean, this thing's huge. It's mammoth. And it looks like a huge, giant blue penis. That's the only way to describe it. That's what it looks like. And the Kachinas go on to describe this blue star. And how their great master, whoever they call it, is coming down.

And then they talk about it crashing to the earth. And so, at that point, I just lost it because, you know what? Do they really think that the Most High God would crash to the earth? Would have a ship, or a star, something of His, that would crash to the earth? I mean, come on, folks. So not only did we crash Capricorn 1 back in, when was that, 2005, 2006? I don't remember the exact year. We pulled that out of the space. We're also going to pull the Capricorn 2 out of space. It's gonna come crashing down. Maybe that's the asteroid that hits after Shema hits. I don't know. I know, eventually, Shema going to onto the earth, too. In the Bible Codes it's called a Lamp - Skylight. And in the Bible in Revelation, chapter 8 it talks about a great lamp falling from the sky. So I've always correlated that one with Shema.

The New Agers Think They're Going to Be Beamed Up and Ascend into Heaven, but the Aliens Have Abduction Technology

Another one is just the Mayans, the end of the cycle. The reason their calendar ends on the 21st is because it's the end of this age, the Age of Pices. Of course, they call it a cycle. They wouldn't go by our Age of Pices. It begins a new cycle, a new birth. And we're looking at this period of time when Satan rules on the earth. Of course, the New Agers call it the Age of Aquarius. They're looking for ascension on the 21st. They all think that they're going to be beamed up in the sky and ascend into heaven.

And that's the one that makes me the sickest because, you know, I've heard from my sources. They have abduction technology. And we all know aliens can abduct people off the earth. So many of them are gonna be so lost forever if they go willingly, or even unwillingly. You get caught up in these UFOs, you're gonna be taken as a prisoner. You're gonna be tortured. You're gonna be used as food. It's not a pretty picture what happens to them.

Mimas, the Moon of Saturn, Is a Death Star, a Battle Planet and Will Be Shooting Blue, Red, and White Beams at People to Abduct or Kill Them

The Christians are getting on the bandwagon now. Probably because some of the things I've said, and now they're taking it and running with it. I'll talk about that tonight. It's kind of mind-boggling. I started warning on Facebook, my Facebook list. Then I sent it out to my Yahoo! list about Mimas being dominant in the month of December. And I couldn't figure out why is this moon of Saturn called Mimas. If you watch the Star Wars series, it's the Death--it's the battle planet. It's the Death Star. It's what it's called. And it's a huge battle planet.

And you can look it up on Wikipedia. Just put in Mimas or Death Star. Star Wars Death Star. It's a battle station. And this thing shoots beams out of it. OK, a lot are haters and everybody else had some fun with that. But this is much more serious than they can imagine. This Mimas, this Death Star is already here. It's already here. And when everything starts to happen around the 21st of this month--I can't give you an exact date when it's going to start shooting beams on the earth--but people need to watch out for this because it is going to be shooting--from what I'm hearing--blue, red, and, white beams.

Depending on what beam you get hit by, if you get hit, you could be burned instantly like a crisp, just completely destroyed, and some of these other beams will just be abducting people, whether you're willing to be abducted or not. They're just gonna be taking you off the earth in these beams. And this is why Yah is telling us that we need to be staying in our homes from December 21 probably through about the 26th. Because these 6 days are gonna be straight from hell, folks. Literally.

When We Pass Through the Dark Rift on the 21st, We May Get Three Days of Darkness When the Brown Dwarf Star Passes in Front of the Sun

Let's talk about the three days of darkness. OK, on the 21st, one of the big significance--and I talked about it last week on my show--is that the sun will rise through the Milky Way. And at the same time, the earth passes through it. We pass through what's called the Dark Rift. And from what I believe is that Enoch's planet, which is the second sun--I have videos on the second sun [The Brown Dwarf Star - Is Our Redemption Near?]--at this time, will pass through in front of the sun, pass over. Because Enoch's planet's in the west. It's in the northwest. And this Milky Way center in the center of the galaxy, what I believe is that Enoch's planet will pass over in front of the sun and block the sun.

Now, I'm not saying this is a "thus saith the Lord," this is just something I'm going out on a limb. Something I felt last year. Something I still feel this year. And so, I always go by my feelings because they're always correct. Me hanging on a limb with nothing but a toe. But that's what I see, and so. In fact, most of the stuff I talk about tonight, I'm just out on a limb because it's just so mind-boggling.

Anyway, that planet is coming in. And when I asked the Lord about it, I said, "Well, is that Mimas? Is it Mimas coming in? Is that gonna block the sun? Is it Nibiru? Is it--you know, what is it?" He said, "There are--," you know, I always second-guess myself. And those around me know how much I second-guess myself and it drives them crazy. But,, I lost my train of thought. He told me that those alien planets, the ships I just mentioned, Mimas and the cube and all that, they're already here. They're already here.

I've Seen Some of the Second Sun, the Lord's Planet, and It Looks Like Heaven to Me

What's happening is the Lord is coming. And I've told you the second sun is the Lord's planet. And it's coming closer to the earth. And this is the planet Enoch described. That the Lord created. In the northwest part of the galaxy. Enoch describes it as a place for the patriarchs and the Lord's people to go.

You know, I have to realize at that time, this planet was put there before the Lord's redemption on Earth. And, you know, once you're redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, you die and go straight to heaven and be with Him. This planet is still a settlement, an area, for the Lord's people. And I've seen some of it. It looks like heaven to me. From what I've seen, just a real...real heavenly planet. Um, you know, it had literal orange trees with leaves. I mean, just literal orange trees. I was just in shock. I thought, "Is it fall here?" [laughs] And I saw some pure white stone buildings, and some other things I can't say.

But, you know, I kept asking Him, "If this is real, let me see it. Show me something of it." And He finally did, at one point. And so, the craziest thing is, you know, I'd been asking the Lord, "Well, if this planet's in the sky, show it to me. Pick it out for me at night so I can see it. 'Cause I wanna see it." And today I had a stroke of genius. And I decided to reread that scripture on Enoch that talks about the planet in the northwest, 'cause I forgot where it was. And it occurred to me that every night when I look outside my front door, that planet is right there in front of my face.

Now, you guys have heard me gripe about the planet in the west, because it's so obnoxious, and I was calling it a spaceship and [laughs] I was pointing my pipes at it. [laughs] The Lord couldn't have been any clearer, "It's right here. You wanna see it. It's right here." It has been what I've been calling the obnoxious spaceship in the west, in the northwest. That's Enoch's planet. That's the second sun. See, when the sun moves across the earth and settles in the west is when you see Enoch's planet. It looks like the second sun because the sun sets right in front of it. Just kind of funny.

But, yeah, it's been there all this time. And so, I've been blasting my orgone pipes at it. They're loving it.

Why Do We Have All These Hundreds of DUMBs When the Illuminati's Leaving the Country? Satan's Using Them to Hoard Up His Forces

And I've been blasting my pipes at Shema in the east. They hate it. It fried them. Shema's abandoned now. It doesn't even function anymore. The problem with that being is I talked about the displaced Giants from Shema. And I've talked about the displaced aliens from this Sirius star system. And I've said eventually these Giants are gonna be on the earth. Well, you know, over the year, I've also talked about the Giant bases. There was one in North Carolina. I think the one in Lima [Ohio] was also a Giant base. We took that one out. We took the one in North Carolina out, but I don't know if they're destroyed or not.

But either way, they've been bringing over huge Giants for a couple years now. And you gotta wonder, you know, the last 20, 30 years, 4 trillion dollars missing, where has it gone? Why do we have all these hundreds of DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) when the Illuminati's leaving the country? It didn't make sense to me. 'Cause they're all leaving. You know, when you talk to the Satanists and all them, they have their estates and whatevers in South America, in South Africa, and India, and they're all leaving. So, why do we need all these bases if the Illuminati are leaving the country? Well, it was told to me (in no uncertain terms) that Satan's using all these bases to hoard up his forces.

You know, I told you last week, or the week before, about the 10,000 Chinese being brought in to California near Studio City, underground base there, on Black Friday. And that's nothing. They bring over tens of thousands of Chinese constantly. They're bringing in, they're filling up these 4-trillion dollars worth of underground bases, they're filling up with Chinese, Giants, and aliens. The aliens, they make us fund and build all these palaces under the ground. And then they move into them. Living in style. So, they're being hoarded up and filled up with Satan's forces. And I've warned you that the Chinese race, dragon race, are his people, his race. They were gonna help him enforce his global rule on the earth.

I Think They Will Extend the Time of Darkness Because We'll See the Lord's Planet at That Time

So what it's looking like, folks, is that during this time of darkness that's coming--you can call it three days. I think it's gonna be longer. Because they're going to extend it. I think what we're gonna see first is, you know, you see thick clouding going on. I see that in the Codes; they're clouding. Dimming the atmosphere with thick clouds. I think when we pass through the rift on the 21st, we'll see Enoch's planet at the time, the Lord's planet at that time.

He said He's coming and we're gonna see that. I think He could very well move some of His people off the earth at that time. I'm not talking about a huge rapture. I think people have grossly exaggerated that, because there's gonna be many left here. And, you know, there's 144,000 good believers in The Most High who were never swayed by false apostasies in churches and they're staying because the Lord seals them on Earth to be witnesses during the time of Satan's rule on Earth.

Then there will be others that stay because the Lord wants them here during that period, 42-month period when Satan's here. And so, not everybody's gonna be taken. People will be left here for a reason. Also, there's a huge chunk of people who are drowning in apostasies, false beliefs, that He is not taking, He is going to leave here to be purified through persecution. You know, Isaiah warned about it. And the Bible warns about it. You know, there's gonna be a lot of the Bride that is put through persecution. The Elect is not. The Elect is taken off the earth. And the Elect and the Bride are two different groups.

Sananda Wants to Steal the Limelight from the Lord's Arrival and Put It on His Own Arrival - Then the Fake Rapture Will Begin

So, I think shortly after--and I'm not saying--well, I guess shortly after that happens, what I see happening, almost back-to-back events, is Sananda arriving. And, you know, the government's been hush-hush, plotting and planning for ages on this, and now they're really getting into "we're out of time." They've got to bring him in. They have orgone detectors on their ships (which I thought was amusing). So he can try to fly in with areas without orgone energy in them.

Sananda's going to come in. And what I think he's doing is, he knows it's the Lord's planet coming in. It's the Lord's planet. It's the second sun coming in. And he want's to steal the limelight. He wants to take people's focus off the Lord's arrival and put it on him, you know. And so, I think this is the time that he'll arrive and start that whole charade with the New Agers that, "Oh, we're Ascended Masters." There's like, a group of them. There's like, 11 of them. They're gonna mimic Yahushua and the apostles, the disciples. They're gonna mimic them.

And so, this is when I think they're gonna start this fake abduction stuff. Because he's gonna wanna tell his New Agers that believe in him--'cause they'll all recognize Sananda. They all know him as Sananda. The Christians will think he's Jesus of the Bible 'cause they've had his picture up in the churches all these years. That's when they're gonna start abducting people off the earth to mimic a rapture. And that's what these beams are for.

You Need to Stay Inside, So Stock Up What You'll Need for at Least 6 Days - There May Be No Electricity or Water, So Prepare

And so, folks, you need to stay inside. Don't go outside for any reason. Which means people need to stock up. Six-days' food, water, shelter, heat. Plenty of water to flush toilets. 'Cause they're saying that there won't be any electricity during this time. And so, if there's no electricity during this time--you know, that's a worldwide concerted effort to shut down energy grids.

But, trust me, all the Satanists are in on this. They're all planning this. There could be no electricity for 6 days in the dead--middle of winter for a lot of countries or states. So you could have no heat if you're dependent on electric. It even takes electric to pump water out of wells if you live in the country. So be prepared, folks, you know. Put some garbage cans in your bathtubs and fill them with water for the toilets. And candles will throw off heat. Get wood burners. Backup heating sources, if you can.

Lights. Anything battery-operated would be good. Those floodlights that you could charge up, But the thing is they don't last long on charges. And, you know, you wanna get some lanterns. You wanna make sure you have light at all times. You know. You know how it is. You know, survival--you're gonna have to go into survival mode. Six days without electricity. Six days sitting inside your homes with whining kids and spouses. This is gonna be interesting. Have some games to play for the kids. Get families involved. Better to play a game than sit and argue and fight 'cause everybody gets on everybody's nerves.

During This Time, the Giants, Aliens, and Chinese in the DUMBs Will Be Unleashed on Land

But this is gonna be a harrowing time because, you know, during this six days--and I don't know if it's six days, folks. I don't have the magic number six. I just believe that this three days of darkness is gonna be a lot longer than three days. So let's, you know, just prepare for longer. But, it's during that time, that all of these beings, these Giants, these aliens, these Chinese--and they have DUMBs under every city in the country that they've been filling up--all of these beings in the DUMBs are gonna be unleashed on land. So it's gonna be violence, literally violence, everywhere. You're gonna have aliens everywhere destroying, killing people. You're gonna have Chinese everywhere. You're gonna have Giants everywhere. People are gonna be raped. They're gonna be beaten. They're gonna be killed. They're gonna be eaten.

So the Lord wants His people that will be here during that time, and people, in general, to just prepare mentally. Because death and violence is gonna be everywhere. It's just gonna be total chaos on Earth. Now I don't know if this is just specific to America, or if this is gonna--I know they especially hate America. And right now it seems like Target America is underway. So I don't know if the other countries of the world are gonna be experiencing this, but I can speak for America, 'cause I like here and I can say America is gonna be experiencing this. If you're from Australia or Europe, ask the Lord if you need to be prepared to hunker down for a week.

December 25 Is a Huge Target Date for Sananda's Arrival

It seems like December 25 is a huge target date for Sananda's arrival. I've always said that was a huge target date for Maitreya. It has switched to Sananda. They switched the Beasts. Sananda's coming in the first Beast. He's the Antichrist. Sananda is the Antichrist, folks. Maitreya will be in later as the False Prophet. And they cloned another one. They're not even gonna go with Raj Patel 'cause he was such as an--you know, he wasn't fooling anyone. So they cloned another one from Cain. Another Maitreya. And they're gonna be bringing him in.

Nibiru Is Coming Back, and Its Arrival Will Align with the Trumpet and Bowl Judgments of the Book of Revelation

So, uh...basically, from the 21st on, folks, it just--it looks like total hell on earth. And, you guys, you know, I don't blame people for saying, "Well, we've heard this before." 'Cause last year Nibiru was supposed to come in and we stopped it. And so, all that destruction that was supposed to happen, didn't happen, 'cause Nibiru got hurt and whimpered to the south to chill out for a while in the snow and the chilly air of Antarctica.

Well, Nibiru's coming back. I told you it's been rebuilding itself and getting ready to make a comeback. But don't look for it to come from the east again. You know, last year it was very easy to watch coming in. You could see it coming in from behind the sun. A big, red planet. They call it the big red dragon because it has a red gaseous tail behind it. I would think to watch for it to come up from the south. I think it's gonna come up from the south this time, and not from the east. And so, watch for a red planet coming in from the south because that will be coming back.

If you align the biblical judgments with Nibiru--and Nibiru is called "the destroyer"--they align with the trumpets and the bowl judgments of the book of Revelation. I mean, the tail, alone, of Nibiru, as it goes through, passes, the Earth, it's filled with thousands of meteorites. And, you know, the Bible talks about 70-pound hailstones hitting the earth. Well, that's what John would probably describe meteorites as looking like; hailstones.

And so, a lot of the stuff, the destruction, that's prophesied that Nibiru will cause, you'll see in the trumpets and bowl judgments of the book of Revelation. They line up. And so, that's coming back. We delayed it for a little while. But the clock stops. The clock is stopping.

You know, December 21, the winter solstice, the end of a cycle, it's when the Earth passes through the Dark Rift. We're totally in a new stage when we've never passed through the Dark Rift before; the center of the galaxy. So it's all gonna be very new. I don't know, weatherwise, what kind of disasters to expect right away, if anything. We could, perhaps, experience earthquakes and tsunamis. Weatherwise is just some I, you know, I can't even begin to try to track that, when I'm trying to track everything else. So just be prepared for some crazy weather, if that should come about, or that just waits until Nibiru comes up on us from the south.

They're Lulling Everybody to Sleep with Talk of the Fiscal Cliff and Bad Economy While They're Ready to Unleash Hell on This Country

You know, it just seems like right now they're lulling everybody to sleep. They just talk about the fiscal cliff, and the bad economy, and blah, blah, blah, blah. And here, they're just ready to unleash hell on this country come the end of this month. They've been filling up all these underground bases, and they're getting ready to just give them the green light and tell them to go.

You know, they have no love for America, folks. Obama, Hillary, all of them. They hate America. It's been their life's work to work to dismantle it and destroy it. And that's what's gonna happen. It's what's gonna happen.

I've warned about the Chinese coming; the Chinese invasion. The economic collapse. They may not even make a, you know, a show of that. I mean, they might within the next couple of weeks. But I mean, obviously, when your country's invaded by Giants, Chinese, and aliens, and they're running everywhere killing, raping, torturing, and eating people, and there's total anarchy and chaos in society, I don't think a lot of people are gonna be worried about the stock market crash then.

They were gonna force a famine here, and empty shelves. Because they plan on closing down all the distribution centers. So, store shelves will be empty. All this has been methodically planned. I mean, what else has Satan had to do for thousands of years besides try to mimic God is plan His people's destruction. It's why they particularly hate the western nations. If Europe thinks this is just gonna happen to America, they've got another thing coming. The same things are gonna happen in Europe. They're just gonna use the Muslims to destroy Europe. The Muslims are gonna take over and dismantle it.

The Muslims' Muhammad Was Related to the Queen by Bloodline

Found it interesting, I just posted a link of something I found out that was true, is that Muhammad being related to the Queen. It's always been considered a conspiracy, but I've been given a green light that that's true, by sources that would know. Muhammad having the same bloodline as the Queen's makes him Rh negative, which makes him Lizard blood. He's a Lizard blood Illuminati. And so, it's all connected, folks. It's all connected.

There's a Fast-Growing Religion in the World and It Has No Name, Made Up of People Leaving the Mainstream Religions

Another thing I thought was interesting--let me see if I can find it. There was an article in WorldNetDaily had sent it out. Um...I don't know if I can...I'll just have to wing it, but what it was stating is that there's a fast-growing religion in the world and it has no name. And what it's comprised of is over 800-million people that have left the mainstream churches, have left Catholicism, they've left Islam, and they're meeting in their homes.

You know, people waking up and realizing that Satan dominates the churches today. He dominates Islam with Muhammad. Dominates Catholicism with Mary; and false idol worship. All the saints they marry, it's nothing but idol worship, that's nothing but idol worship. And they dominate Christianity through Paul and his false teachings.

The Christians were called Christians at Antioch with Paul. His followers, his believers were called Christians. The twelve apostles, at the time, and the believers that followed the apostles in the Jerusalem church, they never called themselves Christians. That was always Paul's people's title. They were two different groups. And one of the reasons the Dead Sea Scrolls will never be released is because it shows Paul being excommunicated from the church by Peter and James. He was a false apostle. I don't know why people just can't. I know it's hard to wrap your mind around it when you hear it for the first time, but when you've heard it for the fiftieth, hundredth time and you keep ignoring it, uh, can't help you with the truth, you're not interested in the truth.

But the fastest-growing religion in the world, being this religion with no name, just people leaving the religions and meeting in their homes, creating their own gatherings, getting away from the mainstreams. And you know what? I was just so proud to see that. I was just so--you know, just so proud of these people. You know, I hear from pastors all the time. Talk about, you know, they're so frustrated with their congregations because they can't preach the truth. They can't tell them about the New World Order and what's going on. The congregations don't wanna hear it. They end up resigning, leaving the churches, because they don't wanna be responsible for that. Meeting in their livingrooms again. Starting up, again, livingroom meetings.

It's a serious responsibility that you're given when the Lord stands you up to lead His people. And if you're teaching them apostasies, that's a serious error in judgment. And so, you know, if you're a pastor who really loves the Lord, you better be rethinking what it is you're teaching. You know, I get so sick seeing all these pastors drowning in paganisms. You go by their houses now they've got Christmas trees in their windows. Every time I see a Christmas tree I wish I had a hand grenade in my hand. I could just throw it and blow it up. I hate Christmas trees. I hate all the paganisms. I just--I can't even stomach them anymore.

So if you wanna know what kind of a church--if that's the kind of church you're in, you're drowning in apostasies. You know, the Lord loves the heart of a truthseeker. You're not gonna find truth sitting in a church where you have a pastor controlling everything you think, everything you believe. 'Cause most people do not read the Bible for themselves. And the ones who do, they tend to just learn to pick it apart and pick which passages they wanna believe and which ones they don't.

Who Would've Thought That They Were Going to Let the Total Ruin of This Country and Collapse Begin at One Time?

So, anyway, folks, it doesn't look like it's gonna be a uneventful month. I told you November looked quiet. Maybe that was because the bang was gonna come in December. I mean, I wouldn't have thought that everything was gonna boil down to Christmas time in December. I mean, yeah, I've always seen the arrival of Sa--there was always an arrival date other than September for Sananda and Maitreya, but who would've thought that they were just gonna unleash the dogs and let the total ruin of this country and collapse begin all at one time. But that's exactly what they're doing. So we need to prepare, folks.

Gonna be know, I would just say from the 20th on. You know. International time dates, give or take a day, 'cause, you know, time, whatever, from the 20th to the 26th, 27th, prepare. You know, I've just been in shock all week. All weekend, actually. 'Cause I started seeing Mimas so dominant. And I'm thinking, "Well, this thing's gonna go crazy." This thing's gonna be shooting beams on the earth. It's a battle planet. People aren't gonna know what to expect. And I wouldn't have given them another thought, but it's in almost every Code for December. It's very dominant. And I know what Mimas is, and so, that had my eyebrows raised.

Then I started to calm down and feel a lot better knowing, hey, the second sun's gonna come in with the sun when it rises through the Dark Rift. And I thought, "Well, that's great. Enoch's planet's coming in. It's coming closer to the Earth, which means, you know, they're coming to pick us up, take us home, 144,000, the Elect, first group." Then to see the double whammy of Sananda coming right with it. His whole charade. His whole, "Oh, we're Ascended Masters." And he's got a whole caravan coming with him. And armies. I'm seeing alien armies. I'm seeing Chinese. And someone else had warned me he had Giants, too. And I'm thinking, "Well, we do have Giant bases here in America." We've been hauling in Giants. And some of these floors, allegedly 35-feet high to hold some of these 30-foot Giants. I mean, that's how big they are, folks.

Get the Orgone Out - In All This Chaos That's Coming, I See That People Are Praising the Orgone and That It Will Hold as Protection

So get the orgone out. You know, one of the things I see in all this, all this chaos that's coming, is that people are praising the orgone. And so, if the orgone doesn't work as a protection, then what are they praising? You know, because the Lord's leaving judgment to people on Earth. I mean, He's allowing His people to be judged and tested. So, calling on Him is going to be, if He has grace or not for that person, whoever's calling on Him. Because some are meant to go through judgment, persecution, during this time and others are not.

But what I see is that the orgone--and I've always said that it would work as a protection area--will hold. The orgone will hold. I don't know, and I'm kind of iffy, about how well it will do against the Chinese. Because I know it makes the Chinese sick. But when you make somebody sick, that could take a process of days. So if you've got 10,000 Chinese running into your city all at once from underneath an underground base, it may take a day, or two, or three to get them sick with the orgone, if that area's orgoned. They could do a lot of damage in that time.

Giants and aliens will be the most severely affected by the orgone. Because they just cannot stand it. It's a putrifying smell to them. [coughs] It burns them right away. And they'll avoid areas that have orgone in it. They can smell it. They can feel it. They can detect it. They can discern it. They can discern the energy.

And so, you know, we've gotta get--and the Lord's people--I know I'm talking to the choir here. [laughs] Most of the Lord's people already have their areas orgoned. But if you have time, get out and get other areas. You know, especially miles around you, because who wants a 30-foot Giant down the road? You know? Put a wall. Do your entire county. That's what I did. I've practically done the entire state; me and a few other Warriors. Put up walls everywhere. So they can't get through the walls. They won't want to. But if you just did your county, put a puck every mile around your county, that would put up a wall of orgone everywhere around your county. Something to start with.

I know most people haven't branched out from their own yards. And so, it's, you don't know if Yah's going to crank it up or sit it down. I mean, He can lower the power to allow all these things to happen. Or He can crank it up and burn them. I mean, it's His weapon. He can do what He wants to. But I think He'll honor those, and the faith of those, that have it.

If You Want to Know Where Orgone Is, Usually Chemtrails Don't Stick in Those Areas

You know, we've been, for years, going on missions, putting up orgone walls, and making areas so that would block Giants and aliens, and it would protect people in those areas, and so. If you wanna know where orgone is, usually, chemtrails don't stick in those areas. And so, if you see chemtrail planes flying--and they'll be flying because they wanna unleash a pandemic. A Spanish Flu pandemic, just like H1N1, then the SARS, and, you know, these pneumonia pandemics is what they are. They're gonna unleash another strain of Spanish Flu. Watch chemtrail planes and if it starts disappearing, if their trails start disappearing almost immediately once they start spraying an area, then you'll know that area has orgone in it. If you look up in the sky, and you see it crisscrossed with chemtrails, and they're laying there, and they're not dissolving and disappearing, then that area has not been orgoned. Head somewhere else.

An orgoned area will have clear skies, and big, white, fluffy clouds. You won't find big, white, fluffy clouds in a chemtrailed area, so. I mean, I get chemtrailed planes here. And they start the spraying, and it amounts to nothing, and I still have my puffy, white clouds. Because the chemtrails don't stick here. So much orgone here. So that's a good way of finding out which areas have orgone in them and which would be safe areas to head to if you have to leave your area.

If the Lord Says to Stay in Your Home and Don't Leave It, Do as He Says - Who Says It's Going to Be Safe After the Darkness Ends?

If the Lord tells you to stay in your home and don't leave it, then do as He says. Always do as He says. You might have to lock your doors and cover your windows and just stay in the house for six days. So be smart, folks. Fill your cars up with gas before then. Before the 20th. Fill your cars up with gas. Get food in the house. Get water in the house. Get extra water in the house to flush toilets with. Just be prepared to hunker down for six days.

And you know what? Who gives that the magic number? That might be the end of six days of darkness, or maybe it is just three and it ends after three. But who says it's gonna be safe to go anywhere? You know, what happens? The Giants, and the Chinese, and the aliens all disappear in thin air? You know, I don't think so. I think they're still gonna be among us. It's gonna be a time of hell on earth, you know.

Sananda Is Satan, Himself - One of His Personifications

And then they're gonna bring in Sananda. Here comes the savior of the day, the Cosmo Christ, the New Age Ascended Master. It's not the real Jesus of the Bible, the real Yahushua of the Bible, folks. It's a fake. It's a mimic. And when you see him, you'll know. I mean, I've seen him and he's very tall, very girly. Uh, he's just gross. They're all gross. They're all pretty-boy effeminates. So don't be fooled by if you see him coming with a choir. Singing heavenly songs. [laughs] That would really be nauseating.

And once he arrives, folks, once Sananda is here--'cause Sananda is Satan. He's a personification of Satan. You know how Satan can take many form? He can be a woman, he can be a man, he can be an athlete, he can be a businessman. He can morph, transform, into anything he wants to. Well, this fake Jesus of the Bible is Satan, himself. It's one of his personifications. So it's Satan, himself. So don't get fooled by it, folks.

From What I'm Hearing, There Are No More Delays

You know, it's massive chaos coming. Massive chaos. And people can say, "Well, you know, it can be delayed again. We've gone through so many countless delays." Well, from what I'm hearing, there's no more delays. That this is it. This is it. It's coming. It's happening. This is it. Especially with the 21st, if that truly does signal the end of Satan's temporal power. You know, that's one of the things I always hear from Satanists. "And where is your God? Why does Satan have so much more power than he does?" Hello? What power does Satan have? He can't even create a tree. Just 'cause the Lord sits back and allows him to do things for His own purposes and gives him a time to reign, doesn't mean the Lord hasn't been paying attention.

Satan's Cycle of Power in Space Is Coming to and End - Sananda's Arrival Signals Chaos and Death

But his cycle of power in space and over the earth, especially in space, is coming to an end. On the 21st, he'll be cast down to the earth. And the war of Revelation 12 will be on. It will be on. You know, and so that happens the 21st, and then shortly after you've got Sananda/Satan arriving from the skies. Chaos on Earth. And you know what? Whenever Sananda's here, that's one thing I always see. Always. Since the years I started doing Bible Codes. He signals chaos and death. I mean, if there's any other way of describing Sananda, it's death. He is so big into death. And so, it doesn't surprise me at all that that's a personification of Satan, himself. Because everything about him is death.

He's behind all the chip implanting. He's behind all the vaccines that have been killing and making people sick. He's behind depopulation. Global depopulation, that's his thing. This whole Spanish Flu thing--all this stuff comes from Shema, and that's his stomping ground. And every time you see him, you always see Giants with him. Because he's very tall. He's a giant. So when he arrives, it's just gonna be pure chaos because Satan, you know, when Satan--if you read Revelation, chapter 12, when Satan's cast to the earth, all his forces are cast down with him. And that's why every time I see Sananda in the Codes, I see all these Giants and destruction and death that follow him. Because it's the same description in Revelation, chapter 6 with the pale horse rider.

I thought he always reminds me of the pale horse rider. 'Cause it fits him to a "T." And that's exactly what it says about the pale horse. You know, Hell follows after him. Hell's right behind him. It's right with him. And that's what I always in the Codes with Sananda. I see total hell with him. Giants, and alien factions, and all these Satan's forces. They all come right after he does. And so, it's gonna be pure hell on earth, folks.

You know, and some people say, "Well, the judgments in Revelation are--," you know, in Revelation, everything's put in order, but things don't necessarily have to happen in order. I'm kind of out of the mindset that I still kind of follow a timely order line. And so, if we jump out of order with the events, we'll just have to go with it then, but for right now I'm just kind of one of these timeline people where I consider the book of Revelation to be a orderly this happens, this happens, this happens. And then that's where my views come from. Shortly after their arrival.

Don't Expect Help from the Government - They're Leaving and Handing Our Country Over to China

And, of course, the Antichrist war on the saints is on because he's also--Revelation, chapter 13--the first Beast, the Antichrist, coming after the Lord's people, coming after Israel. And when you see Israel, it can be the land of Israel, it can be the people of Israel. For the most part, when it comes to persecution, people of Israel, people that love the Lord. Coming after them. And so, that's gonna be happening. Plagues, pestilences, death. We're literally gonna be at war. It's gonna be total, you know, society chaos because the government's gonna leave. They're handing our country over to China. And they're gonna start rounding up people and throwing them in FEMA camps and taking over our cities and our countrysides. And so, it's gonna be complete chaos.

And don't expect help from the government, because they're complicit in all this. They've been helping plan all this. They want China to take over America. They've all got one foot out the door already. In fact, most of them won't even be here most of the month. They're all leaving. If you see Obama around December, he's just a clone. He's gone. All of them will be gone.

How Many People Are Ready to Meet Their Maker? - Get Right with the Lord

So, get your bullets, guns. Stock up. Start asking the Lord to reveal to you what it is you need to do. Some of you just need to get off the fence and get your lives right with the Lord. There'll be a lot of death and destruction. How many people are ready to meet their maker? You know? Be prepared to die. Be prepared to get sick, be hurt. You know? I'll be talking about it next week more on the show. I don't know if [audio breaks up] clamp down on my show or not, but, you know, for right now I have it.

I Still Need Your Contributions, Folks

Anyway, folks, I still need your contributions to keep going here. I need all the donations I can get. Especially for the rest of this month so we can get things done. I can't stand just sitting here looking at things that need done. I need to be able to do them. And so I need your donations for that.

Anyway, I'll be back next week, everybody, at 10 o'clock, Lord willing. Until then. Yah bless.


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