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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
February 11, 2013


Everything Is Getting Ripe Now for the Arrival of Satan's Patriarchs on Earth

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. Today is February 11. And tomorrow is Obama's State of the Union speech, so that should be interesting. I'm not looking for the usual New World Order rhetoric tomorrow night. If he comes out with it, so be. I mean a lot of...a lot of, uh, the policies of the New World Order are gonna be the policies of the alien agenda. The New Age agenda that's upon us, so.

What I expect to hear is a shift. And it may be subtle. It may not even be noticeable by most people. But I expect to hear some kind of a shift. Because we're heading into a new age. That's why they call it New Age. A new age. And everything is getting ripe right now for the arrival of Satan's partriarchs on earth. And these are called Ascended Masters by the New Agers. And we looked at it in December. And it was ripe then. All the pieces of the puzzle were falling together. The Codes were just screaming.

You know, you get these arrival--anointed arrival times of theirs. And they come and go throughout the years. But every time they come up, I warn you guys. Even if we go another year, or two, or three and they still haven't arrived, you still have their certain appointed arrival times that they could arrive. They got the green light. Whether they take it or not is up to them.

Well, we certainly had that in December. And, you know, NASA and everybody else was getting involved. Hyping it up. Because everybody knew it was a possibility that things definitely could've changed. That Sananda could've arrived on December 25. We could be knee deep in these satanic patriarchs right now. And then it came and went. They ran into trouble with the orgone, like they've been doing. And things shifted and it was delayed.

So January and February have been pretty quiet. But I've always noticed that the end of February is pretty noisy in the Codes. And so, no surprise now that the pope is saying he is going to resign on February 28. Which is one of the--the last week of February in the 20's, 22nd on, that I've been seeing so much in the Codes.

And so, you're starting to see the pieces of the puzzle aligning again. They have the green light. They could arrive by Easter. And I've been saying and warning that watch by Easter.

I don't think Sananda, himself, is coming first. I don't think he's coming, himself, until September 9 or September 11. Somewhere in those three days; 9th, 10th and 11th. I think the other ones are gonna arrive. And if you look in the Codes, it's just so dominant that they definitely have an arrival date. It's as loud now as it was in December. It's just loud. So it's gonna be anxious 'cause you're starting to see everything align.

Out with Pope Ratzinger, in with Peter the Roman?

And I told you in the last show, you know, they've been poisoning the pope for over a year. That's why he looks so ghastly. And now he's just saying, "I don't have the strength to keep going." Well, they've been poisoning the guy for a long time. Little by little. You know, it's kind of like when someone gives someone arsenic. They give it to them little by little so that when they die, there's no known cause. It looks like natural causes. Well, that's what they've been doing to him. Probably arsenic. I don't know what kind of poison they're using. I just know it's poison. And so, he's resigning.

I'm sure probably various reasons behind it. Because they need to get this other pope in. Time's running out. Move the agenda along. I know Sananda's been at the Vatican. I know he's been talk to Rat--the Rat, Ratzinger. So, it's all planned. Even, you know, resigning on the 11th, which is a hu--or announcing he's gonna resign on the 11th--which is a huge Illuminati number. And then his resignation being formal on the 28th.

So, that'll know, people speculating on who the next pope is. St. Malachy had a prophecy on that. Said it would be Peter the Roman. And I've seen both of those names in the Codes. St. Malachy's prophecy was,

During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there shall sit Peter of Rome, who shall feed the sheep amidst many great tribulations, and when these have passed, the City of the Seven Hills shall be utterly destroyed, and the awful Judge will judge the people.

To me, this prophecy doesn't sound like Rome, itself, being destroyed. It sounds like Jerusalem being destroyed. 'Cause Jerusalem, itself, is the city on seven hills. The awful judge, the terrible judge, the great and terrible judge, that would be the Lord, Himself. And only He can judge the people. And so, it seems to me like Malachy's prophecy is saying this is gonna be the last pope, and then the Lord is going to return.

And so, Peter the Roman, also known as Petrus Romanus. And there are two cardinals with the name Peter. There is the archbishop--or Cardinal Peter Turkson, archbishop of Ghana. He is a black man. And then there's Cardinal Tarcisio Pietro Evasio Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State. Who's a politician and was born in Romano Canavese. However they pronounce it. I think it's him. Peter from Romano Canavese. 'Cause he says Peter the Roman.

So for no other reason, just because [laughs] his home place and his name has both key terms in it that I would think it would be this guy who's already in the Vatican, the Secretary of State. 'Cause there's no doubt he's already been in contact with Sananda 'cause I know Sananda's been at the Vatican. Spends a lot of time there. And he would just move in and take over Ratzinger's spot. So, that's what I think. Whether it's wrong or whatever, it's not a "thus saith the Lord," it's just my own two cents. So for whatever it's worth.

The Pope Position Is Going to Be Pretty Insignificant

Uh, you know, the pope position, itself, is going to be pretty insignificant. From what I understand, from what their plans were, was that they were taking the pope position, moving it to Jerusalem, and the prime minister of Israel and the pope would become one position. And Sananda was going to combine both of those positions into himself. So I don't know what this, uh, you know, bringing in another pope thing is is when Sananda will arrive in September and eventually combine both positions to himself. So I don't know what's gonna happen to this pope, Peter the Roman. Maybe he only serves several months until September. But I don't know. I guess we'll see.

You know, St. Malachy, who was a medieval Irish prophet, and had stated that there would be 112 popes. And so, this is the last pope. We already had--Ratzinger was number 111. And this last pope would be Peter the Roman; Petrus Romanus. So, I don't really pay a whole lot of attention to the Vatican myself. I pay attention to what's going on in daily events moreso, so. I'll keep an eye on it.

The whole position, eventually, is gonna be eliminated. And I think it was Nostradamus who had prophesied that the Vatican City being burned with fire--Rome being burned with fire, and so. Also prophesying a war with France.

I know everybody keeps saying, "Oh, the World War 3's coming. World War 3," and it's gonna be Iran, and it's gonna be this. You know, I just think it's gonna happen in ways people don't expect. You know, it's gonna be different countries under the gun. You know, France, America. You know, they try to keep the attention to the Middle East. And I think we need to be watching our own back doors because, certainly, the plan on the agenda is to destroy America. And that's why Obama enjoys his job so much. He hates America. He doesn't want a war with Iran. He doesn't want a war with the Muslims. He wants the war against America. So, that's the one we need to be watching.

Watch for the Arrival of Satan's Patriarchs Soon

So, anyway, this February could get quite interesting. February and March. Watch for the arrival of this gang. Bible Codes refers to them as patriarchs because they're Satan's--they're his loyal henchmen. They've been with him the last rebellion. Coming again for this one. They should be arriving soon. Probably St. Germaine. I don't know. I had all of their names on my website at Sherry Talk Radio. All the members of the Ashtar Command. They'll all be coming.

And this sets up a time, in Matthew 24, when it says, uh, you know, they would be claiming Jesus is here, He's there, He's in the desert, He's over there, and not to listen to them, not to believe them. And so, all these false prophets coming, claiming I Am. And that is the motto of the New Age movement; I Am. I am this, I am that. You know, it's all about I Am, you know, with them, you know. I can achieve godhood. That's their motto. So, certainly heading right into biblical prophecy.

It'll be spring, then summer. April's not really a dominant month yet. So I'm really looking at things heating up the last like, ten days of February and the first two weeks of March. We'll see what happens. See if they arrive already. 'Cause it certainly looks like they've certainly got the green light.

And I know they're furious about the orgone delaying them and blocking them. And we could just be getting set up for another huge delay as well, just like in December when everything was lining up and setting up for their arrival and then it was a huge bust, because the orgone was blocking them. It was burning them. And so, they didn't arrive. And we could just be getting set up again for the same type of thing. It could go either way. They could actually arrive. Or they could be blocked and delayed again. So, that's why I say we just watch and stay alert.

What Will Obama Reveal in His State of the Union Address?

They'll keep people interested in the whole pope thing and Obama's speech tomorrow. I wish I had a copy of it tonight so I could just browse through it. [laughs] I've never been interested in the State of the Union speeches, ever. But this year's got my attention. All these years I'm lucky to even watch the thing. I would watch for entertainment purposes, 'cause you know it's all lies coming out of their mouths. It doesn't matter who's president. It's just a time to get up in front of the country and show how good you can lie in front of millions of people. But I don't know. Tomorrow night I'm kind of interested. It's got my interest.

What's he gonna reveal? Is he gonna talk about NESARA? Is he gonna talk about his buddies St. Germaine, and Sananda, and Maitreya? Is he gonna reveal it to the world? Is he gonna shock me and do something legit like reveal it? 'Cause all this stuff is so dominant in the background, folks. You have no idea what really goes on in the background compared to what's told to the public. It's night and day.

I mean, network executives get together every weekend and they do these conference calls to decide what they're gonna report on for the week coming up. I mean, it's all preplanned. That's why when something happens, they always have their fake videos ready, and their Photoshopped videos and pictures. 'Cause it's all planned ahead of time. Every week they get together on Saturdays and Sundays and discuss the news for the following week. And that's why when something happens that's not of them, they don't even respond. They don't even know how to be real reporters anymore.

So, it'll be interesting with tomorrow. And, you know, I think from this time on, until, you know, throughout the spring, 'cause, like I said, it's been quiet. It's like they're lulling everybody to sleep after all the hype and excitement about December and then that busted. And then it just kind of went dull. They went back to plotting. And here we are. And it's finally gonna start picking up a little bit. Finally gonna start getting interesting.

Usually the Arrival of a Comet Signals the Death of a World Leader

You know, I was driving in town the other day with my kids. It was like, 4 o'clock in the middle of the day, and there's this UFO in the sky. And the thing has like, this silver-white light. It was just so low in the sky. And it's blasting this white-silver light. And I'm like, "Hey, guys, look at that." And we're all watching it and then it suddenly disappears, you know. Like, why does nobody seeing this? Why am I the only one that--you know? Am I the only one that sees this stuff? It was the middle of the day. Unreal.

I know they're coming in. And these comets coming in are Grey carriers. There's a comet now, over by New Zealand. There's supposed to be another comet in March. I don't know what the name is. And then later this year Comet ISON is going to appear. That seems to have their attention moreso than the other two comets. And usually, the arrival of a comet signals the death of a world leader if I remember that right. And so, interesting that we have a comet in New Zealand and the pope is announcing his retirement. Maybe he's doing that before they kill him. He knows they're gonna kill him. He listens to this show. [laughs] So, maybe he's retiring so they'll leave him alone.

The Lord Has Shown Me Parts of Hell

They're all afraid to die. They act like they're not. They do. They all act like, "Oh, I'm gonna--I don't care. I wanna die. I wanna go to hell." But they don't. They just...they're afraid. And they just put up a strong face for all the underlings underneath them. To goad them on and be bold for Satan. And embrace hell, and punishment, and death, and eternity. You know, like that's supposed to be some kind of big glorius thing. And I hear it all the time. You know? Some of these Satanists, you know. They'll, you know, they'll ask me, "How can they not care? They're not afraid." And I go, "Yes, they are. Yeah, they are." [laughs]

Unreal. I mean, they have no idea the horror of hell. You know, these young kids being recruited into the Illuminati families, and the New World Order, and this whole being initiated in, they have no idea what awaits them for eternity. Some of them realize it and they write songs about it. Eminem writes about it. But it's much more ghastly than they can imagine.

You know, the Lord has shown me parts of it. Parts of what hell is like and it's horrible, folks. It's terrible. And one of the biggest things that people will say when they get down there is, "I didn't know it was gonna be like this." You know, they didn't think it would be like that. Well, that's why we have the Bible that describes exactly what it's like. And because you choose to reject the Bible doesn't mean it's not true. You know? I mean, do people think that they can be God? They can decide what something is or not. It's all written right there. The Lord hasn't kept anything from us. People reject the Lord. And so, they reject His word. And so, they don't have the truth about anything.

You know, there's a lot of videos on hell. People who've died, went to hell, came back. The things the Lord has shown me about it. And I haven't seen anybody yet say or come up with a video that says one nice thing about the place. So people need to rethink their positions in rejecting the Lord. Because when you reject the Lord, it's where you go. Where all the people who reject the Lord goes. They go to hell. I mean, why would He want you in His home in heaven with everybody who loves Him, when you always hated Him? I mean, wouldn't that...wouldn't that, you know, upset everybody else to have to be in heaven with people who don't love Him? I mean, that's why we have Earth. We have to deal with that on Earth. We certainly won't have to deal with it in heaven. There won't be anyone there who doesn't love Him. There won't be any evil in heaven.

There Will Be a Huge Push by Our Religious Masonic Church Leaders to Accept These Cosmic Beings

So, just to get people to wake up a little bit. Because things are going to start running quickly. Especially when the patriarchs are here and people start accepting them. You know, there's gonna be a huge push by our religious Masonic leaders leading the churches today, all the wolves, to accept all these cosmic beings coming as frontrunners. I don't know what they're gonna say. I mean, there's at least 11. They're mimicking Yahushua and the 12 disciples. So there'll be at least 11 or 12 of them. And then Sananda will arrive in September.

I don't know when Maitreya's arriving. It's not even clear as day yet if he's going to. He's always been kind of knocked out. People have lost contact with him. What I heard was that they were making another Maitreya. Cloning another one. So...I have no idea. They make these bodies. The bodies they're coming in--Saint Germaine, Maitreya--that's not the original bodies. Those are lab-created bodies for them. Because they're actually--like Sananda, he's a tall Grey. And Hatonn, he's a tall Grey. I don't know if they're all tall Greys or not. I just know that I know that Sananda and Hatonn are tall Greys. And so, they have to, you know, assimilate their tall Grey alien body into a human-looking body to pose as, you know, a messiah, which they're just false messiahs, so.

They Want All Our Guns, Not Just Assault Rifles - Use Cash Rather Than Credit and Debit Cards

Two things I see dominant on Obama's agenda is NESARA and sharia law. And I think that's just gonna--that alone could cause civil war here. Get rid of the Constitution and adopt sharia law. And you'll see different states start to bend towards the agenda. Like Delaware, Biden's son. Saw Joe Biden on TV last week and I about fell out of my chair. Just pitch black eyes. There was no white in his eyes. He was like those kids with the all-black eyes I've seen. And other people have seen them. It's kind of been a buzz on the Internet the last few years about the all-black-eyed people. But that was Biden on TV. He was all-black-eyed.

Well, his son, who's the Attorney General or whatever of Delaware, they're banning all guns or whatever. You'll start to see states doing that. And you'll start to see sharia law being more and more introduced, which is gonna cause an uproar. Still taking our guns. I mean, people think that they're just gonna take the assault rifles. That's just the beginning. That's just the beginning. They're not gonna stop at assault rifles. They're just trying to get everybody to bend to one thing and it snow-blows into all the other weapons. And even forcing people to get them registered so they know exactly what you have, so they know what they're looking for when they come to your house to collect them.

You know, if you can do so, get guns that are not registered. Like in our state, in Ohio, you don't have to register your gun. And hide them. Don't put them in your homes. Because they can always ransack your house looking for your weapons. Hide them elsewhere so they don't even know you have them. And hide your ammo because they'll take that, too. You know, there's gonna be a push for gun-grabbing. They're gonna make it sound like, "Oh, we're gonna give up. We're getting defeated." They're not giving up. Too dominant on their agenda in the U.N.; gun-grabbing.

And the other thing is cash. Eliminating cash. As soon as we let them eliminate cash, they'll have us lock, stock and barrel. And to enforce chip-implantation. So that's another thing we have to stand up for and refuse is to give up our cash. You do not wanna give up your cash and trade it in just for using credit cards and debit cards. Whatever. They wanna give you a cashless society. That is Satan's agenda. That is what he needs for total control of any society is a cashless society. So we have to fight against that one as well.

And being a woman of example, and a doer, not just a talker, I went this weekend to get my concealed carry permit. Just something I think the Lord has been leading me to do for two or three years now. He has always has had my back. I've never had a problem with that. I'm still here. But I've always felt I should get it. There might come a day when everybody needs to carry a weapon. Not saying the Lord isn't going to protect us, but He blesses us doubly, triplefold when our faith meets our actions, and so. You know, he'll honor both, and so. And I've always seen that.

Look at How Effective the Orgone War Has Been

You know, sitting around and praying is one thing, but praying and doing is another and He always double-blesses that. And so, I could sit here all day long and just pray spiritual warfare prayers and give up the orgone war. But you know what? Look how effective the orgone war has been. Look how effective. I mean, if you hear them talk about me at the highest levels, it's hilarious. [laughs] You know, they know me better than anybody that isn't direct family themselves. You know, 'cause they spy on me constantly. Always spying. Under surveillance forever. They listen to every word I say, they watch everything I do. My electric meter outside watches like a full video of my entire yard. They GPS and audio bugs in my car, my vehicles, my house, my garage. I mean, I'm just constantly under surveillance.

And so, the number one thing that's gonna stick out is how unorganized I am. I think it's funny 'cause it's so true. I'm just totally unorganized. But look what we've accomplished. We're totally--I'm totally unorganized, totally broke, living hand-to-mouth daily. Never have enough supplies. Because when I get them, I make orgone and get it out. That doesn't sit in my garage. I make it and get it out. But look what we've done. Look what we've accomplished. Look what we've accomplished. This little ragtag band of the Lord's. He just loves them to death. Do anything He asks. Anything He wants. Just completely consumed by Him. Sold out to Him. And look what we've accomplished.

Russia Is About the Only Place on This Planet without Orgone Where the GTO Can Meet and Do Their Rituals

They're mad. They're afraid. Of the churches? No. They hate the Orgone Warriors. So we've gone a long way, folks. We've come a long way in a short, short period of time. Taking down the strongholds of Satan. Burning them out of the skies, crashing them, boiling them. I see that in the Codes all the time. Boils. You know, they're burnt up, boils, and just different ways it affects them. And they're afraid to fly here. That's why Sananda's not even coming here. He's gonna stay between the Vatican and Israel. He's not even coming to America. He's been flying over America. He's been in Ohio. He's been over Ohio. Many times. Practically lives there. I think his blue Capricorn ship is above Ohio. It was for a long time. Way, way up. Way up in space, so.

And Shema, stuck on the border. And that was a huge city. Almost like the ship you see in the V series. Had a temple to Satan on Shema, the planet. And, you know, that thing's been destroyed, and on fire, and been abandoned. We went to targeting that. And so, everything we set our sights on ends up destroyed. Destroying kings and all their strongholds. And that's what we need to be doing, folks. I mean, there's Warriors in countries all over the world, except Russia and China. Now I know there's orgone, a little bit, in Thailand. And a little bit in Indonesia. But as far as China, itself, I can't think of ever sending orgone there. And Russia. Now some of those...some of those provinces, Lithuania and Kazakhstan, I think there's Warriors there. But not in Russia, itself.

So no surprise that the GTO is meeting in Moscow this Friday and Saturday. 'Cause it's about the only place they can go on this planet where there's no orgone is Russia. [laughs] Moscow. And so, they're meeting this Friday and Saturday. No doubt Germaine will be there leading it like he usually does. And when the GTO meets, they have a whole week long of rituals. And so, they'll probably be starting them today, tomorrow. I know a lot of leaders will start flying in about Tuesday and Wednesday. Because they have all these rituals that they do. And they were doing them when they had their GT meetings here last year.

And they can go so far--there would be 400 people, and all required to kill 3 people apiece. That's how many sacrifices they do at these types of meetings. People think it's, "Oh, they're talking economics, banking, politics," whatever. Yeah, maybe for a day. The rest of the time they're busy killing innocent people. They bring them up out of the prisons that they have them being held in and they have it going all night and day long, where they're each required to kill three people.

This is standard, folks. And so, we need to come against that this week. We'll be posting prayers like we did last summer when they were here in Chicago and then again at Camp David. We totally demolished the mood and atmosphere of those meetings with our spiritual warfare prayers. Sabotaging their rituals. And they didn't even kill the required number of people they were supposed to. We just totally destroyed the energy. And so, we need to do that again.

You know, we need to always keep constantly praying and asking the Lord to sabotage their rituals and turn all DOE energy into POE. To convert it so He can use it for Himself. And so, we need to keep doing that all week long and sabotage all their rituals planned this Moscow, so.

The Period from February 20 to March 20 Looks Interesting - An Easter Arrival May Be Blocked

The State of the Union is Tuesday. And then the GTO is Friday in Moscow. And then you go...let me get my little calendar here. And then the next Friday, the 22nd to the 28th is when the Codes get interesting. So I don't know what's happening the last week. The last 7, 10 days of February other than the pope's resignation. But then you move into...from February 22 until about March 11, and even the 15th, the 14th, and all those dates are interesting, so. It's the, you know, that time period from February 20 to March 20, it's gonna be interesting.

Watch for their arrival. You know, maybe it's all setup stuff and they actually arrive at Easter time. I don't know. 'Cause every time I look at things in the Codes, it looks like it's blocked. It's blocked, it's blocked, it's blocked. Not gonna happen. So, you never know. They may just have to cancel one plan and create another one and implement it that way. So, that's why I always just keep an eye on it.

Great Interview with The Hijacker

Some other things I wanna talk about. Oh, I did an interview on Tuesday, last Tuesday, with The Hijacker. And that link's been posted on my Facebook site. I need to get it put up on my websites so people can go listen to the archives of that. Had a great time. Two and a half hours. Just hard-hitting info, folks. It was a really good time doing that interview with him, so. I'll put that up on my websites so you guys can listen to that archive, for those who didn't catch it live. Did have another interview request. I don't know if I'm going to do it or not.

The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord

So, couple things, um, just a brush up, folks, because when Yahushua arrives (the real one), His coming, His return is referred to as the great and terrible day of the Lord, the day of judgment, the day of vengeance. Isaiah, alone, refers to it as the judgment day or day of vengeance approximately 56 times. Because when He comes, in Jerusalem, at the battle of Armageddon, He's coming to put a complete stop, a complete stop, to the rule, and the reign, and the madness of this New Age alien agenda, this New World Order, Satan's kingdom on earth.

And Daniel, according to him, he says He's going to smash it with an iron fist. In other words, He's gonna completely destroy this last-day's empire and global government. And all those involved with it, including their armies. And even the people of the world who joined this beast kingdom on earth.

Sananda May Take the Name of Allah

So He is not coming with a band of His apostles to begin a global government on earth. It's Satan, folks. It is Satan who is arriving. He arrives first. And he is going to set up a global government, a global religion. He's gonna have his deputy with him, his secondhand man, who will be this Maitreya. This being coming, this Sananda, he may even take the name of Allah. He may even come as Allah. Don't be surprised it he doesn't come saying, "I'm Jesus." He may say he's Allah. Just know it's a fake.

If You Want to Buy and Sell in the New Economy, You Have to Be Chip-Implanted - Chemtrails Becoming More Deadly

Read enough of the Bible so you can discern prophetic times and the times we're in. Because when the real Son of God comes, He's coming at the battle of Armageddon in the valley of Megiddo in Israel to destroy Satan and his armies.and the people of the world that worship and follow them. Now by that time, by the time He arrives at the battle of Armageddon, what the Bible refers to as the battle of Armageddon, America's destroyed, the world has been forced into a worship of the beast where they have to worship this Antichrist as God. If you refuse to worship him, you're killed. At this time, the world is forced to have been chip-implanted. If you want to buy and sell, join the new economy, this new kingdom on earth, you have to be chip-implanted to do that, to do anything. And you have to worship them as God. Worship the beast as God.

As so, these are the kinds of things that have been taking place. And, of course, all the Lord's judgments have hit Earth at that time. Nibiru coming in. And Nibiru, alone, could fulfill a lot of the judgments of the trumpets and the bowls. Just by its huge size and presence coming into our atmosphere coming closer. And so, you can imagine by the time the real Son of God shows up, most of this world is destroyed. And I think by the time He does arrive, only a third of the world's population is left. So about two-thirds of it has been killed by famine, wars, disease, plagues.

Think about it. If we have 7 billion in the world today, and you're looking at two-thirds, which would be about 5 billion killed. So you're looking at the UN Agenda 21 plan in full operation. But it's mostly in the guise of Sananda, this Allah, this Jesus that's coming. He's the one behind all this death. I always said if anyone fulfills the requirements and then the characteristics of the pale horse rider of the apocalypse, the four horsemen, it's Sananda.

He's always behind this chip implantation, forced vaccinations. Because through vaccinations is where they can get these plagues out. They put all kinds of ghastly stuff in these vaccinations and then people put it in their bodies.

They're behind the chemtrail program. The Bible Codes refers to it as dung spreader. They're behind that. And those are gonna become much more deadly. Putting plagues in the air that you just breathe in. 5 billion are gonna die. 5 billion. And how long? 42 months. 42 months. Three and a half years. Well, that's just people falling over dead everywhere.

Governments Understand Prophecy and Are Trying to Make It Happen

And you read about FEMA. And I was reading something about the Canandian government putting out an order for massive body storage and stuff. I mean, yeah. The governments are preparing. They know the Bible better than most people on the planet. Most people sitting in churches don't even understand Bible prophecy. Our government, they understand it. They're trying to make it happen. They're more than happy to try to make it happen. They'd be the vessels of making it happen.

And even if they decided it wasn't for them, they wanted to repent and get out of it and turn to the Lord, they can't stop it. They can't stop it. 'Cause if Sananda and these cosmic beings arrive and hell and Satan's forces come with them, and the Lord's judgments are on earth, there's no stopping it.

You know, it's not necessarily their plans that are gonna go into effect. It's that the Lord's judgment on earth is going into effect. And you know who He's going after? He's going after the wicked. He's going after them.

Those in the Satanic Brotherhood Think They're Protected, But the Lord's Judgment Is Coming on Them

They think they're protected. One of the biggest things about becoming an initiated member into the Brotherhood--which is what they call themselves, it's the Illuminati, a satanic faction that--death cult's another name--that operates in the governments around the world and countries--they think they're protected. Because, yeah, over the years, they've had insane protection. They never get in trouble or caught, or have to stand in answer to their murders and all the ghastly things that they do. All their drug-running, all their killing of the people through vaccines and fllu shots, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink. No one's ever been stood up to have to answer to all the deaths that've been caused. They've always been insanely protected. That's gonna end because the Lord's judgment is coming and His wrath is on them. His wrath isn't on His people on earth. His wrath isn't on people who hate evil and love good. His wrath is on the wicked. And the Bible talks about the time when the rich and the powerful will be brought down low. Which means they can't run and hide.

I know a lot of them, you know, you hear about, "Oh, the Nestle corporate people are running to Africa." And all these other corporations, the CEOs and people are running to Africa and Argentina and all these other countries to hide. To build, you know, hiding places. Really? Well, Africa's gonna be in about complete civil war because there's famine and inflation, and the people are unemployed and hungry, and pretty much at war all the time. And it's gonna get much, much worse. You're not gonna be safe there. And you're not gonna be safe anywhere, because the Lord's arm of judgment can reach anywhere on the planet.

I love the fact that some of these big shots like George Soros think they're gonna be safe on their islands. [laughs] What does the Bible say? Bible says all the islands are gonna sink. Gonna be at the bottom of the Atlantic, and the Pacific, and whatever other ocean there is. They're not gonna be safe hiding in the islands. But you go enjoy your island. At least you're leaving us alone. At least you're out of our country. Go enjoy your islands and wait to sink. I'll be cheering that one on.

But they're all so high-minded and proud they think that, you know, nothing evil's gonna touch them. When all this stuff hits us on earth, that they'll be protected. You know, Satan's promised to protect them after all, right? Satan's had a lot of power, but the Lord is much, much more powerful. Satan's power is granted to him by the Lord. It's given to him by the Lord to fulfill His purposes. And what Satan's doing on earth fulfills the Lord's purposes. The Lord allows Satan to do these things on earth. To test the people. And He doesn't want robots. He wants us to serve and follow Him, and love Him because we want to. Not because He's forcing us to or forced to. He doesn't want robots.

They Were Trying to Suppress Light and Goodness, but We Put Balance Back on the Earth with the Orgone

And so, there's a balance in all things. There's good and there's evil. There's light and there's darkness. Which one are you gonna choose? It's all about us. It's all about you. Which side are you on? The good side or the evil side? Because there's a balance in everything, folks. Balance. That's why He stood us up with the orgone. Because they were trying to topple the balance. They were trying to replace all of the living energies of the earth. The aether energy is the life force of the earth. They were trying to suppress it all with the chemtrail operations. With the chemtrail programs. And suppress the light and life force of the earth and just dominate it with dead energy. Suppressing sunlight so the plants and the trees can't thrive and grow, and gardens can't grow, and nothing can survive. They were trying to beat it down and suppress it. And we put balance back on the earth with the orgone. We put balance back on so they couldn't win with their plans. So the Lord has purposes in everything that He does.

But that's the one part about the whole tribulation period that I can't wait to see happen. All the wicked being judged and removed. You know, the Lord's wrath is about destroying them. That's why they think they're safe. You know, even in their underground bases. They've spent trillions of dollars in underground cities, underground bases. They're gonna become their tombstones. The Lord is gonna wipe them out with earthquakes and floods. They're not gonna find a safe place to be. They can't escape His judgment. And it's coming on them, themselves. The ones who thought, "Oh, hey, when Satan arrives, we're gonna be great buddies and we're gonna help him dominate and rule over the earth." Then they'll realize why he's called the father of lies. [laughs] Liar.

He's gonna replace all the humans anyway with his own droids. I mean, that's what it's about. Control. There's nobody close to Satan that isn't chip-implanted and controlled. And then you have the controllers who are controlled. And then you have controllers controlling the controllers who control the controllers. Everybody--everything around him is controlled. He's not omniscient. He's not omnipresent. He's not a real god. So he has to control by technology. So these are the things that are coming, folks.

We Can Win the Ultimate Fight Against Lucifer - Get More and More Orgone Walls Around County and State Borders

We need to stand up and keep getting busy. Especially if they're gonna be arriving in--you know, this is our planet. So we need to stand up and defend it against the evil and the wicked. You know, we haven't gotten very far with our own governments. They're completely out of control. But we can do something about Satan's forces coming in. We can win the ultimate fight against Lucifer and all of his forces. Because the orgone crashes them. It pulls them out of the sky, it burns them. So we need to get more and more walls up, folks. We need to--I put up a project last month. Border project, border wars. Getting the borders of the states. 'Cause this is where they hide their bases. They hide them under cities. And they hide them under borders of states. And especially in mountain ranges. There's so much we need to do.

People need to stand up and get busy. If you can't get your state, get your county. Get a map of your county and follow the map. And put a puck every quarter-mile or half-mile all the way around your county. And those will put up tight orgone walls around your county, so that if they fly into your county, they're running smack into and through an orgone wall. And this is what crashes them, folks. So we need to get the orgone walls up. My county's orgoned. A lot of Ohio is. But everybody has areas in their states that need done. Everybody can throw up a wall that hasn't been there already, to surprise them and take them down. It's us against them, folks, literally. The Lord gave us a weapon to use, let's use it.

The 144,000 Elect Are Referred to in the Bible Codes as Senior - It's Expected of the Seniors to Do the Most Work to Protect the Earth

Still need your financial support to keep this war going and moving. Appreciate all those who have sent in contributions to this ministry. But I need constant support, folks. This has to keep going and going because we can't stop until the Lord says, "That's enough. That's enough." And He's gonna take the 144,000 home. And I suspect that when these satanic patriarchs arrive is when we're going to see the first group of 144,000 go home. And then the war's really on on earth. So we need to do as much as we can to protect the earth while we're still here.

You know, in the Bible Codes, they're referred to as senior, senority. Because we're the oldest ones. We're the firstfruits, the Elect. We're the seniors. The senorities. So we need to stand up because that's expected. It would be expected of the senior ones to do more work, to do the most. There's a lot of people who were just designated to be persecuted, and tested, and tried for the faith. And that's the calling that they've, uh, been handed to them because of their faith. Because of the way they've lived their lives, now they've gotta be persecuted and tested. There's others who have great callings on their lives to stand up and be anointed and do things for the Lord. And so, they're gonna be much more responsible.

Anyway, got about 90 seconds left. Be back next Monday. Probably have a lot to talk about with Obama's speech tomorrow night. But don't forget, folks, to support this ministry. Support this ministry every month. Support it monthly. You can send your tithes, your offerings, your alms, donations.

Anyway, folks, I'm gonna be back next Monday. Until then. Yah bless.


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