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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
January 14, 2013


For Those in Space Who Want to Know What the Time Is on Earth...

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, January 14, 2013. I'll give the dates for all those in space wondering what the heck the time is on Earth. I thought about that the other day. 'Cause I couldn't--you know, there's a lot of non-worldly beings in our atmosphere and they listen to this show, so. I know people think that's funny, but I think you would probably laugh a lot if you actually knew the reality of a lot of things. So, I'll throw that out there for all the non-Earth inhabitants listening, be that either demon, alien or angel, and so. Interesting times we live in.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School thing was a PSYOP - What Is It with the San Francisco 49ers and Being Blown Up at the Superdome?

You know, a lot of people posting stuff on the hoax Sandy Hook. And that's so beyond a hoax. You know, I'm beyond it now. Everyone's tired of it. It's so blatant. The whole thing was a PSYOP.

And now they're on to the next one; predicting the Superbowl 47 will be blown up. And I remember...I think it was Superbowl 42. I'm not real sure what number it was. But there was a Superbowl, and it was at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. And they were having a big hype back then that that Superbowl wwas gonna get blown up. And so, now I'm sitting here watching the play-offs over the weekend, and the 49ers are back in the hunt. And I'm thinking, "What is it with San Francisco and the 49ers?"

The Superbowl this year is played in the La. Superdome or Louisiana Superdome, or whatever they wanna call it. The Warriors should definitely be orgoning that area down there. You definitely wanna get it outside and around the Superdome, to saturate the air above the Superdome.

So, really. The 49ers. What is it with them and being blown up? And, you know, looking at the teams--and I'm just saying. This is not a prophecy, folks. I'm just speaking off the top of my head. Every time I say something, somebody puts up a YouTube video; Sherry's Prophecy. [laughs] It's not a prophecy. And, so I'm looking at the teams and I'm thinking, "What is it about the 49ers?" Well, 4 + 9 = 13, so that's a Illuminati number.

Thoughts on Aliens and the Superbowl

So wouldn't it be interesting--and I'm just saying this--wouldn't it be interesting if the 49ers played the Patriots, which represent the majority of the people? And then the aliens go in, blow the place up, and say, "It's neither one of you. It's us now." You know? Wouldn't that be a little ironic? Because they are here, and they are ready to establish their agenda on earth.

And, I mean, look at the players they have for the halftime. I mean, it's not like it's gonna be a huge ritual. That was Madonna's job the last Superbowl. Her huge, satanic ritual. Now it's Beyonce, who has publicly admitted she's MPD, has a demon that takes over her when she performs named Sasha Fierce.

You have Jay-Z who's her handler, who is also a big MKULTRA mind-control product. So you have--you're sending in these mind-control pawns to do the halftime show, and what? They're just gonna sacrifice both of them if they blow the place up at halftime? I'm not seeing anything in the Bible Codes on it. I mean, I'm just not.

Every time I look for football or something, I get something silly. Well, not silly, but, you know, it's getting to the point it's humorous that all these alien crafts keep catching on fire and blowing up. And so, when I put in football, and try to look for football, I'm getting football-shaped starships, these alien crafts, terrestrial crafts that are burning. And, you know, if you looked at the cigar-shaped ones, yeah, that could be a football or whatever. It's one over 300 miles long, uh, 30 miles long, whatever. And so, you know, there's all kinds of them burning and on fire.

Sananda's Ship Is Burning - They Are Retaliating for the Orgone Through PSYOPS

Sananda's ship is burning. It is, or going to be, shortly. Probably already is 'cause I'm already seeing it. Sometimes I can see things a couple months in advance of what's happening, but, for all intents and purposes--I mean, I knew he was here last week flying over my house. I saw that one coming. And I knew he was gonna get his butt burned then, and so, his butt's on fire.

So they want retaliation, folks. They want retaliation. And so, yeah, I do expect the war to be on. The war's gonna be on against me. And, you know, as I sit here and yawn, and go out to the garage and make orgone, you know, I'm not real worried about it. But what does anger me is their PSYOPS because they affect people. If they wanna come against me, that's fine, but they tend to go after the innocents. And they've got this huge PSYOP thing going against me. They couldn't find ways to make the orgone look bad, because orgone is a positive, healing life energy force. And there's nothing bad about it. It doesn't do anything bad. It can heal you. It can make you feel better. It stops night terrors. It stops wicked and evil beings around you.

These Descended Masters Can't Say That Sherry Shriner's Orgone Network Is Killing Them If They're Claiming to Be Good Beings

Well, the predicament they're in is because they're ascended gods, which, really descended because they're coming down to earth. They're not, you know, going up, they're coming down. Desended masters are portraying themselves as gods, as good, as wanting to help mankind. So if they're these angelic gods, good beings (the script they're playing), how could orgone bother them? You know? Because it doesn't bother normal people. Normal people in the presence of orgone feel nothing. They might, you know, feel better. But for all intents and purposes, you wouldn't even notice you were in a room with orgone if you were a normal person. Now, if you were a wicked person, and you walked into a room with orgone in it, you would immediately start to get agitated. You would probably start burning. Maybe getting rashes. Maybe start coughing. Weird things start to happen. Because they have the different reactions to being in the presence of orgone. So that's wicked people.

So how are these descended masters, Sananda and Maitreya and all them, gonna claim that they're religious, or whatever, good people, good beings, when they can't survive in orgoned areas. It gives them quite a predicament. And they can't come out and say, "We have to get rid of Sherry Shriner and this orgone network because they're killing us," because, you know, we're for the good. We're good. There's nothing evil about us. And so, everything they do has to be kind of like, you know, masked and hidden. The war has to be hidden. It has to be silent and going on behind the scenes. And that's what it's been for years. That's what it's been for years; behind the scenes. Silent.

What They Want to Do Is Suicide People So They Can Blame Sherry and Her Ministry

Eventually it's gonna--I see it breaking daylight. It's gonna hit mainstream. This war has been going on for 8 years. And there hasn't been a block of time when they haven't made some kind of visible, or whatever, kind of attempt to kill me. And it just goes on and on. And so, now they're amping up their PSYOPS. And what they wanna do is kill people off. They're suiciding people, so then they can blame us. So they can blame me. My ministry. My ministry scared that person so much, they killed themselves.

Well, you know what? They're gonna have to go after every Bible-believing, Bible-thumping person in America then. Because there's nothing in my ministry that would go against The Most High. We're led by Him. So are they gonna call Bible-thumpers terrorists? Occultist leaders? I mean, seriously, you can look at my Who Is Sherry Shriner? page []. You can read my books. And you can read them free online. All the chapters are articles on my articles page. You can even hear them for free online at I don't--you know, the books are there to buy if you don't--as request, actually. People didn't want to read online, they didn't wanna listen, they wanted a book in their hand. And so that's why it's there. But you can get the information free without having to buy the book. I wouldn't charge for information the Lord gives me. And the Lord told me, years ago, a decade ago, "Lead My people back to Me." He didn't say write books and fill up your bank account. I mean, that would be easy. I might have a bank account then. And, now, it barely exists.

Someone Who Claimed They Bought Orgone from Me, Really Bought It from a New Age Witch Using My Name Without Permission

So that's what they wanna do. They have this big PSYOPS thing going. And the Lord warned me last week. He said, "They're gonna come against you strong." Which means they've probably already got their little satanic YouTube warriors out there making YouTubes against me. And these people are liars.

I saw this one YouTube video. This woman proclaiming she bought my orgone and it attracted demons, and blah, blah, blah. And, seriously, I talked to this woman when it happened. She did not buy my orgone. She bought orgone made from somebody else. A New Age witch, who said she was making Sherry Shriner orgone blasters. Who I pretty much demanded she take that stuff off her website, 'cause she had no permission to use my name.

But she bought the orgone from a witch. So what does she expect? Does she think the Lord's gonna bless orgone coming from a witch? Then she goes on YouTube and blasts me, saying she bought orgone from me. She didn't buy it from me. She bought it from a lady in Canada.

And you all know who that witch is; it's that "jrgenius." She has YouTubes against me as well. I used to talk to her online all the time trying to lead her to the Lord, and get her out of the New Age garbage she was drowning in. And now she's just totally submerged in it. Totally drowned. And she doesn't even look human anymore. And that's what happens to them. They all look possessed. It's what happens when you get involved with the New Age. I mean, there's ministries out there that are commanding their followers, if they really love the Lord, don't make a video against me. Really? If they really love the Lord, they would spend 5 minutes asking the Lord if I was really His. They would spend five min--five seconds! Five seconds. He'll tell you I'm His. He'll tell you Himself. And you will have no doubts.

I've Been Working on an Article About the Day of the Lord, Which Has Helped Me Get a Focus of a Prophetic Timeline That's Upon Us

So the war's on between the pale horse rider and the white horse rider. The war is on. And it's gonna get ugly. You know, I've been working on an article on the day of the Lord. This is something the Lord led me to write. And I started over, I don't know, last week or so. I'm still kind of punching away at it. I'll be posting it soon.

But it's helped me kind of get focus of a timeline. A prophetic timeline that's upon us. Because everyone's kind of wondering, "Are we at the beginning, are we at the middle? What's going on?" And I'm scratching my head thinking, "When they make their next move, I'll know where we're at exactly." You know, 'cause I don't, uh, what I like to do is look at the Codes, look at the Scriptures, and look at events--all three together--to figure out where we're at. And until they make their next move, I don't know exactly where we're at.

Because, to me, it seems like we're right at the lingering period of the middle part. Or we could even jump all the way at the beginning, folks. Now, some of you are gonna say, "Uh, no way. We're already in the middle." But, you know what? Let's just wait, because, uh, let's wait and see what their moves are. They have to move the chess pieces. And then we'll figure it out as it goes. 'Cause I like to analyze things. I don't like to jump too far ahead. I was jumping way too far ahead when I was, uh, you know, worried about the day of the Lord beginning soon, and the Joel war. And I had mentioned that during my show. And the Lord had me put the brakes on and think, "Wait a minute. This has to happen, this has to happen." Kind of put it in focus for me. So we have a little time before the day of the Lord begins.

Because let me tell you what the day of the Lord exactly is. And you all--my choir here that listens to this show--you all know what the day of the Lord is. It's his judgment on mankind. His judgment on mankind. It's not His judgment on the righteous. It's His judgment on mankind. And so, with that said, what we have to go through first is Satan's wrath on the righteous.

You hear what I'm saying? Satan has his time of persecution, and torment, and imprisonment, and murder against the Lord's people. And then the Lord comes, puts a stop to it, and then His judgment on mankind begins. And it's His revenge against Satan and all his minions who persecuted, killed, and destroyed His people.

So we've got a ways before the day of the Lord's retaliation and judgment begins. OK. We've got a ways for that to go. But don't get too comfortable because Satan's wrath on the righteous is going to be swift and horrible. It's a time that the Old Testament prophets describe as a time when they imprison their own people. And the watchmen have been screaming for years about FEMA camps and roundups. Those will happen.

They're Getting Bold in Suiciding and Killing People

We're already experiencing Obama's [audio unclear] hit list. His suicide list. Starting it off with a bang this year. Since Andrew Brietbart was killed. That one was obvious. And, you know what? I think with his death last year, Andrew Breitbart, it shows that people really are just are helpless at doing anything to stop it. Because, I mean, he was hit by a--one of their tech attacks. While he was running, gave him a heart attack. If he'd have had a pendant on, it wouldn't have happened, but that's how bold they're getting. They're suiciding and killing people.

The last two gun activists. One was shot in the head, which was--probably gonna say that was a suicide. And the other one was in a single car accident, which they'll probably call a suicide. Then, recently, the kid, the computer nerd kid, who stopped SOPA [Stop Online Piracy Act]. Computer genius. They suicided him. Suiciding people that are just simply believers. They wouldn't be in the media light. They're in the background just running blogs. They're truth activists exposing the New World Order. Killing them off.

And some of them are just kids. Some of them are just kids. They don't care. You're talking about a group of people that sacrifices babies. They don't care how old your baby is. They're abducting babies, and children off the streets, and out of hospitals, and sacrificing them under the White House, under Congress. They have no love of life. And so, it's gonna get much worse.

The Lord Says They're Coming After Me Pretty Strong, So the PSYOPS Are Going to Increase Against Us

You know, the Lord says they're coming after me pretty strong. And so, these PSYOPS are gonna increase against us. To discredit us. Because we're destroying them. We're that little group within the 144,000 that is just so effective, and so precious that the Lord has left us here till the very last possible moment when He'll have to take us home. Because we're destroying them. We're burning them. We're pounding them. These are the things going on behind the scenes that I can't make you see. But I can see them. I can see them. And you can ask the Lord to confirm what I say. Ask Him yourself. You know, all it takes is one person at a time to wake and realize you're put here in the last days, and you were put here to be part of this little, small Warrior faction that's tearing down the strongholds of Satan. And then get busy. Start getting the orgone out. And that's what we're doing. We're tearing down the strongholds of Satan.

Satan Gets His Energy from Loosh

And so, they need...they need more rituals, more sacrifice--I always said, you know, this isn't related to the orgone network in any way--just for Satan to arrive to earth, he needs sacrifices, and death, and destruction. Because that's how they work. Read my article on The Net Masters []. I talk about loosh. It's a energy. And it's like spinach [as in Popeye] to them; demonic and alien beings. And, in particular, Satan, because it gives him power. The more spinach he eats, the more power he gets. And that's what this loosh is. It's energy. It's spinach. And the more power he gets, the more he can do.

With Them Opening Portals More and More This Year, Expect to Have a Lot More Ritual Sacrifices Taking Place

Now, what he wants to do is bring in more and more of his forces. And the Hadron Collider is proven to be--I don't know how effective it is. I know it's hurting them as much as it helps them, if it helps them at all. Because every time they use it they just send our orgoned air out into the dimensions, while they try to bring in their own evil leaders. OK. So, it's kind of a catch-22 for them. By the time their leaders come through the portals, they're burnt. [laughs] So they wanna open portals up through satanic rituals. And you'll never see these rituals taking place on, you know, MTV, or the sports networks, you know. This stuff's done in the background, it's done in private. But they'll be doing their rituals. And bloodshed isn't a request, it's a command. It's demanded. Bloodshed is demanded.

And so, with opening portals up more and more this year, you can expect to have a lot more ritual sacrifices taking place. And it's gonna get more bold, because, I mean, this is the last days, this is Satan's clock ticking now, this is his last hurrah. He's gotta get here. He's gotta have the power to do what he wants. And the only way he gets that power is by having death and destruction, and pain and suffering. So all these things have to work together. So who's gonna be the puppets that produce this death, pain and destruction, torment and suffering? It's gonna be the United States and Europe. They're gonna be the pawns. They're gonna be the puppets, the victims, so Satan can arise on earth.

The Day of the Lord Is a Time of Judgment of the Wicked, but the Righteous He Will Protect

You know, the Old Testament prophets warned us. John warned us. And this is the day. We've all been waiting for these last days. Well, these are the last days. These are the last days. And, folks, the Lord will protect the righteous. You know, that's one of the biggest things about the day of the Lord, that He was showing me as I write this article on the day of the Lord, is that it's a time of the judgment of the wicked. During His day, the righteous will be protected.

His wrath and judgment are against the wicked. They will be brought down low. The high and the mighty will be brought down low. They will not be protected. Their million-dollar palaces will do them no good. Their underground bases will not hide them. They will not be protected. And the day of the Lord's wrath, it's about moving the wicked off the earth. Removing the wicked off. So, the Lord isn't mad at you. If you love Him, and you hate evil and you love good, His wrath isn't going to be against you. You're gonna be protected if you're still here.

The Lord Always Says It's Not About What You Say, It's About What You Do - What Are Your Fruits?

Now, let's look at the beginning part. Satan's wrath against the saints. The Lord will protect those whom are truly His. Who He doesn't have a doubt. Who He doesn't have to test. They've been testing. They've been proven that they are good and faithful servants of His. He will protect them. The bulk of churchdom, however, hasn't proven themselves. They've never been tested by Him. They're the bulk of Christianity that, uh, they love Him with words only. With words. Their actions don't show them as being His.

You know, the Lord always says it's not about what you say, it's about what you do. That's why He says to watch a person's fruit. To watch their fruits. Don't listen to their words because people can be charming, they can tell you exactly what they wanna hear. What's their fruits? You know? What are they doing? What are their actions?

If You Prayed the Right Way, You'd See Your Prayers Answered

You know, getting all dressed up and heading to church on Sunday, so you can be high and mighty in the church buildings doesn't count. Sorry. Doesn't count. That's worship to the Lord. What's going on the other six days? Are you doing the things He commands? You go to work. You go to school. You have little thought of Him. When you pray, you're giving Him your Christmas list. "Oh, Lord, please give me this. Give me that. Give me this." If you prayed the right way, you'd see your prayers answered.

Most people don't pray the right way. That's why they wonder why their prayers are never answered. If you prayed the right way at least 90 percent of the time, then maybe at least 10 percent of the time your want-list would be answered. And that's my own two-cents. That's my own observation on it. Because, you know what? The Lord knows what our needs are. So do you think I spend ten minutes out of twelve asking Him for things I need? Not physical things. Oh, I'm always bugging Him for things I need like more discernment, more wisdom, more knowledge, more truth in all things, more love for mankind.

When you're in my position, and you go through the beatings, and the hatred, and the hating I go though, your love for mankind can get real thin sometimes. [laughs] I can love His people, but, man, it can be really hard to stay loving to brethren, you know, a lot of the times. You just get angry and don't want anything to do with them.

Is Your Relationship with the Lord Pseudo or Real?

But, yeah, rethink about the kind of relationship you have with the Lord and start building a real one. 'Cause it's the ones who have real ones that are a threat to Satan and his kingdom. And, yeah, it attracts them to you. It attracts them setting up surveillance posts. Buying the houses in your neighborhood just so they can spy on you. But you know what? They can't touch you. Look at me, I'm still here. They can't touch you. The other ones, have pseudo-relationships with the Lord, are the ones that are gonna be allowed to be tested.

So you have pseudo-relationships and you have real relationships. Examine what kind you have because you don't wanna be caught in the pseudo department. You don't wanna be caught in that department. 'Cause you know what's gonna happen to them? I told you last week, and I'll tell you again this week. He said, "Tell them, child, to get ready. Floods of evil, persecution and unjustices of every kind are about to hit mankind everywhere. Societies in all kingdoms will break down this year as Satan establishes his rule over mankind and his temporary dominance. Tell them to prepare to leave the cities and head for the mountains. Head for safety. I am still a Father who loves His children, but I must allow my own children to be chastised before I can chastise Satan and his."

So, evil, persecution, unjustices of every kind are about to hit mankind. About to hit us. Everywhere. Societies in all nations. Everything is going to break down this year because Satan is going to begin building his rule over mankind. 42 months of rule. Yeah, we're gonna see roundups. We're gonna see FEMA. We're gonna see these death squads, these viper teams. You're gonna hear more and more about suicides, and single-car accidents, and brain aneurysms (that's a good one), heart attacks (those are so easy for them to fake).

They're coming after the bigmouths, the Lord's people. But you know what? The Lord's people are protected. Not the pseudos, but the real ones. And I can talk to to five, to ten, to twenty real ones and they can give me stories. "Hey, you know what? I saw a government van pull in my driveway and pull right back out. Take off." Sometimes you wonder what'd they see. [laughs] What'd they see in your driveway? What made them turn around and take off? Everybody has stories. And the Lord's protecting them. His hand is on them.

I Don't Know if the Superbowl Sacrifice Is Going to Happen, but the Fear of It Creates Loosh

Don't have fear, folks. Perfect love casts out fear. We've got bad times coming. I don't know if the Superbowl sacrifice is gonna happen. I remember back when it was in Candlestick [Park]. That was the last bruha and the Superbowl being blown up. And now it's coming up all over again. The Lord isn't showing me, if it is, 'cause I'm certainly not seeing it in the Bible Codes.

I know they like the loosh. They like the energy it creates. That's a form of spinach for Satan. Just to get everybody in fear over something happening during the Superbowl. That creates a lot of anxiety. He feeds off that. He feeds off of it. That, alone, would probably qualify as some kind of energy ritual, you would think, because of all the energy it's producing.

Wouldn't It Be Funny if Obama Introduced the World to Sananda in His Inauguration Speech

So, we've got Obama's speech coming on the 20th. What's he gonna say? The usual dribble and lies we have to listen to? You know, it would be really fun, since they know the gig is up, they're in power, nobody's gonna get them out, it's in their hands, the ball's in their court, they can do what they want--so it would be really fun, since they're breaking all the norms anyway (or they're about to), they could start with this, and just have Obama with his little purple tie saying, "Yes, I'm aligned with the aliens, I'm with the New Age agenda here."

Maybe he'll wear a purple tux. Wear a purple tux to Congress. And invite Sananda to speak. I mean, we're waiting to hear from this guy, to see him, and hear from him. Why doesn't he invite Sananda to the podium.

Remember I told you that the leader of the United States would hand the power of the United States over to the Ascended Masters. And I've told you for years, Obama has an alliance with Sananda. That's why, at the last election, I said, "Poo! Ha!" on that, you know. Because they have everything set up with Obama.

Now, how's Romney gonna come in and shake everything up and blah, blah, blah. No, it's Obama. And he knew it. I mean, yeah, the other faction was trying real hard to shake it up and get their guy in, Romney, but, you know what? Sananda--they've already got Sananda lock, stock, and barrel--I mean, Obama--so they'll stick with their buddy.

So wouldn't that be funny, if Sananda just took a minute or two to introduce Sananda to the world? [laughs] I would die laughing. I would just die. I would--you know, bring something out of the background for once. Let's stop fighting in the background like little kids, and let's bring something to the forefront for once. You know? Let's show the world what it is we've been haggling about for the past decade.

I Don't Think They'll Get Resistance from the Americans About Sananda; I Think They'll Buy It

Let's show them. Introduce him. I mean, what's the harm in that? He is coming as Jesus Christ Immanuel. You'd think the world would all of a sudden, "Oh, Obama isn't so bad. Look! There's Jesus!" [laughs] So many are gonna fall for it. I don't even know what they're worried about. They're thinking they're gonna get all this resistance against the Americans about this Sananda. I don't think so.

I really think that they've played their cards so well that they are going to just bamshmoozle most of churches today, and they're really gonna think that this Sananda is Jesus. I think they'll buy it. That's little faith I have in the churches today, 'cause some of them just have their heads buried so deep in the sand. They don't even read their Bibles. There's even online versions.

You cannot get kids to read books today. I've got four kids, I know. Cannot get them to read books. But if you put it in a little ten-minute YouTube, they might watch it. You've got Blue Letter Bible online. And you can read the Bible online. You can do word searches. You can do studies. I use that place all the time. But that doesn't replace the fact I've read the Bible already cover to cover thousands of times. It aids me. It doesn't replace the fact that I've actually sat down and read the Bible. But you can't find people today that have actually done that.

But so many will buy it. I'm aghast at the thought, but, yeah, it's gonna happen. Because Benny Hinn and TBN [Trinity Broadcasting Network], oh, they'll have Sananda Week, Sananda Month, Sananda Donation-thons. They're really gonna pump him up. And they're all gonna buy it. He might go do a feel-good-about-yourself psychology lesson with Joel Osteen down in Houston. They're gonna have him all over the place. Maybe before or after his Bethlehem tour. The churches are gonna buy it. You know, the leaders are already bought and belong to Satan. But watch all the little flocks, because their pastors are promoting him, accept him as well.

People Don't Want to Wake Up to the Fact that What Their Parents Taught Them Was Wrong

There's already lines being drawn in the sand between those who love truth and those clinging to the lies and deception they've told all their lives. People that don't wanna wake up. Don't wanna realize that what their parents taught them was wrong, and what their parents taught them was wrong. They don't wanna break the chain of apostasies. They don't wanna break it. They wanna keep going with the status quo.

And so, you have Christians already arguing. And, you know, arguing Christians is nothing new. We have thousands [audio unclear] nations because Christians can't agree. But just basic truths. Basic truths of celebrating the Lord's feasts and appointed times. Boy, that's a real good one. The church crowds today who wanna decorate their trees and put up their Easter bunnies. I can't even get past that one.

If They Come After You and You're Not Protected, the Lord's Allowing You to Be Tested to Refine Your Faith

So, yeah, the PSYOPS will continue. They're gonna get bad, I would assume. PSYOPS against me. PSYOPS against this ministry. PSYOPS against all truth seekers. Against true patriots. Those who love the Constitution. Those who love what the country stood for, stands for. It's gonna be against everybody. Patriots and Christians alike. Anybody who fights evil becomes a threat to them and placed on their hit squad list. I've been in the top ten for years. Their rankings mean nothing.

But, should they come after you and you not be protected, guess what. It's not that the Lord forgot about you, or wasn't paying attention, it's because you weren't protected because your faith hasn't been refined in Him. He's allowing you to be tested. Because he wants to refine your faith. You may have to prove to Him how much you love Him by dying for Him. And a lot of people are gonna have to prove by their deaths that they love Him. Because their faiths were never refined while they were alive for Him. They're lukewarm. They're lukewarm. Can't tell one way or another who you serve. You say one thing, you do another. Or you're lukewarm. Time to make a stand, folks, who you're gonna serve.

You know, the 144,000 firstfruits Elect, the firstborn, are gonna be completely removed. And then the Bride is gonna be taken to the wilderness. I believe that to be the church of Philadelphia, the truth seekers, those who love truth, that the Lord says that He will protect from the hour of temptation that comes upon the world. And they will be taken off to the wilderness to be hidden and protected. Then there's going to be a persecution against the rest of the Bride, who the Lord allows to be tested and persecuted here on earth. In the day of the Lord, and His wrath against the wicked, those who hate evil and love good will be protected. The Lord always has His arms of protection out in whatever situation or circumstance you're in. Whatever phase you're in.

With the war of the saints that's coming, don't lose heart, folks. Don't lose your faith. Because it's all about testing your faith. It's about testing you. Will you die for Him. Some of you are gonna have to--some of you are gonna have no choice. Stay strong and get the martyr's crown. These things don't go unrewarded. If you lose your life for the Lord, you get a martyr's crown in heaven. There are crowns. There are rewards that His people receive in heaven. That's huge. Martyr's crown. You died for the Lord.

So don't think that whatever situation you're in isn't a good one or whatever. There's always rewards, folks. Whatever situation you're in is the one you were put here to be in. Or the one you ended up on default because you didn't do, you didn't stand up to be the woman or man the Lord put you here to be for Him. You didn't stand up. So now you're gonna be tested. It's time to stand up, folks. Better late than never. Especially since the time crunch here is getting real small.

Why Is It So Quiet? It's Because They're Plotting

You know, I've heard from a lot of people, "It's quiet. Why is it so quiet?" It's because they're plotting. I've been enjoying the silence lately. [coughs deeply] Um. OK. But, enjoy it. Because when they're quiet, they're plotting. But they're staying out of your hair, at least. They're staying out of my hair, for the most part. But they're plotting. They're plotting. And, you know, that's all waiting around Obama's speech on the 20th. You can just feel the time clock just--the clock of sand (whatever it's called) [hourglass], pouring. And then, boom, on the 20th his speech.

I'm anxious to see what he says. If he doesn't do something real, I'm gonna send him a letter of disgust. [laughs] "Do something. Let's get the ball rolling here. We're all waiting for the ball to roll. Start bouncing it a little bit. And I'm not talking about hurting people. I'm just talking about, let the people see what your plans are. Put your cards on the table. Put your little NESARA card out. So people can see you're gonna play NESARA. [coughs] Do something besides wear a purple tie. And let people know you're aligned with the New Age alien agenda."

Because if all these things are gonna come out, he's gonna go with NESARA, we're gonna have a global reset of currencies, we're gonna end the Fed. A lot of things are gonna be happening. Starting this year. Along with that, a lot of bad things are gonna be happening. And right now, bad things are. I mean, Sananda's here, so they need power, they need a loosh. [coughs] So we have this massive flu pandemic hitting 47, 46 states now. I warned about that; the flu pandemics. And he's big in those. That is his puppy. That is his purse bag. That is all Sananda. He is all about chip implants. And so, if he has to scare and kill people around the world, he'll do it, as long as he can get you to take his shots.

Most of the People Now Being Affected by the Flu Plague Are Those Who Have Already Been Vaccinated

They want you to take the flu shots. They want you to be scared and go get the vaccines. Because they have chips in them. And they have strange alien DNA in them. And they have strange chemicals and mixtures in them that will destroy your DNA. It's all about getting the vaccines and shots. I would rather die on my knees, and blood coming out of my orifices from some black plague, than get one of their shots. People who don't get their shots are a lot more healthy than those who do.

I was reading, on naturalnews website, that most of the people right now being affected by the flu plague are those who have already been vaccinated by it. They've already been vaccinated. And now they're the ones in the hospitals getting care for it. [Flu epidemic strikes millions of Americans already vaccinated against the flu] [coughs] Yeah, they're trying to shut off my throat so I can't speak. [coughs] I have to cough just so I can breathe. But that's what it's about, folks. [coughs] Stay away from the flu shots. [pauses] What is there a UFO above my house? Anyway.

While everybody gets distracted on the gun push to take our guns, they're busy through the back door on the plagues. Don't get too distracted by issues, that you're not watching everything around you, folks. Don't get so focused on one thing, that you're not seeing them coming the back way. Plagues, pestilences, roundups, all happening at the same time, folks.

I'm Interested in Seeing What Happens in March Regarding Mandatory Chip-Implanting

I think February will be interesting as far as increasing roundups. I'm interested in seeing what happens for March. People talking about the mandatory chip-implanting in March. I'm more interested in seeing what happens with that. Once we get a clear focus on March and April, I think we can--we can determine kind of where we're at. If we're at the beginning or the middle, or where we're at. Because we know the middle is when the False Prophet, which could be played by Obama, or Maitreya coming in, demands that the world accept the mark of the Beast in or on their right hand or forehead.

If you wanna drive a car. If you wanna deposit a check. If you wanna use your debit card. If you wanna just--anything that we do daily and take for granted. You're not gonna be able to do it, if you don't have the mark of the Beast. If you don't join their kingdom on earth. So that's what we're watching for. Because when we know that when that begins, you're at the middle. You're at the middle of the tribulation period of the seven-year period. And the time of Jacob's Trouble is about to hit. It's around the corner from when he starts implementing and enforcing people get the mark, which is a chip implant in or on your right hand or forehead. And soon after that is when the day of the Lord will begin. [coughs]

So until that time begins, you have Satan's war on the saints. Which is kind of what we're seeing now. He's coming after certain people, particular people on their hit list. Could get a lot bigger with outright FEMA roundups and detention camps, and then that kind of thing, so. Kind of waiting to see exactly where we're at. But we already know what we're in right now. And that's persecution, and death, and plagues. They're hitting us with these flu plagues. They're trying to chip-implant everybody with their vaccinations and shots. And they're suiciding people. That's where we're at right now. That's the reality. And it's gonna get much worse.

Taking 10,000 Milligrams of Vitamin C a Day Will Keep You Healthy from the Cold

Folks, if you take 10,000 milligrams of vitamin C a day, it will keep you healthy from the cold. So, orange juice. So go get--you know, they have these chewables, like gummy bears-type vitamin C pills you can take. They're like gummy bears. You wanna take 10,000 milligrams a day if you're an adult. You know, if you've got kids, give them one or two a day of the chewables. I prefer the chewables myself. They are pretty good. Keep your immune systems up so you don't get sick.

I know people that swear by taking a jug of, a swig of apple cider vinegar every day. Or you can just get formal and say a tablespoon. Take a swig out of a jug. [laughs] Ugh. Vinegar. Ugh. And also, what is it, a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon a day. Nonpasteurized raw honey with cinnamon. Things to boost up your immune system. You know, so you don't get caught by these plagues, and sicknesses, and colds and things like that. It's a lot of just natural remedies to boost your immune systems up. And, you know, the first ones that are gonna get hit are the elderly and the kids. The ones with the weakest immune systems. So if you have kids, get out there and get those vitamin C chewables. If you're an adult, take a swig of apple cider vinegar a day. Ugh. That helps you lose weight, too. I know several people that take a swig of vinegar every day and it helps them lose weight. Apple cider stuff. People that swear by coconut oil. And people that have all these different suggestions.

The Lord Doesn't Complicate Things for Me When It Comes to Eating for Health

I'm by no means an expert on natural remedies. But I know what seems to work the best, and the most, and the least hassle. It's one of the reasons I cannot get into nutrition and all that kinds of stuff. It just seems like such a hassle. "Oh, you take a tablespoon of this a day, and then this pill, and then this capsule." And I--ugh. I am not a medicine person. I don't like to have to have focus every day as my health. I've got work to do. [laughs] Give me something easy. Chewable, OK? I can handle that. Not much thought in that one. [laughs]

You know, the Lord has helped me survive so many direct poison attacks over the years it's amazing I'm still alive at all. And He doesn't complicate things for me. You know, for a while I'll feel like, "I want oatmeal. I want eggs. I want this. I want that." And all these things that I get--just wanna eat, I get a craving for it, those are the exact same things that combat toxins, combat the poisons in your body. Vitamin K in eggs. If you're getting pounded with tech weapons, vitamin K will revitalize all the cells in your body that they're killing by all the zappings. So, eat eggs.

Oatmeal's the perfect natural antioxidant. I love oatmeal with brown sugar and syrup in it. Yum. That's a perfect antioxidant if you wanna detoxify your body; oatmeal. You know, just follow the things the Lord tells you to do. You know, you gotta eat oatmeal--you feel led to eat honey and cinnamon a day, put it on a piece of toast. Put it in your oatmeal. Get a jug of orange juice if you don't wanna swallow a pill. You know? Doesn't always have to be so complicated. And I attest to that because I cannot stand complications. [laughs] I'm worse than a three-year-old. Break it down, make it easy. Otherwise, I'm gonna lose attention. I get ADD [Attention Deficit Disorder] about that stuff. I just have no attention span for it. So the Lord just makes it easy.

So when you feel something nagging at you to eat a piece of toast with cinnamon on it, just eat it. Could be the Lord telling you to eat it. You need that cinnamon. You need something in that. Always ask the Lord to guide your thoughts. Guide your ways. The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord [Psalm 37:23]. If you're righteous in Him, He's going to guide your ways. Gotta stay healthy 'cause the war is on to break down your health. And then some of us adults will just be like, "OK, bring it on." But you know what? You've got kids. You've gotta worry about your kids. You know, the lowest thing in the world is to attack somebody else's children. That's just--that's unthinkable. It's pathetic. These Satan freaks don't care about your kids, folks.

Help Me Out, Folks - I Need Your Financial Support Because We're Down in the Red

Anyway, I'll be back next week? We'll see. Should be. And until then, it's warming up, get the orgone out. Get it shipped. Get it sent around the country to people who can get it out, if you can't. Support this war. We need finances to pay the bills. To jumpstart spring early so we can get going, get moving on missions. I definitely need your financial support, folks. Can't stress that enough 'cause we're down in the red. We've been in the red since last month and we need help crawling out of it. Sending out free orgone depletes my supplies and everything else. So help me out, folks.

Anyway, until next Monday. I'll see you then. Yah bless, everybody.


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