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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
March 11, 2013


Are They Attempting to Orchestrate the Plagues of Egypt?

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it is March 11. And a couple things I wanna talk about tonight. Was looking at some news reports about the locusts over in Egypt and now Israel. And I thought that was kind of funny. Because it seems like such a desperate attempt on their part to orchestrate the plagues of Egypt. They wondered where the 3 days of darkness came in. And these aren't engineered by the Lord, folks, this is them.

You know, the Lord said the last days would be as the days of Noah, not the days of Moses. Although we are gonna get plagues, never before seen by man. And so, obviously, we've seen locusts. There's locust plagues every 7 years, and, you know, stuff we knew. It's kind of like a repeat of Exodus. The plagues in Exodus. And so, I thought that was kind of amusing.

They're to implementing these locusts so the next phase of their plan would be the next plague, which was darkness. Three days of utter darkness, which would fall upon the land. And you can remember hearing that back in December. With all their hype about having 3 days of darkness back right before Christmas. And they really plan this stuff, folks. It's not anything to take lightly. They actually have technology to make this happen. So if they wanna make it happen, they could very well block out the sun. They could implement a storm of locusts. They could do all the things that they're claiming, that they're gonna say God is doing, but it's actually technology and it's them doing it, trying to recreate events. And so, this is their plan. I told you March was gonna be a March Madness month.

Blood on the Doorposts Then, Orgone Now, to Protect Us from the Angel of Death

Passover starts on the 25th. The last day being March 31. And so, that whole week might get a little bit interesting, if they have their way. If they have their way. Because just as in December, when they had all this stuff planned, we knocked it all out just by getting the orgone out and Yah cranking it up. And literally just boiling them and ruining their plans.

And so, I half suspect the same thing'll happen the end of March, which is why I really haven't spent a whole lot of time on this. I mean, I've been looking at this since about January and February. And, you know, it's just another push of theirs. It's another push. They had one for the end of February, the last week of February. Now they have one for the last week of March. And so, we'll just have to see how far they can go.

You know, every time they've tried to implement something, they've run into a huge wall of failure. Because of the orgone in the air blocking all of their attempts, and their technologies, and their plans. And so, if they have their 3 days of locusts and 3 days of darkness, the next to last plague was that the firstborn of every family in Egypt was destroyed. Well, Israel, which I find interesting, put the blood on the posts of their doors and the angel of death passed over them. Now, in Moses' day, the blood on the doorpost, you know, the lamb's blood was their protection from the angel of death, the executioner of the Lord's wrath.

What do we have today, folks? I just find this interesting correlation that for protection the Lord has given us orgone. We know it's an offensive weapon. We know it's a defensive weapon. And it's a protection. So I find it interesting that in this day and age, it's not blood, it's the orgone. And the orgone is a protection weapon.

And so, just wondering, if they implement this death thing, all those with the orgone would be protected from it. But I know they will be. But more interesting to note if they even try that, you know, are they just doing this around the world, just in the Middle East? How are they gonna focus that? And then are they gonna implement their fake rapture at this point.

They do have equipment. And I've talked about it on the show before. They do have equipment and the capability to mimic a false rapture around the world. They can abduct people off the earth. And they've been practicing this for years already just with alien Grey abductions. Our military can do the same thing. They have the same technology from the aliens. And so, either one could stage a false abduction, a false rapture attempt. And then they could bring in their false messiahs and possibly implement the whole Blue Beam Project. And I'm gonna talk about the Blue Beam Project tonight for a little bit.

The Next Phase of Their Agenda Is to Have a War with North Korea

I wanted to mention that right now what you're seeing is a lot of different factions going at it. You know, they're not altogether working together on the same agendas, the same scenarios, the same plans. They all fight it out to keep their agendas in control and at the top. And the one we've been under is the old New World Order agenda, which I call the 7th. And this is the one run by the Rothschilds, and Rockefellers, and Bushes, and Clintons and all them. This is the New World Order they've been trying to implement for the last century.

And interesting that they're trying to prepare people for the next phase of their agenda which has always been on their script; to have a war with North Korea. They've always wanted to have this huge war on the Korean peninsula. And when the whole thing is up in flames, then bring in their messiah. Which we know is Sananda.

And so, interesting that all these games and all these movies--Red Dawn has come out--focusing on the North Koreans as being invaders of the United States. But if you look at reality [coughs], you know, they're focusing on North Koreans, but they're stuffing our underground bases and our DUMBs with Chinese. So why are they...why are they stuffing our underground bases with Chinese, if they want us hyped and worried about North Koreans invading us.

Another one, movie coming out this month, Olympus Has Fallen. Uh, you know, I really used to like these kinds of movies. 'Cause they always showed America eventually in the White House, and NATO or NASA, whoever's working together, coming together and working together, and uniting and being strong, and overcoming the enemy type movies.

Well, you know, reality is the White House, itself, our president, itself, and all his little handlers, they would be the ones directing the attack on the White House. You know, it wouldn't be some surprise attack [coughs] from North Korea, or China, or Russia. They're all in on it. That's the reality. And they'd actuall be off in their bunkers somewhere directing it. I mean, just like happened at World Trade Center. They were all involved. The government was involved with it. That's why it even happened. Any attack on the United States, you can bet it's directed, and produced, and controlled, by our own government. It's called false flags.

So just as they engineered the World Trade Center towers crash, they would engineer that the White House crash. And I did a Bible Code on this years ago. I remember, when I first started getting into the Bible Codes and learning how to do them, one of the first things I learned was the White House and Congress being destroyed. And one of the dates that had come up for that was July 4. And so, it makes me wonder if they're not back in, getting in route, with that kind of a timeline where they would blow up the White House and Congress on July 4. I know if they're gonna do it, it would be in the summer sometime.

Will a UFO Crash Cause a Zombie Outbreak?

And so, then they come out with another movie. It's coming out with Brad Pitt called World Zombie Z, or World War Z. World War Zombie. And more hype on the fact that they have a zombie virus. A zombie apocalypse is something that I've been warning about for years. And then you start seeing them come out with manuals warning people, military manuals, how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. So you have that coming out as well.

Posted this to my list the other day, and Facebook, about Nevada Politician Uncovers FEMA Plans for Zombie UFO Crash" Disaster Drill on April 27. And so, this is a huge drill being taken place in Moscow, Idaho. To where they can prepare for a UFO crash and a zombie outbreak leading from that. And I have to agree with what the politician who exposes it said; VanDerbeek. He said, “Personally, I do not believe in UFOs or zombies and neither does anyone in the federal government." I don't believe that's true. "It is quite likely that our government has a created a bio-chemical weapon that can induce zombie-like behaviors in humans and therefore assist in a mass murder event to promote global depopulation without taking the blame.” We know that's true.

We know that the CDC has been working on a zombie strain for years. And they've been practicing it in eastern Europe and in Africa. With all these different kinds of zombie outbreaks. And so, of course, you don't hear about them in our media. But it's been one of the biggest problems in Africa, are zombie outbreaks. And so, interesting on April 27 they're gonna have a drill in Moscow, Idaho.

And their scenario is something about a UFO crashing which then causes a zombie outbreak. And what have I been talking about that I've been seeing in the Codes in regards to aliens, is rabies. And so, if you kind of put two and two together, perhaps this whole zombie thing, another term for describing these aliens that are zombies, as having rabies. I can see a correlation between the two. Especially when you're trying to describe events from Hebrew to English. That's what these Codes do. They're trying to describe events using English terms. And so, I see a correlation there.

So we have the North Koreans and the Chinese. We have an invasion there. Ground invasion. Most likely air invasion as well. Have White House being blown up. A zombie epidemic. And these are the frontrunner things that they're trying to prepare the public for.

Millions of People Are Carrying the Zombie Virus Because It Was Put in Vaccines and Flu Shots

You know, I've warned of zombie viruses for a while now. Zombie attacks. They had one planned two years ago, just south of San Diego, and we rushed orgone down there. Orgone Warriors got orgone all the way from San Diego into Mexico, itself. And we were able to knock out that entire scenario. And what they learned was that the orgone is effective against it. Because these same viruses that they were using to try to, try to create the zombie pandemic over in Mexico and southern L.A. was the same ones they had success with in Africa and eastern Europe. They had success with them there in unorgoned areas. But when they tried to implement it in orgoned areas, they don't have the desired results that they expect.

Then you saw, last year, the couple outbreaks of the flesh-eating disease. Which they blamed on bath salts and other things. And these were other attempts at using this zombie biowarfare agents they have; chemicals in different forms. Been trying to get it off the ground in different ways.

What's even scarier is the fact that millions right now are carrying the zombie virus in them because they have put this zombie virus in vaccines and flu shots. And so, from my sources, what I've heard is that all they need is that one trigger. That one trigger. And it's the zombie virus that's lying dormant in millions of people will become activated. That one trigger. What's the trigger? I don't know what the trigger is.

But that's eyebrow-raising because it takes a whole new approach to looking at what exactly is this zombie apocalypse that's coming. Is it starts in one area and spreads? Or are we looking at somehow they find the trigger, implement the trigger, to trigger that zombie virus in all these Americans who are already carrying it, all these people who are already carrying it, and all of a sudden, people everywhere who have this virus, it just becomes activated inside of them.

And it could be anywhere. It could be anywhere in the country. It could be anywhere in the world. You could just be shopping next to somebody, and, all of a sudden, they freak out and turn into a zombie, go into zombie mode. That would be pretty wild. And so, gives new meaning to staying armed. Getting your CC, concealed carry permits. If you don't need a permit, always being armed. That's why I've put up videos on how to kill a zombie with orgone water. Because guns are gonna be simply too, uh...ineffective in the long run. You're gonna run out of bullets. You're not gonna be able to shoot the thing in the head. If you're gonna be able to kill a zombie with a bullet, it has to be in the brain, folks. You have to--you have to kill them. You have to shoot their brains out.

I think David gave us a good example killing giants and other kinds of beings. He killed it and then he cut its head off. That way it couldn't reanimate. It couldn't come back to life. That's why he chopped its head off. That was the whole point. Because when he hit it with the stone, David slew the giant. It was already dead laying on the ground. But David took his sword and cut his head off, so it couldn't reanimate. Couldn't come back to life. 'Cause if you don't kill a zombie, if you don't cut off the brain, stop the brain from completely working, it could reanimate. No matter how many times you think you've killed the thing.

Orgone water is like acid to them. I have orgone water everywhere. I have six garbage cans full of it outside. I have coolers of it in my house. I have spray bottles full of it. I always carry it in my car in the summertime. For some reason, I'm always alerted to being prepared for zombie outbreaks in the summer months. I don't know what it is about the summer. I think it's because their vaccine, their, uh, not their vaccine, but their, uh, their virus works better in warmer climates. And so, that's why it's always in the summertime. And when you see these movies in Hollywood, everything's always in the summer as well.

Satanic Loosh-Causing Rituals, the Homosexual Agenda, and Gun Control

You know, the White House is getting blown up in the summer. The zombie virus in the summer. Invasions. So, something to be prepared for, folks. A couple things they're really pushing right now. And they started this last year.

These kinds of policies stem from their satanic ritual meetings. And I told you that they have them daily, they have them weekly. Yes, Satanists have a calendar that they go by. And they have certain dates that they have to be at. Their holy satanic days and garbage like that. But they get together at least 4 or 5 times a week as well. Just to do sacrifices. They're always sacrificing humans in the base under D.C. at the temple. They're always gone during the day, and especially late at night, sacrificing humans. Because Satan needs that loosh. That dead energy. And so, that's why they keep sacrificing, and sacrificing, and sacrificing. The more energy he creates, the more power he has. The more he can implement his will on earth. And, eventually, materialize here on earth, which he is going to as the Antichrist.

But some of the policies still staying the same: the homosexual agenda, you're seeing that one the rise. Because that's what Satan wants. He wants homosexuality rampant in the world. Especially in America and Europe. He wants it everywhere. He wants it politically correct. He wants it accepted. He wants them leading our churches. And so, the Satanists are all working together to promote this homosexual agenda.

Also gun control. It doesn't matter what faction is in charge, whether it's the alien faction or the New World Order faction. Or the Japanese faction. You know, all these different factions. They all want gun control. And so, it's important to stock up while you can because being able to buy guns and bullets isn't always gonna be feasible. Isn't always gonna be available. They wanna come after your guns. And what they'll do is shut down the manufacturers. That's why they're pilfering all these millions of pounds in rounds of bullets now. Because they're going to get everything stocked up and then they're just going to shut it all down so citizens can't get a hold of them.

The Jump to a Cashless Society

And then you have the jump to a cashless society. If they can eliminate cash, they're gonna have us lock, stock and barrel into their whole Antichrist system, folks. And both agendas want it; the 7th and the 8th. You have the New World Order, and then you have the alien agenda. All working together on all three of these aspects; the homosexual agenda, gun control, and a cashless society. Because they can implement the chip. They can force you, they can control whole societies through a chip implant. You know, get rid of the cash, force everybody to be chip-implanted to be able to access their bank accounts and bank records. And then they have full control of societies.

Right now, the New World Order was using their own central banks to control societies. And you always had those who wouldn't play along. Who wouldn't go along with their central banks. And now you see the toppling of their governments. Egypt, Libya, Iraq, North Korea. And also South American countries. Venezuela, Argentina. Both of those on their target list. Because they're not controlled by Illuminati central banks.

So we're just gonna move away from banks, cash, altogether, and move into a enforced-chip society. And the RFID chip is very dominant with both factions. The New World Order faction and the alien agenda faction. Very dominant with both of them. I see RFID all the time in the Bible Codes. And I've told you, one of the biggest things of Sananda is this whole chip program, the chip platform. Very strong with it.

Many Claiming They Are Jesus

Was looking at a video the other day somebody posted about Rayel. Lord Rayel. Uh, haha, that's another faction. The ra-el org. A whole faction. They were the first ones who cloned a sheep back in the 80s if you remember that. Looks like their leader's been cloned as well. If you hear him talk, it's almost half creepy.

He's fighting for his 15 minutes of fame as the false messiah. There's ones coming out of Mexico claiming they're Jesus. They're all fighting for their 15 minutes of fame. These aren't the ones to really take seriously. The ones to take seriously is this Sananda-Maitreya scenario. Because those are the dominant ones. And those are the ones the Lord has had me focused on for years as the one the government, the Illuminati, the aliens, anyone at the top is focused on this aspect of last-days prophecy and agenda, and so--either making it happen or exposing them.

So don't waste your time on--and then Matthew 24 warned that there would be many, many claiming they are Jesus. That, you know, they're out in the deserts, and then they're here, they're there. And He says don't go. Don't go to them. Don't listen to them. Don't seek them out. If they're in the desert, let them go out there and fry. Don't go visit them. It's what He was warning about in Matthew 24. And so, these things are gonna happen.

Watch for an Earthquake at Any Time They Are Trying to Implement Their Plans

One of the interesting aspects is a huge global earthquake that could be implemented at any time. A global earthquake. Because I believe a global earthquake will occur before this literal alien invasion is upon us. And you can look at these events right now taking place in Egypt and Israel's precusors. You have the locusts. Then they wanna have their three days of darkness.

Watch for an earthquake at any time when they're trying to implement their plans. 'Cause it's almost like synonymous with their plans. The Lord's gonna throw a monkey wrench in, implement a huge earthquake, and it could be before, during or after they're doing this stuff. But it's always, you know, whenever they're, uh, physically on earth, whenever they're going to arrive, you are going to start seeing the Lord's wrath on the earth. The day of the Lord. And so, it's synonymous.

You know, the Bible talks about how the earth moans and groans just when Satan arrives and starts to take over as the Antichrist. Even the earth rebels and moans against his arrival. The earth, itself. And so, it's complete rebellion against the Lord. And so, you're gonna start seeing the Lord's immediate wrath. You're gonna go directly into the trumpet and the bowl judgments as revealed in Revelation, and so.

The Orgone Is Boiling Their Galactic Fleet

A couple different satellites and starships and things like that I've been seeing in the Codes. There's, uh, Brown Dwarf Stars. And--you know, there's more than one. There's different types of moons and satellites. Brown Dwarf Stars, BDS' come up. Nibiru comes up. And they're here now. There's satellites that are coming in, have been in. Huge moons. You don't hear much about it.

But what happens is they come into our atmosphere and then they get burned out. The orgone starts to boil them. And so, they flee. And they start suffering from all the fire. And so, that's one of the last I always have is, they're all usually tied to Sananda and Maitreya, and this whole Ashtar Command and their arrival. Usually part of their galactic fleets. And so, they come in and they start to burn from the orgone. Boiled, it says. And calls the Orgone Warriors boilermakers. Our orgone pucks are boilermakers, 'cause it boils them. Makes them hot. Gives them asphyxia. They have a hard time breathing. And so, we have to keep getting the orgone out.

Israel Warriors, Get the Deserts Areas, Mountains, Valley, and Mediterranean

You know, if you're in Israel, the Israel Warriors, they've gotta make sure that not only just the whole country is done, but that the desert areas are done, that Mount Hermon is done, the mountains are done. Getting all the mountains. Getting the valleys. Not just the population centers, but, you know, getting also the water sources. Getting it out into the Mediterranean. Just bombarding every place you can get.

Orgone Warriors, Create Safe Places for People to Run to When They Flee the Cities and Coastlines

You know, same thing the Lord's had us here in America. And also Australia. Getting the deserts. The desert areas. That's where they hide. We've killed colonies of Grey aliens by just getting desert areas. And so, not just population centers, but wherever the Lord leads you to get. You know, it's an offensive and defensive weapon. When you're putting it in population areas, you're putting it there to protect the people. And when you go out and you get it in the deserts and the forests, you're doing both. You're giving people a safe place to run to when they need to flee the cities, and also going offensive against them and getting rid of their little communities that they have hidden in the deserts and forests, and so.

The coastlines will be rattling. And so, you know, the Lord's been telling people to get off the coastlines, get away from the cities. And that hasn't changed. And most people won't even think about it until it's time. When their cities are under water. That's why I just--you know, I warned Japan. I warned the Japanese to get out of there in 2008. Started warning them then. So, they're lucky the whole thing didn't sink. The Lord's mercy on that one, not allowing them to sink the whole thing.

Looking at the Last-Days Script of Events and People Who Have Been Slotted to Fill Positions

So those are a few things we're looking at, folks. It almost makes you gag, watching the news. Where they're trying to elicit all this sympathy for the Royal Family. And I just wanna gag. You know, the queen being sick and having to go to the hospital and stay home. Trying to elicit sympathy for the queen. 'Cause she's nothing but a Lizard who eats children.

And then Princess Kate. Sympathy for her pregnancy 'cause she's carrying a Lizard baby with a tail. These are not humans, folks. And they try to elicit human emotions around them. Like, "Oh, look. We're doing something human. We're having a pregnancy sickness." Or, "We're having a stomach flu." "See that very human. I'm in the hospital now because I have the stomach flu." You know, it's all so fake.

You notice the conspiracy circles were going in rounds. How Kolvenbach...I think it was Fulford started this. How the previous Black Pope--who I don't think he's previous. I've always thought he's always stayed as the real one. He just went into the background because everybody knew about him. Hans Kolvenbach had some kind of assassination plot against the queen if she had showed up at Rome. Uh, you know...I don't believe it and I know sources who don't believe it either, but it makes for good, entertaining drama.

These people are always trying to kill each other. And so, the queen who is one of the highest-ranked Lizards on earth, you know, even these people know that if they kill one off, they just grow another one. They just replace her with one of her clones. So, it's--you know, you're looking at a script, a last-days script of events and people who have been slotted in to fill positions. And in this day and age, you can't get rid of those people. Because they just clone another one and put them in. They just clone them.

You know, it started back with Clinton. He was the first president that was replaced by an android. And you have to understand that there's different types of clones. There's clones, there's look-alikes, and there's androids. And the androids, I tried to point out back in a Obama debate with Romney. Because, you know, they used the androids for those. And if you couldn't tell the difference--which most people couldn't--minus the choir that listens to my show--but most people did not notice a difference between the human Obama and the android Obama. Or the human Romney and the android Romney.

But I thought it was blaringly obvious. I mean, they're showing these people, like Obama and Romney, on the beach on the morning of the debate. They're showing the human ones. And then somehow by the debate, they all lose 50 pounds. I mean, come on, folks. [laughs] You have the skinny versions of Romney and Obama at the debate. And these are the ones that are controlled. They have little tech boxes on them.

Back when Bush, Jr. was president it was this huge box that they put on the back of his--the center of his back--and you could see it bulging out of his suitcoats. And they would say, "Oh, it's just a microphone battery," or whatever. Yeah, right. You wouldn't have to stand at a podium with a microphone on and hold a battery at the same time, folks. But now they've progressed with their technology so much that they don't have to have a noticeable device on them now. They still have some kind of device. I think it might be wireless now. But they usually also have somebody around to oversee and give signals as well that controls the android that's speaking. And so, you know, this is how we've progressed.

And so, if you killed Obama, they'd just pull out one of his androids. They'd pull out one of his clones. Same with the queen. Same with the pope. You can't kill that person. That position anymore is just--it's grafted in. You know, you have these different agendas. You have these different slots. And these different characters that fill in. It's like the whole world is a play. And we're on the last-days stage.

Bible Codes Reveal How a Council Chooses Candidates to Accomplish Specific Tasks for the Lord Through a Heavenly Lottery

And you know what? As far as the Lord's goes as well, you'll see almost the same thing. You'll see positions and leaderships. And He puts people, he stands people up to be that mouthpiece, to be that messenger, to be that radio host, or that website owner, or that business owner. You know. He puts them in various places and stands them up. And if that person doesn't wanna stand up for the calling, He'll use somebody else.

You know, they all, you know, you can just sit back and watch how things are orchestrated. And a lot of times I'll see that in the Bible Codes. I'll see the term lottery. And it's not talking about your state lottery. It's talking about the heavenly lottery. And how the council decides, from a list of candidates, who they will stand up to do what project. Who's gonna write that article, who's gonna announce this, who's going to expose that. Who's going to do this, who's going to do that. And they have a list of candidates and they'll choose a person out of that list that they think will accomplish that specific task for the Lord. It's very interesting.

When You're Doing What the Lord Wants You to Do, You Can See the Confirmations in the Codes

So. That's how I love getting so much confirmations. When I do work on the Bible Codes, I can see so much confirmations. And that way you always know you're staying--you're on the right track. You're doing what He wants you to do because you can see the confirmations in the Codes. You know?

And the one aspect I'm always keeping an eye on is involving the Orgone Warriors. The faction, faction 4 of the 144 is what I've called them. It's the small, tiny faction of ragtag band of Warriors. And they don't have wealth, and they don't have fame, and they don't have fortune, but they've got a lot of guts.

And they are huge in bravery. And they're saturating the world with the orgone and tearing down Satan's strongholds. And just tearing up and messing up their entire agenda. And that includes their bases, their starships, their trillions of dollars of things that they have--the money they've spent on starships, and vehicles, and crafts. All this stuff, very technical, very far-ending. You couldn't even imagine the extent and the scope of their kingdom in the world and around the world, in space. And this little faction's just out there, cahoonas of huge mountains, destroying it all. [laughs]

I love seeing these little Davids going out amongst the Goliaths and just destroying them. And I know other than listening to me speak about it, you guys probably, you know, don't have much access to real insight unless you ask the Lord, Himself. And you do, and you have. But it's just amazing to just sit back and watch the confirmations in the Codes and then get them from sources that would know.

We're Not Just Hated by Satanists, but by Christian Brethren as Well

You know, one of the biggest things now amongst them is to dispute us. To deny that we affect them. To stand up people to hate us. To spew hate against us. And they do. We have haters all over the Internet. Satan'll stand up his handmaidens. And he does. And, you know, we're not well-liked. It's 'cause Satan hates us. He hated the Lord. It's like, OK. I've been dealing with this for years. Not just hated by the Satanists, but hated by Christians as well. The brethren. It's why the Lord gets--they get thrown into testing. You know?

And I love the brethren. That's why I can't spend my shows--I get angry and I'll say things, but I don't dwell on it. I don't dwell on them. I don't dwell on those who hate me. I don't have time for all that. And the Lord doesn't want us nitpicking and fighting all the time. Because we are brethren whether we agree on all things or not. That's why I don't get in nitpick fights about people who come on my lists with their own ideas of theology.

You know, I might say something and try to steer them towards the true direction or whatever. I am not gonna get in theological debates with people, with the brethren. They may love the Lord, and that's fine. That's all that matters. They'll learn the truth in heaven. [laughs] We're all gonna have a lot of time where we get to learn and relearn everything. So why spend all this time fighting about it now, and who's right, and who's wrong, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Let's just get busy, unite together, and fight against our common enemy, which is Satan. That's one thing he uses to keep the churches and the Christians ineffective. He keeps them fighting. He keeps them bickering and backbiting so they can't unite and work against--be an effective army against him. But that's what needs to be done, folks, if we're gonna continue destroying the strongholds of Satan on this earth and tearing these divisions up and these agendas. Working together against a common enemy, not ourselves, not amongst each other.

Get the orgone out. You may think it's crazy. I thought it was crazy. But, boy, have I come a long way in ten years. We've learned so much of what it does. We've seen what it can do. UFOs crashing out of the skies. [laughs] Pulling space junk out of the sky. They call it space junk. It is junk! Their starships and everything else that they have. Burning it up, pulling it down. We've gotta keep doing it. Especially with the Middle East. Boy, do we need orgone in Egypt. Wonder how it would affect those locusts that are out there. I just know wherever Sananda is he's got all these...all these tricks up his sleeve. He always does. Always does.

Watch Out for False Archaeological Claims

Anyway, I have this article on the Project Blue Beam. My website at And I wanna go over the four aspects of it real quick. Because I get asked all the time from people, "Oh, they just dug up this," " They found this," "They found that." And the first step of Project Blue Beam is their archaeological step. And this deals with the setup of created earthquakes at certain precise locations to where supposedly new discoveries will be found. And so, these new discoveries will point to errors in people's faiths, like, it'll, uh, they'll serve to promote or reject certain beliefs in people's religions. And so, all this stuff has been preplanned and prefalsified ahead of time so that all of these new archaeological findings are actually just planted. False evidence. Things that they've done ahead of time.

And so, watch out for the false archaeological claims. Whenever somebody sends me an article, "Oh, look. They found this," "They found that," I just automatically...I don't even wanna read it. I don't wanna see it. I know it's fake. All these fake archaeological findings. Big part of [inaudible].

Project Blue Beam: The Gigantic Space Show and Fake Rapture

The second step involves the gigantic space show. Three-dimensional object, holograms and sounds, laser projections. Multiple holographic images from different parts of the world. I often see this kind of thing in the Codes. I know it's a very viable--they already practice this.

People have been fooled by these holograms for years. Just think how many billions think Mary actually showed up at the grotto? Haha. All these Marion apparitions were nothing but test subjects of their hologram program. And so if you could fool all those billions of Catholics into believing that Mary actually shows up in these different grotto places, imagine when they start beaming Buddha, Hindu, and Muhammad, and Jesus. Because they're going to appeal to different people's beliefs by beaming that religion's savior or messiah to those parts of the world to those people.

And they can do this. They have the technology. And that's considered the space show. And I've talked about this space show for a long time. Because they've always used--planned this to bring in Sananda. Having a big space show complete with angelic host singing heavenly songs and hymns while He descends to earth. Haha.

It's all part of the Blue Beam Project, folks. All holograms. And that's why--a big reason why they have the HAARP project, is because all of these holograms are used by the aerosols that chemtrail planes spew out of them. And also being used by satellite 60 mile above the earth. They call it the sodium layer. And every once in a while, you'll see these tests being carried out by UFOs, flying saucers. Planning to use these for, uh, to bring in Christ or the Maitreya, implement a new world religion, the alien agenda government.

And the second part of this, and a huge one, folks, is the fake rapture. Because this project is also huge on implementing the fake rapture where--and I've been warning New Agers for years to stay away from the UFOs. Because they will abduct people and take them off into their ships, and their starships, and kill them and put them in their freezers to use them as food. This is not the Lord's rapture. This is the alien New Age rapture.

And they have the technology to pull people out of their beds while they're sleeping. To pull them off anywhere in the world. And so, what they particularly want to do is get their own identified first and take their own who are willing and voluntary to go. You know, I mean, look at them last December. They were running up to France. Waiting in the mountains for the UFOs to come and get them, their brothers to come get them. I mean, it was ridiculous. They're gonna be used as food.

The Telepathy Element of the Blue Beam Project - Voice to Skull Technology and Worldwide Religious Deception

And so, those are the huge aspects of this whole Blue Beam Project. And you can read this article. Just go to and put in Blue Beam Project in the search box. But the major three elements--oh, and the fourth one being the telepathy that they're using. The computer to brain/skull/voice, whatever you wanna call it [voice to skull], where they can target your mind.

People being misled by that all the time. I deal with Christians every day who are not listening to the Lord's voice, but are convinced that they are. that's how good it is. That's how good it is. If it's already deceiving people, what's gonna happen when they're using this technology on a massive scale to speak to billions of them. To speak to their minds and their hearts so that they think they're hearing from their god. "Oh, I'm hearing from Jesus," "Oh, I'm hearing from Muhammad," "Oh, I heard from Buddha."

This is gonna be worldwide. It's gonna be a worldwide problem. I mean, they've had a lot of practice and they've perfected this thing. And, you know, this telepathy that when these Ascended Masters come in, they're going to speak, but they're going to speak telepathic to everyone in the world. And so, just block...block them, folks. You know, just ask the Lord if a message you're receiving isn't of Him, that He block it and destroy it, then He put up a wall, a shield around you to block all communications from alien and demonic beings. Anything that's not of Him. People have to stay defensive. And people need to do that every day as it is.

So many people just getting so bamboozled by hearing voices and thinking they're the Lord's. He doesn't speak to our head, folks. Doesn't speak to our head. And He's not mean, and He's not judgmental. And if you do something wrong, or you don't do something He asks, He doesn't yell at you.

There's so many ways to know. And people skip over the common sense because they really wanna think it's the Lord they're hearing from. The Lord speaks to our hearts. Very hard to hear. Not easy. Not easy.

You know, the convenient voices are easy, 'cause they're not hard to hear. They just come to your head and they tell you to do something. People think it's the Lord. It's hard to explain. But I have to do the best I can to warn you guys because this stuff is so dominant. And it is coming.

Prepare for a Zombie Pandemic and the Market Crash

So I've got about two minutes left. So keep your eyes out for the Middle East show.

Get your stuff prepared. It is spring. Get your orgone water prepared for--and your spray bottles and your water guns. Fill them and put them in your cars. Spring and summer is not a good time for zombie pandemics. It's usually when they wanna strike them.

Get guns, ammo while you can. Stock up food while you can. Market crash is coming. I do see that in the Codes. And that's gonna hit hard. Prepare for that.

And we just watch and see. We just wait and see what they actually implement and what they don't. You know, like I've said, we've seen this stuff come. And it's come, and it's go. These time windows have come and go. So, I just can't be guilty of staying asleep at the wheel because I think it's just another one of these events that's going to flop and nothing's gonna happen, and then it actually hits. [laughs] So, I'll throw it out there.

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Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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