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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
January 28, 2013


I Don't See the Superbowl Blowing Up in the Bible Codes, but We're Ready for It

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, January 28. And just a few days away from the Superbowl. What is that, February 3, February 2? You know, a lot of hype on TV for it. I really, folks, don't see anything blowing up, but we're gonna be ready for it, and so. We have been busy the past few weeks. People sending in donations, sending in orgone. I appreciate that very much. I know some of you die-hards out there, you want your hand in it. You wanna have your orgone down there. [laughs] That's just how it is. You wanna get into as much as possible. So, I thank you for it. It all went down there. It's all headed down there.

And, you know, we're gonna have a pretty strong presence down there, and so. I don't think it's gonna blow up. I mean, I just don't see it in the Bible Codes. I never saw the Hoover Dam blowing up. I never saw a lot of the stuff you get a lot of hype on on the Internet. I know Superbowl, seems like every year, every other year, there comes a hype, "They're gonna blow it up. They're gonna blow it up." And, you know, it comes and goes. And so, I think this one's gonna be a goer as well. Even if they do have it planned, I know that we can do a lot with having an orgone presence there, so.

How Do I Figure Out What My Calling Is?

You know, it's all on the shoulders of a Warrior down there. It's just like we have a Warrior in every major area. It's like everything gets put on one person's shoulders. And, you know what? That's maybe why you're here. To get that one mission done that the Lord asked you to stand up and do. You know? We never know exactly what our missions are until we just do them, what we're here for, our callings.

And so, you know, people are all the time, "How do I figure out what my calling is?" Well, you're not gonna get hit over the head with a loud, booming voice and He's gonna tell you direct. That would be too easy. You just end up in it. You know, you just--you get that nagging, you know. And then it goes away, and then it comes back. And it goes away. Put up that website, start that blog, you know. Start this prayer list. You just--you get nagged. And just--you think they're your own thoughts coming to you. And you ignore them. And they keep coming back. That's one of the ways the Lord works, folks. That's how He leads us into what He wants us to do. And so, there's no trumpets blowing and flashing lights declaring what your calling is. It's just learning to listen and doing what you're led to do, you know.

How I Know When I'm Hearing from the Lord - A Lot of You Are Listening to Voices That Are Not God's

Some people just don't--say, "I don't know how hear the Lord's voice like you do." You know what? That's the least thing I look for, you know, because that can be manipulated. And the Lord knows exactly how I feel about it and how it works, because they have technology where they can mimic the Lord's voice. You have to be very discerning. You have to know when they're planting thoughts in your head. When they're speaking to your head.

The Lord doesn't speak to our heads. And so, you have to learn that still, small voice in your spirit. And it's so hard to hear that my favorite technique for Him to, communicating with me is just the nagging, because I know it's Him. We've been through this so many years that I know when He's leading me into something just because of the nagging. And--I don't know how else to call it. I just call it nagging. He doesn't mind. And so, different ways He works, folks. And so, you need to find a way that He--you recognize that He works for you, He works with you.

A lot of you listening to those voices. know, you're getting yourselves in trouble. You're listening to wrong voices. You're listening--they're not God, they're not Him, it's not Him speaking to you. He doesn't speak to your head. And He doesn't get angry.

You know, one of these things when you're being demonically harassed by voices is they get angry very easily. And so, if you feel like they're yelling at you, you're being yelled at, then you know it's not the Lord. Rebuke it. You know? And even when tech talks to you, voice-to-skull technology or whatever they're using, they plant thoughts in your head that you wouldn't normally think, yourself. And recognize the way these thoughts are being worded to you. Psychics do that as well. Psychics are using some kind of psychic ability to use telepathy to speak to us.

So that's why you have to recognize when anything coming to your head isn't the Lord. Because there's so many different techniques. And they're targeting us. They're targeting the Lord's people. You know, they don't waste their time on people drowning in sins because they're already theirs. They're targeting the Lord's people. And the people who listen to my show, you know, you're armed with knowledge. You know what to look for. I tell you what to look for. You're armed with so much more knowledge than everybody else. Because look at everybody else. They're flocking into the Copeland churches, and the Osteen churches. And filling up the coffers of the wolves. You know?

All Churches Will Become Beast-Worship Centers, Including Those in Jerusalem

Someone asked me--the other day I got an e-mail, and, you know, there's somebody going to Israel and building a new church or whatever--should they support that? Should they help finance that? It's like, folks, the Antichrist is right around the corner. In fact, he's so close I can feel his ugly breath down my back. And scripture alone states that everyone in the world is gonna be forced to worship the beast or be killed. And so, folks, he is going to take all of the temples, all of the churches, and he is going to use those as beast-worship centers.

So, in this day and age, when the Antichrist is crawling up our feet, up our legs, so close, why would you want to build him another beast center? Because he's literally--they are going to overtake every church and every temple and use them as beast-worship centers. Do you think the Lord wants you to fund more of that? No. You know? And you really need to ask Him what to do with your money. I'm not telling you what to do with your money. I'm just telling you what makes sense to me. Because I'm sitting here looking at, you know, my communications and things--knowledge I have, and it just seems crazy to me. Crazy, ludicrous. 'Cause we're so close to just seeing things happening that I've been warning about for the past decade.

They've Been Messing with My Internet - I've Been Quiet Because I Get Very Sad for the Innocent People Who Will Die Horrible Deaths

You know, I've been kind of quiet the past week. And they've been messing with my Internet. And, you know, off, on, off, on. It's been ridiculous. Can't stay on. Can't keep a connection. And it, you know, I needed time off because it just gets so overwhelming to me, that what happens is I end up just getting very depressed and I just kind of crawl within myself, and I stay quiet for a while. And it's not because I'm mad at anybody or upset. It's just that I get very sad. And I get very sad because I know the things that are coming. And it saddens me. I'm just a very sensitive person. As much as I'm a Warrior and I wanna destroy, and kill, and, you know, dissolve the Lord's enemies, I get very sad for the people. Even the ones who hate me.

You know, people hate me, and they mock me, and they say all kinds of rude things, but you know what? I love them. And I get very sad to know that, hey, the clock is ticking. Not just for Satan, but for us. We don't have much time left here. And I just get very sad over the whole thing. And the Lord's admonished me several times, "Don't be sad. Be happy," 'cause He's going to destroy the wicked off the face of the earth. But I also know what it takes to get to that point, which means a lot of the innocent get caught in the crossfire. A lot of the innocent are gonna die horrible deaths.

Sometimes I'm a Little Harsh on Churchdom Because They're So Stubborn, but the Lord Loves Those Who Love Good and Hate Evil

One thing, though, that I wanna point out, because sometimes I'm a little harsh on overall churchdom, because, you know, they're so stubborn. So stubborn. The Lord loves those who love good and hate evil. That's the bottom line. People ask me, "But what happened, you know, back in the day when they didn't have a salvation prayer?" We--you know, Christians today, we all kind of go--when you lead someone to the Lord, you use basic Christian prayer. I have it on my website. The salvation prayer.

You know, he judges a person's heart. They didn't have to recite a Christian prayer to be worshipping the Lord back in the day. They were obedient to Him. And when you're obedient to Him, you hate evil and you love good. And that's how He judges your hearts. Today we have all kinds of things. We have scripture we can follow. We have Him. We have teachers. We have that convenient 30-second salvation prayer that will transform your life, and you work to serve Him from then on.

But things are coming. And one of the things that strikes me over and over is that He will protect those who love Him. And so, if you're one of these people that you love Him, you hate evil, you love good, you serve Him, it doesn't matter which religion you're sitting in, if you're a Buddhist, or a Hindu, or a Christian, or whatever, if you love Him, if you hate evil and love good, He will choose to protect whom he protects, you know. Getting out of apostasy would be huge, because it clears you from demonic influence, opens your eyes and ears to the truth. That's why you probably won't see a lot of Buddhists and Hindus and things like that, because they're just so--it's such demonically, uh, as much as ours are today though, it's, you know, the tare races are just, you know, so into satanic forms of worship.

But I think we'll be surprised at how the Lord judges different people, different races. And in fact, in the millenial reign, those who were good to Israel will make it through. They won't be destroyed off the earth. He will allow those nations to learn His ways and enter into the 1000-year millenial reign. And so, He kind of adopts these nations in because they were good to Israel. They protected His people during the time of tribulation on earth.

But that's the basic nuts and bolts. Because, you know, loving good and hating evil separates you from everybody else.

I Expect This Fake Jesus, Sananda, to Arrive and Do His Little Barefoot Tour in Israel

You know, you have a lot of apostasy coming and it's gonna be very deceiving. And it's what I've been warning about. Sananda coming to earth. This fake Jesus. And I've been talking about it, you know for a decade, every year. And you know what? September 9 through 11th is still on for this year. I've always told you that's his strongest arrival dates, other than Passover. And it could be either one. It could be either one. And every year I get you ready for it. And so far, they've come and they've gone, and he's not been here.

I wouldn't cast this year aside saying this is gonna be a year when he doesn't come, because we need to be alert. We need to be alert. We need to be watchful. Because what I'm seeing is Maitreya will arrive. I don't know if him, per se, will--he's kind of--he's around. One of them's going to arrive before September 9 or 11th is what I believe. One of them will arrive before--maybe not. Maybe we have till September before Sananda arrives. Either way, this fake Jesus, this fake, Sananda, is gonna arrive. I expect him to arrive in Israel. Maybe his barefoot tour through Israel.

I can't imagine him coming in March and doing a barefoot tour in Israel because it's cold there just as much as it is everywhere else in the northern hemisphere. But who knows? In the Codes I see him barefooted. So, could be March and April maybe it warms up in Israel, I don't know. I don't think he'd be walking around barefoot in September either, but I'm not in Israel in September. I don't know what the weather is like there. But he's gonna arrive and do his little tour of Israel, you know, Bethlehem and then probably all the holy sites.

I Hear That Sananda Will Replace Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel - They've Been Poisoning the Pope So Sananda Can Sit on His Throne

From what I'm hearing from my government contacts is that he will replace Netanyahu. They're thinking about making this fake Jesus the prime minister of Israel. So, Sananda would become the prime minister of Israel. And he also has something to do with visiting Rome and sitting on the throne. You know the pope's throne. They it the Lord's throne on earth. He, supposedly, will take the place on the pope's throne.

Now, they've been...they've been working on killing the pope for a long time now. Probably a year or so. And they've been slowly poisoning him. You can tell by looking at his skin. It's dying. I mean, every picture you look at of the pope, it's just narly. It's just disgusting. This guy looks like he's the walking dead. And that's why. Because they're poisoning his bloodstream and his skin isn't getting oxygen. Something's going on that's causing his skin to die. Eventually he will succumb. He'll probably die in his sleep or something. He's old anyway. Not too many people are gonna question it. 'Cause he hasn't been looking good. But that's--they've been slowly killing him for a long time. And so, look for him to eventually die, and the seat be vacant, and this Sananda will sit on the throne.

Now, he is not gonna take the position of the pope in Rome. He is going to stay in Israel. And so, here's all of these different routes that you hear everybody proclaiming. "Oh, the Antichrist is gonna be the pope," "The Antichrist is gonna be the leader of Israel," you know, this and that. You see how they're merging? 'Cause nobody's ever really wrong about anything. You just don't have all the information and know how they're going to merge all the different routes. They merge everything. And they change them all the time so nobody knows exactly what's gonna happen.

That's why studying prophecy's a never-ending journey. Because you're always learning something new. You're always finding a different route. One closes, one opens. It's a never-ending--and you know what? That's not our thing. That's not what we're supposed to be doing. We just do it because it helps us stay alert. To stay watchful.

My Orgone Does Not Attract Demons or Orbs - Buy It From Me Direct, Not from Someone Who Claims They Make My Orgone

Our job here on earth, for me, is to lead the people back to Him and also leading an orgone war and resistance war against Satan and his generals. And it's been enjoyable. It hasn't been without its faults. And, you know, things could've been done better. You know, a lot of things could've been different. But we're the most effective group on the planet. This little ragtag faction the Lord's put together of people who just love the Lord, and hate Satan and wanna kick his butt. We are truly the resistance. These little orgone pucks we've been putting around the world. Stopping chemtrails. For adults and children who suffer night terrors, stopping those.

You know, I hear from people, "Oh, Sherry Shriner's orgone will attract demons." They don't attract demons. Demons run. You know, if you've got--and I tell people this--the first time you put orgone in your house, you may get resistance. Because the demons get mad and have to leave. They won't stay there. But then after a day or two, it goes away. They're gone. They're not coming back. 'Cause you got orgone in there.

But if you're getting orbs and other things in your house, I mean, that's not my orgone. My orgone doesn't attract orbs. My orgone eliminates them. My orgone keeps them out of your area. And people buy orgone from other people that claim they make my orgone. Buy it from me direct. Don't buy it from somebody else selling it on their website saying, "This is Sherry Shriner's orgone." Buy it from me direct.

Also, Anne's on my order page. Makes good orgone [and orgone pendants]. I've gone across this country with her several times. And makes it easier for people who wanna order via PayPal. She takes PayPal orders. Because our orgone is not evil. It's the Lord's breath. How can that be evil? It's not. People just have excuses. And they wanna find reasons to hate, you know. And, you know, I can't do a thing about them. Satan has his handmaidens all over the Internet to make YouTubes against me and people to hate on me.

You know, I don't get into these, uh, some of these guys that have websites and pseudoministries on the Internet where they wanna make themselves look like they're big religious guys. You know, they're just, they're just it. You know? [laughs] Just the Lord's men on the Internet. Please. And they send me these e-mails. And they ask pointed, direct questions. And their arrogance is so screaming through these e-mails I just completely ignore them. I might give them a brush-off answer or something. I don't want anything to do with them. They're legends in their own minds. They're not stood up by the Lord. Because you know what? The Lord wouldn't have them attacking the highest-ranking person He has here. That's how I know who and what they are.

Satan, Who Knew My Future Assignments on Earth, Assigned Generals to Kill Me When I Was Born

You know, the Lord set me up to be His mouthpiece on earth. I haven't heard of any others. He may lead people to speak for Him and, you know, give them a dream or a vision or whatever, but I don't think it gets much higher on this planet to be the leader of the white horse network, which is very dominant in last-days prophecies. The very reason they set out to kill me when I was born. The very reason I had to put up with 12-foot Darth Vaders. My own--almost my entire life until the Lord showed me I could destroy them with the orgone.

Because you know what? Spiritual warfare are nice, but you always have to be on alert. How're you gonna wake up at two in the morning to clear your rooms and, you know, keep the demons out? And anoint your house and the anointing wears off. It's constant warfare with that. With orgone, it's constant presence of the Lord's Spirit in your home. It's constant. So you no longer have to deal with demonic night terrors and demons visiting your bedroom at night.

You know, Satan assigned generals to me to kill me when I was born. They would stand at the end of my bed. They'd followed me around my entire life. Why? Because Satan knew what my assignment was. He knows what we are when we're born. We don't figure it out. I never had any idea. You probably have no idea why you've been harassed your entire life. It's because you have something to fulfill here on earth that threatens Satan. That's why he wants you dead. 'Cause you're a threat to him. You're doing something that threatens him and his forces.

The white horse network. Pretty powerful. You think about it. I mean, it doesn't get any higher than the white horse, does it? The Lord returns to the battle of Armageddon on a white horse. I like how people always align the four-horse apocalypse to Satan, you know. "Oh, the white horse is legislation," or the U.N. They say all this stuff; these prophecy gurus. I would believe that if I didn't see over and over again how the white horse, itself, is Yahushua. You know? How his Warriors are white horsemen. How they're horsemen, they're cavaliers. You know?

Eliminate Toxins and Chips from Your Body by Keeping It Alkaline and Doing Cleanses and Detoxes

It's gonna get really bad with the plagues. Sananda's behind all of them. I've told you that a million times. And he's gonna come as this religious leader. And they wanna make him the prime minister of Israel. He's behind all these plagues. Because he wants everybody getting shot up with chips. He wants you getting flu shots and vaccinations. And the whole chip-implanting operation. And now it's getting so detailed that they can put it in smart dust. They can put chips in dust and spray your areas with this dust so you're breathing chip implants, chips.

And so, you can elim--you know, I don't know--you can eliminate toxins from your body, which I would believe is chips as well, just by keeping it alkaline. Keep your body alkaline. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. You can do cleanses and detoxes to get the metals out of your body, which are all these chips. Oatmeal, eggs. I talked about all this before on my show. Because we need to keep all the metals out of our bodies. We breathe it. You inhale it, you know. And they've got this thing called smart dust. And it does have validity because I see dust in the Codes all the time. So I know it's one of the ways they're working.

Get Busy Making Your State a Fortress with Orgone

You know, they'll target areas. They'll target Ohio or whatever, and it's like, "Oh," you know, "good luck." [laughs] You know, you have some staunch Warriors here in Ohio and this place is pretty well orgoned. I know they've tried to target this state before with poison attacks and stuff. And they don't get anywhere, and so. You know, your state should become your fortress. You know, I don't care if you're the only Orgone Warrior in your state that you know of. You need to get busy making your place a fortress.

You know, and I've probably already been in your state. I've been around this country several times. Different states, different areas. If you tell me what area you're in, I can help you formulate a plan as to how to get it. You know, it's real easy. Just call up Google Maps and look at your state on a map online. And you can see which roadways and stuff you'd need to get. Sometimes I'm no help at all as I get really busy. I'll just be like, "I don't know that area. Just do what the Lord leads." 'Cause sometimes--you know, that's always the smartest thing. Doing what the Lord leads. Because He knows your area better than you do. Better than anybody does.

I can only imagine, when He looks down to Earth, how He sees it from where He is in heaven. What He sees when He looks down on Earth. I know when I see NASA views of the earth from the moon and stuff, I always see animal figurines indented into the landscape. You know, I always see demonic-looking creatures everywhere. And even on Google Satellite, if I look at my own hometown, I saw this demonic-looking face right on the football field. You just go orgone those places, folks. I've always seen that, and so, I can't imagine what He sees.

The Satanists Are Planning More Shootings Even Though We Know They Are False Flags

You know, they're plotting. We've got more shootings coming. You know, they're not gonna say, "OK, everybody's onto us. Sandy [Hook] was a hoax. Everybody's onto us. They know it was a false flag. We can't do that anymore 'cause they're all getting onto us." They're never gonna admit it. They just move on. They just go on to the next shooting. That's what they do. In the Pentagon, in the White House, that's what they do. They plan shootings. They wanna take your guns, so they plan all these shootings. And they're gonna keep coming.

And the people behind it, they get bonus points. I don't know what else to call it. They get points. They get credits as a Satanist for causing death and destruction. It's kind of like a, you know, awards if you're, you know, one of them and you're a Satanist. I don't know how else to describe it. They're all so insane. But that's why they'll keep doing it.

Make Sure Your House Is Fully Orgoned So That Everything You Bring in Is Cleansed of Any Poisons

And, you know, when you're watching for one thing, they'll hit with another. Food contaminations are a way they work. Makeup. We need to start watching makeup. Especially the top brands because they're all Illuminati. If they're corporations, like, huge ones, they probably belong to the Illuminati as well. And they look for ways to cause people to suffer and get harmed just through makeup. You know, absorbing parasites through your skin when putting makeup on, and all this stuff that they do. It just never stops. We just have to be alert. We have to be watchful and--you know, I have my house fully orgoned, so anything I bring in the house is going to immediately be affected by orgone. So any kind of poisons that are brought in would be nulled, and things like that, you know. 'Cause I have orgone in the house.

And put orgone in your fridge. Put two pucks of orgone on top of each other inside your fridge. I have them in my car. So if I buy groceries, put them in my car on the way home, they're already getting orgoned, and they're already getting cleansed of all the poisons in them. You know? It's little things, easy things like that that have kept me alive all these years. Because, you know, they've tried to poison me in a million and one ways. And sometimes I do get hit. Sometimes I do get affected. And other times, most of the time, I don't, you know. And the reason is because I've just had my orgone, had my area cleansed. Saved my life a million times, folks.

Watching the Descended Masters to Determine Whether We're in the Beginning or Middle of the Tribulation Period

Watch for Saint Germaine. There's 11 of these, uh, what do you wanna call them? New Age Ascended Masters coming. They call them Ascended Masters, but in the Bible Codes, they're descended. They're de-scended. They're not a-scending. In fact, when I see the word ascending, I can get pretty excited because that's always referring to us. That's not referring to New Agers, that's referring to the Lord's people; ascending, returning to heaven. So when you see them, it's descendant; coming down to earth. Like Satan in Revelation, chapter 12, being cast down to earth. He's descendant. Being cast down. And I think everybody's got the same feeling on that, that that already happened on December 21. And so, this is kind of a telltale year here where we're either at the beginning of the tribulation period or somewhere in the middle. And this is why I'm just watching and staying alert, to see exactly where we are in it. You know, exactly where.

If you see mandatory chipping--some people say it starts on March 22 under the Obamacare bill, uh, we'll watch. We'll watch. Because they have to institute their NESARA program, their global economic policies. Uh, you know, and the way they act, they have time. You know, they're acting like they've got till 2017, so to speak. And so, we could--if this is the case, we could have--we could be at the beginning of the tribulation period right now. And all of this chipping stuff right now is not enforced, but they're gonna make it harder and harder for people not to have it. I'm just waiting to see what happens. I'm analyzing the times, folks.

You know, I think we'll find out soon enough this spring if Maitreya arrives or these Ascended Masters start arriving. And Saint Germaine, whatever. They still have to do their alien disclosure. Announce to the world that they're here. That's why I think that would be more interesting and fun if he did that at the State of the Union. I don't even know when it is. I have no idea when the State of the Union is. I always thought it was January 20. You know, he just had his inauguration then. It wasn't the State of the Union address. And so, I'm thinking it's probably the end of February. [Tuesday, February 12, 2013, to be exact]

The Satanists Confirm That I Know a Little Bit More Than Most People by Their Responses to the Information I Reveal

Watch for disclosure announcing--you know, all these people that think I'm crazy now, wait till the president discloses that, "Hey, we aren't alone. There are aliens amongst us." [laughs] I think a lot of people will finally wake up then. But, uh, yeah, they won't believe us, but--they won't believe the Lord's people, but they'll believe Satanists, you know. Isn't that the way it usually is?

And that's another thing that just gets overwhelming and mind-boggling. Because I told you the Double Down replacement operation's been going on. And all these humans are being replaced. And that's just how good these androids are that they have. They act very human. They can act just like you and I, they just don't have souls. They're not humans. And the one way to tell them apart is the Reptilian-slit eyes. The mouth and teeth morphing while they're speaking. You can't usually catch that unless you slow it down and look at it on videos. There's a bunch of YouTube videos on it. There's some people that all they do is upload morphing videos. They have to be--I know they're from the Lord, because I certainly don't have time to do it. They do it. They're stood up to do it. They do it, they do a good job.

Another thing is strange bulges under the skin. Because they're literally just Lizards, you know. And they have these beings that take over their bodies and don't always exactly, like--skin is like a covering for them, you know. And so, you'll see strange bulges under people's skins. Those, typically, are the three ways of telling who and what they are. They're not one of us.

People think I'm crazy, but they're really good. They're--you watch the last presidential debate, did you know both of those were androids? You know? They weren't even human. Obama wasn't human and neither was Romney. They used the androids. And that was confirmed. I'm not crazy. Every time I think I'm crazy, they confirm my thoughts. The Satanists, themselves. They'll confirm. "How did you know?," "You know too much," "Who were you talking to?," "How do you get your information?" This is the typical responses I get from them.

It's like, you know what? If I'm the Lord's prophetess on earth, don't you think I'm gonna be a step ahead? Don't you think I'm gonna always know a little bit more than most people know on earth. I'm always a step ahead of them. Always. And the Lord said I would be. And it's, uh, it can be overwhelming. Because everybody else has to catch up. Everybody else has to catch up and learn the things that I'm teaching. And, you know, there's so many that blatantly refuse. They just refuse. They wanna keep their heads in the sand. They wanna see their kids graduate college, or get out of high school, or even have kids. They wanna start a life on earth. You know, I don't...I don't fault them for that, but it's not an excuse to keep your heads buried in the sand and not use wisdom.

America Is in Prophecy - Read My Article, America the Babylon, for 100 Scriptures on Why America is Last-Days Babylon

You know, the Lord said--Hosea said, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:7. 'Cause destruction comes, and they don't see it coming, and they're not prepared. So many people waiting for that mysterious rapture. Where millions of the Lord's people will be taken off earth before the tribulation begins.

You know, He will protect His people, but the Bride will be tested. Just because someone's part of the Bride doesn't mean He's not going to choose to let you be tested instead of be protected. There's a huge difference, you know. The Bride will undergo persecution. The Antichrist war on the saints. In fact, a lot of us have been persecuted for years already. So, it's like, when does it officially begin with the 7-year tribulation because, you know what? I have been persecuted for the past 10 or 20. And how long is the tribulation period? You know? He's already been after a lot of us for a long time. But not as intense as it's gonna get. I mean, Isaiah talks about the last-days Babylon building camps, imprisoning their people. And the watchmen have been screaming about martial law and FEMA camps.

You know, I have an article, over 100 scriptures why America is last-days Babylon. [America the Babylon] People need to read that. I get tired of people saying, "Oh, America's not in prophecy." Really? [laughs] What Bible are you reading? See, it's all there. People just don't learn to recognize how to read it, how to understand what they're reading. You know, the Old Testament can be a real, uh, I don't wanna say stumbling block. But it can just be a real...challenge for anyone to read and understand the Old Testament. Because the Lord often will use terminology to mean two or three different things when He does one thing, you know.

Last-days America, you know, it can be called Egypt, it can be called Babylon. I see terms in the Bible Codes relating to America. And then you have to know when it's talking about literal Egypt, literal [audio unclear], or even Israel. Because if you looked in the Bible Codes about Israel, you would think America was Israel. Because a lot of the people of Israel, the Lord's people, are here, the bulk. And in Europe. But the land of Israel is over there in the Middle East. Eretz Israel. And so, you'll always have to be able to decipher. But He uses terminology in different ways. And so, you know, you don't even need Bible Code to know that. You can read the Bible, for just the face of it. See how He uses terminologies.

All 11 of the Ascended Masters Will Have Bodies That Have Been Manufactured for Them

Do I expect something to happen in the spring? Yeah. I expect, halfway, to see Maitreya coming. Uh, somebody coming. I don't think anybody really knows what's gonna happen with Maitreya. Maitreya bowed out about two years ago when he got destroyed by the orgone. It just destroyed his body. I don't know if his ship crashed [laughs] and what happened to him. He's been AWOL. Even the Satanists can tell you he's been AWOL. No one's heard from him.

And now he's kind of making a comeback in the Codes, so I'm thinking he's got a new body now. Because the bodies coming in aren't real. When Sananda arrives in Israel, the body he has has been manufactured. It's just like, a cloned body that they made for him. And the same thing with the 11 others that are coming. Those bodies that they have were made for them. They're DNA creations. It's like making a clone. And then these fallen angels, that they are, will just inhabit that body.

Political Androids, Clones and Shape-Shifters

I know a lot of people expecting Satan to inhabit Obama. And that's, you know, there's stuff going on there, but Sananda's the Antichrist as far as I can tell. The one that's coming. There may be something that happens where he has to bow out and Obama would take over. But there's just something very strange about the whole thing with Obama right now. And, I don't think--you know, maybe most people haven't noticed it, but there's been a lot of people that have. Just something very different. Something very different. And most of him is the android anyway, so. They use the android a lot for him. And then the real Obama just sits at home, you know.

He still doesn't sit in the White House very much. Him and Michelle still have their separate residences and pretty much do their own separate things. Nothing's changed there. She just gets to spend tens of millions of more American money traveling the world. Her favorite hot spots in Mexico. Going on her vacations with all of her boyfriends. So nothing's changed. I mean, they act like their the couple for the media and for the people. And when that facade's not watching, they do their own things, and so.

You know, just watch for Obama. Is he the one that's gonna die and come back with a head wound, and people expecting some kind of...people talking about him--assassination attempt a week or two ago. You know, I never saw that in the Codes, and so. Should tell you how viable that is. How do you kill an android? [laughs] How do you kill somebody, in this day and age when it only takes 48 hours to clone somebody? I mean, come on. That is like in the past, folks. That's in the past. And if he should get assassinated, then, yeah, you're watching for 3 days later, him coming back to life because it's just impossible anymore to really kill somebody. Especially in political positions because they're all cloned.

I mean, they pull out Hillary's clone all the time. The clone travels the world and they think it's Hillary, giving testimony to Congress. I was looking at a video. And they were saying, you know, Hillary shape-shifting during her...whatever with Congress. Wasn't even her. You know, I've been watching Hillary for 20 years. I can tell when it's not her.

And John Kerry taking over as Secretary of the State. John Kerry got his fame from snuff films. You know. His claim to fame as a Satanist in the Illuminati. Snuff films. And this is where they take children, and they rape them, then they kill them. And these underground videos go for like, 20 thousand. And it's a huge market for them. And that's what I've always been told that was his, uh, his platform, his gig, his thing, was snuff films. And I was told that back when he was running...I think he was--who was he running with? I don't even remember who he was running--he was gonna run with or something; John Kerry. A lot of stuff came to light on him back then. Now he's our Secretary of State. Doesn't get better, folks. Just gets weirder and weider, and worse and worse.

I'm Relaxed About the Superbowl Because We Have a Warrior Standing Up Down There to Get the Job Done

So we have the Superbowl thing coming up. And I'm pretty relaxed on that. I think that this Warrior is gonna stand up down there and get it done. We've sent a ton of orgone down there. And I think they're gonna get the job done. And I don't think that thing's gonna blow.

Sananda's Global Reset Still Being Played in the Background

We have the global reset still coming up. Still being played in the background. Nobody knows exactly when that's gonna happen. That's Sananda's thing. That's another one of his things in the background is this global reset. He's very in charge of a lot of things. And running things in the background, and so. I think Germaine likes to act like he's the one in charge of the economics, but he's underneath Sananda, so he just does what Sananda tells him to do. And that'll be like, 198 countries revaluing their currencies, and that's when the dollar's gonna crash, so.

When Should I Run to the Mountains?

You know, people are asking me when they should run to the mountains. And, you know, uh, there's the two routes with Obama and Sananda. If you see Sananda arriving in Israel, that's the time you run to the mountains. That would be a good time to know that you have to go. The Lord's gonna start His judgment on earth when these beings arrive. Be time we get ready and head for the mountains and get prepared for the hard times that are ahead. 'Cause they're gonna get very hard.

You know, Obama's position--I was writing an article and I don't know how far I got on it, about the two roles of the Antichrist. 'Cause it looks like one person with two different people taking the one role. Obama fulfilling the first half and Sananda fulfilling the second. And so, it's almost like, you know, make you think, was Maitreya gonna take over Obama's body or is Sananda? Is one of them gonna take over Obama? You know. Still working on trying to figure that one out. Would have to be Maitreya is what I'm thinking. Maitreya taking over Sananda's, er, uh, Obama's body and taking over him, and so. Still waiting on that one. Have not seen anything in the Codes on it. But if it hits in there, I'll recognize it, and so. Just a route to watch out for. Just a route, you know.

As far as what I'm hearing from my contacts amongst the Satanists, and the New Agers, and all those that follow the garbage--and I say garbage because to me that's what it all is. Worshipping Satan and thinking he, you know, he's gonna give them something for nothing. And they all know that's not true. They follow him anyway because they want fame and fortune and they don't wanna lose anything that they have. But they're saying that definitely Sananda is Satan. And I can see that. I can see that. Satan taking over the role of Sananda. Because Satan wants worshipped as God. Satan wants worshipped as God. And coming to earth and taking over Israel would be so sweet for him. You know? That's what he's wanted. That's what he's been waiting for all this time. Being able to take over Israel and, you know, the Christian community, in general. And those that reject him will be killed.

Maitreya taking over Obama's body would work 'cause he's the deputy, the False Prophet, while Sananda being Antichrist. And so, you know, just different things to watch for.

But in the meantime, folks, we need to get the orgone out, in the mountains, and in the wildernesses, in the deserts. We need to secure those areas because the Lord states to run to the mountains and the deserts. Because that's where He will protect His people. And so, we need to get those secured. Does that make sense to you, and you feel like you need to go orgone a desert? Do it. It's the Lord telling you, "Go get that desert." Because the Lord's people will be running to the deserts. They'll be running to the mountains. We need to get them orgoned, and, you know, outside of getting your own areas that you're in now, so you're not getting pounded by smart dust, and chemtrails, and the different poisons and the plagues that they're raining down on us.

Wash your hands frequently. Especially if you're outside. When you come in from being outside, wash your hands. It will stop you from getting the plagues and the sicknesses they're spraying us with. People aren't washing their hands enough, and that's why they're getting affected by the chemtrails. Keep your hands washed. Especially if you're outside.

Water your gardens with orgone water. Put orgone in your gardens.

Not Seeing Zombie Attacks for This Spring, but a Maybe Comet ISON, Carrying Almond-Eyed Aliens, Will Come Up in the Codes

Not seeing anything on zombie attacks for this spring. Trying to divide the year up into blocks.

People asking me about Comet ISON. And, you know what? What I'm seeing is it's a Grey carrier. It's bringing in more Grey aliens. 'Cause I told you comets are just carriers. And this one looks like it's a Grey carrier. Greys or the almond-eye type aliens. And there's different colors of those. There's black, there's blue, there's grey, there's whatever. Almond type aliens is what they're bringing in. The almond types. So, it's some kind of almond carrier. The almond type aliens. Bringing those in. I haven't seen it for any time recent. Don't think it's coming in January or February, so. Maybe in the spring it'll come up and maybe be interesting in the Codes. But right now there's just not a lot on it, if anything. Not dominant right now, so.

The Lord Didn't Tell Us We Can Quit Yet, So We Need to Stay Busy with the Orgone

I'm just trying to wait and see what State of the Union. What he's going to address. What he's going to announce. See what kind of direction. How fast or how quickly they're going to move, or if they're moving slowly. Sometimes they act like they've got till, you know, for ten years to get moving on stuff. And then other times it seems like, oh, they're speeding it up. They're actually working on it in the background and it's gonna speed up a little bit. So I'm just trying to, trying to gauge things.

In the meantime, so brutal cold in the northeast, in the northern parts of the country, and so warm in the south. So you Warriors should be busy in the south. You should be busy getting the orgone out. 'Cause we can't let up on it. That's why we're here. The Lord has not said, "Enough," and we can quit. So until he says that, we need to stay busy.

I'm working on several projects. And I help other Warriors with their projects, and so I need continued donations and financial help to do that. I need to get bills paid. I tend to--you know what? My line of thinking is the Lord comes first. And so, I'll take donations I get in and buy orgone and get orgone out. And then I still have bills to pay, and I'm like, "Oh, [laughs] you should've got that paid, maybe, first.

But you know what? The Lord comes first. And I'm still behind on bills I need to get caught up on. And I also need finances for projects. Because I can't let up. I just don't get a month off. You know, usually I like to take January and February off and relax a little. No. I don't get to relax. Too many things that are gonna be hitting. And once they hit, we're not gonna have time to do these things. So we need to do them now, while there seems to be like, a lull in things. Like when it's quiet 'cause they're busy plotting. We need to be out hitting the ground, and so, still need financial contributions for that.

And I thank for those who are contributing. And it's the usuals. You know. My die-hard Warriors. They're the ones I can count on.

If You're a Warrior Who Hasn't Stood Up Yet to Financially Contribute to This Ministry, I Need You to Do So Now

I need others to step up. I need others to step up and say, "Hey, I'm here. I'm a Warrior. I've been listening to your show for 8 years." I need you to step up and help finance this war and this ministry. There's plenty of people that have been listening to this show for years that have contributed to it. I need those people to stand up. I need them to stand up. Let me know you're out there. Financially contribute to this ministry. It takes a lot of supplies. A lot of money for those supplies. If people just wanna send in crystals, that's awesome. You know. I love getting boxes of crystals. Then I can get busy. Getting donations in so I can buy the resin. Getting the money so I can get the electric bills paid, and the websites, and the phone bills, and everything else.

So, I need constant financial help, folks. The one thing the Lord didn't bless us with is finances. I mean, we've been struggling since we started this war. It's been a struggle, because the people that were supposed to stand up and finance this ministry financed the wrong ones. And since then, it's been a struggle. But you know what? We've done it. We've done it. And we do it. We get it done. Might be hard, but we get it done.

Anyway, I'll be back next week. And--boy, this hour went fast. Hopefully have a better report on what's coming up this spring. I'm keeping my eye on things. Trying to piece things together. Until then, just taking it to them with the orgone projects. And so, just getting busy with it, folks.

Anyway, I'm being told I'm down to 30 seconds, so. Till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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