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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
January 7, 2013


Sananda Was in Ohio Yesterday Over My Little Area

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it is Monday, January 7, 2013. First show of the year. And so, amazing. I mean, I never thought I'd be doing this show in 2013. And so, here we go, you know. Kind of a little quiet lately. You're waiting for death and destruction to hit all of a sudden. And that's coming. It's coming. But I'll get into that a little bit later.

A couple things I wanna mention. Well, the fun part, Sananda was over here yesterday in Ohio. And I thought it was kind of funny because I noticed on Saturday they were moving clouds in from the north to put a huge patch just over my little area here. [laughs] Just over my house. Over my little area part of the town. All these clouds. And I was like, "What are you hiding? I'm not gonna go out and look for you. It's cold." You know? I went to bed early. I wasn't gonna stick around unless he was gonna start flashing lights and being obnoxious. I mean, it's getting to be about 10 degrees at night here. It's kind of cold, so. I wasn't exactly looking for him even though I knew he was coming.

We Have Sananda and His Forces Scared Because of the Orgone

Amusing enough, because, you know, he's the man of the hour, really; Sananda. He's been here since last month. Kind of going here and there and everywhere. Spending a lot of his time trying to get his forces together. And we have him scared, folks. We have him outright scared. And it's exactly where we wanted them.

And we started this war 8 years ago, not knowing everything orgone could do. We learned, over time, the 101 uses of orgone. And then the most amusing one being that it would crash their UFOs. Now, Wilhelm Reich always said it would crash their UFOs. He crashed the one back in 1947 in New Mexico. He was the one who started that whole thing with the UFO crashing out there. Can't even remember the name now.

But when I started orgone, I had no idea Wilhelm Reich was associated with it. I had no idea who he was. I was just looking for a way to defend myself against their tech weapon attacks against me. And also looking for a weapon that could tear down their strongholds. And the Lord led me to orgone. And realized soon enough that, hey, there's a lot of falling stars around here at night. Putting two and two together that it would crash their UFOs. And now it's a common occurrence. They've lost thousands. Thousands of them. The media hides it. Calls them meteors. Government hides it. And the aliens are afraid. Afraid. Because their ships are crashing.

And so, I don't know why he would get the nerve to think he could just fly over my house. I hope he got his butt burnt. From what I could see in the Codes, he did. [laughs] Orgone burns them. Burns them. And, it's what happens. You know, it's bound to happen. Because Sananda and I are going to go head-to-head. And I've expected it. I've anticipated it. Sananda, right now just being Satan on Earth. Satan can inhabit Sananda's body. And Sananda is the fake Jesus that is coming, I've been warning about ten years. Been warning about Sananda and Maitreya. And they're here. And when they publicly make a physical appearance, I can't give you a date on that. I don't know when they're going to do that. Right now they're kind of hiding in the background.

We're in the Interim of the Tribulation Period - People Are Looking at Wrong Interpretations of Bible Prophecy to Gauge Where They're At

And, I think, you know, if you're looking at where are we in the tribulation period, we're in the interim. In the interim; halfway mark. I know most people in the churches will never believe it's even started because they're waiting for the Russian war on Israel; Ezekiel 38. But if you read Revelation, chapter 21, that war takes place at the end of the 1000-year millenial reign. Doesn't take place now. And then they're waiting for this third temple to be rebuilt. We are the Lord's temple, folks. He doesn't need a physical temple anymore because we are His temple.

And so, people are just looking at wrong interpretations of Bible prophecy to try to gauge where they're at. And if they're looking at wrong interpretations, they're gonna never understand the times they're in. So here we are. In the interim. And he's going to get ready to appear publicly in the world. Right now he's kind of--like I said, he's here, but he's in the background. He knows his clock is ticking.

Sananda Is the Leader and Rider of the Pale Horse, and I'm the Leader of What the Bible Codes Calls the "White Horse Network"

And we're a lot--you know--we're not a lot alike, fact, we're nothing alike, but there's similarities. We're both leaders, you know. Sananda is the leader. He is the rider of the pale horse. In the Bible Codes, the orgone network is also referred to as the white horse network. The white horse network. And I'm the leader of the white horse network. I am a horse rider. Sananda is a horse rider. And so, he's kind of just locating me, seeing what's going on. Seeing who's responsible for the thousands of UFOs that have been crashing out of the skies. Satan, himself, crashing out of the sky and falling into the Atlantic. I believe Maitreya fell into the Great Lakes. I'm still not sure what's happened in the Great Lakes.

Something was going on there. But we both have distinct platforms as well. You know, my platform with the white horse network has been to destroy the strongholds of the wicked. To destroy Satan. We've been taking the war straight to him. Straight at his feet. Destroying his forces. Destroying his chieftans, and his captains, and his generals. Destroying his leaders. Taking out their starships, their spaceships, their planets. We burned them out of Saturn. Burned their spaceships they had rolling in; the cube, the black cube; Nibiru; Mimas. Nibiru will be coming back in. Took off running last year. Now it's been recuping and trying to put up a shield around itself so that it can withstand the orgone-saturated aether air. It's coming back in. Mimas, coming back in.

We've been taking a huge war straight to their faces. And most people don't even grasp what's been going on. They don't see it, so they don't grasp it. You know, I watch it in the Bible Codes. But I'm one of 7 billion people on the planet that can really understand what's going on in the Codes. The Lord gave me the keys to understanding the Codes, years ago, when He stood me up for this. And I spend an incredible amount of time in the Bible Codes. It takes hours and hours, and days and days. And I really don't do anything else but being in the Codes most of my days. And so, if I'm not running kids and not doing things that need to be done at the moment, then I'm in the Codes. It's where I spend my time, if I'm not making orgone.

Sananda Knows Who I Am, My Anointing, My Assignments - They Don't Know How to Handle the Orgone Network

And so, this is gonna come to a head because Sananda wants to come to power. He knows who I am. He knows I'm here. He knows where I'm at. He knows my anointing. He knows my name. He knows my assignments. And I think what they're waiting is for the Lord to take us home before they begin their assault on mankind. They know different levels of prophecy. And so, they know their jobs. What they're gonna be able to do. And they've been learning ours. Because they have not been able to kill me. They have tried everything in their abilities the past decade and the Lord has not allowed them to kill me.

Now, I've taken my hits. I've been poisoned more times than I can count. I've been sick more times than I can count because of the attacks I've had to endure, the assassination attempts that were thwarted. And, just doesn't end, folks. And they're waiting now. They're waiting. Either they're gonna come back with their last bruha attempt to take me off this earth, or they're gonna sit and wait until the Lord decides it's time for Him to take me off. But He's having so much fun watching us destroy Satan and his forces, you know, I don't think He's in any big rush to take us off. We're quite successful. People don't realize how successful we've been. If you can look at all the delays since 2009, 2008. Delays, delays [laughs], delays. They don't know how to handle the orgone network. We're all so protected.

The Lord Gave Me a Message the Other Night to Give to Everybody

Had a word with the Lord the other night. And He gave me a message to give everybody. And I don't normally write anything down unless He says, "Tell them." And then I start to writing. But it's not a cheery message. It's not real cheery. But this is what He said to me. He said, "Tell them, child, get ready." He always calls me His child, His daughter.

"Tell them, child, to get ready. Floods of evil, persecution, and unjustices of every kind are about to hit mankind. Everywhere. Societies in all kingdoms will break down this year as Satan establishes his rule over mankind, and his temporary dominance.

Tell them to prepare to leave the cities and head for the mountains. Head for safety. I am still a Father who loves His children, but I must allow My own children to be chastised before I can chastise Satan and his.

You have put forth much effort in your work, and fruit for me, and I will honor that. You have suffered much. Your people have suffered much, and have kept you strong. And have stayed strong by listening to you. You have been a very good, strong and stable shepherd, child. You have led them into battle. And now you will lead them into safety.

The wicked never stop against you. They relentlessly try to destroy you and tear you down. But your tenacity never allows them to win.

They're coming full-out against you, child. Many will see heartbreak this year. Many will experience plagues, death, sickness, imprisonment, torture, persecution. They will be beaten, robbed, raped and killed. It is much sorrow on My heart and I will avenge them, child. I will avenge them.

You must leave soon. I will allow things to happen to cause this to speed up, child. They honor you here in My home and they will soon get to meet you.

I love you. Look for Me soon."

So He is going to allow things to happen to speed things up. See, right now, our orgone has blocked every move they have tried to make. Our orgone is blocking them. And so, He is going to allow things to happen, which means He will probably turn down the effectiveness of the orgone. I've always said it was His weapon and He could crank it up--turn it up or turn it down, and use it the way He wants to. And so, it seems to me that the only way that things can be speeded up is if He's able to turn it down, and He will, so that they can accomplish things that are part of their plans.

Who Are the Elect? Who Are the Firstborn?

I see in the Bible Codes quite a bit since, well, summer of last year, that the Elect, the firstborn would be leaving. And the Elect are part of the Bride, but the Bride aren't part of the Elect. They're two different groups. The firstborn are exactly that. And they are the 144,000; the firstborn, the Elect. These were angels sent to be born here during the last days as humans on earth. Just as Jeremiah was. Jeremiah said He knew Jeremiah before he was born--formed and born here on the earth. He was sent here for a purpose and mission to fulfill. And in the last days, the Lord has sent many here with missions and purposes.

You know, people always ask me, "Who are the Elect? Who are the firstborn?" And I wrote an article on it. You can read my article, Angels in the Flesh []. Some of the characteristics of who are the Elect, who are the first born, is they don't fit in here. You know, they're the black sheep, the square pegs in the round holes, probably very sensitive to the spirit realm more so than others.

They feel abandoned. Don't know why. They're often put in situations where they have no one else but Yahuah to depend on. People think they're crazy. They desert them, they mock them, they don't understand them.

These people have a deep love for the Lord. Deep love for Him. They serve Him. They don't necessarily get involved with the churches, and the religions, and the whoredoms on the earth. They don't get involved with them. Because they see them for the apostasies and the apostates that they are. And they don't get involved with them. And this is why others think something's wrong with them, because they don't conform to the religious mind control and molding.

You know, I talk to people every day and hear the same things. It's like hit the rewind and hit repeat. Someone's complaining their family's not listening to them. [laughs] Someone's complaining their family, their spouses, their friends think they're crazy. You know, repeat, rewind. That's how it is, folks. The majority will never understand the Elect. That's why the Elect is a small group. That's why it's 144,000. That's why it's small.

The Orgone Warriors Are a Small Fraction of the 144,000 and It's the Most Effective Group the Lord's Ever Had on Earth

And even smaller yet are the Orgone Warriors. We're just a fraction. A faction of the 144,000. We're just a small fraction of them. So even most of them are just learning who we are. Who are these Orgone Warriors? These aetheric warriors. Aether warriors. White horse network. White horse warriors. Who are these people? It's the most effective group He's ever had on earth. Tearing down the strongholds of Satan.

Some people pray for salvation, health and the well-being of others. And that's their primary focus. And that's--that's all good. That's good. My prayer for 12, 15 years has been the destruction of Satan. [laughs] Tearing down his strongholds. Taking this straight to his seat; this war. 'Cause I love the Lord. And like David, my ancient grandfather, I hate HIs enemies. Who's His biggest enemy? Satan.

My life's purpose, it seems to be, has been not just to learn Bible prophecy from the time I was born. By the time I was 12 I'd read the Bible front to back. Learning Bible prophecy as best I could. And carrying on as an adult. It's not only been about learning about the last days, but how to defeat and take the war to Satan. How to tear down his strongholds.

And the Lord stood me up to lead this war in the last days, and we've been effective. We've been effective. I love it when I see the endearing terms in the Bible Codes that describe us, describe our war, describe how effective we've been.

The Lord Doesn't Like It When the Brethren Are Always Fighting

And you know what? The Lord knows we're mocked. We're mocked, we're criticized, we're hated. And not just by the evil ones, but by our own brethren who simply just don't understand us. They don't wanna understand us. They can't take 5 minutes out of their time and ask the Lord who we are, or if we are His. They don't wanna take 5 minutes out of their day and be bothered by prayer. [laughs] They're all so self-righteous in their own minds. They're legends in their own minds. But I don't rail against a brother, and the Lord doesn't like it when I do. Sometimes I get my jabs in, then I quit. I shut up. I just move on. [laughs]

He doesn't like it when the brethren are always fighting. And that's how you know who's His and who isn't. Because there're some people who never get it. There're some people who've made it their missions to tear me down constantly. If they were really the Lord's, they would've heard the Lord tell them to stop their nonsense ages ago, and they would've stopped, immediately. But, you know, we bicker. Brothers and sisters, they bicker. And being in the Lord's family is no different. You're gonna bicker. But then the Lord has it, He's a typical Dad, says, "That's enough. Stop. Enough."

There Will Be Evil and Suffering in Countries Everywhere - Over 100 Verses on America in Prophecy and the Destruction of America

I just try to do what Dad tells me to do, folks, and stay faithful to Him, because, you know, He just laid it out for us. There's gonna be a lot, a lot of evil, and suffering. You know, He's talking about, um, [sighs] breakdown everywhere. Societies in all kingdoms, which means countries everywhere, total breakdown in their societies. Roundups. Plagues, death, imprisonment, torture, persecution. That's roundups. That's FEMA camps.

Plagues, death, sickness, chemtrails going full force. There's some whole states totally sick right now just with flus. Wait until those turn deadly and they're not flus anymore, but as soon as you breath the air, because of the poisons they'll be cranking up in the chemtrails, they'll be pure poison, and you'll just die on the streets from breathing the air.

People will be beaten, robbed, raped and killed. You need protection, folks. Protection. Don't give up your guns. That's why they wanna take your guns. The Lord says prepare to get out of the cities. Gonna be dangerous. It's going to be lawlessness. There's gonna be pretty much civil war in the cities. And these things will happen.

You can read Isaiah. Talks about the last days. I've got America in prophecy. I don't know how many of these false gurus on the Mason network, the TBN network [Trinity Broadcasting Network] that say America's not in prophecy. Really? Then how was it I was able to scrounge up more than 100 verses from all the different prophets just on America? [America the Babylon] Just on America. And the destruction of America.

Rapture of All the Saints from Off the Earth? Where's the War on the Saints as Told in Revelation 13:7, If There Are No Saints Here?

Well, I see this white horse network leaving. I don't know who else will be leaving with us. I don't know. The Lord hasn't shown me, told me. That's why every time I here this, "Oh, the rapture's coming soon," I just cringe, because they're setting people up for a false hope. They're setting people up. There's a huge rapture coming to save them from the times that are coming.

He will save the church of Philadelphia, truth seekers in Him, from the hour of temptation, which is when Satan enforces his mark on the world. Otherwise, they're gonna be put in persecution. He just said He was gonna chastise His people. And He's gonna allow them to be imprisoned, and tortured, and beaten, raped, robbed. It's all part of their persecution; the war on the saints. First few verses in Revelation, chapter 13 when the Antichrist comes to power. His war on the saints. There is no war on the saints if there's no saints here. If there was a worldwide mystery rapture and they were all taken off the earth.

And I know how they go around that. They say, "Oh, that's the people that get saved once the rapture happens." [laughs softly] No. These are the mockers, and the haters, and the persecutors of the brethren. These are the ones who've been mocking us for years. Hating us. The ones who've been sitting in the Beast churches all these years, giving Beast wolves their tithes and offerings. These are the ones the Lord is giving over to persecution and judgment, to refine them. To refine them.

These are the ones who've been laughing at us and mocking us because they can't understand what we're talking about when we talk about being attacked by tech weapons. Because they're not a threat to Satan. They've never been attacked by tech weapons. They've never been targeted by one. 'Cause they're no threat to Satan and his kingdom. They haven't lived through one-tenth of the persecution and suffering most of us have been for years. They don't understand 'cause they've never been through it. Now they're gonna be refined. They're gonna go through plenty of persecution to test their faith.

I mean, all this time, all the suffering and persecutions we've gone through, it's toughened us as Warriors. We've had to learn how to fight to survive. We had to learn spiritual warfare. We didn't have a choice. If we didn't learn spiritual warfare, we'd have died ages ago. We had to learn how to fight to stay alive. We had to learn how to depend on Him. How to hear Him.

These other--bulk of the Bride, sitting in their cozy church pews week after week, waiting for that hundredfold return, sitting in their apostate doctrines, their theologies, their whoredoms, their apostasies, these are the ones that's gonna be tested and refined in the persecution that's coming. These are the souls under the altar in the fifth seal, Revelation, chapter 6. Many will die for their faith. That's them.

Will they understand it when we leave? No. No, they didn't understand us when we were here. They won't understand us when we leave either. They'll argue and hem-haw then.

Bring It On, Sananda - I'm Not Afraid of You

But that's what I see. I see us leaving because it's either gonna be that or a full-on war between me and Sananda. And, hey, bring it on, Sananda. I know you're listening to my show. I'm not afraid of you. I got your little letter from Maryland. [laughs] And I know I wasn't wrong with my assessment about you or Maitreya. I wasn't wrong about either one. I won't rethink my attitude toward either one of you, 'cause I have a righteous hatred towards both of you. And I won't rethink my righteous hatreds towards either one of you. So bring in on. The war is on. Let's go at it.

I'm not afraid of you. Never have been. Did you see me outside when you flew over yesterday? I was in bed by about 9 or 10. I was tired. I wasn't waiting on your ugly butt to fly over. Just wanna flash some lights and let me know you're flying by. Honk your horn or something.

I don't fear Satan. I don't fear you and your kingdom. I've worked long and hard to tear down every stronghold I could possibly find. [laughs softly] I'd still be doing it. I'll still be doing it this spring if I'm here. I'll still be doing it. Yeah, my hands are a little tied right now. Too broke to pay attention. May not even have a show next week. Probably like that one.

It's the Most Pivotal Time in History with Satan as Sananda Here on Earth, We're Broke, and Nobody Can Afford to Do Anything

I can't get the bills paid, folks. Gotta get the bills paid so I can fight. My hands are tied right now. I do have supplies. Had some Warriors stand up and send me some crystals. But I still need the funds to get bills paid. Our phone bill's gonna get shut off. The electric's gonna get shut off. I gotta be able to buy resin to make the orgone with all the crystals I've got in.

I mean, this is the most pivotal time in like, the history of mankind. Satan on earth now, as Sananda, and, wow, we're just sitting here with...twiddling our thumbs 'cause it's cold, we're broke, nobody can afford to do anything. It just really sucks right now and don't even know how--any other way to say it.

OUR ORGONE MISSION FOR THIS YEAR: BORDER WARS - Get Orgone Walls Up Around the Borders of Your State or County

I know usually about this time I'm planning a spring mission. Always have a spring mission. Every year. March, April. Always have a mission to go on. You know? And I laid out, at the beginning of the year, our mission for this year. Because there's not gonna be a lot of time. Border Wars. People needing to take care of their borders. Getting orgone walls up around their borders. Put a orgone puck, a 10-ounce, 11-ounce, or a 5-ounce, 3-ounce. Whatever you got. One every quarter-mile around your state or around your county. I should put that in the thing because most people just can't get all the borders of their states.

It could take a while to do a mission. I mean, took a couple years for us to do Ohio. Yeah, we didn't do it in one day. We didn't do it in one week. But we focused on our state and it took us a while. Took several different Warriors to do it. But we got it done. And everybody needs to get the borders of their states with orgone. And if you're already bordering a state that's got orgone, then you only have the other three borders to get, given most states have four borders.

I know Indiana and Ohio, looking really good. I don't know about other states. I know Kentucky looks good. Kentucky's got like, three of their four borders covered already. Tennessee has like, two borders. Two and a half covered. And I could go through the states myself, missions I've been on. You know, I've done the northern part of Arizona, and northern--southern part of--you know, northern part of Colorado and southern part of Wyoming. You know? Some of you have at least one border done.

If you can't get your state borders, get your counties. You know, the Lord had me do my county years ago. Get up walls around your counties. Put up walls around your states. Why? Because it's gonna get really ugly, really soon. Really ugly, really soon.

I Expect Obama Might Say Something Interesting in His Inauguration Address on January 20

You know, I expect Obama might say something interesting in his inauguration address on January 20. Maybe it'll be something nobody expects. Maybe he's gonna announce that he's made a pact with a friendly alien race. I don't know how he's gonna term it. They're not friendly. They wanna kill mankind.

I said my platform has been to kill aliens and destroy the strongholds of Satan. Sananda's platform is to kill and destroy all humans. That's his platform. They'll come in as friends of mankind.

Will Obama say something publicly? I don't know. I don't know yet. I don't know what he's gonna speak about.

The Locust Invasion in Joel 2 and the Locusts Coming Out of the Bottomless Pit in Revelation 9 Are Speaking of the Same Thing

But I could tell you what we have to look forward to this spring. And right now it looks like the same as I've been warning about. A huge earthquake coming. A comet hitting the earth. And asteroid hitting the earth. And the arrival of the Locusts. You know, I keep seeing Joel mentioned in the Bible Codes. And, I'll tell you, when you see Joel, you just--you just--your eyebrows rise, your heart skips a beat, you're like, "Whoa. No, not right now. Not these huge Giants." Because the Locust invasion of Joel, chapter 2, and in Revelation, chapter 9, where you have the Locusts coming out of the bottomless pit, and the king over them, which is Apollyon (and Abaddon, which means destroyer), these two events are speaking of the same thing. And that is a huge judgment on the earth that begins the day of the Lord judgment. Because if you read both Joel 2 and Revelation 9, they all start off with the sun being darkened and the moon turning to blood, a red color, the day of the Lord. Starts with a bang, folks. Starts with Joel 2 and the first part of chapter 9 in Revelation.

Why Do I Think the Locusts Are Coming in May?

So there's some things that have to happen before that event happens. Unless it just comes out of place. I'm one of these people that thinks that there's a specific timeline of events in Revelation. And I could be wrong because I know the Lord's always said things are gonna happen the way you don't expect them to. But I do see a earthquake coming in the Codes. I do see that. And I don't think the Locusts are gonna be here until spring/summer. So, like, May, June, July. I don't think the Locusts are gonna be here until then. I don't think there's gonna be a Giant invasion until the later part of spring and into the summertime. That's kind of like the timeframe of the Locusts I'm looking at.

And so, if we go by that--let's just say I'm right on that. I'm not saying I am, I'm just saying let's say I'm right. Then that means that before May, we have to have a Locust--or, or, or [exhales sharply]. Locusts on the brain now. We have to have a comet hitting the earth, and an asteroid, and a huge global earthquake. That's from now until May.

So it's--right now it's kind of quiet. They're kind of being quiet until Obama gives his speech for whatever reason. So then we have February, March and April. Boom. That could be a lot of events hitting boom, boom, boom. And remember I always said the bathtub effects; when things started to happen, they would happen quickly. They would come very, very quickly.

Now, why do I think the Locusts are coming in May? And that all these other things are gonna be happening before then? Depending on whether Sananda shows his ugly face to the world, or not, he could, at Passover time, somewhere in spring. He could wait until--and I've always said the huge date, September 11--9th, 10th, and 11th have always been his arrival dates. Other than December 25 I've always warned you of. Those have always been his arrival. His huge dates. Passover, September and Christmas. So if Passover comes and goes with no Sananda, no Cosmic Christ here, no angels singing hymns in the clouds, no Sananda coming down to earth in a basket-type thing (I don't know), if that doesn't happen around Passover, then expect to have this Giant invasion, this Locust invasion. 'Cause they're gonna be here for 5 months. In Revelation, chapter 9, it says they're given 5 months.

So imagine Sananda arriving in September and saying, "Look, I'm here to save mankind from the Giants." That's what I think they're gonna play it out. That way. He'll come to save the world from all the destruction and chaos the Giants have just caused for 5 months. They're gonna roam the earth for five months, folks. You know why? Because it takes the orgone that long to kill them. That's what I think.

A Faithful Few Have Gotten Orgone Out, but There Are Others Who Thought Me Crazy and Refused to Do What They Were Sent Here to Do

We have orgone around the world, but we are slow with getting it out. And many people who the Lord told to get orgone out have not done so. Or He led them to my sites and then thought, "Oh, this woman is crazy." And then, so intead of fulfilling the mission they were sent here on earth to do, they didn't do them, refused to do them, thinking I'm crazy, and went off into something else. People not standing up and doing what they were sent here to do. Prevalent. That's why we're a minority. That's why we're a fraction of a faction. That's why we're so small. That's why there's been so many delays. Because people won't listen. I would've done this all myself. All the Lord had to do was dump some money in my yard. And He knows that. That's why He wouldn't do it. He knows it. I would have done it myself. He wants other people to stand up and do what they were sent here to do.

So it's not about me. And it's not about the few and the faithful that have. It's about all those who have refused. They came, they were told what to do, they refused to do it. So it's on their heads for eternity, not ours.

Orgone Your County to Ward Off the Giants - Global Earthquake, Asteroid and Comet Will Hit, So Head for the Mountains for Safety

So either way, 5 months. And [inaudible] do this? He wrote this how long ago? 2000 years? When was this written? So five months, the Giants, from all ages, all sizes. These Giants are in all stages of being a Locust. Starts at caterpillar stage. Cankerworm, caterpillar, locust, whatever. It's gonna be big Giants, medium-size Giants, all sizes. The Lord's army against mankind. His judgment against mankind. So you figure, if they start in May, June, July, August, and then, boom, in September, Sananda arrives to save the world. So probably around mid-April they would start. Mid-April, mid-May, June, July, August. Yeah, about mid-April.

Five months. That's a long time to be tormented by Giants. So if you have orgone walls around your county, they won't come in there. From what I do see, is that the orgone will provide protection areas for people. And they'll be protected. People that have orgone in their areas will be protected. Giants won't go in those areas because the orgone will kill them if they do. It burns them. Asphyxiates them. That's why they eventually end up dying. Because, eventually, they just can't get away from the orgone.

So, if that happens, this starts mid-April to May. Then the next several months we're gonna be quite busy with the global earthquake, an asteroid and a comet hitting the earth. What do they hit? The water. Where are most of the cities? On the coastlines. That's why the Lord says, "Tell them. Tell them to get ready." Not just unjustices everywhere, but a lot of weather destructions coming, too, folks. Head for the mountains for safety. Not just from humans and aliens, but the weather, itself. Head to the mountains.

So get out of the cities. I mean, most people who leave the cities are gonna leave with the shirts on their backs. They're gonna be fleeing. And wanna know where they go--where to go? Go to the mountains.

Talk of Superbowl Arena Being Blown Up February 3

So it's gonna be busy this spring. It's gonna be busy. I know a lot of people already calling for, let's see, the Superbowl auditorium, arena, to be blown up February 3. People have been asking me about that one.

Will There Be Martial Law in March? - Will Shema Be the Comet Crashing into the Great Lakes? - What Is the Asteroid That's Coming?

Martial law in March. I think it's kind of early for martial law in March, unless, you know, the asteroid hits somewhere and causes destruction already. And then the comet hitting. The comet will hit first, and then the asteroid, if that's any condolence to anyone. I'm not sure exactly where.

I always thought that the comet would be Shema crashing to earth. That was their--Ashtar Command's Bethlehem Star. Big, huge starship in space. You see that V series? With Anna and her ship and all that. I always thought that Shema--but anyway--I always thought Shema would crash into Lake Huron and affect Lake Michigan and take out Chicago. Always thought that years ago.

Had this vision of Chicago, the water, just totally inundating, and drowning and destroying that city. Huge waves of water just going over Chicago. Like the buildings were just made of cardboard. [Chicago Slides Under Lake Michigan] And so, I think that the only thing that could cause that, since there's not a huge tidal wave type things in lakes, as opposed to oceans, is just something really big and really fast dumped right into the lake. And so, I think Shema will crash into the Great Lakes. I don't have a "thus saith the Lord" on that. But seeing that it is stuck on the Ohio and Pa [Pennsylvania] border, and New York (people from New York can see Shema), if it were gonna crash, it would either be the Atlantic or the Great Lakes.

What I'm thinking is that this Shema crashes into the Great Lakes, and the asteroid that's coming crashes into the Atlantic. And, you know, I don't have a specific on either one. Did have a vision of seeing something really huge coming up from the south and veering east. [Vision of the red moon/planet] I often wondered if I was seeing the asteroid that was gonna hit the Atlantic. I don't know what it was. Something very, very huge. And it was coming up from our south, and then it veered toward the east, and so. Like it was just passing the United States. I'm not sure what it was. So, I'm thinking probably the asteroid.

Right Now I Think the Lord Wants My Perspective to Be on the Fact That Sananda Is Here and That the Elect Are Leaving

But, again, I'm just out here saying. Don't have a "thus saith the Lord" on anything. And right now I'm not even seeing either one come up in Bible Codes; comet or asteroid. Because I don't think the Lord wants me to see those things right now and put them out of perspective. I think the perspective He wants me to have right now, and the only things He's showing me in the Codes, is the fact that, yes, Sananda is here and we're leaving. The Elect are leaving. And that's what He wants me--that's my perspective He wants me to have. To focus.

But we can't just sit here and wait. Because we're used to all--you know, things being so delayed, folks. So what we need to do is get busy. Busy. Busy, busy, busy. Orgone walls up. If people put walls up around their counties and around their states, they would take them by surprise. Because they think they have the world mapped out where the orgone areas are. Because they have these devices, these detectors, and they can detect where POE energy is. And so, they think they've mapped out where these areas are. Although it always takes them by surprise.

Because, first of all, they're just like our own bureaucratic government in that they don't share intel. And so, what some aliens know, they don't share with the other ones. [laughs] And so then other aliens will come in and end up in orgoned areas and crash because of it. Because they weren't told, "Hey, stay out of that area. So it's kind of funny. Kind of amusing. That's how inept Satan's kingdom is on all levels. Both of them. The one he has in the air and the one he has on earth.

There's Something Darker and Evil About Obama Now - I Almost Expect Maitreya to Just Incarnate and Take Over Obama's Body

And if people stand up now, within the next couple of months, and put up all these new walls, they won't be expecting them. They won't be expecting them. I mean, you could take one route across your state. Find a highway that goes east, west, north, south. And just put up a huge wall across your state. Doing it that way. And they won't expect it. Won't have it mapped out. We don't have a lot of time. It seems to be quiet now, but it's not. They're just plotting and planning.

And quite a few people have noticed there's just a different look to Obama now. There's just something darker and something evil about him. And, you know what, folks? They've had a lot of rituals in December. And who knows what he has accepted in him.

You know, I almost expect Maitreya to just incarnate and take over Obama's body. And, haven't seen it yet in the Codes, it's just a thought I have. It could happen. Or Maitreya just shows up and he's Sananda's deputy. Or Obama plays his deputy. But either way, Sananda's going to have a False Prophet. And whoever plays the False Prophet role is also a political player because they use politics to enforce the demands of the Antichrist. And so, they cause, through legislation, the whole world to worship the Beast. They cause the whole world to become chip-implanted. They have political clout and political authority. They're a politician. The False Prophet is a politician, folks. And he also does miracles. He'll say, "Look, the Lord gave me the power to do this. You need to worship him," and he'll point every thing to the Antichrist.

Some People Say the Antichrist and False Prophet Are Not People but a System

Two Beasts. And they're people, they're not--you know, I don't know how many times I hear from people that--"Oh, the Beast and the Antichrist, that's just a system." You don't cast a system, throw it into the lake of fire, folks. Revelation 20:15, the Antichrist and False Prophet are bound by angels and cast into the lake of fire. You don't cast a building or a system by, you know, by angels--don't bind them and cast them into lakes of fire. So don't listen to people that don't know the Bible, don't know prophecy. You always have everybody out there who acts like they know something. They know nothing. Don't study anything. But then they always have an opinion. Time to get into the word, folks, and study it yourselves so you know exactly what to expect.

If I Can't Get Out to Distribute Orgone Myself, but If I Financially Support the Warriors, Does That make Me a Warrior? Yes!

So it all comes down to right now. In the here and now; January 7. Sananda's floating around in his little starship. [laughs] The Orgone Warriors are all thinking, "Oh, man. We're still here and it's 2013" Yeah, time to get busy, folks. Just a little longer because you know what? As the Lord said, Himself, He's going to allow things to happen to cause things to speed up. Which means there's no more delays. And the one thing we're doing as servants and Warriors of the Lord is--and the reason we work so hard and do the crazy things we do is so that we can lay all of our fruit at His feet. You know? We get to lay it at His feet. "Look what I did for You while I was on Earth. I did it 'cause I loved You. I helped because I loved You. I financed this because I loved You." You know?

Somebody asked me the other day, "I can't get out. I'm strapped in the house. If I financially support the Warriors, does that make me a Warrior?" Why wouldn't it, if you're supporting it?" Prayers, finances, footwork. We're all a team, folks. We're a team. Everybody has their own special things they can do as a team. We're an army. Everybody has a different--our different ranks, a different duty, a different assignment. We're a team. A small one, so we have to depend on each other. There's not as many of us as everybody else. Everybody has to do their part. Because if the guys in California are doing their part, and the people in Maine and New York are doing their part, our coasts are covered. And the people in the south are doing their part. And the people in the north are doing their part. And the people in the central part of the country are doing their part. We've got walls everywhere then.

And people on the islands. Because, you know, they always think their safe on islands. That's why you've gotta orgone the islands good. Chase the aliens off their. Kill them off, scare them off. Let them know that they can't have your island as a hiding spot. Everywhere around the world, folks. Europe, gotta get busy. Russia. Israel. Middle East, Africa. Everybody's gotta get busy. It's all I can say. Otherwise, you're gonna have Giants sitting in your yards.

Anyway, folks. Be back next week, hopefully. Get some bills paid. I need your donations or the bills won't be paid and I won't be back.

Anyway, until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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