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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
April 29, 2013


April Is a Heavy Satanic Sacrificial Month, and This Year Their Big Sacrifice Was Supposed to Be Me - 16,000 of Satan's People Captured

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, April 29. And what an interesting week. It's been an interesting past two weeks. A lot of things I wanna talk about tonight. And, I don't even know where to start.

As you all know, April is a really busy, heavy satanic sacrificial month. And there's nothing they like better than to get together and have a huge party and ritual where they have sacrifices on these satanic holy nights. And a lot of times during these satanic festivals, I guess you could call them, celebrities like to get together with politicians, they all co-mingle groups, they all get together and, perform sacrifices together and stuff.

And so, this year, last--April 16--last Tuesday, their big bonfire sacrifice, I guess you could call it, was supposed to be me. And so, thousands of them loaded up in their UFO ships--and they've had these for a long time, they travel in them all the time--to come watch the show. And that's a night they had sent an entire--about 200 [Navy] Seals here. And, planning to take me out. The Monday night and a Tuesday night. And so, uh--it went both nights in a row.

And so, anyway, what happened was they were all captured. So, we're looking at about...since last Tuesday--'cause this has been nonstop; it has just been nonstop--there has been about 16,000 NATO international forces, celebrities, Seals, government, politicians, you name it, anyone who's anyone, who was here to watch the show that never happened, has now been captured.

And so, thats why I said, last week--I made a blunt reference, "Doesn't anyone notice the entire top tier structure of Satan's pyramid is missing?" And they've been keeping people busy. They're pulling up old photos, old news stories. Keeping everybody distracted with the Boston bombing, which I knew was smoke and mirrors from the get-go to hide what they had planned that night. That was the 15th, the night of my show. The 16th was Tuesday night. That Tuesday night was retaliation for what happened Monday night during my show. They got captured, too. I mean, it's just been going on, and on, and on, and on, and on.

And not only that. Satan has waged war against the Lord's armies. And since that time, he's lost about 17 billion of his forces. I can't even imagine the number when the Lord told me. I stopped asking Him, for a while, after 6 billion. But it's all the way up past 17 billion. And they've also been captured. And, you know, the Lord doesn't do things the way we--people--we do things. He has ways of capturing vast amount of forces in seconds that man can't even fathom. And so, um, [laughs softly] uh...those will never be back. You know, the Lord has control of those now. We have them.

The Lord Stood Me Up to Be His Mouthpiece on Earth, but Now I Am His Ambassador on Earth, Dealing with Satan, Himself

And you have to remember. It is on earth as it is in heaven. So everything that goes in agreement on earth and agreement on heaven is done. And so, you know, for years I've told you the Lord stood me up to be His mouthpiece on earth. And now I am His ambassador on earth. Because He has me in a newer role now where I'm dealing directly with all these various, uh, actually just Satan, himself. Because he's the one in charge of all of his various factions and forces and star systems. And he's the one who keeps casting people here and then getting them captured. There's no one to blame but him.

And so, we've been somewhat in negotiations the last two weeks. I just speak to the Father directly. And, you know, we were totally willing and ready to give up all of these people last week. Give them back. And Lucifer would not honor his agreements. And so, by default--I can't give you all the negotiations that have been going on and taking place, but on default, because of his arrogance--you know, he'd negotiate with the Father.

They would talk amongst themselves and, at the same time, be sending people here to kill me. He's been trying to kill me since last Monday, and so. Well, the last ten years. He's been really desperate the last two weeks. They wanna announce this currency evaluations of a hundred and some countries, and they want me dead first before they do that. Because when they do that, it means Sananda will rise to power, and Maitreya. And they want me gone before that happens. And it's not gonna happen.

And so, I'm kind of the middle person now. [laughs] I don't know how else to explain all this. As crazy as it sounds, I'm like, "No one would ever believe me, Father. No one would ever believe me." But people are gonna see things come into fruition. And so, uh, back what I was saying. With some of the negotiations that we got by default because he forfeited. And I'm not gonna go in how and why he forfeited and stuff like that. He, basically...the general rule of thumb is he doesn't really care about any of those people that we have. He doesn't care if they come back or not. And that's not even a real issue with him, and so.

I've Been Negotiating Safe Zones for the Lord's People - States and Countries We Got on Forfeit Because Satan Can't Keep His Agreements

What we were able to manage out of it is, I've been negotiating safe zones for the Lord's people around the world. Now, we know the tribulation period is gonna come upon us. We know Bible prophecy. We know Revelation 1 to 22. You know, Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah. Most of us know, have spent our entire lives, being students of Bible prophecy. And so, the 7-year time is going to come upon us. And we all know where the New World Order agenda has been leading us, suffocating us, draining the life and energy out of us for the last several years. Those who are in the truth and patriot movements and fight back against the New World Order agenda.

And so, what I've established is a list of states and countries--I worked this out with the Father over the last week or so--that we actually got on forfeit, 'cause Satan couldn't keep his agreements. And so, the following states are gonna be safe states in our country. Meaning Satan will lose his stronghold over these states. And if you're not in one of these safe states, I would suggest you move to one of them that is on the list, because he's gonna destroy the remaining ones that he owns.

Let me give you a list, a countdown of the 26 states that I've been able to secure as safe states:

West Virginia
North Carolina
South Dakota
New Hampshire
Rhode Island

And there's 3 neutral states

South Carolina

And a neutral state means simply that Satan does not lose his stronghold in that state, he can stay in those states, but he can't harm the people that are in them.

The 26 safe-zone states will be--their airspace will be secured by angelic forces. And these 26 states will return to constitutional law. And they will govern themselves. They will break free of federal control. And so, there's other stipulations that will go on with that. I'm not going to include it right now.



Let me go on to the list of countries that we've secured. We're securing the airspace for the Lord's angelic forces.

Costa Rica
South Africa
The whole southern region of Russia, along with St. Petersburg
Toronto, Canada and the entire eastern half of Canada; the middle part of Canada will be neutral

There's also three cities in China. I can't really pronounce them. One's [inaudible], something like that. I don't know what the other two are yet.

The neutral countries will be

[also the middle part of Canada]

They don't lose their strongholds in those countries, but they can't harm the people in them either.

And these [safe] countries will be allowed to self-govern on their own without New World Order interference and control. And so, the airspace over those countries have been secured. I know Jordan was huge. That took a little while to secure that airspace over there, and pretty quickly on all of the other ones.

We're Trying to Negotiate the Release of Satan's 16,000 People

And so, you know, Satan's getting ready to hammer his agenda here on earth, folks. And we've been fighting back. You know? I can't think of a year, since the Lord stood me up to be His mouthpiece on earth, that I've wasted, I've sat down and done nothing. And so, really heating up the last month. They really took a hit in December. Again in February. Again in March, at their own hands.

Because, I can tell you as long as they keep sending forces against me, they're going to be captured, they're going to lose them. I don't care how many times they cut my brake lines on my vehicles, or want to blow them up by their satellite tech weapons when I'm driving them, it's not gonna work. Nothing's gonna work.

And so, you know, we're trying to negotiate the release of these 16,000 other people. And, hopefully, Satan wants to be diplomatic. He really...he throws a temper tantrum like a two-year-old, and it's more than I can even explain. It's like a two-year-old with a bad temper that needs to go to bed 'cause he's tired. You know, he can't have it his way.

And it's a huge war behind the scenes right now. Huge war. A lot of things going on. A lot of things going on. And, you know, even tonight, 199 Seals on the boat. And the boat goes boom, and then it disappears. And that's a lot of Seals. The one who held back was the smartest one of all. And so, it just doesn't end. It never ends.

We Should See Something Going on in the East Any Day, Now That Part of the Ashtar Fleet Is Here

I know the whole Ashtar fleet coming in, literally, a lot of them crashed and destroyed, but a lot of them are here. I know that some of the main ships that they were trying to bring in, to bring closer to this part of the universe, I guess you could say, have made it in, for now. And so, that's why things get interesting. Because we should see something going on in the east any day now. I would expect--unless there another huge delay and we block them. I mean, we're the ones who cause most of the delays 'cause we block them. They can't get through the partition in space because of orgone. And so, as their agenda gets delayed, the other faction, they just get more wicked and evil and just wanna keep blowing people up and have these senseless acts of fakery to take away the rest of the freedoms of this country, and so.

You know, it's deal with them on a constant basis--their false flag attacks--or the whole New Age alien agenda that's coming at us full speed. And waiting for them to rise up. And so, it's kind of a back-to-back, almost like back-to-back episodes now. You know, it's--I've always seen this whole thing as a chessboard. And what they need to realize is that the Father owns the board. He owns the pieces. Any illusion that they own the pieces, and they move freely as they want to on the board, is exactly that. It's an illusion. And one of these days Father is just going to put the board back in the box. That's going to be the end. He's gonna say, "Enough. The end." And as it is, the time clock is running. The time clock is running.

A New Planet Has Come In That Father Allowed Me to Name, The Royal Planet

Was outside earlier and [coughs] I don't know if you've noticed--I know they were chemtrailing the west pretty heavy tonight--a new planet has come in. And if you've been listening to this show, you've been hearing me talk about the second sun and Enoch's planet. And at night, when the sun sets, is typically the best time to see Enoch's planet, 'cause it sets in the west. It's that big, obnoxious [as in brilliant, magnificent, noticeable, sticks out from the others]--lower star than any other star out there.

And that's what I've been calling Enoch's planet. And, of course, Father always gets a good laugh out of that one. And He wanted to know what name I would come up with for the planet that has come in and set alongside Enoch's planet. And I've decided to call it the RP, the Royal Planet. And so, [coughs] there is a new starship. You'll see it in the west with Enoch's planet. And, if you hear me talking about that one, I'll be calling it the Royal Planet. They both work together. And so, getting interesting.

They've Been Waiting for the Ashtar Ship to Come in Before Announcing the Reevaluations - When New Agers Bring God into the Picture

Capricorn, Satan's main starship, I'm wondering if that's the one that's coming in, that made it in. I don't know all their names for all their ships. And it's funny 'cause people ask me, "Well, when are the dinars gonna reevaluate?" And I said, "When the ship comes in." And it's so cliche, 'cause when your ship comes in--yeah, ok. But it's literal. They've been waiting for this Ascended Master's Ashtar ship to come in before they announce the reevaluations. And so, everything you read on those lists is all smoke and mirrors. Because everything's ready to go except the final announcement to be made. And so, everyone's waiting for the switch to be pulled.

But one of the biggest drawbacks to that--and, you know, I go through these blogs and these forums, and people just--you know, every time they get excited about something they bring God into it. You know? "Oh, God wants us to have this blessing," and they give their words of encouragement. They always bring God into it when it's something they want. And so, you just go on--all these sincere people thinking that, "Oh, it's God behind this. And He just wants this blessing for all of us." And, you know, they just go on, and on, and on, and on.

And the truth is, when all that happens, you better run, because the storm is gonna hit. It's gonna hit. That's literally Satan, himself's, agenda. He's the mastermind behind it. He's the one running it. He's the one that's going to come in and announce it and take credit for it.

Even in a Safe Zone You Will Feel the Effects of Everything Else Going On

And when Satan's on earth, the earth is going to rebel. It'll repulse at his presence. It would be like you or me looking at Satan. We would be repulsed at his presence. [laughs] The earth feels the same way. And when he comes on earth physically to take control, the one-world government and one-world religion, the earth's gonna rebel, and the Lord's going--His judgments are going to fall on earth.

And so, you're gonna have a very short time to prepare, for the weather disasters--just because you're in a safe zone, you're in a safe state or a safe country, does not mean you will not feel the effects of everything else going on. If there's famine, you're going to feel the effects of famine. If there's tornadoes, uh, you know, weather disasters, you're not going to be immune from any of that. And so, people need to prepare.

Airborne flus or shots, if you go into a nonsafe-zone state and bring something over into a safe-zone state, cross contaminations, things like that. So it doesn't mean you're going to be in Shamballa. You're gonna be in just as much trouble as everybody else, you're just gonna be a lot more safer as well. It has its drawbacks. So, move into a safe-state area. One of the safe zones. So at least you're under aerial protection by The Most High, and so.

I really can't get into anymore of the safe zone--I have ideas as to how they should be run and who should be running them, and things like that. And so, being a lot of us are still here when this comes about, you know, it really depends. It's something that's just been born, so to speak. Just been created recently. And, you know, it's in the Father's hands right now.

If You're a Weeping Angel Missing Home, the Lights of Space Are Never Quite the Same for You as Everybody Else

Somebody had sent me a song this week. And it really just took me by surprise. Really just floored me because I've heard this song before. I never made a connection. It was like the blinders being lifted off. And it's from a very special person. Very, very special whom I love very much. And if you can relate to this song, if you're a weeping angel missing home, when you look in space, the lights of space are never quite the same for you as everybody else. You kind of look at them in a whole new different way. And so, I just wanna play this song tonight. 'Cause it means a lot to me. I think it might hit a lot of chords with a lot of you out there. [plays song - Lights - Ellie Goulding]

They're calling us home, and so. Makes you miss home, doesn't it?

Our Father Is the Most Loving Being You Could Ever Imagine Being With - The Only Way to the Father Is Through His Son, Yahushua

Anyway, don't know what else the Lord wants me to reveal tonight, talk about. [pauses, thinking] Think I revealed a lot of info tonight. Explaining some things 'cause there's so much I can't talk about until time passes and things are ironed out. And, you know, I've been learning so much the last two weeks. Just leaps and bounds about the Father, Himself, and how heaven operates, how they roll in heaven. [laughs] It's how we roll on earth, it's how they roll in heaven. And it's one thing to spend your entire life reading the Bible. It's another thing when you see it, you know. When it becomes alive. And there's a lot of things abouth the Lord I've learned over time that is just so much more intimate than, you know. Everybody always has the picture of our Father with a hammer over their head. And if they do something wrong He's gonna pound them on the head. And, you know, that's just not how He is. He is the most loving being you could ever imagine being with.

You know, He doesn't condemn mankind. They condemn themselves. He says, "Look, if you love Me, keep my commandments." You can't come to Him without coming through His Son, Yahushua. It's very laid out. And so, if people want to find their own path to Him--and that's why we have so many different religions--then they are considered as what Yahushua referred to as the thief and the robber. And they will be cast out. Because there's only one way to the Father, and that's through Yahushua, the Son. There's only one way, and He's the only way. [Only one way] You have to go through Him. Accepting His salvation, His sacrifice for us. If you want to go to heaven and be with the Father, you have to go through the Son. Accept Him as your Savior. It's as simple as that. And everything else is relationship.

You know, people try to make everything, uh, people try to make everything the legalisms. You know, religion is man's attempt to find God, and He isn't lost. You know, step back. Step back from all the legalisms and embrace Him as a Father, like you would your own father, and learn how to have a literal relationship with Him. Because even Yahushua said--He taught us how to say, "Our Father, which art in heaven." Father can be interpreted two ways. Creator, which He is, and literal Father. He's a Spirit. He's a real being. He laughs. He gets very sad. He gets very angry. Loves to joke around. You know, just--He has every--we have His emotions. We're created in His image. So you would think, "What's God like?" Well, what do you like? Because you have--we're created in His image. Everything we do, He does. He laughs, He cries, He gets sad.

I just wish that everybody would embrace who He is instead of always seeing Him as a judgment God, a judgment Father. Because all that's been taken care of. Yahushua died on the cross for our sins. And so, if you've accepted Yahushua as your Savior, and you consider yourself a believer, born-again Christian, then get past the sin thing. You sins are forgiven. So don't let Satan throw those over your head, constantly, to beat you down and become ineffective for the Father. Everything we do on earth is for Him. Building His kingdom on earth. Everything we do is for Him. And, you know, He said this earth is not our home. You know, we're passing through. Everything we do, we're rewarded for in eternity.

One Reason This Ministry Has Been So Beaten Down and Suppressed Is Because Satan Can't Stand the Truth That I Speak

You know, one of the reasons this ministry has been so beaten down and suppressed over the years, because Satan can't stand the truth that I speak. And I'm on every black list that exists. There are radio show hosts, and television, they are not allowed to have me on their show. I'm on what you call the Hollywood blacklist. And that's why we're so suppressed, you know. And so, this ministry has taken a beating.

You know, we've singlehandedly put a war on our shoulders. The Lord gave us a weapon to use ten years ago, and I turned it into a war. And we're destroying Satan's forces. We've been victorious. It's been phenomenal. We've crashed thousands of their ships. We've blocked the airspace from them even being able to enter. And then once they enter, then they have to suffer the presence of being in our orgone-saturated air, you know.

And not only that, but in so many different other types of warfare, spiritual warfare, being able to capture enemy forces and send them to neutral areas so they can't harm people, they can no longer war against mankind, they're just stuck in limbo in a neutral area somewhere. I mean, all these different types of aspects of the war are taking place. And they've always taken place, but the thing is is once we start learning more, then you realize, your eyes get more open, and you're like, "Wow." You know? You're just amazed at everything that actually goes on behind the scenes. Nothing shatters your illusions more about earth and our controlled lives here than getting closer to the Father every day and asking Him to reveal the truth in all things to you. Because He shatters all your illusions. He brings the truth to you. It puts things into perspective how temporary earth is compared to how long eternity is.

You're Going to Spend Eternity In Heaven or Hell - Don't Be on the Losing Side

You know, there's so many people that come up against me. And they do it just because they're told to. Or they do it because they're taking orders. Or they do it because they need a paycheck. They don't think about how long eternity is. And--you know? I mean, come on. People are gonna be captured coming up against me. It's all I can say. We've already captured 16,000. How many more do we need? How many more are gonna come up against me, take up arms and come up against me? How many more aliens are gonna come after the Lord's armies? [laughs] I mean, come on, one star system can't do it, so send another? How moronic is that? This is how moronic and idiotic Satan runs his kingdoms. People give him way, way too much credit. I don't give him any credit at all because he doesn't deserve any. Moronic.

Don't be on the losing side. Heaven exists and hell exists. And you're gonna spend eternity in one place or the other. Heaven or hell. Choose whom you're gonna follow; the Lord or Satan.

I've Just Secured 20-Some Countries Out of the NWO's Grasp and Would Like to See Them Become Backers and Supporters of This Ministry

You know, I've just secured 20-some countries. I would like to see these 20-some countries become backers and supporters of this ministry. 26 states? Been busy. I always told you orgone would offer protection areas. I never imagined what it would lead to in that we would be able to grab 26 states back from the New World Order. 20 countries would now be free from their grasp.

I mentioned it last week when I said during the millenial reign of Christ that at the sheep and goats judgment, and the nations who were good to Israel were allowed to enter into the millenial reign. And this is whether they were Bible-believing, born-again Christian nations or not. If they loved good, they treated Israel good, and they turned against evil, they were allowed to enter into the millenial reign. Where would those 20 nations and kings come from if the New World Order had their way today and controlled every single country which has been on their script? That's why America has been at war, constantly, overthrowing governments and countries and being at war. Because they're trying to secure the entire world for Satan.

Well, now you know why. Because these countries have been negotiated for. They are now secured. And they now are going to be from of New World Order control.

Yeah, we need continued support of this ministry. 'Cause I'm completely bankrupt, folks. I can't even...I'm looking day-to-day. You know, you look at these preachers who fleece the people. They don't visit the widows and the orphans, they fleece them. They don't feed hungry people, they bribe them. "Give me your last dollar, and the Lord will bless it a hundredfold." What is that, some kind of spiritual gambling? Some kind of false-religion lottery?

That's why this ministry is so precious to the Lord. Because the people who give to this ministry don't expect anything back. They give because they wanna help. They give because they wanna support Him. They don't expect a hundredfold return. Or a thousandfold, or a tenfold. They don't expect anything in return. That's why they're so precious to Him. Because they just give. Because they want to. Because they love Him.

You know, I always see these terms in the Bible Codes about the Orgone Warriors and this Precious - Faction. And that always melts you when you see that. Precious. Precious. And every once in a while He'll tell me what makes us so precious. And it just blows me away. It's the simplicity of things. It's the pureness of things. The righteousness of things. Being here for Him. Just wanting to defeat His enemies, tear down Satan's strongholds, and being here for Him.

Wake Up to How Things Are Really Done, People, Instead of How You Think They're Done

I don't know how much longer we're gonna be able to even speak over the Internet, have the freedom we even do to, you know. I don't know how the transitions will take place from the New World Order federal-owned states to the safe-zone states. I have no idea how that's all going to transition.

I do know they're working very hard to pound more false-flag terror events here in America. They wanna rabies outbreak, which to me could be a zombie outbreak. I mean, think about it. Thousands of years ago, when they were decoding the Bible, what word would you come up for a zombie? They didn't have the word zombies back then. And so, I'm seeing rabies in the Codes. I know they're pounding it now. Could literally be rabies. Or it could be a zombie outbreak. I'm prepared for either one. Frankly, I'd rather deal with rabies than zombies. Ha! Rather deal with either one. Orgone water, orgoned areas should keep them secured. Keep them both out.

So, you know, they're gonna continue pounding their agenda. And at the same time, declaring that they're Ascended Masters and gods returning to earth to help mankind. I told you, Sananda's the one behind all these poisonous and death vaccines. The flu shots, the plagues. These viral plagues that are unleashed on the public, these are created in underground alien bases on people's estates! Uh, what's his name, uh, George Bush, Sr. in Maine, he had one under his estate. It was a alien base there. And all they did was work on [coughs] creating virus--[coughs]--creating viruses and plagues. You also had Warren Buffett in Omaha. He had one under his estate. That's how they hide. And that's how these people get so rich because [coughs] they then sell [coughs] these plagues to corporations and pharmaceutical companies. [coughs and chokes] Yeah, they wanna attack me so I can't I speak. Feels like somebody has their hands around my throat.

So that's how things get done, folks. If I can break through the reality of how people think things are done and tell you the truth of how things are done, maybe more and more people will wake up. Not a whole lot of time left. Not much time left. So if I can do anything tonight, it's to encourage people. Put aside your legalisms and work on your relationships, relationship, with The Most High. Because that's truly what the most important thing is.

You Were Sent to Earth in These Last Days to Accomplish Something for Yah. Are You Allowing Him to Lead You into It?

Anyway, this week, oh, I suspect a lot more things are gonna be happening. A lot more warfare going on. A lot more laughs. [laughs] I have a lot of them lately. [laughs softly] And a lot more learning, 'cause I'm learning so much it's unreal. As the Father leads, and so.

Anyway, I encourage everybody to support this ministry. Not just financial, but with your words, with your actions. Advertise this ministry, wake people up towards this ministry, because Satan tries so hard to keep unknown, to keep the truths that I reveal from getting out and people waking up. And then he works overtime to have people try to discredit me and hate me and steer people's opinions against me. It's just a constant, constant battle, and so.

People just need to wake up and they need to get busy for the Lord, for Him. You were sent to earth in these last days to accomplish something for Him. What is it? Do you even know? Do you ask Him? Are you allowing Him to lead you into it. Every time He nags you with that thing He wants you to do, you keep saying, "No. It's crazy. I'm not doing that"? "No, I'm not doing it," I'm not putting up a website," "I'm not doing this," "I'm not doing that." How willing are you to be a Warrior of His or a servant or follower of His? I mean, aren't well all servants of His? We're His children, but we're put here to serve Him.

Anyway, folks, I'll be back next week. Have no idea what I will reveal then. Hopefully some more new fun stuff. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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