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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
February 18, 2013


We're Seeing the Old Order Go Out with the Resignation of Pope Ratzinger

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, February 18. And I'm Sherry Shriner. I'm sitting here looking at my calendar. Next week is the 25th. And it's been the last week of February that seems to be the noisiest in the Codes for the month. I know, uh, I think Ratzinger's supposed to resign on the 28th at 8 o'clock p.m. So, interesting he picked that date because, as I've been saying, it's always been that last week, the 20th days of February that've been the most noisy. And he's just the top at getting the ball rolling.

I've told you guys about regime change. And that the old order is going out so the new bullies on the block can come in and institute their alien agenda here on earth. And that's exactly what we're seeing. You're seeing part so the Old World Order being tumbled and tossed out. And, you know, it's gonna get interesting. And the pope isn't the end-all; the pope's resignation. And what's interesting is that 1 billion Catholics are supporting the fact that Vatican City will conceal him from prosecution by allowing him to stay within its walls. Because as long as he's inside Vatican City, he's got Vatican protections. And so, they won't legally prosecute him.

And the funny thing is that they're just saying, "Oh, he's the guy at the top that's been protecting all these pedophile priests." Folks, he's been the top ringer of this huge pedophile ring that encompasses the world for years. Right now, this huge pedophile ring connects to all the Knights of Maltas, all the secret orders around the world, and global secret societies. So it'll be interesting if the Catholics allow that to just be swept under the rug and allow him to stay protected within Vatican City instead of being held accountable.

The Whole New World Order Regime Is Going to Be Thrown Under the Bus So the New Regime Can Replace It

Things that are coming up after the pope's resignation, if not before, I believe you're gonna see the whole Windsor family, Royal Family tumble like a stack of cards. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince William. Interesting that the New Age sites aren't mentioning Prince Harry. But he's not human either, so. I think what is coming out more and more is confirmations of the things I've talked about over years, and that these people at the top are not even human. They're all Reptilian replacements of the humans that were in charge. Queen Elizabeth being replaced back in the 1950s. And the fact that Charles, William, and Harry, all three of them, were also replaced. And so, don't know if they'll being coming out with more of that. But I'm starting to see trickles on the Internet of blogs and websites picking up the fact that none of these beings are even human anyway.

Rockefeller's supposedly on the run, but the Rothschilds will be next, too. Probably the last ones to go down. And so, kind of working up the pecking order, I think. I know there's a lot of people who believe that the pope is above the queen, but from what I was told by top-ranking Satanists, the queen is above all of them. The pope and Rothschild were under her. And so, it'll be interesting to see. I know the Rothschilds think they're pretty invincible. But like I said, they'd be the first ones hunted down and thrown in these very FEMA camps that they thought were being built for the sheeple, for the commoners they refer to us as.

This whole New World Order regime; Bushes, Clintons, Cheney, all of them. Everybody we've seen involved with our government for the past 30 years, working this New World Order agenda, and all part of this regime, all part of the 13 Illuminati families. And they're gonna be thrown under the bus. And all those who've joined them in their secret orders, their secret societies, intiates into satanism, which would include many well-known celebrities and religious figures amongst us today. All thinking that, you know, all buying into the promises that they'd be protected. And the thing is, their protection's going to be lifted. They're gonna find out why Satan's called the father of lies. Because he's lied to all of them. And that whole regime is gonna go down. And then--certainly going down now quicker than I think most people think.

Looks like they have some kind of a timeline going on with Easter. They have a project called the Easter Reclamation Campaign. And that was the time when they wanted the Vatican to reliquish all of its properties. They were gonna take over the Vatican and all of their trillions worth of properties around the world. And so, that moving along much quicker. I think we could see the Royal Family crash probably sometime--any day now. And then the Rothschilds going down. They're all going down, folks, so. To truly bring in a new regime, they have to completely replace the old one. And the old one, they were just puppets. They were the Illuminati families established to set up a global New World Order so that when the Ascended Masters and Satan's alien New Age regime came in, it would all be set up for them to take over. And so, that's what's being done, being taken over. And so, the old one will completely go down.

The Most Dominant Thing in the Bible Codes Are the Orgone Warriors - Starships Are Crashing Around the Globe

On the interesting side--and I'm getting a lot of e-mails about all of the starship crashes around the globe. NASA inventing an explanation for the recent fireballs, saying it's fireball season. [laughs] There's been 50 crashes in just 5 days. Everywhere from south Florida, to Cuba, to Russia, to Ireland, to Canada. People posting YouTube videos all over, just of all these fireballs, meteors, crashing. And at the same time, I was telling you last week, and the week before, how Yah's cranking up the orgone. What I see in the Codes is there're starships crashing. And I've talked about that plenty of times, so I just sit back and watch it happening.

You know, we're saturating the air with our orgone. It's the one thing that's defeating them. You can look at any Code in the Bible Codes and the most dominant thing are the Orgone Warriors. The orgone crashing the UFO ships. And so, this all coming to a head as the New World Order regime is on its way out. And so, I do think that they were coming in as reinforcements for them. But these reinforcements are crashing everywhere. So, expect that to keep going. I know Sananda and all of them are scared. Scared of the fact that the orgone's crashing not just the enemy ships, everybody's ships. Everybody that's coming in. And there's thousands of different factions and groups, and alien groups that are coming in, and that have been here, that are now succumbing to the saturated orgone air and crashing, and so.

NESARA Announcement Expected in 2013 - Promises of This Political Agenda of the Beast

NESARA announcement expected in 2013. And, you know, this was supposed to be implemented back in 2008. And I had put websites up on NESARA even back then. And now we're kind of delayed up ahead into 2013, some 5 years later on delays. But this should've all been implemented back in 2008. And so, shows you how much of a delay we've been on. And I told you everything should've come to a head in 2009. Instead, it was pushed back a few years, and so. I've been talking about NESARA for the last decade, it seems. Did one of my first interviews with Dr. Stan Monteith years ago, I think back in 2007, 2008, on NESARA. And at that time, he hadn't heard of it. Not too many people had heard of NESARA.

And I have articles on it on my website at, where NESARA is the political agenda of the beast. It's going to bring in their whole political and economic regime. And so, for a lot of people, they love the attributes of what NESARA promises. But I can tell you it's gonna fall way short on their promises. Because, as we're seeing with their old regime, FEMA camps, martial law, RFID chip implanting, mandatory chip implanting, mandatory vaccines. Because that's a huge...huge part of Sananda's program of chip-implanting the entire world. And not just Sananda, but Satan who controls him. He controls his kingdom through chip implants. And so, that's going to be a dominant part of this entire NESARA agenda. So I said, if it's too good to be true, it is. And certainly with NESARA and their millions of promises.

  • Canceling all credit card debt, mortgage and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government corruption, income tax being abolished.
  • A new 14 percent flat rate tax on nonessential new items will provide the revenue stream for national governments.
  • Increased benefits for senior citizens.
  • Return of constitutional law.

All of these things.

  • There's a new USA treasury rainbow currency being backed by gold, silver and platinum precious metals being introduced.
  • A new treasury, USA treasury bank system being initiated and created in alignment with constitutional law.
  • The Federal Reserve board system being abolished.
  • Personal financial privacy being restored.
  • All judges and attorneys being retrained in constitutional law.
  • All USA military actions worldwide will cease and global peace will be established.
  • Every American citizen over the age of 21 will receive $100,000 a month for 11 years.

And so, all of these things, all of these promises of NESARA to get instituted here. And get people in the New Age on the bandwagon of, "Yes, we want NESARA. Yes, we want all these things." They're not looking at, you know, the reality side of it. And the reality side is, you know, the Bible talks about a time of America the Babylon. How this last lone superpower will herd its own people into camps and kill them.

One of Sananda's Biggest Agendas Is to Get People Chip-Implanted

And, you know, one of the biggest things I see in the Bible Codes is associated with Sananda's arrival. And that's whether he arrives physically or is working in the background like he is now is that, uh, is chip implanting. One of his biggest thing is to get people chip-implanted. Already articles coming out on how this RFID chip implant causes tumors and cancer.

I remember years ago when they had a family on TV. And it's when they first started marketing and promoting the RFID chip implant. And so, they were volunteering to be the first to be chip-implanted and all this stuff. I often wondered what happened to them. And I heard that they developed cancers and tumors from those chip implants. Of course, the corporations will never go back and do a what happened to these people--you know, give an update. But that's what I've heard happened. And it happens in lab animals, happens in people. Eventually they develop cancers and tumors from it. And I've been warning about the chip-implanting program for years. And, of course, we all know what it talks about in Revelation 13 about the entire world being forced to accept the mark of the beast. Certainly this chip, whether it's on--whether it's a visible chip or it's on a tattoo, or it's in or on your right hand or forehead, is what this is moving along to.

Bible Codes on NESARA

Years ago, I did a Bible Code on NESARA. And wanted to tell you the findings. Found this Code in Genesis 1:11. It says a fake Jesus will run NESARA. It says Jesus - Deceit - Fraud - Chief - General - President. NESARA. He is the one running this NESARA.

Ministry - Agency - Abominate - Abomination - Disgusting - Repugnant - Babylon - Omegan - Backfire. So this whole program, this whole ministry by Sananda, and this abomination is going to backfire. Who's it gonna backfire on? Us. On America. It's gonna backfire on Babylon.

Announcement - Emergency - Brotherhood - Establishment - Undertaking - Project - Calamitous - Illusion - Delusion - Fallacy. And so, with all their penned glorious attributes of what NESARA's going to be and what it's gonna do for everybody, it's a delusion. It's calamitous. It will destroy this country. And this country's not going to rise from the ashes and be rebuilt suddenly, and everybody's living in peace and prosperity. It's going to be calamitous.

And, yes, there will be an announcement. And this is one of the one things the agenda has talken about for years, about how you'll have an announcement and introduce NESARA to the public through a series of TV shows. And want the people to watch them and learn about what NESARA's gonna do for our country and all that.

So it's right along target. What I'm finding in the Bible Codes is right along target with what they're claiming. But they're looking at, "Oh, this is going to happen. This is going to be accomplished. This is going to be glorious for everybody." I'm seeing the truth of the whole thing. It's calamitous. It's going to destroy this country.

NESARA Is Satan's Ministry and It Will Fool the People

Other terms found, Corrosion - Demonic - Ghoulish - Falsehood - Lie - Backfire - Babylon - Cheated - Deceived - Fooled - Nation - People. They're being lied to. They're being deceived. All of those who have fallen for this New Age NESARA program, being lied to.

Satan - Ministry - Inform - Improve - Falsehood. Satan's ministry, folks. It's his global economic program here on earth.

And I remember one of the Codes I was seeing back then. I don't know if it was switched to Obama and Biden for now, but back in 2008 when I did this Code, it said, Bush - Cheney - Indicted - Accused - Death - Assassination - Murder - Pavilion - Tent - March - May. You know, they talk about having all of these people being held accountable for their crimes against humanity. And so, you know, back in 2008 I had seen them holding Bush and Cheney accountable by publicly executing them. And so, I don't know if they would do that with Obama and Biden. Or maybe they will hunt up Bush and Cheney and hold them accountable. But interesting look at the months March and May. Because those seem to be the noisiest right now for the downfall of the current regime of the New World Order. Instituting the new one. As the old one goes down, the new one's rising in the background. And this whole spring looking to be very interesting.

And how does the world feel about it? The world is numb, the world is shocked, Overpowering - Shocking - Announcement - Pact - Concordat - Terror - Horror - Terrorist - Phony - Lord - Yahweh - Backfire - Savage - Uncivilized - Fraudulent - Phony - Fake - Deceitful. This Sananda is nothing but a phony, a fake. He lies, he's deceitful. There's some kind of announcement, a pact, a concordat, which is an agreement, a treaty, probably with world governments. But it produces terror and horror. Because he's a phony.

What Satan's Doing in the Background Has Come to the Forefront

Satan's establishing his regime on earth. So, very interesting. I often talk about how I see things in the Codes, and everything going on in the background, and wonder when it would come to the forefront. And then, when it does, you know, people are shocked, and they're just like, "Wow, what's going on here?"

I could talk about the armada of ships I see and the UFOs crashing, the starships crashing. And it's OK if people don't see it. Then when they start seeing it, things crashing out of the skies all around them, the first thing they wanna know is what's going on.

Well, I told you what's going on. It's now coming into the forefront. See, for years it's been going on and people haven't noticed it. They've been able to just brush it away. "Oh, it's just a shooting star." "Oh, that's just another meteor." But now that it's becoming so obnoxious and so dominant, daily people seeing crashing ships across the sky every day now, it's when things come to light. They're coming out of the background. They're coming into the light. People are starting to see it.

And it's the same thing with this alien New Age agenda I've been talking about for years. It's coming out of the background. It's coming into the light. People are gonna start seeing it. They're gonna start hearing terms I've talked about. Recognize things I've talked about. And then they're gonna start recognizing it. And so, this is it, folks.

NESARA Will Not Stop the Dollar From Crashing, the Guns from Being Taken Away, nor End FEMA Camps and Martial Law

But let me tell you something because nothing on the--you know, some of the things will not change. Just because NESARA--they wanna announce NESARA, get rid of the Federal Reserve, get rid of our debts, change the economic system here, introduce new money backed by metals, that's gonna crash our economy, number one.

The same person, Sananda, who's behind this global economic initiative, NESARA, is also behind the dinar and the currency revaluations that people have been waiting on. And if you're following the blog boards about the first basket of currencies to be revaluated, the dinar, Vietnam dong, Chinese yuan, bunch of them being in the first basket, that's imminent, that's any day. And that's also a project, a little pet program of Sananda's. So it's kind of back and back. He's got this whole NESARA thing, he's got this whole currency revaluation thing going on.

It's not gonna stop the American dollar from crashing. The American dollar's gonna crash. The economy's gonna crash. There's going to be unrest here. There's gonna be civil war here. Because if people think that this agenda is gonna stop some of the nonsense we're dealing with now, it's not gonna stop, it's gonna escalate.

It's also a gun-free zone. They're also gonna wanna take your guns. It's not gonna stop that. Even though they say that they're gonna turn to constitutional law, they want everybody's guns.

They're also not gonna put an end to FEMA camps and martial law coming. That's not gonna end either. In fact, they're gonna utilize them themselves because, you know, they may be promising you all the pies in the sky, but if you don't agree to play along with their agenda, you're an enemy, you're a terrorist. You know, you're no better to them--you know, they scream about Obama and his kill list. How he's got a personal kill list and they go after their personal enemies, label them as terrorists and enemies.

The alien regime coming is going to do the same things. You're gonna be on their terror list. And if you don't like the New World Order regime now, if you're on a Red List now, that's not gonna change when this New Age alien regime comes into play. Because if you can see what a con and fraud, with all the corruption that's been going on with the New World Order regime, it's not gonna change with this one. You're gonna have the same brains and be able to analyze and think for yourself and see for yourself how corrupt this alien regime, this New Age regime, is coming in.

So, you're basically just switching people who want to kill you. You're going from the New World Order to the New Age alien agenda. If the New World Order crowd--if you were an enemy to them, and you were on their Red List, that's pretty much gonna be the same thing. You being on the Red List for the New Age alien agenda. They're gonna have their own Red List, too. They're the ones filling up the FEMA camps. They're the ones doing it. The old regime may have built them and got them in place, but it's this new regime coming in that's gonna utilize them. They're gonna be doing the roundups.

These Liars and Conmen of the Ashtar Command Could Make Their Appearance at Any Time

They're gonna be doing--you know, they talk about giving people back their liberties and constitutional law, under the guise of suppressing them even more and taking them even more. And when people wake up and realize it, there's going to be war here in this country. There's gonna be a backlash against this regime that tries to take over America and every other country in the world. And so, you know, we're really not trading a whole lot. And I've warned you, it's not going to be the utopia on earth that these New Agers seem to think that it's gonna be. It doesn't even get anywhere close. You know?

I don't see anything in the Codes about truthful peace and prosperity. All I see is lies. Lies run by liars, frauds and conmen. And they're coming. You know, I still believe the--there's about 12 of them that run this Ashtar Command and Satan's top generals. And I still believe they'll come ear--some of them will come earlier. Saint Germaine being one of them. One of these New Age Ascended Masters. They could arrive at any time. I mean, they're already here. I'm just talking about arriving for the public to see them. They can make their appearance and their announcements at any time.

Sananda doesn't have to arrive with them. I don't even think he'll arrive at the same time they do, even though he wants to. I think he's gonna be delayed still. I still don't expect him until September even though he has the green light. He can arrive at any time. I know some people expect him by Easter. And that's certainly a pliable route, but if he doesn't arrive by Easter, just remember that there's always the September month, the arrival dates.

But these other, what's termed patriarchs, Satan's patriarchs, they could arrive at any time. Anytime from now until whenever. Anytime. They have an arrival. This is their time, after all. We're on their sand clock right now. It's almost like the clock was flipped over and now it's their sand running out of time. They're busy in the background tearing down the old regime and the old setup structures, and taking over them. That's why they're kind of giving the public niblets. You're know, the whole thing with the pope. Pope being forced to resign. You know, he was basically told resign or die. You know. So he resigned. They've been trying to kill him since last year. They were just gonna step it up to get him out of there. They want him out of office. And so, you know, he's not resigning out of the goodness of his heart or whatever you wanna call it, you know. He's being forced to resign. And so, that's why he's resigning.

And the queen will be next. The queen will go down. The Rothschilds will go down. Obama and Biden will go down as collateral damage in the mess of everybody else going down, the whole regime going down, itself, because they're part of it. They're part--I mean, Obama was put in office by the Vatican and Queen Elizabeth, and the support he got from the New World Order regime. And so, he's gonna go down with them.

They Plan on Holding New Elections Here in America and the White Knight Politicians of the Alien Agenda Will Come into Play

And so, what they plan on doing is holding new elections here in America. And I think that's probably where you're gonna see their White Knight politicians come into play. Ron Paul being one of them. Did a Bible Code on Ron Paul. Was not an angelic, good Code for what everybody thinks is this spectacular, remarkable man. There's nothing about this New Age alien regime coming in that is remarkable, or angelic, or respectable. They're even worse, even more evil than the regime that's going down. And being part of them, like so many are today--you know, White Knight is a term that they use to designate their politicians, and journalists, and everybody that's working with that agenda. Ron Paul, White Knight politician. Alex Jones, White Knight journalist. One of theirs. All working part of this NESARA New Age alien regime. They're all part of that one. And so, that's gonna get interesting, folks.

I just sit back and watch both sides fighting it out right now. But eventually what happens is all the ones, the real God-loving, constitutional-loving patriots and people of this country will be caught in the middle. That's why the FEMA camps won't be going anywhere. You know, if you refuse that chip implant, then you're not gonna qualify to join this global economic prosperity program they're trying to implement on earth.

I Don't See Peace and Prosperity Coming, I See Hideous Plagues Coming

This whole economic prog--they have different prosperity programs. They call them prosperity programs. And everybody will have access to one of them. And peace and prosperity is their battle cries, folks. And they're waving all this money in people's faces saying, "Join us." But, basically, if you get one of these chip implants, you're gonna be selling your soul for it. And so, it's not worth it.

I don't see peace and prosperity coming. I see famine, destruction, high inflation, starvation, plagues. I see hideous plagues coming. Especially when Sananda does make his appearance here. Remember I said he practically--if he's not the pale horse rider, he certainly rivals it. Because whenever he's around, whenever you see him in the Codes, you see his chip-implanting programs, his false economic programs he's behind, and plagues. Plagues; Ebola crosses his name. You know, Ebola is that one plague where your organs just turn to mush and people are bleeding through every orifice in their body. And so, these types of plagues are coming.

Things That Should Have Happened the End of December Could Happen the End of February or Beginning of March

And it doesn't have to be--have his personal arrival here. He's just responsible for it in the background. You know, he's pulling a lot of strings. Sananda being Satan, himself. One of the manifestations that Satan is going to manifest as being in Sananda, so. All coming to a head, folks. It's all around the corner. You know, people expected all this to happen Christmastime. Certainly had the huge green light for December 25 and that entire week. And now we're seeing that entire timeline at the end of December last year being pushed over to February and March of this year. It wasn't cancelled, folks. It was just delayed.

You know, when they have green lights to go ahead and implement something they wanna do when the Lord's in agreement with it, they can come and go. There can be several different dates for the same things. They didn't get it going in December because the orgone blocked them. It was their introduction to orgone, dealing with us.

And December the 21st, Satan being cast out of heaven, crashing out of heaven. The orgoned air was crashing their ships then. It is escalating. They have armadas and reinforcements coming in that are now crashing everywhere. People are seeing that happening everywhere. And so, we're looking at a whole 'nother arrival date that things that should've happened the end of December that are gonna happen, they're set to happen, could happen end of February, beginning of March. The hype is there. The buildup is there. Everything is there. And so, certainly a time to keep an eye on things; the end of February.

They Want to Speed Up the Process of Electing a New Pope in Office - When Sananda Arrives, He Will Be the Sole Religious Figure on Earth

Also the end of March. The end of March you've got Passover beginning on the 25th. And you've got Easter beginning on the 31st. And so, you know, from what I'm reading, they want to speed up the process of electing a new pope in office. They wanna have one in office, I believe, by March 15 to replace Ratzinger. And it's such a nonevent, really. Because, if they do have a replacement, he's gonna be one of them. Somebody in alignment with the New Age alien program. And it's gonna be a nonevent. He's not gonna have the influence that they used to have. Because when Sananda comes, he's going to be the sole religious figure on earth.

And they're even talking about combining the pope position with the presidential position in Israel. They call him a prime minister. Where we call our leader a president, they call theirs a prime minister. And they wanna combine both religious and political offices in one with Sananda; the lamb with two horns. Horns often indicate anointings or power in position. And so, that would certainly indicate the dragon with two horns, and so. It's going to be the economic and religious leader, and so, interesting.

Not Really Seeing Maitreya in the Codes

Maitreya still kind of AWOL. Not really seeing him in the Codes. I know they were gonna try to replace him. He was supposed to be Sananda's sidekick. We took him out. We destroyed his ship with the orgone. He crashed and was hurt severely by it. This was years ago. And since then, he's been AWOL. And they were gonna raise up Raj Patel to try to take over him. And then that wasn't working 'cause, you know, Raj Patel, a London, aristocratic snob just isn't gonna do it for the people, and so. Then they were just gonna clone a new Maitreya body. Whatever. Right now it's still out there. I don't think anybody really knows. Unless he just shows up. What's gonna happen--maybe he went quiet so I'd stop talking about him. I don't know. [laughs] I had his number back then and they were getting tired of it.

The New Pope Will Be a Nonevent

You know, Sananda gets tired of me talking about him. Pope gets tired of me talking about him. People don't want exposed for who and what they are. And they certainly can't stand it when their routes and their game plans are exposed before they even get to implement them. They like to take people by surprise.

So, just kind of waiting for the ball to drop with the pope resigning. Not too many people caring. I mean, he wasn't--certainly not one of the more popular popes in the history of the Catholic church. If you look at John Paul II, and he was replaced early on. So was John Paul I. Well, John Paul I was killed. John Paul II was replaced, like, two weeks after he was elected and put in office. He was replaced. So he wasn't the original either. But the people never caught onto it and they liked John Paul II. And he used to attract millions of people when he would travel the world.

And Ratzinger just never got that kind of attention, that adoration. I think even the Catholics could see how appalling and evil this guy is. It's like evil protruding out of every pore of this guy. Just the most evil-looking person in the history of the planet. Hard to fall in love and adored someone like that. And so, just never got the affection from the Catholic church, the people, that the other ones had. He couldn't even con that one, and so.

So, going to a nonevent status. The new pope will be pretty noneventful. Not gonna have the position, and power, and influence the other churches had. 'Cause all that's gonna crumble. You're gonna see that whole thing crumble. Because that whole Vatican regime going down. It's what held up the Old World Order that the Rothschilds, and the queen and the pope controlled. Going down with them. Part of that.

The Windsor Family and the Whole Lizard Regime Is Going to Go Down

And so, you know, just keep your eye on the news. Watch for the queen, who's, you know, one of the biggest cannibals on the planets. Has been, you know, they say she's been caught twice. Twice a year with doing sacrifices at Balmoral Castle. They're always finding dead bodies around her castles. Nothing new. The rituals and the sacrificing. Where the pope was involved with pedophilia, and protecting and running child pedophilia rings, the queen's always been involved with sacrifices and rituals. And she likes to eat the persons being ritualed, uh, ritually sacrificed, and so.

Her biggest thing and Prince Philip's has always been eating people. And they don't care if they're children or adults. They're vicious. I've heard of so many people just how vicious they are. They fight over the organs, you know, when they're eating people, and so. 'Cause they're not human, folks. They're disgusting Reptilians. All that will come to light. 'Cause she's gonna go down. Prince Philip's gonna go down. The Windsor family's gonna go down.

People think that William and Kate will stand up and take their place. Well, that's not the original William or the original Kate. And the baby they're carrying is a Lizard. I guess ultrasound photos are already showing a tail on the fetus, the Lizard baby. And so, yeah. That whole thing is going to be, I believe it'll all be exposed. Maybe not to that extent that I expose it. [laughs] But the whole Lizard regime is gonna come crashing down. And the Rothschild regime; that will come crashing down, and so, interesting.

The Tribulation Period Is a Time When the Rich and Powerful Are Brought Down to Nothing

You know, the whole thing about the tribulation period, you read about it from the Lord's point of view, is that it's a time when the rich and powerful are brought down to nothing. They're brought low. Brought down to nothing. And that's what we're seeing. I mean, who's the most powerful people on the planet? Now they're being brought down to nothing.

So what do you think's gonna happen to all their underlings, all their initiates, all their members, all the people who've been involved with Knights of Malta. I know Joyner is a Knight of Malta. I believe Pat Robertson is, too. There's a bunch of religious figures. And so now maybe all that will get blown open because you know that these Knights of Maltas, Freemasons, over 56,000 pastors in the south part of the Freemasonry order, where they worship Lucifer. And these are all tied to pedophilia rings. I mean, it could blow open a whole, huge network exposing everyday people. People, names you'd recognize instantly because they're all involved with this. If not directly, indirectly by supporting it.

And so, you know, you're gonna see that whole regime come tumbling down. And it's gonna happen quickly because, like I said, they're running out of time. They wanna get their programs implemented. They wanna make their big NESARA announcements. They wanna introduce Sananda to the world. If he's not here, then introduce Germaine and the other what they call Ascended Masters to the world. They wanna introduce all that. They wanna get moving with their agenda, and so. All of that, literally, just coming.

You know, I don't have to sit here and say, "Well, I don't know if it's this year. It might be next year." Definitely looks like things are moving along for this year. You know? So I'm just keeping my eyes peeled on the springtime because all these doors are open for now. If spring comes and goes, then, yeah, we're dragging on into delay land again. Delayed eternity is what I call it, you know. So I don't think it's gonna be pushed back.

I Think We're on the Most Destructive Timeline - It's About Worshiping Satan in Public Rather Than in Secret

You know, we're just gonna sit and watch it. Just watching the timelines. I know that we're on, um, out of all the timelines, I think we're on the most destructive one. The worst one to have been on, we're on it. And know? Time to tear down the old and bring in the new. And the new is very satanic. The new is all about not worshiping Satan in the secret orders, it's worshiping Satan in the public. It's bringing everything out of the darkness and in your face.

You know, right now we have all these secret orders, and groups, and organizations who worship Satan in their temples, and churches, and underground facilities. In the new regime [coughs] they are going to demand we worship him in our churches, and temples, and religious institutions. They're not hiding it anymore. Except they're trying to portray [coughs] Satan as a messiah. As someone who wants to bring peace and prosperity to the earth and, you know. And like I said [coughs], if He truly was the Son of know, the Bible doesn't talk about the second coming of Christ and how He's going to institute global economic programs and policies on the earth. You know, getting involved with politics and religion. He comes at the battle of Armageddon after all of this has been destroyed, and so. [coughs] Remember, folks, the fake one comes first. And that's the one we're gearing up to see. That's the one that's coming, so. [coughs]

Obama Was Trying to Delay Currency Revaluations Until After April - I Was Shocked About the Nothing That Was Said in the State of the Union

People asking me about the dinar currency revaluations. I would expect by April [coughs]...for some reason they've been fighting it. They're starting attacking me so I don't speak about this stuff. They always get mad. So I start to choke 'cause I can't breathe. So, for some reason, they don't want me talking about this NESARA. [pauses] I'm trying to figure out when it is I start coughing the most because then that's what they're trying to stop me from talking about. And then I can just keep mentioning it. [laughs] It's like, "Oh, I'll just concentrate on that one for a while then, if they're gonna attack me while I'm talking about it. [laughs] I'll just focus on that."

Um, for some reason, Obama was trying to delay the currency revaluations of those countries until after April. And I know that the current regime wants it before then. They want it now. In fact, Obama was supposed to talk about it in his State of the Union address, and he never mentioned it. And for quite a while it had been one of his talking points that he was going to address; the new currency coming and all of this stuff that we're gonna be facing fairly soon. He was supposed to address it for a State of the Union, instead, his State of the Union was just flub and drub.

I was shocked about the nothing that was said. There really wasn't much substance of anything that was said. Because there's so much coming down this year and next year, and he mentioned nothing. He just did a 180. And so, everybody thinks his speech was just a big cheerleader promotion. That's basically what it was. 'Cause he didn't speak about anything that was expected to be mentioned.

I Don't Think You Will Get Disclosure from Obama - They're Very Concerned with the Starships Crashing Everywhere

So he's obviously not along with it; disclosure. I think that will be taken out of his hands. The Russians have already been threatening that if Obama didn't come up with disclosure, they would. And disclose the fact that we are surrounded by aliens. Well, you've been watching them crash for weeks now. [laughs] And all this other stuff. But the Russians are getting tired of waiting on Obama.

I don't think you're gonna get disclosure from Obama. Obama sees the cards. I mean, he had these agreements with Sananda and had secret meetings with Sananda and the pope. And now he's kind of...looks like he's running scared. And so, for some reason, he's seeing the writing on the wall. Maybe he's seeing that they're not gonna protect him. That they're lying to him. And he's gonna be part of the ship that's crashing down instead of being above it. I'm not sure what's going on with Obama right now, and so. I will find out, eventually.

I know right now they're just very concerned the starships crashing everywhere. The UFOs crashing. Trying to implement things and their last straws being literally snapped in half. And so, they're losing control. So he either goes along with the other regime and helps tear down the present regime, or he's gonna go down with it. I can see a lot of blackmailing going on. [laughs] It's not like they're dealing with a human anyway. They're just dealing with handlers. So it's gonna be interesting.

One of the Things That's Been Really Effective Is the New Orgone Walls People Are Putting Up

I've got 5 minutes left of this show. One of the things that's been really effective is the new orgone walls that people are putting up. Because, like I said, they try to go through and map out where the strong orgone areas are. They know Ohio's a strong state. And some of these other states, they know, they're learning, where the strong orgoned areas are. And so, what we need is for people even in the strong states, or the weak states, to just go out and put up orgone walls that they don't expect to be there, because then when they navigate new flying routes across this country, they hit a new orgone wall and it crashes them, and takes them by surprise 'cause they didn't know it was there.

So, we've been working with Louisiana, getting walls put up there. One Warrior standing up for that entire area down there, folks. We need help to finish that area. Big state. A lot of work for one person. We need donations to get supplies so we can continue making orgone and get it down there. It started before the Super Bowl. And we're gonna keep it going so we can get that whole state covered.

The Southern, Bible Belt States Are Not Standing Up to Orgone Their States

Also the neighbor states; Alabama, Mississippi. I can't think of three states that have any less than anybody else. The southern states, the Bible Belt states, just not standing up. They wanna sit on their couches and wait for the rapture. [laughs] And so, it's putting a lot of strain and a lot of work on everybody else to pick up the load because so many wanna be lazy and do nothing. And they can't take five minutes of their day and ask the Lord if they should orgone their state, orgone their city, their town. I don't know why people can't just take five minutes and ask Him, instead of coming after us and berating the Warriors and trying to beat us up and discredit us. Why don't they go to the Lord, Himself, and ask Him? So, either way, to make up for the slack, we all have to pull together and be the team that we are, and work together on getting things done.

Be the One the Lord Can Use and Get New Walls Up

And so, you know, we need walls up everywhere. Especially along the south, the southern border. Southern parts of Texas. I know we have a wall put up around the southern part of New Mexico and Arizona. That could always use reinforcement. Also, Southern California. I know we have walls going through there. But, like I said, everything could use reinforcement, folks. Everything needs reinforcements, and so. And we also have the New England states. I mean, I can't remember, maybe once, sending orgone to Rhode Island. Maybe once to Vermont. One Warrior in Maine practically got the whole state himself. One Warrior. That's how--you know what? That's what it takes. I mean, the Lord will stand up one person, if that's all He has. He'll stand you up. I mean, that's a lot of work, but a lot of blessing, too, and so. Be the one the Lord can use, folks. Be that one He can stand up and use.

Anyway, I need your continued donations to get these bills paid, get the supplies stocked up. We don't have time to sit around and ride the winter through and wait for the nice, warm, glorious weather. We just don't have that kind of time, folks. We gotta get busy. We've gotta get new walls up. Pick a route. 25, 50 miles. Put a orgone puck every quarter mile, every half mile. And go all the way down that route with it. A straight wall. East to west, north to south. And just put walls up, folks. The UFOs smack right into them and crash.

Anyway, till next week, everybody. I'm running out of time here. Seems like some of these Monday nights go really quick. Till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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