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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
May 13, 2013


Maitreya Was Here in New York with Germaine - His Physical Arrival Should Be This Week Wednesday or Friday

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it is May 13. And this is an action-packed month. You know, it has not slowed down a day since April 15. And tonight isn't gonna be any different. [laughs] This whole month is gonna change. Just so much going on, folks.

Couple things I wanna talk about, because this is the week--I told you last week to expect Maitreya within a day or two. And he was here. He was in New York. He was with Germaine in a private meeting on Wall Street with bankers and other international figureheads discussing the currency exchange. And so, his physical arrival should be this week.

He has a target date of Wednesday. And he has Friday night as backup. And so, I would look to him to appear over in Mecca, or Iraq, or Syria. Well, that's modern-day Iraq. I don't have a specific location where he's going to arrive. He's had trouble arriving at all of them. He was trying to arrive at Mecca over the weekend. And, as typical with him, the orgone just burns him. And so, he has not had it well with the orgone since 2008.

Maitreya First Announced the Shema Star, Their Mimic of the Bethlehem Star, in 2008 and Planted It Right Above My House

And back in 2008 is the first time that he started announcing that the brilliant star, Shema, was here, and all that.

And so, on, folks. Um, listen to this for a second, and I'll be right back. [plays part of Awesome God; song by Rich Mullins] All right, I'm back, folks. Went to check something quick.

Back to where I started. Back in 2008 is when Maitreya started announcing the brilliant star, Shema, that had arrived. And it was very brilliant. When you looked up in the sky, you just saw this magnificent white star. And it was supposed to be their mimic of the Bethlehem star. And, unfortunately for them, they planted the thing right above my house. And when I looked outside, it was one of the first stars you could see at night. It was so low and so brilliant. And I wondered what it was. And then I started hearing rumbling through the New Age movement about this Bethlehem star, this Shema star, and announcing Maitreya's arrival.

And, of course, we all know the story. Everything was supposed to go down in 2009 and everything's been delayed until now. But I started going out every night. And I had this 5-foot orgone pipe, and I just aimed it at that star. And I kept it situated there day and night. So whenever it showed up at night, you could see it move into place at dusk. You could actually just watch it float across the sky and then go to its place.

And so, every night I'd had that pipe aimed at it. Well, it caught the star on fire, this ship. It's not--I don't know what it is. Huge planet. It was actually the ship that was featured in the V series couple years ago. The V series on TV. That was modeled after the Shema ship. What they called the Shema star. Huge ship. I mean, TV doesn't even give it justice. 'Cause this thing's been burning for a long time and it's still hanging up in the air. It's not made of metal. It's some kind of planet. I don't know what it's made of.

What Happened to Cause Maitreya to Go AWOL After His Shema Star Caught Fire

But there were explosions on this ship back in 2008. And what happened was Maitreya got caught up in one of the explosions, and his whole body got caught on fire. And that's why he went incognito. And if you think I'm crazy, go ahead and ask on of the higher-up Satanists somewhere. And the ones at the top, they'll tell you, Maitreya disappeared. He went AWOL [absent without leave]. He disappeared. Nobody knew where he was. Well, the burning and the flames had totally incapacitated him.

And so, over the years, he's been healing. And also had to get a new body. And his original body, I believe that was a clone of Cain's. I don't know what his original body now is. People ask me, "What's his body now?" I don't know. It's not a clone of Cain's. It's something different. You know, he might look the same, but it's a different type body. Because these beings, Maitreya, Sananda, Saint Germaine, all of these ones that pose as Ascended Masters, they're really just tall Grey aliens.

And so, when they appear in physical form to humans--Saint Germaine, he's in all the meetings everywhere all the time. Every once in a while Sananda will come in for a meeting and stop in for a Satanist dinner at the Rothschilds' or something. They take on human form. And they have human bodies that they use. And so, the bodies that they have are created. You know, they can go into a lab and come up with some kind of hybrid creation body that can hold them, you know.

And so, this is what Maitreya has done. He's got a new body now. He's been coming back into the limelight a little bit more over the past year or so. His ship, Shema, is still immobile. When we blew it up, it happened to be on the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania. And to this day, that's where it sits. Instead of this brilliant white it's a dim, yellow star. Sometimes it looks like it's on fire. You'll see red coming out of it. But it's really not even a quarter of significance it used to be. I used to call it the 10,000 GE light bulb fixture. 'Cause it just looks--they tried to fix it over the years to bring back it's brilliance. And they would use all these light bulbs, hehe, to try to mimic how brilliant white it used to be.

And it never really got back any of its grandeur it once had. And so, it's still sitting in the east. Just probably people in the Midwest and east coast would be able to see it. New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia. I don't know about Michigan. I don't know about that far west. I don't know if Indiana can see it. But it's pretty dim. And it's still there.

But that's his ship. That's Maitreya's castle. And that's Maitreya's. And his is...nothing, nada. No significance. Just a rubble of heap. And so, this is where he's coming from to make his arrival to earth as the long-awaited Muslim imam. And so, that should be anytime.

The Currency Revaluation Is Tied to Maitreya and Sananda - If Maitreya Doesn't Arrive by Friday, He's History

You know, every time I see his arrival and target dates in the Codes, you know, it's almost like everybody else is getting the same intel. You'll start seeing the currency exchange boards going crazy. "Oh, we're gonna get a revaluation this week. It's gonna be announced." You know, they get their intel somewhere. I get my intel from God the Father and the Bible Codes. I mean, you know, what I see in the Codes, I take directly to ask Him about. And so, I kind of find it amusing that some of these so-called gurus on the dinar boards will have the same intel. Not directly from the same source, but they're on the same page that I'm on.

And so, you know, he's got 7 days. Not even 7 days. He's got 5 days to make it to earth. And if he doesn't, he's history. He's gone. It's gonna be no more Maitreya. So he's got 5 days. And so, this is gonna be interesting.

Of course, the flip side of the coin, you know, you're gonna have all these people because this whole currency exchange basket thing, worldwide, it's all tied in to Maitreya and Sananda. Because it's their thing. It's their baby. They wanna increase the value of dinars. I think what they'll probably do is make the dinars the major Middle East currency. I don't know what they're gonna do, but I wouldn't be surprised. And so, now you got all these people bought dinars at dirt cheap prices. And they know as soon as it RV's a lot of them are just gonna be rich and very wealthy.

Maitreya Is Actually the Pale Horseman, Not Sananda - The Annunakis Are Coming from Aldeberan

But at the same time, folks, when Maitreya arrives on earth--I told you, he is the pale horseman. I always had him and Sananda confused because when Sananda's here you always see so much death, destruction, and plagues. Well, that's because Maitreya comes before him. I didn't put that together. I just switched the horses. I had Sananda as the pale horseman and Maitreya as the black. But it's actually the other way around. Maitreya is the pale horseman right now.

And it really know, it, uh, makes my heart skip a few beats when I discuss the Annunakis. Because these are unlike anything that we've ever seen, anything we've ever dealt with. Now, if you're on my Facebook page, I just posted a picture of something as close to the Annunaki as I could find. Online, I think I posted it to my website as a picture of a xenomorph. It was actually featured in the Aliens movie. They kind of did a depiction of an Anuk and put it in one of the Hollywood Aliens movie. But from what I'm hearing, it's not a xenomorph. It's actually closer to an Annunaki than anything else. Faction of the Annunakis.

And so, I asked the Lord where they were coming from. And He told me Aldeberan. And I'm like, "What?" Aldeberan. And so, I'm looking at it. I looked up Aldeberan. And Aldeberan is the bull's fiery eye. And I'll put that link on my Facebook site as well. I'll send it out to my list if Angie doesn't get to it before I do. But it's a orangish color star. And it's located in the constellation of Taurus. And so, you have this bull's eye, the bull's fiery eye, located in the constellation of Taurus. And I'm thinking, "I've seen those terms so many times in the Codes." But I simply just, you know, didn't pay much attention to them. Because, first of all, bull is another term for Mithra. Taurus is the sign of Obama.

And so, you know, I just didn't pay attention to these kinds of terms I was seeing because I could easily explain them away. Sometimes my own knowledge just gets in my way. All that time, He's trying to describe to me, "Hey. This Aldeberan, this is a star, Annunaki planet, in the constellation of Taurus. And so, kind of I put that two and two together this week. Because these things are horrific.

How Can the Annunaki Keep Sending Scouts Here? Doesn't the Orgone Affect Them?

These I've been dealing with Annunaki on the ground around here, at my own home at night. And can't see them, but you can hear them. And they're very powerful. They're very...very strong. You can tell by the sounds, they're very, very big. And I'm wondering, "How can they be on the ground?" They always hide in the woods, you know. Everybody stays away from my property. They hide in the woods that line it. I'm thinking, you know, "How can they keep sending scouts here? Doesn't the orgone affect them?" 'Cause this place, to a normal person, you wouldn't feel anything, but if you were evil, it would be hell on earth, I have so much orgone around here.

Well, Annunakis, there's different factions of Annunakis. And this certain faction is...has like, a hard shell on them. They have like, hard shields around them. And so, it takes longer for the orgone to affect them. And so, they're a different type of alien than what we've normally had to deal with. Normal types we deal with are Greys, and different factions and types of Greys, like the Saurians or the tall Greys, or the short Greys. The Saurians are black like, Greys. And you have the Reptilians, and Dracos, and you know, all those kinds of aliens are pretty much skin. Alien skin, but skin. And then you've got these Anuks, and they're like a hard coating cover--it's like a bug or something, you know--that covers them, and so, the orgone takes a little bit longer to affect them.

Right Now, I'm a Sitting Magnet for the Entire Universe, Because the Entire Universe Is Angry Because of the Orgone Saturating the Air

But they've been coming in by the millions, last couple days. You can almost watch the signs of the skies as it's going on. When you hear sun flares--sun flares take two days to hit the earth. And when a sun flare is shot out from the sun to hit the earth, what it does is it makes an opening in the protective layer around earth. It weakens its shield, so that alien ships, and planets, and things like that can get in and move into our atmosphere.

And then you'll see a lot of cloud cover. And this cloud cover is used to hide these ships and the UFOs that come out of these ships, because a lot of them are carriers. It'll just be like a huge--like a, you know, huge ship. And thousands of UFOs in them that they can take out for scouting or whatever. And so, these things have been coming in. And the clouds hide it. The clouds mask these ships. And if you looked in the south and the east tonight, they were just rows, and rows, and rows of clouds. It was unbelievable. And then there was a huge cloud cover coming over from the north, from Canada.

And so, I know there's gonna be a lot of action tonight. Not worried about it. I'm doing my show. I'm missing a lot of action. I'd love to sit outside and just watch the skies tonight. But they want retaliation. They're angry. They're angry. Right now, I'm a sitting magnet for the entire universe. Because the entire universe is angry. They're mad. Because of the orgone saturating the air.

And a lot of these different factions sitting on different planets in different constellations--I mean, they're everywhere--they're mad. And they want retaliation for the orgone. The orgone has dislocated a lot of them. Burned their homes. Destroyed their ships. Destroyed their homes. A lot of them have died because of the orgone. Because these are evil, wicked beings. And orgone is the Lord's pure energy life force. It's a living energy. And they're evil. They hate living energy. And so, it bothers them. It agitates them. It destroys them. And so, a lot of them want retaliation. And so, they're locating where this orgone source is. And they plan their attacks accordingly. And right now, I think it's, you know, at least up there to like, a million-to-one--million-to-nothing right now. [laughs] The Lord's won all of them. [laughs] I mean, it's just--it's been a zoo. It's been a zoo.

And you can just watch the skies and know what the next thing's gonna happen on earth. And if you watch the solar flares going off today, that should signal that, "Hey, Wednesday something's going on." And sure enough, Maitreya wants to make his arrival on a Wednesday. Watch for solar flares to go off on a Wednesday. Because if he can't pull it off on Wednesday, he's got till Friday. And he's got like, till midnight Friday or whatever, so. You know, you just watch the solar flares, folks. And then watch all the clouding in the sky.

So Much for Global Warming - They Make It Cold to Suppress the Power of the Orgone

And so much for global warming, right? I keep waiting for global warming 'cause it's May 13 and it feels like football weather. It's freezing cold. The wind is cold. You sit outside to watch a baseball game and you just freeze. You're wrapped up in blankets. It feels like football weather. They do this to suppress the orgone in the air. They make it cold to try to suppress the power of the orgone. To keep it from saturating. You know, I don't know how it even works. I don't even know if it does work. I think it's just a, you know, something--desperation attempt they hold onto. "Oh, let's make it cold and the orgone won't work."

The orgone always works. I don't know where they get that if they make the air cold it won't work. [laughs] Orgone is a living energy. And once it's produced, once it's made, it always emits aether energy. Always. It's a constant emitter. It emits 24/7. You can't stop it just by chilling the air. I don't understand where they get that from. So, anyway, they think it works. And, it's what they try to do. Maybe because they're on fire and they want cold to make them more comfortable. I don't know. Maybe that's it. They want a chilly atmosphere so they're not burning up. I don't know.

The Lord Is Dealing with the Aliens as They Come In

But it's certainly turning into a universal war right now. I just sit here, and I'm the magnet. And they all come in and the Lord just takes care of them as they come in. I guess it saves Him a lot of hassle later from having to go send angels out to find all these wicked aliens and factions on all their nests everywhere around the universe because they'll all be under judgment on judgment day. And so, if they come in now, He'll deal with them now, He'll get a hold of them now, and so.

I'm Hearing a Humming - I Hear Bangs

You know, I get a lot of people that say, you know, "I'm hearing a humming," "I hear bangs." And I hear this stuff all the time, too, folks. And I don't know if I mentioned it on the last show, but a lot of these things that people are hearing, these supernatural noises--now, there's different reasons for people hearing humming in their ears. One could be a chip implant, as a reason why you hear humming. Or they're building an underground base under your area, and you hear the humming of generators and machines underneath. 'Cause it vibrates the earth when they dig in these underground bases, build tunnels in the earth.

I'll Hear Angelic Defenses Going Off When I'm Under Attack

Another type of humming is angelic defenses. Sounds like a motor running. I've heard that one. I've heard the loud bangs. Different types of noises that you know are not of this realm. In, you know, in our realm, like supernatural noises, these are angelic defenses going off. And this is kind of like what the Lord's armies have set up around my house here so that if I'm under attack, you know, I don't see them, I don't hear them. I'll hear the defenses going off. And then I'll ask the Lord, "Am I under attack?" And He'll say, "Yes." You know.

And this goes on from morning, afternoon, night. I mean, any time of the day or night, I'll hear defenses go off. I'll ask Him, "Am I under attack?" And He'll say, "Yes." So everytime I've heard those noises, now that I'm onto it--because before--it's taken me forever to catch onto that. I thought for sure that I was just living in the middle of some kind of astral realm wormhole thing here. Hearing stuff from the other realms. And here it's just been angelic defenses this whole time.

And so, the Lord protects His people, folks. He protects His people. When you lose the fear, you become brave and bold in Him, and He anoints you to be, uh...whatever He wants you to do, He anoints you the task, He's gonna protect you. And you have nothing to fear. And that's been several of the ways He protects you. Just builds up defenses around you. Nothing can penetrate it, nothing can touch you, nothing can harm you. And, yeah, you know, if I needed 10 million armies here, they'd be here. And that's just how He protects His people, folks.

And so, you know, some of these people that say, "Oh, I hear all these weird noises all the time," well, maybe the Lord's got His defenses around you. The angels got their defenses up. You know, they can do so much. They can capture billions of aliens without lifting a finger. You know? They can--uh, I can't exactly--I'm not gonna exactly tell you how they do it, but I can tell you they can do it. They can capture whole ships. They can capture whole armies. And it's nothing to them.

So don't ever fear Satan. I don't have an ounce of fear in me with that scoundrel. I've dealt with him enough the last four or five weeks. [laughs] He's really just like a two-year-old on a hyper temper tantrum. Don't fear him, folks. He's nothing to fear. Put your faith, and your love, and your energy into serving The Most High God. You know, that's...that's all that matters. Everything else just falls by the wayside when you show the Lord how much you love Him, and what your priorities are.

There's a Deal on the Table to Get Shields for Maitreya's Ship and a Body Shield for Maitreya

So, Maitreya's supposed to arrive this week. Wednesday is the target date, Friday night is backup. And I think Friday is the sabbath for Islam, if I remember right. And I think you can watch online, they have some kind of live cameras where you can sit and watch Mecca, what's going on in Mecca, right online.

If I lived out that way, maybe even Europe, I don't know if we'd see it here in the United States or Canada, on this side of the earth, but watch for some kind of huge ship to descend down towards the Middle East. Maybe above Mecca, maybe above Iraq. I'm not sure where it's going to end up. There's several different target sites that I've seen in the Codes, but they're all Middle East related.

So, you know, watch for any kind of brilliant, obnoxious stars. And not obnoxious in a bad way, just magnificence. Um...something. I don't know what he's gonna do. You know, if he bothered to take my advice at all and take a different route to come, because, you know, his ships burn straight through the orgone. They can't survive the orgone.

Satan wants to give up several of his strongholds that he has. There's a deal on the table to get shields for Maitreya's ship and a body shield for Maitreya, if he wants to give up some of the strongholds that he has. And so, if he takes me up on the deal, we'll deal. But, otherwise, Maitreya's gonna burn.

As Soon as These Beings Star Ruling on Earth, the Lord's Judgment Will Come - Expect a Coastal Anuk Invasion and Coastal Zombie Pandemic

And right now, uh, you know, I was having second thoughts about this whole thing earlier today because, you know, like I said, people are gonna be celebrating the fact that, "Hey, we're rich now. The dinars RV. We spent a lot of money buying dinars." And they're gonna be off in glory land, and shopping, and buying real estate, and all this. And then, in two months, boom. Because the Lord's gonna send an Anuk invasion across the whole earth.

As soon as these beings reach Earth, as soon as they start ruling on Earth, the Lord's judgment's gonna come. And the orgone's His, so, if He wants to judge His people, the orgone's not gonna stop Him. You know, nothing's gonna stop Him. And there is gonna be judgment. There is. You know, I'm looking at July from one coast to the other, an Anuk invasion. And I didn't even know it was starting with an Anuk invasion, because I was just seeing a pandemic. And I'm thinking, "Are we having a zombie pandemic?" And I'm thinking, "Oh, yeah, we're gonna have it."

I've always felt one here for Ohio, and the Midwest, and the east coast. And sure enough, that was it. But then, the Father said, you know, "This is gonna be coastal. This is gonna be from one coast to the other. Every state's gonna be affected." We're in the judgment of The Most High. And unless this nation repents, and turns away from its wickedness and its really depends on the length and severity of the judgment we're gonna be under with the zombie pandemic and these Anuks that are coming.

People Today Need to Learn to Recognize the Ways the Lord Works - When the Lord Punishes You, It Usually Means Repent

People need to learn to recognize the ways the Lord works. You know, we're not the Israelites in the desert anymore. The Israelites always being conquered and put in slavery by other countries anymore. We migrated over to America through Europe and we have forgotten who we are, we have forgotten our true past. People don't know their true heritage. Most of our real forefathers were slaves in Egypt at one point until Moses led them across the desert. Most people just don't know who they are. That's the problem with this country. And when the Lord punishes you, it usually means repent. Repent. You know?

And they recognized how He works back in the day. And today they just don't recognize it. You know, back in the day, when there was no rain, and there was drought, there was a reason. When there was famine, there was a reason. When there was war, there was a reason. And it's always because the people turned apostate and wicked and He was judging them for that. And He was trying to get their attention to repent. And so, people need to recognize that when these judgments come directly from Him, that are coming, if we don't repent as a nation, then we're gonna be pounded by these judgments. They're really gonna hit hard. And He's not gonna relent on them until the people start repenting.

All of Islam Is Tied into Satan Worship and Saturn - Obama Is Lining Up Muslim Advisors Around Him

You know, we've got our Congressmen that we vote and put in office. We don't actually vote for them, they just kind of get selected into office. But, you know, they're taking national taxes now and they're paying for abortions. They're listening to Satan's whispers, and his agenda, and they're okaying homosexual marriages. And they're just turning their backs on God, as far as a 360 that it's possible--180. They don't--you know. Obama the droid is pulling America away from its roots that we're established in God, and in the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. And he's pulling them down a very satanic route. Satan's agenda. And this Islamic agenda.

And so, you know, when Maitreya comes, and Sananda will be shortly behind him, these Ascended Masters worship Allah, the moon god. And they're actually very tied into Saturn as well. The whole black cube thing in Mecca is tied into Saturn worship. There's a temple on Saturn. Satan has a temple there. And I've known people that have talked about having actually being taken there, physically seeing this temple on Saturn, that belongs to Satan.

And so, all of Islam, tied into Satan worship and Saturn. And I know there's YouTube videos on it, because I've posted them on my Facebook before. Just go to YouTube and look for videos on Islam and Saturn, the cube, the black cube. Because this whole New Age alien agenda of these Ascended Masters that are coming, they're all tied into that same thing. And so, this is what they're going to push on everybody else. And this is why Obama is lining up Muslim advisors around him. Obama the droid. Because there's two different Obamas and the droid's the one in charge right now. And they use this droid to fulfill their satanic agenda on earth.

They've Been Making Androids of Every Influential and Well-Known Person - Just Ask the Lord to Make These Droids Malfunction

Remember I talked about [coughs], several months ago, Operation Double Down. And Operation Double Down was when they were going through and cloning doubles of every influential, and famous, well-known person. They're making droids of them. Androids. And when you have an android next to a human, unless you've been around androids, you wouldn't know the difference. You really wouldn't. It's like having twins in one room and someone saying, "OK, pick the real one. Pick the human." It would be very hard for people.

Now, if you're around twins long enough, and you watch them long enough, you can always learn ways of telling them apart. And these droids are the same way. You, eventually, learn how to tell the droids apart from humans. [coughs] But that's what most people, right now, they're stuck at that intial twin phase. Or they see a droid and they think it's a human. They don't know it's a fake double. Because they masquerade them on TV all the time and people haven't noticed. Newcasters, politicians [coughs], religious figures, Hollywood celebrities. They often just have the droid that's out in the public limelight. And meanwhile, the real person has to stay hidden away in the background, while the droid is out, so people don't know.

But you know what? We've had a lot of spiritual warfare going on. And just asking the Lord to make these droids malfunction. [coughs] And, you know, this is happening all around the world where newscasters on television are slurring their words, and then pulling them off the air saying, "Oh, we're having satellite glitches," or the person's having a stroke or, hehe, stuff like that. This is gonna become more dominant. More dominant. Because a lot of these droids can malfunction. And then that's the problem with clones, themselves. And when you talk to people who work alongside droids, these droids, they malfunction very easily.

The Problem with Clones Is They End Up Having a Lot of Health Issues

And the problem with clones--which are different than droids. Clones are, um...clones. They have no soul or spirit. Some people wanna argue and say that they have spirits. No, they don't. They're clones. They're called mamries. In the Hebrew word, it's a mamry. [transcriber note: I believe Sherry means "mamzer"] But they're soulless beings. And they're a bit different, but they don't...they don't have longevity to them. And they end up having a lot of health issues. So, usually, if you're gonna clone a person, you have to make several clones of that one person, just to get the one clone that's gonna be able to last for a little while. You know, you have to have--and then when that clone starts to go, you get another one going. And it's really, it's the whole crazy operation. But that's what they've been doing, folks. And it's been going on for a long time.

You know, if I'm one of the slowest cars in the Hot Wheels box, imagine how long it's been going on before I caught onto it. Because it takes me a while to catch onto stuff. So it's been going on for a long time. I usually just don't expect some of this crazy stuff that they come up with. I don't expect it. And all of a sudden, what's going on? And then I have to play catch up. So this has been going on for a long time. People get acclimated to watching clone newscasters on TV and they don't know it's not the real person.

Satanists and Illuminati Families Become Possessed and Dominated by Demons and Aliens

Watch the droid---what we all laugh about is the eyelash count--the blinking of the eyes, the blinking counts. Some of them don't blink at all. Some of them just have that real wide-eyed Nancy Pelosi look. The I'm-totally-not-human look. Yeah. [laughs] And [laughs] other ones have the real snake...the Donald Rumsfeld snake-eyes look. Like, how do you see out of those eyes. 'Cause they're just snake slits.

Some of them are so possessed that, uh, you know, when you're a Satanist, you invite, uh, what do they call them? They don't call them demons. They don't call them--they're spirits. They invite spirits in them. You know, like a Christian who becomes born again, and you invite the Holy Spirit in you.

A Satanist invites spirits in them that are demons and aliens. And so, they become very possessed by them. And a lot of these Illuminati families, they get--to protect their bloodline so that Lizards can dominate them, and they can shape-shift through their DNA. They can morph in and out between Lizard and human. That's actually very true, if you've read any of David Icke's stuff, it's actually pretty true. I don't agree with all of his stuff, but as far as his whole Lizard thing, he's dead on. It really does happen. There's not one human in that entire Royal Family right now because the real humans get replaced.

The boys were replaced a long time ago. I've talked about that on my show before. They replaced them with look-alikes, these clones that really just are--they're human bodies for the Reptilian entities that dominate them. I've heard from high-level sources that saw pictures of Kate Middleton's baby, ultrasound photo, that the thing had a tail. And this is typical with Illuminati offspring, and Reptilian offspring. And what they'll do is they'll just cut the tail off when it's born. You know, this is typical, folks.

Nobody Accidentally Gets in Office That's a Christian - No One Wins a Campaign Who Isn't Preselected to Win

Don't get swept away in the facade of global leaders that really give a rip about what your interests are, 'cause they don't. They're here to fulfill Satan's agenda on earth. Their service is to him, their loyalty is to him, their priority is him. And that's why they're at where they're at. That's why they're kings and queens and presidents, the chiefs of the earth, because they're already dominated by Satan. Their priority is Satan.

Nobody accidently gets in that's a Christian. You know, you're back in the campaign stages. You're not gonna get very far in a campaign if you haven't been preselected to run, by one of them. And if you're not preselected to win, you're not going to. The media's gonna have you knocked out of that campaign pretty early on in the race. They're not gonna give you any media attention. They're going to frame you with their bogus sex and drug charges. Those are a dime a dozen. They wanna discredit somebody to get them out of a political race or whatever that they don't want them to win. There's a lot of lying and manipulation that goes on to make sure and maintain the fact that they dominate politics. And this goes on in every country.

So, I don't know why I went down that rabbit trail, but that's describing how things are. How things are run.

The One Thing We Need to Focus on Is Taking America Back - Orgoned Areas Will Be the Only Safe Zones, If the Annunakis Invade in July

The one thing we need to focus on is getting America back. Taking America back. You know, you gotta get the orgone out. Because if Satan's not gonna have America under judgment, which he has, and he's working on, we're going to be facing the Lord's anger and judgment. Because we're such an apostate, wicked nation. We need to take this country back from the Satanists.

The one thing I can prepare you for now, in the here and now, is get your areas orgoned. Because, you know, if we have an Annunaki invasion in July, orgoned areas are gonna be the only safe zones in this country. You know, they're gonna be protected areas. It's like the blood on the doorpost from the angel of death in Egypt. The angel passed over the homes with the blood on it, the lamb's blood on the doorpost because it was protection. And, you know, this is how the orgone's going to be. It's gonna give people protection. And so, get your neighborhoods, get your towns done.

It really doesn't seem like we have long to prepare for this, but you're gonna be glad that you did. You're gonna be glad that you've already done it. Most of you have already got your areas done. But I encourage you to get farther out. 'Cause you don't want these things coming up to your back door. [laughs] I mean, these things are vicious. They're at least 15-feet, 12-feet tall. They can run on four legs or they can stand on two feet and fight. They're just nasty. And orgone can take a while to affect them because they have shields. Like these hard body shields. That's just part of their body makeup. You know, they're just like big, giant bug beast things. Satan doesn't even like these things. He calls them, uh...uh, what'd he call them? Wild beasts or something. Something beasts. And they are. So prepare, folks.

Also, if not the Anuks--'cause what happens is they bite and beat up people. The people that get bitten by them and hurt by them are gonna develop this zombie virus from being bitten by them, attacked, and we're gonna have a zombie pandemic. Make sure you have your orgone water made. You know, every time summer rolls around it's like--for me--it's zombie season. And I load it up in my cars because I've always felt there would be a zombie attack in the summertime, during baseball season, in the Midwest. And here it is, July is coming, and sure enough, there could be a huge zombie pandemic through the Midwest, through the entire country. Something to keep an eye on, because it's kind of like, if this happens, this is gonna happen.

I Had My Mouthpiece Tell You to Prepare. Why Didn't You Prepare? - If You Want the Lord's Attention, Start Praising His Name

And so, when you see a currency exchange, and all these people are all happy that now they're millionaires, well guess what, in two months you might not even be alive. Judgment's gonna get so bad here. So take your money and prepare. You know? Get your basements sealed up, get shelters, get in caves, whatever you need to survive a couple, you know, one, two months locked up somewhere, to hide from these things that are coming. Be smart about it. You're not gonna need a Mercedes-Benz, you're gonna need a cave or a basement. You know, you're gonna need food, water, medicine. You're gonna need orgone water. If you happen to be out and you see one of these Anuks or a zombie, you need to spray orgone water on them. It's like acid. You need to be smart. You need to start thinking of survival in ways you've never had to think of it before, folks.

Now, calling on the name of the Lord is our number one defense. And, of course, Christianity 101, Spiritual Relationship-Building 101, whenever you want the Lord's instant attention, start praising His name. [coughs] If you want His instant attention, you just start praising Him. You can always call on Him, but He's gonna tell you, "I had my mouthpiece tell you to prepare. Why didn't you prepare?" So don't go to Him expecting miracles if you got lazy and you didn't do anything. You thought, "Oh, she's nuts." Everyone's been saying that about me for years, and guess what. [coughs] Everything I've ever said has happened. Everything I've ever said has been true.

If You Live in an Apartment Building, Get Orgone on the Roof - The Best Piece of Orgone I've Ever Had

The chiefs of this world listen to my radio show. Why? Because of my dead-on accuracy. [coughs] Just because things don't materialize [coughs] in the physical realm to where you can see them, doesn't mean they're not happening, folks. [coughs deeply] I love when they start attacking me so I can speak. Right now I can't even breathe.

Prepare. So get secured places to stay. If you live in an apartment building, get orgone on the roofs. If you have a house, get orgone on the roofs.

You know, one of the best--the best piece of orgone I've ever had, I didn't make myself. Somebody sent it to me. And it looks like they made it inside a coffee can. And they went, maybe three inches up the can with orgone and stuck a pipe in the center of it, and then made the pipe orgone, and cut the can off around it. And it's like, this flat base. Maybe they used one of those cheesecake molds. I don't know. That's the best little pipe orgone thing I've ever seen. The pipe's only about a foot high. And it's like a three-inch base all the way around it. I set that thing on my roof. I love those things. I have tree stumps out in the yard. I set them on the tree stumps. I love those little things.

And then they have the bucket blasters. Now, bucket blasters are really expensive to make. A lot of people don't have that kind of money. So, you know what? Get the cheesecake molds and make 1-foot pipe orgone pieces out of those. 'Cause they make great bases. Put the pipe in the center, let it dry. Get creative, folks. I just know we gotta prepare.

Orgone Won't Stop the Annunaki Invasion Because It's Coming from the Lord, Himself, as a Judgment on the Earth, but Get Orgone Out Anyway

Now, I still have all of my orgone water from Christmas. You know, when we were banging the drums on everything that was supposed to happen at Christmastime, and we ended up just stopping it all. We annihilated the whole thing because of the orgone. The orgone-saturated air. You know? It was great! But you know what? The orgone's not gonna stop this Annunaki invasion in July, because that's from the Lord, Himself. So don't expect a rabbit out of the hat to stop that one. 'Cause this one's coming from the Lord, Himself, a judgment on the earth.

So, if you see this currency exchange happen, and you see these Ascended Masters being announced to the public, you better start preparing. That'd better be the first thing on your mind.

How I've Prepared My House and Yard with Orgone Water

You know, I've got garbage cans--fill up a garbage can full of water, throw a puck or two in it, let it saturate. Put a lid on it, let it sit outside your door. I've got them on my deck. Three huge garbage cans on the deck. I've got a cooler on my dryer in the house. I got spray bottles in the house, in my car. I've got other garbage cans of orgone water out by my garage. I don't know why I'm worried. This place is plastered with orgone. But you know what? I'd be a hypocrit if I told you guys to prepare and didn't do anything myself. I'll be the first one that's prepared. Even if I don't have to worry about it, those cans will always be ready to go to fill up water bottles that I can give to other people to protect themselves.

So, if you have a swimming pool, throw some pucks in it. That's like instant orgone water. You can have a huge swimming pool full of orgone water. If you were being chased by an Anuk, just jump in the pool. Haha! If he came after you, he'd go in the pool, it'd kill him. So, and also you could fill up a lot of spray bottles. A lot of Super Soaker water guns. And just give them to people so that they can protect themselves, so. Gotta work together, folks. It's gonna be teamwork on earth for survival.

But I'll be talking about that more. It's just one of those things that have made my heart skip a few beats this week. Looking at that in the Codes and talking to Dad about it. And, just thinking, "Oh, my. What are we really getting into?" And that's gonna be the sign. That's gonna be the trigger when Maitreya arrives. So, what people think's gonna be a good event is really gonna be a bad event, so.

Satan Doesn't Control the Alien Factions in Space, but He Controls Earth and the Space Above and Around Earth

Anyway, that's kind of like one of the dominant things I see in the Codes other than this constant Anuk attacks that I've been seeing for around here. And there's unrelated events, because there's a lot of factions in space that Satan doesn't control. They may actually be offspring of the fallen angels that fell from heaven and, well, you know, they took off and had their own colonies, and pretty much [audio unclear]. Satan controls Earth. He doesn't control the alien factions in space. He controls Earth. And he controls the space above Earth, and around Earth.

There's a lot of alien factions that he doesn't control. And so, everything's not always as it appears. You know, we learned things growing up in churches. We tend to put ourselves in a box. We tend to imagine things are going to happen one particular way. You know, you get your preconceived ideas on what heaven is, what hell is, what God can do, what Satan can do. You know, God can do everything, you're never gonna have a misconceived notion, but sometimes He won't interfere unless you ask Him to, because He doesn't interfere with mankind's will.

Satan, on the other hand, not always as all-powerful as you think he is, and so. Of course, he wants the illusion that he's all-powerful, because he wants people to fear him. And what's the Lord say? He says fear the Lord. He doesn't say fear Satan. He says fear the Lord. Fear our Creator. Fear Him enough to love Him. You know, I have a very healthful respect of fear for Him. A righteous fear. I love Him. My love for Him outweighs anything.

Satan, I don't fear Satan. Bible says not to fear him. And a lot of people do. And, you know, I don't fear him. That's why the Lord uses me so much in dealing with issues with him lately, because I just have a no-nonsense approach to dealing with him. But that's what He says. "You have a no-nonsense approach."

Anyway, we'll see what happens this week, huh? I guess we're all gonna sit back and watch, and either laugh or start preparing. [laughs] We're either gonna watch his ships crash to earth, and everything's gonna be a bomb like usual, or you won't even hear a peep out of him like last week, or this week could be a real game-changer, and he actually could arrive.

I Thank All of You Who Are Sending in Donations to Help Me Get Out of the Red - I Love Every One of You

Anyway, folks, I'd like to thank those who are sending in donations, helping me get out of the red. Thank you so much for that. Love every one of you. Still need help, financial help to crawl out of the rest of the red delinquent abyss I've been in financialwise. And so, still need donations to do that. So continue sending those, folks.

Be back next Monday night, going over this week's events and furthermore on what's coming up. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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