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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
December 17, 2012

The Lord Is Showing Me Alignment of Bible Prophecies - We're All Being Caught a Little Off Guard

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And, wow, a lot of things I wanna talk about tonight. So, I don't even know where to begin. I wish I had a couple more days to get ready. Been in Codes all week trying to analyze and figure out back and forth what's going on. Asking the Lord.

If you sit in typical churchdom, then you are surprised. Because you are not prepared for the things that are coming. Plain and simple. If you talk to anybody in the churches today, they'd ask you, "What is this three days of darkness?" They'd all assume it's a New Age agenda or some kind of conspiracy theorist hype. Nobody knows what it is. Even in the Bible Codes I could not put in three days of darkness and come up with something viable. I mean, it's just one of these events that has been well kept hidden all these years. And other than the Lord's scriptures that talk about the day of the Lord being a time of thick clouds and gloominess, it doesn't say anywhere that there's three days of darkness in scripture. And I know from front to back the Word. I've read it a million times.

And so, this is one of those things that--it's a cause and effect of something that happens. And so, this is what we're going into; a cause and effect of something that's happening. And what's happening is, on the 21st--you know, when I asked the Lord a couple years ago, I was doing a radio show. Somebody had me on the show wanting to know what the big deal was with 12/21/2012. And the only thing the Lord would tell me for that show was, "Who am I to have to bend to man's calendar?" You know, that was like, the only memorable thing He had to say to me for the entire interview; "Who am I to have to bend towards man's calendar? I can do things whenever I want to.

And so, it was kind of, "OK," you know. I didn't even think about for a long time after that. But now things are starting to take shape. He is showing me alignment of Bible prophecies. And, you know, truly, I think we're all being caught a little off guard. He always said things would happen in ways we didn't understand, is what He always told me. 'Cause I'm one of these diehard Bible gurus, prophecy gurus. Everything has a timeline. Everything's, you know, I know all the prophets, I know all the revelations, I've studied this stuff all my life. And this is one of those monkey wrenches that comes at you and you're like, "Wait a minute. Where does this fall in?" And so, I'm gonna talk about that tonight. Try to put it all into perspective.

It Will Be Counterproductive for Them to Turn Off Our Electricity - They Need the Media to Promote Sananda's Arrival in Bethlehem

I know a couple weeks ago, uh, last week or so, the Lord was hitting my spirit with things and I was a little freaked out. A little on the panicked side. "I've gotta tell them. I've gotta tell them." And I started pounding posts on my Facebook. Telling people things that were coming, things to watch out for, what their plans were.

And then I've calmed down, and I started to realize, "Well, wait a minute. Some of this stuff just does not make sense because if they turn off our electricity, it's gonna be counterproductive to everything they need to do, at the same time. They wanna bring in their Sananda, their New Age christ. What we call the Antichrist, they call their New Age christ, whatever. They need electricity to do that. They wanna be able to promote him arriving in Bethlehem, walking barefoot through the Holy Land, playing the whole role of Jesus of the Bible. They need media attention to do that.

So they can't shut off our electricity for good. It wouldn't even make sense. They need all the promotion. Because, trust me, if people heard a loud noise outside, they would not get off their couches to go look. I mean, face it, we're lazy. You're gonna have to hit us on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, alternative media sites. I don't think too many people watch network news. But, anyway, they're gonna have to get our attention, you know. And so, cutting off the electricity and social media and stuff like that isn't the way to get their message across. So they're gonna have to have that standing. Either way, I don't think they control a thing that's happening this weekend, I think they just sabotage it. They try to use it for their own agenda because they really have no control of what's happening this weekend.

Sananda, the Antichrist, Is Already Here! Expect to See Him on 12/25 - Some of the Sources I Get Inside Information from Are Satanists

OK, backing up a little bit, I sent out an e-mail this week. A couple weeks ago, I sent out one about their plans of having the Antichrist arrive on 12/25 and all this stuff they were doing. Well, this week I found out, "Hey, he's here. He's already here. Sananda's here." And it was something I was seeing in the Codes, combined with some heads-up info I got from some of my Satanist friends.

I know that sounds kind of weird, Satanist friends, but where else do I get my info? I mean, Christians don't even know half this stuff. Nobody can confirm my info but Satan, himself. I'm at a level of information other people just are not at. I see things in the background and what's going on, not because I confer with other pastors, but because I have to be on the inside knowing what's going on, have sources telling me. And so, these people are not Christians. They kind of have their foot in and out, you know, and so. So many people think they can ride the fence, and they're just fooling themselves.

But besides that, um, you know, they're telling me, "Yay, Satan's here." And I wondered why Hillary was cancelling all her appointments, you know. Coming up with these silly excuses. And, yeah, he's here. He's probably been here. I'm wondering if he didn't arrive back in September. Wouldn't that be the kicker? Because I kept saying September 11 was his date. His arrival date. And he, you know, nothing ever happened. And so, all this time we've just kind of been moseying along to their next big date arrival, which has always been December 25. And now they're coming in on this date.

Sananda Had to Abandon the Base He Was in Because the Sewage Backed Up - Someone Must Be Praying from Sherry's Fun Things to Do List

And so, one of the things I saw in the Codes (I was cracking up) was that they're at some kind of DUMB. Some Deep Underground Military Base somewhere. And they had to abandon it because of the sewage backing up. And I just busted up laughing. Someone must be out there doing those "Fun Things to Do" prayers. And I encourage everybody to print those out. Pull them up and start praying them. [Fun Things To Do as a Warrior for The Most cripple and annoy Satan's plans to rule on earth...] [Spiritual Warfare & Frequently Asked Questions]

Because, I mean, think about it. We've got all these Chinese, all these aliens, the government running to their underground bunkers. And those prayers are effective 'cause they work. They work. When we ask the Lord to do something, and there's two or more gathered in His name, they will honor that. And so, chasing them out of underground bunkers, you know, you've got their New Age christ coming and he has to run out of a underground billion-dollar base because the sewage is all backed up. I think that's funny. I think we've done our job very well, Warriors.

Ophiuchus, of the 13th Constellation, Represents the Lord, Himself

So, anyway, back to this. He's already here. They're waiting to bring him in. They want to bring him in. Everybody's familiar with the Blue Beam Project; bringing him in as a global messiah, Ascended Master, however they're doing it. Now, remember, he's not gonna claim he's god, because Yahushua never did. People were always asking him, "Are you the Son of God?" He never came out and said, "You know, hey, I'm the Son of God. Here I am," you know. He let people figure it out for themselves. And so, that's what Satan wants to do when he comes to mimic Yahushua. He wants people to assume he's Yahushua the Son of God. He wants people to assume he's leader of the Bible and all this stuff. And then be given the accolades of who he is. I mean, he's...he's really quite a piece of trashwork, and so.

Anyway, do expect him to be here. One of the things that struck me earlier today was, for all these years, we've had 12 constellations. And then, last year, they kind of threw in a, "Hey, guess what. There's actually 13 constellations. We have a constellation called Ophiuchus over here." And you're thinking, "Why are they, all of a sudden, throwing in a 13th constellation of Ophiuchus, who looks like a man holding a snake in his hands?" Why are they doing that? What's the point, you know? "Oh, they're getting ready for next year. For the 12/21 thing." And people kind of just brushed it aside. And the thing about it is, is that they all strangely kind of fell silent about it. You know, they didn't really hype it a whole lot like you would think. I think they kind of tested people's reaction to the fact that, "Hey, there's 13, not 12? Is it true? Are we adding a 13th in?" It never really went anywhere. You know, it kind of just kind of brushed under the rug.

And so, I was thinking about it earlier tonight. And if you look at Sagittarius, which is right beside Ophiuchus. Sagittarius is a rider of a horse, has a bow and arrow, and it's shooting at Ophiuchus, who's holding a snake. Now, I don't think this Sagittarius rider is shooting at the man, but the snake. Now, there's a lot of symbolism in this. I've always seen it. It's always struck me as very odd because I'm very Sagittarius. Born on December 11. My war has been against Satan and his forces, almost my entire life here. And we've really taken it to him. They're dying in thousands every day. They're crashing their UFOs. They want revenge. They want the orgone stopped. They want retaliation.

And so, right now, we're at a critical point in history where this rider, this Sagittarius, pointing the arrow at the snake. And, to me, it looks like Ophiuchus, who I think represents the Lord, Himself; Yahuah. It has the snake in his hands and it's getting ready to cast it down to the earth. He's gonna cast this snake down to the earth. And this all is in alignment on the 21st when the Earth goes through the Dark Rift at the center of the galaxy, and there's a certain planetary alignment at that time.

And it doesn't represent the end of the world. It represents the end of an age. It represents the end of a cycle. Some of the accolades given to it are the end of times, the end of days. And that's a very prophetic accolade for it; the end of days, end of times. Because that's what we've always referred to the tribulation period being; the end of days, the end of times. And so, it's all kind of correlating here, folks, that this whole thing with the earth going through this rift, Satan being thrown down to earth. It's all aligning up to that prophetic instant in Bible prophecy where Satan's cast to the earth.

The Mayans Worship Quetzalcoatl and Are Expecting His Return - Quetzalcoatl Is Satan

Now, we've had numerous people confirm Satan's scepter of authority cycle ending midnight on the 20th. He loses his god of the air status. Right now, he's kind of like prince and power of the air. I think he pretty much loses that status because he is cast down to the earth. And at that point, his time is short. I'm gonna talk about Revelation 12. At that point, his time is short. He's coming after the remnant. Persecution's going to begin on earth. And so, it all just aligns and begins right at that time on 12/21.

And, of course, I'm looking at all of this from a biblical standpoint. I know what the Mayans--I mean, everybody's been reading what the Mayans say, but, you know, they're gonna look at things with a different view because that's what you always tend to do when you're analyzing things. You're basing them based on some kind of a viewpoint, what's your viewpoint.

Well, they worship Quetzalcoatl. And they even said it was the time of the return of Quetzalcoatl. Well, to us, Quetzalcoatl is Satan. He's the Antichrist. He's being cast down to earth. We're, boom, right in Revelation, chapter 13. We're right in the middle of Bible prophecy. And so, that's my viewpoint as a born-again daughter of The Most High.

Sananda Correlates to the Pale Horse Rider in Revelation, Chapter 6 - He Is Really Huge on Plagues and Diseases

And so, you know what? I was looking back at a previous show. And if you go into my transcribe page at, and you go to the transcribes, and you put in the little search box, you put the word "veil" or "Revelation chapter 12," those shows I did back in 2007, 2009 are so relevant to what's going on today. My shows are timeless. Because the information never changes, just time does. You know? Time is the only thing that changes, the truth never changes. And so you can read my shows from 2009, 2010 and they're very relevant to what's going on today.

And so, I wanna talk about Revelation, chapter 12 a little bit because--well, first, I wanna get into this--what the Lord was showing me. If you look at Revelation, chapter 6, uh, let's go to verse 8,

8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the field [earth].

9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:

10 And they cried--

And I'm gonna jump over that part. Because this is where, technically, we're going to speed right into. Because Sananda's here. And I've always said Sananda so correlates with the pale horse rider it's not even funny. Because every time I see Sananda in the Bible Codes there is death, there is plagues. He is really huge on plagues. I mean, that is his thing. Diseases, plagues. You know, Bush was always the red horse rider. He was always into war and death. And the pale horse rider is just plagues. Comes up with all these vaccines, these cocktail mixes to make people sick, to kill them, to take over their DNA. It's always been his baby.

And so, here he arrives, and now, the next thing that happens in the prophetic seals is a great earthquake. And this is where I think we're gonna see both of them combined. Because, think of it, this weekend, like no other, the kings of the earth are going to be in their caves. Everybody's running to their underground bunkers and their havens. Nobody knows what to expect. Everyone's thinking, "Well, we could really, going through this rift--some people are saying the earth's gonna shake for three days, some say 24 minutes. Tsunamis happening. Earthquakes, tidals waves. Nobody really knows.

When Satan Is Cast Down to Heaven, There's Going to Be a Huge Earthquake

And so, if you look at prophecy, at the time we're in right now, I would have to say, "Hey, look. The kings are all in their hiding places. The pale horse rider is here. Sanada's already here, technically. They'll bring him in Hollywood-style this weekend--er, December 25, you know. But we could have a huge earthquake coming, 'cause that's the next thing on the calendar here. A huge earthquake.

It says,

And the stars of heaven fell upon the earth.

OK, let me go back.

12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

The stars of heaven are angels. They're always referred to as angels. And here's Satan's forces being cast to the earth, because Satan is being cast to the earth.

14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

That's how global and hard this earthquake's gonna hit. Every mountain and island's moved. It's shaken out of its place.

15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

And so, at this point, when Satan is cast down to earth, there's going to be a huge earthquake.

I Wrote My Own Analysis of Revelation 12 - I Believe This Whole Thing Is in Regards to the Firstfruits, 144,000

Now let's go to Revelation, chapter 12. I know the churches all have their own theories of Revelation, chapter 12 and I wrote my own a couple years ago. Wrote my own analysis of it based on my own understanding from what the Lord was showing me.

And so, I wanna jump ahead. I'm gonna talk about this man child. All right. See, if you look at verse 1,

1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

Twelve stars symbolic for the 12 tribes of Israel. You can look at Genesis 37:9 for a correlation. The woman being a bride or a female.

2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained...

She's tortured, harassed, tormented. With grievous pains of body or mind. To torment. To be delivered. And these are all words that I looked up in the Strong's [Concordance] and what their meanings were. And pained to be delivered. She's producing fruit. She's bringing forth fruit.

3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

This is a future instance. Not one in the past. It's taught by the churches today. Represents the first beast of Revelation, chapter 13. And in verse 4,

4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven,...

Stars are figurative of angels.

...and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

He wanted to devour her offspring that was being brought forth. The term "child" in Strong's 5043 is a metaphor for children of God. It's also in affectionate address, such as patrons, helpers, teachers and the like [employ]. It is not a singular, referring to the birth of Yahushua, it is a plural metaphor. This child, uh, she's waiting to deliver this child. It's people. It's people. And it's these people who are bringing forth firstfruits.

And so, I believe that this entire thing, because of the references to the fact that it's plural, it's in regards to producing fruit, firstfruits, that this whole chapter, in this whole instance is regarding the child as being the 144,000, itself. And you can go to my website, sherrytalkradio. I have an analysis on Revelation, chapter 12. [Analysis of Revelation 12]

According to My Analysis, the 144,000 Would Be Taken Before the War in Heaven Takes Place

Now let's jump to 5. And she brought forth (to bring forth) a man child (meaning offspring of men, the son of Man, sons of Abraham, children of Israel's, son of God. All those used to describe born-again), who was to rule (nourish, to feed) all nations with a rod of iron. And this one particularly referring to Yahushua. And then it jumps terms again with child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

And if you look in Revelation 12:5, both references to the child change. One starts off as Yahushua,

5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

The first instance of the word "child" is referring to Yahushua. The second one is the offspring that's producing fruit. They're carried up to His throne. In chapters 12:6,

6 And the woman (the bride) fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels...

and Michael gets cast out. This is the part I wanted to hammer home. Because sometimes the Lord has to take me back to my own material. 'Cause I forget what I say during shows. I just go into a zone where I try to hear from Him and I speak, and then somebody asks me after my show what I've said, sometimes I have no idea. And so [laughs]--and I forget what I write.

So this is very important to the 144,000 right now, that you're thinking, "Hey, wait a minute. There was a really great study, we should have been gone at Hanukkah," blah, blah, blah. You know, sometimes the Lord just wants us here longer.

And another thing is, according to my own analysis, that--I did this, what, back in 2009--the 144,000 would be taken before the war in heaven takes place between Michael and the dragon. And we know that's going to take place on the 21st of this month. And so, that's very interesting. If my analysis is correct. If this whole analysis is correct. And this is something I did years ago.

Enoch's Planet Is Above Ohio Now - There Is a Portal Here in Ohio - The Three Days of Darkness Is Supposed to Be About the Lord, Himself

Because, look at it [Revelation 12:6], fled into the wilderness (desolate place) Enoch's planet, an alternative desolate place. It's not desolate, but, you know, it's not--I don't know what to expect there, but a place prepared for by God. We know Enoch's planet is a place prepared for by God. Enoch describes it. I see that it used to be in Syria, above Eden, the garden of Eden. Guess where it is now. Where I've said it is, above Ohio. Because there is a portal here in Ohio. And the Lord's people will be brought here and taken through the portal up to Enoch's planet, and so I thought it was interesting. It cracked me up. I've been saying it all along, there's a portal over here. I don't know how publicly I've been saying it, but.

And I can see Enoch's planet at night. Sometimes I can see it, sometimes I can't. They've really been hammering with the clouds and the--thick clouds--and so I thought it was them being jerks. Not wanting us to see, you know, things that are happening in the sky. But it's not them. They're complaining, too. So I was kind of surprised. It's the Lord. The reasoning He's piling on the thick clouds is, obviously, to protect us from attacks is what I'm thinking. Because there's so many ships. A huge abundance of them. Maybe the Lord doesn't want us to see it. I don't know. I hear them coming in. I mean, it's like dimension-ripping stuff sometimes, you know. You go outside, you can just hear the noise, and you know that's dimensions--dimensional noise.

They're piling in. They're piling in. And so, why are they piling in? Well, because this weekend, folks, or the 21st, there's three days of darkness. I was getting a little lax. I was starting to relax a little bit and say, "OK, maybe the electricity won't go off, so we'll be spared that part of the nightmare, that part of the equation." But it doesn't take away the rest of the parts, because if Satan is cast down, and there's three days of darkness, they could use this as a time to sabotage, and pull in their own agenda.

Because, actually, the three days of darkness is supposed to be about the Lord, Himself. Him coming, not Satan. Supposed to be about Him because we're gonna see the second sun coming in, which is Enoch's planet. We're gonna see that.

There Are Also Other Planets and Moons Coming In - I See "Ashes" in the Bible Codes Because Shema Is Nothing but a Charred Chunk of Rock

And there's also, same time, there's other planet--moons coming in. They all can be listed as--maybe not technically, but called Brown Dwarfs. There's several different, you know, Dwarf planets, Brown Dwarfs, whatever. Several of them coming in together, folks. All together.

And so, one of these is Satan's planet. It's full of Anuks. And so, at the same time, we've got Enoch's planet coming in and we're all like, "Yay, there's the second sun. That's Enoch's planet." And you get all excited and then, "Ew, look what's next door." [laughs] Something for us to destroy while we're on Enoch's planet. [laughs] Can you imagine putting a planet of aliens next to us? [laughs] We could be bugging the Lord night and day, "Let us go out and destroy that planet." He wouldn't get a minute's peace. We'd be wanting to have some fun. But that's basically what happens is there's two or three different things that are coming in at the same time on the 21st when we go through this rift.

And one of the things that I saw was interesting--'cause I kept seeing this all the time in the Codes was ashes, ashes. What are ashes? Why am I always seeing ashes? Does a volcano go off? I think it's too early for a volcano. And so, I'm thinking, "Why is it always so many ashes?" And it's from space. It's from the abyss. So why are these ashes coming from the abyss? Well, as you know, we caught Shema on fire back in 2008, I think it was. 2009. Apparently, now, this thing is nothing but a charred, black chunk of rock. It's been abandoned. It's still in our atmosphere. For some reason it has not crashed. Like all the others have always crashed.

And Shema reminds me of that big ship they showed on the V [television] series, if you caught it last year. Where Anna and all them lived. And it looked like a little city inside. [V Wiki Mothership] That's Shema to the core. Because Shema was a huge metropolis area. It was where Maitreya stayed. It was one of his stomping grounds. Well, that thing's been on fire. It's nothing but a charred rock now. And so, I think the ashes from that are going to start hitting the earth. Eventually, it's going to crash. And I've been waiting for this thing to just crash.

I Keep Seeing Dead Bodies in Regards to Aerospace - Aliens Are Not Our Friends

But another thing that catches my eye is that I keep seeing dead bodies in regards to aerospace. And so, there is a starship or some kind of structure that is just full of dead bodies. And that just makes my heart sink, because you're thinking all these people are running to France; some pick mountain there. And they think that when the aliens leave the earth on the 21st to escape what's coming, that they're gonna take them with them. And, you know, it's like, wake up, folks. If they take you anywhere, it's gonna be to a freezer. But they think aliens are their friends. And I've been trying to scream for year, "Aliens are not our friends." No matter how friendly they want you to think they are, they are not our friends. And so, one of the disheartening things I keep seeing is dead bodies, dead bodies, dead bodies in our aerospace. They're piling up somewhere in one of these starships. One of these spaceships.

Joel 2 Describes an Alien Invasion and That's Dominant

So, interesting. All this is kind of, you know, culminating. They wanna bring in Sananda on the 25th as a global messiah. On the 21st, Satan loses his power during that 3 days of darkness, which I believe is a wakeup call by the Lord to grab everybody's attention. "Look, it's a wakeup call. Satan's being cast to earth." During that time I see Joel dominant. And I don't know if it's the literal unleashing of the alien invasion that Joel warned of, or it's one--a resemblance of it. But, could you imagine? You need to read Joel, chapter 2. Because in Joel, chapter 2 he describes an alien invasion. And that's been one of my battle cries since the Lord stood me up. To start talking about UFOs, and aliens, and invasions. And everybody just thought I'd lost my rocker. Now they're sitting beside me in rockers. [laughs] We've come a long way.

But this alien invasion, you know, is pretty encompassing, folks. Because they go into people's houses. They're pillaging, they're raping, they're murdering. Not a pretty sight, folks. And this is exactly the kind of thing that could be taking place from the 21st on. And maybe this is what happens after the three days of darkness ends. You know, for three days they have a cover. They can operate in the darkness and nobody sees them. What happens after that?

When the Veil Is Lifted, You're Going to See the Aliens and Demons Living Amongst Us - Watch the Movie, They Live, Online

You know, I've talked about the veil being lifted. And, you know, the earth has a protective covering over it. And when the Lord lifts that veil, then people are gonna be able to see into the fourth dimension. Well, if this whole dimensional shift thing is about going from the third dimension into the fourth dimension, we're not just entering an end of a cycle, we're entering a new dimension. Kind of fits along prophecy, too, where the veil's lifted and the third and fourth dimensions are going to be merged.

And, trust me, you don't wanna see the fourth dimension. It's hideous, it's ugly, and it's gonna be here. It's gonna merge with our dimension, which means we're going to be living alongside aliens and demons. You're gonna see them. They're not gonna be hiding anymore. You saw the movie, They Live...most of you. [“They Live”, the Weird Movie With a Powerful Message] Or you can go to YouTube and watch it, or somewhere online and watch it. They Live. And that's exactly what I've been trying to warn people, you know.

Everybody we see on TV, most of them aren't even real humans. Now you're gonna see it for what it is. Now you're gonna realize what I've been talking about all these years. Sportscasters and the president and all of them, they'll lose their human cloaking and you're gonna see them for the aliens and Lizard beings that they are. They're no longer gonna have to hide that they're human. They're just gonna come out as who and what they are. And you're gonna realize what and who's been leading our destruction all these years. It's these very aliens that the New Agers think are our friends. You know, they're the ones who've been leading our destruction.

And, you know, if the veil is lifted this weekend, next week, you know, that's the biggest, shocking thing I don't think people are prepared to see. Because people don't expect that right away, as far as prophetic timelines. You'd think that's a little bit down the road. But, hey, you know what? In Revelation, chapter 8 what've we got? We've got the burning lamp crashing to earth, which I told you I believe is Shema finally crashing to earth. And then you've got an asteroid going into the water. And then you've got the Locusts. Locusts for 5 months. And those are different than Joel 2. I mean, we've got different alien groups coming. Different sets of beings coming.

Where's the Rapture? - Most of the Bride Will Witness What Happens This Weekend, So You Need to Prepare and Get the Orgone Out

And so, if you wanted to just cut to the chase on it, OK, let's look. We've got a worldwide global earthquake coming. Then we've got a comet hitting, which is basically just Shema, this lamp. And then we have an asteroid hitting. That's our next three events, folks. Other than the 144,000 being taken off the earth. And when the 144,000's taken off the earth before Satan, is sealed, because there's two groups, the second group of 144,000 is sealed after the earthquake. So after this huge earthquake that's going to come, then the second group of 144,000 are sealed on earth. And that's where we are in that part of prophecy. And so, they won't be affected by the plagues, and the Locusts, and everything that's coming. 'Cause they're gonna have the seal of protection of God on their forehead. And they won't be able to harm that group of 144,000. That's kind of where we are in the mixture.

So people are saying, "OK, so where's the rapture?" The Bible talks about the church of Philadelphia, Revelation 3:10, being protected. That's down the road yet, folks. That's down the road. So all of those who are gonna qualify as being truth seekers and lovers of the truth, but weren't in one of the two groups of 144,000, you're gonna be protected by the hour of temptation. And the hour of temptation that comes upon the world is when Satan enforces his mark. His chip, name, number, name, image to be in or on your right hand or forehead. That's the hour of temptation. You will be taken and spared from that.

And so, if you look at it, you know, most of the Bride is gonna witness everything that happens this weekend. Most of the Bride isn't gonna get a pass out of this this weekend. So you need to prepare. You need to prepare. And the Lord has led me, arming people for the last 12 years, and screaming to get orgone in your yards. Because I do see orgone as protection areas.

And another reason why they're so fuming and they're so mad, because people who have orgone around their yards and homes are protected. And so, you've listened. You might've thought I was crazy, but you bought the orgone, you put it in your yards, and you listened, if you never did a thing else. These people will be protected. Orgoned areas are gonna be protection areas.

What Would You Do If a Giant Came at You? I'd Look at the Thing and Ask the Lord to Hand It Up on a Tree

And, you know, if hell breaks loose from the 21st on with the Joel invasion, Giant invasion--I mean, I had somebody ask me, that they're probably plotting something, "What would you do if a Giant came at you?" 'Cause, you know, they've sent commando units here and that didn't do anything. The Lord blew them up. So what would they do if--"Let's send Giants to Sherry Shriner!" They've been trying to kill me for years. It's really amped up the past year or two, folks. I just don't talk about it all the time. You know, I live this. I'd rather talk about other things I need to be warning you about.

And so, I know that they're getting ready to unleash Giants, because they're like, "What would you do if there was a Giant coming after you?" [laughs] You know what I would do? Folks, if you are a child of God, you have the power and authority that Jesus had, Yahushua had. I would just look at the thing and ask the Lord to hang it up on a tree. I do that now. Why wouldn't I do that later? And one that's real, physical, in your face.

People always ask me, "When am I gonna physically see a demon?," "When am I physically gonna see a Giant?," "When am I physically gonna see an alien?" Guess what. This week could be your week. This weekend could be your time. So what do you do if you don't have orgone? Well, you're gonna have to sleep very lightly. Because the thing I like about orgone is it's a constant presence of protection. You can go sleep. You're still protected. If you're just counting on spiritual warfare prayers to keep you safe and sound, then you're gonna have to be alert all the time. Because you're gonna have to be asking the Lord all the time, praying those prayers all the time.

Ask the Lord to Put a Shield of Protection Over Your Home and Over Yourselves and Your Children

Ask the Lord to put a shield of protection over your home. Talked about these shield, I think, in the last show, and in other shows. Ask the Lord to put a shield that's miles thick that nothing can penetrate. Ask Him to--call it your home turbo shield. Give it a name. So you can just ask the Lord, "Lord, put up my home--please put up my home turbo shield. Protect me, and my family, and my home." And then He automatically knows you want that huge shield that nothing can penetrate. No words, curses, weapons, bombs, aliens; nothing can penetrate it. That's your home personal turbo shield.

And then you ask Him to put a shield around you and your children, because I don't think you can take spiritual authority over your husband, although you could ask. But you can your children because they're your children. And ask him to put a shield around each one of your children to protect them. And so, you know, you're just gonna have to stay alert. Keep your shields up. Shields are made of a spiritual aetheric energy, and they run out. So you have to, every day, ask the Lord to rebuild that shield, for that shield, because it's gotta be reenergized. People don't understand things in the spiritual; how things work. But it's time to snap out of it and just learn real quick, even if you think I'm crazy. Because this is gonna save your life.

The Next Couple of Weeks Are Going to Be Uncharted Territory - Where's a Safe Place to Go? In the Lord's Hands

So ask for the shields, daily, especially this weekend. Stay home. If you're out and about and you're hearing people screaming, stay home. That's a good sign that aliens are everywhere. Eating, chomping up people. That's a good sign. Stay home. And prepare. You know, prepare to be home for 5 days. Prepare to be home the 26th, the 27th, that entire week even.

Because, you know, the 25th is when they wanna bring him in. But he gets cast down to earth on what, the 20th at midnight, the 20th. And then shortly after, his forces, his angels are cast down to earth. And then we have a huge earthquake. I don't know what the time delay is. I don't know if this earthquake happens the same day, the same weekend, the same week. I would assume it does. Because you know why? It has the world's attention. All the kings are hiding in their places. And they're all gonna be hiding in their places on the 21st 'cause they're all scared to death. They don't know what to think. This isn't something in their realm of control. They don't control this, and so they don't know what to expect. And so they're gonna be in their hiding places on the 21st. They probably time-traveled and saw this three days of darkness. And so that would be around the same timeframe that this huge earthquake is hit.

And so, I would say, you know, the next 7 to 10 days from December 20th at midnight to like, the next 7 days after that are gonna be pretty uncharted territory, folks. I can't tell you something's gonna happen. I can't tell you it's not. But I'd rather have you prepared in case it does. Because I go from one extreme to the next. One minute I'm just like, "Oh, my gosh! Hell's breaking loose." And the next I'm a little bit more complacent. "OK, calm down. Let's analyze this." [laughs] And then I'm like, "Oh, wait a minute. Why did I even calm down? This is terrible. This is crazy." I just jump all over the place on this. And so, I'm sure you are, too.

Everybody wants to know exactly what the truth is, exactly what's gonna happen. You know, we're gonna just find out all together. All I can do is analyze Bible prophecy, and what I see in the Codes, and what I hear from my friends that are connected, and put everything together. And if doesn't look good, folks. It's not like they're, you know, they're saying, "OK, everybody, prepare," and they're going off to the Cancuns, you know, to sip Margaritas on the beaches. They're all preparing, too. They're scared, too. And so, that's what has my attention. And, you know, everybody's looking for that safe place to go. Everybody's always asking me, "Where do I go? Where's a safe place to go?" Uh, hm. In the Lord's hands. [laughs] Where I've always been. Just go in the Lord's hands. Perfect love casts out fear, folks. And if you love Him, just ask Him to keep you safe, your family safe. You're gonna have to stay more alert if you didn't prepare.

The Lord Has Given Us Multiple Weapons - Have Orgone Water as Backup to Your Bullets

Orgone water is like acid. And so, if a demon, or an alien, or a Chinese soldier, or a Giant, or whatever, tries to come into your house, just spray him with the orgone water. I don't know if will bullets will be effective. They might be, but you're always gonna run out of bullets. But you could always have orgone water. Have backup, folks. Have backup. I mean, the Lord didn't say, "Just have this." He's always given us multiple weapons. We have prayer, we have orgone, we have bullets, guns. We have an arsenal. We don't have just one thing. So stay alert.

Expect Roundups After Christmas

And prepare to have the veil lifted. If the veil lifts, that's the thing that causes my heart to skip beats right now. 'Cause right now I'm thinking, "OK, three days of darkness. We get through that. Sananda arrives. And we get back to some kind of normalcy because, you know, CNN and all them are gonna be wanting to pump his arrival."

There's not really gonna be any normalcy, folks. They're gonna start roundups. I've already been told that. I figured they'd be at my door, you know, the night I was told that. They don't care what people know anymore. They just, they wanna get rid of the bigmouths. So roundups are starting immediately. The first shot they actually get, probably. Because I have a feeling everybody's off and hiding and nobody's wanting to be at work right now, so to speak. 'Cause they're all preparing for the next couple of...the next two weeks, probably, as well. And so, expect roundups after Christmas to be hitting.

Aliens and Demons Are Ugly and They Smell Horrid

And if the veil has lifted, then, hello? This is definitely a new shift. This new dimension they've been talking about. Because, all of a sudden, we're gonna be in an alignment in a society that is mingled with demons and aliens. So this is--it could be really interesting. It's gonna be sick. I'm telling you, these things are ugly. And the people who've always bugged me that you wanna see one, you'll regret ever bugging me. They're just ugly creatures.

And they smell. They think we smell? They smell horrid. They hate the smell of orgone. To them, it smells like death. And it is because it burns and destroys them, where humans don't even smell orgone. Because, to us, it's holy and righteous. It's the Lord's breath. It's everything good. To them, it's everything evil. Wicked, evil beings, they smell like fire and brimstone. Smells like rotten eggs. They are the most foul, nastiest smell. So it's really gonna be interesting having to comingle with these things in our societies around the world because they smell so bad. And if you don't want them in your area, get the orgone there because they won't come in your area. So, we can avoid them that way. We're just gonna have to pick it up after the 25th, 26th, things happen.

Lilith Is Going to Sabotage My Next Show - People Want Me to Do Daily Shows, but I Need More Financial Support for That

I don't know. I really don't think I'm gonna have a show on the 24th. From what I can see, Lilith is gonna sabotage it, so. [laughs] You know, they can't get humans on Earth. The Lord protects it from hacking into the computers and sabotaging my show. And Lilith, herself's, gonna do it on the 24th. She's gonna go after--they don't want my show being broadcast on the 24th. And so, I really don't know if there's gonna be a show, or when my next show's gonna be.

I know people want me to pick up daily shows. The problem with that is I can't afford it. I can't afford the ones I do now, once a week. I'm always fighting just to pay the bills. And so, if people want me to do daily shows, I'm gonna need more funding to do that. I mean, what happens, like right now, every time I do a show, people, like the 917 area code, and the 319 area code, they call and they sit on my line, and that charges me 25 bucks a person when they do that. So I've gotta pay 50 bucks for these two people to sit on my line and listen to my show because they can't wait for the archives to run after the show. That's what happens. And Blog Talk Radio allows it. So that kind of sabotages you. They sabotage you 'cause their soaking you for money. As much money as they can. And so, I'm looking at about $50 for every extra show that I do, so.

Yeah, for those of you who thought I was massively supported, haha!, think again. Yeah, the governments of the world listen to my show. Underground bases tune in to my show. Aliens listen to my show. But none of them support, or give me a dime to run it. They don't support me. They wanna know what I have to say, 'causes they know I'm the Lord's mouthpiece on Earth, but they don't support it. Not financially.

And the Lord's people? I mean, come on. We're destitute, we're broke. Some of us are barely swimming above water. Most of us. And it's these people that have been supporting my show all these years. The ones who can't afford it. The ones who need their money the most. And that's what breaks my heart about the whole thing. And I get so upset about it. You know?

Where's all these people that the Lord's blessed with wealth and riches? And they gave it to the wolves. They think giving to the churches is building them rewards in heaven. Well, you know what those wolves in the churches who are teaching you wrong things are doing with your money? They're buying second homes, and fancy cars, and vacation houses.

And the real people that the Lord has stood up are rejected, and lied about, spoken evil against. People don't support their ministries. And we struggle. So we have to struggle. That's what it's always been; a struggle. It's been a war, folks. And it's gonna be a war until I breathe my last breath.

It's Not the End of the World, It's Just One End of a Cycle of Time into a New Dimension - You Have All Misinterpreted Scripture

But that's gonna be interesting, folks. Like I said, it's not the end of the world, it's just one end of a cycle of time into another shift of...into a new dimension. If the veil's lifted, it's gonna get ugly. It's gonna get ugly. And it's gonna fill prophecy a lot different than most people have imagined it to be. People didn't expect the veil to be lifted until the Antichrist was here. Well, guess what. He's here. People just don't expect that already. They're gonna be shocked. "Wait a minute. Russia's supposed to march on Israel. There's supposed to be another third temple." You have all misinterpreted scripture. I've been screaming about that for years. You have all misinterpreted scripture.

And I just went through, what, two shows ago, and I showed you how the Ezekiel war 38 and 39 aligns with Revelation, what was it, 21, 22, when Satan's released after a thousand years, and he builds up army, Gog and Magog, to go up against the Lord's inhabitants in Jerusalem. That's after the thousand-year reign. That's not now. So a lot of people are gonna be surprised that the tribulation begins now, because they're waiting for other things to happen first. Wakeup call, folks. Three days of darkness. Maybe people will be spending time with their flashlight, reading the Bible.

Get Right with the Lord - A Lot of People Are Going to Die, but the Bible Codes Reveal There Will Be Some Survivors in the Coming Days

Either way, folks, you need to get right with the Lord. It's no time to be on the fence. It's no time to never have committed to Him to begin with. It's no time to not know that if you died, where you were gonna go. If you were gonna go to heaven or if you were gonna go to hell. So it's time for people to start thinking about their mortality. A lot of people are gonna die. A lot of people are going to die. I see dead bodies. And I'm sure that's not just in aerospace, folks, on starships and on alien planets. I'm sure that's going to be all over the world.

One of the terms that has shocked me, that I've been trying to find since, is the fact that survivor would come up. Survivor? What'd they survive? You know? Now it's all starting to make sense. Hey, that person survived the three days of darkness. That person survived that week. That's a little chilling when you look at it that way, so.

It's Been a Long Journey and I Love Every One of You

Anyway, folks, I don't know if I'll be back on the air the 24th. Or ever again at this point. I don't know if I'll be back on the air. We don't know what befalls us for the next week, two weeks, three weeks. So, just know it's been a long journey and...[emotionally] I love every one of you. I've done this show for a long time. And everything's coming to a head, and so, I've got websites, archives. Just be prepared, folks. Yah bless you all.


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