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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
May 27, 2013

And hello, everybody. It's Monday night May 27. I'm Sherry Shriner. And, let's see. Tonight I wanna talk about a few things. I know I missed a show last week. Uh, yeah. Kind of got blasted out of my house with a lightning hit. So, fighting a lot of stuff here. And it's just, you know, it's amazing this whole place wasn't blown to bits. So, the Lord really protecting this place.

A couple things I wanna mention tonight. I'll probably just keep talking about it because it's the one thing The Most High wants me to talk about. There's only two really important dominant things gong on right now. And that's the various alien invasions trying to hit this earth and how the orgone affects them. And so, you know, He wants me around for a bit longer to get people prepared, help them get prepared for the things that are coming. 'Cause once they come, it's gonna be a landslide. It's gonna be like a tornado hits. It's gonna be all at once, folks. Bam, bam, bam, bad things happening. And so, people need to prepare for this.

The Mica Project and Their Blackening-Out Technology

One of the things I was noticing, I said--I think it was the last show before I was blasted off the air last week so I couldn't do the show--watch the storm and cloud patterns because typically you can tell what's going on in your area and how they're moving around the earth through the radar. And if you watch storm and cloud patterns coming in, they typically hide behind these. Especially the thick clouding. A lot of thick clouding all the time here in Ohio. Especially in my area. And when you look outside and there's just scattered clouds, you still can't see a star anywhere.

Because they have this project, it's called the Mica Project, and what they do is they have some kind of blackening-out technology. And they go way up in our atmosphere to activate it. Probably with satellites. And they put a black shield over an area and you can't see up in space once they put this black shield up. And that's the typical problem here. You can't see a star in space once they put that up, and so. They call it the Mica Project. So, typically, you'll just see a lot of clouds at night and no stars.

The Aliens Use Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) and Geomagnetic Storms to Get into Our Atmosphere

Another thing to watch for is CME [coronal mass ejection] sunburst from the sun. And anything when they start talking about geomagnetic. Those are like buzzwords. Those are keywords. CME sunburst and geomagnetic anything, because the aliens follow this. What happens is when bursts from the sun hit the earth, it weakens the earth's canopy. And the aliens use this as a way of means of getting into our atmosphere. And so, typically what you're gonna hear about is sunbursts, geomagnetic storms or whatever they wanna call it. Then you're gonna see, developing over the next couple of days, you're gonna see thick clouding.

They Use Cold Air to Suppress the Orgone

And they're really into the chilling of the air. You'll notice unusual cold temperatures in your area, your state. Because they try to use the cold air to suppress the orgone. And this is why it's been so chilly in a lot of places that should be going through spring right now. I know we're all waiting for global warming to hit while we're freezing, and it's supposed to be spring. It's almost June 1 and it feels like it's football weather. So this is typical of some of the tactics they pull.

In Retaliation for the Annunaki Attack Against Me, the Lord Took Out Their Home Planet, Aldebaran

I know people just think you're crazy, but, you know, that's the way it is. You know, I've been dealing with a lot of these different alien star nations and star systems the last month. And if you'll notice, last week, on the wee early morning hours of the16th when I was blasted with the lightning strikes. You know, I had a slight concussion for ten days after that. It was so loud. That was exactly one month from my show on April 15, when they all jumped in their spaceships and were heading for my house to have me as their victim of their satanic ritual sacrifice.

You know, April's a really heavy satanic ritual month. They were all heading here. They wanted to watch me die. I was gonna be their satanic sacrifice. And what happened was thousands of them being captured and millions of the aliens that were with them.

And so, it's been a filled month. I mean, April into May has just been dominantly one attack after the next since then. Them wanting retaliations. You know, and it doesn't end. The wheeling and dealing going on behind the scenes. And it just doesn't end, and so.

You know, I don't see a stop coming to it any time soon because, you know, all the star systems that've been here--Sirius has been here, they're here off and on, they're here a lot. The Annunaki are in and out a lot. In retaliation for their attack against me last week, the Lord took out Aldebaran. And I had just posted, on my Facebook--I mentioned it on my show last week, I think, about the Annunaki from Aldebaran, which is a star in the Taurus constellation.

And these are like, hybrid Annunakis. This is a created race. It's why they look like the alien creature that they have on movies--made of--the alien. Some people confuse them with xenomorphs. I think I have them listed as a xenomorph on my site. It actually is about the closest thing I could find that relates to one of these hybrid Annunakis that were created. And there's a lot of them around. There's millions. So just because you destroyed their home planet, Aldebaran, they're everywhere else as well. And so, there's plenty left.

Satan, the Foot-Stomper

Also, the Ashtar Command was involved with the attack against me. And, for this, He's accelerated the destruction of Shema. I expected Shema to crash last week. It will crash when the Lord wants it to. I imagine Satan's at the throne stomping his feet, begging for more time. And that's usually typical of how he acts. He's the foot-stomper. He goes up to the throne of God and he stomps his feet, and whines about time, and he tries to make deals. And he never keeps his deals, ever. And so, kind of amusing.

The Pentagon and the White House Faction That Was Coming Up Against Me Is on Its Way Out

So Shema's to also suffer. Also the New World Order faction within the Pentagon and the White House that was coming up against me, they're also being dealt with, and so. You know, it's pretty much those three groups of people--the Annunaki from Aldebaran, the Ashtar Command and those involved with Shema, and the New World Order brotherhood faction of the Pentagon and White House, which is getting noticeably smaller. You're gonna start seeing people to becoming a bit more bolder against them.

This faction is on its way out. They're losing their power, and status, and influence. And, you know, everybody's on to them. And so, you're gonna start seeing a lot more people in the government standing up and exposing what really goes on behind the scenes. And this is stuff I've been talking about for years. How they plan all these murder-suicides that take place, school shootings, restaurant shootings. They...they're behind all this stuff. They really do.

And when you look at Satan's network and how it's evolved across just our country--and this goes for every country--you know, they're broken down. They have regional groups all the way down to the local groups, county groups. And these groups all are always out looking for people that they can use as what would be a good sacrifice to Satan. They, typically, will troll Christian youth groups, Christian churches, looking for good people. Upstanding, nice Christians that they can kill. And these people are targeted. And their deaths are always purposeful. They meant to kill them. They're murders.

And society never catches on to this. I mean, you don't wanna have to--you know, it's easier to keep your head in the sand and not have to think, "Oh, my, the government's targeting me just 'cause I love the Lord. And I'm gonna die in a car accident, or I'm gonna get cancer." They do this, folks. It's purposeful murders. It's purposeful sacrifices for Satan. Good kids dying.

And they use all kinds of different ways of causing people's deaths. Car accidents, illnesses, sicknesses. Things that, for the most part, look like just an, uh, you know, an everyday occurence. You know, something that's not uncommon. Something that could be expected. But that's how they work. That's how they operate, and so. Otherwise, everybody would be on to them. And so, this is how, uh, you're gonna start, I think, seeing a lot of this being exposed. Maybe not the minute satanic details that I give on this show and how they work, but how that there's rogue factions in our government and how they operate. And so, I think you're gonna start seeing a lot more of that.

Satan Has Been Stomping His Feet, Wanting More Time to Bring in Maitreya

Wanna talk tonight about exactly where we're at. Because the one thing that I've been waiting for, and that's dominant in the Bible Codes, is the arrival of Maitreya. And, you know, Satan's been stomping his feet, wanting more time to bring in Maitreya. Simply because Shema's destroyed they need a secondary route. They wanna bring him down from the heavens like he's a imam. They want the Muslim world to believe he's their last days 12th imam, their mahdi. And so, Satan wants a grand entrance for him.

And so, if you wanna read about who he really is, you can go to Revelation, chapter 6, and read about--Revelation, chapter 6, verse 5--read about the...well, that's the black horse...uh...then you have the pale horse, and so. You know, once these beings arrive, 'cause they're almost gonna be back-to-back--Maitreya and this Sananda--you've got the black horse and the pale horse. And as soon as the black horse hits the scene, you're going to see famine hit the earth. As soon as pale horse hits the scene, you're gonna see a fourth part of the earth killed with sword, hunger, death, and with the beasts of the earth.

There Are Two Different Types of Beasts Invading the Earth: Annunaki and Locusts

Now, beasts of the earth, folks, are not, you know, roaming boars, wild pigs, wolf packs. Beasts of the earth are alien, demonic-type creatures. And so, they're going to be prevalent. And there's other places in the book of Revelation where you see these kinds of beasts mentioned. Specifically in Revelation, chapter 9. There's two different types of beasts invading the earth. And the one being the Annunaki. And typical of the ones that I've been dealing with from Aldebaran, that has been destroyed, and you saw the fireballs the last couple of weeks from chunks of Aldebaran coming down to earth. Those were all pieces and chunks of Aldebaran and what was left of it.

But if you look at the description of them in Revelation, chapter 9, pretty fitting of the picture I showed of these beasts. And the Bible Codes calls them Locusts. And this is what I've been seeing. As soon as Maitreya arrives, there's going to be a Locust invasion. And these Locusts are so fitting with the black horse rider because the black horse rider causes a famine, and that's exactly what the Locusts are gonna cause.

The Day of the Lord Will Begin After the Crops Are Planted and Growing

If you look in the description of the day of the Lord, on the article I posted, it talks about when is the day of the Lord. And one of the biggest things, it's declared in Joel 1:15, is that it comes after the crops are planted and growing. And so, the crops are growing in the field when the day of the Lord will begin. Now, I'm not giving you a year. I'm not telling you 2013 is the year we're gonna see the day of the Lord, but I'm saying we could.

And I need to prepare you for this. Because times are--we often gripe about how they're delayed and pushed back, but it could also be accelerated, you know. Whenever you get into these delay modes, it's usually because some kind of wheeling and dealing taking place in the background. Satan foot-stompers trying to bargain for more time. And, if you, um, you know, this actually is the best kind of scenario because you don't want this is the wintertime. You don't want to have to deal with this in the wintertime, even though they'll be here for about 5 months, and so.

You Need to Prepare for a Societal Breakdown in Winter with No Electricity

Most people not prepared to go through a winter without electric. And that's one thing you need to prepare for because especially if you live in a cold-weather state or a country and there's these terrestrial beasts all over the earth. And you can just about assume there's going to be a societal breakdown. Services are gonna stop. So you're gonna want a secondary source of heat, and food, electricity. You know, I was thinking, "Well, you know what? If this Sananda, if he arrives in September and the Locust invasion is in October, November, that could be a really cold time here in America." And you have to go through December, and January, and February, the coldest months in America with no electricity, no heat.

And this is what was I was worried about last December. Because last December, all the hype that was coming down. You had the, all the different Indian branches, the Hopis and everybody else. All the hype. And the only reason that was stalled was because the orgone destroyed them--stopped it all, blocked it. Don't expect the Lord to always block things from happening. You know, I was surprised as anybody else that, wow, we stopped it last year. We stopped that whole December nightmare scenario from unfolding.

The Lord Tells Me He Loves Surprises - Events Can Be Changed, Altered, or Stopped Because of Man's Free Will

Don't always expect the surprises, folks. And I know the Lord loves surprises. I know he does. He tells me He does. He loves surprises. So many people and events are predictable that when a surprise happens because of man's free will--don't forget, we're not puppets, we're not all acting out a script. Plenty of room for surprises and things to happen that even Father wasn't expecting. You know, that's...we have free will here. And so, you can change a course of events. And don't think one person can't do that. One person can do that. And one person can get a ball rolling and get others involved to do that. And so, events can be changed. A whole timeline can be changed, altered, stopped.

If Maitreya Doesn't Arrive, They Would Probably Go with Saint Germaine - They're Stalling the Currency Revaluation Because of Maitreya and Me

But one of the things that's most dominant right now in the Bible Codes is, of course, the arrival of Maitreya. And, like I said, if he doesn't arrive, Saint Germaine could be an alternative replacement for him. I don't think they'll go with that Raj Patel. He's just too much of a flake. They would probably go with Saint Germaine, who does a lot of work in the backgrounds right now anyway, working with all the G20, G8, G-whatever countries with their economic programs.

And he's busy in the background now with the worldwide currency revaluations that are gonna be implemented soon enough. I mean, they're stalling and they're waiting. I know people have been waiting for that to happen. And they're waiting for the arrival of Maitreya to do that, because these Ashtar Command folks wanna take sull credit for this. And so, they want it to happen when they arrive. And they want me gone before they arrive.

So, it's like I said, none of these attacks are stopping. They keep increasing 'cause they want me gone before they come. They don't want the Lord's mouthpiece on earth embarassing them when they're here. And that's exactly what I would do. I would embarass them, I would expose them. I would tell people exactly who they are. And they know this. And they don't wanna deal with it. And so, [laughs] so they wanna shut me up, and so. [laughs]

They're All Shocked That I Survived the "Lightning" Attack on My House

You know, I look at this attack on my house. And the one term that stands up is Survivor. They're all shocked I survived it. Shocked. So that ought to tell you something about the attack here. I can't say a whole lot about it, but--I mean, I wish I could, but we have to stick to the lightning story here. [laughs] [coughs] We'll just stick to the lightning thing. Yeah, it's gonna keep rolling. This week isn't gonna be any different.

I know, just--what was it--Friday night, Saturday night, practically all weekend, dealing with a combination of Japanese, and Chinese, and aliens. You know, everybody wants to come over and see what the big deal is over here. Everybody's dumbfounded and thinks they've got the weapon that can overturn, and stop, and overthrow our orgone air and come in here and attack. And so, every country's taking a jab at it. And so, this is gonna be another, you know, alien-filled next several weeks, most likely. I'm not seeing any stoppage here.

Nibiru Is Aligning with the Ashtar Command to Bring in Chrislam - Our Country Can Change Its Course If We Become a Nation of Repenters

And so, you know, Nibiru's aligning with the Ashtar Command. And, you know, they wanna bring in their worldwide Islam. Their Chrislam. Their blasphemous mixture of Christianity and Islam. And they wanna dominate the world with that. You know, if you ever thought seeing sharia law in America, well, you'd never see the day, well, it's gonna be a fight to keep that out of here. There is no set in stone anywhere, anything that says America can't alter its course.

Now, I know I've written a lot of articles because of the course we were on, about America's destruction and the things they were gonna do. And they had all these things planned. We can change our course. Any country can change their course. But you need to repent before the Lord. We need to become a nation of repenters instead of a nation of sinners and blasphemers. And so, you know, we have a ways to go. Otherwise, the Lord's just gonna destroy this nation. [coughs]

You know, if you read Jeremiah 50 and 51, and Isaiah 18, very dominant about things happening in the United States in these last days. And if you read Revelation 18, you can see the final destruction of the United States. The nation that refuses to repent. But we can alter this. We can stop it, and so. Nothing's written in stone that it has to happen. So that's one thing I always see in the Codes. They're not written in stone either.

You know, when I'm looking at Bible Codes--and I'm in them day and night--there's different routes. There's two or three routes of things that could happen on any given day. And times can be delayed. You'll see something disappear for a long time, and then maybe it comes back in a coup--you know, down the road it'll come back up, because if it starts becoming more dominant in the timeline that you're on. We have a lot of say and a lot of power in exactly what happens to us and when. Based on our actions. [coughs] So, I just want you to know, you know, there's a lot of things we can do to alter things, to stop things.

Sananada & Maitreya Will Work Together to Deceive the Whole World into Embracing Them Both

But, inevitably, there's things that are going to happen that you can't stop, and that's the arrival of the four horsemen. And, of course, two are already here. The white horse and the red horse. Simply waiting on the black horse and the pale horse. And when those two set foot on this earth, and you're gonna want to memorize my article on the day of the Lord, [The Day of The Lord] because that's basically when it's going to begin. It might be a small interim period from the time they arrive to the time the Lord's judgment hits the earth. Don't expect long, just prepare. 'Cause, you know, they're coming as gods, and Ascended Masters, teachers.

Maitreya always declares he's a teacher. And when Sananda arrives, people are going to call him Jesus of the Bible because he looks just like Jesus of the Bible. He's gonna have a long way to go with the Muslims, who are gonna recognize him as Jesus of the Bible. And, to them, he's the Antichrist. And he is the Antichrist when he arrives. Maitreya's gonna have a long way to go trying to influence America because America, dominantly a Christian nation. But that's Obama's role to--they use the android Obama to push Islam here and sharia law, and try to change to ideology and beliefs of Americans.

You can see how it's, you know, Maitreya not being accepted here, this Sananda not being accepted in the Arab world, and both of them working together to overcome and deceive the whole world into embracing them both. You know, so. Maitreya will be a cheerleader for Sananda. And that's gonna be the one thing the Muslim crowd is gonna have a hard time accepting. And, you know, he's the deputy, the assistant, of this Sananda. And that's gonna be very hard for Christianity to accept. And, somehow, they have it in their minds that they can come on earth and embrace the top three religions on earth, which is Judaism, Muslim, and Christianity, and overcome and deceived them all into worshipping them, and so.

Yeah, it's gonna be a mess. What it's gonna do is bring the wrath of God. It's gonna bring the wrath of Yahuah here. And so, prepare, folks.

The Dinar Boards Are a Tip-Off to When They'll Be Here - They Want Me Gone Before the RV

You know, I expected Maitreya. He was here a couple weeks ago. He was in New York with Germaine, trying to get this monetary part established with the world currencies. And he's been delaying his arrival since, 'cause he keeps coming here trying to take me out. [laughs]

You know, I almost laugh now because I just watched the dinar boards and they'll tell you, "Oh, it's gonna be Wednesday." And so, that's the tip-off they're gonna be here Monday night. If they're gonna be here attacking because they wanna announce their RV on Wednesday, they want me gone before they RV, so they're gonna be here. I mean, these are just buzzwords anymore for me. And so, you know, I don't worry about a thing. Father takes care of everything. Sometimes I can get active and get involved while it's going on. But Monday nights I'm a little busy. I'm on the air. And so, [laughs] I just leave it to the Father. I'll have fun after the show. [laughs]

But, you know, they're already hyping it again for this Wednesday, and so. You know, the only way that's gonna work is to just separate the two. Separate the currencies from their arrival. Separate it. Make it two different events instead of trying to combine it. OK, we're gonna do the currency, and then having their arrival the same week. It's not gonna work that way. So you might as well just separate them.

Another thing is logistics. They have a starship over in Arabia. I don't know if it's the Capricorn. You know, I know the Capricorn came in. I know it's burnt up, it's beat up. So is Shema. Every ship they try to bring in is burnt up and beat up, so I don't know if they're needing delay time to fix it. But I know that there's something in the altitude over in Arabia right now, so. Don't know exactly what it is. I assume it's Capricorn, but I can't say that because I don't know for sure. But something's over there. And so, they're ready to go with something. You know. They've gotta realize, you know, Satan's had thousands of years to plan. And the one thing he can't do is plan. He is so indecisive and unorganized. Planning is not his forte. And so, other factions stand up and try to implement their own agendas, and so.

The People Who Control the Droids Are Dominantly in Charge of Our Politics and Media, and That's China

Thought it was interesting how--I don't know what I did with it. I had a sheet of paper. The Father kind of broke some things down for me on how things operate here. Let me see if I can find it. I do this all the time. It's like I said, I've forgotten more than most people will ever know in their lifetimes, or learn, simply because I'm unorganized. But I haven't had thousands of years to get it right. [laughs]

But, basically, what it was was I was asking Him to confirm some questions I had. And it was about the financial system and who's owning and controlling what because our war right now, not only against these different terrestrial beings, these fallen angels coming in trying to play like they're Ascended Masters from faraway galaxies and all this garbageola that they try to push, but also how heavily controlled we are behind the scenes from beings right here on earth.

And China controls an awful lot. And China, right now, being the one that controls our media. And, you know, this whole droid faction, every country right now is dealing with robots, automatons, robotoids, droids, whatever you wanna call them. These humanlike, lifelike robots that they can control. Bush, they used a droid for him all the time. And they had one picture on the Internet where he had the control box strapped to his back. And, of course, the media just covered it up saying, "Oh, that was the microphone." Well, when do you need a big microphone box on your back. You know, you usually have a battery pack. You hang it on your belt. But this is how they control these droids. And no one could tell that wasn't a real George Bush. That's how lifelike they are.

It's these droids, this whole faction that controls the droids, the politics. And it's the one that's dominantly in control right now. Imagine if you're a cloned being like Obama, or Hillary, or Kerry, or anybody in the government that's been droided out. They have a droid made of them. And you're told to stay home because, you know, they're taking your droid to a different country for a diplomatic mission. Or they're taking you to a different state to give a speech. And you're seeing yourself on TV because it's the droid of you giving the speech.

It's these people that control these droids that are the ones that are dominantly in charge of our politics right now and our media. And so, I was asking the Lord who was behind them. Who is controlling the droids? Who's the one, because who do we have to go after? Who should be our target? And the Lord told me it was China. That it was China that controls the droids, and this would include politics and our media. So it's the Chinese behind America's--who's controlling the droids here in America.

Satan Would Rather Lose the Entire Top Tier of His Illuminati Pyramid Than Give One Dime for Their Release from Imprisonment

There's different branches that control the Federal Reserve. You know, you hear about the Bush faction, the [audio unclear] faction. All these different factions that control the Federal Reserve. Well, Satan ultimately controls the money. He, ultimately, owns every dime on the planet. All the money falls at his feet. He controls all of it. And different factions come in, branches you might call them, to take over chunks of the money and fulfill agendas on earth that are in honor of Satan. This is how they work it, and so.

But he, ultimately, controls all of the money. He's so cheap. He would rather lose--he would walk away and abandon his entire top tier structure of his Illuminati pyramid. And if you've been part of the choir for a long time, you know exactly what I'm talking about when I talk about the Illuminati pyramid of the New World Order structure. The entire top tier. And that would include the queen, the pope, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers. All of these people who own trillions of dollars between them and among them, Satan would not give ten million dollars for. That's how cheap he is. He would rather them all be relegated to the astral realms than wheel and deal for any of them.

You know, they spend their entire lives butchering babies, eating human organs, eating humans, becoming cannibalistics. And daily...daily sacrifices and horrible things that they go through, getting raped by donkeys for not behaving, towing the line. And he would turn their back on them in an instant. He would not give one dime for any of them. If they were imprisoned and he could ransom them out, he wouldn't give one dime for any of them. That's how he is. That's how he is.

And I wish these people that follow Satan could see how he really is. 'Cause right now you're looking at a bunch of clones running around as celebrities, and politics, and money people, CEOs of corporations. Because I know a lot of them were captured and not returned because Satan wouldn't pay one dime for any of them. The man who owns--who claims he owns all the wealth of the world.

I Hope People See Satan's Betrayal - People Put All This Time and Energy into Trying to Honor and Worship Lucifer, and He Hates Them

And so, I hope people see the betrayal. You know, we warned people for years about how he's a liar. The Bible calls him a liar. He is a liar. He's so narcissistic, absolutely no sentimental feelings towards any bloodline, family line. I mean, people always talking about how he's close to the Rothschilds, and how he's implemented his plans on the earth through the Rothschilds. And that's true, but he also wouldn't pay a hundred dollars to have Rothschilds ransomed out of imprisonment. I mean, he wouldn't give a dime for the Rothschilds. That's how much he really thinks of them. That's how he operates. That's how he operates.

I don't know how to get it any clearer to these people that are in these organizations that worship Lucifer. The Freemasons, that's the dominant one, at a local level, that you could relate to. All these different orders that they have; the Jesuits, the talmud Satanists, the radical Islamists. All that radical Islam introduced by the CIA to turn them into terrorists.

You know, there's only one way from there, and that's straight to hell. It's a straight ticket to hell. They put all this time and energy into trying to honor and worship Lucifer, and he hates them. He hates them. I wish people could see it. You know, I wish a lot of things. I wish a UFO would just land on the White House so people would see they really exist. And I wish an alien would just walk out of it and, you know. Unfortunately, by the time it's too late is when people have no choice but to believe reality is not what they thought it is. When Annunakis are running around tearing limbs off of people.

Injecting them with chip implants. That's a huge part of their agenda as well. You have different types of invasions that are coming. You have the Philistines ripping the arms and limbs off people and eating them. You have others that are coming just to inject every human they can find with chip implants. Because that's how Satan rolls. That's how he controls his kingdom. It's almost like giving yourself a lobotomy by accepting, getting implanted with their chips because they totally control your mind. They're gonna take total control over humans, and so.

And these are the things that are coming, folks. I'm not talking about stuff that's gonna hit next year, the year after. I've been warning about Maitreya for years. And Sananda, and the Locust invasion. The Annunakis. You know, I've written articles. Been warning about this stuff for years. Now I'm telling you it's right around the corner. It's dominant. It's dominant. It's right here at our fingertips.

We're Ripe for a Locust Invasion Any Time Now

You know, I was thinking, "Well, if Maitreya pulls off until September, then we'll have a Locust invasion in the wintertime. That would really, really suck. And the Lord brought back to my attention in my own article-writing, after the crops are planted and growing. So if the day of the Lord begins after the crops are planted and growing, that means these beings arrive before then. Because the day of the Lord will begin shortly after. Maybe a month or two after they arrive. And so, we're ripe. We're ripe around that time right now. It could happen any time this summer. And you typically start harvesting your crops at the end of summer.

And, OK, so Joel wrote this. Joel was living in the Middle East when he wrote this. He was in Jerusalem. Or--I don't know if he was in captivity or not, but, basically, he's in the Middle East. And they're basically on the same seasons that we're on. 'Cause people from Australia will say, "Well, is that summer up there, or winter here? Or how does that work?" Well, you know, 'cause they're opposite us. If the crops are planted here, it's winter in Australia, safe to say. So if you're below the equator, it's gonna be cold in your area when it begins. It's gonna go for months. I mean, it's not like you're gonna--you have to deal with it all the winter like--we're gonna be dealing with it in the winter months as well.

And so, everybody needs to prepare. Nobody's getting an out on this, you know. So, sometime in the spring and early summer, maybe midsummer is when we're due. And that's why the Codes are so dominant for May, June, and July. And just--they're very dominant. And I've always said that dominant months...that when things are gonna go down and start to happen. And this year's gonna be no different, so.

How to Make Orgone Pipes

And I've given things to watch for. Now, when you start hearing about sunbursts, and CMEs, and thick clouding, and all of a sudden it starts to get cold [laughs], you know they're moving into your area. For a lot of you, they're probably just passing through on their way to Ohio. They tend to live here.

Get your orgone out. A lot of you have--it's warm--I know you Texans, you're always hot down there. That place is a oven. You're not limited to the times of the year of making good orgone. You guys need--everybody needs to make pipes.

Get a good five-foot copper pipe. Two inches wide. And you just layer the inside of a pipe like you would make a muffin, like a blaster. You put some resin in the bottom, you let it harden. Cover it with foil so it holds the resin and then let it harden. And once you've got it hardened at the bottom, you could start layering it up. You could put shavings, your copper coil. And I have a picture of it on my website exactly how it should be wound. Put crystals inside the copper coil. You can put magnets inside the copper coil with the crystals. Then put more shavings over it. Then pour resin over the top. Let it soak. And just repeat your layers all the way up the pipe.

Pipes are very--they're tedious to make, but they're easy. Make sure you have all your coils and everything made up ahead of time, so when you start doing the layers, you can just put them in there one--you know, pretty efficiently and quickly. And there's videos on the website,, on how to make pipes.

It's Become Impossible for Me to Send Magnetic Orgone Out without Post Office Problems

People need to be making pipes. You know, I can't make these things and ship them. They're just too impossible. I can't send magnetic orgone across the country and the Post Office doesn't steal it or sabotage it. I have so many problems mailing to particular areas. California's always been a problem. Now Texas is becoming a problem. In particular, anywhere I mail magnetic orgone. That becomes a problem. Because they don't want this stuff out. So, the Post Office sabotages my shipments all the time.

Get Busy Making Pipes and Just Point Them East and West - The 5-Foot Orgone Pipes Are Very Powerful

But people need to get busy making the pipes. And just point them east, west. You've got the Capricorn in northwest if you really wanna tick off Sananda and that whole Muslim brotherhood faction. Point it towards the northwest. Enoch's planet and the Royal Planet are sitting west from me. That's probably east for everybody else. Haha! So just look for those two in the sky. They kind of line up in a straight line. Like, it's almost you could draw a straight line between the two planets. They love orgone. Everybody else hates it, so. You know, you point it to the northwest at the Capricorn or the east to Shema.

But we need to get...we need to get more orgone pipes going and made. And the five-foot ones are very powerful. You can also make--put them in buckets. Have the bucket blasters. Have that video on my website. They're very powerful. They saturate the air. I have plenty of those in my yard. And, you know, it's just the saturating the air with the orgone that ultimately destroys all these factions.

Satan Won't Even Get Shields for His Own People So They Can Implement Their Agenda Without Being Burned and Destroyed by the Orgone

You know, they're trying to wheel and deal for shields from The Mo--from Father, so they can be immune to the orgone. It's destroying all of them. And to this point, any kind of deal Satan's trying to make with Father for these shields to protect them, he's reneged on all of his deals. And he just does. He makes a deal and then he renegs out of it. That's just how he is. Every deal I've ever seen him make, he renegs out of it. And so, he won't even get shields for his own people so they can implement their agenda on earth without being burned and destroyed by the orgone, 'cause it's already burning and destroying them.

If You Saw How Satan Really Looked, You'd Gag, but He's a Chameleon and He Can Be a Very Charming Person

I mean, Maitreya's on his second body. They have to manufacture bodies to operate here on earth. They can't just come in their fallen angel forms. Nobody would worship them as gods. Everybody would be taking a 12-gauge [shotgun] to their head. [coughs] And the whole part of Satan's kingdom is seduction. It's to seduce you. "I'm a nice guy, follow me. I'll give you fame and fortune." "I'm a nice guy. Look how sweet I am. Look how handsome I am."

You know, he can shape-shift into anything he wants to. He can look any way he wants. He's a chameleon. If you saw how he really looked, you'd gag. But he's a chameleon. He can be real charming. I mean, I've heard from those at the top how charming Lucifer is in person. Very charming person. I can't picture it. Because the one I always see is just the foot-stomper two-year-old throwing a temper tantrum. But, apparently, he can be very charming. And this is the one most of them deal with that are in these higher-up groups and doing their rituals, daily. That's the one they deal with. They don't see the real side of him.

When I Talk About Safe States and Safe Countries, I'm Talking About Airspace - There Will Always Be Bad, Wicked, and Evil People Amongst Us

And so, that's who we're fighting against. The enemies of the Lord. If you're a Warrior for the Lord, then His enemies are your enemies as well, so. That's spiritual warfare, folks. That's what spiritual warfare is about. And it's always a spiritual warfare in the heavenlies. You know, it's securing airspace. You know, I was talking about safe states a couple weeks ago. And right now we've been able to secure every state in this country except Colorado and California. Then we were able to pick up Lebanon and Syria. Along with Jordan, southern half of Israel, Tel Aviv, Kuwait, Pakistan. Those are the countries we have over there.

And, basically, when I talk about safe states, safe countries, I'm talking about airspace. I'm not talking about nothing bad is gonna happen in these areas. Because there's always bad. Because there's always wicked, and there's always evil. And Cain's offspring and his seed are amongst us. You know, the wheat and the tares. We have to live together in society amongst each other; the wheat and the tares. And there's no way you're gonna make these tares Bible-believing, God-loving people. They're just born wicked. That's how they are. They're Cain's seed. His offspring on earth. And we live amongst them.

And so, you're never gonna have a state that doesn't have evil or wicked in it, even if the Lord's people were directly governing the state, itself. You're always gonna have, as long as you've got Cain's seed here, you're gonna have satanism, and secret societies, and greed dominating certain people and organizations because that's what they do.

That's what they were doing in Esau's day. That's why the Lord was so angry that Esau married the Hittite women. Yeah, He said, "Isaac [actually Jacob], I loved. Esau, I hated." Esau went to Cain's side. Was marrying Cain's women. Became involved with Cain's seed. And they were the same back then as they are today. They dominated the banking and the politics. I mean, just picture a Middle East back then that's almost a mimicry of what we have today, where you have your groups, like Wall Street, dominating the banking. That was always Esau's seed. That was the Cain's seed. He started having children with Cain's daughters and mixed his seedline. And that's why the Father was so angry with Cain--er, no, Esau.

Cain Was Lucifer's Son with Eve and It's His Offspring That Are Dominant on Earth Today

Cain does not have Adam's DNA in him. You know, people see--they wanna put their own interpretations into the way they wrote KJV, Genesis, talking about Cain's birth. You know, that's a transcription, it's not the truth. Cain was not Adam's son. Cain was Satan's son. Eve had relations with Lucifer and they produced Cain. And then she had relations with Adam and she had Abel. And then she had Seth with Adam.

Cain was Lucifer's son with Eve. And his offspring is dominant on this earth today. And once you grab that concept and that truth, everything else begins to make sense about why things are run the way they are. Why there always seems to be good people and then just outright bad seeds among us, bad people among us. It's the wheat and the tares, folks.

Yes, they're gonna be separated away from each other. There's gonna come a day when the Lord's people no longer have to be dominated by Satan's seed, by the Cain's children, by the Cain's seed, by the Illuminati, by all these people who worship money, and greed, and material possessions, and find anything else to worship other than The Most High, Himself. Refuse to worship, directlly worship to God, The Most High, the Father. 'Cause it's not in them to. It's not in them. And it all comes down--a lot of it--to DNA and the God particle, the God gene that people are born with or without. It all comes down to things you can't even imagine. But once you start to learn these truths, everything starts to make sense. Everything starts to make sense.

People Born with Bad DNA Can Still Accept the Lord's Salvation - The Lord Extended His Salvation to All the Tare Races and Nations

Now, people born with bad DNA, they can still accept the Lord's salvation. Chinese people do it all the time. Japanese people do it all the time. Asian races that are clearly Satan's--er, Cain's races, they accept the Lord all the time. And they're murdered. They're killed viciously by the Chinese who want an atheistic country. Now, they're gonna have a problem with all the Muslims moving into China. Because there was always the talmudic Satanists, the Jewish--the fake Jews running Israel today that wanted multiculturalism in every nation to destroy the nations. They knew it would destroy the nations. They've had thousands of years to practice this stuff through the fake Jew seedline. But they know the fastest way to bring down a nation is to tear it apart through multiculturalism. Opening the borders and letting--mixing the people with different races and countries.

China's always wanted an atheistic nation. The top leaders run by the Illuminati worship Satan directly. But they want the bulk of the country to be atheistic. That's why they viciously kill Christians. And they do it all the time. And I know where the largest listening audience is to my radio show, are the Chinese. It's the only hope they have. They can find hope and salvation in the Lord. And that's why it really angers me when I see online about people misquoting and abusing scripture to say that the Lord only came for the lost houses of Israel. Yeah, He did. But He also extended His salvation to all those who wanted to join in, be grafted onto the Vine, be grafted onto the Tree. And that invitation extends to all these tare nations, these tare races. He would never reject anybody that wanted to acknowledge Him as their Savior. He has an open invitation to all these races and nations. They're grafted in.

The Lord Will Redeem Even Fallen Angels in Space If They Turn Away from Satan and Start Following the Lord

I mean, even fallen angels today, in space, if they turn from evil, if they turn away from their wicked ways. They can't have our kind of salvation. The Lord didn't die on the cross for them. But they can be forgiven and redeemed in their own way. The Lord will redeem them. Take them back. In full standing as an angel. But, they have to prove through their works that they are turning away from evil. And I've seen this happen. I've personally seen it happen. Thousands of them. Turn away from Satan, renounce Satan, and start following the Lord.

Need Your Financial Help to Fix Things

Anyway, I'm down to 90 seconds. [coughs] I'll be back next week...maybe. Who knows, right? I still need your donations, folks. I need to fix things that are a must. Gotta run this network on earth. And I can't do it without your donations.

Anyway, until next week everybody. Yah bless.


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