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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
May 6, 2013


I Was Watching the Capricorn II Ship Coming In - They're Getting Ready to Make Their Arrival Over Saudi Arabia

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, May 6. I'm Sherry Shriner. And a couple things I wanna talk about tonight. I don't know about you, but I was watching the Capricorn II starship coming in Friday night. And it was coming in through the northwest. And just this real obnoxious zigzagging star. I was standing out thinking, "Is that thing trying to get my attention or is it just going nuts?" And I watched it for a long time, trying to lower and descend to earth.

And, supposedly in this Capricorn is, uh, that's always been Sananda's ship. We crashed his first one back in 2003. And this is the second one that they had rebuilt. And so, Sananda coming in. And what they're doing is getting ready to make their arrival over in Saudi Arabia. It was initially meant to happen in America. America had been chosen as their home base. But we have effectively taken America out of their hands, basically, with our orgone war against them. Last several weeks it's been nothing but a [audio unclear] complete war here. And billions of them being captured, dy ing, frying, melting, crashing. And it's gonna continue.

They're Upset Because Orgone Has Saturated the Air Above Mecca

But I would think that what they're gonna do is, right now, establish some kind of base over in the Middle East. I'm assuming it's Mecca. But from what I can see in the Bible Codes, they're throwing a big fit that the orgone has saturated the air above Mecca. Hehe. So I don't know where--I know we have orgone in the Middle East, I just had no idea it had already saturated so much of the area to the point where it is above Mecca. 'Cause I know we haven't gotten near Mecca that I know of. So I thought that was kind of funny to see that in the Codes. Orgone just saturating everywhere. And it'll be interesting to see what they can come up with. 'Cause I'm not talking about years down the road. We're talking right now. They wanna establish their base and make their earthly arrival right now.

Maitreya Should Appear Any Day Now - Keep an Eye on CNN

Saint Germaine, one of the people on the Ashtar Coucil, one of the Ashtar Command's people, has always worked behind the scenes. And he's always directed all these NATO, and G8, and G20, and all these top nation economic meetings, and forums, and stuff. He's always been there. He's always been the director of those. And I'm gonna talk a little bit about this Saint Germaine tonight just so you can familiarize yourself with him and get to know him. Because he's the one behind this whole New Age alie n NESARA agenda, pushing that. He's gonna be a big cheerleader of Maitreya and Sananda.

Now, Maitreya should be the one that appears any day now. I'd keep an eye on CNN. They usually become cheerleaders of his. See what they have to say to announce his arrival. I suspect Sananda--I don't think they're gonna come at the same time. I suspect his arrival will be down the road a few months or so. But I'm certainly expecting Maitreya to show his head at anytime now.

They Want to Kill Their Archenemy on Earth (Me) Before They Arrive

And, of course, what they want is retaliation. I don't know if he's gonna come for retaliation before he makes his public arrival or not. I know he wants me dead before he arrives. And so, that's why there's been such a war the last month or so. Because they want to kill off their archenemy on earth before they arrive. 'Cause I'll just be exp osing them the whole time they're here and you know that's my plans. I've been exposing them for 10 years. I'm not gonna shut up when they arrive.

And so, their hatred for me is kind of dominant in the Codes right now. And what's funny is just trying to get into Ohio airspace with them right now because the airspace here totally saturated by the orgone. And he's lost so many troops. And so, Satan's teaming up with Lilith trying to get her armies.

They're Hiding in Their UFOs Behind Clouds

And we may or may not see some kind of physical UFOs in the skies this month. Right now they're hiding behind clouds. That's why you'll, you know--and I see this in the Codes. They hide behind the clouds. They cloud an area and they use that as a cover. And another thing they do is their mica project where they, they have this technology, it's some kind of powder or chemical, and they blacken out the skies. And they've been doing that a lot. You know, I was looking outside yesterday, and I could see Enoch's planet for a few minutes. And I could see the Capricorn sitting over in the northwest for a few minutes. And then they all disappeared and the whole sky was black. That half of the sky.

Now, the southern sky and the eastern sky were fine. But they blackened out the whole western sky and northwestern sky so you couldn't see anything. And so, you know, they keep coming up with that charade. And also the clouds. The cloud cover. Using that to come in. I don't know w hat they're doing. Are they spying? Check out Ohio? I don't know what they're doing. That's about the extent. So I'm thinking maybe perhaps something eventually gets physical where they manifest and people can actually physically see these UFOs in the sky. 'Cause I know they want retaliation. They want retaliation. I don't know if that's gonna become first or later.

This War Has Been Phenomenal Because of the Orgone Warriors Getting the Orgone Out There

You know, I don't know if he's just gonna go ahead and announce their arrival and have CNN be their cheerleaders. And show them over in Saudi Arabia. You know, Mecca comes up. Negev Desert comes up. Ethopia comes up. Ethiopia's always kind of been Sananda's thing so that when he arrives, probably make an appearance over in Ethiopia and Africa, over in that area over there. Maitreya particularly coming towards Mecca and Saudi Arabia. Having to change their plans quite a bit because of the effectiveness of orgone.

I told you this war has been phenomenal. The Warriors have done a phenomenal job getting it out there. It's burning them. It emaciates them. It melts and crashes their ships. I'm just wondering if the Capricorn had such a hard time coming in is if it doesn't eventually just crash to earth. So that would be interesting to see if that crashes.

If you look in the northwest sky, you'll see an obnoxious star. It's red. You'll see red coming out of it. Blue lights. I see both when I look at it. And I'm just looking at it with my naked eyes. I don't have any binoculars out, any telescope out. I just look at it and you can see red, and green, and blue lights, and so. Not so much green as I do the red and the blue, and so. That's their ship. And I don't know what it looks like if you're from the Middle East. Maybe more dominant over in Russia and China, 'cause it's kind of smaller here, kind of dim. Maybe it's more dominant over that way. I don't know. And so, either way.

Who Is Saint Germaine?

Anyway, this Germaine. I'm gonna talk about him tonight because people sometimes attribute things to Maitreya that are actually from Saint Germaine. And he's another one of these New Age Ascended Masters. And he's, you know, if you pay attention to any of the hogwash of the New Age, you hear about the Seventh Ray, The Violet--The Purple Flame, all this stuff. It's usually from him. It's Saint Germaine.

And they believe, in their own records, that Saint Germaine was actually born in 1561. That he's mastered all the European languages. Best swordsman of his day. Was a master violinist. Personal friend of Voltaire, Rousseau, and a lot of other philosophers. Was known as "the man who never dies and knows everything." Very wealthy man, but nobody knew how he accumulated his wealth. He was a painter and a musical conductor. Had extensive knowledge of herbalism. Master alchemist. It's said that he could turn base metals into gold.

He's accredited for founding Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry. And he did those under the name of Francis Bacon. And so, you all know Francis Bacon as Shakespeare. So he takes credit for that. And he also takes credit for some of the writing of the New Testament. He claims he coded his name, Francis Bacon, within the New Testament.

And so, today, pretty much, he is the one behind all of the economic programs going on. All of the G8, G20 meetings. All of the heads of states when they meet. And so, he's the one behind global economy.

What Bible Codes Reveal About Saint Germaine

Interesting, back in--about ten years ago, I did a Bible Code on Saint Germaine. And you could read it at I have information on who this Saint Germaine is. [] [] Put up that website about ten years ago. And, you know, you look at it today, and back then nobody knew who he was, what in the world I'd be talking about. And today, it just has huge significance because all this is going to be arising very shortly as this alien agenda takes over.

In the Bible Codes, some of the terms associated with him: Abomination - Repugnant - Disgusting - Abominate - Desecrater - Fraud - Deceit - Hoax - Deceitful - Phony - Fake - Satan. Saint Germaine is Satan in the Flesh. Saint Germaine - Alias - Satan - Body/Flesh. In other words, Satan taking a body and being known as Saint Germaine. So that's interesting.

Satan can shift into anything he wants to. He's a master shifter. He can be a man or a woman. He can play many roles or characters on earth and people wouldn't even kn ow it was him. And that's what he does. And this is one of the characters he plays is Saint Germaine. If you looked at Lady Gaga, it would not surprise me if the character she plays is Lilith. If Lilith doesn't take over her herself and personify herself through Lady Gaga.

Tyrant - Dictator - Director - Stage Manager - Spiritual - Personification. More terms related to him: Society - Coach - Instructor - Financial - Dissolution - Omegan - Proclamation - Manifesto (NESARA). He will be proclaiming NESARA. And he's coming via a UFO invasion. & nbsp;And I think this is what I've been seeing in the Codes. This retaliation that I've been seeing. Advent - Coming - Arrival - Aloud - Altitude - Fleet - UFO - Armies. Interesting that he's coming via this one.

Depiction - Lord - Yahweh - Semblance - Permitted - Allowable - Advent - Coming - Arrival - Authorized - Appearance - Fake - Fraudulent - Phony - Designation - Title. He wants to appear as if he is a spiritual being. Yeah, he wants a semblance of the Lord. He wants to appear as if he is a spiritual being, but he's a fake, a fraud, and a liar. And they're all liars, and so.

I'm Seeing the UFO Fleet Thing as I Look in the Bible Codes Day-to-Day for This Month

You know, this whole UFO fleet thing, this is what I've been seeing as I look in the Codes day-to-day for this month. Now, it doesn't mean it won't be delayed. Bec ause Codes often are. You don't get date-setting in Codes. It gives you events. This event gonna happen, this event, this event. If you try to pinpoint on dates, you can get a general area idea. But, you know, the Lord's not a time-setter. He doesn't live in linear time. Even trying to get time from Him, you could pull the hair out of your head. If something's possible that it could happen, and you ask Him if it's gonna happen today, He's gonna say yes. Happen tomorrow? Yes. Hehe. That's how it is. If it's possible to happen, it's gonna ha--He's gonna say yes.

And it's like the Codes. It's multiple dates, the door is open, all they have to do is make it happen. And so, this is what--kind of looking at, for this month, in the Bible Codes are these things coming to fruition. These things happening. The Capricorn coming, arriving. It's here. It's been beat up. I suspect it would crash. It would be funny if it did. I have no idea where it would crash.

They're over in the Middle East. They'd always planned to be here in America. The only reason they're coming to America is because they want retaliation. They're angry at the Orgone Warriors. ;They're mad. And we have this whole UFO fleet army thing. And I always see this column of UFOs thing. And so, I'm wondering, you know, if that's part of this. Some of the other things I see in the Codes for this month. But a lot of it's just lining up, you know, exactly as I see it in the Codes. And so, very interesting.

Lord, If They're Going to Retaliate, Please Make It Physical So People Can See This

I often get exasperated because so much of what I see in the Bible Codes happening happens in the background. And, you know, without physical manifestations, people don't normally believe anything if they can't see it. They want a video. They want a alien to land on their head, walk in their front yard, UFO crash in their town, do something. Even though there's thousands of videos on YouTube of UFOs in the air.

And so, it's hard to sit here and talk about all these humongous battles going on in space right now. All these armies being defeated and captured, and these battles going on. And, you know, it's watching a movie play out in the Bible Codes. And we're winning. And there's so many that can cheer it on because they don't understand what's going on. You know, people just don't understand. And so, that's why I was hoping, I was thinking, "Lord, man, if they're gonna come retaliate, please make it physical." You know? "Make it physical so people can see this."

Why People Still Follow Satan When He's Lost Every Single Battle Against Me, I Have No Idea

You know, Satan's always hiding. He always wants to hide, 'cause he's afraid he's gonna lose. If he loses, he doesn't want embarassed. And that's the biggest thing that's been happening is he's been losing so much that there's no way for him to hide it anymore from his own followers. I mean, why they still follow him, I have no idea. He's lost every single battle he's instigated in the last umpteen years against me. Let alone the last month. He's lost all of them.

How does he save face? All these people who worshipped him. I mean, even last year with all these G8 and G20 meetings and everything. And the Prayer Warriors got busy. And we sabotaged all their sacrifices and their rituals. We went to work just tearing those things up and sabotaging those meetings up every way we could think of. And the Lord honoring our prayers and sabotaging those meetings.

And out of all that, only one known resignation that I could think of. One person who walked away. Said, "I've had it." They saw the power of God. And they knew Satan was a loser. And they resigned, and they walked away. Nobody else--everybody else just stays with him. They just buy his excuses? He's not a god, he just a tyrant. He has to get permission from God for everything he does. He has to go stomp his feet at the throne of God. And whine and complain. And beg for mercy--beg for a route.

When Satan Doesn't Keep His Promises, We Get Things on Default, and That's How We're Winning

You know, I know the Lord's made--will make deals with him and Satan hasn't made a deal he's kept. He's never made a promise he's kept. That's Satan 101; deal-making. He will not keep his promises. And so, you always have failsafes. You always have if you don't keep your promise, we get this on default, kind of thing. Because that's how you end up winning. You know, all the different things that you can acquire because he defaults. He won't keep his promises. He won't keep his bets or deals. So it's been interesting how things have been shaping up the last month. [coughs]

We Are Surrounded by Synthetic Life-forms and Droids Acting as Humans - It's Like a Humans Vs. The Machines War Starting

I really can't, you know, have a lot of fun with this until they actually arrive. [laughs] Little scaredy cats. Don't wanna arr ive with Sherry Shriner alive. I'm sitting here waiting. I'm not afraid of them. So they're over there. Let's see what they do. They've gotta arrive because they wanna get this, uh, the ball rolling with the world economy. The currency baskets and all that kind of thing going on in the background.

If they take control of the money, then they take control of the agenda. Period. There's nothing left for them to do. Most of the people in all of the positions of power have already been cloned. And I put something out on my Facebook about us against the machines. [coughs] And it's rea lly true how things are running today, because it's getting so insane. It's almost like it's the humans vs. the machines war that's starting. Because we are surrounded by synthetic life-forms and droids acting as humans.

Droids in Government Positions

Now, if you remember last year dur ing the [coughs] presidential debate, I was screaming off the top of my lungs about how Biden and Obama were droids. And, what's his name, Mitt Romney. And, I don't remember the guy he was running with. But either way, they're putting machines, these synthetic life-forms, on television for the world to see, and people can't tell they're not human. They just assume they're humans. Meanwhile, those who know [coughs] can sit and count how many thousands of times they blink. Could ask themselves, "How come this morning the photo ops at the beach with the president, he looks about 30 pounds heavier this morning than he does right now?" [laughs softly] Is that a figure-tightening suit? [laughs] I mean, come on, folks.

For every religious figure that's top, and political figure, even journalists--journalists totally dominate it for the most part, the main ones--they're all cloned. They're synthetic life-forms cloned to make it look just like them. And the shadow government uses these so they can stay in control at all times. If somebody should happen to quit and walk away, they usually stay in the background and stay hidden, and they still pull out the droid, the synthetic life-form, to mimic that person. You know, it's almost like a, you know, we don't need humans. We'll use the droids.

And the problem being is that the people you elect in office, you have no control of them once they're in office. They don't even have control. You know? A lot of them are staying at home, or, staying busy [coughs] with underground meetings and things like that. Staying out of the public eye. Because their drone--their droid, I mean, is out in the public view.

It wasn't long ago that they were reporting Hillary Clinton, when she was Secretary of State, reported her in two different countries at one time. Come on, fol ks. How does anybody get in two countries at one time? They were getting so careless [coughs] with how often they use these droids, that they had her in two different countries at one time, and the media reported on both of her visits. And you can tell that they don't even look alike. Sometimes they use look-alikes. Sometimes they use the droids. While the real Hillary is sitting in New York, and so. New York or D.C. [coughs] Not even leaving the country.

President Obama. The real one hardly ever gives the speech. They usually use the droid. The real one has no real control. &nbs p;It's the droid that has all the control. Because he's used--he's guided and controlled by the puppet masters. The people who--he's like a puppet and they control his strings. They have these little electronic boxes that are hooked on their backs. People saw George Bush's, way back when. And it's like, what was that thing on his back? It was a microphone battery. You know, they try to explain it away. But it's actually his puppet box. How they control him. 'Cause he was just a droid. They tell them what to say. How to speak. It's like a built-in teleprompter. It tells them the things to say. And this is going on. This is everywhere, and so.

Since Frequency Jammers Can Jam Drones, Maybe They Can Malfunction Droids As Well

You know, I've heard frequency jammers can jam drones. You know, you ask people in the military, "Hey, how do you get rid of a drone? Can you shoot it?" And they're like, "Yeah, you can just shoot those things out of the sky. You could also use a frequency jammer and it would mess up the signals that those things run on." And so, I'm thinking, "Well, if a frequency jammer could jam up a drone, why can 't we try it on these politicians, and celebrities, and journalists, and see if it messes them up? You already saw.Judge Judy have a meltdown a couple years ago on TV. They explained it away by a stroke. Also news reporters, left and right, having meltdowns. Malfunctioning.

And so, this is what our real target is right now. It's eliminating this shadow government that's operating all these puppets, all these machines amongst us, and letting humans take control once again. Letting humans run the show. 'Cause right now, humans are not running the show. Humans don't run the show, it's the droids.

So that's our war. You know, it's almost like at the same time as you have this whole New Age alien agenda moving in and taking control and taking over, for America, we first need to take our country back, and we need to take it back from the puppet masters, the puppet handlers. And that's by going to war against all these machines amongst us. And so, it's gonna be probably a new phase of a war for us. Getting rid of the machines. Getting them all to malfunction.

Prayer Is Our First Line of Defense and Offense - Even If You Don't Have Money or Mobility, You Can Still Sit and Pray Spiritual Warfare Prayers

I asked one of the Prayer Warriors, Rich, to come up with some prayers. And he came out with some very effective, very good prayers. Different things to target and ask the Lord to do in regards to these androids and machines. And you know what? You guys need to print them off and pray them every d ay. Because the more we ask Him and the more we seek Him for things, He will answer them, He will honor that.

[Oh Our Heavenly Father Yahuah, The Master of the Univesre,Our only true Father,we ask in the Name of Yahushua, that You,give us Your Strength,Your Will, Your Power,to destroy any evil being that's under the control of hallayel,that cherub angel,that loser,that liar,that killer who continues to impose his will upon Your children here on Earth.

Father Yahuah,we Pray in the Name of Your Only Begotten Son's Name Yahushua,that unite all Your Warrior's being Prayer/Orgone Warrior's.We ask that You Guide us in our hearts,and mind's bodies and souls,that You Create a Super Hyper Turbo shield,that engulf's us and our friend's and family member's,to protect us as we move forward in these last days of modern times of Noah.

Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah,we Pray in the Name of Yahushua,that You magnify the Power of Your Aetheric Energy,to dissipate any chemtrail,whether it be of the black alien virus or the chemical poison's,that hallayel's minions have concocted for Your Saint's Warrior's,and the sheeple of Your world.

Oh Hea venly Father Yahuah,we Pray in the Name of Yahushua,that every Magnitized Muffin,Puck,Pipe,and Bucket Blaster,creates a Magnetic wall of energy to deactivate any droid,Artificial Life form, We Pray that You shutdown any non human entity using electronic circuits to simulate the image of man or woman that You created to walk this planet Earth.

Father Yahuah,we Pray in Your Holy Son's Name Yahushua,that You magnify all the DOE, and NOE and convert into Your Positive Orgone Energy,and have it saturate the air that we breath and live in on a daily basis,and have it heal all the afflicted children and elderly and keep them protected from any satanic made chemicals to alter their quality of life.

Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah,Pray in the Holy Name of Yahushua, that as Your Aetheric Energy resonates in our atmosphere,that You convert it into a natural night vision,to reveal the cloak ed military op's and shadow soldiers.. We Pray that You have Your Aetheric Energy penetrate their computer chips and circuits become magnitized, criticaly shutting down every operating system used to control a droid or artificial Intelligent super soldier.

Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah, we Pray in the Name of Yahushua,that You use Your Aetheric Orgone Energy,to create an EMP Field to deactivate any Mechanical,or Compuerized super soldier.We Pray as this EMP penetrates these cloaked black shadow soldier's,that it causes all their cloaking and android operating systems to malfunction and burn circuit boards and all chips that are use to activate them.

O Heavenly Father Yahuah,Our only One and True Father, we Pray,that You Convert all Aetheric Energy,and use it cause all droid drones to malfunction upon takeoff.We Pray that You also cause all their circuit board to fry and melt b efore it can taxi to any runways. We Pray that You cause them to become magnitized so they cant be used in flight again.

Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah,we Pray in the Holy Name of Yahushua, that Your Holy Aetheric Energy will create a signal to interupt the frequencies of all android's,that causes a total meltdown .

Oh Father Yahuah,we Pray in the Name of Yahushua, that any Orgoned area will create a force field of magnetic energy to close any portal and keep any type of military op from penetrating that area whether it be android mechanical cloaked super soldier.

Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah,we Pray in the Name of Yahushua,that You send Your Celestial Angels to Earth, to bind and chain any demonic entity whether it be fallen or hybrid,and cast them into the abyss.We Pray that any captured soldier of hallayel will be held with a ll of the other's that were captured within this past month for Your Holy Son Yahushua's Judgement.

Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah,we Pray in the Name of Yahushua,that You send us Your Blessings to do battle against the unseen shadow government black op super soldiers. We Pray that You empower us with Your will and give us our angelic powers to do battle against the droids and drones.We Pray that You constantly change our frequencies to keep hallayel and minions evil toys at bay to attack and destroy us.

Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah,we Pray in Your Son's Precious and Holy Name,that You also keep our shield's from being penetrated by any psyhic assassins attack's against any of Your Saint's or Warrior's. We Pray in Yahushua's Name not to allow hallayel to whisper in any of your Warrior's ears.We Pray that You gives us the discernment to know when you speak to us Father Yah.

Oh Father Yahuah,we Pray in the Name of Yahushua,that You send Your Son's Holy Spirit into Your Saint's and Warrior's to be able to stand strong,to guide us and give us the wisdom that is needed to continue to walk in Your way.Father Yahuah we repent and confess all our sins,to wash us clean us to prepare us for Your Glory.

Dear Father Yahuah,we Pray in the Name of Yahushua,for every satanic ritual,any blood sacrifice,will be turned against those who try and pay homage to hallayel.We Pray that when they utter any chant for hallayel,that You cause them to become consumed with spontaneous combustion.

Oh Father Yahuah,we Pray in the Name of Yahushua,that as we move forward in this Month of May,that Your POE will magnified dissipate any DOE,NOE , that will be sprayed in the Earth's natural jetsream.Father Yahuah,we pray that You coun ter any super storm created by satans evil technology with Your Powerful Aetheric Energy.

Dear Father Yahuah,we Pray that You minimize the effects of HAARP technology this spring that causes massive tornadoes and hurricanes.We Pray that all the Aetheric Energy,that Your Warrior's have strategically placed,will put up a massive wall of POE to cause these storms to dissipate. Father Yahuah we also Pray that You Control all the water ways yo keep satan and minions from flooding towns and crops.

Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah,we Pray in the Name of Yahushua,that You use Your Breath of Aetheric Energy to alter the path's of these storms of death and destruction,to keep the sheeple safe from dying under the misguided hands of hallayel. We Pray that Your shield Of Aetheric Energy will keep the innocent safe from their destruction.

Dea r Heavenly Father Yahuah,we Pray in the Name of Yahushua,that You also have Your Celestial Angels shield those who might be in harms way from any future false flag attack against the citizens of modern day Babylon or any other country who is using satans minions to destroy life.

Oh Father Yahuah,we Pray in the Name of Yahushua,that when hallayel and his minions use their HAARP Technolgy to shift the plates of Your planet Earth,that You cause massive vengeful earthquakes to destroy all their underground cities and tunnels.

Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah,we Pray in Your Holy Son's Name Yahushua,that massive amounts hallayel's soldiers repent and seek You for their forgiveness. We Pray that they will acknowledge accept Your Son Yahushua as their only Saviour,We Pray that they beg You to Join Forces with Your Saints and Warrior's to be the only way redeem their souls.

Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah,we Pray in the Name of Yahushua, that You make Enoch's and the Royal Planets visible both day and night for all the sheeple and satans minions to see. We Pray that these two planets will destroy Mimas like an asteroid crashing into Earth.We Pray that Your Aetheric Energy will cause more of hallayels UAV'S (UFO) to crash to Earth on a more regular basis for all of the world to see.

Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah,we Pray in the Name of Yahushua,To continue to help us teardown the strongholds of hallayel, We Pray that You enable us to destroy any of the remaining artificial life form of alien intelligence brains that may still be active in the different military bases throughout the modern day Babylon.

Oh Father Yahuah,we Pray that any of the elite who have repented and accepted Your Son Yahushua as their Saviour to ensure the monetary means to continue to fight this old war,a new battle with Your Holy Aetheric Energy.Father Yahuah we Pray that they stay obedient to You and Yahushua from this day forward as we battle halayel and his evil forces.

Our Heavenly Father Yahuah,Our only God who created the Heavens and the Earth,We Pray In Yahushua's Holy Name that You keep Your Saints and Warrior's Safe from any attack's that maybe aimed our way in the future to come,We Pray that You have Our Shield's blocked from any remote viewing or any astral projection from any cloaked super soldier or any droid artificial soldier or droid human hybrid.

Dear Heavenly Father Yahuah,we Pray that You grant us these Prayer's in Your Precious Son Yahushua's Name,We Pray that You will Hold us in Your Arms of Protection and Love as we move forward to do Your will here on Earth against halayel and his minions.A mein Father Yahuah. Let it be done.]

And so, just that Fun Things to Do list we kept around all these years. Fun things to pray for. Sabotaging their DUMBs and their DUABs. You know, it's been very effective. Those things happen. And those bases get destroyed because of the things that we prayed for and they happen. And so, we need to stay on top of the prayers as well. Because you know what? Warfare prayers is our first offensive line and defensive line. It's our first line of defense. First line of offense.

[Fun Things To Do as a Warrior For The Most High]

A lot of you say, "Well, I don't have--I can't travel. I don't have the physical capability. I can't leave the house. I don't have the money." You can sit and pray. So don't tell me you can't do anything. You can sit and pray warfare prayers. They help us. They help the Lord's people. They help His angels. They help the armies of the Lord.

You know, when things are asked for on earth, as on earth as is in heaven. And so, when we ask for things on earth, we enable the Lord to do things for us. We untie His hands. Because man has freewill. And He won't do anything unless we ask Him to. He's not gonna impede on mankind's freewill. &nbs p;And so, the things we ask for on earth, then He will honor them in heaven. You know? That's like when people start getting harassed, and then they ask the Lord for protection and to send His angels and stuff. Yeah, He'll release them. Because you asked Him to. You untied His hands. He can send angels to help.

You know, aspects to this war that a lot of people don't understand quite clearly how things work. You know, He may be the Creator of all, but this is like a chess game war. And there are rules that apply to both sides. And they both adhere to them. And, you know, once you learn what the rules are, and kind of figure them out as you're seeking truth and on your journies of truth, you learn how things operate, then you learn how to fight more effectively, and so. How to ask for things and stay of top of things. There's no time to be sitting on the couch being couch potatoes. There's no time for that. Not if you wanna win.

Yeah, we know, the back of the Bible it says the Lord wins, but guess what. It's because the will of His people. He can win because of the will of one person. He's not gonna impede His will on mankind. So stand up and be the person He can depend on and rely on.

We're Working on Getting Orgone to the Rest of the World, Like China and Russia

You know, right now we're working on getting orgone to the rest of the world. China, Russia; those places need orgoned. Those places need orgone. I don't think I've ever sent orgone to China and Russia. & nbsp;I know I have to Thailand and Indonesia. But never a Chinese city, itself. And they're the highest listening audience I have, other than America. China ranks number 2 for the most listeners from my listening audience. My real numbers are usually kept from me. They sabotage them. But when I was with a better network, I could actually see the people listening to this show and where they were coming from, and so. Blog Talk Radio's not real efficient at any of that kind of stuff. And they really just suppress a lot of information. But that's all right. That's all right. I'll get through it just fine.

We're Still Fighting for Control of the Safe States, but If You Don't Live in One, You'll Have to Move to One to Be Safe

You know, um, I released a list last week about the safe cities, safe states in America. And, you know, naturally, people that don't live in safe states aren't very happy. And nothing I can do about that. You live in a devil state, it's gonna stay that way. Move or put up with it. You know? Yeah, you can orgone your areas. That'll tick them off, but it's not gonna stop them from rounding you up either, 'cause you're not in a safe state. So , start seeing things getting roundups and thing happening in these nonsafe states. And we're still fighting for control of the safe states. We have air superiority over them. So a lot of things going on. Air battles, air wars, things like that taking place that people won't see. But not real sure, at this point, exactly how all of that is going to be facilitated. I just have no idea. So, I'll get more information to you about that as I learn it. As we work on it.

Same thing goes with safe countries. And if it was up to me, I would knock Islam out of every country in the world. It'll certain ly be knocked out of the safe states in America. There will be no Islam allowed. And I'd certainly do that to the rest of the countries that worshipped the moon god, Allah. So we'll see what the Lord does with that.

China, Russia, and Japan Are Very Aligned with This Worldwide Alien Islamic Agenda

You know, a lot of these countries, you know, it's hard to understand their cultures and their religions, but if they truly hate evil and they love good, you know, the Lord will honor that. And these are the countries that will be allowed to enter into the millenial reign. You know, the countries that were good to the Jews, good to people, good to the refugees. He'll honor that. And so, things can be game changers. America could always step away from the New World Order. Keep the New Age alien agenda out. And then the first thing that they would fight is everybody else's anger against them for doing so. And that would just as surely bring down the wrath of China and Russia against America.

China and Russia are very aligned with this worldwide alien Islamic agenda. They are aligned with it. Japan's aligned with it, China, and Russia. Right now, America and Europe, because of the puppet masters and the droids, keep pushing this New World Order agenda and all the different Satan factions in America that are all split, and fighting, and coming apart. Coming apart at the seams, literally. And so, it just seems like so many things going on at one time with it all. So, we'll wait. Wait and see what happens in the Codes.

In the Codes, I See a Battle Coming with the Arrival of Saint Germaine and a Fleet of UFOS and Armies

Right now, what I see in the Codes, an air--a battle...battle coming. And interesting that it's the same one that I'm seeing with the arrival of Saint Germaine and a fleet of UFOs and armies. Hehehe. I never made that correlation until the show tonight when I was looking at the information for Saint Germaine. I always ask the Lord to lead and guide my thoughts on what He wants me to talk about. It's like, Saint Germaine? I don't think I've ever re ally said much about him on this show. Hehe.

I started looking at a Bible Code I did on him a decade ago, and it's talking about this UFO fleet. The same thing I'm talking about in the Bible Codes for this month. So I thought that was amusing. I don't know how that correlates--I know he's always here on earth where this Capricorn ship was coming into our realm. Came through the partition. That partition that divides earth from space. It's a protection area. And that's where he had a lot of problems coming through that partition because he was hitting a lot of turbulence. It's like airplane turbulence, if you've ever been on an airplane and you've felt airplane turbulence and it rocks and shakes the plane really bad. Well, this is what happened with the Capricorn when it came in, because it was coming through our airspace, and our airspace has orgone in it. And so, they were clashing with the orgone coming in. And now whining that it's in the airspace above Mecca. That's going to be one of their focal points.

And so, you know, it's heating up, folks. It's getting interesting. Clock's ticking, so. I'm looking for Germaine to arrive, Maitreya to arrive. Probably Lilith. Or, um. ..probably Lilith mimicking Eve. Or, uh, mimicking Mary. Mary's always been one of the ones with Sananda. With the Ashtar Command, and so, it's just...hehehehe. This stuff almost feels like you just hit play and repeat. 'Cause I've been talking about this stuff for years. I did shows on this in 2005, 2006, 2008, -9, -10. And now here it is. Now here it is.

You can go to my transcribe page at and lo ok for my transcribe page. And you can put Sananda or Maitreya in the search box and it'll pull up all the shows in the archives that I've spoken about Maitreya and Sananda. I mean, that's pretty much been a focal point of this ministry for the past ten years. Exposing this whole alien New Age agenda. And it's upon us. It's finally arriving.

Granted, yeah, they have another year or two. They really don't have--I see some leeway. 2013, 2014, 2015. And then it just kind of stops at that point. And so, they're in their window, I guess you could say.

It's Pretty Much All Orgone Domination in the Codes - We're Winning

Let's see what else I'm seeing here. Um...[laughs softly], you know, it's pretty much all orgone domination in the Codes. How it's terrorizing them and burning them. Melting their ships. Crashing them. So just watch for Maitreya to arrive this week. & nbsp;I suspect he's going to this month. I don't know if it's gonna be this week or next, but I suspect sometime this month it's going to happen. It's gonna happen. He's going to arrive. So, I would be very shocked if we went through the summer without him here. I mean, I know we're winning, 'cause they're whining. [laughs] And if it wasn't real, they wouldn't be whining. People want confirmations? Well, yeah, you know, ask the Lord. Ask the Lord, Himself.

I Just Hate Asking for Donations and for Help to Keep This Ministry Going, but Your Support Is Needed to Pull Us Out of the Red

So, anyway, I would like to thank those who have contributed to this ministry over the years. It's been really hard the last year, since last August, to function. Donations slowing down to almost a dull roar. Tying my hands really hard. And so, you know, I get on here week after week and I hate, I hateasking for donations, asking for help. I just hate it. I's why I don't go on commercial breaks, and run the commercials, buy this book, buy this t-shirt. You know, I hate having to ask people for help. And so, maybe we've had it so rough becau se of the way that I am about that. I don't know. But I know that we're still in the red. We still need help pulling ourselves out of the red.

Pretty much bankrupt at this point. I don't know how long I can even keep going with the websites, the radio shows, the--everything. 'Cause just really no support, folks. Outside a handful of few faithful supporters, it's just not gathering the attention of the Lord's people that it should have been, that it should be. And so, it's not being supported. And I'm tired of that. Takes a lot of my time.

This has been my life pretty much. Last fifteen years. Well, actually, my whole life. The last ten, fifteen years is when I started putting it all together. When He started making it make sense. Once I figured out, instead of making sense in my own life, I got to figure out why I was put here and what my mission was here. And now that I have long figured that out, and trying to get things going here, I meet much resistance from the very people I'm here to help.

I'm Limited in Saying Half the Things I Could Because the Lord's People Don't Want to Hear the Truth - Most People Can't Handle the Truth

The Lord's people don't wanna hear the truth. They don't wanna hear their illusions get shattered. Their mind-controlled churches, their apostate preachers, meeting on Sun-god-days. Not even honoring the real sabbath. And it just goes on and on. And so, you can't help people when they don't wanna hear the truth. It's why I'm so limited in saying half the things I could say on this show. Because there's about ten people that would understand me. And about ten thousand that would just criticize and hate me for it. Ten million. I don't even bother. I do what I can, but there's so much meat that people will never grasp until much later. It's taking them ten years just to accept the fact that aliens and UFOs exist. I was nearly knocked and laughed off the Internet when I put up the Watcher Files website ten years ago.

So anyway, folks, I still need your donations if I'm gonna stay intact as a ministry. 'Cause we are ban krupt here. Can't keep going much longer the way things are going. I'm either gonna have to get a boost up or close shop, basically, so. Just to throw that out there and let you know.

I have no idea what I'll be talking about next week. I never do. I don't plan these shows. I ask the Lord to lead and guide me in what to say. What He wants to pull out of my...the knowledge I've obtained, and reveal. I would love to give specifics on a lot of things. I can't right now. Just too much for most people to be able to handle. And so, slowly, folks, I will be able to lead into other things, and so.

Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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