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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
April 1, 2013


We Have a Whole Asian Alliance Thing Coming into Play Between the North Koreans, the Japanese, and the Chinese

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. It is April 1. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. It's kind of been back and forth in the Codes. And so, you know, feel like Yah telling me to pay attention to one thing and I can't quite grasp what He's trying to show me. But it seems like right now there's a huge script being played out. And heard they're forcing things to happen, moving the chessboard so that other pieces can fall in place. And trying to watch this chess game, ping pong game, whatever you wanna refer to it as, can be quite a challenge at times.

I was reading this article earlier, about North Korea being invaded by the Chinese, sometime this morning. "Chinese tanks and armoured troop carriers rolled across the border apparently unchallenged by North Korean troops...stood silently by as the Chinese rolled towards Pyongyang." And this kind of goes along with what I've been seeing in the Bible Codes, is the fact that there's a whole Asian alliance. You've got the North Koreans, the Japanese, and the Chinese. And the North Koreans have always been more like the arm of the Japanese. And then you have the Japanese up to their eyeballs in this alien agenda that's coming.

And you have the Chinese that are pulling out as the main dominant enforcer race for the Antichrist, for Satan. And, you know, it's the dragon race. They don't hide who they are. They don't hide who they worship. And that is why they so blatantly outright kill any kind of born-again Christians and believers in China. Because they, openly, are a dragon, Satan society, and they worship Satan. And so, you know, they've been mercilessly killing Christians in China for years, decades.

And so, we have this whole Asian alliance thing that's coming into play. And I've been warning you about the Chinese for years. I mean, they've been stuffing our DUMBs, Deep Underground Military Bases, with the Chinese for a long time now. And, you know, I'm often told, "Oh, you know, during this, 10,000 Chinese were brought over," "20,000 were brought over." It's like they instigate events. The media keeps people's attention focused on one thing while they shuffle the Chinese through to underground bases so nobody's paying attention to that, and so.

You know, they pretty much block out, pick and choose what the American people can hear about and know about or not. So, obviously, they're not gonna be telling you that, "Hey, we're gonna get ready to invade America and allow the Chinese to invade them while we entertain you with Hollywood celebrity stories. And who's fat, and who's wearing an ugly dress, and who's doing this and that. We're bringing in the Chinese." And that's what they've been doing.

All These Satan Factions Want War Against the Christians for Roadblocking Their Sin and Evil - Prayer Warriors Are the Real Threat

And so, um, you know, they're trying to script this war. Uh, the Illuminati have always had the last-stage part of their plan. And that was to have a full-blown war on the Korean Peninsula, and then bring in the Antichrist, and, you know, saving the world. I don't know what it has to do with Korea. Why does the Korean Peninsula have to be in a full-blown nuclear war, you know, when they bring in the Antichrist?

And so, the thing with that is it goes much further because, uh, a lot of the basic enemies are gonna be the Lord's believers on earth. And the biggest thing right now with all these Satan factions that control America, and Europe, and all the other countries is that they hate the Christians. They hate the Christians. And they want war against them. Because what they want is more sin and more evil. They want gay marriage. They want, uh, illicit sex everywhere. They want more evil. And they get roadblocked by the Christians for standing up against it.

And so, they wanna eliminate the Christians. There's really just a war against them because, it's not a war against their beliefs, per se, it's just a war against, um...because of who they are. I mean, it's, you know, the few left who will stand up and fight against evil in this country. And there's very few. I mean, the one thing that's more powerful than anything is prayer. And so, people who pray are a threat to Satan. You know, it's not whether you go to church, or whether you're gonna be a pseudo-Christian. They really don't care about them. Most of them don't pray. They pray one day a week.

The ones who are Prayer Warriors pray constantly, have a connection with the Lord, and know what their connection is, talk to Him daily. Those are the real threats. Those are the ones they've been trying to go after. And what's interesting is the Lord's protecting them and not allowing them to be killed. And so, know, you...I guess, I don't know, you really learn the Lord's protection when you know that you're on their death list and you've been there for a decade, and they still can't get near you. [laughs] Don't know how many times I've been poisoned and everything else and the Lord just protects me from all that. And so, it's a real peace. And a real confidence thing as well because you just get your work done while you can because you know time is closing.

It's Not Really North Korea Coming After Us, It's Really a War on America by Our Own Government Who's Involved with It

So back to where we're at now in that they want this war. And it's not really North Korea coming after us. I know when they brought out this Red Dawn movie, and as a remake of the old one where Russia invaded the United States, and then this one, it was the North Koreans. And I'm just laughing. I'm thinking, "North Korea? When we're stuffing our underground bases with the Chinese.

Uh, they had some video--or, not video--yeah, video game, Xbox, whatever. And it was originally the Chinese. And they made the makers of that video change it to North Korea. I don't know why they're trying to hide the fact that the Chinese are here, but they're here. And they're going to be coming up out of these bases.

You can imagine a kind of a scenario right now where they're trying to trump up this Korean War, Peninsula War, uh, and bomb--they have full access to their nuclear arsenal in North Korea, and they could use that to bomb American cities. And the American citizens are blaming the North Korean government. And, at this time, it's a, you know, they've unleashed all these Chinese soldiers that are underneath in our bases into America. And then we're in a full-blown war, but it's really a war on America by, you know, our own government. They're all involved with it. You know, they might act like they're surprised. They're not surprised, they've been planning this and preparing for it for years.

Obama Will Override All Opposition to Assault Gun Ban - The UN Wants a Complete Ban on All Arms and Has Got NATO Troops as Enforcers

And so, you know, right now you see this huge battle going on where they wanna confiscate our guns. OK, so, they're stuffing our bases with these Chinese soldiers. Tens of thousands of them everywhere. All over the country. They've been provoking this whole North Korean war, Chinese war. They want us to turn over our guns. Are they crazy? Are they crazy? But this is, you know, what's going on.

And there was a bill last week about how the Senate shot down Obama's bill to ban assault weapons or whatever. You know, he's just gonna override everybody. Because the United Nations wants a ban on small arms. And they're not just talking about assault rifles, they're talking about everything. They're talk about little handguns, 12-gauges. Anything that shoots is gonna be banned. It's gonna be a complete ban on weapons. And he'll just override Congress with one of his illegal, unconstitutional Executive Orders, and enforce it.

And they've got NATO troops here everywhere to be used as enforcers. You know, they've been assimilating into our military, assimilating into our federal agencies and our police departments. I mean, how many times do you have to see these insane videos of police officers tear-gassing babies and older people, killing dogs just for barking at them? They don't even act human. Most of them, most of these NATO soldiers probably aren't. And, it goes to show you how, you anybody figuring out yet that these soldiers aren't Americans. That's why they have no regard for a Bill of Rights or a Constitution. They're not Americans to begin with. But you sure see their inhuman side.

So this is all gonna heat up. Because, you know, this whole war isn't gonna go away. It's gonna be an excuse to call up the Chinese from the underground bases. Then they can say, "Oh, they just flew in. They're attacking our coastlines. And bow-wow, look, now I've got all these Chinese." Well, yeah, surprise, surprise. They're in our underground bases

The Bible Code about the White House Being Destroyed Could Still Come into Play

And then they come out with this movie about the White House being blown up. Well, I posted a Bible Code back in 2004 about their plans to blow up the White House []. I mean, it's just nowhere out of the blue. I mean, "Oh, let's make a movie about the White House being blown up." They've had plans for that for years. That and Congress [], and so.

And I think back then, one of the dates was July 4. Because anytime there's an event that you find in the Bible Codes, you're gonna get several different months, if it's cancelled, it can be delayed, they'll be more months listed. It's always been a summertime event. So even if it doesn't hit July 4, it'll hit in the summer. You know, it just seems dominant that it's always been a summer event.

And so, it's like, OK, it didn't happen in 2004, but it's still in play. Just 'cause it was cancelled and delayed does not mean it's totally out of play, and so. You know, this is 2013, this is seven years later, it could still come up in play.

The Reason Government Agencies Listen to My Show Is That I've Always Been One Step Ahead of Them as the Lord's Mouthpiece on Earth

You know, there's a reason, a reason that governments around the world listen to my radio show, folks. Intelligence agencies, NASA, the military, the Air Force, the Navy, NSA, CIA, they all listen to my show. Why? Because they understand one thing very well, the one thing that most fellow believers will reject, in that I'm the Lord's mouthpiece on earth. They understand that very well. Why? Because I've always been a step ahead of them. You know, for 12 years now, I've been a step ahead of them constantly. I've exposed their plans. I've exposed their agendas. They're floored.

If you look at my track record alone, uh, you know, a couple weeks ago on this show, I talked about, nonchalantly, about how they had been poisoning the pope, trying to kill him off. Boom, a week or two later, he announces his resignation. And I told you that he was listening to this show. I mean, I told that to my closest friends, but I know he was listening to this show.

They all listen to this show. And, you know, what they do is they spark up hate and debate among the Christian community online in the forums to keep the hate against me going. Because they don't want the Lord's people to listen to this show. They don't want the Lord's people learning truths and learning the agendas. And so, I'm kind of like the ball between the paddles. Back and forth constantly. Because I'm here to wake up the Lord's people and lead them back to Him, but they keep their heads in the sand. And I'm basically just informing the people that I'm not here for--the Illuminati and the government--of what the Lord has to say and the things He's exposing and revealing. So it's almost like a catch-22. You can't win for losing.

March 2013 Was a Completely Terrifying Month for Them, but a Month of Many Victories for Us

You know, there's a small group of people who do listen, who do get busy. Uh, you know, months, last month, the month of March, completely terrifying month for them. We had so many victories. The orgone just saturating the air and bringing down so many ships last month. It was amazing. The Lord just cranked it up. He just cranked it up. They were completely terrified the entire month. And, you know, when I see that in the Codes, I just laugh.

And you can see where it's our assignment, we're assigned, and the Lord cranks it. It's like watching a play-by-play show, you know, sometimes in the Codes. Just so awesome. And it's gonna continue. It's gonna continue. The Lord's gonna keep cranking it. We're gonna keep busy getting it out.

You Don't Even Have to Be a Christian to Support This Ministry and Fight with Us Against the Alien Infestation on Our Planet

And, you know, I've had my hands tied so much this year just with so little financing and support. And I even talked about it on my last show. You know, if I can't get financial support here, I'm gonna have to just shut down and go get a job, you know. You know, I've got so many bills hanging over my head, folks. And so many missions that need done. And I just can't juggle anymore. I can't keep robbing Peter to pay Paul. Ignoring things that need paid so I can make orgone and get it out. And so, I need financial support. I need people to stand up and really support this war, our resistance efforts, this ministry on earth.

You know, people think that just because, you know, I don't have the flashy websites, and web designers, and producers, and directors and all that stuff, uh, you know, that I'm not, I'm not, they, you know, other people are more credible and worthy to listen to. And you couldn't be further from the truth, folks. I don't spend my money on flash, I spend it on the war. Every dime I make goes to the orgone war. Every dime I don't have goes to the orgone war. I don't have any money. Everything goes to the war.

And look at our success. Hundreds, thousands of meteors last month. Yeah, the media may talk about one or two. The ones people see. The huge ships that are coming down. It's the ones that you don't see that are hilarious. I mean, there's just so many of them. The ones that you don't see. The true numbers. They're falling out of the sky like raindrops. And so, we need to keep this going. I mentioned Border Wars []. Getting all the borders covered with orgone. The borders of every state. And that's a huge project.

So I need your financial support. And those who do support this ministry, I thank you very much. There's just tens of thousands that listen to this show that don't. They've never supported this ministry and they need to. You know, you don't even have to be a Christian. I mean, there's so many people that listen to this show simply because they know I speak truth, they know I hear from the Lord, and they're anti-alien. They may not love the Lord, they may not think the same things we do, but they still wanna fight the alien infestation on our planet.

If These Possessed or Cloned Chinese Are Penned in Deep Underground Bases, and We Get Orgone to These Bases, It Will Affect All of Them

And another thing is the Chinese. The Chinese are here. They're just waiting to come up from the bases. And, you know what? A couple years ago, when the Lord told me if we didn't get that southern border, they were gonna be, you know, coming up through it very shortly. They had plans. Something going on with Phoenix a couple years ago. And we had Warriors go out and we were making orgone, sending it out, and put up walls along the southern border of America. And it hit those Chinese tent cities in Mexico.

And there's plenty of Chinese tent cities in Mexico. They're across the border a hundred miles. You'll run into Chinese tent cities. I hear about it from believers in Mexico quite a bit. And the orgone was weakening and sickening them, and they were constantly having to change troops. Well, just think, if they're penned in these deep underground bases, if we can get orgone to these underground bases, it will affect all of them. You know, it'll make them sick.

Now, orgone doesn't affect normal humans. But, if a human is possessed by devils, it affects the demons that are affecting that human. And if that human has chip implants, it's going to affect that human. And if you remember, I talked about the largest cloning facility in the world is in China. Who are, exactly, these soldiers they're bringing over and stuffing in bases? Are they human or are they clones? And if they're clones, I'm sure the orgone would affect them in a huge way, and so.

You know, you can have a debate, from sunrise to sunset, about whether clones have souls or not. I don't believe they do. I just can't see how a recreated...uh, you know, whether recreated DNA in labs can have souls. Now, if you talk to people that work with clones, they'll tell you they're know, they don't operate in, uh, like normal humans do. And function like normal humans. And they don't last that long. That's why they keep cloning. Because they're only good for like, uh, you know, lifetime warranty is like one to three years, if they get that far.

Target These Chinese First, While They're Under Our Feet, Rather Than When They Unleash Them into the Population

And so, yeah, I have huge, huge belief that orgone would really affect them, and so. You know, they're under our feet right now. I would rather fight them while they're under our feet than when they unleash them into the population. Because they're gonna go straight to our cities, and start clamping down on our cities, and you're gonna see martial law in America. And that's gonna happen as soon as North Korea, in parentheses, because it's the Chinese, they're controlling North Korea right now. It will be the Chinese, will be the ones bombing our cities over here, and so. And then they run in and, you know, you got the Chinese here, you got the NATO troops, and Obama sitting back, clapping his hands, cheering it on. And so, yeah, the war is on for America right now. It's all being set up behind the scenes.

I don't see anything of that happening this month. Probably this summer. I don't see it hitting in our faces in the springtime, but most likely in the summertime, we're gonna see it. And so, we need to get busy now. We need to target, we need to find out where these Chinese bases are. I talked about the one in L.A. It was like, what? I would have to go [coughs]. I would have to go through my archives and figure out where, exactly, I said that was, 'cause I don't remember. But there's a base right in Studio City where they had moved ten thousand Chinese. I think that was around November. And they've been bringing in more since, and so, they're getting ready, folks.

We need to target them first, before they run loose on us, and so. Keep your ears out. I know they're in Seattle. And I know that they've booked Yakima, which is an army training center, for the summer months. You know, they're kind of in and around that area, Lewis-McCord Air Base. And so, it strikes me as interesting that Seattle would be on the list as possible bomb sites. You know? You've got Seattle, and Los Angeles, and Dallas, Houston. I don't know if, um, South Carolina and Philadelphia have been on the list for--their target list. So, it's interesting, folks. Especially if you live in those states because, uh, make sure you have water prepared and set back. And food, and medicine, and stuff like that. Especially when you start to see more of this happening. And I'll give you a heads up when it's coming. I don't see it right now, but it's brewing in the background, so.

My Sources Ask Me Why We Are Giving Everything to the Chinese. It's Because They Already Own America.

I know people in North Dakota being alarmed by all the activity at the missile silos there. A lot of activity going on. Missiles being put back in the silos. Getting prepped and engineered, and all that kind of stuff. And so, I really doubt we even hit North Korea with a missile and defend ourselves because this whole thing is scripted by the Chinese. I mean, seriously. They already own America. Through imminent domain, they've already given America over to the Chinese. They're just playing this script where they're acting like they're coming in and taking it by force, through war, when, basically, they've already handed it to them. Because America's bankrupt, in default. They owe the Chinese so much money.

You know, I hear from my sources now that are just flabbergasted that, you know, America keeps giving them technology, and keeps giving them this, and that, and the other. And they ask me why are we giving everything to the Chinese? It's like, 'cause they own it. They already own America. They're sitting in our bases waiting to finish their script. It's all a charade. They wanna act like they're coming in as, you know, as enemies of war, but they're already here. Your government is not gonna protect you, folks. They're in on it.

Just as the Alien Agenda Is All Over the Japanese, They're All Over Damascus, Syria and All Over China

And so, you know, looking at the stuff going on in the Middle East. I mean, you got this whole charade with Syria. And, you know, when--you know, Damascus is a stronghold city of the alien agenda; the Ascended Masters. And so, not real sure why they're doing all that over there. Unless they just wanted to bring down the leader that's over there, to replace it with one that can be controlled. But the alien agenda's all over that one. Just as they are all over, and controlling, the Japanese, they're all over the Damascus and Syria thing. All over China. The ones behind China.

America has an alliance with this Ashtar Command, this cosmic alliance that's coming up against the world. Satan rules the world behind the scenes through this cosmic alliance. And, you know, it's just like an octopus. So many different arms and legs that people can't figure it out because they think they've got one leg down and another one pops up. And then people argue over which one is right and which one is wrong. It's all connected. You know, it's just all connected, folks. They do pull so many different routes so that you can't figure out which one they're gonna use. That's why you just watch them all. You just watch them all.

You know, we already know what the, you know, who's gonna win the war at the end of the book. We already know who wins. But we know that between now and then there's a lot of battles on earth. And, you know, sitting behind the scenes watching it all is pretty much where we're at now.

This week was Passover, so I didn't do a show last Monday. Busy with Passover week.

Part of the Alien Agenda Is to Use Vaccinations and Plagues to Eliminate the God Particle DNA Imprint, to Make Us into Pure Evil Beings

One of the things I keep seeing is vaccinations and plagues. Total alien part of the agenda. And every time they're even mentioned, when I can depict them in the Codes, it always about vaccinations. Always about vaccinations, and syringes, and poisons. And, you know, the Bible refers to vaccinations as poisons. If you're vaccinated your kids, you're giving them pure poison. If you're taking flu shots, if you're allowing anything to be put into your body, it's pure poison. And Christians simply should not be allowing anything to be put into their body. You're putting animal DNA into your body. You're putting alien DNA in.

The God Particle, this is what reminds me of this, because, you know, they've got this Hadron Collider in Switzerland and, you know, they use this thing, they act like they're looking for the God Particle. Well, in every person's body, you're made up of millions of cells. And I can't remember which one it is, but there was a DNA imprint in every person ever born, ever created. It's almost like oxygen cells, and oxygen, the oxygen molecule in each person's body. And you can think of it that way. With the Lord's name imprinted on that.

And what they're seeking to do is eliminate all those cells from a person's body. And what you get, when you start eliminating that cell, is a pure evil being. Because they have no, um, no more sign, or imprint of the Lord in them. It's hard to explain. I'm trying to explain it the best way I can. But it's almost like trying to take all the oxygen out of a person and they're just surviving on something else, or whatever else. I don't know how to explain it. But that's what they're trying to do. And they use vaccinations to speed up the process. To change a person's DNA and try to erase the Lord's imprint inside their body, and so, through these cells, and so.

You know, if you wanna know how somebody can be so evil, and so wicked, so narcissistic and uncaring like most of the Illuminati are, it's because they have that Particle, I guess you could call it the God Particle--you know, they call it the God Particle. I don't even know what to call it. Just use their term. They have less of it than anyone else [laughs], I guess you could say. You know?

I don't know. I wasn't really planning on even talking about that tonight. So maybe if I bring it up next week, I'll pull out my information on it so I can refer to my notes and my information on it. But that's basically what that is.

And when you soul-scalp a person, and a demon or alien host entity takes over a human body, pretty much totally eliminates any kind of God Particle that's in that person's body. And that's why they become so evil. Just so blatantly evil. So, I don't know how else to explain it, folks. I don't even know why I'm explaining it. [pauses] Oh, just to stress the fact of why you should be totally rejecting and staying away from vaccines, flu shots, putting any kind of foreign, uh, foreign anything into your body. They wanna change your DNA. They wanna take that God Particle out of your body, and so. And it can be done. It can be done.

That's why we have to protect our bodies. Protect our temples. Our bodies are the Lord's temples. You know. He doesn't have a physical temple on earth anymore. We are His temple. If you're a born-again believer, and you've been filled with His Holy Spirit, then you are a holy temple unto the Lord. And so, we need to take care of our temples. Don't allow them to destroy the physical aspect of your bodies. They can't have your souls, but they can destroy and kill your body.

New Agers Think They Can Bypass the Word of God and Have a Direct Connection to God, but It's Only Possible Through His Son

Yeah, it gets weirder, and weirder, and weirder as we head into the more cosmic agenda. Because they're hiding right now. You know, they use the armies of the Beast, which are the Asian armies, to keep people focused on wars and rumors of wars while the other agenda comes in the back door and works alongside them, but in different capacities. They direct Satan's armies on what to do, while they work on other aspects of their agenda such as gun control, and, you know, chip implantation. That's a huge part of their agenda. Arms control, gun control, stuff like that. And so, we're just being bombarded on all sides, folks. Now is not the time to be walking around without having a relationship with The Most High, simply because you can't get to Him without going through His Son, Yahushua.

You know, so many New Agers think they can bypass the Word of God and have this direct connection to God. But you can't have a connection, a relationship with the true God, with The Most High, the Creator of heaven and earth, without going through His Son. And Yahushua makes that very clear in the New Testament. He says anyone who tries to find another way is a thief and a robber [John 10:1-10]. You have to go through Yahushua. He's the only mediator between God and man [1 Timothy 2:5].

Get back to the basics, folks. Don't try to rewrite the Bible or rewrite ancient truths. You know, one of the signs of the end of the age was rejection of the cross. People rejecting a need for salvation. People rejecting the need for having a Savior. Rejecting His death on the cross. It's one of the signs of the end of the age. I wrote an article on it. It's in my article section at You can read it there. [The Sign of the End of the Age]

I'm Going to Start Tweeting

Another thing is I'm gonna start tweeting. [laughs] I've had a Tweeter account for a long time. Twitter account. So that people that signed up could be informed of when my shows were starting. Other than that, I've never really used it. But I'm told I need to become more, uh, social. And so, I'm gonna start twittering daily. I'll be twittering thoughts I have, news, maybe commentaries. Things like that. So if you wanna sign up for my Twitter alerts, you can go to and sign up for my Twitter. [laughs] Twitter's tech stuff. I need some kids. I need kids in an office. Kids know everything, right? At least techwise.

I Looked in the Codes and Saw There Was a War Going on Above My House, but It Was So Quiet Here - Yahushua Protected Me by His Own Hand

So the middle of July looking interesting. April, quiet. Other than some backup work going on right now with, you know, Chinese positioning itself in North Korea, I don't--the next couple weeks are gonna be pretty quiet. I don't--you know, April just seems like a quiet month to me. May kicks in. And May is from the middle of April on. The Jewish month, the first day of May is, I think, like our April 11. And so, May looks interesting. So if you go from our April 11 to like, the first or second week of June, that timeframe looks interesting. And then the middle part of our July. See, I have to work both calendars and it just gets crazy. Because the Hebrew calendar doesn't run the same way ours does, and so. When I do Codes, they're in Hebrew. Then I have to translate that to our calendar. Yeah. So you can see what a zoo it is.

But it's's always something. We'll have periods of lull where it just seems like nothing's going on, when a lot's going on. When a lot is going on. I mean, I've been so bored, I, you know, I sleep a lot, because it's so peaceful. And I'll look in the Bible Codes and there will be a total war going on above my town, above my house. And I kept seeing in the Bible Codes where Yahushua was here Himself to protect me and defend me. And I'm thinking, "Well, how can this be going on. It's so quiet around here." [laughs] You know, you could yawn it's so quiet. And, you know. And here He is, and all this action. You could see it going on in the Bible Codes and you're thinking, "Wooow." And that's how He is. He doesn't want you to worry. You know, He says that. "I'll protect you by My own hand." And He does. And you don't even know it. 'Cause He's just taking care of things.

And so, I'm thinking, "Wow, this has been a really slow month. We haven't been able to do a whole lot." And, you know, compared to last year, where at this time, we were out pounding the Giants' base in Lima, Ohio. And then this year, exactly a year later, we're too broke to do much of anything, and all this stuff's going on. This total war above the sky. Whole month of March. The Lord's been here constantly. He tells me He's here. You know, you don't take it literal sometimes. I guess you don't really think about it. But that's how He operates. That's how He works.

Getting Repercussions Now from Things We Targeted Last Year - Such a Small Number of People Doing So Much Damage to Satan's Kingdom

You know, I see Lima coming up in the Codes a lot. And we pounded that Giants' base in Lima, Ohio last year. And the repercussions are just huge now. It's coming up in the Codes a lot. The fact that we pounded Fort Knox last year. That's coming up in the Codes. It seems like everything the Lord had us do last year was ground work, because this year it's really coming up and biting them. It's really hurting them this year for some reason. I still haven't figured out everything about the Lima base. Fort Knox was, was...well, I don't think it gets much more horrid than that. Another Dulce base. New York City. It just seems like everything we did last year, huge victories, because they're really feeling it this year.

You know, for this stuff to show up in the Codes now, when we did it last year, so just a lot of destruction, carnage. I see the term carnage in the Codes. Demolition - Destruction. And they're completely terrified. They're angry. They want retaliation. They wanna come at me. Come at the Lord's people. Come at His Warriors. The Lord's protecting them. Protecting us. So, you know you're doing something right when you're the archenemy of Satan. You know? Doing something right. There's not too many Christians that are actually an enemy of Satan's. There're a lot of ones he could care less about. They're really not a threat to him.

So, just keep doing what we're doing, folks. We're Warriors. We fight. We stand up for the Lord. If we don't stand up for the Lord and do what He asks, who's going to? If you're gonna reneg on your calling, who's gonna take your place? You gonna give up on the Lord? If He has stood you up and told you to do something, are you gonna reneg on that? You know?

It just floors me that such a small number of people doing so much damage to Satan's kingdom, in space, on earth, under the earth. Compared to the tens of thousands that call themselves believers. Really? Well, they might be believers, but they certainly don't stick up for the Lord. They're certainly not a resistance. They certainly don't do anything. That's what floors me. They're all sitting in Beast churches listening to the wolves every week. Supporting them. And the Lord's real people don't have two nickels to rub together. And yet, we find a way to defeat Satan.

It's exactly what the Bible Codes describes it; comical. Comical. They have billions, and our pennies are tearing them down. Billion-dollar chemtrail program; bah! Can't even stick a chemtrail in a orgoned area. Billions of dollars in underground bases; fine, we'll fill the air around your bases with orgone, you can breathe orgone while you're down there. And it suffocates and burns them. We can destroy them where they sleep. Just gotta get busy, folks. We've done it for a decade now, and we just have a little bit longer to go. Just a little bit longer to go.

Will Maitreya, Whom the Bible Codes Refer to as an Egghead, Be Making a Comeback?

I think one of these Ascended Masters will arrive sooner or later. It's not gonna be Sananda. I don't think he comes first. I'm thinking...I don't know, maybe Germaine. Somebody's gonna arrive. Maybe Germaine.

Maybe Maitreya. I know they're trying to bring him back in. Every time I see him in the Bible Codes, it says leprosy with him. And, you know, if you think back in the day, in the biblical day, leprosy was a skin-eating disease. And if you look at the terms that describe orgone in the Bible Codes, scabies is one of them, and boils, they call us boilermakers because we boil them. We heat them up, we burn them. He's got this plague, and it's caused by the orgone, and so.

I told you we took him out years ago. He went AWOL for a long time. I don't even know if anybody's still talking to him or made contact with him. But every once in a while, I'll see him coming back up in the Codes. And I know that they were setting up Raj Patel to take his place, and stuff like that, but it just wouldn't be the same. It wouldn't be the same. And seeing the term egghead coming back up. Egghead was always Maitreya. He has this huge egghead. Covers it with a turban. So maybe he makes a comeback. I don't know. So I'll be watching for that one.

I don't think Sananda will be here...he's--technically he's already here. He just hasn't made his grand appearance to the world to say, "Hey, I'm here." I think that'll be in September on schedule. I've always said September is his dominant month. He didn't do it this Easter. That was the other dominant green-light time of his. Easter and Passover time. And then it kind of jumps over to September, and so. But I can't rule out that one of the lesser beings comes before then. I just watch for it.

There Is a Possibility that We Could Destroy the Whole Alien Agenda

There is a possibility that we could destroy the whole alien agenda. You know, if you were a listener of my show two or three years ago, and you knew how shocked I was then that we even took Maitreya out. Imagine if we stopped the entire alien agenda, itself. Boy, that would just blow me away. Then the Antichrist would just fall back into Obama's court. It would go back to a more human side, instead of these cosmic beings arriving from space and claiming they're Jesus and Muhammad. It just bounces back into Obama's court.

The leader of Babylon is the Antichrist. Remember that one. It would just bounce back into his court. It would be Obama. The president of the United States is the leader of Babylon. Babylon's the United States. Now the president of the United States could always give up leadership to the U.N. and say, "Here, you take control." You know, he's put the authority of our military under U.N. command. Wait until he puts America under U.N. command. And then who's the leader of the U.N. at that time? That would be the Antichrist.

The Masonic Prophecy Gurus on TBN Will Tell You That America Is Not in Bible Prophecy - TBN Is Not a Christian Station

You see, you have to watch how the routes are played. Because leader of Babylon could be the president or it could be whoever he puts us under in charge of. Now, if Sananda arrives on the earth, Obama already has an alliance where Sananda would become leader of the United States. And so, that's why you just have to watch the routes. Whoever's leader, or given leadership of, the United States. That's the Antichrist, folks. That's why it always looks like it's several candidates. Well, because depending on what they do, could be one of several beings or people. You know?

And the Masons who call themselves prophecy gurus on the Mason channel, TBN, they're not gonna tell you any of this. They're not gonna give you the truth. They tell you America's not in Bible prophecy. That's their biggest disinformation campaign. "Oh, listen to me. I'm a Bible guru. I know all about Bible prophecy. And, oh, by the way, buy my video, America's Not in Bible Prophecy." [laughs] I laugh every time I see that. I used to see it a lot when I was growing up. I think it was Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey and all them. A bunch of Masons.

Lord led me away from all that. And then I actually learned what TBN was. And, you know, it's not a Christian station, folks. [TBN - Trinity Broadcasting Network Bible Codes] You know, I hear well-intentioned believers say, "Oh, I like Joyce Meyers," "I like Benny Hinn." And these are good people. But the problem is, they're so deceived. They're so deceived. And then I'll find out from government sources that, "Oh, this woman on TV, this female preacher, she's in the Mothers of Darkness, she's a witch," and, "Oh, I saw that one at a satanic ritual last weekend." And, you know what? It never stops. They're all evil.

And, of course, this is never gonna hit your heart of truth unless you ask the Lord to reveal the truth in all things to you, because if you're not a lover of truth, then when you hear it, you'll just reject it. It'll just sound crazy to you. The truth is always crazy. The truth always sounds crazy. I mean, ten years ago, when I was banging the drums about aliens and UFOs, I was completely mocked and laughed in every forum on the Internet. And now my very mockers have websites exposing aliens and UFOs and the whole agenda around it. And the fact that our government's not revealing it to the public yet.

I mean, come on, folks. Have you been listening long enough to see the track record here? The Lord always has me above everybody else and ahead of everybody else, and so. For what it's worth, for those of you who do listen, I love you very much.

I'm on Twitter and Facebook and Have Yahoo! Lists

So anyway, uh, let's see. Twitter account. You can join the Twitter, if you don't like Facebook. I'm on Facebook. I have Yahoo! lists; orgoneblasters and the NWOvsChristians list, and the sherryshriner announcement list, hiddencodes announcement list (it's pretty much the same as my sherryshriner announcement list). So there's various ways you can stay in touch with the things that I'm exposing and what I reveal.

If They Bring Out the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia, Remember That It's a Complete Archaeological Fake

Keep an eye on Ethiopia. Pretty much think that when Sananda does arrive, he'll, he'll...he's got something to do with Ethiopia. He'll arrive in the Middle East. Somewhere over there in Ethiopia comes up in the Codes a lot. I know they also have a fake Ark of the Covenant over there. And their big plans was to pull it out of Ethiopia and kind of lead it across the desert to Israel. That whole facade. Hope it never happens, but if it does, it's a fake, folks. It's a complete archaeological fake, so.

Might See Action Towards the Middle or End of April

Let's see. March is a dreadful and terrifying month. You know, I get amused seeing the terms describing March from their point of view. So this month should be a little bit as interesting. First two weeks might be a little quiet, and then might see some action towards the middle, the end of April. I'll just be watching it.

Financially Support This Show So I Don't Have to Hang Up All This Hard Work to Get a Job at McDonald's

Anyway, folks. I'm running out of time. Time goes fast on this show. But I'll be back next Monday night. Until then, I appreciate all your support. And don't forget to support this show, folks. Financially support this show so I don't have to hang all this hard work up, thirteen years of hard work, and go get a job at McDonald's or something. Come on, folks.

Anyway, be back next Monday. Till then. Yah bless.


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