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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
March 18, 2013


What I'm Seeing in the Bible Codes Is Pure Pandemonium in Regards to These Alien Starships - We're Doing Phenomenal

And hello, everybody. You're live. Welcome. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it is March 18. Couple things I wanna talk about tonight 'cause it's getting interesting as we head into Passover and through Easter. And so, ha, the Codes are kind of phenomenal right now. Bible Codes.

And, if you look outside if you're in the Midwest region, I don't know if you can see this down in the south or out west, but when we do have clear skies, you can just see that they're covered with starships. And, I was looking outside yesterday out my back door towards the east and there was one sitting there, and it was all on fire. I just had to laugh. You know, if they want to hang around in my region, they're gonna be on fire, and so. [laughs]

They're very mad. They're very much in a panic. And what I'm seeing in the Bible Codes is pure pandemonium. Also talks about Desolation - Carnage - Destruction - Depression - Panic - Alarm. Just several terms describing all of these alien starships in the skies. Because the orgone is burning them. I described last week how one of the terms given to Orgone Warriors is boilermakers because we're boiling them. And they're literally just frying. Asphyxia comes up. They have a hard time breathing.

And so, we're doing phenomenal. You know, the Lord can turn it down. He can crank it up. And we're gonna be--we've been seeing a time where He's been cranking it up. And you've seen all of them crashing worldwide out of the skies. They're just falling out of the air. And that's one of the main jobs we need to keep doing. We've been assigned to do this. Can see Assigned - Assignment - Predestination. Things like that in the Codes in regards to this. Apocalyptical - Legendary - Precious. And, you know, there's just so few of us doing it, but it means so much. It has such huge significance.

The Orgone Is Blocking the Entire New Age Alien Agenda

And, you know, I've been talking about we took out Maitreya a couple years ago. And, you know, you have to realize that Satan has different routes that he wants to use to gain control of the world and come to power. And this whole New Age cosmic being agenda, what I call the alien agenda, was their biggest forefront. It was the biggest plan for the end of the age to bring in this false godlike kingdom. The New Agers call it the fifth dimension, and bringing the fifth dimension to earth.

And, you know, Satan was gonna try to mimic heaven on earth. And just--this huge facade. Well, when the Lord stood us up years ago, and one of the things we found--we kept finding new things the orgone could do when I ask Him how we could tear down the strongholds of Satan, how we could stop all these tech attacks against us. And He led me to orgone and showed us how to make orgone. Quickly learning that it was literally crashing them out of the skies. And it would destroy their underground bases. And so, we've crisscrossed the country at major DUMBs that they have, and what I call DUABs, Deep Underground Alien Bases. And we've been destroying their strongholds for years.

And it's all coming to a culmination point here in 2013 at just this time. Because, from what I'm seeing, we're blocking them. And, you know, throughout the last couple years, Sananda's always been able to access earth. I think what they basically do is they beam in holograms of him. You know, Rothschild will have dinner with his closest Satanist friends and Sananda will beam in. And I don't know if they actually buy the fact that he's really physically there. But he'll speak to them. He's not physically there. If someone was physically there, they would have feet. I've had descriptions of what Sananda looks like when he's beamed into these things. Holograms. And I'm like, "Well, don't you think he needs to get feet if he's gonna come to earth?"

And so, his physical presence, itself, has been blocked, even though he has been able to hologram in, beam in to meetings and things like that. And from what I'm seeing in the Codes is that we're blocking him. The orgone is blocking that entire agenda. And so, this is kind of like make or break time. If he doesn't physically arrive--and I always tell you to watch out for the Holyland tour and him physically arriving and beginning his role as the Antichrist. And you also have the False Prophet, his deputy. Whichever role he's going to take because it switches off between the two.

The Candidate for Antichrist on Earth Is the Leader of Babylon, and That Would Be Obama Right Now

It's kind of like make or break time with Easter time. If he doesn't arrive, it's going to go over to the other faction which will just be Satan scrambling. Of course, the candidate for Antichrist on earth is the leader of Babylon. And that would be Obama. That is Obama. He is the leader of Babylon right now. The greatest nation on earth. The sole superpower nation in the last days, which is America. I've written articles on all this.

You know, you can't look at scriptures, all of the scriptures from the Old Testament prophets who all detailed and described last-days Babylon, and the Antichrist and where he comes from--it's all America, folks. And it's the leader of Babylon, which is Obama. Now, if he hands the power of America over to someone else, then that person would become the leader of Babylon, thus becoming the role of the Antichrist. Well, I don't see him doing that right now. Maitreya would've been the key candidate. Maitreya got knocked out of the game early on with the orgone. Debilitating him, destroying him. Now doing pretty much the same thing with Sananda. Sananda can't get near the earth. And so, it's make or break time. He either shows up, or shuts up. Then we go on to the next route, which is, you know, Obama and the pope. And we go that way.

So, either way, I'm just...I'm floored at how much success we've had. Because the whole cosmic being New Age agenda was so huge for the end days. This was supposed to be an entirely different era and route that we went into, we'd go into. And it looks like it's being shut down completely, and so. We've done a huge job if we've shut that down completely.

It would've been much more deceptive for this Sananda to arrive. He has played Jesus in near-death experiences for years. People think they're meeting Jesus. It's been Sananda on all the satanic temples and underground churches across the world they have pictures of Maitreya, Sananda, and the queen, and the Rothschilds. So it's always been an integral part of their own plans to have these two arrive. And so, we're just throwing a major kink in all of their plans. And it's actually pretty funny and very intense in the Codes right now just because they're so furious. They're such in a panic.

Japan Is Allied with North Korea - Everybody Is Looking at North Korea, but They're Stuffing Our Bases with the Chinese

Japan always coming up very dominant. Japan is allied with North Korea. And so, North Korea is basically the army of Japan. And so, this is something we need to probably keep an eye on because--you know, I made a comment to one of my sources the other day. You know, they have Red Dawn [a movie] out, which is North Korea invading the United States. You have all the hype and propaganda from the news media about what a threat North Korea is. They have everybody looking at North Korea, but they're stuffing our bases with the Chinese. You know, all of these underground DUMBs that we have. Thousands and thousands. And they're stuffing them with Chinese. They're bringing them over by boatloads. Twenty, thirty thousand at a time. And they're putting them in underground bases. So we're looking at a real, you know--between North Korea and China.

The Department of Homeland Security Is Not a Federal Agency, but Is Run by a Russian

And then you have DHS, Department of Homeland Security, which is not a federal agency, folks. The Department of Homeland Security is run by a Russian. And, ultimately, the DHS is an arm of NATO, which is run by the Vatican. And our government does not control the Department of Homeland Security. It's like it's a own entity here on our soil, just like the IRS is, and just like the TSA is. There are these huge organizations that everybody thinks belong to the federal government. They have nothing to do with our government. They have their own agenda. They're their own entities and organizations serving the Vatican.

And so, you can see how far-reaching this is getting because the DHS, which is pretty much staffed by Germans, and Russians, and other NATO soldiers disguised as Americans. You have Chinese being crammed in our underground bases. You have Japan's North Korean army threatening to bomb and invade the United States. It's all gonna come very quickly, when the destruction here does come. Because it's all well-planned. They've been working on this for years. They have the full cooperation of our government. There's not one person in our government that is pro-America. They're pro-Satan. They're working Satan's agenda here on earth in the last days. And that are working to destroy America. It's part of the agenda, and so.

You know, I was reading an article on the Federal Reserve which, again, is not an organization run by our federal government. Does not have the good will of the American people in it's minds, or intentions, or plans. It's another part of this army over here of other beings and entities. Organizations that are controlling our country and dominating it, but are not controlled by our government. There's no oversight. Our government doesn't own the Federal Reserve, it doesn't own the IRS, doesn't own the DHS, doesn't own the TSA. We have all these outside organizations coming in to take over, dominate, and control America so they can then destroy it.

They're Putting Up FEMA/Internment Camps Everywhere in Preparation of Civil Unrest - Will Obama as Antichrist Be the Cause of Civil Unrest?

You know, they're stocking up on 1.6 billion rounds of ammo. And that would sustain a war against American citizens within our own borders, against us, against the citizens, for 20 years. For 20 years. They have all these internment camps that are up and running. I posted one on my Facebook the other day that's over in Lima, Ohio. And, you know, the Lord had us in Lima two years ago. Me and a group of Warriors were out there pounding it with orgone. And when the Lord starts to crank that, He can probably, pretty much close that internment camp down. At least the Lizards running it.

But what they're doing is they're putting up all these FEMA camps, internment camps everywhere. Because they plan to have a fight. There's going to be civil unrest here. Now, what brings the civil unrest? Is it the fact that Obama reveals himself as the Antichrist and people rebel against it? Which I don't think yesterday's portrayal of him on The Bible [TV] series, uh, they showed Satan resembled Obama. I don't think that was a mistake. I think they're telling us, "Hey, look. Obama is Satan." I've been saying it for years, it's Satan. Satan dwells in him. He speaks through him. Literal being of Satan is Sananda, himself. So it could be a setup as well as saying, "Oh, look how evil Satan is. And now Jesus is gonna come save us from Obama." You know. He's gonna come save us from Obama. When it's actually this Sananda Immanuel Jesus that was planning on coming, that is actually Satan, and so.

If Sananda Doesn't Arrive During Easter, Their Agenda Is Done - Obama and the Jesuit Pope as Antichrist and False Prophet?

You know, I really can't tell you which route they're gonna take until after Easter. Because there's events that should be taken place during Easter that's gonna make this all very clear. Because either Sananda arrives, or he doesn't. It's gonna be that plain and simple. That clear-cut. If he doesn't arrive, their agenda's done. It's done. And we're going to be left with the aftermath, which is going to be Obama and his False Prophet, which most likely would be the pope, who is a Jesuit. And it's pretty much the Jesuits who are running our DHS, Federal Reserve, IRS. I mean, they're just all connected, folks. Satan's army on earth run by the Jesuits. And so, it's just, you know, it's just change of command in different organizations. And they all work for the same being, which is Satan.

So it's, uh, I think after Eastertime, it's gonna be very telling, which route it goes. You know I'm either gonna throw a victory celebration or not, you know. Because if we totally shut down that whole alien agenda, that's gonna be something else. That's...that is huge. That is just HUGE. Who would've thought what a ragtag band of Warriors with some orgone pucks and a heart for the Lord could totally, totally take out? Some of Satan's biggest and largest strongholds, and so.

Obama Seems to Have the Ability to Place People Under Hypnosis, so Don't Watch Him or Listen to Him

You know, I know a lot of people that Obama just nauseates. You know, it nauseates you to hear him speak, to see him speak, to see him on TV. And that's because Satan speaks through him and Satan indwells him. You know?

And I remember years ago, when the Lord had told me about Maitreya, and this was before we had knocked Maitreya out. And he warned me about his hypnotic ability to place people under hypnosis, and that if we did go through this route with Maitreya, that we weren't to watch him on TV because he has the ability to place people that are watching him under hynosis.

Well, Obama's been trying the same thing. And it seems like all the abilities and skills that Maitreya had are being passed on to this Obama, this droid. And so, that's another thing and warning is just don't even watch him on TV. Don't watch him. Don't listen to him. You know, they're getting ready for a fight. And it's because--not just because the economy's gonna crash, but because, you know, it's finally gonna be revealed what's going on, who these beings are. What's actually going on. And people are gonna rebel against it.

Nibiru, the Brown Dwarf Stars, and the Day of the Lord

And we also have Nibiru coming in. And, you know, it was supposed to come in last year. We did our job in chasing it off for a while. But it's coming back. And we're gonna see it this summer. It should be coming in this summer. It could be coming in at Eastertime if anything. I mean, the Lord talks about the day of the Lord. And I just posted an article on it. [The Day of The Lord] And it talks about how it begins with a day of darkness and gloominess. And if Nibiru were to pass in front of the sun and block the sun, that would certainly cause darkness and gloominess. And so, we need to watch out for that, folks.

Also, there are two objects behind the sun. One being the second sun that Enoch talks about. The planet for the Lord's people. And then there's also another one. You can call them both BDS's, Brown Dwarfs. The other one is what I call the Buffalo planet. And this one is a huge planet where all these Ascended Masters originate from. It's one of their home bases. It's actually also a Brown Dwarf Star. I know it's a Dwarf of some kind. I see that in the Codes. And this one is connected to them as well. And if this BDS, this Brown Dwarf Star of the Buffaloes was to pass in front of the sun, it could also cause darkness. Also, Enoch's planet, the second sun. Most people see this one at sunset. When the sun is setting, I'll see two suns in the sky. Also if that one was to move up in front of the sun, it would cause darkness and gloominess.

So we have three different objects that could be the cause of this. And so, uh, it's not actually if, it's when this is going to happen, folks. It's when. Is it gonna be this year? Is it gonna be delayed until next year? A lot of people think, you know, these things aren't gonna happen until 2016. And I'm looking at the Codes and thinking, "Wow, this is--this could happen right around the corner." We may not even have until 2016. Unless things, for some reason, are delayed. And so, don't always think you have, you know, a year or two. Always be prepared for the inevitable.

Now, I know a lot of you are still prepared for--with your preparations from Christmastime when a lot of things were supposed to happen and the orgone delayed it and knocked that out. The three days of darkness, possibly no electricity in the middle of wintertime. We had a lot to prepare for. But now it looks like, uh, you know, if this does happen--I don't think it's going to, but, you know, be aware that it's a possibility for March of this year. And so, it could always drag on till next year. It could always drag on till the year after that.

As Much as We Complain That Things Aren't Happening, We're the Cause of the Delays Because of Our Orgone War Against Them

You know, we're somewhere at the beginning of the tribulation. Or we could jump to the middle of it. I mean, people always ask me, "Where are we? At the beginning or middle?" I'm like, "I don't know. I have to wait until some events happen. So we can analyze it and figure out from that exactly where we're at in Bible prophecy."

And so, I think Easter's gonna be a telltale sign. September would be a telltale sign. This could just be another one of those years that comes and goes. Because as much as we complain that things aren't happening, we're the cause of it. We're the cause of all these delays. Because we're causing pandemonium amongst them because of our war of orgone against them. The orgone is destroying them. It's debilitating to them. Changing their plans. Slowing them down. Crashing their ships. We're just getting them at every angle. We're hitting them at every angle. And so, as much as we complain, you know, we're the reason, itself, for the delays.

So, I don't see much else changing right now. Except for the fact that, you know, Passover and Easter are gonna be a huge telltale sign exactly if we're going to head into this fairytale, New Age dimension and timeframe on earth or if things are going to change and you're going to end up seeing Obama and the pope becoming more of a dominant presence in Jerusalem and pretty much taking over Jerusalem and making it into an international city. I know that's huge on their plans.

And so, you know, it's gonna be a wait and see. It's almost like a nail-biter. Just waiting and seeing what happens, because nothing's written in stone. And things that are written in stone, they end up being changed and delayed. I mean, nothing's final until it happens. You know, people have free will. Satan can change his plans as he wills. We know what the end of the book says. We're just in the interims of getting to the end of the book. And so, all these events come to pass to make the end of the book happen. I mean, that's where we're at. We analyze the events and everything that's happening.

The Nibiruan Giants Are the Executors of the Lord's Wrath on Earth Against the Wicked

Now, Nibiru, you know, it's everything I've said it is. Just because we chased it off last year doesn't, you know, everything I've ever said about it has changed. It is a huge planet full of Giants. And, I'll tell ya, the Lizards that control Earth right now are terrified of these Giants. And so, literally gonna be a war between them and the Nibiruan Giants as it is. But, you know what? These Giants are the executors of the Lord's wrath on Earth. And they are His arm of judgment and wrath. And, you know, the whole tribulation period, the whole second half is about the Lord wreaking havoc on the earth, and bringing His wrath on the wicked.

People Think the Lord Is Sleeping and Not Paying Attention - I Saw in the Codes that Yahushua and Satan Were in Some Kind of Battle Around My House

You know, I don't know how many times I've heard people say, "Oh, the Lord's sleeping. He's not paying attention." You know, all this stuff's going on. All these people are--all the Christians are being killed, they're being tormented, they're being persecuted. There's people being sacrificed in underground bases. The Satanists are getting away with everything. They're dominating the earth, they're killing people. They're stealing wealth; everybody's money. And, you know, the Lord's just sleeping. He's not paying attention.

Well, you know what? He's not sleeping. He knows every little thing they do. He has seen every little thing they do. And their time of judgment is coming. You know? And He's very active, very involved with what's going on earth right now.

I was just looking at the Codes and--of course, I'm always in them--and He was just here recently. In Ohio, there was some kind of battle going on around my house. Something going on with Satan, himself. And Yahushua and Satan were here. I mean, you know, I didn't know. I wouldn't know if I hadn't seen it in the Codes, because it's quiet here. It's a testament to how many angels the Lord has here. I mean, this place is a zoo. This place is a zoo. It's a literal zoo.

And so, He's always watching. He's always involved. He's always protecting His people. You know, they're not just after me, they're after all the Lord's people. The ones who stand up, and are brave, and do exploits for the Lord. He protects them. He protects them. And their time of judgment is coming.

You know, these Giants are coming to execute wrath against the wicked, not the righteous. Not the righteous, not the Lord's people. Not those who love good and hate evil. They're not coming to execute judgment on them, they're coming against the wicked, and so.

You know, I pretty much believe that as soon as whoever steps up to fulfill the role of Antichrist, whether Sananda actually arrives, whether Obama does something crazy, proclaiming himself to be God, something's gonna happen. Something's about to pop. And when that happens, whether it be this year, or next year, or 2016, then you're going to start seeing the Lord's wrath on earth, which begins with what the Bible calls the day of the Lord. And so, you know, that could be this year, it could be in three years. Be prepared, either way, because something's gonna pop. It's almost like you can just feel it; that something's gonna pop. Something has to happen.

If the Ashtar Command Is Completely Blocked Out, Expect a Hybrid Plan Between the Alien and NWO Agendas

These two different factions--the alien agenda and the New World Order agenda--have been running at odds and separate all these years. And now, with the one agenda being pushed out, and the one coming in, they expect their leaders to come, which have been these cosmic beings, this whole Ashtar Command group that rules above the earth. Expecting them to come in. If they're completely blocked out, then it's gonna be some kind of rushed hybrid plan between the two agendas that they have to pull together with Obama and the pope.

And so, it's gonna be very interesting to see the different routes that are gonna come out of what happens; the aftermath. Because right now it's just this huge war in the background. And we're winning this one.

I mean, you know, the Lord cranks up the orgone when He wants to, and He suppresses it when He wants to. I mean, it's May 18 [Sherry means March 18] and my kids had school off today because of the icy roads this morning. We haven't had, maybe one day all month of over 40 degrees. It's March. It's supposed to be 40 degrees every day. It's supposed to be warming up. And here it's cold. It's like, "OK, let's get rid of the Ice Age stuff and bring on the global warming. I'm still waiting on global warming. I know this entire region is.

And what they do is they--they're trying to suppress the orgone. And the only way they can do that is by chilling the air. And they're trying to chill the atmosphere because the orgone burns them. They're boiling. They're on fire. And so, they try to chill the atmosphere. It's like air conditioning to them. And that's why we suffer cold areas here.

Now, what happens when they use weather weapons to manipulate the weather is that in other parts of the world or country, then it will become unseasonably hot. You know, because there's a balance in all things. And so, when they're messing with one area, another area's gonna feel the repercussions. Eventually there's gonna be just such bad droughts, the water is gonna become the number one primary resource on the planet. And so, you know, for now we're just seeing a lot of stuff in the background going on. Which is the explanation for a lot of the things we're experiencing. The ice storms in March, the cold weather. Some places are too hot, some places are too cold.

You know, when Nibiru comes in, and the earth will go through being tilted off its axis--a pole shift is what I'm thinking of--then all the seasons are gonna become changed. They're gonna be changed. Plants are gonna bloom in and out of season. Vegetables and fruits are gonna grow in and out of season, different seasons. Everything's gonna be changed. And that's gonna be taking place during the day of the Lord. The day of the Lord is about 3 and a half years. So it's not just one day, it's a short period of time. It's about three and a half years. The last half of what we call the tribulation period. 1260 days, 42 months, however you look at it.

Expect Earthquakes This Year - All Last Year They Tried to Blow the New Madrid Fault Line, but Orgone Warriors Prevented It

So I'm not...I'm not expecting a pole shift this year, but it's coming, folks. Just watching things. You know, half expecting earthquakes this year. Expect earthquakes. They could start increasingly getting really bad over the next several, couple years. And, you know, off the scale. They've already been really bad. Well, they're gonna get worse. Now, this year, next year, expect earthquakes to come.

I know Revelation 6 talks about a global earthquake. Don't know if that will be this year or next year. Again, just watching the signs. But it's really like the next thing I would be waiting for is a global earthquake. A huge earthquake.

And I know all last year they spent all spring and summer long trying to blow the Madrid Fault Line. And Orgone Warriors saturated that entire line through several states. And they couldn't get the line to blow. We protected that whole area from getting hit with that earthquake all last year.

Well, they may go a different route with earthquakes. I don't know what their plans are. They've become unseemingly quiet in revealing their plans to me lately. [laughs] [coughs really hard] Now they wanna kill me. Um...they don't want me talking. Always attack my voice when they get mad. But either way.

There's underground bases being destroyed lately. Loud booms being heard at Fort Knox, Kentucky. [coughs] We were there last year destroying that base. Maybe now enough saturation there to cause the whole thing to blow up, literally, physically. [heavy coughing] Other underground DUMBs being exploded lately. And this is what's gonna happen, folks. This is tied in with even what the Lord said, in that He's gonna destroy all their underground habitations. And that's why I state in my, uh, my article, The Day of The Lord [], don't pity them. Don't envy their underground luxurious cities and bunkers they've built with our tax dollars. 'Cause the Lord's gonna destroy them. He's gonna destroy them.

Bears on the Moon Annoying the Lizards on Earth - Mimas, the Death Star, Making a Comeback

I know right now there's different factions of alien groups going at it and fighting against each other. And the Lord will allow that. I mean, think He cares if one group wants to destroy--they're all evil. So, apparently, there's a faction of aliens on the moon, which I believe are the Bears, beaming things on the earth, annoying the Lizards here, and so.

You know, Mimas is coming back up in the Codes. That's another huge planet. That's a death star. It's a battleship. Coming to do war on the earth. That should've been here last December. It got scorched by the orgone and left. It, too, is trying to make a comeback. They have some kind of device that they've come up with that they're trying to use to suppress the positive orgone energy that's in the air. And so, as they have limited success with that, you'll see a lot of them trying to reenter into our atmosphere and come back towards the earth, and so. And you know that's up to the Lord. He can crank down the orgone. He could let them back in. Give them a false hope of security. [laughs]

We've Conquered So Much with the Orgone - Sananda Is Afraid of Crashing - Orgone Warriors in Israel Need to Get Busy

All I see in the Codes is how very successful we've been. We've conquered so much. Conquered has come up. And, you know, I just see this stuff in the Codes and it's so gratifying. I mean, I just get so proud of the things we've been able to accomplish. I mean, who knew, who would've thought, you know.

But we're just gonna keep--I'm gonna keep watching in the Codes. 'Cause like I said, the next month is going to be very telling. Could be very interesting. You could see things starting to develop, start to happen. A global reset of currencies. An arrival of cosmic beings in Jerusalem. You know, Obama's heading to Jerusalem. I'm sure the pope's heading there. I mean, uh, Passover and Eastertime could be really interesting this year. And if it comes and goes without Sananda's ugly face arrival, then we'll go from there. We'll just wait and see. What else--you know, it's all I can do. Wait and see if he does actually show up.

I know he's afraid of crashing as he comes into our atmosphere, and so. I mean, we've already taken out one and a half of his ships. I'm pretty sure the one he has now, the Capricorn 2, is pretty much shot as well. And he's got three. He's got a backup. It's pretty far from Earth right now. They've got their Buffalo planet by the sun. They've got other strongholds around the universe. And so, we're just gonna have to wait and see what happens.

Until then, Warriors--Orgone Warriiors in Israel will need to get busy. Need to get the Hermon Mountains, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Negev Desert. You know, I know we've gotten these areas before, but reinforcement is always a good thing as well. In case it was found, and picked up, and taken already. Or, you know, maybe the Lord's waiting on more and more to be put out. I don't know what the plans are, but, you know, that's where he's gonna be if Sananda does arrive. And that's where we need to target, especially with Obama com--Obama going to Jerusalem should gag anybody. So just get walls of orgone up. Get them out there.

I've Always Wanted to Be Able to Step in and Help Prepare Safe Havens for the Lord's People

You know, in America we need to target more of their bases. We need to get the borders of our states. And we need to prepare for the time coming when citizens--people are gonna have to flee out of the cities and head to the deserts, head to the forests.

And I'd like to buy land and preparing safe havens for the Lord's people. I've always wanted to do this. Wanted to do it ten years ago when I first started this ministry. You know, just have something available for the Lord's people to run to. Most people leave the cities they have nowhere to go. They have nowhere to go. And so we need to--I've always wanted to be able to step in and help.

If You've Got 5, 10, or 20 Thousand That You Could Donate to This Ministry So We Can Pay the Bills and Move Ahead, I Would Really Appreciate That

And so, I need support, folks. I need support. I need someone to step up--just pay the bills and get some breathing room. I need someone to step up and donate 5, 10, 20 thousand to this ministry. 'Cause right now, my hands are so tied. You know, the donations have really slimmed off since November of last year. People go through tough financial times. And the people who have donated, the usuals that are very loyal, you know, are the ones that have been keeping the show on the air, keeping the websites up, helping get orgone missions done.

You know, the Super Bowl one came out of nowhere. We were able to pull together as a team and get that done. And that's what we need to continually be doing. And I just need breathing room. I'm tired of scraping the bottom. Tired of it. Just feel like I'm suffocating myself here with bills over my head. So, I need contributions to pull us out of the mire and get us into some breathing room.

So if, you know, people out there, you got 5, 10, 20 thousand you could donate to this ministry, I would really appreciate that so we could just move ahead instead of drowning right now. It just feels like you're drowning.

Their December Plans Were a Complete Bust Because We Fought Back and Stopped It from Happening - These Are Epic Times We're In

Especially--this is like, the pivotal of all times. I mean, this is almost as exciting as December was. There was so much that was supposed to happen in December. And it was a complete bust, but because it was a forced bust. It wasn't like it was a lie and it didn't happen because it was all lies, it didn't happen because it was stopped from happening. And that's what's exciting. It was epic, you know. You see terms in the Bible Codes--Drama - Suspensory - Epic--because we're fighting back. And we're winning. And this is another one of these epic times coming up. This whole Passover and Eastertime; it's gonna be epic. We'll see what happens. You know? And I said, last year, I said, earlier in the year, from end of February on, there's just no quiet time. There's no quiet times in the Codes. It's all very dramatic. It's event-filled.

Orgone Warriors in Hawaii, Get More Orgone Out to Shut Down the Portals There

And you know, I saw Cyprus in the Codes and can't pretty much pay too much attention to it. And here, now, we're having, uh, bank runs in Cyprus. And Hawaii comes up in the Codes. And I think--you know, I've always stated there's portals out in Hawaii that they like to use to come in to Earth. And Orgone Warriors out in Hawaii need to get more orgone out and shut those portals down.

I Need Your Help, Folks, So That I Don't Have to Shut the Whole Thing Down to Get a Job Just to Pay Bills

You know, just so much going on. And try to stay on it the best I can. But the hard truth is, you know, it's almost come to the point where I'm gonna have to shut the whole thing down and go get a job just to pay bills. And that would be detrimental. I mean, that--we've worked so hard to get to where we are right now, and I just don't have any breathing room. You know? I just need support. So I need your help, folks, or I'm pretty much gonna have to shut everything down and go get a job. That's just the way it looks.

I'm In the Codes Almost 18 Hours a Day and It's Not a Time to Be Sleeping with Foreign Troops Surrounding America Inside and Out

So, anyway, be in the Codes tonight. Be in them every night. I do this almost 18 hours a day. 18 hours a day. When I'm not running kids and doing things like that, I'm always in the Codes to decipher the times we're in. Where the Lord will lead me in a certain direction.

And, like I said, it's not a time to be sleeping right now. You've got Japan, and North Korea, and China, and NATO, and everybody surrounding America, inside America, getting ready to just take a huge chunk out of America. Ready to battle America. And it's gonna be them against us. You know? It's gonna the citizens with guns that can defend themselves and their families. Because these NATO troops, these Chinese troops, these Korean troops, they don't care about you. They're coming to kill, and round people up and throw them in these internment camps so they can be killed there. And so, it's gonna be a battle of survival, of life and death.

The Lord Will Protect His People, but He Uses People on Earth, Who Are Usually Prepared Ahead of Time, to Make Those Things Possible

And I do believe those in orgoned areas will be protected. Those in safe haven areas, the Lord will protect the people in those safe haven areas. We need to get busy and provide things as we can while there's time. While there's time.

You know, I'll even help people interpret the Bible when they read things. And they say, "Oh, well, look, the Lord's gonna protect the Bride in the wilderness for 1260 days." Well, how is He gonna do that? Don't you think He uses people on earth to make those things possible? He doesn't just wave a wand and things happen. You know, they're usually prepared ahead of time. He uses people on earth as His agents to get things done. OK? He just doesn't wave a magic wand.

And I know churchdom, churchdom always thinks, you know, things are just gonna happen out of thin air. [sighs] [laughs] I was one of them. That's why I can relate. I was one of them. You know, I walked away from all that years ago. And, you know, when you ask the Lord to reveal the truth to you in all things, be prepared. It's quite eye-opening, because things aren't always run and done the way you expect them, so. He doesn't always do things the way we expect Him to do them or way He's going to do them. It's just very different. It just very...very different than what you think. So, we just have to be ready to embrace things, folks.

Think About This Ministry and Support Us as You Can. Thank You.

Anyway, I'm gonna get going, but I'll be back next week on Monday night. Until then, folks, please just think about this ministry and support us as you can. Thank you.

Till next week. Yah bless.


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