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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
December 24, 2012


Having Technical Difficulties with Blog Talk Radio

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it is December 24. And a lot of things I wanna get through here tonight. I don't know what's wrong with BTR [Blog Talk Radio]. They're not posting show links. And kind of giving me an attitude with the switchboard here, but I'll try to get through this tonight. Had a problem with the Internet since yesterday. And I don't know about you guys, but can't seem to be holding an Internet connection.

I Saw, Earlier Last Month, That We Would Pretty Much Destroy and Demolish Them, but I Couldn't Say Anything

OK, so, we've made it through this month, amazingly. And, you know, I saw, earlier last month that we were pretty much gonna destroy and demolish them. [laughs] But I can't say anything because if I do, they won't do anything. They'll just keep delaying. And we wanna get the show on the road. So, you know, they kind of stuck their own heads in the sand saying, "You know, on 12/12 there's gonna be a Mayan dimensional shift." The whole New Age movement's into this dimensional shift thing. This portal opening. And, you know, yeah, that was true. I mean, they had this whole thing going on. But what happens is every time they open a portal, our orgone saturates the portal. [laughs]

I told you how our orgone is saturating the atmosphere and the aerospace and we pretty much own it with our orgone. So every time CERN opens a portal the orgone goes in it and whatever comes through the portal, burns. It, literally, burns them. I see in the Codes burnt - burn up. And this is typical for anything in the atmosphere as it is. The ships that are there, the ships coming in.

On December 21 We Were Seeing Revelation 12 Be Played Out, Where Satan Was Cast to the Earth

And then on 12/21, which is supposed to be all about the ending of Satan's cycle, where we're seeing Rev. 12 being played, where Satan was cast to the earth, the Mayans also had a date of ascending. And so, that's why they're all accumulating down in Guatemala and over in France. This popular alien mountain, where the aliens were supposed to be leaving Earth and taking the humans with them.

And that one never made sense to me because, you know, if they're on Earth, and they're leaving Earth, why would they take humans with them, er, you know. If Satan's being cast down to earth, how are the aliens gonna leave? You know? Essentially being that Satan is losing his supremacy in the air. He has be the god of the air. And now he's no longer the god of the air. He is going to be confined to Earth.

Now, I don't know about his forces, you know. They're going to be confined slowly. He may be cast down to earth and confined, but there's things coming, there's judgments coming. And so, it doesn't make sense to say all of the forces are confined to earth. Because we know, in Joel, the great northern army--this is not Russia--this is a northern army from space, deep space, deep north that is coming down on earth.

The Locusts, the other aliens, are both mentioned in Revelation, chapter 9, these are coming from the bottomless pit. The bottomless pit in Hebrew is abyss. It's not hell, as we think it is, in the center of the earth. The bottomless pit is the abyss. And you know the bottomless pit isn't the center of the earth because that isn't bottomless. I mean, there is a circumference to the earth's equation. It's not bottomless. And we know the bottomless pit is where Satan is cast for a thousand years. He's put in chains and cast a thousand years. When The Most HIgh--when the Lord returns at the battle of Armageddon. And so, bottomless pit is space. It's one of the first things I started learning when I was doing Hebrew Bible Codes. And so, we know there's armies coming from space.

Info About Their Plans Came from High Intel Government Sources - I Shouldn't Have Gotten So Riled Up, Because We Burn Up What Comes In

And so, you know, they had all these plans. And my information comes from government sources. Very high intel. And it takes a lot to get me going. Takes a lot to surprise me or freak me out. But when I was hearing, at the beginning of December, what they were planning, I was just floored. You know, I was floored. This wasn't stuff I found in the Bible Codes, this was their plans. "These are our plans. This is what we're gonna do" This is what they're doing. And, yeah, it was unsettling, when I could see in the Bible Codes that Mimas was coming in.

I shouldn't have gotten that riled up over it because, really, every thing that comes in, we burn up. [laughs] You know, they have this huge black cube. And you can Google it, or YouTube it, I mean. You can YouTube it or Google it. And it's associated with Islam and Allah. And it was this huge black cube. There's some videos on this black object being shown next to the sun. Last year it started coming in--earlier this year. And that was the cube. Associated with Mars and Islam. Well, we burned that. I mean, I haven't even seen it since it started making its way up towards the sun and people started catching it on YouTubes. And now it's gone. Because we burned it.

And so, Mimas is coming in this year. Mimas is their huge battleship. It is a Death Star. And they have been beckoning it to come in. Especially now, because they need help. And it's nowhere to be fo--it's nowhere. It's not in the Codes. Just disappeared. It is gone. And so, for something that was in the Codes so dominantly, that this thing was going to come in and start beaming at people, and abducting them off the earth, and frying them. I even got confirmation from the Satanists that this is what's gonna happen, "We're gonna--it's gonna do this. And it's gonna be different colored lasers. And the lasers are gonna do this and that." None of it came about. None of it.

Instead of a Huge Presence in the Skies, Some People Were Seeing Stars Falling from the Heavens

And instead of seeing a huge presence in the skies, we--well, I didn't get to see it, some people did. Colorado, I heard that--and people around the world--got to see part of the battle in the sky. Revelation 12 taking place where Michael was casting Satan down to earth on the 21st. People were seeing stars falling straight down. I mean--and that's what the Bible describes. Stars falling from the heavens. And that was a huge battle on the 21st.

And, you know, we had the Draco storm system coming in last week. I'm thinking, "Notice how they call it Draco." First we had the Sandy hurricane. Then we had--and that was totally a HAARPed. And New York City would be on the bottom of the Atlantic if it wasn't for the Orgone Warriors. And now we have the Draco storm system. And throughout this system, the one thing that was pretty dominant was the lightning. And, for some way through this lightning armies come in to our realm of space. Through this lightning. I don't know how they do it. But it's a correlation with them. When you see a lot of lightning, they're coming in. And that's exactly what happened. I was told that all night long on the 20th and the 21st huge armies were coming in.

I Heard That Lucifer Was Cast to Earth by Michael and He Ended Up in the Atlantic Ocean

And one of the things I heard was that Lucifer was cast into the earth and he ended up in the Atlantic Ocean. And I know that sounds kind of funny to you guys. This kind of stuff happens all the time. I'll see it in the Codes. I'll see swimming and--someone swimming in the water, and just now getting ashore. And I'm thinking, "What!?" [laughs] What are you talking about? Satan's cast into the ocean and he swims to the shore. [laughs] You know, it sounds crazy. And it is. But that's the stuff that happens.

And I, you know, I kept looking out and wondering what's going on with the Great Lakes. There's something going on with the Great Lakes. 'Cause they're making way too much of a fuss of the Great Lakes. And I'm thinking, "Well, maybe Maitreya is cast down in one of the Great Lakes.

Now, I remember years ago I told you that this Bethlehem--this star of Shema that they have up there, it's been malfunctioned all this time. And unless you live on the east coast, you probably haven't seen it because it's kind of been stuck on the Pennsylvania/Ohio border. Although you can see it in New York very well. Sometimes, some of the closer states you can see it pretty well on a clear night. Just this obnoxious yellow star 'cause it's been on fire for years.

I know when that thing falls--I always predicted it would fall in the Great Lakes. It don't have a "thus saith the Lord," just a feeling I've always had, that it's gonna dump in the Great Lakes. And so, there's a lot of attention played on the Great Lakes this week. I don't know what's going on there. I know they have a huge underwater alien base there, and UFO base. I don't know if some of the armies were brought in and they were dumped in the Great Lakes somewhere. I have no idea. You know, if someone told me Lucifer had been dumped in the Great Lakes, you know, I could see that very clearly. Some of them saying he was dumped in the Atlantic, and so, I was like, "Oh, OK. Well, I don't know what's going on with the Great Lakes then, if he was dumped in the Atlantic."

But this is what's, you know, been going on. He's being cast out of the skies. And, you know, Michael's just kind of throwing him down here to Earth and saying, "OK, Warriors, he's yours now." [laughs] And so, it's our job to take care of it now. Not necessarily Lucifer, himself, because the Lord gets to have His say with him, but, you know, we could take out his forces. We could take out his strongholds. And that's what we're working on.

Since the Ascension Didn't Happen, Doublespeak Will Come from the New Agers to Call It Some Kind of a Personal Shift Instead

So, the 21st came and went. Most people are like, "Well, where was the ascension?" And, you know, the New Age and the Mayan thing. And you know what? They should be grateful that we saved their lives. Because they were just gonna go become freezer food. You know, and I kept warning them, and they don't listen. They don't wanna listen.

And maybe they will now. Maybe they'll start to think twice. You know, what was this ascension supposed to be about. Oh, it was supposed to be a personal thing. You'll start to see all the doublespeak come from the New Agers, because that's what they do. They doublespeak and speak in circles when something doesn't happen. "Oh, it was a personal shift you were supposed to feel."

You know, if it was a personal shift, they wouldn't have been gathering in places like the mountain to be taken off the earth. And I know what their own journals say. I've read their stuff on their websites. And they're always promised that when trouble starts to come on the earth that they will be lifted off of it. That the Galactic Federation and all this stuff, that they're gonna take them off when the earth goes through a period of cleansing. And that cleansing's supposed to take place during the three days from the 21st and 22nd till tomorrow, the 25th. Or shortly before. These were supposed to be three days of cleansing this week, or weekend. And didn't happen. And so, and they expected to be taken off the earth during that time and kept in safety. Well, you know, the only safety they're gonna get's a freezer, and they're gonna be dead.

Maitreya's Burnt Up Ship Is Being Chauffeured into Our Atmosphere from Mars

You know, the three days not happening, it was a compilation of disasters. The portals being opened and fried. Satan being cast to the earth and dumped in the Atlantic. Maitreya's ship being dragged in. I told you, the last show or the one before, it was on fire, it was burnt. And they were dragging this thing in. And, here, Mitch Battros posted something this morning. And I hardly ever get his updates on my Facebook thing for some reason, but I got this one. And it's talking about this long, wavy--looks like a cigar-shape type thing, ship, that's being chauffeured in. That's why I started laughing. Because I knew it was the same thing I'd seen in the Bible Codes. And it's supposed to be above America at about midnight tomorrow night, on the 25th.

And that's Maitreya's ship. It's coming in from Mars. It's burnt up. I don't know why they're bringing it in. You know. But they're ing it in. Bringing it in. I don't know why. I don't know why they're bringing it in, because it is burnt up. It's a charred rock, basically. And so, for some reason, that's of significance to them. Some kind of importance. Maybe he's locked in it and they can't get him out. And they need to bring him down here for some help to get out. I don't know. You know? I have no idea why they're bringing it in, chauffeuring it. Because they're practically just dragging it in. And I'd always assumed that's why they were chemtrailing so bad. To hide it. It's just a black rock.

Enoch's Planet Will Be Coming Through the Portal in Hawaii Tomorrow - The Lord Wants You to Watch for His Arrival, Not Satan's

Another reason, the real reason right now, they're chemtrailing so bad and hiding the east and the sunrise...we've got two different objects here. We've got the Brown Dwarf Star, which is a hunk of a brown rock that the Buffalo dominate, the Bison, the Galactic Command and all that, if you follow that.

Then you have the second sun, which is Enoch's planet. And, interestingly enough, Enoch's planet is gonna be coming through the portal in Hawaii tomorrow. Should be a pretty good sight if you can see it. You know, you actually get a sunny day and you can see something. Or a night, clear night. Been seeing that coming up in the Codes. And I've known for a long time there's a portal out by Hawaii. Been asking the Orgone Warriors to get that area for ages. Just get Hawaii so the orgone can get up in that portal. Perhaps they have because Enoch's planet,--I don't know what else to call it--the second sun is coming through that portal sometime tomorrow, maybe the next day.

I can't really go by days in the Bible Codes. I can find something listed on the 25th of December, but it could happen a week or two later. I mean, I don't have a set date, but I know it's coming in. So, we're gonna have Enoch's planet coming in closer. And, yeah, you can see it at night now in the west. But, apparently, what they do is traverse through portals to get closer into our atmosphere. You know, what we see when we look up at night, you can look in the west, in the northwest and see Enoch's planet. It can be a lot farther than we can even imagine. And so, what they do is use portals to come in even closer. And so, it's definitely coming in closer.

I remember, you know, months ago, thinking about, you know, the 21st. What's the significance. And the Lord would say, "I'm coming." "I'm coming." You know, He didn't want us looking for Sananda and, you know, Satan falling from Earth. Even though it's a huge event. You know, He says He's coming. And so, you know, watch for His arrival. And here comes Enoch's planet, you know. This was an alternative planet for the forefathers to live before the Lord came down and fulfilled His ministry on Earth. And Enoch talks about it in his books.

And so, very interesting, the things that are playing out because with the Brown Dwarf Star, itself, the Buffalo one, the chunk of dark rock that's really nothing, it's kind of like a shadow of Earth--Earth's shadow; I think that's what they call it. If you ask me, all these lunar eclipses and everything where they say it's the Earth's shadow, I think it's been this BDS, the Buffalo Dwarf Star. They call it a Brown Dwarf Star. It's a Buffalo, Bison Dwarf Star, because that's what the Bible Codes call them, the aliens, extraterrestrials. They're always called Bison or Buffalo. That's their star. And that's one of their abodes. It just kind of shadows Earth. It's a huge chunk of rock. There's no light to it. There's nothing.

And they're gonna be coming from there. That's one of their stomping grounds. You know, Venus is one of their stomping grounds. And I've always said that they use that for near-death experiences and all that. And Sananda's associated with Venus. Also associated with this Buffalo Dwarf Star. So that's coming in closer. And then you have Enoch's planet coming in closer.

Nibiru Will Be Back and It Could Cause an Earthquake

And, you know, if you look--'cause I was reading something about how, you know, Nibiru is this--I don't know what they call it--electromagnetic planet type thing like Earth. And with that on one side of the Earth and Enoch's planet on the other, it would pull on the Earth's core and cause this huge earthquake of Revelation, chapter 6.

Well, Nibiru's definitely down, but not out. It's coming back. It will be back. In 2013 we're gonna see it. It could cause this earthquake which, to me, delays it a little bit. Or this BDS could cause it. Well, who's to say what they align on the opposite sides of the poles of the earth, Enoch's planet on the one side and BDS on the other, that it can't cause this huge earthquake. Because those are the only two huge objects I see coming in right now.

Sananda and Company Are Sitting Back to Assess the Orgone - Orgone Works Two Different Ways Against Extraterrestrial Ships

I did see Mimas coming in. Mimas is a huge battleship. It's not, you know, it's not a planet. It's not a star. It's a huge battleship. And that was coming in to do much damage here on Earth. I mean, they had this whole scenario laid out where they were gonna let the Chinese out underneath the bases, the aliens were gonna arrive, Mimas was gonna be here. Complete mayhem and cleansing for three days. And then, boom, nothing happened. And so, I'm feeling grateful we still have electricity.

But the orgone has destroyed them. I mean, tomorrow is supposed to be D-Date. Tomorrow is supposed to be Sananda arrives. I don't know that he is. Because what I see in the Bible Codes is basically that they're assessing the orgone. They're in a panic. They're in turmoil. They're alarmed. They're shocked. They, you know, it's like they've just got a huge slap in the face and they don't know what's going on, or how to deal with it. I see him sitting back and assessing the orgone. They have to figure out what's going on. Why did they just lose thousands of their ships. You know, why are they burning and crashing out of the sky.

You know, the orgone works two different ways against extraterrestrial ships. And that's why I said if humans are using alien technology, it's going to destroy whatever they're flying. And it has. I mean, the Air Force has had to ground fleets because of using alien tech. What it does is it heats up the core, the motor of the spaceship. Some kind of magnetic core, or whatever it's run by. And it's heated up. And causes it to crash. It combusts. Bible Codes says it's combustible.

Another thing is that the navigation, it melts the navigation. I don't know how it melts it, but it just does. Must be some kind of alien chip on it. I don't know. But it melts it. And so, two different ways. Because the extraterrestrial technology is based on DOE, dead orgone energy, and neutral. And, of course, what they do is take neutral and turn it into DOE. And when it runs into our POE-orgoned atmosphere--POE's positive orgone energy--it causes them to crash. So, it's gonna be interesting.

A Commotion in the Chat Room - The New Age Plans Just Crumbled and People Need to Get Out of It and Back to The Most High God

Now, I know they have some kind of device... They've been working on it in the Pentagon for years... And what they're trying to all the POE into...DOE energy, and so...'m a little distracted right now.

Uh, you guys behave in the chatroom. I don't know what's going on there. I don't know why you can't act like a bunch of adults in there. I don't have my moderator tonight in there. I don't even know what's going on. I don' attention to it when I'm trying to do a show. [pauses] Looks like someone's...someone's hacked into my...someone's hacked into one of my names?... What is this?... The night I don't have a moderator in here... Anyway, folks, just ignore him. 'Cause there isn't a thing I can do about it right now. [pauses] All right... Just ignore him, folks. Anyway, I'm gonna get back to the show here because...having to deal with two-year-olds is exactly what they want me to do... You can, uh, I think you can...right click or left click on those graphics next to a person's name in the chat room and you can ignore him... I don't know, if someone's hijacked my name. The only think I can do is shut down the...

It's probably just Satan, himself. It's somebody who knows how to hack into BTR [Blog Talk Radio] and take over my own hosting name in there because I'm the one--that's my name. That's how desperate they are. They're mad. They're losing the war right now. Satan's been cast to earth.

The New Age plans just crumbled. And you know what? I don't care if they're mad at me. I don't care because a lot of these people have plenty of time now to wake up and realize they've been lied to and they're following the wrong things. I mean, the New Agers have this Phoenix Journal and they act like it's the Bible. It's practically the Bible of the New Age. And it's nothing but pure channeled garbage by aliens.

And they'll lie all the time. They'll use people. They'll stand people up to become conduits for them, and channelers. And then when stuff they say doesn't happen, they'll blame it on the channeler. "Oh, that wasn't me you were channeling. You were channeling a false person. [laughs] They play the games. The circular games.

And so, people need to get out of it and get back to the Lord because it's--you're relationship with The Most High is gonna be the only thing that matters. From here on out. Nothing else is gonna matter. But it's all gonna be about life and death. And salvation. Whether you have it or not. It's gonna base it on where you spend eternity.

When You Start to Develop a Sense of, "Oh, I Know the Last Days. I Know Prophecy," You Develop Errors

Because Satan's on a time clock now. And the thing is, most people won't recognize it. And you know what? Years ago, you know, when I was 12-years-old, the first book I read was The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey. I spent my 20's and early 30's hanging onto every word of Hal Lindsey and Jack Van Impe. And the Lord led me away from them. He led me away from all that.

Because when you start to develop a solid sense of, "Oh, I know the last days. I know prophecy," you develop errors. And it's hard to break away from them. Because you don't know you're in error. And the Lord pulled me away from the Lindseys and the Jack Van Impes, and didn't want me, you know, studying. I was getting proud of, you know, "And, look, I know this. I know Daniel, and Isaiah, and Zachariah, and John." I had it all figured out. But you know what? These people are in error. Some of them are Masons. Means they worship Lucifer. They're put in their positions to mislead people, lead people astray.

TBN is owned by the Masons. It's not a Christian network, it's a Masonic network. [Bible Codes on TBN - Trinity Broadcasting Network] Every person that gets put on that network has to be approved by the top Satanist, Kenneth Copeland. I mean, it's all a satanic scam, folks.

And so, that's why a lot of people won't recognize what kind of times we're in because they've been filled with such garbage interpretations. Interpretations, folks.

Now if you look--and the reason I always say crowds, when I say, "Well, the Antichrist is gonna be here for 42 months or 7 years, depending on which crowd you're in, because people have developed their own beliefs and you can't tell them different. And so, I always say let's watch events and see what happens, and we'll pick it up from there.

People Won't Recognize the Times They're In Because of Faulty Scripture Interpretation

Analyzing is one of the things that I spend my most time in. Analyzing events with biblical prophecy. Because I also have my intel from various sources. I also have the Lord, I also have the Bible Codes. And then I put it all together. And that's when I try to come up with, "OK, this is going on." And I only sound the alarms when something is pertinent, something is totally planned, something's supposed to take off. And, so far, we've been destroying all their plans.

But if you look at Daniel 9:27, the 70 weeks prophecy, passed. If you look at Daniel 11:36-45, talks about the Antichrist rising, doing as he wants. If you read this passage, it's actually the time he becomes--he rises as a beast to Armageddon. You know, it's not something that happens--everyone's waiting for this war, Russia against Israel, Gog and Magog. Which I said, if you look at Revelation 21, doesn't take place until after the 1000-year millenial reign. So everybody jumps to Ezekiel 37 and 38 and says, "Oh, this has to happen." Well, that's aligned with Revelation 21. That's not happening till after the thousand year. So that's one thing they're waiting on that's not gonna happen. So they won't recognize the times they're in.

Another one is Daniel, himself, because everyone's expecting a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. And, you know, the crazy thing about that interpretation is that he signs a covenant with Israel for 7 years, and in the midst of the 7 years, he breaks the covenant by stopping the oblations and sacrifices in the temple. OK, that's what Daniel talks about.

Come on, folks. If that was pertinent to today, that would be--why would he stop the sacrifices in the temple and the oblations? That would be totally blasphemous. Because Yahushua, the Son of God, was the perfect and ultimate sacrifice. We don't need animal sacrifices to atone for the sins of mankind anymore because Yahushua was the ultimate sacrifice for our sin. So rebuilding a temple in Jerusalem and resuming sacrifices, boy, they would've done that ages ago just to blaspheme the Lord. The Satanists would've done it themselves. It's nothing but blasphemy.

And they talk about it like rebuilding this temple is the next greatest thing as gathering the people of Israel back there. The Lord never gathered them back in 1948. The Rothschilds did. The UN did. That was all prescripted. Newsflash: World War 2 was scripted and planned. The whole thing was planned. The Lord doesn't regather His people to Israel until the 1000-year millenial reign. That's why you'll find more real Jews in New York City than you will Israel. And that's not a joke, that's fact, that's geography. There's more real Jews in New York City than Israel. Because they know.

Why Do the Churches Support Israel?

And the good Jews, Torah--Bible-believing Jews aren't gonna follow this satanic Zionism that dominates Israel today. They're persecuted over there. The Christians are persecuted over there. Satanists dominate Israel today. So why do the churches support Israel? Because the Satanists dominate the churches today. The Satanists dominate TBN. They dominate the megachurches. You don't get theology, you get philosophy. You get feel-good religion. You don't get scripture and sound teaching. The Satanists dominate everything. So you've got Satanists in American churches getting all the people to help support the Satanist regime in Israel; Zionism. It's not a spiritual term. It sounds like it is, folks, but Zionism is another name for the New World Order.

The Ascended Masters Are Stumped About the Orgone - We Are Able to Take Down Satan's Chief Princes

In the backgrounds you have Netanyahu, and Leon Panetta, and Obama, in alliances, and planning things, and running things. They're all in it together, folks. I always found it interesting that Netayahu has more contact with Panetta than he does Obama, and Panetta's a defense secretary.

And they're furious about the orgone. A lot of Orgone Warriors in Israel, too, standing up. They're standing up everywhere. And it's practically just stumped, just stumped Sananda, and Maitreya, and the entire alien facade that was supposed to come. There's 11 of them. Gonna come and mimic the Lord on Earth. The're stumped. They're shocked. They're floored. So that's pretty much where we have them right now. We have them backed in a corner.

And, you know, this is--in the annuls of history, this time will be epic. It'll be epic. A small ragtag band of people just listening to the Lord. Getting out His aether energy. And being able to take down Satan's chief princes.

You know, I can see Azazel's here. I can see Marduk's coming in. And people always think, "Oh, that's just a personification name of Lucifer. Lucifer has chief princes. This is one thing the churches never teach you. And that's why Christians get so lost when people start talking about Greek mythology. You know, they think it's fake. They think mythology is fiction. These chief leaders existed. Satan has princes that run his kingdom. Do you know? He has chief leaders. He has groups and councils. He mimics heaven. Heaven has a council. Heaven has two councils. The council of 24 elders. And then there's another council. And Satan mimics that kind of structure. He mimics everything about the Lord.

So right now they're sitting back and they're assessing what they're gonna do. Kind of scattered everywhere right now. It was supposed to be a time of cleansing this week. It's a time of shock. They're in shock. The only one doing any cleansing is the Orgone Warriors. [laughs] Cleansing the wicked out of the skies. [laughs] And so.

And you know, we're sitting here. I'll sit here and I'll wait. I'll wait and see what he does. He wants to arrive on Christmas Day? So be it. I'll be here to announce he's here. I'll be here to play-by-play his every move as CNN will promote him. I mean, they're all gonna jump in and promote this guy. I'll be here. Play-by-play.

I Pray Every Day for the Lord to Reveal the Truth in All Things to Me, and It Has Taken Me Some Very Crazy Places

You know, just do what the Lord has us do, because there's so few of us that actually understand. That have this kind of level of knowledge of what's going on, you know. So much more takes place in the unseen than the seen. And so, if you can't grasp it, you know, the Lord can only teach you what you can handle, what you can accept, and so.

You know, I pray every day for the Lord to reveal the truth in all things to me, and it has taken me some very crazy places. [laughs] I've learned things that, before I started praying that, I would've never learned in a million years just going to churches and listening to pastors that are just in a box. They teach what they're taught in the Mason-run seminaries and don't pray for the truth from the Lord themselves. And so, they just teach errors. Ane then they all argue about who's errors are worse than the other person's. And everybody thinks they're right. That's the problem, you know. I'm just sitting here and watching events unfold.

The Obamacare RFID Chip Could Easily Become the Beast Chip

Now, we all know Obamacare is supposed to start to be enforced in 2013 with the chip. This RFID chip. That could very easily become the Beast chip. If that chip is required to buy an sell anything, it's like a license plate or a social security number. If that replaces everything, then that will qualify as the mark of the Beast, as described in Revelation 13. That would put us in the middle of this allegorical 7-year tribulation, if you go by the week. 7 years.

Now, the other ones, who just pick it up in John's revelation, where it says he rises to 42 months, that's pretty much where I pick up. Because, you know, if you look at Revelation 13, he has 42 months--I thinks it's verse 5--he's given 42 months of power once he rises. And if he's going to make spectacular entrance to the earth, He's probably gonna take over from that point on, you would think. Unless he just wants to sit around for the next three years and tour Israel, and tour the deserts, and kind of do a world book tour maybe. Maybe do some talk shows. Maybe do a reality show. You know, if he wants to sit around for 3 and a half years and solidify that he's some kind of Ascended Master, you know. Doing miracles or whatever, they we have another 3 and a half years of la-la land with this guy. While he sits in the background and orders people's death and destruction with plagues, vaccines, flu shots.

I mean, he's vicious. He's so evil. I've told you this Sananda, this Jesus-mimic, this look-alike of the churches that he reminds you of the pale horse. He's gotta be the pale horse rider. Because everything about him signifies he's the pale horse rider. Because he's always demanding death, and everywhere he goes whenever he arrives somewhere, Satan's forces are with him. And that's how it describes the pale horse rider.

We Could Have 3 Years, We Could Have 6 Months, Before the Mark of Beast - Why Are They So Shocked About the Orgone?

So I'm just watching and waiting to see what he does. We could have 3 years. We could have six months. Before the mark of the Beast. That's basically what it boils down to. And that's gonna tell you exactly where we are in the tribulation period. So, that's why I'm just analyzing and waiting for them to make their move. Because, until they do--and you know what? Satan's clock is ticking. He's been cast onto the earth, and so, his clock's ticking. All these delays and postponements, 'cause he wants to figure out what the heck just hit him [laughs], what he just got slammed with by coming into the earth.

You know, I just--I don't know. I mean, he's been here, they're aware of the orgone, so why are they so shocked? I mean, I don't know. You know, from what I hear, he's here during rituals, he's here...unless that's all been a lie, and he's just been pulling whoppers on all his own followers who worship him. You know, do you show up to dinner without feet? [laughs] Or is that just a project maybe, or some kind of demon masquerading as Satan? I've heard some of the funniest stuff. You know, and showing up to rituals a different person, different body, different look every time. Who's to say he's not being masqueraded by his own followers? By his own chiefs? You know? Demons masquerading him. Because why are they shocked?

I don't see him shocked, but I see Sananda is shocked. Maitreya is shocked. He's been burned and destroyed by the orgone for years. He went AWOL [absent without leave]. They wrote him out. They were gonna bring in Raj Patel. And sure enough, they were doing interviews with Raj Patel. Trying to build up his media personality persona-type thing because then he was gonna have to replace Maitreya. And then, boom, they decide, "Oh, you know, this Raj--"--because I was laughing about him, saying, "This guy is not going to work." So they bring in a cloned Maitreya. I think they clone him. Get him another body, so to speak. Because the body he had was decimated. And even though they get him a nice, perfect, new cloned body, the one he had is still decimated. He still has issues to deal with. So, you know.

Satan's Clock Is Ticking and the Earth, Itself, Is Going to Rebel Against Him Being Here

Right now it just seems like a mess. But you know what? It's not gonna stay that way for long because with Satan's clock ticking, the earth is gonna rebel. First of all, the Bible says the earth moans at his arrival. It moans, it groans. The earth will rebel against Satan being here. So we're gonna have some major weather problems, I would assume. When the earth rebels, we're gonna see earthquakes, you name it. I mean, hurricanes, all that coming out.

And not also that, but, you know, the Lord's judgments are be automatic. When you look at Revelation, chapters 8 and 9, those are right around the corner. I'm seeing, you know, we've got a comet coming toward Earth that's gonna hit. We've got a asteroid that's gonna hit. First, we've gotta huge earthquake. And that's gonna be the telltale sign of exactly where we are in prophecy. Because that huge earthquake is around the corner. Literally. We're gonna have a huge global earthquake before we have, you know, a comet hitting, or an asteroid.

So, we've got a huge earthquake coming up, folks. And that's gonna be, you know, anytime. It could happen at any time. They assumed it would happen when CERN fired up on the 21st. That CERN heating up the earth's core would cause a huge global earthquake with all the portals they were opening to bring in Lucifer's armies. But the portals they opened just fried the armies. They ended up just falling out of the sky. They didn't even get a portal ride in. [laughs] They were crashing out of the skies. So the earthquake never happened. Doesn't mean it's not going to, 'cause it is gonna happen. It's biblical. It's Scripture. We just don't know how or when. That was a good time. It was a good setup date; 21st.

OK, 25th. We still have tomorrow to see if they're gonna bring about the main part of their agenda, which was to bring Sananda to Earth. Let's see if they do it. I'm more interested in watching Enoch's planet come in. Because ever since I've talked about it, they've blocked it and I can't see it. I haven't had a clear sky here. And, you know, it has to be a particular--good nights anyway cause I have a lot of trees that block that area of the sky. But it hasn't mattered because for a month we've had nothing but cloud cover at night or they just use that blackout tech. I think I've seen it once or twice. But that's gonna be a good one to see.

Was All the Talk of the Dark Rift and Passing Through the Center of the Galaxy a Lie? Has Anybody Noticed Any Changes?

And you know what? What is all this rift stuff? Was all that a lie. I mean, has anybody noticed any changes? OK, we were supposed to have passed through a dark rift, the galactic center, and all this stuff, and everything seems the same to me. Has anybody noticed a change? Other than Satan being cast--you know, Luc--a bunch of stars crashing to earth, and his armies arriving, a lot of flash of lightning out of the the sky. Flashes 'cause they burn and fall. Has anybody noticed anything different? Are constellations different? We're looking at the same ones?

There was no pole shift. There was no earthquake. There was nothing but silence. So, did we pass through a dark rift? Did we pass through a galactic center? Was all of it a lie? I guess we'll find out. 'Cause everything looks the same to me. You know? All I can do is go by what they say. If I have a "thus saith the Lord," I'll tell you. Otherwise, I'm just--you know, this is their stuff. The darkness, the ear--you know? This is their stuff. Mayan calendar end of the cycle. We're gonna shift and ascend. We're gonna go through a dark rift, galactic center. This month sounded exciting. And here we are. Same stuff. Same stuff.

Just Because Satan Gets to Rule on Earth for 42 Months Doesn't Mean Anybody Else with Him Does. His Chief Princes and Armies Are Our Targets

If I knew we weren't doing so much damage, it would be disappointing. But it has been worth it, because we are doing a lot of damage to Satan's strongholds. And that's why we're here. Destroy his strongholds.

You know, just because the Bible says Satan gets to rule on earth for 42 months doesn't mean anybody else with him does. You know? Doesn't mean we can't battle against anybody that's with him. They're fair game. They're fair combat. If you're a Warrior, that's who our targets are; his chief princes, his armies. Those are our targets.

How do we war against them? We war against them with our orgone. And we war against them with our warfare prayers. You see a chemtrail plane, ask the Lord to malfunction it. Ask the Lord to turn all of its chemicals into water, so it's just spraying water on earth. And that it'll malfunction and have to return to base. You know, I used to ask for them to crash. It was like, no, just return it to base. Because if it crashes, we're gonna have all these chemicals hitting our water supply and it could be dangerous. So just ask the Lord to send it back to the base. That's what I do.

And, you know, you can put shields up over your home. I hear from people, "I don't have orgone. I can't make it. I don't have money to buy it." Ask the Lord to put shields up over your home. Personal home turbo shield, several miles thick, that nothing can penetrate. No frequencies, no tech attacks, no weapon, no beams. Ask Him to put a home shield over your house, your home. You can ask Him to put a personal body shield around you, which is the same thing, it's just around your personal body. And that of your children, so that attacks and technology and things aren't messing with them either.

Keep the Lord Your Focus of Every Day and Do Something for Him

So, you have to go on the offensive, folks. We do both. We do offense, we do defense. So that's what we need to be doing constantly. Just ask the Lord what it is you need to be doing every day. You know, if you get into the practice of seeking Him every day, it's part of relationship-building. And that's what it's all about. I keep telling you, get out of religion and get into relationship, because that's what being with Him is about. It's about relationship. "OK, Lord. What do you want me to do today?" "What do you want me to pray for today, or against today? You know? Keep Him your focus of every day. Do something for Him. None of this stuff matters.

From What I See in the Codes, Sananda Is Going to Postpone His Christmas Day Arrival Because They're Hurt from the Orgone

People are all looking into this NESARA agenda the aliens are gonna be instituting, and this new economic policy. Do you really think the Son of God would return to earth to establish an economic policy. I mean, when He returns to earth, it's gonna be at the battle of Armageddon and He's going to destroy the wicked off of it. That's why they have their mimickry of cleansing saying when they return they're gonna cleanse the earth. That's their whole mimickry of the Lord removing the wicked off the earth. Because they call the Christians, and those who believe in the Lord, and the ones who don't follow their agenda, wicked. You know, they just turn the tables. Good is bad and bad is good. And white is black and black is white. They just turn the tables. They work in opposites.

Their agenda is still gonna do something. I mean, Satan has to establish a rule on earth. And this is what he has set up. Might be a huge monkey wrench right now. Might have a few huge monkey wrenches sitting in it, but they're plotting. 'Cause it's been quiet. And it's always quiet when they're plotting. So, you can tell they're plotting. They're in shock. They're surprised. They'll be getting ready to rebound. And so, watch for the rebounds.

Tomorrow could still go on with Sananda arriving. That was the plan for months now. For Sananda to arrive on Christmas Day, the 25th. Could very well happen. Then again, from what I see in the Codes, he's gonna postpone it because they're hurt. They're messed up. The orgone has shattered them. It's demolished them.

They weren't expecting it to be this bad, I guess. You know, when you see Ascended Masters having to rely on albuterol inhalers to breathe. [laughs] Or they have boils on their skin from the orgone. One of the things they're suffering is acidosis, which is too much acid in their bodies. Orgone causes them to burn up. Asthma inhalers, aspirators. These kinds of things I see in the Codes 'cause they have trouble breathing here. You know, they're gonna look like a bunch of Darth Vaders walking around with these oxygen masks on and they're supposed to be, you know, heavenly beings. [laughs] Maybe people will wake up and see through the lies. Maybe they'll see through the facade and realize they've been following the wrong script. Because it's all the New Age is, is a script. Everybody has roles to play. It's a cast of characters. One character gets knocked out, somebody else replaces it. I mean, it's a script, it's a stage. The world's a stage.

New week would be interesting. You know, if we lose the whole month, all this setup has to start again, down the road. That's why I'm thinking this was such perfect timing to bring all them in. It looks like we were gonna lose the entire month of setup because they just weren't ready. But, hey, we are. And we're waiting.

I Still Need Your Contributions and Donations, Folks

So, anyway, folks. I still need your contributions to get the bills paid, and get things done around here. I need your donations for that. Otherwise, I just have to shut everything down. People want me to do daily shows and I can't even do that because there's no way I can afford it. You know. Need the donations, folks. And then perhaps I can start up doing daily shows once they arrive.

Anyway, be back next Monday night. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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