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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
March 4, 2013


When You Have a Heart of a Warrior, Then You're Willing to Set Aside Your Own Wants and Just Be Here for the Lord

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner and it is Monday, March 4. And, hmm, a few things I wanna talk about tonight. Seems like it's been quiet this week. Not as many UFOs crashing out of the skies. They're scared. They're backing off. Don't wanna get too close to America. [laughs] Anyplace saturated with orgone, for that matter.

They really are running scared. And so, I found it really interesting. I could see that the Lord was cranking up the orgone. And we're just getting it out. We're continuing to do what He leads us to do. And so, the more we get it in the atmosphere, the more it's saturated, the more they're gonna crash. And it's gonna be like this for the rest of the year, folks. It's not gonna change much as far as that regards.

The war is on. And, you know, we've been slowing peddling at this thing for the last ten years. And so, it's finally getting to the point where we're seeing a lot of progress being made. And, you know, it's always good to see, especially in the Codes, that we're doing what we're supposed to be doing. We were assigned this and we're doing it. And so, you know, we're here for Him. We're not here to worry about the things of the world and what we can accumulate here on earth, and all those kinds of things.

We're here for Him. And so, when you have the heart of a Warrior, then you're willing to just set aside your own wants for what you wanted to do, and serving Him, and just being here for Him and doing what He wants you to do. It opens up a whole new different pathway for you.

Sometimes He'll close doors so that you seek Him. You know, sometimes it takes people to lose everything they have to finally seek Him to find out why. "What have I done? What's going on?" Sometimes that's how He gets our attention. "I want you to focus on Me. I want you to seek Me so I can reveal to you," you know, "what your calling is."

He made me go around and start learning things. And as you ask for truth in all things every day, and seek Him for the truth, He could open up your eyes and reveal things to you in many different ways, and so.

Is 2016 the Beginning or the Middle of the Tribulation?

You know, this year's gonna be an interesting year. And, I know people ask me, "What are we? Are we in the middle of the tribulation? Are we in the beginning? Why is 2016 such an integral point? Is 2016 the beginning or the middle?" And if you look around at most people, they feel that 2016 is the middle. And so, I'm waiting and watching, you know. I'm beyond trying to pin dates and times for anything. As much as I've seen in the Codes there's routes, and routes change, routes get delayed, routes get stopped. You can't pinpoint any one thing. And so, I watch and see what's going on. I analyze times. And that's what I'm doing now. I'm just analyzing the times, and so.

The one full marker we know is that, in Revelation, chapter 13, when the enforcement of the mark of the beast begins. Then you know without a doubt you're in the middle of the tribulation period and the end's about to begin. That's without a doubt. The single biggest marker that there is. And, of course, the Antichrist has to be set up in power by then. And what the Bible Codes call deputy. The Bible calls False Prophet. And so, you know, just waiting for those glaring markers that you can't ignore. 'Cause you can analyze any of the events happening right now and put them anywhere.

And so, that's one thing I try to stay away from 'cause I remember when the Lord told me things are gonna happen in ways you don't think they are. And so, I always keep that in mind when I dealing with Bible prophecy. And the reason being is we're not here, folks, to pinpoint and nail it. We're here to watch it. To watch the times. To watch the signs. But we have jobs to do as well. I mean, my job isn't to sit here every week and tell you the expected date of the arrival of the Antichrist. I do all that for fun. Sometimes He has me speak things and say things, and I do. My main job is to lead an army. To stand up an army. To be the resistance here on earth for Satan and his forces that are coming in. We're the resistance. And so, sure they're coming in. But you know what? The Lord has His reasons. The Lord has His plans. And so, He has stood up an army. And that's what we're doing, and so.

The Codes Are Not Changing Much; Their Arrival Is Imminent - We Will Be Here to Confirm Their Arrival

A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. And I just posted on my Facebook list earlier tonight about Anton LaVey and his last words as he was dying. Because something the Lord's brought to my mind.

And I'm probably gonna get a little bit farther away from Codes the next couple weeks and just get in some teaching because the Codes aren't changing. Right now it's an open book. And it's the same events we're waiting for. Whether or not Sananda arrives, or one of his other Ashtar Command members; Saint Germaine or Maitreya. Their arrival is imminent. It can be now. It can be July. It can be in September. It's gonna be ongoing, from now until October, that their arrivals are imminent.

And so, the Bible Codes aren't changing much. It's giving me the same message over, and over, and over again every time I look at a different month or a different timeset. It's just the same over and over. And so, these are the events that are coming. There's a block of time here. So this is what we're waiting for.

And so, I'm not gonna beat the wheel for the next umpteen weeks. Unless it changes. Unless I see some changes. Because, right now, I can see that they're gonna arrive. We're going to be here to see them arrive. We'll be here to confirm it's them. And so, there goes this pretrib rapture right out the window for all these pretribbers. Because you will be here to see them arrive. I can see in the Bible Codes that I'll be confirming it's them. And this is if we stay on the route we're on right now.

If it changes, if it doesn't happen, then I'll see a route change in the Bible Codes. Right now I don't see one. I know Obama's standing in the wings. And even they don't think Obama will be the one. That it will be this Sananda that's...they all know him. They all know him very well. That he'll rise up. And so, I'm just kind of waiting for things to happen.

Somehow Orgone Affects These Fallen Beings by Giving Them Rabies

You know, they're having a difficult time because they're burning. Another interesting thing is rabies. And I see that with these fallen beings a lot; rabies. Something about the orgone. The way it affects them. It's giving them rabies. And so, you know, we've never had a physical face-to-face (many people haven't) with giants or with these fallen angels, what we call aliens. Can you imagine your first contact being with a rabid one? And that's gonna happen. It's causing them to have rabies.

And so, unless they cause a zombie outbreak--and I'm reading it, but I know it has to do with them. And so, interesting that rabies is coming up more and more in the Codes. And I think as they arrive, we're gonna see this. Or we're gonna see them get rabid. Gonna be one of these reactions that they have to our orgone. And like I said, folks, it's a war. We're the resistance. And things are gonna happen, and so.

Anton LaVey, as He Was Dying and His Soul Was Getting Ready to Leave His Body, Realized that He Had Been Lied To

One of the things He wanted me to bring up and talk about more and more--I was gonna do it last week, but I was just too dead tired last week, just real exhausted, and so, I put it off, and I wanna talk about it this week--is the fact how real hell is. I know a lot of people, they give thought to heaven and hell. They give thought to life and death. And the one thing they can always push back out of their minds and think, "Well, I have another year (2 years, 10 years, 20)." People don't wanna think about that. And this is where a lot of people are gonna get blindsided in the coming years. Because death is going to be instant in a lot of cases.

There's so many things coming up that is going to cause instantaneous death around the world. And people aren't going to have time for that last 30-second deathbed confession that so many of them wait on. So many people think, "I'll have time before I die to make things right. To seek forgiveness and to seek the Lord." And a lot of people just run out of time.

And, you know, one of these things like with Anton LaVey. You know, I was watching his video. And--well, I couldn't watch because they've been sabotaging my computer so bad the last couple of days. There was things I wanted to prepare for the show that I couldn't get done just because the Internet access was so bad That it's slowing it down so it's barely a crawl and I can't get anywhere or get anything done. But as he said on his deathbed, uh, testimony of people that were there. And as he was dying, they described him as being in shock and in horror, and saying, "Oh, my. Oh, my. What have I done? There's something very wrong. There's something very wrong. There's something very wrong."

And see, he had spent his entire life propagating satanic beliefs and establishing official satanic organizations for the cause of Satan. But what he realized, when he was ready to die, his soul was getting ready to leave his body, was that he had been lied to. And this is typical amongst your cults. They don't believe Satan and Lucifer are the same being. They believe that they're separate beings and that Lucifer is an angel of light and Satan is just a different being. Even though a lot of them do know they are the same being, a lot of them are in denial.

And they're told, when they're in the occult that when they die, they're gonna reap all these rewards, you know. And so, when they die, they expect greatness. They expect the red carpet laid out as they walk into hell. And they expect to make grand entrances. To be reigning and ruling with Satan in hell. And so, when the realization hits, that they've been lied to, that everything they told was a lie, and that the Bible's depictions of hell are very true, they're in sheer horror.

The Difference Between the Thief on the Cross and These Occultists Is That They Know Who God Is and They Are Required to Mock Him

And as Anton LaVey was flipping and passing on, he was yelling, "Please don't me go there! Please let me live to repent! Oh, save me Jesus!" He was calling out to Jesus. He realized he'd been lied to. And he saw the horrors of hell, where he was going. And he was just yelling, "Please don't let me go there! Don't let me go there."

And this kind of reminds me of something I asked the Lord ages ago. And I asked Him about those in the occult and about deathbed confessions, and how does that line up with the thief on the cross. Because the thief on the cross, the Lord looked at him and said, "This day thou shalt be with me in paradise."

But when it comes to these occultists, these people in the Illuminati and secret societies, they all know who God is. They spend their lives mocking Him. In fact, a lot of their commandments, you might wanna call them, being initiated and illuminated Satanists, is that they have to mock Him. Under their breath, they have to curse Him all day. And this is what they do. They blaspheme Him. They tell Him they hate Him. And they say things, terrible things, you know, under their breath to Him all day. That's part of how they keep the demons that possess them quiet. Otherwise, the demons that possess them torment them. No one else can hear it but them. They hear the voices. And these demons torment them all day long. And the only way you can get them to shut up--and this is what I've heard from those in the Illuminati--the only way you can get them to shut up is to start swearing against the Lord, swearing at Him, or drink (alcohol deadens the voices). So that's why so many of them are drunks.

And so, you know, it reminds me of reading, when Voltaire died. And he yelled out, "If I only had another chance! Please give me another chance!" And, you know, these men who spend their lives serving Satan. And then begging for a chance to repent--to live so they can repent.

And the Lord told me that since these occultists know who He is and spent their entire lives mocking Him, that He will not honor their deathbed confession. He's told me that to be truly repentant must be in words and actions. And so, they have to show their fruits, their true repentance, and breaking away from Satan, and produce fruits for Him. To show that they're truly sorry, they truly seek forgiveness, and they truly love Him, they need to produce fruit for Him in their works.

And so, you know, so many people waiting for that 30 seconds before death and they think they'll pray for forgiveness. Even if you're not in the occult, if you're not at the occult, you know, don't take it for granted the Lord will show you mercy, because He has told me He will not, for those who are in the occult. And so, all of those people, these Anton LaVeys and Voltaires, and everybody else who find themselves on a deathbed, all of a sudden realizing how horrible hell is. There's gonna be no second chance of getting out of that. They are going to face hell.

And so, people need to think about where you're going to spend eternity; heaven or hell. Because what the Bible says about hell, it is real, it is true. And they know this. They know this. The ones at the very top. And what they do is seek to build a facade the younger generations involved with the occult don't come to the true realization of how awful hell really is. You better believe Rockefeller and Rothschild and all them know about it. They know they're gonna die and that they're gonna go burn in hell. And they're not deceived. The ones at the very top know full well, and so.

People Think They Can Walk with One Foot in and One Foot Out of a Satanic Situation and Believe They're Not a Part of It

You know, I wanna talk about a couple things that the Bible says about hell. Because I just know so many people that are walking on the fence. You know, they don't take it seriously. They don't wanna change their lives. They like their jobs. They like their lives as they are. And so, they kind of walk the fence. And they think that, "Well, if I hate what I see and what they're doing, then that doesn't make me a part of them." They somehow think they can walk one foot in and one foot out being involved with this whole secret society crowd, and Illuminati crowd, and this whole New World Order scene.

Especially if you're in high-ups in any position with the government, with law enforcement. The higher up you get seems the more involved you are with the occult and part of the coverup. Many law enforcement people, judges, the whole judicial system. Because they're all involved with the coverup. You know, when murders take place, they cover it up. They pronounce them as suicides and continue on.

And there's a lot of murders taking place for the occult. Even at your own county level, your own little small towns. That kid in the car accident that people think was just, you know, bad luck for the kid, these things are actually planned, and so. A lot of things planned as sacrifices to Satan.

To Become Illumined, an Initiate Is Forced to Perform Every Kind of Abomination, They're Killed, Then Their Body Is Taken Over by a Reptilian

You know, in hell, kind of reminds me of something else that the Lord showed me, 'cause He showed me this initiation scene. And it gives new meaning to the term "being brought to the light." Because they always talk about the light. The New Agers call it light. Illuminati calls it illumination. Whatever you wanna call it. But there is like this, uh, this circle, circular area. I don't know how else to describe it. I don't even know if it's a circle. It could just be--I'm gonna describe it as circular 'cause it's easier to explain this way.

But there's different setups, different areas. And at the end of the testing--there's certain areas of testing. At the end of the testing, the initiate can see this huge white door, it's lighted, and it's full of light, brilliant light. Brilliant light. And so, the object of this whole thing is to get to the door. Because when you get to the door, you become one of them, an initiated illuminated one or something. I don't know what happens, what they tell them.

But they want to get to the door. But as they start to walk towards the door, there's certain tasks that they have to complete. And each on of these tasks is a complete abomination. And one of the things as being involved in the occult is that you have to break every one of the ten commandments. And so, you can picture these as tasks along the way. Every kind of abomination you have to fulfill before you reach the door. And you have to pass one testing area before you can move on to the next, so it gets you closer and closer to the door.

So you can imagine one might just be kill a child, sacrifice an adult, rape a child. Because harming children is one of the worse sins, other than murder, in the Bible. And so, performing a homosexual act, um, you know, there's different abominations that they have to do.

And so, when they finally get to the door, they've completed all these assigned tasks. They're stood in front of this door and they're waiting for it to open. But what I was shown was that someone comes up behind them and kills that person. They kill the initiate. And I don't know how they kill them. Maybe they just stick a needle in them with poison. Because they do have these innoculations where they have poison that will kill you instantly, and they mimic a heart attack. They can even, you know, mimic brain tumors, aneurysms, whatever.

And so, either way, this initiate is killed. As he's standing there waiting for the door, and after having to go through every abominable deed that they ask him to do. And that person's body is overtaken then by a Reptilian being, an alien being. Overtaken by--becomes possessed by the alien being. His soul is taken and taken to hell.

A False Initiation Is Done So That a Person Secures One of the Worst Places in Hell

And this is a different form of soul-scalping that I've talked about over the years. How they just--they take over the body and they push the soul of that person out of the way. And they become the dominant person that controls that person's body. This is another way they do it. By these false initiations. Where they're being told they're gonna be brought to the light, and they have to fulfill all these ghastly deeds. And they do that so that this person secures one of the worst spots in hell. Because even in Satan's twisted form of justice, he tortures them in hell.

And, you know, you can imagine how he tortures Christians that are in hell. It's almost like, uh...uh, I can't say he's jealous, or wants revenge, or what, because it seems like if people followed the Lord, and knew about Him, and then rejected the Lord, He gives them the worse punishments in hell. And so, this is what happens with these initiates. They go through all these ghastly deeds just to secure one of the worst spots in hell. And then he kills them. And they take over the body.

Operation Double Down, Where Humans Are Being Replaced, Is Widespread and Still Going On

And I told you weeks ago that Operation Double Down was taking place. And Operation Double Down was widespread, it's still going on, where all of these humans are being replaced. And it reminds me of reading on the New Age sites. Over the past few months, you probably read their e-mails where they're coming out with stuff saying, "Over 400 bankers were arrested." Uh, you know, all these people supposedly arrested. And then they nonchalantly go back to work. You know, it's like, you know, they're stating, "Oh, they were arrested," and they're all excited.

And, you don't hear anything about arrests as we would think. They're not jailed and waiting for a court date. They're just sent back to work after they've been arrested. Well, what happens? Why arrest them if they just go back to work the next day? Or they just resign their jobs after they've been arrested. I think these are the very ones that are being replaced. They arrest them so they can replace them. They're killed and replaced by a fallen angel being.

And so, just one of the correlations I've been making since it was revealed to me about Operation Double Down and all of the physical replacements being done. A lot of celebrities even looking different, you know. They're being replaced.

Satan Hates His Illuminati Sheep and Will Torture Them in Hell

And so, this is just one of the ways that they have, know. You can't warn them enough. It's like I spend a lot of time on this show warning and pleading them to walk away. To get out of what they're involved in with the Illuminati because they don't love them. Satan doesn't love you for joining him. He really doesn't. He wants the followers to think, "Oh, I love my sheep." He does not. He hates them all. When they die, he tortures them in hell.

The Earth Seems to Be Bulging at the Center, So That May Be an Indication That Hell Is Expanding as the Bible Says

You know, the Lord showed me this section of hell. And there's various sections of hell. The Bible talks about how hell and destruction are never full. That Earth will expand, hell will expand to accommodate the souls that are sent there. And I was looking at this article yesterday, and I was talking about how Earth seems to be flattening out into more of an elliptical form. In other words, it's getting very bulgy in the center. Really bulgy. And I'm looking at that, then that verse just came to my mind about hell expanding to accommodate the souls, and that's why it looks so warped. Earth just looks like it's warped because it's bulging at the center.

Let Them Go Alive Down into Hell

Another thing it says about hell is that it's a prison for every foul spirit. There's chains with darkness in hell. Everlasting fire. In Psalms David said--he was referring to those that don't fear God, let them go alive down into hell.

And this is exactly what they do. When your body leaves your soul, you don't go to sleep, you don't remember nothing. You're either present with the Lord or you're in hell. To be absent from the body, you're either present with Him or you're in hell. Hebrews 9:27, after death is the judgment.

The Lord Showed Me a Type of Ferris Wheel of Tortures in Hell

Are you gonna be with the Lord, or are you gonna be in hell? In fact, what the Lord had showed be about one of these sections of hell, He showed me this a couple weeks ago, and it's really hard to sit and dwell on these things, and so. I didn't wanna talk about it for a while. But the only way I can explain it is that of a Ferris wheel of tortures that's there. And it's not a literal Ferris wheel, but it kind of correlates with the other thing I just talked about about the door and being brought to the light. [coughs] And that it's a circular area, and each area has a different torture associated with it. That's why it reminded me of a wheel. Because when they get finished with one area, they're dragged into the next. And then when they're done with that area, however long they have, they go on to the next. And it's just a particular part of hell where it's just one horrible torture after the next.

And one of them that He showed me was, um, if you look at those Coast Guard--those rescue baskets that they lower down to the water to rescue people out of the water. It's like a flat basket that you lay down in and then they lift you up on it. [coughs] Um, I saw this person, and they were being strapped into this basket. And he was lifted way up, like--I didn't see what kind of device was lifting him up, but we would think of it as a crane or something lifting him way up in the air.

And as they [coughs]--as they let loose, swinging him like a pendulum, he was being lowered into what looked like a mountain of gray ash and charcoal. That's what it looked like. Just huge chunks of charcoal on fire. And you could see the fire, and the flames, and the gray ash, and the smoke. It looked like a grill. You know, if you have a barbeque grill and you use charcoal, that's what it looked like. And they would lift him up in the air in this basket and then plunge him face first down into this mountain of charcoal, and ashes, and fire. And then lift him back up. And then swing him down into it again. Over, and over, and over again.

That was one of the areas of this...what I just call Ferris wheel. And when he was done, they were done with that for a while, they took him out of that and they took him to another area to begin a whole new torture. And so, um....uh, yeah, if you could just picture a Ferris wheel laying flat on the ground instead of vertical like we see them. Just one that I saw laying flat on the ground and then each basket being a different area. And they just go around and around and around to all these different tortures, and so.

The Lord Showed Me the Part of Hell That Somebody in Particular Was In - Satanists and Occultists Don't Believe We're in the End Times

And then the Lord had showed me that because I was asking about somebody in particular. And he showed me what part of hell they were in. And so, it was really, you know, [sighs] really awful because so many people just don't give thought...thought to their lives. They think they have time. They think they're gonna live forever. And, you know, I talk to these people every night. Think they have forever.

One of the biggest things of the Satanists right now, and those in the occult, is they don't believe we're in the end times. They don't believe, at all. In their mindsets, things have to get bad first. And when I talk to them, they quote me these events that they're waiting for. It's like, you've got it all turned around. Those things happen after Satan arrives. Not before. Because those are judgments of the Lord. His wrath on the earth because Satan is on the earth.

And remember the tribulation is divided into halves. If you a 3-and-a-half-year, then ignore my 7-year approach. But the first half is Satan's wrath on mankind. The second half is God's wrath on the earth and mankind and Satan, and so. And that's why the Bible says that the righteous will be protected during this time. But it also says that they will be tested. And so, there are various parts of His Bride as depicted in the seven churches. And so, there's only two churches out of the seven that were protected during the time of the tribulation period. And so, the other five went through persecution. That's where you see the souls under the altar for the sixth seal.

Uh...oh, I forgot my train of thought...but anyway a lot of events they think are going to not hap--we're not in the end times right now--they're misapplying prophecy, they're misinterpreting prophecy. And that's going to get them in a whole lot of hurt.

Bible Verses Describing Hell

You know, in Luke 16:23 it says,

23 And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments

And you guys know that this is referring to the rich man. Lazarus. And I'm gonna read what it says in Luke 16. Yahushua gives a picture of hell. It talks about Lazarus and the rich man dying. It says in verse 22,

22 ...the rich man also died, and was buried;

23 And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.

24 And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.

25 But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.

26 And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us...

In other words, you can't pass the gulf.

27 Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father's house:

28 For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.

The rich man wanted Abraham to go warn his brothers about hell and torment so that they wouldn't go there. It's a place of torment. It's a place of fire. The rich man says, "I am tormented in this flame."

In Matthew 13:42, Yahushua says,

42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

In Matthew 25, Yahushua says,

41 ...Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire...

In Revelation 20:15 it says,

15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

And the Bible gives the location of hell. In Matthew 12:40, Yahushua says,

40 For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

In the center of the earth. Ephesians 4:9,

9 (Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth?

There Are Over 5,000 YouTube Videos of Testimonies of People Who Died and Saw Hell - People Who Die and Go to Hell Don't Cease to Exist

I don't know if you've bothered to watch the video, 23 Minutes in Hell. I think his name was Bill Wiese, David Wiese, one of the two. And he gives his testimony of spending 23 minutes in hell. And he says--I believe he said hell was approximately just over 4,000 miles in the center of the earth, is where hell is located. Just 4,000 miles.

When you realize how awful, and what a wicked place hell is, 4,000 miles doesn't seem that very far away. Just a lot of descriptions. The Bible warns over, and over, and over again about the dangers and torments of hell. You can go to YouTube and put in "hell" or "23 minutes in hell." There's over 5,000 videos of testimonies of people who've died and saw hell. And there's no way out of it. Once you're cast into hell, there is no way out of it. You can't come back. [coughs]

You know, Yahushua says a couple terms relating to it. He says hell is fire. And I'm not gonna give you all the scriptures. If you want them, I can--you can send me an e-mail and ask me for them. It'll save some time. [coughs] The Bible describes it as a place of fire, everlasting fire, eternal damnation, hell fire, damnation, the furnace of fire, the fire that never shall be quenched, never be put out.

Where their worm dieth not. Which means people who die and go to hell don't cease to exist. Your worm is your soul. It's another word for your soul. You are totally aware and cognizant of everything going on around you. You're more alive when you're dead than when you're alive. Your senses come to life. You hear better, you see better, you smell better. You can see, feel, touch. You have all of your senses. Your body is just a covering. It's a covering for your soul. And if you've seen a dead body. You know exactly what I'm talking about. That person's gone. The soul, the spirit that made that body who that person was, is gone. The body is just a covering place.

Bible describes hell as wailing and gnashing of teeth, weeping and gnashing of teeth, torments, place of torment, outer darkness, everlasting punishment.

It Is Appointed Unto Man Once to Die, and Then You Will Face Judgment

In Hebrews 9:27 it says,

27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

It's appointed unto man once to die. And once you die, you will face judgment. And depending on where you go (heaven or hell), if you go to hell, there's no second chance. There's none. You know, hell wasn't made for man. Hell was originally prepared for the devil and his angels. He didn't make if for man. It wasn't his plan. But it became a place for man. And people have a choice. People have a choice to make. Jesus provides--Yahushua provides a way out of hell. You don't have to go to hell, you choose to go to hell. Because if you reject the Lord, then you're gonna go to hell.

Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people. People who love the Lord, people who love righteousness and doing good. People who accept Yahushua as their Savior. They accept the gift of salvation that He offers them.

Yahushua's just a real name for Jesus. And if you're a mature Christian in the Lord, you should be calling Him by His real name. Not the fake, translated Jesus. That's not His real name. His real name is Yahushua.

And one of the biggest things about making the choice of where you're gonna spend eternity between heaven and hell is deciding who you're gonna commit to. You don't have to do anything. [coughs] You can do absolutely nothing, and Satan claims you on default. Because in order to be one of the Lord's, to be considered one of His, you have to make a conscious decision that you're gonna follow Him, that you're gonna be one of His, that you're gonna seek Him. And nobody can do that for you. Nobody can build a relationship between you and the Lord but you.

Bible Verses about How the Lord Relates to His People

And a relationship is exactly that. It's a two-way road. When you spend time with Him, you learn how to hear His voice. You spend time talking to Him. You learn the ways He works. You seek Him for knowledge, and wisdom, and discernment. And to teach you the truth in all things. You seek Him constantly. You sit at His feet and ask Him for these things every day. You know, you're showing that you want to learn more about Him. It's not about religion, folks, it's about relationship. It's a relationship thing. That's how you become more and more of His.

You know, in the Bible it says [in 1 Corinthians 2:9],

9 ...Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

[In John 3:16],

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

[In John 14:1],

1 Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

He's preparing a place for His people. And he's gonna come back and get His people. If you die and go, then you'll be with Him in heaven. There will be some people who will be raptured off the earth who never taste of death. But that number is very few, folks. It's not the millions that they want you to think in the churches today.

If You're Not with the Lord, You're Against Him - Reject the World and Satan if You Want to Be Considered Yahushua's

You know, Yahushua said, in Matthew 11 [Matthew 12:30 actually],

30 He that is not with me is against me;

And I've heard the politicians stealing that one. He that's not with me is against me. He said it first. Yahushua said it first.

So the only difference is, if you wanna follow the Lord, then you need to make a conscious decision between yourself and Him that that's what you wanna do. You wanna become one of His people. If you wanna serve Him, you wanna walk away from the worldly things and reject Satan. Reject being part of this world. Come out of the occults and the secret societies that you're involved in. You have to walk away from those things and repent from them.

And so many people are afraid to 'cause they think they're gonna be killed. Well, look at all the people that were protected from dying. They walked away and the Lord protected them from death. Put your life in His hands. You know, that's what I've done, and look, they can't kill me. They've been trying to kill me for ten years. I'm still here. Very well-protected.

And those of you in the higher-ups, you know darn well. I don't know what codename I'm on now [coughs], but I've gone through many codenames, and I'm still alive. They don't usually mention people's real names in D.C. Everything is a codename. [laughs] I've had a few by now.

You know, put your protection in the Lord's hands. Let Him protect you. There's just things I'm not worried about. If I died tomorrow, I'm ready to go. And that's the way you need to live your life. Live your life today so that you're not worried what happens tomorrow. You're not worried what happens the next minute, the next hour whether you're gonna go to heaven or hell.

You know if you die, you're going to heaven and you've produced fruit in the last few weeks or months of your life, or years, that show that you're a child of God. You show that you're a child--you loved your neighbors. And that's the people around you. Showing love, not hate. Keeping the ten commandments, not breaking them. Honoring the seventh-day sabbath. Doing the things that He asked you to do. Honoring His feast days.

What He asks us to do, it's not cumbersome. It really isn't. You know, you worship the Lord on the seventh day of the week because He says to. And so, that already puts you at odds with mainstream, the majority of Christianity, because they all worship sabbath on the first day of the week. Most of them don't even keep the ten commandments.

Learn to read the Bible yourself. Learn to read the ten commandments yourself so you know exactly what it is you're supposed to follow. No lying, no stealing, no cheating. Live a righteous life. Seek righteousness. Seek Him.

If You Want to Accept Yahushua as Your Savior, You Can Repeat This Prayer After Me, and Make a Conscious Decision to Follow Him

You know, if you're listening to this show, and I know a lot of you, a lot of people listen to this show all over the world, and you wanna accept Yahushua as your Savior, I'm gonna say this prayer and you can just repeat it after me. And you can make a conscious decision to follow Him. Because there's really not much time left. And so many destructions coming. People need to think about where they're gonna spend eternity, what they have time left to do for the Lord to build up rewards in heaven when they go. To show that they're sincere, that they do love Him, that they are His. Just say,

Dear Heavenly Father,

Lord, I know I'm a sinner and that without You I am lost. Please forgive me for my sins. For the sins I've committed against others. And help me to forgive those that have sinned against me. I believe that You sent Your Son Yahushua to die on the cross. That He rose again three days later. And that He is coming back for me. I accept Your gift of salvation and ask that You come into my heart and be my Savior.

Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and give me all the blessings promised in Your word and those that You want to give to me. Help me to live for You from this day on.

Thank You, Father, for sending Your Son. Thank You, Yahushua, for saving me and being my personal Savior.

In Yahushua's name, Amen.

You Must Renounce Satan and the Sins You've Committed for Him - Learn Spiritual Warfare Because Satan and the Demons Will Come Up Against You

If you are involved with secret societies and the occult, you need to renounce all of the works that you have performed and have done for them. You need to renounce and reject Satan. Renounce your association with him. Renounce the sins you've committed for him. And just claim that you are a child of God and now protected by the shed blood of Yahushua.

And some of you will have to go through probably a lot of spiritual warfare prayers. Learning spiritual warfare. 'Cause the demons will come up against you to fight against you. Satan will come up against you to try to steal your salvation. And I have spiritual warfare prayers on my website at [Spiritual Warfare & Frequently Asked Questions]. Also at [Spiritual Warfare & Frequently Asked Questions] spiritual warfare prayers. Things that can help you learn how to pray and fight against the demonic forces in the world. Because you know how real they are. You know, at this level of understanding we all do.

The Lord's Salvation Is Open to Hybrids Because You're Half-Human

I know most of my show is preaching to the choir, but I also know that this radio show reaches places you couldn't imagine. And so, if you are human-born, then the Lord's salvation is open for you. Hybrids, His salvation is open to you because you are half-human. You do have a soul; hybrids. You need to turn and reject Satan, and start following the Lord. You need to turn away and reject evil, and start following goodness and righteousness. And showing by your fruits, by your actions, who you serve.

The Lord Will Not Honor Your Deathbed Confession If You've Spent Your Life Mocking Him

You know, all these millions of people who were just relying on 30 seconds of a deathbed confession, don't fool yourself. The Lord's not gonna honor it. He won't honor those who have spent their lives mocking Him, and doing rituals and sacrifices against Him. He wants to see that you're sincere. He wants to see sincerity.

You Have Power Over Satan and All the Demons Around You as a Child of God

You know, like I said, you know, a lot of you are messed up in the lies that they tell you. Just come out of it. Sit at the Lord's feet. Ask Him to teach you the truth in all things. Ask Him to fill you with His Spirit from head to toe so that evil can't stand being around you.

You know, when you become a child of God, you have all the power that He gives to us. And you can rebuke Satan in the name of Yahushua and he has to leave you alone. You have power over Satan as a child of God. You certainly have power over all the demons that are surrounding you on a daily basis. Rebuke them in the name of Yahushua. Command them to leave. And if they don't leave, ask the Lord to send angels to chain them and cast them into the abyss.

You know the power that the Lord's people have. Most of you have seen it. Most of you have seen angels in action protecting the Lord's people. You can be one of those people the angels are protecting.

You Haven't Done Anything So Evil That the Lord Won't Forgive You - The Lord's Blood Will Cancel Any Contract You've Made with Satan

There's nothing you've done that you can't be forgiven for. You haven't done anything so evil that the Lord won't forgive you. If they've told you that, then it's a lie. If they told you because you signed a contract to Satan and you sold out your soul to him and you can't change back, it's a lie. The Lord's blood can cancel any contract you've made, any contract you signed with Satan, any kind of agreement. It's never too late, until you're dead, to accept Yahushua as your Savior. So don't wait. Don't wait for the deathbed thing, it's not gonna work. Do it now while you're conscious, and you're able to make a decision, and have time to show by your fruits that you're sincere, that you're following the Lord.

They Killed Scientists Who Tried to Get to My House to Give Me Information - Without the Lord, You Have No Protection

You know, I've had people killed, scientists, trying to come to my house to give me information, to expose the corruption and evil of our government. And I can't imagine what kind of information they risked their lives to get here to me, to try to give to me before. And it just blows me away when I hear stories like this. You know, I didn't know anything about it at the time. I hear about it afterwards.

If you're gonna be in those kinds of positions, folks, you need the Lord's protection. Without Him, you have no protection. You have no protection. Become a child of God's, and then get your way out of satanism and the occult. Because then you have His protection. Then He'll protect you. Like I've said, it doesn't matter how evil you think you are, how many ghastly sins you've committed [audio skips].

I Need Your Continued Financial Support Terribly Bad - Remember This Is One of the Most Feared, Most Effective Ministries on This Planet

Anyway, folks, I'll be back next week. I have no idea what I'm speaking--I wait till the Lord tells me. But still, in the meantime, working on projects and missions. And I need your support terribly bad. We're drowning in bills here. So we need to get crawled out--as soon as I get some headway, it just seems that the bills come in for the next month and I'm drowning again. So I need your financial support to continue, folks. To keep this going. To keep this radio show going, and the websites going, and this war, and this ministry, and everything else.

Those who do support it, I thank you very much. And those who don't, I ask you to start. Start supporting this ministry. One of the most feared ones on the planet. They fear this ministry.

Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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