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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
April 8, 2013


It Takes a Lot of Years, a Lot of Time, and a Lot of Anointing to Accurately Decode Bible Codes

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, April 8. And a lot of action in the Codes. And been staying in them for the last couple weeks. Oh, I'm always in them. It's what I do day and night, basically. It takes a lot of time to analyze Codes. That's why I don't give any other decoders one second of my time online. They find words in a Code and send out links, "Hey, look what I found in a Bible Code," and it's garbage. You can't just find a few words in a Code and say that's a Code.

You know, I analyze thousands of words. Every word in the Code. I get whole pictures to develop in Codes, and messages. I mean, it's a lot different than just looking for words. That's not decoding. And it takes a lot of years, and it takes a lot of time, and it takes a lot of anointing to be able to accurately do them, and so. That's why I'm in them all day long. It's more than a full time job doing Bible Codes, and so.

Threre's a Rogue Group Associated with the Nazi Bush Regime, Who've Taken Control of North Korea's Nuclear Facilities

A couple things I wanted to mention tonight. And, you know, we're seeing the drumbeat. A lot of threats from North Korea. Oh, they're gonna bomb the United States, they're gonna bomb our targets, they're gonna do this and that. You know, it's not really North Korea, itself. They're pawns in the whole thing. There is a rogue group associated with the Bush faction, the Bilderbergers, the Rothschilds, that whole Nazi Bush regime, I suppose you wanna call it. And they're the ones now who've taken control of North Korea's nuclear facilities, and so.

I would never believe one word the Pentagon says. The Pentagon is just one lie after the other. The entire Pentagon is Lizard-run. And they do nothing but lie, and so. Especially with our media. Whenever you hear them talking about something, you know it's the opposite.

They Can't Figure Out Why Their UFOs Are Crashing, but They Will Finally Realize That It's Because of the Orgone Warriors

We're seeing a lot of faction fighting right now. And the only reason they're even able to stay in the game right now is because the New World Order alien regime that's coming in, this New Age alien regime, is stalled and delayed. Because you've seen their UFOs, their starships on fire crashing all over our skies since February. Since last year really. But the Lord's really cranking it up. And the Warriors are getting more and more orgone out. And it's just causing mayhem in that entire regime with all of their forces crashing, and so. That's what I see dominantly in the Codes is their anger, they're terrified, they're afraid.

You know, they can't figure out why they're crashing and so it's kind of funny because in the next several months, they're finally gonna realize, "Hey, it's these Orgone Warriors." And there's a particular brand of orgone. The Bible Codes calls it a strand. Refers to it as prescription. And it's our particular orgone that is causing them to crash. And, of course, a lot of them already know that. But our government has been in a policy of denial. To deny and then dispute any claims that our orgone is crashing ships. And so, they've been in a policy of denial.

But what I'm seeing is they're gonna realize it's us. And all of them this time instead of just a few factions being in denial and all that, and so. That's really gonna wage their war against us. I mean, a lot of people feeling a pinch. Everybody--their health, their finances. Just a lot of people under attack. And they're trying to slow us down. They're trying to debilitate us. Trying to stop us from being able to do what we're meant to do.

Let's Hope the Chinese Planes Coming in Have Alien Tech and Can Crash from the Orgone

And so, we have to keep going. Especially--you know, right now is crunch time because when I look ahead at July, and August, and September, those are gonna be crazy times. I mean, I'm seeing Chinese in the air, in our altitude. We know they're in our underground bases. The government's been bringing them in by the tens of thousands since, uh, last couple years.

And, I think it's gonna start becoming visible. You know, if you pay attention to the skies, the airplanes, you might start seeing Chinese marked ones or just unmarked planes.

I don't know exactly what kind of planes they have, but what's interesting is we can only hope that they all have alien technology in them. Because you saw, last year, or the year before, what happened with the Air Force that was bringing out all these new F-20s, whatevers. You know, they have the F-15, the F-16, the F-18. Well, they were bringing out newer brands of fighter jets. And they had to ground whole fleets of them because they would get into the altitude, and, uh--well, they were saying the pilots were getting asphyxiated, whatever.

What was happening was they were running into orgoned areas. And because these planes were built with alien technology, the POE was able to combat these planes. And so, they were crashing them. So, hopefully, these Chinese planes coming in have the same tech or even above, because if they run into orgoned areas, it will crash them. And so, it's gonna be interesting to sit back and watch that.

The New World Order Is Trying to Push Forward by Taking Over the Federal Reserve While the New Age Alien Agenda Has Been Delayed

You know, it's know, I'm pulling my hair out at this point in the Codes because it's a blurred line between how much destruction we're causing them and the retaliation they're planning against us because of it. There's a lot of stuff going on in the background with that. And the media stays focused on, you know, other things that they're trying to do with their agenda.

The whole Nazi regime, the whole New World Order regime, they're in desperation. They're trying to stay in power. And this alien New Age regime is, you know, they're lulled, they're stopped, they're delayed. And so, they're trying to push forward with their agenda by taking over the Federal Reserve. They're the world's monetary system. Getting them all Basel II compliant and things like that. And so, they're working in the background setting up the whole monetary structure. Getting ready to take over that. And the other guys are fighting to stay in power on that end. And it's just a back and forth faction fighting right now.

But I think, you know, this whole North Korea oh-they're-gonna-bomb-us thing, they're threatening. They're threatening them that if you revalue the currencies, we're gonna bomb America. They're trying to threaten them.

Back in 2001, when they were gonna do this, and start the whole NESARA agenda and all that, they brought the towers down to stop the whole thing from happening. And it pretty much effectively worked, for a decade now. And now they're trying it again, using North Korea to implement false flags here because they're trying to stop this currency revaluation.

They're Expecting a Huge Dollar Crash to Occur When the Other Countries Revalue Their Money

What happens is, when the currency's revalued of all these countries--I've mentioned Iraqi dinars before, Vietnam dongs. They also have these other countries. There's like 28 countries that'll revaluate in the first round. Revaluate their currencies. Everyone's going back to a gold standard currency, a metals-backed currency. So, all this fiat money we have now, these useless dollars that they print all the time, they're gonna be worthless.

And they're gonna change the dollar back to a metals-based currency like it was supposed to be. Like it originally was at one time. Before our Federal Reserve system got hijacked by this cabal of criminals and turned into fiat money, useless money. And once that happens, they're out of power. I mean, once they lose control of the money, they're out of power. That's taking it right out from underneath them.

And so, right now, it's the struggle between who gets to own the money, who gets to run the money. And, sure enough, they're expecting a huge dollar crash to occur when the other countries revalue their money.

At the same time, we're being threatened that, you know, the government's just gonna take everybody's money that invested in those other currencies. They're raising taxes. They're raiding bank accounts. They're passing all these Executive Orders that trusts can be invaded by them. That nothing's safe. They're making Russia look like a safe haven right now.

Obama's trying to accumulate all these dictatorial executive powers that totally bypass the Constitution, bypass Congress. And, of course, every president we've had has contributed to this. They've all passed illegal Executive Orders bypassing Congress. And no one's doing it like Obama is. Obama's putting the final nails in the coffins of everything we had left. Of everything what America's always been about, he's putting an end to. He's putting the final nails in the coffin, giving himself total power over states and over individuals, where the federal government has always been restrained by the Constitution in doing so, and so.

It's Not a Republican Vs. Democrat Battle Anymore Because They Both Serve the Same God, Lucifer

It's not a Republican vs. Democrat battle anymore. There are no clear parties. It's good versus evil, folks. It's basically coming down to good versus evil. You know, I get tired of the old party line rhetoric; Republicans vs. Democrats. And, you know, there hasn't been a Republican party in a long time. It was hijacked a long time ago by Liberals. The Democrats have turned total Communist. There hasn't been two parties in a long time. They both serve the same God. They both serve Lucifer.

So, folks, it's generally just good versus evil, right now, and humans against Lizards, because it's all these aliens ruling through our government that are taking control of our earth, that are taking control of America. And I wrote an article about the invasion happening, back in 2005, and that it would be a hidden invasion at first, where they come in and take over our government, and media, and religion, and politics and all that. [The Invasion....Has Begun]

And now it's just getting more outright. It's more in-your-face. They can't hide it much longer. You've got Nibiru coming in. You've got these other starships and spaceships coming in. You know, you've got all these comets coming in.

The a Comet of Greys Here This Month - Continually Ask the Lord to Crank the Orgone to Destroy the Comets Coming In

There's a comet, this month, that's here. And my husband saw it last week. He had a look outside and seen this comet go by. And these are alien carriers. Comets are just...they're like, uh, hyperspeed airplanes. I mean, if you really looked on the inside of these things--most people just think they're a hunk of rock on fire or whatever. They're carriers. And seeing a lot of Greys associated with the comet that's in the air this month. Some kind of Grey carrier.

And, you know, we need to continually ask the Lord to crank the orgone because the orgone saturating the sky will also destroy these comets coming in. It's destroying the starships and spaceships coming in. I mean, Nibiru, they're terrified, they're angry, they're being hugely affected by the orgoned air. And all of them are. And so, we just have to keep fighting against them.

Since When Does Fighting Against Satan, Exposing Evil and Corruption, and Encouraging People in Their Callings, Make a Cult?

And, you know what? I get so tired of people. Hearing, "Oh, that's a cult," "That's a cult." What makes us a cult? Because we hate Satan and we're fighting against Satan? So many people just clearly misunderstand, they don't want to understand, who we are and what we do, because that's...that's just like a generalized statement, "That's a cult." That's so--end of conversation 'cause it's a cult, you know. It's like whatever.

You know, owning websites exposing evil, exposing government corruption, there's nothing cultic about it. Loving the Lord, there's nothing cultic about loving The Most High. I don't have a commune here. I don't have people living around here. You know, I don't control people. I don't tell them what to do. I encourage people to get the orgone out and stay true to their callings in what the Lord leads them to do. I am leading an army here on earth, but I don't physically control anybody.

So I find it amusing, their desperation attempts to belittle us, to degrade us, to mock us. You know, they've already seen, firsthand, how important we are, how effective we are. With the Bible Codes all the time praising our efforts; this faction of Aether Warriors. And, you know, seeing this stuff just keeps me going. Seeing the things that I do makes all the mockery, and the hatred, and the condescending remarks just bounce off my back.

It's pitiful, you know. People can't take five minutes and ask the Lord directly about us. I don't need to waste my time with them. I'm not here for the babies, I'm here for the Warriors. And we're doing our job pretty good. Very, very good. We might be a little slow, but we're really good. 'Cause when you have the honcho himself, Satan, and Lucifer, angry, considers you his chief enemies, his archenemies, then you've done a good job. You know you've done a good job. And so, we're doing a good job, folks.

The Chinese Are Here as Enforcers for Whichever of Satan's Agendas Wins

You know, we've gotta take out the Chinese along with the aliens. You know, I was talking to somebody earlier, asking me about the Chinese, which faction they're involved with. The Chinese, the Japanese, the Americans, everyone's divided. You have rogue groups all involved. There's like, two factions within the New World Order group. And then there's the main, huge faction of the New World Order alien agenda group. So there's really like three, four different factions. One against two and three. The New Age alien groups all together. And then you have the different New World Order groups fighting and--fighting it out; their different factions.

The Chinese are on default. They're bringing them in 'cause the Chinese are Satan's enforcers. You know, they're here to enforce whoever wins' agenda. You know, they're like, on default. They're gonna go with the winners. They're here for the winners. If the New World Order alien agenda, which is gonna be the winner...well, that remains to be seen. I won't say that. I'll just say whoever wins. They're here for the winners.

And so, they'll be pulled out and used as enforcers to round up people, to begin martial law, and that kind--you know, house-to-house confiscation, stuff like that. They're gonna be enforcers of whoever wins. And I think by September, October, we're gonna see a clear picture of who's gonna win this war. The New World Order alien age people, or the Bush faction people. And Obama's kind of like got his foot in each one because you've gotta follow the money. Whoever controls the money is gonna win.

I See in the Bible Codes that We're Closing the Airspace and the Aliens Won't Have That Access Anymore

So, the clear facts that we're destroying the whole foundation of what the alien New Age is based on, we're destroying all their starships, all their UFOs. It's all a cosmic being religion. So if they come to Earth and take over power--you know, I've been talking about Sananda, and Maitreya, and Saint Germaine, and that whole Ashtar Command that's been ruling the earth behind the scenes. We're taking out their very foundation. Their home base.

And what does Revelation, chapter 12 say? War in the skies and Satan's cast to earth. They're not gonna have that access anymore. We're closing the airspace. And I see that in the Bible Codes. And I'm just like, "Oh, I've mentioned that. Now it's here in the Codes. I can see it." Where we're just closing it off. They're not gonna be able to fly in our atmosphere at all. They're all gonna be grounded on Earth. And that's what the Bible says. Revelation 12. Satan's gonna be cast down to earth.

And he never depends on any one way either. He has several routes he can come to earth in. And I think by September, you know, Sananda has an arrival date of what, September 11? And it's, you know, it can be the 9th, the 10th, or 11th. Those three days there. If he can't arrive, then we can close down that entire agenda.

I really believe we hurt Maitreya. We're destroy Sananda. We're in the process of just destroying him. We could close down that entire agenda. So it's kind of a, you know, let's see what happens the next several months. Because, you know, they're busy with wanting retaliation. They're angry.

Obama Wants to Come Up Against the Christians and His Biggest Weapon Is Chip Implants

My sources are telling me that Obama wants to come up against the Christians. And whenever they get a hair to come after the Christians, you start seeing all these draconian policies of enforcing chip implantations. Because that's the biggest thing. That's their biggest weapon in destroying people is chip implants. And so, of course, they wanna enforce chip implants. And they think of all these creative ways to do it. Flu shots, vaccinations, this Obamacare which will enforce everyone to be chip-implanted. And that's a huge Sananda agenda as well, because both factions want that. They want everybody chip-implanted because these chips will destroy you. They just destroy people with these chip implants.

When It Comes Time to Receive the Mark of the Beast, It's Not by Deception, It Will Be Something Very Visible

You know, I've already said millions of people are already walking around with the zombie virus, that have taken vaccines in flu shots. They put this zombie virus in them, so all it has to do is be activated. And I'm not even, uh, I don't even know in particular what the Obamacare chips have in them. What they're going to be able to do. If they'll be able to totally take over a person's mind.

I know the Beast chip will. The one the Bible talks about in Revelation, chapter 13, where he enforces man, woman, and child; known or...what is it, small or great. Just great meaning well-known, celebrity, politician, religious person, whatever. And then just the regular common people. He forces everybody, 'causes everybody, to receive his mark, symbol or name in or on their right hand or forehead. That could be a tattoo. Could be a barcode. Could be anything, but it'll have a small chip in it. And the chips in those things will pretty much lobotomize the people who get them. It will totally destroy them.

And there is no redemption from that. If a person gets that mark of the Beast, that chip of the Beast, that tattoo of his name, number, symbol or whatever, there's no redemption from it. Because you have chosen to follow him. And so, the Bible says anyone who gets it will be cast into the lake of fire. And so, you know, you can't get it in the right hand and cut your hand off and reneg on it. You can't do that. That's a life-changing--that's like a destroying chip.

And I know it's an RFID chip. I see it in the Codes all the time. I also see it in all the vaccinations they're handing out. And the flu shots. They can destroy people by that. Right now they do it to the ignorant and unknowing. And--by deception. When it comes time to receive the mark of the Beast, it's not deception. You're fully aware. Because it's gonna be put, visibly, physically, on or in your right hand or forehead. It's not gonna be hidden in your food, or your vaccines, or flu shots. It's gonna be something very visible.

And so, maybe the ones they're doing now is practice. I don't know, but I know it's a huge of their whole control agenda. To control every man, woman and child on this planet. Changes their DNA. The GMO foods we eat, the air we breathe, you know, all being set up to destroy us.

Ten Creepy Black Clouds Coming Towards My House and a Chemtrail Plane

You know, I was outside the other night, and I looked up in the air, and there was all these little big white puffy clouds. You know, typical day here, 'cause it's been so dreary. They use clouds to just mask the sun. And right below all this layer of white puffy clouds, coming towards my house were these just creepy, dark, dark black clouds. And they weren't snow clouds. They looked like chemical bombs, is what they looked like. They just looked like black death coming towards my house. And it was like, ten of them. And I was just so shocked to see that. You know, it was just so creepy and so obvious.

And so, you know, I just looked at them and I asked the Lord to crank up the orgone and dissipate them, and turn them into water, destroy them. They never did reach my house. Out of the ten or so that were headed this way one veered off course and went over towards the north, and so. I don't know where it went, it just headed north. The others just kind of disappeared.

And then I seen this chemtrail plane in the distance out in the west. And, of course, you could see the white spray it was spraying. And I asked the Lord to just blow that thing up and destroy it. Man, it just kept going, and spraying, and spraying, and spraying, but nothing would stick. All you could see was like, you know, like 50 feet behind it or whatever, but the spray, itself, but nothing was sticking. And I watched the sky to see if anymore black clouds had materialized out of the crap they were spraying. And none did, so. You know, I asked Him to destroy it or turn the chemicals into water, and so.

Usually you'll see them just end up flying back to base. Or back to wherever they came from. Some are just outright alien. What are they called? They're like cylinder cubes. They're cylinders. I mean, they're cubes, but they're cylinders with spray nozzles up and down them. Craziest stuff I've ever seen. And they use a hologram of a white airplane. And when they lose the hologram, all you see is the cylinder in the air what's spraying. I've seen that before. Craziest stuff. Makes you wonder why people just never look up in the air. They never notice what's going on in the skies.

It Looks Like They Want to Hydrogen Bomb My Town in Ohio

So it's gonna--the battle's on, folks. You know, they're threatening, "Oh, we're gonna bomb L.A.," "We're gonna bomb Texas." I'm looking in the Codes and it looks like they wanna bomb Ohio. And I'm just like [scoffs]. Some kind of hydrogen. And I don't know what kind of hydrogen bombs they have available today. But, you know, they're saying all this stuff. But how are they gonna explain why they hit a cow town with a hydrogen bomb instead of a city. [coughs] That would be a little obvious.

You know, they tried to hit my house last year with a missile. And Yah blew it up in their hanger. I don't know why they think they can get me here. It's more amusing that anything else. And He's here. I see that in the Codes a lot. He's here Himself. Yahushua here guarding the air above this state, this area, my house. He is here Himself. And so, you know, if they wanna take me on, they've gotta go through Him first. [laughs] Good luck with that one. [laughs] Just cracks me up. You know, Father always has our backs, right? So I don't worry about those kinds of things. I just stay busy, talking to Him, looking in the Codes, trying to figure out what's going on.

Sometimes things happen in ways we don't expect. Like I'll see something like Fire - Great Noise. That can be literal. Or it can be something more passive like pounding the drums on the Internet about a false flag attack or something. Or alerting everybody to something. Or it can just be something physical. Like, "We finally got a bomb a Sherry's house," or something. [laughs] So I see that one coming up. That one comes and goes very often. And they're always pounding the drums. They're coming after us, and so.

Hang in There, Warriors. I'm Going Through the Same Things You Are

Another word of encouragement. Just hang in there, Warriors. I know a lot of them are beat up, they're disgruntled, they're just tired. And I know. I'm going through all the same things, folks. I'm going through all the same things. He does not keep me from a lot, He just keeps me alive. [laughs] Doesn't mean I don't suffer all the other things that normal people do. I mean, I've had health issues for the past month, and so.

You know, the amount of poison I take in is just incredible. They just poison everything. I mean, when you're on their hit list, the top ten, and you know you were two or three and the number one guy is now dead [laughs]. I was somewhere in the top three before. Chavez was number one. They just don't quit. They just don't quit. Chavez is now gone. So they have more time, and attention, and focus. I'm what? A mom of four who lives in a cow town? Come on. [laughs]

My Analysis of What the Next Few Months Hold

So as I sit here and analyze all this stuff--and it cracks me up when I see Analyzer in the Bible Codes. I sit and just try to play-by-play and analyze what all the different factions are doing. And that's why they listen to this show, because I'm always dead-on. I always see my accuracy ranking as very, very high, 'cause I'm dead-on all the time.

But July looks interesting. August looks interesting. September. Interesting in the fact quite alarming. They're quite alarming. Things we could be seeing. And so, you know, they could always press the buttons earlier. They could say, "Well, we're not gonna wait till she has the next three months to expose our plans. Let's move them up." I see that a lot, too. Acceleration - Accelerator because I expose things, then they speed things up. Or they slow them down and, you know.

May could be interesting; next month, middle of this month. And, you know, it just does not stop for the next five, six months. It doesn't stop. It's just, you know. They're angry. They want retaliation. You know, the Chinese are ready to go. They're here for whoever's gonna win this thing between the New Age alien agenda and the New World Order regime, and know.

Currency Revaluations and the North Korean Nuke Threat Go Hand in Hand

Could get interesting this month. Actually, probably, if it's gonna happen, the currency revaluations and the North Koreans threatening to nuke us. Notice how they go hand in hand. Because the Bush regime, the Rothschild regime, they're trying to prevent it from happening. And they're beating the drums, getting everything done in the background to make it happen.

And so, it's almost gonna be like, you know, they're batting heads right now. That's why you're seeing a lot of media attention on North Korea. And the Pentagon lying out of their teeth and making it look like North Koreans wanna bomb us. It's really the Chinese, and they're over there. There's a rogue group over there that has control of their nuclear weapons. And they're aligned with the Rothschilds and the whole Nazi regime, and so.

It's kind of a battle right now. That's why you see Japan getting in the middle now. And Japan angry about it. Because Japan's aligned with the New Age alien regime. They're totally allied with them. And so, it's getting interesting.

I don't know what they'll do if the revaluations are announced and just done. They don't have any know, right now, they've got the threats. "Well, if you do it, we're gonna bomb you." Well, what are they gonna do if they do it? I mean, they lose power. They lose all their power at that point. You know? Effectively out of power.

We May Be Nobodies to Them, but We're Somebodies to The Most High - We're Making Him Happy and Proud

So, I'm know. This whole month is gonna be a play-by-play type thing. And, you know, it's really hard to grasp some of this a lot of times in the Codes, 'cause the Lord shows me, you know, what He wants me to see.

And so, a lot of times in the Codes I'll just see stuff that pertains to the Orgone Warriors, to our orgone faction, and the destruction we're causing. A lot of times He just wants me to see that. [laughs] And, you know, how it affects--I was in one Code the other night and it was talking about Maitreya, and Sananda, and Obama, all together, and my name ahead of them. And they're all angry. We've injured them. We've hurt them. We've hurt this whole faction.

And, you know, it just gives you a lot of confidence know what, we may be nobodies to them, but we're somebodies to The Most High. We're definitely somebodies to Him because we're making Him so happy, proud. The Lord knows we'll stand up. You know, we'll fight for Him. We're standing up against Satan. It's really, uh, the Bible Codes describes it as Brilliance - Breathtaking.

We're Going to Crash Another of Their Spaceships; One that's Huge and Important to Them

I can see that we're going to down another of their spaceships. A huge one, that's very important to them. I'm not sure if it's the Capricorn, or another one, or what it is. We'll probably see something big crash pretty soon. Because we're going to crash something of theirs. Some kind of ark of theirs. And a ark is a residence.

They're Trying to Hide the Fact that the Buffalo Brown Dwarf Star Is Coming In, as Well as Enoch's Planet

You know, they're also trying to hide the fact that the Buffalo Brown Dwarf is coming in. And wouldn't it be funny if that was the one we crash? We destroy and crash that thing; the Buffalo Brown Dwarf Star. That's the big one that hangs over by the sun. You know, there's the sun, there's the second sun, and then there's the Buffalo Brown Dwarf Star. And the Buffalo Brown Dwarf Star--Buffalo is another term for these Ascended Masters. These cosmic beings that are running the New Age alien age. And so, that would be so funny if we totally destroyed that thing and crashed it. But that's what they've been hiding because it's coming in.

And, you know, when that thing gets close to the earth, the second sun is usually there, too; Enoch's planet. That one's coming in, too. And they're trying to hide everything with these chemtrails and the spraying, and keeping areas suppressed. They always do that to thing town. It's always so dingy. They hide--you know, we can't see the sun at all for two weeks, but they can see it three hours away in Columbus, you know. They hide the sun. They suppress it here so we don't have any sunlight. It's always so dingy and dismal. So, you know, they're gonna keep hiding those from being seen.

The Effects of Nibiru Coming in Could Cause the Bowl and Trumpet Judgments to Hit

We also have, know what? Nibiru's coming in and out of the Codes. But when I see Nibiru, it's usually their anger and frustration they're burning, they're being destroyed. It's not, uh, you know, that they're causing so much destruction here on earth yet, but they will. They're very liable to be the ones that are the Lord's enfor--His wrath arm, His judgment arm, and causing the bowl and trumpet judgments to hit the earth. Nibiru could do all those, and so--the effects of Nibiru. So, just still waiting and watching for that thing.

People Who Live in Different States Say They See All These Starships at Night, but the Ones Close to Me Are Always on Fire

You know, the Bible Codes are a zoo. There's so many different things in the skies, coming and going, coming and crashing. [laughs] You can't keep up with it. It's a zoo. I hear people say (live in different states) they look out at night and they're seeing all these starships and spaceships and stuff. The few times I've been able to see the nighttime sky, you know, these ships are red. They're already on fire. And so, it's why I listen to other people in other states, see what they're seeing. 'Cause the ones close to here are always on fire. Here today, gone tomorrow. They'll crash out of the sky, and so. And they're so obvious. I don't know how people just don't see this. I mean, you've got a star that's red, green, blue. Come on. Come on.

They Could Hit Our Cities with Missiles, but It's Not the North Koreans, It's Our Own Government

So, not much for this week. This week just watching and listening to the rhetoric going on. Still bantering back and forth between all the factions. If, uh, you know, we just have to wait and see. They very well could hit our cities with missiles. But you know what? It's not the North Koreans, folks. It's our own government. It's our own government involved with all this. False flags.

And especially the one about destroying Congress. And if they were gonna do it, it would be in July. 'Cause that's always been the dominant month I see. I've seen that for how many years? I think I posted that Code back in 2004. And it's still very alive for this year. You know, every once in a while it just goes quiet. And this year it's loud, and so.

Are They Giving Congress UFO Rides?

I saw something really wild, and it was about Congress being in the skies. And I'm thinking, "Wow, they're loading up Congress and giving them UFO rides?" [laughs] What's the deal with that? [laughs] Wouldn't that be crazy? That ever pops up again, I'm [laughs] I'd have to get just like, a snapshot of that and post it on my site so people could see it themselves. It's getting crazy.

I'm Used to Lulls in the Codes, but It's Nonstop Now - Things Will Happen Quickly

And, you know, it's a power crunch for the next several months. It's actually been on since the last week of February. And I warned you back then, you know, February looked hot. Last week of February looked interesting. It hasn't stopped. I mean, it just doesn't stop. It just keeps going, and going, and going.

Usually in the Codes they stop and get quiet for a while they plot and plan. And routes change. And plans change. And you'll see the Codes get silent for a while. Then when they start picking up on a different plan or a route, then the Codes start jumping again and revealing what's going on.

So I'm used to lulls and quiet times, and quiet months in the Codes. Well, you know, it's just not stopping now. It's nonstop. And so, when things finally do start happening, you're just gonna see it like a whirlwind. Things are gonna happen quickly.

They're Coming Against Us, So Prepare Now - Arm Yourselves - Don't Register Your Weapons - Stock Up on Bullets - Get Your Areas Orgoned

So, people need to prepare. They're definitely arming themselves to come up against us. Not just the Department of Homeland Security, which is NATO. You've got NATO running our federal government, basically, through the DHS. And all the Chinese in our underground bases. And then, also, probably be seeing Chinese in our airspace this summer. Don't be surprised. I can see people are gonna be fearful on that one. It's gonna freak them out. It's gonna scare them. Yeah. So, do what you can to prepare now.

Arm yourselves. And don't register your weapons, folks. Don't leave a trail, OK, yeah, I have guns and here's my address. Buy them from other people, where you don't have to have the weapons registered. Stock up on bullets. Get your areas orgoned, because, like I said, if Chinese planes are anything like UFOs, then they'll be indifferent to the orgone, they're gonna crash. The orgone will crash them. And so, we can win this war without even firing a bullet, and crash all their planes just like we're crashing UFOs.

So, you know, you have to get busy on offense and defense, folks. Get busy on everything until the Lord removes us to safety, and so. And if He chooses on doing. You know, this country is up for judgment. And, you know, I see good reasons why, constantly. You know, His Bride is gonna go through judgment. There's a part of His Bride that will be judged. Be allowed to be picked up and taken to FEMA camps.

You Can't Say That You Love the Lord and Then Despise Your Brethren - It's Important to Be Civil and Have Love for Your Brethren

You know, you can't say that you love the Lord and then despise your brethren. You know, that's one thing I had to learn because, you know, back when I started my ministry, I was running into all these haters and mockers. And they weren't the Satanists, they were Christians. And I would get so mad. And the Lord would tell me, "They're your brethren." You know? And I always knew to watch my temper or anything I said about the brethren, because it would make Him upset.

You know, we're children of His, which means we're all brothers and sisters. And, you know, like a typical family, you fight, you may not all get along, but it's important to be civil. It's important to have love for your brethren. For those brothers and sisters. And to show love, even if--you know, you have your spats and, you know, brothes and sisters tend to get over that and get on.

But, you know, it's different with the church crowd as a whole, with Christianity as a whole. Because these brothers and sisters are malicious. They're always hating. They're always hating. It's just always mocking, always hating. And it's pure hate. And so, how can they call themselves His children, when they're always showing hate towards the other brethren? Because, what? They don't wear the same clothes they do? They don't believe the sames things they do? I mean, what are we, two-years-old now? And so, I think two-year-olds are more mature than half the Christians I've seen out there. And so, you have to be careful about that.

And, you know, there's a lot of reasons why the Lord is going to allow a huge chunk of churchdom today to go through judgment and a trying of their faith. Because they're not pure before Him. They've angered Him. If you can't love your fellow brother and sister and agree to disagree, you know, how are you to anybody else? I mean, it's a basic command to love your neighbors. That's people you're around. People you deal with. So, you know, you just have to shake your head and move on. And ignore--I've learned to ignore a lot of things over the years, so. Anyway, um...yeah.

We're Assigned to Take Down the Comet [of Greys] That's Overhead - Sometimes It's as Easy as Prayer

Other than being assigned to take down that comet that's overhead. And I don't know, you know, we're assigned to take down that comet? How do we take the comet down? Just pray and ask the Lord to crank up the orgone? That's all I could figure out to do. And I'd chat with a few friends and tell them to pray to Yah to crank up the orgone and take the comet, so the comet gets destroyed? 'Cause, you know, how else do you take down a comet?

You know, sometimes I see we're assigned to do specific things. And I'm thinking, "Well, how are we gonna do that?" You know? [laughs] How are we gonna do that? You just leave it in the Lord's hands. Sometimes it's just as easy as prayer, you know. He's going to bless the groundwork we've already laid. You know, we've spent a lot of years going on missions, going on trips, taking that route across the country, across the state, across the neighborhood, putting orgone down. And it's there. The groundwork is laid. So all He has to do now is crank it up when he wants it.

I Keep Seeing Lima, Ohio in the Codes - It's an Ancient Alien Base We Destroyed That They're Very Attached to for Some Reason

You know, we did a lot of groundwork. And we're seeing the fruits of that. Especially this year. I keep seeing Lima in the Codes. There's just something very important to them about that base in Lima. And we had a mission there last year, and we destroyed that base. And that just keeps coming up now. Because there's something there. Something that's very important to them. Probably one of their brains. And they're very angry that we took that base out. And I could see some political officials involved with that. And I just don't understand it, what it is that's there. Why are they so attached to that base, that underground base in Lima. It's a ancient alien base.

We Blew Fort Knox to Smithereens - It Was Like Dulce on Steroids

Also Fort Knox. We were there last year. Seeing that come up. Blew that thing to smithereens, basically. There wasn't any humans in it, to begin with, it was basically all a alien base. It was like Dulce on steroids. It know, you can't even imagine the horrors that were taking place at that base. That's where they were developing all these plagues that we're seeing, that they were coming out with. And the Bible says, you know, we're gonna see plagues and diseases in the last days that mankind's never seen before. And that's where they're developed, folks. They're developed in these deep underground arcane alien bases.

Some of these were so ancient, they were here before, you know, Columbus ever stepped foot on America. Like the base in New York City. That thing is ancient. And there's movies that depict the tunnels in New York City. So why is it occultic belief that there's a alien base underneath New York City, when it's fact. You know, these ignorant journalists and people that try to belittle me just shock me with their ignorance.

So, anyway. We've done a lot of work with the groundwork. The Lord's blessing it. He's doing a lot of work we don't see. So we just have to keep going, folks. We're, you know, we gotta keep--whatever He leads you to do, get it done. You know? Not a whole lot of time. You don't want Chinese flying up on your backyards.

I'm Trying to Understand What I'm Seeing in the Codes Right Now

So, anyway. Got a few minutes left. Don't really have much more I wanna reveal tonight. There's things I'm working on. I'll talk about it next week 'cause I get more deciphering done and understanding is basically what it is. Understanding what I'm seeing. 'Cause it's so crazy. So, everything coming at once, it seems.

I'm a Warrior, Not a Couch Potato, so I Need Somebody to Step Up and Send in $50,000 or $100,000 So We Can Order Supplies and Hit the Road

Anyway, folks, I need your support. I'm not being able to stay ahead at all. In bills and anything. I've had to stay home. And that's the last place I need to be this summer. I need to be on the road. I need to be targeting bases. I need to be targeting strongholds. Not staying home because I can't afford gas. And so, I need your support. I need somebody to step up and just, you know, send $50,000, $100,000 to this war, to this ministry.

[Make this viral! Support Orgone Blasters]

Take us out of the misery we're in right now and just put us in light. Put us in war heaven. [laughs] So we can order tons of supplies and hit the road. I'm a Warrior, I'm not a coach potato, so I need to be busy.

Anyway, I'll be back next week. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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