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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
February 25, 2013


If March Comes in Like a Lion, It Will Go Out Like a Lamb

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, February 25. And it looks like the month's gonna go out like a lion. So that's good. If March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb is the saying. So, if March comes in rough, we should get it over with and have a nice March. I don't know about you, but I'm a little tired of this cold weather. The older I get, the harder it is to handle. So I'm about ready to...ready to start complaining about how hot it is. [laughs] It's one or the other. [laughs] Complain about how cold it is or complain about how hot it is. But when it's hot I can hide in my air conditioning.

A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. And I don't know if I'm really gonna have to long of a show tonight simply because I'm so tired. I'm just exhausted. I don't know about you guys, but this month's taken its toll. I've been really busy last couple of weeks, so.

Nothing Angers Them More Than the Fact That They're Not Physically Here to Implement the New Regime

Uh, hmm. A lot of things going around on the Internet. And I know everybody's read the story about the pope resigning. And this kind of goes back to what I've been talking about with the old regime coming down so the new one can stand. And another one of those things where when I see things in the Codes behind the scenes taking place that, you know, sometimes they'll pop up and happen in real life so everybody can see it in the front scenes. So this is one of those things. Because I've told you this whole New World Order regime is going down. The whole Bush dynasty, the whole Clinton crime cartel, all of them are just gonna go down and go away.

And so, this is part of the new regime coming in. Supposedly coming in, because what I'm seeing is they're having a really hard time. And so, they're implementing things behind the scenes. They wanted to be here, physically, to make public arrests, and dethrone these people themselves, and act like, you know, "We're gods on earth," or, "We're Ascended Masters," whatever they wanna call themselves, "And we're gonna help earth get rid of the evil that's on it." "And we're gonna start by," you know, "going from the top down." Going after the pope. The next will be the queen. And just all these world leaders. The whole house of cards of the New World Order come tumbling down.

And the clock's ticking and they know this. That's why it's already taking place. Even though they're not physically here. And nothing angers them more than the fact that they're not physically here to do this. And the reason they're not physically here to do this is because of the Orgone Warriors. Because the orgone-saturated air is crashing their ships and preventing them from arriving, taking on these manipulated human-looking bodies, and coming as Ascended Masters. And so, as much as complain about delays, uh, we caused them. We're causing them. Because, you know, they have all these plans, this whole script prepared, and the orgone is destroying them.

Now what I find funny, what I see in the Codes is that they'll deny it. They'll dispute the fact that it's orgone that's destroying them.

One Thing That's Always Dominant in the Codes Is That They Want to Come and Destroy Me

Well, one thing I never see leave the Codes, the one thing as dominant as any given day or month or year in the Codes, especially on the last eight is that they wanna destroy me. They're coming to Ohio. They're above Ohio. They're crashing above Ohio. They're spying on me. They wanna come. I mean, it gets old. It's like, turn the page already. And it's getting more increase--uh, dramatic. Because they're angry. And that's why they get so much attention here in Ohio. You know, Obama's always flying over Ohio. Even when he says he's not, I can see that he is up in the air in the Codes. Sananda is above Ohio. I've told you that blue Capricorn penis-looking thing is up there. But he's also up there. Probably in his starship, or UFO, whatever you wanna call it. Whatever he flys from the Capricorn to come closer to earth.

But they're here. And they're above Ohio. And what I find funny is when I mention it to one of my sources, and they'll be all shocked, like, "How do you know?" [laughs] Like I wouldn't know. Hello? You know? So I find it amusing that they're trying these silent sneak attacks or whatever. And they're planning a huge attack against me. Yeah. I know they're coming. It's no big deal. It's no surprise. It's like, get it over with. Bring it on morons. You know, I see it all the time. And, you know what? It's not gonna go away. It's still there because even if they can't come to earth, things are gonna move on without them. And so, they have a very small window.

Because what I'm seeing...OK, we blocked Maitreya. We kind of--I don't know what we did to him, but he's AWOL. And so, every once in a while you'll see him come back in the Codes in the form of Raj Patel or somebody else taking his place. We fried him. We crashed his ship. And he survived the crash, but no one has seen or heard of him since. He just kind of like, went AWOL.

We Could Totally Block Sananda from Coming In - They're Setting Up Obama to Stand Up as Antichrist If Sananda Can't Arrive

Sananda could be next in line. We very much could totally block Sananda from coming in. And if he doesn't make it here within the next six months, the agenda is going to go on without him. They are just gonna have to push him aside, like they did Maitreya, and go on without him.

And so, it was interesting that I seen Obama - Audition in the Codes. I thought that was funny. Obama auditioning. So he's, uh, they're setting Obama up to stand up if Sananda can't arrive. And we all know that Obama fits in somewhere. And he very well could. The leader of last-days prophecy, uh, the prophetic Babylon, is the Antichrist according to Old Testament prophets. And so, right now, that's Obama. When Bush was president, it was Bush. When Clinton was president, it was Clinton. It's not a person's name, it's a person's position. The leader of last-days Babylon. And we all know America is Babylon. It's the last-days superpower on earth.

So, if Sananda can't get his act together, Obama's gonna be taking his place. That's why I always say I see two different roles with Obama. It's like, how does Sananda and Obama share the same role as Antichrist, you know? It's so if one doesn't fulfill it, the other one does. Because if Sananda arrives, Sananda takes over the power of the United States. He becomes the leader of the United States. And Obama simply just steps aside.

Obama will be arrested and all this other stuff, going down with the house of cards with the other people. But they can't take him out just yet because Sananda isn't here. Sananda has to physically get here before they can take down Obama. So this is where it gets kind of fun for the next several months. Now, Sananda could very well make it. He's still up there. He's still trying. Their ships are crashing. And they're scared. And they're mad. And they're freaking out. And they're lying out their teeth to the humans and the government. "Oh, it's not them. We're not afraid," and blah, blah, blah. And then it's a whole different story when you look at the truth. When I dig into the Codes. So, we're on a timetable here. And I'm just sitting back watching like everybody else. "OK, let's see what they do. Let's see what happens."

They Want to Bomb My House - I Put a Motion Camera Up Outside

And then you know they wanna bomb Sherry's house. They wanted to do this months ago and the Lord blew it up at the hangar it was at. And that was the military. So, let's see what the aliens can do. 'Cause the government, the White House, the military, the Pentagon, they haven't been able to blow up my house, they haven't been able to take me out. So now let's see what the aliens can do. This is where it gets funny.

And they're all over the place. They're absolutely all over the place. I put a motion camera up outside a couple weeks ago and the pictures on this thing are fascinating. And, you know, you really can't tell a whole lot because they're invisible. And I've told you they have this invisible tech. Even when they come into our dimension, the cameras pick up lights. They pick up light objects. So you're gonna see, like, light sticks and light spheres. Lighted objects. So I'm thinking, "OK, those could be angels." You know, I have plenty of those around here, too. I'm not sure what those are. And then I see in the Bible Codes that Sananda and all his little people are spying on me. Like, "Oh, it's them." You know. But I do know that angels also travel as spheres of light. I've seen it before. And so, you can't look at a sphere and know right off the bat is that angelic or demonic or alien? What is it? You know? So it is what it is.

But a lot of activity heating up around here because I guess they figure if anybody...if anybody can stop the orgone war, stop it dead in its tracks, and take me out, it's going to be them. And so, the ball is in their court, basically. It's in their court. They have to do it or it's not gonna get done. And what's interesting is I'm not sure they can do it. Because I don't think that these fallen angels can come up against a human, as it be, even though I'm an angel in the flesh. I don't know if they can come up against me and take me out. They need to use humans. So it has to be a mix. They have to lead a human army. So it gets interesting.

This is the kind of stuff that makes Codes worthwhile for me. Otherwise I'll be bored to tears. Because they stay the same. You know, they don't change all that much. And when they do, then I let you know and we go on. But, you know, since December and the whole fiasco with that, we blocked them for December 21 and 25th. And then we screamed and yelled about the delay and, you know how it is. We block, we gripe. [laughs] We don't intentionally try to block them. We just do what the Lord tells us to do and He blocks them, so. He doesn't want them here yet.

If You Want to Know If They're Here, Watch for Sananda Barefooted in Bethlehem for the Holyland Tour

So now we have all of the conditions that were ripe for the last week of December ripe for now. On until May. So this is, like, the end of February. We have March and we have April. These next few months, the green light is on. And sometimes in the Codes you see them here, and sometimes you don't. So, it's like here's one route, here's the other. Here's one route where they're here, here's one where they're not.

If you wanna know if they're here, I mean, I'm sure this will be all over TV so you don't have to worry about it, just watch for Sananda barefooted showing up in Bethlehem. I mean, you gotta expect the Holyland tour. I would not expect him to arrive in America. They're dying here. So we'll push them all over to Israel where Orgone Warriors have been busy in Israel. [laughs] But this is where the action's gonna be. It's gonna be in the Middle East. They're gonna arrive in the Middle East first. They're not coming to America first. They all dread coming to America. And so, if they arrive, it's gonna happen within the next two months; March or April. Passover would be a good time. Easter would be a good time. Jewish and Christian holidays. You know, that's just the ripe times I see in the Codes.

If Sananda Doesn't Make It in September, They'll Use Obama

And so, if he can't make it by May, he's got another green light in September. And if that comes and goes without Sananda's arrival, it's going to get moved on to Obama. They're gonna say, "That's it." They're not waiting any longer. And so, the time clock's on for them. No really us. 'Cause it doesn't really matter who's in charge because the agenda goes on. And we're still hated by both. I mean, no matter who's in charge, they're coming after us. They're coming after the Lord's people. Because in both agendas we're the enemies. They hate us.

They've Always Wanted to Establish the ICC as the World's Supreme Court

So what I find interesting is the one thing people don't seem to understand, what's screaming out to me about the pope's arrest or whatever, threatened resignation, whatever (he knew he was gonna be dead by December, so he stepped down), let's not forget, even in...even in their times of woe they're game-players. And so, the pope is playing the game. He's playing the script to the T. Because as he steps down because of the pedophile monster he is, him and the queen both--I mean, if half the stuff came out on the queen, people would just flip out. I mean, I think they're accusing her of crimes against native Indians in Canada. How about the crimes of the native kids in America, and Brazil, and around the world that she's been stuffing her face with for the last hundred years? She's a cannibal. She feeds on children. Yeah, the pope might rape them, but the queen eats them. I mean, they're both made for each other. Match from hell. And so, she's gonna go down, supposedly.

But look at the thing that's being set up. The ICC. The International Criminal Court. Now, this has always been an alien agenda icon. Setting up this court in the Netherlands. I think it's in Brussels, Belgium. Somewhere over there. I'm not real, uh, geographic correct. But it's over there. And they've always wanted to establish the ICC as, like, the world's Supreme Court. Where all the nations answer to the ICC. It is the global court. OK?

Now, typically, if this was last year, or any other time, and they sent out one of their little threats that they were gonna arrest the pope, everybody would laugh and go back to dinner. But now, all of a sudden, the pope's giving them credence. He's saying, "Oh, look. I have a threat from the ICC. They're gonna arrest me if I don't step down. So I will step down. I'll resign." He's giving them power and authority by listening and succumbing to their orders. See this? And so now he's saying, "Well, the pope--if the ICC can take down the pope," which is theoretically one of the most influential and powerful people in the world, then they can go after anybody. OK? 'Cause that's perfectly what they plan to do.

You know, what are you gonna do when, you know, the ICC comes after you because you're a Bible-believing Christian and they don't like you? Now, all of a sudden, they've sent out arrest warrants for all the Christians in America. You see where I'm getting? They're setting up the global court 'cause it's going to be the great persecutor on earth. That's not gonna be a place of justice. It might seem that way because they're taking down a monster, so it seems. And they'll go after the queen. And I would envision that, you know, the whole monarchy thing's going down. Because the whole New World Order thing is going down.

What's gonna be surprising, I think, to every Satanist on the planet, and every player on the planet, people that play through different secret societies, and secret orders, and those who think they're walking middle lines and maybe just have one half foot in and one half foot out, their little initiates, the ones born into it, the ones forced into it--what's gonna freak every one of them out is because the real icons in the whole mess and scheme of things is the Rothschilds. I mean, these people have dinner with Satan. He shows up at their dinners. And so, imagine when Satan throws Rothschild under the bus. To get it perfectly clear that the whole regime, old regime's over. Every one of them's gonna freak out. Every one of them. Every one of them. And this reminds me of the passages in Daniel, and Revelation, and elsewhere where it talks about how the great tribulation is about the rich being brought down low. They're being brought down to nothing.

You're Starting to See the People on the Red List Being Rounded Up and Sent to Camps

You know, the tribulation period isn't about a tribulation on the saints. It's about the removal of the wicked off the earth. And, yeah, we're gonna go through persecution. The first thing the Antichrist does when he officially steps in power is come after the saints. They've already been doing that. I mean, most of us have been living through persecution through eons. Only, it'll be more of a frontal assault. They'll be admitting it. They won't be hiding it anymore. So this is what's pretty much coming down the pike.

I just see a time when the pope's down, the queen's on the run, Rothschilds are brought down, all the people, the supporting structures, the secret orders, secret societies, all of them brought down. You know, I always said the Red List would be them. Because they would be the first ones rounded up and sent to the camps. And now you're starting to see that. Pope's resignation, then it'll be the queen, then it'll be the Rothschilds, and then they'll go after everybody else who was the support structure; the governments, the federal agencies. You know, from the top all the way down to the bottom. And they're all gonna be on the run. They'll be on the run. So this kind of gets interesting. 'Cause all this is going on in the background.

I Could Help the Aliens on Earth Eliminate the Moon Aliens

And you have Sananda and his forces trying to come in. You have armadas of ships coming in and they're crashing. Mimas, the Death Star, that's in our atmosphere somewhere, but the ships that are coming in with it are crashing. Real concern of theirs.

There's some kind of battle going on; the moon aliens against the aliens on earth. I could help with that. In fact, I could really help eliminate the aliens on the moon so the aliens on the earth wouldn't have to deal with them. I mean, if they want my help, just send some funds, we'll get you some pipes, and just go saturate the moon with orgone. That will eliminate the aliens on the moon. All these factional fightings amongst the aliens. That always cracks me up. Hey, I'll get involved with that one. Whatever faction wants my help.

A Summary of What We Orgone Warriors Have Accomplished Since Last Year

So, in the meantime, we're finally moving into spring. And time for the Warriors to spring into action. Seems like every year at Passover I'm on a mission somewhere, or talking about being on one, getting to one. And this year's going to be no different. We got a lot accomplished last year. I mean, when you look at everything we accomplished last year, unreal. At the beginning of the year we were in Kentucky. We were at Fort Knox. Then it was the [New] Madrid Fault Line through Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana. Securing the fault line all the way through those three states. And then it was San Antonio, then it was Colorado, then it was Maine, and then it was New York City. And New York City was huge. That was just a beast. And then this year we've started out with the Superdome in New Orleans. And working on the city, itself, New Orleans. And also in the gulf down there. Getting orgone in the gulf down there. Killing those creatures and demonic beings coming up through the cracked ocean floor down there. So we're still kind of working on that.

Next Orgone Targets: Alien Bases in Northwest Arkansasand Southwest Missouri - Need Your Help with Funds and Supplies, Folks

What we need to do now is--and I never really say ahead of time what I'm gonna plan to do, but you know what? Whenever I step out of the house, they know where I'm going. So why bother hiding it? We're gonna be targeting northwest Arkansas, and southwest Missouri, across the top of northern Oklahoma. Because that seems to be a huge concentrated area for alien infestations and Reptilians. I mean, that's where they're at. That's where they're heading. And so, that's where we need to target, folks. Northwest Arkansas and southwest Missouri. That whole area. And so, now I'm asking all the Warriors to help support and fund this project. 'Cause it's a lot of traveling. It's a lot of supplies we're gonna need.

There're huge bases out there we need to target. Just in Fayetteville in northwest Arkansas, that's the Wal-Mart headquarters, supposedly, that's where the second beast computer is. The first one's supposed to be in Brussels, Belgium. You've heard about the 666 beast computer. The second one, the backup, is supposed to be underneath Fayetteville. There's a DUMB there. Deep Underground...I don't know if you call it a military base or a alien base. But there's a huge dumb there. A base underneath that Wal-Mart headquarters area. And that's where that second beast is located, that computer, and so. And that's not even the underground base that was featured on Jesse Ventura's show. That was over more south of Springfield, southwest of Springfield. And so, that whole area needs gotten. The whole northwest part of Arkansas needs orgoned. So we've got our work cut out for us.

You know, the Lord's had me out in Missouri more times than I can count. Seems like every time I go on a mission I'm in Missouri. And in Arkansas. I've been there quite a few times securing the woods and national forests for the Lord's people, so when they run and hide in the forests they'll be protected. And so, now we're more like an offense. Because they've kind of left. They've run out of the orgoned areas that we've chased them out of, and now they're all mingling over there in that whole southwest and northwest area. And so, we need to get that place saturated with orgone and chase them out. And big shock that Joplin, Missouri's also over there. Whre they had that zombie breakout a couple years ago and had to tornado down the town, hide their experiments gone wrong.

And so, that'll be a huge project. So I need help with this one. I need supplies. I need funding. If you can, buy crystals and send them in. Just send cash so we can buy the crystals.

Got an IPod from a Listener, Full of My Shows, to Auction Off and Raise Money for Supplies and Projects

And I got this really cool little gift from a listener of the show. And I'm not gonna say her name, but a really sweet lady follower/listener of the show. And she sent me this 32-gig IPod. And I'm not real--too familiar with them. I had my son looking through it, telling me about it. It's a second-generation phone. It's 32-gig on it. And she's downloaded all of my shows onto this IPod. My Monday nights, my Thursday nights. She has 617 of my shows plus some songs, Christian songs. I noticed some Sandi Patty songs mixed in there with some other ones, uh, Christian songs on this thing. 617. There's every show on there except for my last, I think, months. About 3 or 4 shows, but you could download them on there once you got the IPod. Update them. But she's already got every one of my shows on them I've ever done.

And so, what I thought I'd do--and she sent this in so I could auction it off. So I can raise money for supplies and for the projects we wanna get done. [coughs] I don't wanna give it away too low or too high. What I'm thinking is the first person that contacts me with 700 bucks. Let's say 700 bucks. IPod, itself, is worth 3 or 4 hundred dollars. So...700 bucks. First person who sends me 700 bucks, I'm gonna send you this IPod. Comes with a charger. It's already in a case. Like I said, I can't tell you what else is on it. I don't go playing with these things. But it's a really nice IPod. In the music section it has all of my recordings. She's downloaded all my recordings on that thing.

First person that contacts me, I will hold it for you. And when I get the 700, I'll release it and let everybody else know, you know, it's already been given away. I don't know how else to do this. Um...but that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna--the first person who gives 700 bucks for this thing. That way we can get started on getting ready for March madness. March madness. And that's, you know, what they're calling March. You know? That's what they're calling it. That have all the stuff planned know, they're gearing up. They're gearing up to get their agenda going whether they be here physically themselves or not. You know, they're going ahead. With the, uh, pope's resignation. Confiscation of the Vatican. We'll see if the queen goes down yet. If this is how they're gonna bring her down. Her name's on the list. So this should be interesting. And Sananda showing up. His ugly feet in Israel.

So the next couple of months should be really interesting, folks. March and April. We'll have to see what happens. If they haven't arrive in, you know--I'm pretty much gonna write them off. I'm pretty much just...write them off. Seriously. You know. They're just gonna go the way of Maitreya. You know. We made him run AWOL. And that's pretty much what's gonna happen to them if they don't arrive soon. So, we've got, uh, yeah, till actually May. And then probably won't hear peeps about them until September, so. You know, the time is hot now. It's hot now. Let's see what they do.

These People Are So Arrogant They Don't Think It's Possible That They Would Ever Go Down

So what else I wanted to mention...hmm. What I think's funny about it all is these people are so arrogant they don't think it's possible that they would ever go down. That they would lose their protection. They would lose their stature. Really? What just happened to the pope and the queen? They're throwing her under the bus. 'Cause I've been talking about the queen for years and nobody cares. But now when you start hearing from mainstream sources about, oh, the queen's sins being brought to light, then you know you're finally getting somewhere. Someone's listening. And that's because they're the ones dogging her. They're the ones throwing her under the bus. And they'll be the ones to throw Rothschild under the bus. They're gonna see their own house go tumbling down. And they're the last ones who believe it will ever happen. So, it's kind of amusing. I'll just sit here and enjoy it. Analyze everything.

I Don't Understand the Lord's Delays, but We Need to Concentrate and Focus on Securing Our State Borders While There's Time

So, yeah. 10:36? I spoke longer than I thought I would. I'm just so exhausted. I'm exhausted. Got orgone orders out, so if people are waiting for them, they're out. It's been really cold this month. It's been a brutal month. The cold weather. Funerals to go to. Family events. It's just exhausted me. I'm just exhausted. And so, I'm getting ready. 'Cause I'm getting antsy. You know, I've been sitting on my butt now for a couple months. I'm getting antsy. And we got ready for New Orleans. We got that out and done. But it's starting to warm up. It's gonna be warming up in a couple weeks and we need to be on the road. We need to have a plan. We need to have a plan and we need to be doing it. 'Cause we don't know how much time we have. [coughs]

Frankly, I'm shocked we're still here. I'm mean, I'm just shocked we couldn't even--you know, it's February of 2013 and we're discussing orgone projects. I'm shocked. So, that ought to tell you something. We really don't have too much time left. The Lord's delays aren't always going to tarry. And I don't understand the delays. I mean, I guess He's, you know, He's merciful, He's waiting for more people to wake up. I don't understand it. I don't know. You know? But He's prolonging it, so, we just kind of go along with it. 'Cause we're here for Him. As much as we gripe, we're here for Him. Don't forget that. You know, that's one thing I don't. As much as I do gripe, and I get tired, and I get bored of things, we're here for Him. So whatever He wants done, I'll do. You know? It just seems like time goes on, and on, and on. [laughs] [coughs]

So, anyway. Time to get busy. And you know what? I put on my websites Border Wars back in January. For all you people that live in the warm states so you could get busy. I haven't been hearing about anybody getting busy. And so, you know, all these people in the warmer states, except for New Orleans. We've got a Warrior down there who's standing up and doing things. We need to get busy on the Border Wars securing the borders of all the states. 'Cause that's where the bases are. That's where the aliens have their bases. They're on the borders of both state areas. And so, everybody needs to concentrate and focus on borders.

So when I go across the Midwest, I'll be focusing on...I've already got pretty much the southern--the northern Arkansas border. Except for the northwest area I've never been personally myself. So I'm gonna have to go through there. And southern part, that southwest part of Missouri. That Oklahoma area around through there. Kind of like a tri-state area there. We just need to pound it. And people concentrating on whatever states you're in. Whichever area or direction the Lord leads you in. I know it just infuriates them when they think they have it mapped out where we have orgone, and then we put up more walls in more areas, strengthen the orgone that's in areas. That infuriates them. It infuriates them. So we wanna keep doing that. We wanna keep infuriating them. We know if they're infuriated, the Lord's happy, and so.

The Idea That Jesus Married Mary Magdalene and Had Children with Her Is Satanic Rubbish

Hmm. A lot of garbage. And I could about scream every time I read it on the Internet. People picking up that Jesus had a--married Mary Magdalene and had children with her. Come on, folks. This is Satanist rubbish. It's rubbish. I just see it on my Facebook, people post it, I delete it off my wall. I don't wanna see it. I don't know how people could follow this garbage.

This is what the whole Davinci Code thing was. To start the blasphemous rumors that Jesus had actually not arisen or died on the cross. He just--they took Him and He snuck away, got married with Mary Magdalene and had a family. I mean, what better way to deny His whole sacrifice on the cross, and the fact that He rose again from the grave, was seen ascending in the clouds. I mean, come on. They're looking for blasphemous ways to reject His life, ministry, and death and resurrection. And they sweep it all up with that one...that one bloodline story. So don't fall for it, folks. Don't be stupid.

You know, I saw this in the New Age script years ago. And I never gave it much credence. Because I didn't think any Christian would ever buy that garbage. And now you see Christians and patriots starting to buy it. Come on, folks. Wake up and use your brains.

You know, Zecharia Sitchin was a Satanist. He was Illuminist. You know, Arizona Wilder has done videos exposing him. Seeing him at satanic rituals with the Illuminists. I wouldn't read one thing he writes or says. It's all agenda. They want you to believe a certain thing. And when they want you--they're gearing you towards believing a certain thing, it's because there're truths they're hiding away from you that they don't want you see and know about. They want you to enter the wrongness, the apostasies. So don't play their game. Don't play their game. Don't believe the garbage. There's gonna be so much garbage coming out.

You could've been on fourwinds10 or any one of these New Age sites eight years ago and saw this stuff coming. Because they've been plotting it for this long. Those sites have been ongoing just as long as my show has been. You know, and I've been exposing them every step of the way.

They're Trying to Stop the Orgone Warriors - We're Doing a Good Job

Anyway, guess I'm gonna call it a night, folks. 'Cause I really don't have anything new, basically, to report. I mean, stuff on the Bible Codes I'm seeing, oh, the retaliation they want against me, the anger, the hatred. Blah, blah, blah. Cry me a river. They're trying to stop the Orgone Warriors. How they're above us, how they're crashing. We know this. That's why we work hard. Just so they can keep crashing. So we're doing our jobs. We're doing good. We're doing good.

Also, Sananda's supposed arrival soon. We're watching that one. And so, just the same stuff going on right now, basically. So, till they start doing something interesting, I'll be more excited. Right now I'm just rehashing the wheel, 'cause I think I talked about this last week. But either way, with it warming up, we can all get a little bit more excited. And start working on projects while we've got time, so.

Anyway, folks, like I said, first person to offer 700 bucks, sending me a Western Union MTCN number, or, a promissory note saying, "Hey, it's in the mail," or something. I don't know. Send me an e-mail. And I'll hold onto it for you. And we'll get started on these projects.

Anyway, folks, until then. I guess I will be back next Monday night at 10. Till then. Yah bless.


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Carrollton, OH 44615

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