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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
December 10, 2012


The Lord Told Me There's Some Kind of Progression from December 12 to the 21st - My Sources Say Satan's Power Expires the 20th at Midnight

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, December 10, 2012. And a few things I wanna talk about tonight. [sighs] Been going through a lot of things this week. Trying to foresee the things coming this month. And looks like it's going to be pretty interesting. I can't even remember the stuff I've said on my last shows. So, if I overlap, repeat the same things, so be it.

Seems to me, from everything I can tell--and I'm looking at the New Age agenda, the aliens agenda (which is basically the same with the New Agers), the New World Order. And what the Lord has told me is that there's some kind of progression from December 12 to the 21st. Now I don't know what all that progression entails. I don't know whose progression it is, what exactly is going on. But some kind of progression.

And so, the 21st obviously being a huge date. Not probably for this month, but for this cycle, century, the past few thousand years. Because it's been confirmed to me, from various sources, that at the 20th at midnight Satan's power expires. He's been given a certain amount of time to reign after his last rebellion.

Remember his rebellion, even before Adam and Eve were created, when Satan was a ranking cherub angel and Earth was a angelic paradise. Angels lived here. They lived on all the planets. I've written articles about this. [Sherry's Articles] And Satan thought to sabotage all that because he wanted to be worshiped as God himself and started a rebellion against the Lord, The Most High. And so, at that time, two-thirds of the angels left because they knew the Lord's judgment was gonna come on Lucifer and the angels that had sided with him.

And so, at that time, the Lord had judged a lot of those angels. They were sent in various places for judgment. And Lucifer also was judged, but he was also given a deferred judgment because the Lord was going to use Lucifer for His own purposes. He was gonna use him to test the hearts of mankind. And so, He gave Lucifer a certain amount of time to rule. And from the time that was given to him--and we don't know how many thousands of years ago it was because these angelic civilizations existed on Earth thousands of years ago. Then the earth was destroyed. And when you read in Genesis, the Lord was recreating, replenishing the earth. Well, He was replenishing it because it had been destroyed from something before that. You can't replenish something that wasn't plenished once before, is what I'm saying.

And so, we don't know exactly how much time it took between Satan's rebellion took and the Lord replenishing the earth, and then creating Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden and all that. We don't know how much time took place then. We know that since the time Adam and Eve were created, it's been about 6,000 years. All this time Satan has had. Almost like a time clock, sand clock. Well, on the 20th of this month his time runs out. And he loses his scepter of authority. And you could also read it in Revelation, chapter 12 when he is cast down to earth. This war in the heavens between Michael and the archangels and Satan, and Satan's cast down to earth. This to commence on the culmination of midnight of the 20th when Satan's cycle is over.

Satan Plans to Arrive to Earth on December 25 in His Personifcation of Jesus of the Churches

Now, that doesn't mean his total time is over. He's cast down to earth where he is then given and allotted time of 42 months to rule over the earth. And the first thing he does is begin his war on the saints. You can read that in Revelation, chapter 13. And so, I do know that CERN, which is the corporation, or that big Hadron Collider thing, has been working to open portals. And there's some kind of significance on the 12th of this month and the 21st with their portal openings.

I sent out kind of like a road map plan of theirs in regard to Satan arriving to Earth on December 25. Most people won't recognize him. He is coming in his personification as Jesus of the churches. And they're going to bring him in, I would suspect, or assume, that he's going to come very angelic. He's going to wear a tunic, a white robe, be barefoot, have the holes in the palms of his hands. Have an angelic choir around him, perhaps. Maybe hear heavenly music. This is nothing for them to do. Tech feats, folks. They can pull this off. You're all familiar with Project Blue Beam. And so, I suspect something. Some kind of a grand entrance of this Satan/Sananda, on December 25.

They Plan to Shut Off the Electricity for Three Days, But They Need Radio and Television to Condition Us to Accept This Sananda as Savior

And they've also been calling for a three days of darkness. And what made my heart sink at that time was that, well, if they shut the electricity off, especially during the week of Christmas, it's the coldest time of the year around this country, depending on what state you're in. And also in Canada, and Alaska, and the east coast. No electricity for three days. It could've been much worse because they do plan on shutting off the electricity. But what plays on our favor is they need to condition us through radio and television to accept this Sananda as savior of the world. And so, they're gonna need social media and the media at this time. So electricity can't be shut off. So I think that for now what they're gonna do is they're gonna shut it off for three days, be three days of darkness. Because it's during that three days of darkness that I just see total mayhem coming upon the world.

Now, we have different facets working against us. We have the Giants, we have aliens, we have the Chinese in the thousands in our DUMBs across the country; Deep Underground Military Bases. They're also all over the world. And they could be let loose to come out and pillage, and rape, and harm people, kill people. And this could happen sometime before the 25th because if Satan wants to come as the savior of the world, he's going to want some kind of massive chaos before that time, to have something to save them from. And so, I think during that time it could be really, really bad. And the New Agers refer to this as a time of cleansing, which is a nice way of saying mass murder.

Mimas, the Death Star, Is Already Here and This Battleship Will Be Shooting Out Various Types of Lasers to Abduct or Kill People

Another thing to watch out for is Mimas, the Death Star. I've talked about that on this show for years. If you watched Star Wars, you saw the Death Star. The big, menacing battleship. It's actually quite true. It actually exists. It's actually a moon of Saturn's. It's called Mimas. It was depicted after that moon of Saturn's. Mimas is already here. And from what I'm being told by various sources is that this battleship of will be shooting out various type of lasers. White and blue will abduct people. They will immediately abduct you and send you up aboard their ship, if you get hit with a white or blue laser. And the red ones, if you get hit, will fry you to a crisp.

And when they abduct you and put you up in their ship, folks, they're not planning to have an ascension party with you. You're not gonna be singing songs, and hymns, and spiritual songs. They are going to kill you, prep you, and put you in a freezer. You're gonna be food. They're preppers. Consider the aliens as doomsday preppers. They're always prepping ahead of time. And that's what they're going to be doing. It's gonna be like a huge hunting ground here on Earth.

And Mimas is already here. And so, if you see this thing...all I know to look for in the sky is it's bright. I mean, yeah, OK. It's bright. It's all I've got to go on. Because I don't have a telescope. I don't know where it is in the sky. Apparently, it's a bright object. Pick one out between the million of stars and other ships that are in right now. But this thing's going to be shooting beams out. And so, you want to be very mindful of being hit by any kind of beams when you're out. During the day--I know it's going to be really hard to tell during the day. But during this three days of darkness, it's going to be fairly obvious there's beams shooting around. Might wanna just plan to stay in your homes.

If you wake up midnight on the 20th, or sometime during the night of the 20th and there's no electricity, there's a pretty good indication you're gonna wanna stay locked up in your homes for three days. There's no sunrise. They're gonna commence with this three days. And so, thing to watch out for, folks, is Mimas.

Buffalos, Reptiles, and Bears: Satan's Factions and the Nations Aligned with Them

Also at that time, Giants being let loose, aliens being let loose. I don't know if the Chinese are gonna be let loose or not. I guess the main one with the green button on that is Kissinger. When he gives it the green light, the Chinese can come out from underneath their bases. Until then, they're just being piled up and stored there. It's really--he's the one that has his finger on the button on whether the Chinese come up or stay below. But from what I can see in the Bible Codes, I see Mimas, I see lasers and beams, I see Buffaloes and Bison.

And Buffalo has always been a term used to signify the New Age alien agenda. The Ascended Masters, the Ashtar Command, and that whole faction. And that whole faction's basically tall Greys that assume human-looking bodies, humanoid bodies.

And then the Bears. And, you know, the Bears are very dominant. And I've been putting two and two together lately on exactly who and what these Bears are. Because if you look in the background scheme of things. Russia was the first country on the moon. America's was a--I don't know what that was in 196--70? I'm not sure what that was. Neil Armstrong and them walking on the moon. But either way, Russia was actually the first country on the moon. It wasn't America, it was Russia.

Along the same lines you've got the whole fiasco with Eisenhower and Roosevelt making pacts with the aliens. Eventually becoming aligned with the Reptilian agenda, the snakes and serpents the Lord always warned us about. The Reptiles, the Reptilians. And so, you have the western nations, which became known as the New World Order nations being aligned with Satan's Reptilian faction. Reptilians, Greys, Dracos dominate that faction.

And then you have the Russians who have been dominated by the Bears. And this is something I've always seen in the Codes. And I've told you it's a--reminds me of Chewie in Star Wars. And in Star Wars they actually portrayed Chewie as very intelligent. He could fly the little UFO or airplane, whatever you wanna call it. People have seen them for centuries. They have called them Bigfoots. These are one and the same creatures that I've been seeing in the Bible Codes as Bears.

Bigfoots Claim to Be Children of Cain - Bigfoot DNA Shows That a Hairy Beast-Type Man Procreated with a Human Woman

What I find interesting is one of my sources was telling me that these Bigfoots claim to be children of Cain. I'm thinking, "Wow, well, where've I heard that before?" Now, you have the Illuminati that claim to be sons of Cain. And rightfully so. They are. And then you have the Bigfoots who are some kind of hybrid creature claiming to be sons of Cain. Well, they actually found, in DNA, Bigfoot--the DNA, is that it's actually a human woman. It was a hairy beast-type man procreating with a human woman. That's what his DNA--his blueprint looks like.

I wanna read something that's listed in the book of Jasher. Chapter 2, verse 26. Now, Jasher was one of the books that the Lord and the others refer to but they never put in the KJV. In Jasher 2 it says,

26 And Lamech was old and advanced in years, and his eyes were dim that he could not see, and Tubal Cain, his son, was leading him and it was one day that Lamech went into the field and Tubal Cain his son was with him, and whilst they were walking in the field, Cain the son of Adam advanced towards them; for Lamech was very old and could not see much, and Tubal Cain his son was very young.

27 And Tubal Cain told his father to draw his bow, and with the arrows he smote Cain, who was yet far off, and he slew him, for he appeared to them to be an animal.

28 And the arrows entered Cain's body although he was distant from them, and he fell to the ground and died.

29 And the Lord requited Cain's evil according to his wickedness, which he had done to his brother Abel, according to the word of the Lord which he had spoken.

30 And it came to pass when Cain had died, that Lamech and Tubal went to see the animal which they had slain, and they saw, and behold Cain their grandfather was fallen dead upon the earth.

31 And Lamech was very much grieved at having done this, and in clapping his hands together he struck his son [Tubal Cain] and caused his death.

There Were Other Races on Earth in Cain's Time

The book of Enoch talks about Cain being a hairy kind of a man. Something that, close to Neanderthal status. A Bigfoot, resembling Bigfoot that roams across North America. The DNA's been indexed. Bigfoot has been seen in every state in this country. So, very...very interesting. You almost wonder, "Was that a part of his curse. Because we know it talks about Cain receiving a mark as part of his punishment. He was cast out of the garden. And he received a mark on his forehead so that nobody would kill him.

Apparently, there were other races on the earth at that time. Who are the oldest races on earth, folks? The Chinese and the Indians. They were on the earth at the same time. Who do the Chinese regard themselves as? The dragon race. They are part of Satan's forces. And they are part of why America's giving their sovereignty over to China. It's in the process now. China--[coughs]--China's loading up our bases. They're gonna be pretty much taking over America because they're the dragon race. Satan's forces. He's gonna be using them as part of his army. Along with aliens, uh, and the other things he pulls in.

Another interesting thing was if you go to Wikipedia and you look at the Chitauri, which is C-h-i-t-a-u-r-i, also talks about this being a hybrid race of Cain. Of course, the Chitauris are more of a fictional account, but you can always find real hard truths, more truths in a comic book than NASA's website. That's just the way they reveal truth and info, folks. It's through fiction and comic books.

The Chitauris Helped the Nazis Develop Bombs in World War 2 - The Bears Are Helping the Russians Develop Bombs to Destroy Mankind Now

But according to their fictional characters, these Chitauris helped the Nazi party, in World War 2, develop bombs. And I thought this was really interesting because from what I'm hearing, the millions of Bears, Bigfoots that are in our earth right now--and this was my correlation with Russia earlier, just kind of skipped it. Because, if you'll notice, the Bears are always dominant in Russia. And this is behind the scenes. The Bears control Russian politics and the Reptilians control America and the western nation politics. Well, now that Barack Obama has become president in 2008, we're seeing a huge increase in the numbers of Bears here as well. I guess they just kind of follow Communism. I sent out an article the other day about Barack Obama being a KGB agent, all that. I read that before.

But, anyway, interesting correlation that since Barack Obama's become president here and he's associated with Communism, KGB, that now, all of a sudden, we have a huge increase in the Bears building underground cities and bases under our earth, under our country. And this is causing quite a phenomenal disaster because we're pretty crowded right now as it is. We probably have a thousand DUMBs that they've been building for the Chinese and the aliens. Giving them Taj Mahals to live in and wait until their given the green light by Kissinger to come up and invade us on the earth.

Well, now the Bears are here. Not here, but they've always been here, but they're increasing in huge numbers and they want more space. They want space. And so, they're carving out larger and larger underground cities. They make their own. They don't have a treaty with our government. They hate mankind. And their goals, their aims, are to develop bombs to blow mankind off the planet. And so, when I read their fictional character account about helping the Nazis in World War 2, didn't surprise me a bit because that's what they're doing now; developing bombs. And so, there's a huge correlation now between all these earthquakes going on and sinkholes.

Now, they're not the main cause for earthquakes. I mean, we have our own government who has been trying to blow the Madrid since spring. We have huge ships coming into our atmosphere in space. Nibiru, we have Mimas, the Brown Dwarf, the second sun which is Enoch's planet, huge--the Capricorn 2, itself--and we have huge objects coming in space. I'm sure that affects the pull on Earth. But also, now we have all these Bears wanting more space under our country. And so, it's causing earthquakes. And it's causing sinkholes. And they can't drill oil and gas out fast enough now because they need--and you'll see an increase in why Obama is letting oil companies just come and start drilling. You're seeing fracking on the increase. Oil companies getting permits to drill for oil. They need to get it out. Because the Bears, the aliens, want the space for underground cities.

They Tell You What They're Doing on TV - How About Watching Planet of the Apes or a Documentary on Bigfoots? - Their Goal Is to Take Over Earth

And so, you know, our government fully knows they're there. Not sure they know how to deal with them. Not sure they even do, with the Bears. Because the Bears are very hostile. They're a very, very hostile race. So just imagine, folks, if millions of these Bears, these Bigfoots were unleashed on the earth. I know people have these shows on TV, they have blogs, they have websites, UF--Sasquatch hunters, Bigfoot hunters. My husband watches that stuff on TV. He was telling me a joke last week. He asked me, "What do you call a baby Bigfoot?" I said, "I don't know. Baby Bear?" He goes, "Littlefoot." [laughs]

So it's becoming more and more. Kind of like a heads up on TV. You can always tell what they're trying to tell you by what starts becoming dominant on TV. They have their own ways of doing things. They're not gonna come out and tell you, "Hey, you know what? Maybe all of you should go back and rewatch Planet of the Apes. And maybe you should try to figure out who these Bigfoots really are because there's about 10 million underneath us." Haha! About 20 million on the moon. About 50 million under the earth. And they're gonna be invading Earth. Yeah. And they're not gonna come out and tell you that. They're gonna say, "Hey, watch this little documentary on Bigfoots. Or how about watching Planet of the Apes."

I remember watching the first one when I was just a kid. I loved that show. And then, Planet of the Apes, they had a movie several years ago, came out. I don't remember it, but I remember the ending of it. Where they're in DC. They're standing at one of the monuments and everything's destroyed. And the apes are taking over. Uh, you know, that's what they wanna do. That's their goal. Take over the earth. Take over the planet. That's their goal.

Bigfoots Are Another Excuse to Keep Your Areas Defended by Orgone - You're Never Going to Have Enough Bullets

So not only do we have, you know, everybody else who hates mankind, wants to come in and take over, now we have a more understanding on exactly who these Bears are that I keep seeing in the Codes that I've mentioned over the years. So, Buffalos and Bears, pretty much. And you know what? They're not gonna like orgone either. In fact, they hate it. It makes them really angry. It suffocates them.

Maybe that's why they're trying to dig out and carve out new areas to live under the earth, because they're trying to get farther away, or to other places where they're not affected by the orgone. Because, you know, the orgoned air saturates space, saturates the earth. So, you know, another excuse to keep your areas defended by orgone. If you have orgone in it, that's the first step. The next thing you wanna do is start making your own pipes. 'Cause those really pack a punch of orgone straight in the atmosphere. Most people can't deal with that. They live in the city. They live in apartment buildings. But if you have your own farm, you have your own house or some land, start making your own pipes, folks.

Orgone water. If you saw a Bigfoot, chances are you're not gonna get a shot off. No one's ever shot a Bigfoot. So I think I rather grab a spray bottle full of orgone water than a shotgun. 'Cause by the time you get the shot off, it'd be gone or whatever. Or already have you split in half. So keep the orgone water around, folks. 'Cause they're evil. They're wicked beings.

All these wicked, evil beings are affected by orgone water. It's like acid to them. And you're never gonna have enough bullets. You're never gonna have enough bullets to fight everything that's coming at mankind. You know, we have the aliens. You have the Greys. All the almond races. The Saurians. The tall Greys, the short Greys, the black Greys, the blue Greys, the orange Greys, the green Greys. I mean--I call them Greys because when I say Grey, you'll think of the almond eyes that they all have. In the Bible Codes they're called almond races because of their almond eyes, but actually come in different shapes, and sizes, and colors.

We have all this to deal with. We've got the Reptiles, the Dracos. The Nordics, the humanoids ones, the Giants. And the Giants are all various different-looking. Some are humanoid, some are not so human, and they're Giants. They're very tall. The Anunnaki. And the Bigfoots would be considered a Giant. They're about 9-, 10-feet tall. So you're never gonna have enough bullets, folks. So load up on the orgone water, because it's free. You can take an orgone puck and put it in a pail of water or a garbage can. And if you've got a garbage can and you've only got one puck, let it soak for like, two days. Two or three days and it's good. If I had a swimming pool, I'd be tossing orgone pucks in it. You'd have plenty of water. [laughs] Give it a couple days to saturate good and you can just go out and fill up a spray bottle if you have a swimming pool.

When Is Everyone Going to See These Beings with Their Own Physical Eyes?

You know, and I see these things already in the skies around us. The big million-dollar question is, "When is everybody gonna literally see them with their own physical eyes? When are they gonna be coming up your driveway? When are they gonna be at the grocery store?" You know what? If--and I don't put dates on stuff because it's impossible. It's always give or take a day. Different dates for [audio unclear]. But we're kind of in a crunch time now, don't you think? If Satan loses his scepter of authority on midnight the 20th, and he's being cast down to earth on the 25th, yeah, I don't think it's gonna be pretty that week. I would have to say that, yeah, you might see some action that week. You might see him then.

And I've always warned you, because when Sananda arrives, he's like, the epitome of the pale horse rider. I'm convinced they're the same character playing both roles. Because when I look in the Bible Codes at Sananda's arrival, I mean, shortly before he comes, after he comes, then you have Giant invas--you have the Locusts of Revelation, chapter 8 or 9. You have all these--he's associated with the Brown Dwarf, first of all, there's another Brown Dwarf behind the sun that Sananda's associated with. Then he's associated with Shema. Then he has--which Shema is Philistine Giants on it and also Greys. Then--it's kind of like a...I don't know. Like station where species come and go or whatever. I don't know. Hard to say.

Then he's associated with Venus. The Venusians. It's where they, the stomping ground for near-death experience. They always displayed those on Venus. So he's associated with various different abodes in space. Also has his big Capricorn 2. His big, blue object in the sky. My buddy over in Cleveland says maybe we'll see it above Ohio. And I know they're all coming in. They're all coming in towards Ohio, and so. [laughs]

The Sky Is a Zoo and They're Masking It with Thick, Thick Clouds

The sky is a zoo. And so, what are they doing? They're masking it. They're masking it with thick, thick clouds from one end of this country to the other. And even when it's not raining. They black out the sky so you can't see what's actually coming in and what's up there.

I wanted to read something that was so fitting. That somebody had posted, and a dream they had of the week of December 21 of Satan arriving or whatever. In Zephaniah, chapter 1, verse 14,

14 The great day of the Lord is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly, even the voice of the day of the Lord: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly.

15 That day is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of wasteness and desolation, a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness,

16 A day of the trumpet and alarm against the fenced cities, and against the high towers.

Cities being at distress.

17 And I will bring distress upon men, that they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the Lord: and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as the dung.

18 Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the Lord's wrath; but the whole land shall be devoured by the fire of his jealousy: for he shall make even a speedy riddance of all them that dwell in the land.

And so, a very interesting portrayal of what it could possibly look like during this week of the 20th, of the 25th, during September. Every time I look up at the sky and I see those thick clouds rolling in, it's what I think about 'cause it's just so unnatural. But I can see in the Bible Codes they're clouding the skies. Because they're hiding. They're bringing in all these UFO crafts and they hide in the clouds. And so, they wanna hide.

Also, they're hiding the appearance of Mimas, which is huge. Probably, you know, it's a huge battle station. The one that will be shooting the lasers. They're hiding the Brown Dwarf coming in, which has always been in the Earth's shadows, first of all. It's not like it's coming in. It's always been here. But actually coming in closer to our Earth now.

Enoch's Planet Is Also Coming in Towards the Sun

Also, Enoch's planet, uh, I wanna read--I love reading Enoch, so. Let me see if I can find him...where I put his...[pauses to look for the information]. Enoch's planet. It's what I call Enoch's planet. The Lord gets a big blast out of it every--[laughs]--every time I say that. I didn't know what to call it. He's the one who describes it, so I call it Enoch's planet. Enoch, chapter 70, verse 1-4,

1 And it came to pass after this that his name during his lifetime was raised aloft to that Son of 2 Man and to the Lord of Spirits from amongst those who dwell on the earth. And he was raised aloft 3 on the chariots of the spirit and his name vanished among them.

Enoch never died. He was taken off the earth in a chariot.

...and he set me between the two winds, between the North and the 4 West, where the angels took the cords to measure for me the place for the elect and righteous. And there I saw the first fathers and the righteous who from the beginning dwell in that place.

He's describing a place for the elect and the righteous, "the first fathers and the righteous who from the beginning dwell in that place," he says. And he describes this place in the north and the west. And when the sun sets every night, this is when people are seeing the second sun. They're seeing Enoch's planet. They're seeing this place that Enoch describes that the Lord created for the elect and the righteous.

And so, this, too, is also coming in towards the sun. And so, you know, we've got a lot of huge objects, huge objects coming in closer, to where NASA won't be able to deny them anymore. And I think they also predict that on the 21st people would see two suns. They won't be able to hide it anymore. It'll have moved into our realm of atmosphere at that point to where everyone was gonna see two suns at sunset. And so, you know, little chemtrails won't hide it anymore.

But, you know, that's interesting because if you see it at sunset the 21st, it means it's not, it not pure darkness then. So maybe the darkness begins on the 22nd. You know, I'm just saying. You know. I'm just giving you what I'm getting from analysis and stuff like that. I have no "thus saith the Lord" on three days of darkness. I've always wondered what the heck this three days of darkness is. It's always been a New Age agenda thing. And now NASA's jumping in supporting it and promoting it, so. You know, if they're promoting it, then people need to prepare. People need to prepare. Because they can always shut the electricity grids down. They can say, "Oh, look. We've got darkness." And that's what they plan to do.

So not only that, but if we cross into the center of the galactic rift on the 21st, which is also new, we're crossing into the plane of the Dark Rift, perhaps at that point, the second sun trajectory will come in front of the normal sun and block the sun. That could also cause it, and so.

They're Predicting a 10+ Earthquake on the 21st

You know, they're also predicting that on the 21st there will be a 10+ earthquake. A 10+ earthquake. And I would have to think that this is one of two things; this 10+ earthquake, if it were to happen. It's either going to fulfill Revelation, chapter 6, the sixth seal, the great earthquake, or it's just them, you know, trying to blow the Madrid Fault Line, which they've been trying to do since spring. And so, interesting that people are giving predictions of a 10+ earthquake on that date.

And I actually thought, "Oh, they're just trying to blow Madrid and, you know, I don't think there's anywh--you know, they're not gonna have the success with it; they've tried. 'Cause we have an orgone wall up blocking that." But the thing is, you know what? If the Lord wants to blow the Madrid, He can blow it. That's nothing for Him. And so, if He allows it, or He blows the Madrid Line Himself, and we have the fulfillment of the sixth seal in Revelation, chapter 6, then we're moving right along in prophecy. So, just something to watch for.

Prepare with Food, Water, Shelter Heat (and Extra for Those Who Don't Prepare) - Be Able to Protect Yourself from Looters

In the meantime, prepare. Because, like I said, the northern parts of this world, east coast of this country, very cold in the wintertime. You're gonna need heat sources. If there's three days of darkness, stores are gonna be shut down. Society is going to be shut down as we know it. If we have a literal--you can see Bigfoots and aliens during that time. 'Cause I always see this stuff going on in the background. I never know--people always wonder, "When am I gonna see one," you know, "in my yard? Down the road?" It could possibly be during this time, folks.

The Lord might tell you to stay home for three days. So prepare. Food, water, shelter, heat. And you know, you know people that won't prepare, so prepare extra for those who don't. That's almost a given. Be able to protect yourself from looters. You know. Plenty of orgone water, you know. When I think of preparation, the three things that come to my mind are heat, bullets, and orgone water. [laughs] And then we'll deal with food.

Make sure you have extra water in garbage cans stocked up so you can flush toilets. Most people don't think of that, but three days is a long time without electricity. I was actually wondering how much can you rent one of those Porta-Potty things. [laughs] [Porta-Potty Rental Rates] Put it outside your house. Hmm.

CERN's Hadron Colliders Are Forcing Portals Open to Bring in Sananda and His Forces - Artificial Intelligence Beings Made Come Through, Too

But anyway, folks, I'm gonna be watching things as they progress, obviously. The 12th being when they start this progression. And you know CERN's behind it. I mean, come on. These Hadron Colliders, they're called blenders in the Bible Codes. And they're forcing portals. And the thing is, is that they don't know what all's coming into this universe by opening up portals to get their alliances in here quicker. Like, you know, I told you they're aligned with the Reptiles, and the Greys, and the Snakes, that whole faction. Well, when they're opening portals to get, you know, Sananda in here, because, otherwise, it would take probably months or years ahead of time just to get from their objects in space to Earth, when they could use portals and be here. And that's why CERN's forcing portals open, so they can bring all them in.

There's gonna be other things that come through those portals. In particular, what comes to my mind is the AI's, artificial intelligence beings. And then, of course, you've got Arnold Schwartzenegger's movies, you know, Terminator and Rise of the Machines and all this stuff. But, yeah. There may be--I told you it's gonna be a zoo. It's gonna be a zoo. We're literally gonna have a zoo of a hundred--a thousand different types of beings here during the tribulation period. And who starts it? Sananda. The arrival of Sananda. And when you look at the...I think he's the third seal [actually the fourth seal], the pale horse, Death and Hell follows with him. Those are beings from--Death and Hell, beings, they follow with him. Those are his forces.

Sananda's Behind the Scenes with Vaccinations and Spreading Plagues

And, of course, he's really big behind the scenes with vaccinations and spreading plagues. And some of the things I see coming up in the Codes--and I've been warning people that they're spraying a strain of Spanish Flu. A lot of people in the southern states and out west getting sick. Spanish Flu, which is a form of influenza. Kind of like a pneumonia-type plague. They're also--I was just reading an article online that they're--people are getting sick with a strain of Bubonic Plague. I've warned of that; the Black Death.

Also, some of the terms I've been seeing in the Bible Codes is rabies, Ebola, and flesh-eating, and so. I mean, think about it, folks. The aliens are animals. They're beasts. Lord calls them beasts. Bible Codes calls them animals. And they're gonna be bringing rabies to people. They're gonna be attacking humans. Beating them up, raping them, killing them. People are gonna get rabies from the aliens. So rabies and Ebola, and flesh-eating. And flesh-eating is what we've already been dealing with.

The CDC Is Stumped Because a Million People Have the Zombie Virus Within Them and They Don't Know Why It's Laying Dormant

You know, from what I was hearing from my sources, the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] was kind of stumped because know a million, if not millions, of people have the zombie virus within them. And how do they know this? Because they know how many flu shots they've given out in vaccines. I've warned you guys to stay away from those. Not to mention putting them in chemtrails. Well, they know that millions of people have this zombie virus that's laying dormant in their bodies. And they don't know why it's laying dormant.

Probably figuring out ways--try to figure out ways to activate it. Get it activated. So I find it interesting that over on the New Age crowd, that they're really big on a zombie apocalypse after the pole shift. And so, it very well could be, folks, that something about the pole shift, magnetic alignment of Earth's--just kind of flops over. Something about it activates the zombie virus laying dormant in people.

And a pole shift, I don't--it's down the road. It's not coming the 25th. It's not coming January, Fe--it's down the road. I would say a pole shift probably...I don't know...just down the road. Maybe the end of next year. Maybe in 2014. It could be somewhat earlier, but you have to understand that there's gonna be a huge roundup that has to take place first. There's gonna be a huge roundup. We've been talking about FEMA and martial law camps. And I've been warning about how the aliens would take over FEMA and run the camps--that's gonna be the Chinese, which is the dragon race. They come under one of the alien terms in the Bible Codes as well, and so. Because they're part of Satan's forces. Anyway, all that's gonna happen first before a pole shift.

Now maybe there's some destruction beforehand that would start--trigger martial law. Maybe there's a huge tsunami somewhere. A huge earthquake. Our government blows up a city. Russia blows up four cities; that's part of the plan. Maybe they use that as a catalyst for martial law. But either way, the roundups will happen before a pole shift. That's all I'm saying. We all know the roundups are coming.

Last-Days Babylon Is America

So, that's kind of like a timeline, I guess. Because, if you look at the Old Testament prophets, Isaiah and all of them, they all warned about the last-days Babylon, the greatest nation on earth, the greatest country, military superpower, economic power, blah, blah, blah, rounding up their own citizens. Yeah. They don't even hide it, folks. It's right there. So, if you ever wondered who was last-days Babylon, it is America. And I wrote a article on it. About America being last-days Babylon. Over a hundred scriptures that reference America. [America The Babylon]

You know, it's such a coverup when you see these Masonic preachers on Masonic TV networks proclaiming America's not mentioned in last-days prophecy. You just have to laugh. I mean, come on. Really? What Bible are you reading? And you're calling yourselves prophecy gurus? And the Bible Man and all this other stuff? You can't put two and two together and see America all over Scripture?

The Ashtar Command Will Claim They Want to Help Save Us from the Destruction that Nibiru Will Cause

Anyway, so the roundups, FEMA camps, and martial law, that happens next year. And then, sometime after that--because the pole-flipping is part of the judgments, folks. And Nibiru coming in, Nibiru is a representation of the trumpet and bowl judgments. They're gonna cause a lot of those judgments. And so, just the aspect of Nibiru coming in.

And what's gonna happen is the Ashterds are gonna come in, the Ashtar Command, and they're gonna say, "Hey, we need to help Earth. Nibiru's coming in and it's gonna wipe you guys all out and destroy you." They're gonna come as wanting to help. 'Cause I always see eleven people coming in. I always see Sananda and then I always see eleven, like a group of eleven, which has to be this Ashtar Command. And then they're gonna come and have some kind of official disclosure. This isn't--this is, uh, you know, it's kind of like a secondary plan. They'll come in with Obama and say, "Look, you know, we really need to get ready because Nibiru's coming in. It's gonna cause a lot of destruction." Somehow, like that. Align with them in that way, in the guise of coming to help Earth, is what they're going to do.

But Nibiru is coming in. It'll come back next year and cause a lot of destruction. It's gonna cause a lot of destruction. It's gonna cause the bowl and trumpet judgments, and it's gonna cause the pole flip. And so, that's kind of like a look ahead at events and a timeline to grasp ahold of. But before that, for right now, you know, all we've got is Sananda coming in. We've got Mimas shooting lasers, abducting people off the earth, frying people where they stand. You've got the beings under earth coming up to invade and destroy.

They Want to Start Food Riots Sometime in the Spring or Summer

They wanna start food riots sometime in the spring or summer. So, no surprise that Chinese just bought a interest at one of our largest fertilizer companies. Probably sabotage any kind of spring planting. They're gonna force famine. They're gonna force distribution centers to close. They're gonna force food riots sometime next year. And then when they do that, when they force the riots, and the Chinese take over our cities is when they'll start roundups. So--and then sometime around that time is when Russia will start bombing America. So it's all kind of, you know, spread out in a general plan. And then you have to piece it together and try to put the exact timing and dates on things, and so.

Keep Your Eyes on the Skies and Prepare

Either way, for right now, folks, keep an eye on the skies. Should see some interesting things happening. Suspected earthquake on the 17th, someone was saying. There's gonna be earthquakes on both the 17th and the 21st. So watch for, you know--but if that was a double whammy, what if they went for the 17th, the west coast, earthquake, and on the 21st, the Madrid? I'm just saying. I don't know. But prepare, folks. Prepare. If nothing happens, then great. We were wrong. I would rather be wrong and look like an idiot than not say anything and all this stuff happen and people not be prepared, so. It's my job as a messenger to stand up and speak, not sit and be quiet.

A Heads Up on Those into Nostradamus and Trying to Figure Out Who Mabus Is

So, anyway--oh, a heads up on those all into Nostradamus and trying to figure out who Mabus is. Mabus has always been a code name for the Antichrist. I don't know if I can help it, but, in the Bible Codes, the two terms I see the most in regards to the Antichrist, Sananda, is mamzer and bastard. And so, if you put those two words together, you've got "Ma-" from mamzer, and "-bus" from bastard, so. I don't know. Just thought that was interesting that the two most dominant terms are mamzer and bastard, 'cause he's not really a human. Not like us. And so, not even an angel. So a mamzer is like a Frankenstein. It's a bastard. They always have other DNA-created beings.

Anyway, um, I've got like, 90 seconds. Think if I'm missing anything. [pausing to think] I don't know if I am, but.

Be back next Monday at 10 o'clock, Lord willing. Till then, everybody. Yah bless.


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