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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
January 21, 2013


Waiting for President Obama's State of the Union Address - His Inaugural Address Is Always a Joke for the United States

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it is January 21, 2013. Today was the inauguration day of President Obama. I didn't catch any of it. I don't know if anybody else did. Trying to catch blurbs of his speech, though, because I wanted to know if he was gonna mention anything interesting.

He's got a State of the Union address coming up. And that's usually his main address to the nation. And so, that's the one I'm particularly interested in. His inaugural's always a, you know, joke for the United States. 'Cause he's not doing anything in spirit of the country or Constitution. He always does something to flub it up. I don't know why people can't catch it. Truly sheeps. So it's, uh, I didn't waste a whole lot of time watching it today.

They're Trying to Aerate the Air to Suppress the Orgone That's in It

One thing interesting going on that I'm seeing in the Codes a lot is that they're trying to aerate the air. They're trying to, what I take it as is they're trying to get--suppress the orgone that's in the air. Because the one thing I see over and over again is how angry they are right now. Very, very angry. And so, a lot of people experiencing deep, chilling cold. Which is normal. I mean, it's wintertime. We get this. We get cold air. We get pounded with snow. We're gonna, you know, experience this for the next two months whatever.

But I've never experienced it quite as windy as it is. Very, very windy. School's already in two-hour delay tomorrow. And just like it coincides with what I'm seeing in the Codes in that they're trying to aerate the air, and so.

The Ascended Masters Are Getting Ready to Appear and People Will Embrace These Coming New Age Gurus

You know, they're getting ready to appear. They're gonna make their arrival visible to mankind. And who am I talking about? I'm talking about what the New Age refers to as Ascended Masters. Most people refer to them as cosmic gurus or New Age gurus. And, you know, people have had this on the back burner for years. The church had New Age doctrines sweeping into them back in the 80s. And it just kind of has rolled along since then.

And so many getting involved with it. You would think that people would stand up and make a stand for the word of the Lord instead of going along with the apostasies, and jumping right in and having all kinds of fun with their little gold dust, and holy ghost laughter, and all this blasphemous stuff they've introduced into the church.

And instead of being outright annoyed by it, people have embraced it. I mean, the whole satanic arm of religion has always been satanism: Jehovah's Witness, Mormonism, Pentecostalism. Because they're all joined together. They're all under the same umbrella of satanism. And so, anything they can do to destroy straight-up true word of God, and introduce blasphemous doctrines and apostate doctrines.

And people embrace it. They just embrace it. Look at the numbers. Look at the number filling up the megachurches every Sunday. The numbers that support the TBN network and all the apostate preachers on there. It's just incredible.

And so, they're gearing up to start promoting these New Age gurus and religious figures coming. I'm not exactly sure what they're gonna call them when they announce it, but I know it's part of their plan to start introducing them to the public.

So, Sananda's Going to Be Taking a Holy Land Tour in March, Huh?

Now, if you've been watching CNN the last year or two, people already sending me heads up on what they're showing. They'll give an 800 number to call and learn more about Maitreya, the super teacher, or whatever they call him. Master teacher. And they're gonna be pulling a lot more of this stuff because these beings are going to arrive.

And they've been working in the background for years. They've had Sananda, and Maitreya, and Saint Germaine. St. Germaine is the one that's in charge of the economic policies more, the political policies of the group. And there's about 11 of them.

Some people refer to them simply, like I do, as the Astar Command. And whatever group, whatever names they're gonna go by, it's the same people. It's the same people. It's the same group as Ashtar Command. And so, you can Google that. I've got information and had pictures. I don't know if they're still there. They always hack them off my site at

But they're gonna be gearing it up. It's coming. It's on the horizon. It's not something that's way far off anymore, you know. When the Lord first had me studying NESARA and the New Age agenda, you know, it was ten years ago. And people thought I was a total crackpot. Talking about aliens, and UFOs, and Ashtar Command, and galactic fleets. And, you know, they just--you would've thought I was way out there. Now look at it. Huh? Now look at it. They're already here. They're already in our skies. They're waiting.

You know, I imagine Obama's gonna set the stage. I imagine he's going to say something interesting in his State of the Union address. I'm waiting for that. I don't know what exactly he's gonna talk about, but the things that are imminent, that are right at our doorsteps even, is the fact that these fallen angels posing as religious figures are going to visibly arrive. They're going to be walking amongst us. You'll see them on CNN. You'll see them on the networks.

You know, I kind of jokingly made a statement to one of my contacts the other day. I said, "So, Sanada's gonna be taking a Holy Land tour in March, huh?" And my contact said, "That sounds about right. How did you know?" [laughs] So I'm just following it along as I can in the Bible Codes, and then put it to today's dates and events. And very well could be in March. We could see this fake Jesus arrive and take a tour of the Holy Land. You know, they have a lot of different plans and routes. And a lot of them get shut down and cancelled because they can't do them, for whatever reason. Usually it's something to do with orgone. But, eventually, they're just gonna arrive, folks. The clock's ticking. It's ticking.

NESARA and the End of the Federal Reserve Will Be Held Out as Free Carrots to People

Another thing is, the Lord had pointed out to me years ago, was NESARA and the end of the Federal Reserve. And so, I have two websites up on it; and Articles on those websites you can read about NESARA. And a lot of people are already, you know, I don't even know what the word is...schmoozed the promises, the lies of NESARA. They think that what they're gonna get is something better than what we have now. Ending the Federal Reserve. Check.

We would all like these things. But the problem is you're not gonna get them without a price. You know, people have been big fans and supporters of Ron Paul for a long time because he seems like the ultimate Constitutional patriot. Wants to get rid of the garbage, get rid of the corruption, return the country back to the people and retore the Constitution, end the Fed, get rid of the IRS. And, yeah, we'd all like those things, but what most people don't realize is the tradeoff. The tradeoff that's gonna happen.

And it's only gonna be temporary. We're just trading in one horrid system that went terribly wrong, to another one that's gonna go almost terribly wrong from the start. You don't get something for nothing, folks. And the problem with most people today is they're so exhausted with spending most of their lives in school, most of their lives working. We were slaves to education and working. You have no time to really enjoy life. You're just kind of slaves to life. And people are exhausted. And if someone's waving carrots above their heads saying, "Look, rabbits. We got carrots for everybody. Free carrots," people are gonna accept the breaks. They're gonna want the breaks.

What if somebody offered you a million bucks? Said, "Look, all you have to do is join our kingdom. Accept our kingdom. Help us get rid of the dissenters. Here's a million. And every month after this we're gonna give you $80,000." Everybody becomes rich overnight? Really? Until you realize that, hey, wait a minute. This isn't gonna work for everybody. Because why? Because NESARA--and I'm gonna talk about it a little bit tonight on what they promise to do--is not for those who are considered part of the dark agenda.

Well, if you have all these beings of light coming (supposed light), and they're claiming to be religious people, religious figures, who, to them, are the dark agenda? [laughs] You would think all those who worship Satan. Evil New World Order elite scum. No, to them the dark agenda is those who are not with them. Those who aren't involved with their apostate doctrines. That's gonna be the Christians.

And so, it's truly just gonna end one war, against Christians and patriots in this country with the old New World Order, and begin a new one. An new New World Order. But the same war against the Christians and Patriots of this country. The only ones who are gonna be happy are the lazy people who want something for nothing and won't think twice about--you know, they'll vote Obama in for a free cell phone. Think they won't turn the power and authority over to these New Age guru people for a few bucks?

The Lord's People Will Not Receive the Benefits of NESARA

Some of the battle cry for NESARA--and people ask me what it stands for. It stands for National Economic Security And Reformation Act. And this whole system, NESARA, promises to abolish the Federal Reserve system. It'll buy out all the shares and facilities of the Federal Reserve corporation by the U.S. Treasury. Wipes out 90 percent of the national debt. And it sounds good at a glance. But, like I said, there's always a dark horse.

Other things about it, uh, according to NESARA, those who promote it, there's been enough money in the world for the last 30 years that if it was evenly distributed, every person would be a millionaire. Five percent of the world's people control 95 percent of the world's wealth. And with NESARA, it supposedly frees up vast amounts of this money for worldwide distribution, except for all those serving the dark agenda.

Now, what is the dark agenda? These 11 people coming in--Sananda, Maitreya, Germaine, the other ones that are coming with them--they're already fallen beings. They're Satan's pawns. They're Satan's aces. They're his generals. They're people, beings, that were with him and helped him instigate the last rebellion when he was kicked out of heaven. When Satan was full of pride and wanted to be worshipped as God, they were with him then. Their judgment has been reserved. Just as Satan's judgment's been reserved. A lot of those angels that had been involved in the last rebellion were judged immediately. But not all of them were. With some of them, it was a delayed judgment.

And so, this is what we're seeing. His second rebellion is coming. There's a total of three. These people will be coming with him to help him take over the world. And so, who do you think are their enemies? The Lord's people. The Lord's people. Those who refuse to worship Satan. Those who refuse to worship apostate doctrines.

The "Good" Things About NESARA

More things on the NESARA agenda that's coming. Supposedly--this is all the good things--

  • It'll forgive credit cards, mortgage debt, other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities
  • Abolish the income tax
  • Abolish the IRS; creates a flat rate non-essential "new items only" sales tax

Now, image this. I wrote this article about ten years ago. And every one of these points now are the same points being listed elsewhere on the Internet now with people making YouTubes of the coming NESARA. Not that they're stealing my material or borrowing it or copying it right, but the fact that these are the same things that the government is coming out with in their own publications.

  • It'll return Constitutional Law
  • Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA's announcement
  • Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups
  • Creates a new US Treasury currency. They call it "rainbow currency." I don't know if that's still the name for it. It'll be backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals

I did hear that in Obama's next speech--which I didn't know if it was the inaugural address or the State of the Union--he's supposed to announce a new currency. So it has to be this rainbow currency. Because it is gonna be a currency backed by gold and silver. Back to precious metals. So what's this do to the American dollar now? It's gonna crash it. Because our fiat dollars are worthless. It's gonna cause high inflation. And they'll say it's only temporary. But it's basically gonna crash our system because the U.S. dollar will no longer be the world's reserve currency. Right now it's the number one currency in the world. It's the world's reserve currency. It's gonna lose that status. It goes on,

  • The U.S. Treasury Bank System will be in alignment with Constitutional Law
  • Eliminates the Federal Reserve System
  • Restores financial privacy
  • Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law, since none of them work under it
  • Ceases all aggressive, US government military actions worldwide
  • Establishes peace throughout the world. There's your peace slogan for peace and safety.
  • Initiates first phase of worldwide prosperity distribution of vast wealth which has been accumulating for decades
  • Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes
  • Enables the release of new technologies such as alternative energy devices

But it also demands that,

  • Each country MUST ABOLISH their INCOME TAXES;
  • Each country must agree to institute common law;
  • Each country must have government leaders elected by the people;
  • Each country must agree to live in PEACE;
  • Each country must bestow UNIVERSAL PROSPERITY to ALL their citizens by using the money-making formulas and processes which have a proven 200-year track record of success in providing massive prosperity.

And, according to them, these laws are already on the books, passed by Congress over the last 20 years in secret midnight sessions and everything else.

Satan Will Try to Enforce Civilization as It Was in the PreAdamic Era

But there's nothing new about this New World Order, folks. This is the same system that the angels, angelic civilizations had preadamic times. In the preadamic eras. There were angelic civilizations that lived on the planets and on Earth. Our earth is very old. And when the Lord said, in Genesis, chapter 1, that He replenished the earth to recreate it, you can't recreate something that wasn't already created at one time. It had already been in existence. And it had been destroyed. And he recreated it. And then He made Adam and Eve. There's a long history way before pre Adam and Eve era.

And so, they're simply borrowing stuff that had be instituted before. And gonna try to enforce it during this time. But with this time, you know, you have--this whole system is gonna be led by the Antichrist and False Prophet. You can read Revelation, chapter 13. The Antichrist and False Prophet institute a one-world economic system, global political rule, a one-world religion (which is worshipping the Antichrist, not worshipping yourselves as gods.

That's one of the biggest things of the New Age movement. The Lord says, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." And the New Age says, "But, I'm god." They all worship themselves as god. They believe they can attain godhood. One of their core beliefs. Well, what's even funnier is when Satan comes and Maitreya says, "No. You worship him as god." So, even the New Agers will be duped. [laughs] They're gonna have to worship Satan as god. They can't worship themselves as god. That won't even qualify. [laughs] Blasphemous as it is.

They Want to Encourage Mankind to Tweak and Change Their DNA

And they've just been going along for so long with their own lies and deceptions. I mean, so many of them looking forward to the year. They had the countdown going of 2012 when they would all shift into a higher dimension. You know, I even talked about that back in 2003, 2004 and 5. Their fake shifts into the fifth dimension.

We're third-dimensional beings. We live in linear time. We live in a linear dimension. Satan has them all deceived into thinking, "Well, if we shift into a higher dimension, we'll be in a dimension without time. Thus, maybe eliminating His judgment that's coming." I don't know how he thinks that. But that's the way they roll. You know, just because--you know, it's not even possible, first of all, unless you're dead. And when you're dead, your spirit is either in heaven with the Lord, or in hell. So how do they think they can just take their little old human bodies and go into another dimension is beyond me. And so many people in December were waiting for these ships. [laughs]

You know, they have so many lies going about their own DNA. Let's see if I can find it. Because what they talk about is having light bodies. And they promise people that they'll have these light bodies. Meaning that our carbon-based cells that use chemical energy from food are converted into crystaline-based cells which use light energy. And so, this is another hidden aspect of theirs to jump in health and changes in food, food diets. Because they want to change your DNA. They want to encourage mankind to tweak and change their DNA. So how do you change from a carbon-based cell to a crystaline cell? That's not even possible.

They're Trying to Get People to Turn Their Other DNA Codons Back on by Stringent Dieting and Meditation

Another thing is the codons. What they wanna do...let me see if I can find that. Before man fell, before Adam and Eve fell--I'm gonna wing this off the top of my head. But I believe that there was 12 codons to our DNA. Twelve strands to our DNA. And when mankind fell, 10 of them were shut off and we were left with 2. A two-strand helix DNA.

Well, in the New Age apostate teachings they try to encourage mankind to turn these other codons back on. And they try to do that, encourage them to do that, through stringent dieting and meditation. And what this does is--first of all, whenever you wanna mind-control somebody, whenever somebody's running one of these religious cults, the first thing they do is change the person's eating habits. They restrict your eating. They start controlling what you eat and what you drink because it affects your mind.

So they're not only messing with your mind in that way--'cause your body stops producing certain chemicals that you need. Now, people wanna be all vegan and stuff. And that might sound healthy, but your body needs meat. It needs meat so it could keep producing all of the hormones and chemicals that your body needs to function normally. And when you shut something off, something else is going to go wrong. [My killer dinner: How a vegetable diet lead to organ malfunction] So this is, you know, they're affecting people through their diet. It affects their minds. Their bodies stop producing everything they need.

The Lord Closed Your Third Eye and Chakras for a Reason - Trying to Open Them Will Invite Demonic Possession

Then they're in these meditations. And what this does is it ultimately invites demonic possession. When you think you're gonna be opening up your third eye, let me tell you something, the Lord closed it for a reason. He closed our chakras for a reason. Most people related to 10 codons that the Lord shut off, relating to the chakras that are within our body. I don't get into all that chakra stuff. I know they exist, but if the Lord wanted them turned on, He wouldn't have turned them off. He turned them off.

So who are we to say, "Oh, I'm gonna work through meditation, and screw up my body with stringent dieting, and get these turned back on. It's what they basically try to do. What that does is it invites demonic possession. And when your chakras are opened, you're gonna be dealing with a lot of demonic problems. A lot more.

You think you're being harassed now? Just being who you are? Why would you invite more trouble, more than you can even handle or deal with, by opening up your chakras. I mean, I know hybrids that do this. I've dealt with people. And these kids are a mess. You know, they think it's a good thing that they're opening up their chakras. Or they're opened when they were children and going through MKULTRA programming. That's another mishap that happens to them. Their chakras are opened and they end up having to deal with just a lot of spiritual warfare and demonic battles moreso than the normal person would ever have to. It's a common battle with them. A common fight. Every day thing. It just doesn't stop. It doesn't go away.

But that's what these New Agers want people to do. And they want to tweak their DNA, get them to open up their third eye, which is Pandora's Box. It's not a good thing, folks. People hear, "Oh, maybe I'm missing something. Maybe I should open my third eye." That's Pandora's Box, folks. You don't wanna deal with that. You can't deal with that.

Their Other Control Methods Include Chip Implants, Voice-to-Skull Technology, and Abductions

Most people who, by the time they go through all this garbage of tweaking their DNA and opening up their chakras for demonism and possession, they end up soul-scalped, they end up dead. It's not something you want to deal with. It opens up too many avenues to possessions and control. 'Cause it's not bad enough that you're trying to undo God's judgments on mankind. You're gonna have his wrath on you, you've got Satan's possessions, and you've also got all this chip-implanting from the military and the government.

You know, on top of all the other woes you're going through, you've got the chip implants to deal with. Because they use those chip implants. They have a voice-to-skull technology. People are listening to voices. They're not God's. And they're convinced that they're listening from God, when it's the military, it's these handlers. Resident Evil movies, good one for that. I don't know which one I was watching a couple months ago. Explained it very well. When that one girl was involved, one of the star actors and the people behind the scenes with the computer. I've experienced this madness with hybrids. And it never goes away. It's like they're all controlled by people behind computers sitting somewhere in a underground base that literally control them. They can become their eyes and ears and influence them.

Most of these people are diagnosed as schizophrenic. It can cause bipolar disorders in them. Most of them are heavily medicated. And it's not because they were born that way. They were made that way. Because of all this garbage that's done to them. Most people just don't understand what's happening. "What's going on with my child? How come my child never told me this stuff?" And most people can't.

You know, most of these hybrids that I've dealt with over the years, they're taken out of their sleep at night. They're literally--their bodies are just--their spirits are taken out of their bodies. Or they just take their whole bodies out and...I don't know how they do it, I don't know how they get away with it. But either way, these kids are taken every night to underground bases to undergo torture and programming, while they're supposed to be in bed sleeping. And it goes on for years. And they don't dare say anything about it. People think they're crazy. People laugh at it. The crazier it is, the less likely it's gonna be believed. That's why they can never be crazy enough and do anything that's too ludicrous. They'll do it all. They don't care.

But that's with this whole agenda coming. It's gonna hit the head. You know, we've got this whole new fifth dimension coming. We've got millions of hybrids amongst us being controlled, and that have gone through all this programming, and they have personalities that can be controlled.

The Whole Age That's Coming Is about Control and about Mankind Becoming Droids, Robots

This whole age that's coming is about control. It's about mankind becoming droids, robots. I know Tom and Anita Horn have written a lot of books on transhumanism. And a lot of that is what's going on now. You know, outwardly now, you don't see people with robotic limbs interfaced with human body parts. But if you could take apart people's heads, you'd see computers instead of brains, I could tell you that. Look at all the politicians with scars from ear to ear. Look at all the scars around Obama's head. Literally because they just take their skull off and retweak their brains. And they have to go in every month or so to be retweaked so they can be controlled that way.

I know there's times in the last four years Obama's disappeared and nobody knew where he was. You'd see his clone out wandering the book path trails or the bus trails. Wasn't him. It was one of his clones. And people were asking me, "Where's Obama?" "Where's Obama? We don't even know where he's at." And these are people that are high-ranked and very close, you'd think would know. "He's away. He's somewhere. We don't know where he is." And meanwhile, the media focuses on the clone. "Oh, here's Obama."

We're being ready and prepared for a total takeover of our world by machines, robotics, infusions, chip-implanting. You know, last week when I was talking about the chip-implanting operations with the vaccines, and I made a joke, "Oh, there must be a UFO above my house," they were attacking me. I had that confirmed after--you know, later. After the show. They didn't want me talking about the chip-implanting. Why is that? Everybody already knows that listens to my show. It's only the choir that does. It's not like it's a big secret. But there's a lot of sheeple that they wanna keep their heads in the sand. Still plenty of peole out there that they can fool and deceive. And they wanna protect them from waking up because too many people are waking up. And the Internet's becoming a big problem for their agenda.

Operation Double Down Is Well, Well Underway - Replacing Humans with Fakes

I was told that--and I see in the Codes all the time, duplicate - duplicator. Operation Double Down is well, well underway. And this is an operation that started years ago. Where they started replacing people. And I told you that, you know, their ultimate dominance of our society will be complete when every people we see on TV is a fake. And you see all these MKULTRA celebrities: Britney Spears, Beyonce, Jay-Z. They're all involved. Kanye West. And Emimem. When you see all these initiates, and all these people that have joined them, they're already controlled. They're already either joined in or replaced. The real ones replaced. Already controlled by MPD personalities.

But it's gonna branch out much wider because Operation Double Down was replacing humans with fakes. Replacing the every day normal people that we see, with a complete clone or fake, a double of that person. So all of the sportscasters you see on TV, the newscasters, religious people, politicians, celebrities, they're all going to start being replaced.

And this is--you know, it's already worked so well in so many different areas that they feel confident in going ahead and just doing a massive sweep and replacing everybody with fakes. Because they wanna ensure that when these gurus arrive, this 11-pack scoundrel, that they're accepted. They're accepted. They're not jeered and scoffed and laughed off the networks. They want huge acceptance.

They already have their beast prophets in the churches. You have your whole Pentecostal charades of beast prophets that will accept them, promote them. You're gonna have your news networks promoting them. Everybody. Celebrities will write songs about them. They'll all make movies celebrating them. It's gonna be a huge promotion push to start accepting these religious gurus that are coming. And the only way they're gonna be able to ensure that is by making sure every single being is controlled by them. Is controlled by them.

So they're gonna use fakes. They can control fakes because they're all controlled via chip implants, robotics, and computerized brains. You wanna know how successful it's been? Why they're so confident they can do it and get away with it? The last couple presidential debates. Especially the last two. It was droid versus droid. That wasn't Obama or Mitt Romney. Those were the droids. The fakes. And the whole world was watching. The whole country, at least, was watching. And how many people knew by watching that those weren't real humans? How many could tell? So now they're real confident in their abilities of faking. Of using fake humans. And we're gonna start seeing it.

They're Already Eliminating the Dissenters by Suiciding Them

You know, what's the deal with Judge Judy breaking down last year? They said, "Oh, she had a stroke." [laughs] Really? Some of these reporters having meltdowns, I think it's gonna start becoming more and more common, of seeing people having strokes and meltdowns on TV. Because the problem with droids, and clones, and fakes that they use is the fact that they're unreliable. Oh, they'll work, but you never know what's gonna happen. They can malfunction in a split-second. Something can happen with electromagnetism or something. I'm not a scientist. And all of a sudden, these things can break down. That's why a lot of television has those--the built delays put in. So in case something happens, they can just go to a black screen or something.

But, yeah, the replacement project, they call it the Operation Double Down, that's full speed. Also, elimination of their dissenters. We're already seeing a lot of people being suicided by them. They have their list. They're working it. I warned that, beginning of the year, they had the list, they were working it. And now we're starting to see notable people dying. Suicided. Car-accidented. It's another suicide. Because they kill them. They kill them off. They kill them off through suicides and car accidents. And, you know, single gunshot bullet wounds to the back of the head. Call it a suicide.

And you're familiar with all their excuses because we've been listening to it for the last several years. The heart attacks, poisonings. And it's gonna get much more...much, uh, much worse. Because people really don't have anything, any recourse against it. I mean Breitbart was killed jogging. Killed by a tech attack. Given a heart attack. And so, people know it was a fake, it was a murder. Alan Schwartz, we know that was a murder. He didn't just hang himself in his apartment. The guy doing YouTubes on--the pro-gun activist--he was murdered. What recourse do you have when the government refuses to investigate a death? They call it a suicide, that's that. They say, "Oh, our coroner looked at it. Suicide. Look, it's on the death certificate. It's a suicide." And that's the end of it. You don't have any recourse. You don't have any recourse after that. You can demand the truth. They're not gonna let you have it. They're not gonna let you have the truth.

They have sophisticated poisons. They can put a drop of whatever in your milk and it mimics a heart attack. I've heard of some of their sophistication techniques. Because so many of them have not worked on me, for the last ten years. They've tried to poison everything of mine. My milk, my coffee, my food. Nothing works. Because the Lord has my back. They're just amazed. Why don't you die? How do you die? [laughs] I'm still here. [laughs] Yep, they're running into Dad. He's not gonna let His daughter die just yet. He won't have it.

The war is on, folks. So many are gonna fall victim to this. The things that are coming. And they're imminent. You've got NESARA. You've got the arrival of the gurus. The push to start promoting the gurus. The new currency. The rainbow currency. The replacement of the dollar. It's gonna come quick.

I Was Told That They Cancelled the New Orleans Superbowl Blowup, but I'm Not Going to Back Off of the Orgone Mission There

Kind of been enjoying the last couple of weeks 'cause they've been somewhat quiet. Usually 'cause they're plotting. [laughs] You know, we've been busy. They had an Illuminati card where they were gonna blow up the Superbowl and the Superdome, and it was the 49ers and the Patriots that were playing. And so, we were watching the football games this weekend to see if this was gonna come about.

And, you know, I was told last week that they cancelled the Superdome blow-up thing, 'cause too many people were onto it. But I really can't believe anything they say because they can tell me they cancelled it just so we'll let up and not go after it with our orgone to protect the area. They could want us to back off. Put us to sleep. And I'm not gonna do that. I'm not gonna back off. Even though it may be cancelled. 'Cause, obviously the Patriots didn't win. The Ravens won. Maybe that's the cancellation message that they're giving everybody else. "We're not doing it. The Ravens won. It's gonna be the Ravens and 49ers." If it was the Patriots and 49ers, that signaled it being a go that they were gonna blow it up. But since the Patriots didn't win, it's the Ravens, then that signals it's off.

I'm just conjecturing. I have no idea. Just watching the things they do. Their Batman movie; their Illuminati card. So it'll be interesting to see what they do with the Superbowl. I suspect they're not gonna do anything. I can't find anything in the Bible Codes on it. I mean, I was looking last month. But I don't see anything about a football stadium blowing up. You know, last year I never saw anything about the Hoover Dam blowing up when all that hype started. That the Hoover Dam was gonna blow up. I never saw a thing in the Codes on it. I don't see anything in the Codes on the football stadium blowing up.

Hyping a Failed Presidential Assassination Attempt - Hoping Obama Will Get the Ball Rolling with His State of the Union Address

People were hyping about a failed presidential assassination attempt. How do you assassinate a clone when somebody has 12 others that can step in and take his place? How do you assassinate President Obama? All they've gotta do is whip out another clone. People trying to bring prophecy alive and say, "Well, the Antichrist suffers a head wound. And then he returns and then Satan incarnates in him. I can see all this. Just not this second. Not this week. Not this month. [laughs] You know? I could see it happening. I could see them doing this and trying to pull it off. Just not right now.

Let's get to the State of the Union address. He's going to address the nation. Maybe talk about the new currency coming out. Maybe talk about disclosure. Introducing these religious gurus. I don't know if he's going to do both at the same time, or what's gonna happen. I hope he does something interesting to get the ball rolling. Let's get the ball rolling.

If You're Going to Have Money from This Global Reset, Take It and Run to the Mountains or Out of This Country

When they introduce the new currency system, it's gonna elevate the currencies of the third-world countries and crash the currencies of the western nations. I don't think it's going to bother Australia. It won't bother Australia. It won't bother Canada. But it's gonna crash the Euro and it's gonna crash the dollar. So everybody else is looking good. We're looking real bad. They want everybody on the same playing field. It's what they call a global reset.

So, with the global reset, if you've invested invested in third-world country foreign currencies, they project that you could do very well. Make a lot of money off that. You know, if you're gonna make money, if you're gonna have money from this global reset, take it and run. Get to the mountains. People ask me all the time, "Where should I go?" Get out of the country. My destiny is here. My destiny is to be here. Yours may be that you can leave. Get out of this country. Get out of the western nations. You know? Or get to the mountains. Get to the mountains. Because the coastlines are gonna be nonexistent. Nonexistent.

Within the next four, five years, you won't recognize the map of the United States. Because when the Lord's judgments start hitting--and they will start hitting when these gurus arrive and start calling themselves spiritual teachers, and master teachers, and Ascended Masters, and when Satan arrives on earth--when His judgments start hitting the earth, they will destroy this earth. The only safe place to be is the one place the Lord tells His people to flee to. And He says two things. Flee to the wilderness, flee to the mountains. The wilderness and the mountains.

The Only Thing We're Waiting for Now Is for Them to Announce That They're Here

So, that's where we are right now. Just kind of waiting for Sananda to raise his ugly head. And people proclaim, "Oh, that's Jesus of the Bible. Waiting for Maitreya to arrive. "Oh, that's the Islam mahdi." You know? And then Saint Germaine coming and all the others. Lady Nada, think her name is. Lady Nada. Lilith coming, playing as Mary, Jesus' mother. Gonna be played by Lilith. It's gonna be sick. And it's imminent. It's just--we're waiting for it. We're not waiting for anything else to happen. We're just waiting for them, 'cause they're already here, to announce that they're here.

And then, this whole NESARA thing, this whole global reset, this is all part of their agenda. This is part of the alien New Age agenda. This global economic system of the beast. It's their stuff. That's why Obama and our Congress can't implement it. They can, you know, already sign the United States away over to them, which they have. It's already on the books. All they have to do is start implementing it. But they're just going through the transitioning period right now. It's just a transition. Transition.

Sananda's Number One Thing on His Agenda Is to Get Everyone Chip-Implanted

And if you're part of the dark agenda, don't even think you're gonna reap the benefits and rewards that they think that everybody else is gonna get, you know. [laughs] You know, making everybody millionaires. Everybody signing on to prosperity packages. You'll probably start hearing a lot about that. You know, the time's gonna come where you have to be chip-implanted, you have to give your loyalty over to this economic system. It's all huge deceptions, folks. One of their biggest pushes. One of Sananda's biggest, biggest, number one thing on his agenda, is to get everyone chip-implanted. And they'll do it any way they can. They'll pass as many laws to claim people get chips for one reason or the other. Can't do it for flus and vaccines, trying to scare people into getting them, create all these ghastly pandemics and plagues, so that people will run and get vaccines, that's one of their ways of getting chips into people, through the vaccines.

The whole thing is about getting access to the Lord's temple with these abominable chips. Because then they can start tweaking people's DNA. Well, who knows what all these chips can do? You know, I've heard so many different things, that every person born has this God gene, this God particle they call it, where you have a consciousness, an awareness of God. And that these chip implants and these chemicals you're putting in your bodies through these vaccines and these chips search out and destroy this particle. And so the people have no awareness of God.

Withdrawal from Antidepressant Use Results in Brain Zapping, and Brain Zapping Results in Self-Lobotomizing and Suppressed Emotions

You know, I was reading about a withdrawal of antidepressants. Stumbled on this article. And I was reading people's testimonies of all the ghastly things they've gone through trying to get off of antidepressants. Paxil and Cerebril and all these other antidepressants--Zoloft. And this coroner had a testimony that when he performs autopsies on people who have been on antidepressants, the front lobe of their brain is depressed. In other words, these people, one of the common things that--what's wrong was the brain zapping. They would feel their brain being zapped, like an electrical zap run through their body. An electrical current running through their body and zapping their brain. That was one of the typical withdrawal problems that these people were having.

And this coroner was saying these people are giving themselves lobotomies. This brain-zapping people go through, it's giving them lobotomies. And, eventually, it just indents, it depresses a hole in the front of their skull. In the front lobal part of their brain. They're lobotomizing themselves. And the biggest thing that these people were saying was, "I don't feel like I used to. I can't feel anything. I don't care about people or things the way I used to. I don't have the passion for anything I used to. I'm like a robot. A zombie."

Yeah, keep taking those antidepressants, folks. That's what it does. It lobotomizes these people. And it's turning them into total apathetic beings. Where they don't feel anything. They lose any kind of feeling towards life, and the people that love them, and the people that they love. They lose all that connection. They just become zombies. They feel nothing. It's like a blank wall being built around their brains and suppressing all their emotions. And they can't feel them anymore. That's what this lobotomizing is doing to them.

That's how they want millions of people--any excuse at all to get you on a antidepressant. They don't want people to think and feel for themselves because they want people into robots. To serve Satan. No thoughts, no feelings, no emotions, no individuality. Just controlled robots. That's the new age. That's their kingdom of heaven on earth. That's their fifth dimension. This is the alien New Age agenda, folks. Just to wipe out mankind and replace it all with droids, fakes, clones, and robots. And it's not coming, it's already here.

I Need Your Donations to Finish Getting New Orleans Done and to Get Ready for More Missions

Anyway, I need your, uh, I've got 90 seconds left. I need your help in donations. Finishing up getting New Orleans done. Just because they may have called it off at the Superdome--blowing it up--doesn't mean that they actually did, but we're gonna make sure it doesn't happen, 'cause we're gonna saturate the area with orgone. So I need your help. Send in orgone or donations so we can get it made and get it out to New Orleans so we can get done in time. And other things so we can get ready. So we can get ready for more missions to go.

Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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