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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
February 4, 2013


Still Having Problems with the Internet, but I Can Be On When They Want to Know Something

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, February 4. And you're live with Sherry Shriner. Tonight I've got a few things I wanna talk about. Yeah, this announcement thing from BTR [Blog Talk Radio] isn't working, so Twitter folks and...who else does it go to? Twitter and Facebook and Blog Talk Radio. Messages are all failing so I just posted one myself over at Facebook.

Still having problems with the Internet. It's been a month now. But when they wanna know something, I can be on. [laughs] Yeah. Yeah, they're all interested, themselves, what the heck was going on with the Super Bowl 'cause they don't even know.

I Felt Led to Ask Father to Crank Up the Orgone in New Orleans a Thousandfold - The Stadium Workers Were Glad We Were There

Really interesting, um, see if I can get on my page here, because, you know, we had a project for New Orleans and I wanna thank everybody for sending in orgone and donations for that so we could get that orgone down there. We ended up probably between over a 1000, 1500 dollars worth of orgone that we were able to send down to New Orleans to get that area done for the Super Bowl.

And, as you can imagine, there was police everywhere and, you know, a general nuisance of federal officers and everything else, and so. Still managing--the Warrior down there still managed to get it done. And didn't finish it completely until 3:30 the day of the Super Bowl, and so. We were planning to get it a day ahead of time, but they couldn't get it done until almost noon on Sunday, and so.

Sometimes you worry about having enough time to saturate an area. Sometimes it can take days, even weeks. And that afternoon I just felt led to ask Father, Himself, to crank it up a thousandfold. To crank every piece of orgone in that state up a thousandfold, and all the surrounding states, and throughout the entire country. In fact, this was the prayer I posted on Facebook earlier that day. It said,

Our Father, The Most High, we ask that You thwart and sabotage any plans they have. That You send Your warrior angels to combat the principalities and powers that rule over the area and disable them.

This is taking out the demonic hierarchy that rules over the area of New Orleans.

We ask that You cause to malfunction any bombs, detonators, trucks, planes, backpacks, phones, computers. Anything to be used to cause mass destruction. We align with Your will Father. Let Your will be done.

And, you know, it was a combination of this prayer, of other prayers people put out, of the orgone, asking Him also to magnify it by a thousandfold. That was able to thwart a huge, huge destruction that was planned. And I kept telling you I don't see anything in the Codes on it. Because it was a nonevent. It was gonna be a nonevent. And the Lord knew it was because He knew we'd get the orgone down there. He knew we'd be doing our thing with the Prayer Warriors, with the prayer warfare praying. He knew He could rely on us. And He knew that just by our faithfulness and obedience that it would become a nonevent and He would stop anything that they had planned. And that's exactly what happened.

I know one of the stories I heard was that they were down by the stadium area planting orgone and they were stopped by somebody who worked with the stadium corporation and were asked what they were doing. And they told them what they were doing, and he said, "We're glad you're here." "We're glad you're here." Can you imagine that? He said they were glad we were there. And so, I was kind of tickled by that.

News Reports of the Power Outage at the Super Bowl - The Stadium Was Supposed to Blow After Jacoby Jones' Run for a Touchdown

Some of the news reports that were sent out, that I posted on Facebook, []

Police: Gas smell in Superdome --Super Bowl Was on Hold During 35-Minute Delay 03 Feb 2013 Power went out at the Superdome early in the third quarter of the Super Bowl on Sunday with the Baltimore Ravens leading the San Francisco 49ers 28-6. Police officials said too much electricity was being pumped into the Superdome, causing a surge, and the power is in the process of returning to the building. The New Orleans fire department has been called to investigate a smell of gas near the Superdome's elevator No. 8, New Orleans police Sgt. T.J. St. Pierre said.
Power outage stops game at Super Bowl XLVII 03 Feb 2013 Power went out at the Superdome early in the third quarter of the Super Bowl on Sunday with the Baltimore Ravens leading the San Francisco 49ers 28-6. The majority of the lights failed shortly after Jacoby Jones returned the opening kickoff of the second half for a touchdown. There was 13:22 left in the quarter. After a few minutes, the public address announcer said the Superdome was experiencing an interruption of electrical service and encouraged fans to stay in their seats.

Now if you had watched the Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, I think it was in that one, or seen the Illuminati card, after that run for a touchdown is when the stadium was supposed to blow up. We expected to get through halftime. And, of course, halftime was Beyonce's performance. You know, they go on and on about this performance. I thought it was so boring. I think me and my kids were in agreement the chipmunks would've been more entertaining. But, for whatever reason, we had to go through this boring halftime show.

And then how did they know that the very next play the guy would receive a kickoff and run it in for a touchdown. 'Cause that's exactly what Jacoby Jones did. That's exactly what happened. He got the kickoff returned. First play of the second half. And he runs it into the touchdown. And instead of the bombs going off, the lights went out.

The Lights Went Out for 34 Minutes, Which Is 7, Yah's Number of Perfection - Lilith Was Involved in the Stadium Sabotage

And so, I'm just like, munching on my Fritos [corn chips] at this point. [laughs] I just looked up for like, two seconds, and like, "Oh, the lights are out. Here we go." And you know what I'm thinking is they had practice earlier in the year. Because, if you watched the Monday night game with the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park, the lights went out twice within a half hour. Twice. So it's almost like they were practicing. And so, sitting there, and the lights go out during the Super Bowl, and I'm thinking, "OK, what's going on?" I didn't feel anything. Just felt peace, you know. And you're just sitting there waiting and watching.

And I had no feeling like, oh, there's bombs gonna go off, this is gonna happen, that's gonna happen. Nothing came to my mind whatsoever. I just sat there and watched the--watched them scramble. And so, I was thinking about it later. And the thing that comes to me about it--and I'm pretty accurate in my interpretations. I wanna go out on a limb, all the way out in right field, and if I'm wrong, I'm wrong, so be it, but, I mean, I'm usually pretty right on interpretations and things that I'm shown.

But at this point--and they always want you to know, oh, there was 13:22 seconds left and--you know, the Illuminati numbers. But the one thing nobody is highlighting, and I think it's funny, is that the lights were out for 34 minutes. 34. That's a number 7. That's Yah's number. [laughs] That's Yahuah's number. 7 is the perfect the perfect number. It's His number. Perfection. 7. He stopped it. He stopped it. Everybody's always studying and analyzing the numbers. Study that one. [laughs] He stopped it. And the whole thing was this: Lilith was involved. And--I know. For all you naysayers out there who say that Lilith doesn't exist, and I laugh, well, yeah, this is another one of those laughs. She was involved.

And if you noticed the halftime show, which was way scaled down from the total Illuminati ritual Madonna did last year that was just so satanic and disgusting, this one was kind of like a divine goddess thing. You had the three African-American females onstage. The whole thing was about females. She had this one song, Calling Single Ladies, and I don't know if she was calling them to get married or what the deal was, but the whole thing was this divine goddess thing. I'm not--I don't analyze that stuff. I wait for The Vigilant Citizen to come out with it. He always nails it. And he hasn't come out with anything yet. I'll give him a couple days. [Super Bowl 2013: The Illuminati Agenda Continues]

But the whole thing, I thought, was interesting because, since she was so involved with wanting to blow up the stadium, it was her.

Their Threefold Plan Involved Detonating Canisters of Poison Placed Around the Stadium to Kill People

And so, when the lights went out is when--they had a threefold plan. They were gonna shut the lights out. Then, these huge canisters that had been placed in particular positions around the stadium were going to open up and just start spraying everywhere. That's why they were telling everybody to "stay in your seats, stay in your seats." These canisters were gonna start spraying and it was gonna fog. it was gonna be like a fog over the entire stadium, but as soon as people breathed what was in it, they were gonna die. It was gonna be massive death just like taking a breath of air and just dying instantly. And then they were gonna blow it up to hide all that, that the poison was what killed everybody. So, it was a threefold plan. And the Lord wasn't having it.

And so, what happened was all the orgone that was in the area and being magnified by the Lord stopped the UFOs from coming in. Because they were gonna come in and do their thing, whatever, over the stadium. Well, they couldn't come in and not crash. They know darn well, and they all have detectors on their crafts now to detect areas with POE [positive orgone energy] in them, because the POE's what's making them crash.

And so, it thwarted their plans to be able to get all the lights off. Also the detonation of the canisters was thwarted. Wasn't happening. We had asked the Lord to malfunction and disable any device they were being used. And the Lord was able to do that. It was kind of like He was blessing our efforts and our prayers at the same time. Because He was able to utilize the orgone, and then utilize prayers with obedience, to just sabotage the entire event. And so they just didn't even go through with number three, blowing it up, because they couldn't get the canisters detonated and they couldn't get all the lights off. It was just stopped, and so.

Interesting that the lights being out only for 34 minutes. The Lord letting everybody know, "Hey, I put a stop to this." So, I thought that was kind of funny. And I haven't seen anybody pick that one up. But I'm sure she'll be around again. You know, Lilith, she's always around plotting and planning.

Chalk Up Another Victory for the Orgone Warriors with Saving the Stadium

But that makes--you know, strike one up again, another one for the Orgone Warriors. Because, wow, we've really done a lot in the last several years in dismantling their plans. I mean, I spent a small fortune last year getting the Madrid Fault Line covered, getting New York City covered. We blocked them from blowing the fault line. They wanted to blow that in May and June. We blocked that. They tried several times that year. Couldn't get it blown because we had orgone strategically placed all the way through the fault line. They wanted a 2012 scenario for New York City. We stopped that from happening. And all they got was some flooded areas in New Jersey, where Manhattan was supposed to be on the bottom of the Hudson River. And we stopped that from happening.

So many things, folks. This ministry and this little ragtag band of Warriors, we have accomplished so much in tearing down the strongholds of Satan. Moreso than any other group on this planet. And so, I thank all those who support it and those who keep supporting it. Hope others are waking up and start supporting it as well. 'Cause even now we're still in the red. I mean, I just went all out for the New Orleans project and being able to stop that one.

They're Going to Come Out and Be Supporters of Bad Orgone While Criminalizing My Orgone

I've seen in the Codes where they're gonna come out--and I've told you guys this a couple years ago, even last year, that they're gonna come out and be supporters of orgone. They're gonna come out and act like it's no big deal, doesn't hurt them, they don't mind it. No big deal, doesn't hurt them. Well, yeah, they like orgone. DOE orgone. And so it was interesting, somebody posted a link about Naomi Campbell who's that model, supermodel, saying that on her MySpace page that she's promoting orgone. And, of course, it's the dead orgone energy, DOE orgone, she promotes.

But start seeing more and more of this because, you know, they have to find a way to criminalize it. And they can't do that if people don't even know what it is. I mean, the vast majority of people today have no idea what orgone is. That it's a ancient energy. You know, people just think it's some kind of voodoo thing. What they don't understand is it's energy. It's an ancient energy. Wilhelm Reich rediscovered it. They threw him in prison, confiscated his work. He ended up dying in prison. Then the Lord stood me up to replace Wilhelm Reich. Become his successor. And we've led the war to their knees, practically. Bringing them to their knees, and so.

They've got to educate people on what this energy war is because most don't understand it. So then they can say, "Hey! Naomi's got the good stuff and Sherry Shriner's got the bad stuff. And we need to eliminate her and the people who make the bad stuff." That's what it's gonna come down to. I'm just saying. I'm sure they'll use more credible people than Naomi Campbell who's been...had her own dramas with anger management and cocaine abuse, and so.

You know, I could see that scenario coming to play. Because they need to criminalize it, and they can't criminalize it if nobody knows who we are. We're kind of like the most effective silenced weapon on the planet. 'Cause people don't know who we are. You know? I don't get TV time. He's isn't gonna be giving me an Alex Jones studio and set me up so I can talk about orgone and how to tear down the strongholds of Satan. No, it's not gonna happen. So, [laughs] that's why we just continue getting the work done and it just frustrates them. Frustrates them. 'Cause they can't stop us. They can't stop it, so. They're still trying.

In Obama's First Term, the New World Order Crowd Controlled Him - In Obama's Second Term, He Is Aligned with the New Age Alien Agenda

Let's see. Obama's State of the Union is on February 12, and I think that's a Tuesday. Let me see...yeah, it's a Tuesday. February 12. He must say something interesting. And I half expect him to say something interesting because in the Bible Codes the end of February, the last week of February and the first two weeks of March look interesting. And so, I think this is when the ball's really gonna get rolling. And so, he must be saying something at his address, his State of the Union, because the ball gets rolling shortly after. I mean, right now it's been quiet, kind of a lull. The Codes aren't really, you know, I knew it was gonna be quiet and not much going on until the end of February and then March.

And so, I'm waiting to hear what he has to say. I still don't know what he's going to--I was told, a while ago, that he was going to mention a new world currency. Maybe our new currency, because the dollar's going to crash. But he's supposed to be introducing a new currency. And, I can't remember, um, I don't know if he's gonna announce NESARA or not. Announce his alignment with these New Age bimbos. I don't know if he's gonna do that or not. I don't know when that's gonna come about. But it's obviously gonna be dominant because it's going to start showing dominance in his policies.

You know, the first four years of his term, the New World Order crowd controlled him, and they ran him. And he pushed their policies. And now the second four years of his term, you're gonna see him do a 360, total round about-face and push the policies and directives of this New Age alien agenda. And turn his back on his old handlers and controllers. And so, that's why you're seeing an exodus out of his White House such as Geithner, and Hillary Clinton, and several others. Because you're gonna see the old Nazi crowd, the Bush crowd, being forced out. Which just surprises me because Hillary's always been a double agent. You know, she's always worked both agendas.

So it kind of surprises me to see him push out Hillary. So I'm not sure what--maybe she's gonna go work for Sananda. I don't know. [laughs] I'm sure she will. She's always been one of these double-agent people, so. But either way, they wanted the Nazi people out, the Bush people out, so. Maybe it makes the Japanese happy. I don't know. Chinese happy, to have her out. Out, but not forgotten. So it'll be interesting.

If People Want to Really Fight the New World Order, Don't Let Them (1) Get Our Guns, or (2) Take Our Cash Away

With his speech on the 12th, and then shortly after that, things starting to heat up. People might start noticing a remarked change in his policies and the things that he does as he gets ready to just tear down this whole New World Order system and establish this whole New Age alien agenda that's coming. And I've told you it's gonna include sharia law, a mixture of what we call Chrislam, ending the Federal Reserve, setting up NESARA, a currency alignment of all the nations, a realignment, and just heading into a totally different direction.

But it also includes a lot of the policies of the old faction. And so, you're not gonna--you know, you're still gonna be dealing with both of these agendas, both of these different groups of people, these factions. Because just as the New World Order crowd, this new one coming in they wanna ban on rifles and guns, all guns. So that's still at the top of their list. And they'll start with a ban on assault rifles and then they'll just go after all of them. You know, once they get their hands in the door, and feet in the door, and get the assault rifles banned, they'll go after all the other guns as well.

And then cash. They wanna get rid of the cash. Because, their biggest, number one thing is to get people chip-implanted. And the one way they can force chip-implantation is by healthcare and cash. You can't get healthcare unless you're chip-implanted. You can't cash a paycheck or do anything with cash anymore. They're gonna make cash obsolete and make you use your credit cards. They'll make you use your smart card, your debit card, whatever they can, you know, use, for now, to get the cash gone.

And so, if people want to really fight against the New World Order, the two things we cannot do is, one, to allow them to get our guns. And the second is allow them to stop our cash. To take our cash away. Because that's how they'll control you. And then eventually enforce everybody to get chip-implanted so you won't need a debit card anymore. You know, they're gonna take the cash, then they're gonna take the plastic. So those are the main two fights that are gonna be coming if we're gonna hang on to any semblance of America. Because that's exactly what they're gonna do to destroy it. And they're probably already working it that way in the Middle Eastern countries as well already.

Sananda Will Become Prime Minister of Israel As Well As Take Over the Pope's Position

I sent out an article earlier in the week,

An historic agreement has been drafted between Israel and the Vatican. The Israeli authorities have granted the Pope an official seat in the room where the Last Supper is believed to have taken place, on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, and where David and Solomon, Jewish kings of Judea, are considered by some researchers, to also be buried.

And this was in the A article there. [Op-Ed: Exclusive: A Seat for the Pope at King David's Tomb] They're setting this up because when this fake Jesus comes, this Sananda, they're planning on making him the prime minister of Israel. And he will also take over the pope's position in Rome. He's gonna combine both positions to himself. They're gonna get rid of the papacy, the Vatican, and Rome, and move it to Jerusalem. And so, kind of making headway with this, with drafting agreements already between Israel and the Vatican so they can consolidate this one position, uh, these two positions into one. It'll be the prime minister and the pope being consolidated into one. So watch that one coming.

Sananda Will Compromise All Religions

I find it interesting on the New Age sites, Sananda claimed that he showed himself to the Hindus as Hare Krishna. I don't know if it was hundreds or thousands of years ago or whenever he supposedly did this. But that's amusing since the Hindus worship thousands of idols. And it's one of the most heavily demonized races on the planet as far as religions go and the people that follow it. So didn't make much of an impressions, did he? He didn't tell them to put away their idols? He didn't preach the ten commandments to these Hindus?

And, you know, what do you expect from this--Satan. This Sananda. He's gonna come as a huge compromiser. He's gonna compromise all religions. Be all things to all people. Kind of Paul's mentality, you know, where you just compromise and make everybody happy, instead of taking a stand on anything. That's what this Sananda's gonna do. And they're gonna try to mix all the world's religions under him as the leader of all of them. 'Cause they've set them all up. The Buddhists, the Hindus, the Arabs, the Christians.

Everybody's waiting for their messiah to come. All these religions are waiting for their messiah to come. And, of course, we know there's only one Messiah coming and that's Yahushua at the second coming. And that's at the battle of Armageddon. He's not coming any time soon to set up a world economic program, you know. This is all Satan. This is prophecy coming alive right now. And so many people are gonna get fooled by that. They're gonna get fooled by this Sananda that comes. And his whole charade. 'Cause there's like, 11 of them.

This Fake Jesus Will Come with His Fake Mother, Mary, Who Will, in Reality, Be Lilith or Eve

And he's gonna come with, supposedly, Mary, his mother, which is really gonna be either Lilith or Eve. One of the two playing the role of Mary. I would assume it's probably Lilith. Though I'm not 100 percent sure on which one it is yet. But it's gonna be Lilith or Eve, and so. It really depends because we weren't told so much--so much of the past history was kept from us.

Because, you know, if you study ancient history, biblical history, Eve and Adam had split as they got older. And Eve went back to Lucifer. She had a child with him; Cain. And she had a child with Adam. She had Abel and Seth. They were back together for a while and then they split. Adam was with one of his granddaughters. Had children with one of his granddaughters. And Eve had split. And there's no mention of her. She just kind of drops off.

Because, you know, they hid our history by hiding the women. If you'll notice that. Jews had this thing where they would only record the men. You know, women got a slight mention. But, they had some kind of a rule that was of, you know, significant importance to them that they would reveal upon the scribes. And the Lord always railed against the scribes and Pharisees. He told them that Satan's own offspring, they had had--using them as their scribes. And He often railed against the Jews for the things they did. And that's why. Because they were hiding history. The scribes of that time being the Kenites. Children of Cain. And so, interesting how it all plays out.

But then, in our time, 2013, it's like, "Man, I wish we had some records. I wish we knew what was going on back then. Nothing's written." And if it's written, it's hidden, and it's sealed. They have this huge vault under the Vatican, where they have thousands of books and writings. And the real history, the real truths of what went on. But, supposedly, Eve, in her later years had left Adam and went back to Lucifer, so. I don't know if it's true. I'm just saying it's interesting. Interesting.

We know that queen of heaven worship is rampant within Luciferian worship. And what they say, they say that the Babylonian goddess and everything is Satan's female side. I don't buy it because, you know, it would be really hard to just have a relationship with yourself, to fall in love with yourself. And the whole thing about this whole occultic worship stuff is the gods and goddesses. Not one person playing two roles. I do believe that this queen of heaven stuff is Lilith, because she plays such a dominant part in heaven, in space. Look at the space above us and all these aliens we're dealing with. Most of them are Lilith's children. And that's why she's angry. That's why she wants retaliation on earth. For the lost of all of her offspring, her children, because we're crashing all of their ships, so.

And you'll notice celebrities wearing the red hair. Because I've heard Lilith has red hair often. She can change her hair by thought. But I've heard she's almost always as a redhead, seen as a redhead, when she's seen at all, [when] she allows herself to be seen. I know that, uh, who was it? King Solomon mentioned her. Lilith and another woman had disguised themselves as prostitutes or something and visited King Solomon. Somewhere in the Old Testament books. And she's also referred to as the screeching owl, in the Old Testament. Lilith the screeching owl. And interesting that Bohemian Grove, it's all about Molech and owl worship, when the Bible references also Lilith as the owl, and so. It's all gonna come to play.

When Saint Germaine Comes Is When You're Really Going to Start Seeing Things Rolling

But all these beasts, these beast prophets, I call them, about 11 or 12 of them, they will be coming. I think we're gonna see them arrive before Sananda does. I think that although he has arrival dates, like March and Passover time, you know, I just think that things are gonna get delayed and he won't make his final arrival until September like I've always thought he would come, in September on 9/11, to mimic Yahushua's birthdate. I think that that's when he'll come, and so.

But he has arrival dates before then. So, we'll watch him. I'll watch the Codes. And I already know what the Codes are saying for those times, but I suspect that Maitreya and Saint Germaine would make an appearance before Sananda does. And Saint Germaine is the one that's always been in charge of the economics. And so, when he arrives is really when you're gonna start seeing things rolling. 'Cause he works in the background right now. I mean, he was at the, um, what do they call it? Um, the NATO top 10, or 18, or top 20, whatever it was last summer. They had the NATO meetings. He's at all those. Behind closed doors. Everybody that's there and in the know, they know who Germaine is. He runs the meetings. He sets the policies so everybody's on the same page as he moves their countries towards the final script. He's the one running it. And he's gonna be the one bringing all of the countries into the new NESARA policies, enforcement, and so. He's designing it. He's leading it. And, you know, eventually, he's going to show up, you know.

What I was told was watch for them to start promoting New Age gurus. Because it's all gonna lead up into the arrival of Germaine and Maitreya, and then, eventually, Sananda. It's gonna be a buildup, and so. Watch for them to start promoting all these gurus. And, you know, so far, the ones we've seen, the ones from Latin America, all these gurus have thousands and thousands of followers and stuff. That's a start. That's a start for the direction we're going into.

Because, eventually, Germaine's gonna come, or just show himself publicly, because he's already here. They'll start announcing him publicly. And he's gonna help align all the countries into, uh, I don't know if they're gonna do a one-world currency right away or not, but they're gonna start moving into NESARA and all these other pro--you know, programs. The global currency reevaluation. These prosperity packages, which I told you were bribes to get people to accept this new--I don't know what they're gonna call it. It New World Order? The alien agenda? The fifth dimension on earth? The kingdom of God on earth? I have no idea what their official name for it's gonna be. But it's basically global government and global economics. And so, gonna pull everybody into the same economics package and get everybody on the same script. And he's gonna be the one coming to do it, and Obama is just basically going to let him lead.

Obama is totally, 100 percent, aligned with this purple agenda. The alien agenda, it's the purple agenda because that's their color they like, um, what is it called? The flame, the violet flame. Represents Germaine or--he always has this violet flame thing. I have it at I have the violet flame prayer that they have; New Agers. And you'll see Obama and all these different politicians starting to wear purple ties. Kind of straying away from the New World Order red ties. Because they're all aligned with this cosmic agenda that's about to hit us full force. And you're gonna start seeing it in their policies. Start to rise its ugly head over the next couple of months. So, keeping track of that.

We're Moving into a Different Timeline Scale - The 7-Year Trib Would Have to Start This September If They Want Everyone Chipped by 2017

Do see a lot more action in the Codes with these descended masters and their rise in global politics, I guess, religion, economics. Their anger. They're angry. They're angry. Sananda's furious. Because it's the orgone. The orgone's destroying them. They're angry. Remember--I was reading a transcript of a show I did back in like, 2006. 2006 or 2007. And I was talking about the arrival of the Antichrist. And I kept saying, "I don't know what he's angry at, but when he arrives, he's angry." At that time, I had no understanding of exactly what the orgone was gonna do to these people and these things, these beings. Now I do, and now I laugh.

You know, at that time, you know, it looked like all hell was gonna break loose in 2009. Hillary Clinton was at the top of the political chart. She was one of the top political players at that time. You know, it just looked like everything was set to go in 2008, in 2009. And then we were thrown for a loop. And now we're in--we kind of went through delayed routes. Sent through all these delays.

And so, here's where we are. We're at 2013 now. We've gone through that whole delay cycle. And, you know, things aren't gonna be delayed too much longer. They're already stating they want the entire world chipped by 2017. So if that's their goal, to have the entire world chipped by 2017, that would put a 7-year--I'm gonna go by the 7-year tribulation period. It'll be mid by 2017, which means it would have to start September of 2013. It would literally have to start this September. And what better way to start it than with the arrival of Sananda? The arrival of Satan, this fake Jesus.

And so, we're moving into a different timeline scale now. And one that's becoming clear. 'Cause, you know, we're in lulls right now. They haven't set up the NESARA. They've set up the programs they need. They're still fighting for control from the old New World Order crowd. They still haven't wrestled complete and full control from them yet, but it's kind of like a thing that's ongoing right now.

The Lord Calls This Alien Agenda a Time of the Heathen

When you see the end of the Federal Reserve, and the introduction of NESARA, and a new currency here, gold-backed currencies, then you'll know we're in this New Age alien agenda. The last agenda. The last kingdom that's gonna be on earth.

So it's a time of the heathen is what the Lord calls it. A time of the heathen. Because these ascended beings that want us to think they're so spiritual and they're so far above us in intelligence and everything else, they're heathens. They're heathens. They're just fallen angels. Fallen angels playing god. That's all Satan--that's what got Satan in trouble thousands of years ago. And his followers do the same thing. Like to play god. Like they're gods.

So that's what we're gonna be dealing with. And if we're on that kind of a timeline, then Sananda would arrive in September and the clock would begin ticking for the 7-year period. So, something to look at.

Some people are saying, "Well, the Obamacare requires chip-implantation on 3/22. And you know what? All that could be tossed out in a heartbeat and they institute something else. If they did all of a sudden decide, "OK, no, we're gonna enforce chip-implantation and worship of the beast," and start that this year, then we'd already be stuck right now, boom, in the middle of the 7-year trib, so.

That's why I'm trying to figure out what kind of a timeline we're in. What they do. I'm watching what they're doing. 'Cause we could, right now, be at the middle. Or we could wait till September and start at the beginning. That's how it is.

You know, Satan was cast to earth on December 21. There's been a little bit of a lull, you know. It's kind of like when the last seal...there's a silence for the space of a half hour or whatever, you know. A silence for, you know, a small space of time. That's kind of what we're in right now is a silence for a space of time. 'Cause it's certainly not the 7th seal yet, but there's been a lull since the--since Satan being cast out of [to] earth and then implementing his program on earth. We're kind of like in that lull period right now. So it's kind of like a transitional type thing.

Holland Was Coming Up in the Codes, So We Need to Get Orgone There Where I Think They're Hiding

But they're working in the background. They're always working in the background. So they can get this stuff moving. They're getting, you know, stuff set up between Israel and the Vatican. I'm sure they're trying to appease other countries as well. Germany, France, Europe. The power struggle's everywhere within the factions. There's power struggles everywhere. And so, waiting to see how the dust settles on all of that.

I think now they're probably hiding over by Holland somewhere. For some reason Holland was coming up in the Codes. So we need to get orgone in Holland. I can't remember ever sending any out there. I don't mail it internationally. Anne does, so I'll have to ask her if she's ever sent any out to Holland. But I know that they have a base out in the Netherlands, and so, we need to get Orgone Warriors to stand up and make it out there, and get it in their countries.

We Need to Follow Them Wherever They're At and Orgone the Areas Where They Feel Comfortable

We need to follow them wherever they're at, folks. 'Cause when we chase them from America, and then we chase them from Great Britain, they just go somewhere else, you know. We've gotta follow them. Chase them out of the area so they have nowhere to go. They can't go to Australia. We're crashing their huge mother ships down there. They come up here. There was a huge one that crashed. It was in the news. Several states from Ohio to Virginia watching the lights cross the sky. We're just crashing their stuff constantly, folks.

And so, as we chase them out of one area, they run to another. And so, we've gotta get them in these areas where they feel so comfortable. But the only places I can think that they would feel really comfortable is Russia. 'Cause I can't think of orgone, much orgone, in Russia or China. They just particularly get angry when they come into the western half of the world. [laughs] Just keep them out of here, folks. Let's just keep them out of here, so.

We Need to Be Putting Up New Orgone Walls Constantly and Surprise Them - Concentrate on Northwest Arkansas (and Northeast Arkansas)

And like I said, they come up with these devices and they think that they have everything mapped out, so that when you throw up a new wall that they're not expecting, and they run right into it, then they crash. So, kind of funny. We need to be putting up new walls constantly. You know, we can't just be sitting around doing nothing. Even if it's cold out. You know, it was brutal going out and making orgone in 8-degree weather, minus 10 degrees wind-chill factor, a grad student in New Orleans done. You know, it can be pretty brutal. I know a lot of the--a lot of Warriors are going through that right now. But we've gotta get this stuff done.

Put up new walls. Surprise them. Surprise them. Northwest Arkansas. We need to concentrate on that area. Huge base there. Jesse Ventura did a show revealing that one. I talked about it a couple shows ago. Still need to concentrate on the northwest Arkansas area. And the northeast part because I've always heard there's a lot of caves on the northeast corner of Arkansas where the Mississippi River is. And Tennessee is right across the river. I've always heard there's a lot of Lizards that live in those caves in the northeastern corner of Arkansas. So we need to get that corner as well. We need Warriors that can get over there and get the corners of the states. The northwestern part and the northeastern part.

The northwestern part seems to be an area, within the last ten years, is becoming one of the favorite destinations of people. It's like one of these huge Metropolitan areas now, four-county area, that's just seeing a huge boom in population growth. So a lot of people moving into the northwest Arkansas area, so we need to get that with orgone, definitely. And then just chase the Lizards out of the caves in the northeast part.

And there's a base somewhere. Not too far from, um, right at the border, Arkansas and Missouri. Can't think of the name. But it's actually not too far from Joplin. It's kind of in between Joplin, Missouri and Springfield, so.

I Still Need Your Donations to Keep Going and to Get Out of the Red

Still a lot of work to do, folks. Still a lot of work needs done. So I need your donations for that. To keep going. Right now, still in the red. Gotta get pulled out of the red. Get the bills paid so I can have a little breathing room, which I totally do not have now. But you know what? It's because we're busy. We're busy. We're doing things. We're never gonna get out of here until the Lord said, "OK, you're done. Enough." [laughs] When He decides we've done enough, He'll take us home, and so. I know all these pretrib rapturists are banging the drums. And I just shake my head. Just have to shake my head at it.

We'll Be Dealing with These Descended Masters the Next Few Months

So that's what to watch for for the next several months, folks. The supposed gurus popping up everywhere. These--I don't know what they're gonna call them--Cosmic Christs, divine Christs, divine cosmics. I don't know what they're gonna call them. Germaine, and Maitreya, and all them. Ascended Masters. They're not ascending. They're not going up to heaven. That's the whole point of ascension is going up into heaven. And the only person who's ever ascended was Yahushua. The disciples saw him ascend to heaven in the clouds. You know? The Ascended Masters, they descended. Coming out of their UFO ships to earth. So how does that make them ascended beings? They descended to earth. Descended masters. Not our masters. Somebody's, not ours. So, that's what we're dealing with the next few months.

I Don't Know Where the Real Obama Is

Be interesting to see which Obama they're--they're kind of pulling the old one out now. The one that's not even him, so. I don't know where the real one is.

Yes, Beyonce Is Illuminati - Watch for the Signs That the Celebrities and Newscasters Are Being Replaced by Lizards and Android Clones

People asking about Beyonce. Of course, she's Illuminati, folks. She's involved with it up to her ears. She's married to Jay-Z who's her handler and Alicia Keys' handler. Jordan, um, who was that? Um, Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer Hudson who's in it up to her ears, involved yesterday with the Superbowl. And Alicia Keys, and Beyonce. All three up to the Illuminati in their ears. Jennifer Hudson being initiated in after she won American Idol. Alicia Keys and Beyonce both being MKULTRA pawns. Jay-Z also MKULTRA pawn serving as their handler. So, you know, it's all in your face, folks. They're all pawns, or just outright initiated into it, and so. A bunch of occultic garbage dominating us.

And I told you, you know, their full agenda will be complete when every person we see on TV is a fake. You know, they're gonna eventually just take over all of these celebrities, all of these sportscasters, all of--everything--everyone you see on TV will be replaced by one of their Lizard/android clones. It's exactly what they plan on doing.

So, watch for the eyes. Watch for the strange bulges. Watch for the shape-shifting teeth. A lot of things you can watch for. And those three things alone. I mean, you can look at sportscasters and see the slit eyes, the snake-slit eyes, the vertical eyes, vertical slits in their eyes. Watch the hand signals. They let you know who they're with. The pyramids, and the Baphomets, and all the satanic garbage. I know most people see enough of it. They're up to their eyeballs every day just watching TV. It's always in your face, but.

America the Babylon Is Steeped in Occult Religions

You know, the Old Testament prophets warned that the last days...the Great Babylon of the last days, which is America, would be steeped in ancient Babylonian mystery religion. And that's what we are. We're steeped in these occult religions. It's all around us. All the symbols of the corporations. All the hand signs completely being flaunted all the time. We're just--they're steeped in it. They're steeped in it. I don't know how anybody can not see how America is this last-days Babylon, or prophesied by the Old Testament prophets, and so. I have an article on my website on it,, America the Babylon []. You cannot argue the fact that America is, so. Going to be destroyed soon enough, so.

I'm Going to Be Interviewed on Revolution Radio Tomorrow Night with Hijacker

Anyway, I will be back next week. I wish his speech was on Monday and my show was on Tuesday. 'Cause I'd love to just sit and rant about his speech, but his speech won't be until Tuesday. I'm doing a interview tomorrow night with, uh, who is that? Revolution Radio. I have no idea who these guys are. But I'm gonna be with Hijacker tomorrow night at midnight till 2 a.m. And I'll send the link, and a call-in number for the show. Send it out to my lists and I'll post it on my Facebook, so you guys can catch my interview with Hijacker. Obviously, they're anti New World Order, so at least I know that about them. [laughs] [audio unclear] handle anything else. So it should be an interesting interview. I know it's gonna go for about two hours. It's just late. It's just late. It starts at midnight at Eastern Time. So at least the west coasters will be able to catch it about 9 p.m. your time. And Central Time can catch it at 10 p.m. Probably catch it on the archives as well, if they have one listed on their site. I'm sure they do, so.

Anyway, folks, don't forget to support this ministry. I certainly do need your contributions to keep going and prepare for the next couple of weeks. A lot of things coming up, but we need to be ready.

Anyway, folks, until next week then. Yah bless.


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