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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
April 22, 2013


Lyra Is an Entire Alien Star System Coming to War on Earth Against the Lord's Armies

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, April 22. [laughs] It's already April 22. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. I was reading a post earlier about the Lyra meteor shower system. Meteorites. Meteors. Whatever you wanna call it. Supposed to be hitting tonight. And I thought that was funny 'cause I kept seeing Lyra in the Bible Codes.

And this stuff doesn't just come out and happen, folks. This is an entire alien star system. And they're coming to war on Earth against the Lord's armies that are here. So, kind of funny. It's supposed to start late tonight. I wanted to get out and kind of watch the show. Watch a bunch of starships crash.

They're anticipating that they'll probably lost a few thousand. Satan thinks that if he sends them by the ton, that a few will get through. [laughs] And if you know my Father, that's why you're laughing. [laughs] Yeah. anyway, there's gonna be a lot of them crashing tonight. It's gonna be a [inaudible] show, so. Supposedly through the night, so. I don't know what parts of the country are gonna be best for viewing this. I would imagine the Midwest region right now.

What I thought was interesting is that alien starships can actually travel through lightning. Lightning's like an aftereffect. I didn't know this but, they travel--I don't know if it's an aftereffect or it's like one of those warp speed effects. I don't know what it is, but it's actually just one of their things. And so, lightning's not always lightning. And so, that's when people will see flashes across the sky. It can be--I've seen starships crash before and they were like white flashes across the sky. There's also the kind that look like lightning. And then there's the kind that are on the YouTube videos where you actually see a ball on fire, crashing to the earth. And so, you know, there's different types.

And, I'm trying to think of what Lyra was, because--I was gonna look that up on Google or my watcher website. The Lyra, Lyr--I don't know what they're called. Um, they're from Lyra. I think they're dark purplish, blackish and they're insectisoids. I don't know. I'm not sure. But they're ugly. They're ugly. They might be the dark purplish-gray-looking things. I'm not sure. They're one or the other. Either the insectoid things...that reminds me of the Aldebarans. And then there's the Greys. There's different races of Greys and there are different types of colors of them. And know.

I have a article on my website,, and it describes about 57 different alien races. I know there's probably over 200. I think there is about 200, so. Can't keep up on all the ugly ones.

April Is a Month of Satanic Holidays - Bombings Keeping People's Attention Off Things Going on Behind the Scenes

Anyway, April...and I was gonna talk about this last week on the show. April's a month of satanic holidays. It's really...the whole month, practically, is constant rituals. And there's a lot of false flag events that've happened on this date. And it continues on really until May 1. And May 1 is the day Hitler died. And so, on that day they have coven initiations and rituals. They have fire rituals. Probably 'cause Hitler died, supposedly, when his bunker was bombed. No, he committed suicide, but either way, they never found the right body. He went down to Argentina and was hiding down there.

But the ones we have this week just started yesterday. And they actually go from April 21 to April 30. Actually, till May 1. But for April we'll go April 21 to April 30. And, these are practically rituals every night.

And so, we could see--they've really been trumping up the Boston bombings. I haven't been paying attention to that charade. It's basically smoke and mirrors. Trying to keep the public occupied on something right now because there's a lot of things going on behind the scenes. And so, they just keep trumping up the Boston bombings. And if they didn't have that, they would just go to the Waco bombing. And they're gonna get desperate enough to keep people's attention off things. They'll probably come up with something soon.

Zombie Drill This Weekend in Moscow, Idaho on April 27 - False Flag L.A. Nuking on April 28

Uh, let's see. This weekend there is the zombie drill in Moscow, Idaho. And I think I just posted something on my Facebook about--someone who put up a page a couple days ago for the millions who were killed in the L.A. nuke attacks. So, that was the 28th. You know, they've done this before. The Sandy con, hoax. They put up a fundraiser page for that a couple days before it ever happened. They put up a Facebook page about the Boston bombers before that even happened. And now they've put up a Facebook page on those lost in the nuclear missile strike in L.A. on the 28th.

So, here we've got a FEMA zombie drill on the 27th in Moscow, Idaho. And a false flag the next day in L.A. where they were planning to set off a nuclear bomb. And so, they're keeping busy. Yeah, you might wanna stay away from Moscow, Idaho on the 27th. I know there's a lot of dead orgone energy in the area. They're probably very attracted to it. Probably why they chose the area.

This Is How You Take Over a Country Without Firing a Shot

Been asking the Lord about things this week. And, you know, when the Waco bombing went off, I knew the Chinese were behind it. And I don't know if they used our people--the DHS--or not. But the thing that...the clincher for me is finding out that the Chinese are behind the DHS. They own the DHS. And they own Monsanto. They own TSA. And they own FEMA. They're running all those agencies.

And so, you know, I've been talking about, and warning, "Hey, look. There's gonna be a Chinese invasion here in America." And I've been sounding the alarms on that for years. And other than knowing they're stuffing them in the bases, people are kind of, "OK, where's the Chinese?" They own our debt. OK? They're kind of staying in the background.

Well, you know, what? And notice--like, when I was in New York last year, one of the first things I saw was all the Chinese people in New York. And I hear there's a lot of them in Chicago. A lot of them in L.A. They're coming into our cities. They're gonna start having more and more of a presence here. Notice on TV, you know, the Chinese in the background, you know. They're popping up in more and more positions of leadership and authority. Because this is how you take over a country without firing a shot. And I remember hearing that from Russia back in the 80s. And they said something about when they conquered and destroyed America, they would do so without ever firing a shot. And they've been working from within, all this time, to destroy America.

Well, Russia's never been one to want the land here. They don't really care about the land. They just want the power that America has. And so, they had a deal with the Chinese. And this is back then. I don't know if it's still going on. I'm sure it is, because there's a lot of top Russian officials running NATO, running DHS. Stuff like that. In fact, before Janet took over, the top official--the DHS--was a Russian, ex-KGB agent. Janet probably is, too. So watch how they're working together; China and Russia. Because, they're pretty much taking over a lot of these, uh, the federal agencies, the federal government, you know. I mean, look what Chinese was behind. They're were behind Monsanto, DHS, TSA, and FEMA.

It's the Chinese, folks. And this is how they're gonna take over America without firing a shot. Take over all our agencies. We think we're being attacked by our own police officers. We think our own police officers around the streets of Boston throwing the Constitution out the window. Well, guess who's behind all that. It would be the Chinese. And they don't know what our Constitution is. They don't care. They want you to see a police state. They want you to see what appears to be a police and federal government out of control, but it's actually them. So, it's getting ugly, folks. It's getting really ugly.

There Will Be Cities Struck by Missiles - They Could Shut Down Distribution Centers - They Seem to Be Targeting the New Madrid Fault Line

I know they have plans of, know, getting terrorist, uh, false flags going, uh, I was warned about this back when the Denver theater shooting took place. It would be more. There would be a lot more coming. And there has been. Been quite a few since then. Ultimately, there's going to be cities being struck by missiles. And the Chinese coming out of their underground bases. And putting these cities in martial law, so. That's still ahead, but it seems like we're still on the same script. You know, we're still on the same script that I was told about last year, so.

And one of the things that they can do to also--that was on the script--was shutting down distribution centers and enforcing a famine here in America. Enforcing shortages of food and supplies. You know, they could just shut down distribution centers. And so, that's in their plans as well.

What I've noticed, watching the weather patterns, they seem to be targeting the Madrid Fault Line. They've been trying to blow that since last year. And, you know, we just have a wall of orgone across that fault line. So, uh, and a couple Warriors went and took care of that. And part of the missions we did last year covering that fault line. And it's just been a huge wall there. And they can't get the fault line blown. And pretty much a laugh on this end so far.

You know, we had so many missions the last two years, that we were able to do. And seeing all of those in the Codes now, coming up constantly. Just very, very, very effective. I'd like to get busy doing stuff this spring and summer. Right now my hands are tied. Folks, I need support. I need donations. I don't like just sitting around with my hands tied all the time. And I've been asking for that, and, you know, instead of getting better, we're just drowning further, and further, and further in the mire here. So I definitely need your help and support, otherwise, you know, not a whole lot's gonna get done this year. And we need to be busy.

What Should I Do If I See a Demonic Being in My Bedroom?

Some of the things I'm watching out for, looking know, I told you a couple weeks ago that looking at the Codes was nuts. It was just ballistic. It was nuts. It was hard to figure out because there was so much going on. And a lot of that has to do with a lot of attacks and assaults that are taking place against us on earth, I guess you could say. There's a lot of things I can't say. The Lord's tying my tongue. [laughs] There's a lot of things I can't say that I wish I could right now. But trust me, it's chaos. There's not a minute's peace. It's chaos.

So, stay alert. know, people are always sending me e-mails, "What should I do if I see a demonic being in my bedroom?" or "My kid's seeing them," or whatever. You know, folks, get proactive. Get proactive.

You know what? Ask the Lord to remove anything in your house or your room that's not of Him. Ask Him to chain it and cast it into the abyss. Do that every time you feel an energy change in your home or house. And what this means is all of a sudden you feel something evil there. That's an energy change. You were peaceful and now you feel evil. That's the energy change. Everything's based on energy vibrations and frequencies. So, when you feel that, ask the Lord to send His angels to remove anything now of Him out of your home, out of your room, chain them, and cast them into the abyss. And do that every time because Satan will get tired of losing his forces. He'll get tired of losing his beings.

Another thing is asking the Lord to hang them up on trees. That's one of my favorites. [laughs] And he'll just go hang up on a tree for about ten hours. But, yeah, either one. But you gotta get proactive. There's no reason to get scared. You know, there's no reason to get terrified of these things. They can't touch you. You know, they can't even kill you. All they like to do is terrify, and torment, and scare you. And if you're a child of God, you don't have one reason to be afraid of the ugly thing. Not one reason. The Lord has given us all the power we need underneath our fingernails over these beings and creatures. So there's no reason to be afraid of them.

I know, as kids we don't know what they are. And if you try to talk to them, to adults, they laugh at you. So just bring it up to your kids. Just--you know, 'cause all kids experience things. Just bring it up to them. Say, "Hey," you know, "if you ever get scared while you're sleeping, just call out to the Lord. And ask Him to remove it out of your room, anything that's not of Him, chain it and cast it into the abyss."

You know, start teaching them warfare. Things that they can remember. It's real easy. Warfare doesn't have to be complicated. You know, it doesn't have to be complicated. There's always a simple explanation and way of saying things to people. I've been doing it for years. There's always simplicity. You don't have to get complicated. You don't have to, "Wait a minute, I have to get my prayer out," and recite it word for word, and, you know. Get to the gist of things when you're in, you know, it's the essence of time. You know? To the gist of things. And make it simple.

You Have the Relationship with the Lord That You Build

So many people think that, you know, everything about the Lord is formal and complicated. I wish you could hear a conversation I had with Him. [laughs] Folks, you have the relationship with Him that you build. Seriously, you know. If it's very formal, and very uptight, and very proper, then fine. That's what you want.

You know, I respect Father, I love Him to death, but I have a lot of fun with Him. And, you know what? You have the relationship you build. It's like the same thing with your kids. You have the same kind of relationship with your own kids that you build as a mother with them. And the Father's the same way. Let your hair down. Sit back. Get to know Him for a little while. Kick back. Have some fun. He loves to have fun.

War Against the Wicked! Taking It Back for Yah! - If You Don't Have Money, Tithe Your Time and Pray Warfare Prayers of my...well, my main--my only right now--transcriber posted an article to my list today. Something I wrote last year or the year--I don't even know when I wrote this article. A couple years ago. War Against the Wicked! Taking it Back for Yah! [] was one of the last few articles I've written. And it talks about how we can fight against Satan and his forces and win these battles and these wars for Yahuah. And it's really pretty basic, pretty simple. Might wanna take some time, five minutes, and read this article. Because kind of talks about everything in a nutshell. And it gives you some spiritual warfare prayers that you can say.

You know, I hear from people all the time, "I don't have money." They don't have money to buy orgone. They don't have money to make orgone. They don't have money to support the ministry. But, hey, you've got time. Tithe your time. You know? Tithe 20 minutes a day just praying warfare prayers that break the strongholds of Satan. You know? Tithe your time to the Lord.

You know, I've got all kinds of warfare prayers in mixed with all these articles I've written. I've got a whole article on spiritual warfare prayers, itself [Spiritual Warfare & Frequently Asked Questions]. Also in this article on taking it back for Yah. In this war article, so, might wanna take some time and go through that.

Deactivating Chip Implants - Asking the Lord to Put a Protective Shield Around Your House

Also, people encountering military attacks and abductions. I hear from them all the time. If you suspect you have a chip implant, and sometimes you can tell if you see a black dot on your skin. It looks like a blackhead. They usually put them in the backs of your legs. They'll even shoot you in the butt with those things. And they're chip implants. When you start to pull them out, they're like an inch long, and all you see is, like, wires. If you see those kind, you can pull them out.

For the most part, the kind most people are dealing with are the kinds that are inserted into your skin through vaccinations or flu shots, stuff like that. You can deactivate them usually, if you put a strong enough, like a N42 magnet on them. With the north side against your skin. Put it on there for about a day and then next day flip it over and use the south side against your skin. I'm not exactly sure. I've heard both ways. "Oh, you have to put the north side against your skin." "No, you have to put the south side against your skin." Just do both. Do both ways. You know. And see if that doesn't deactivate the chip.

You know, a lot of people hearing ringing in their ears. One of the results of chip implants, or, uh, I don't know if it's necessarily chip implants, themselves, that cause this ringing in your ears. Could be a frequency change directly around the aura of your body.

What you might wanna try also is ask the Lord to put a shield around you. And to fill that shield with His Holy Spirit and His power. And to seal all the edges together so that nothing can...nothing can come through it, nothing can manipulate it. And ask the Lord to burn off anything that's not of Him that's been put inside of you. And so, another way of handling that.

You can also use these shields for protection. Undergoing different types of warfare attacks and assaults. You can ask the Lord to put a shield around your body to keep the attacks off. You can also put them--what I call the home turbo shield--put this shield over your house from back to front yard. Ask Him to seal the sides down. Ask Him to make it impenetratable so nothing can get through it. Ask Him to set His angels above it and below it. And if there's anything trapped inside it, ask the angels to go and chain it and cast it into the abyss.

Once They Sense That Your Eyes Are Getting Open, You Become a Magnet and They Start Attacking You

You just have to take a proactive stance, folks. You just have to get busy. I mean, they know who we are. And the more you learn, and the more you become aware of the things around you and their agendas against us, it's like a magnet to them. It's like they can see that your eyes are getting open. And once they sense that, it's like you become a magnet. It's like they just start attacking you. And so, it's frontal assault then, folks. And there's no going back to keeping your head in the sand then, because it's like they've got your number now. They know you know about them, you know. And so, it doesn't stop. The attacks won't stop. It's just a war, folks. It's war.

You know, I don't think I can live in somebody else's world two days. I would be bored silly. I'm just so used to mine. My life is definitely--doesn't have a thing to do with this living in a corporate world here, and doing the 9-to-5 thing, and, you know, coming home, going to sleep at night. Who sleeps at night? You know? And when you become a Warrior for the Lord, who has a 9-to-5? You can't even find a job. It's like you're on everybody's blacklist. I work for the Lord full time. I'm His. I'm here to do His will. Teaching His people how to fight and stand up against them is a big part of what I do here.

Epic, Huge Game-Changing Things Taking Place - A Different Level of Spiritual Warfare

Last week there wasn't a show because my phone line was messed with. I really didn't think there would be a show this week. I'm kind of pleasantly surprised I'm on the air. [laughs]

Some people wondering what happened to my post. I started posting on F[ace]book, but the Lord wanted me to take that down. So, mm. [laughs] Start talking too much. I usually like to talk about things after the fact. Then Father doesn't mind. It's after the fact. I'm always causing trouble, so. It's what He says, it' know, He's gotta keep me out of trouble.

Anyway, folks, [sighs] I really don't have a lot to say today. 'Cause I really can't talk about anything that's going on right now. Haha. I really can't talk about what's going on next week. My hands are kind of tied. And, you know, this is...this is a hot time right now. This is epic. This is epic. The stuff that's been going on, this is the second week, going on week two. It's just been epic. And some real huge game-changing been taking place, so. You know, we'll see what the final outcome is here in a week or two.

I don't know how much more Satan can take. I mean, I know he's lost control of up to 16, 17 billion forces right now, so. When you come against the Lord, and you do it, uh, um, I don't know, it's not really illegal. It's totally what he--he comes against the Lord's people, and you take action against him, he forfeits certain things. And so, if you have a planet emptying out all of its inhabitants to come target and attack your area, and you capture all those beings, and also capture the planet, you now have control of it. [laughs]

It's a different level of warfare, uh, probably 98 percent of you haven't been involved in yet. But, Lord willing, I'll be able to teach some really indepth warfare coming in the months ahead. 'Cause probably need it. People that are here that are willing to fight now with orgone certainly understand the things that I can teach you later, as far as spiritual warfare goes.

You know, you've got the Nibiru system coming in. Different starships systems coming in. Pay attention to meteor showers. Those are my favorite now. Haha! It's like they know. You know? "OK, we're coming in. Yeah, we're gonna lose a few, but let's announce it's a shower and put the public back to sleep." Nah, you guys are missing all the fun if that's what you think it is; just meteors. You're just missing all the fun.

So this month is hot. Next month is, uh, May. Month of May. The first two weeks of May pretty interesting. July looks obnoxious. Like I said, it's just not gonna stop, folks. It's not stopping anytime soon. We're kind of like, on an avalanche of one thing after the next. You know? It's some huge game-changing place and the red flags up, "No, you can't talk about that yet," "You can't say that," "You can't do that," "You can't"--you know? So. But you will like the outcomes. I mean, some things won't change. Other things will. know.

How Is It Possible That There Are Nations That Aren't Under the Control of the New World Order?

And when I look in the Bible Codes, I find it funny that it'll say stuff like Apocalyptic and Biblical. And you're like, "How does this fit into prophecy?" Because this makes this happen, and this makes this possible. And you're like, "Oh." So right now, we're just in the realm of making the possibles possible so that they're possible, I guess you could say. Because, uh, did you ever wonder why--I'm gonna get in trouble. Can I--[laughs].

When it describes the millenial reign. (I think this is safe.) When it describes the millenial reign, it talks about the kings of the earth that were good to Israel. And they fed them, and they clothed them, and gave them water, and whatever. And they didn't persecute them, they gave them safe places to stay. And these nations are allowed to go into the millenial reign of the Lord's. Now, they weren't Israelite nations. They weren't necessarily Christian nations, but they showed love towards the Christian people. They were not evil. In fact, they were races and countries that decided that they hated evil. They didn't want anything to do with the New World Order, and they turned away and shunned it.

How is that possible right now in a system--in the path we're going? Because the people in charge now of our world government--the Rothschild cabal, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, and the Bushes, and that whole shebang--queen, pope, Federal Reserve, all of them--they're on a quest to own and control every single nation and country in the world. And so, something like that, when you read it biblically, you're thinking, "How is it even possible that there's nations that still get the Jewish people, the Israelites. Who are the Jewish people? They're the Lord's people today. It's all figurative-speaking because the new covenant is for all those who accept Him as their Messiah.

So, anyway, how is it possible that these nations aren't under the rule, and thumb, and control of the New World Order? I know, nobody thinks this far ahead. But, so, yeah, because that's possible, because it could happen. And right now it doesn't look like it could happen, but the possibles are becoming possible. I'll just say that. We're gonna make things possible, so. Taking things away. It's not gonna have the full realm and control they all think they're gonna have. In fact, this New World Order power structure that's empowered now is so on the way out the door, you can almost see the dust flying off of it as the door closes.

New agenda coming in. Yeah, they are kind of mixed together. I mean, gonna see the old faces promoting the new garbage coming in. You'll see old faces promoting it. But you'll see a shakeup in a lot of things as well. So, you know.

Realignment of World Currencies Delayed Because Sananda Is Waiting for Something to Happen First

I know a lot of people waiting for the realignment of the world's currencies. Which was supposed to happen, like, last week or so. Delayed till this week. And now we're not even--it was delayed so far. And I know exactly why it's delayed. Because Sananda has taken control of this new system. You know, a new currrency system backed by precious metals. I know NATO and all them think Germaine's in charge of it 'cause he's the one that holds all the political meetings. When the world coucils meet and they talk about this stuff, they talk economy, it's always St. Germaine leading them.

But it's Sananda's gig. It's his gig. 'Cause it's part of his alien New Age agenda. His Cosmic Christ agenda that's coming in. It's his baby. It's Sananda's. And, you know, Sananda's just Satan. Just another name for Satan.

It's his baby. He doesn't want to start it until a few people are dead. [laughs] [sings] Tra-la-la-la-la. So things are getting delayed. Yeah. Whatever. And, you know who you are if you're on the top ten Obama list. You know, seriouslly. You know who you are, so.

They might as well just go ahead and bring it on. Because I'm not going anywhere. You know? I'm not going anywhere. I'm here to stay. So, just bring it on. Let's go. You know I'm gonna expose you. You know I'm gonna--every time you move, every time you change directions, I'm gonna expose everything you do. So just bring it on.

You Can Always Tell Aliens by the Energy Changes

I'm tired of talking about the old New World Order. You know, about 12 years ago, the Lord stood me up and pointed me in the alien New Age agenda and said, "That's what you need to be concentrating on." And sure enough, in 2013, what's dominant, folks? Wait till all these cosmic beings arrive. These Cosmic Christs. That's where we're headed.

The pope's been getting everybody conditioned into thinking that, "Oh, look. There's good aliens." You know, they're even getting involved now. It's 'cause Sananda spends so much time over there. But don't believe those lies either. You know.

I used to think the only good cat was a dead cat. I still think that way about terrestrials. I am giving leeway on cats now, 'cause I really love the grumpy cat on the Facebook. My Facebook list. I love the grumpy cat. But my beliefs still stand true for terrestrials because if you're not a celestial being, you're a terrestrial being. And if you were a celestial being, you would be in heaven with the Lord. You would be under command of The Most High God. Certainly under one of the commands of His archangels. You would not be down here on earth floating around telling everybody, "Oh, I'm a nice alien. I'm a nice being."

And, of course, this whole New Age, they have their fake Gabriel and their fake archangel Michael and stuff. You know, it has no end. But you can always tell, folks, by the energy changes. Demonic and alien energy is some of the most undescribable energy you can run into.

Start Becoming More Aware of Your Surroundings and How They Make You Feel

You know, I was passing a vehicle today, and I knew it was full of, uh, well, whatevers. And the energy just emanating off that vehicle was unlike anything of this world. It was just so nauseating. And so strange. Almost like a magnetic--I don't even know. I don't even know how to describe it. But it's not of this world.

And so, what you need to do, since we are spirit beings living inside physical bodies, is start becoming more aware of the spiritual things around us. You know. And just, the emotions we normally feel. If you normally feel peace, and all of a sudden something disrupts that peace, pay attention. What disrupted that peace? What's disrupting it? You know. You have to start becoming more aware of your surroundings and how they affect you. How they make you feel. So that when something changes, you know how to recognize it right away. Something just changed. That person just walked in the room and now, ick, it feels weird in here, you know. You need to start becoming more aware.

Keep Your Personal Body Shield Up to Protect Yourself from Psychic Assassins and Astral Projectors

And if you're ever around weird people that make you feel uncomfortable, put your personal body shield up. Ask the Lord to put your shield up. Put a shield up so they can't penetrate it, can't harm you in any way. I mean, there's a lot of these beings that serve as nothing more than psychic assassins. The military has a whole PSYOPS division in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A deep underground military base there. And they totally focus on PSYOPS. And psychic assassins is one of those thing that they do. They can operate in the fourth dimension. They have the technology. I don't know how they do it. Someone told me they take pills. And that the pills are good for 24 hours or something like that.

But they also send astral projectors. People whose spirits can leave their bodies and be undetected going into, you know, other people's homes, other people's places of business. You know, that's what China does all the time when they wanna spy on governmental meetings. They send astral projectors there. So there's different ways they can operate in and out of our dimension to where you can't see them.

These psychic assassins, a lot of them will come into your home and stand 20, 30 feet behind you, and then just concentrate and focus their thoughts on your death. They use some kind of mind power, some kind of psychic ability, to give people heart attacks, or tumors, or stuff like that. They also use these people to go into your home and poison your food, poison your milk. That's how they get to high-level politicians and political leaders. They poison their food. Stuff they drink, they get that poisoned. They can slip into restaurants when you walk into a restaurant, and find out what you ordered, and poison something that you've ordered. I mean, I've had all these things done to me. I know firsthand how they work. So, just different various levels.

The Lord Keeps Us Safe Until We Learn to Stand on Our Feet a Little Bit

You know, when you love the Lord, and you're a child of God's, they're gonna come at you in all different kinds of directions. And so, you just learn. Usually the Lord just keeps you safe until we figure stuff out and start to learn to stand on our feet a little bit. He just keeps us safe, you know, 'cause He knows we don't know. You know, there's so much I had to learn quickly and I just didn't know. Took me years what I should've learned very quickly. What I needed to know quickly. He just protected me until I knew.

And that's how you guys are. The Lord just protects you. But just ask--stay focused and ask the Lord, every day, to reveal the truth in all things to you. That way you stay busy learning. And your eyes just get wider and wider till they can't get wider anymore. You're gonna be shocked, some of this stuff--what the truth is. And so, you know, then you become like one of me, and people think you're crazy. [laughs] People think you're nuts. That's how it is, folks.

But anyway, if you're part of the majority, if you're like the majority, then something's wrong with you. There's truly--truth seekers and those who truly love the Lord usually are the minority. They're usually doers, and doers are a lot less in number than talkers. Talkers are a dime a dozen, so.

I'm Exposing the False Flag Nuke Event in L.A. on April 29 - When You Expose Their Events, They Usually Cancel Them

Anyway, I think I'm gonna hang it up here tonight. Be back next week, Monday night. Next Monday night is...let me check the date. [pauses] Next Monday night is the 29th, and so. Boy, that's after a weekend of what could be a full weekend of stuff. Zombie fire drill on Saturday. The false flag nuke event on Sunday (NLA). And the reason I'm exposing that one is usually, most of the time, if you find out about their events ahead of time and expose them, they won't do them. They just cancel them. So, we don't want L.A. to be nuked, so we'll just keep exposing it, and hopefully they just cancel that one.

And in Idaho--Moscow, Idaho--folks, get the orgone water out. And if you're gonna bother with bullets and guns, make sure you blast their brains out. Because if you just shoot a zombie that's coming at you trying to tear your head off, and you just shoot it in the heart, it's not gonna work. It's gonna come back to life. I mean, if there really does turn out to be a real live zombie fiasco out there, you shoot the brains out, or you just shoot it with orgone water. Because orgone water's like acid to them and it will just eat them, kill them. And so, orgone water's the safest bet to have around. People just get too crazy with guns, and bullets are getting hard to come by.

I don't know if it's gonna turn into a live drill, but at this point, we're learning very well from the government, what they've been teaching us, that when they say that it's a fake drill, there's usually a live one with it, so. I don't think it's going to. You know, whatever. Whatever happens. Just always be prepared. Just be prepared. So we'll talk about it next Monday anyway, as we head into the month of May, and so. I'm sure there's gonna be some interesting things happening the rest of this week, too.

But don't forget, folks, the Lord always has our backs. And just put your faith in Him so He can honor that faith. He can't honor what you don't give Him, so.

Until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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