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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
June 17, 2013

I've Been Trying to Get on My Feet Since This Place Was Blasted with a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW).

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, June 17. I'm Sherry Shriner. And I have a couple things I wanna talk about tonight. I know it's been a couple weeks since I had a radio show. Yeah, you know, things that get sabotaged. Sometimes it might be them, sometimes it might be the Father, Himself, just wanting me to be quiet. I don't know. And so, one reason or the other there wasn't a radio show. Well, last week it was the lightning. Seconds before the show was to start. And the week before that was something else, and so.

Just a lot of activity going on in the skies above us constantly. Especially on weekends. It's usually heating up around Thursdays, and then on the weekends. And then sticks around for showtime on Mondays, and so. Doesn't seem to ever completely go away. And it's not going to. They all know where I'm at now. They've all located where I am.

I've been trying to get on my feet since this place was blasted with the directed energy weapon, and so. Been a little bit delayed on things because of that. And, you know, that's to be expected. I was lucky this whole place is still standing. Should've been completely blown off the foundation. And they would've just blamed it on a faulty gas line or something, and so. You know, the Lord always has my back, and so.

An Illuminati Council of 13 Ritual to Pray Against June 17-20 - Things Really Happen at These Rituals When We Pray

A couple things I posted on my Facebook list this week, for this week. And one of those being that this is the week where the Illuminati Council of 13 has their human sacrifices in Denver, Colorado at the Brown Hotel. And so, they have it there every year. And, I guess, between the days of June 17-20, which is today until Wednesday, is when they're due to kidnap an infant. And so, they sacrifice it on the 21st for summer solstice.

And the whole thing about that is I don't mind the article--it seems to be pretty factual--but itself and the fact that they have to go out and kidnap an infant. I mean, they have underground bases of thousands of people where they can get infants from. I mean, they imprison illegal immigrants. They breed them. They imprison people. 700,000 missing a year. Providing an infant for their rituals, they do this daily. And so, maybe it's picked up since way back when this was started at the Brown Hotel in Denver. I don't know, but--the Brown Palace Hotel--but this is a special ritual they have coming up on the 21st for summer solstice, and so.

We need to pray against that. Ask the Lord to just totally sabotage their rituals. Ask Him to just send forth His angels to sabotage it in every way they can. I know, uh, we're praying, uh, I don't know if it was earlier this year or last year, and we'd pray against their rituals. And, you know, it really is effective. Because things really happen at these rituals. Their lights go off. They change color. I mean, the Lord really disrupts them. And so, it's really funny when you hear about it. Because you just pray these things and you're mindful they may or may not happen. 'Cause you never really hear the effects. And so, when you get confirmation that, you know, things do happen, it's funny. And so, I know full well that the power of prayer is very powerful. You could sabotage these things every which way. I'm sure the angels have fun thinking of things to do.

But they always do this to create energy for Satan. And so, when you kill the energy levels at these rituals, they never really get the momentum going to achieve the desired effect and result that they want. Which is to generate a lot of evil energy, which we call loosh, for Satan. And so, you know, I've already asked the Lord to take any amount of energy that they create and turn it into positive orgone energy, to positive energy, to use as He wants. And so, way to sabotage all of their rituals that way is just to take the energy and have it transformed for the Lord, Himself, to use, and so.

Obama Is Going to Berlin to the Seat of Satan, the Altar of Zeus, at Pergamon on June 19

Another interesting thing, I thought was interesting, was that...oh, where'd it go? On the 19th, and that is, hm. All right, I have it...somewhere. Pull it up. President Obama will be in Berlin. And I thought this was odd 'cause I had no idea about this. Sometimes things even catch me by surprise. But on June 19 he's going to Berlin to the seat of Satan, the altar of Zeus, at Pergamon.

And you first read about this, some of it probably sounds familiar to you guys. Revelation, chapter 2:12,13, it says,

12 “And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write, ‘These things says He who has the sharp two-edged sword: 13 “I know your works, and where you dwell, where Satan’s throne is.

And He's speaking to the angel of the church in Pergamos. And, in other words, He's saying that Pergamos' altar to Zeus is Satan's throne. And this throne, this altar to Zeus, was moved from Turkey, when this was written toward, because the church is, uh, Pergamos' altar used to be located in Turkey. It has been moved to Berlin. And so, here is President Obama taking off to Berlin to be there on the 19th, which is 13 days after June 6, which has some kind of relevance for some reason for the number 666. I don't know what happened on June 6. But he's gonna be in Berlin.

And so, I don't know what kind of an announcement he'll make. If he's, you know, gonna make, uh, you know, he's supposed to hold a speech there. So, I don't know what kind of speech. What he's gonna reveal. If he says anything in office, he'll say anything for everybody to understand, or just use subliminals and hidden speech only occultists know what he's talking about.

People Don't Grasp That the Global Reset Is a Sign That the Crap Is About to Hit the Fan

But there's quite a few interesting things going on this month and next month that he could be possibly kickstarting or alerting. Probably occultists around the world, too. They always use coded speeches to do that.

You've got the global reset threatening to appear at any time. You also have disclosure coming. And the New Age camp is claiming that disclosure will take place after this global reset, where 195 countries--not all at one time, but divided up into groups and sections--where their currencies will reevaluate. Which means everybody's currency's gonna be brought up to an even bar. And so, in order for that to happen, the big currencies are gonna have to drop, the low currencies are gonna have to rise, so you have a medium playing field between all of the countries of the world.

And so, what that necessarily means for America is a huge crash in the dollar. And so, you know, I don't think people really understand the significance of a global reset. I know a lot of people are excited about it. Because they think when it happens, you know, they've gotten into foreign currency exchanges, they've bought foreign currencies, waiting for them to revaluate so they can make a lot of money on the rising of those. But few really...really can grasp the significance. And you'll see Christians all over those forum boards just pounding the drums and talking about how all this is the Lord's blessings and blah, blah, blah. They have no idea. So, I just shake my head.

You know, it's almost like if you wanted a sign that crap is about to hit the fan, there it is. There it is. And not just about the dollar crashing, but the fact that this whole global reset thing is such a huge's almost, you could say, the building, one of the building blocks of the whole New Age alien agenda that's about to explode on scene. And I mean, literally explode. They've been exploding for months and years in our skies. The UFOs crashing to earth out of all those starships.

And this whole New Age movement, folks, you know, they want us to believe that this Ascended Masters and these good beings that are not from Earth that are coming to Earth to help mankind. These are just fallen angels playing games. They're just terrestrial beings. And if they were good angelic beings, they would be in heaven. They would be celestial, not terrestrial. When you're dealing with terrestrial beings, you're dealing with beings that were kicked out of heaven. And so, you know--or the children of parents who were kicked out of heaven. And so, it's really gonna get chaotic. And I don't think people grasp that.

The NSA Has Been Reading Our E-mails and Listening to Our Phone Conversations for Years

I did the Daniel Ott show Saturday night. Kind of like a last-minute step-in guest 'cause the main guest was sabotaged from getting on the show. And I wasn't really expecting to be on Daniel's show Saturday night, so we just kind of had a, you know, good conversation whatever. But one of the main things that I gathered from that is like how so many people are getting so infatuated, I guess you could say, with all the exposion going on now between the factions. They're telling on each other. They're pulling out the rat and cat bags. And just exposing things about each other. It is quite amusing.

But so many things I've been dealing with for years. You know, like this Main Core list and how the NSA is reading all of our e-mails, listening to all our phone conversations. They've been doing that to me for years. And this is just coming to light now? And this is one of the main reasons I hate speaking on the telephone. I mean, you speak on the telephone, they record every word you say. You can hear the clicks in the background. When you send e-mails...I had someone one time follow the IP routes of my e-mails. They were going to the Pentagon, before they'd get to the final destination.

I mean, this stuff's been going on for years. And now the public is just getting...they're not getting wind of it because, you know what? We've been talking about this stuff on the Internet for years and they wouldn't believe you. But if a whistleblower in the name of whoever, in the name of being a whistleblower stands up and tells you, then, all of a sudden, people believe it. Whatever. So the public's getting infactuated with all that stuff right now. And they're at least ten years behind everybody else. [laughs] But at least they're catching up, right?

But, you know what? That whole route with NSA and their spying, it all plays together even though there's different factions doing different things. Because Satan's whole kingdom is based on technology. His number one thing is going to be chip implanting people. What's in the Obamacare? Forced chip-implantation. And they have everything on everybody to find you if they want to. You know, Satan's not omniscient and not omnipresent. He can't just find you. It took them a while to find me here. None of them share information. You have a bunch of different agencies. And I remember saying this years ago, it would be so much easier if they just shared info. That way I wouldn't have to deal with so many different agencies at different times. [laughs] All spying, all harassing me, all trying to get their digs in. Yeah, it'd be a lot easier if they just shared info.

The Antichrist Is Charming and Will Seduce People with Global Prosperity

But, we're getting to the point where we're seeing a new regime rising, a new regime taking over. And this is the one the Lord put me in ten years ago. You know, when I started learning about the New World Order, and I learned how there were fake Jews in Israel, and the serpent seedline, and I had to learn so much and cram so much in such a short period of time, He pulled me away and said, "I want you--," you know, "--learn this, focus on this." And it was the whole New Age alien agenda. And at the time, it was so foreign to most people. You talk about a alien or a UFO and they were reaching a straitjacket for you. And now, all of these same radio hosts who used to make fun of me, and not let me on their shows, and mock me, have alien and UFO information on their websites. So we've come quite a long ways. Always waiting for people to catch up. Catch up to the truth. You know? Might take a few years for some people. But, eventually, they come 'round.

And, so here we are. Fast-forward to 2013. We're in the present from back then. We've got the whole New World Order regime crumbling before our eyes, so that the other ones--New Age alien agenda--can stand up and take its place. And this whole global reset thing is the building block because it's the's his whole agenda.

You know, one of the things of the coming Antichrist is the fact that he's so charming. [laughs] You know, you read what the Bible describes, people love him, they accept him as God. The whole world's gonna be deceived by him. It's gonna be very much deception going on. That's because he's charming. And he's going to seduce the people with bribes. And this whole global reset thing is the bribes. Make people believe that they're getting something for nothing. There's these global prosperity packages, and they're gonna be distributed. Everybody's gonna get all this money. And everybody's gonna be in a equal band with the wealth or whatever. And, you know, since when is throwing money at a problem a solution, you know. He's trying to create heaven on earth. This false sense of security. This false sense of peace.

Satan Uses the Same Demon Spirits to Fill His Believers as He Uses in Christian Pentecostal Churches with the Lord's Believers

You know, I wrote a article years ago, The Lies of the 5th Dimension [], and that's this whole mindset. One of the routes that they have of turning Earth into a whole 5th dimension density place. And, folks, they don't have the power to change anything. Satan can't create anything. All he can do is take what the Lord has already created and manipulate it. Manipulate it. But he's a seducer, he's a liar, people believe him.

And, you know, one of the things I heard a long time ago from one of the Satanists was how, uh, what a charming guy Lucifer is. And that when they're in his presence, how happy they felt, how peaceful, how blissful. And it reminded me of that spirit that runs in the churches today in the Pentecostal circles. The Lord taught me this over a couple of years, many years ago. And you go to these Pentecostal churches and they start singing and praising, and then they all get slain in the spirit, and they start falling over backwards.

And I sat there in a service one time watching this. And these people that were getting slain, supposedly slain in the spirit, and falling backwards, pinned to the ground, could not move. And people think, "Oh, you're just laying there because, you know, the Lord's filling you with His presence, you can't move. It's not the Lord. It's not His Spirit. I sat there and watched demons jump out of these people. And when they jumped out, then the people could stand back up on their feet. So the demons jumping into them, knocking them over. And they're literally pinned on the ground and they can't move. And then, when the demons jump out of them and leave, then they can get up. You know, it's a false spirit. It's not the Holy Spirit. It's a imitation mimicry and mockery of the Holy Spirit.

And so, it's the same kind of spirit he uses in his own occultic circles. People that are very high up, and would actually have Lucifer attend one of their occultic ceremonies. Well, he uses the same spirit to fill his believers there. And they have mock church services like we do. Like our church services. They'll have, uh, one of the main things they'll do is get together and talk about what Lucifer has done for them. What their spirits have done for them. In mockery of Christians who will stand up and give a testimony of what the Lord's done for them in their lives. Satanists do the same thing. They stand up and talk about what Satan's done for them and what their friendly spirits have done for them. They don't call demons demons, they call them friendly spirits. And they'll talk about what the spirits have done for them. And it's usually pertaining to, of course, wealth or fame. Because it's all any of them are--really care for is wealth and fame. Status. Prestige. Rank. That drives them all into the occult to begin with. And so, it's a huge mocking, mockery spirit. And, um, I don't even know how I got on this rabbit trail here.

These Ascended Beings' Lovey-Dovey Facade Won't Last Too Long Before People See the Mess They've Gotten Into

But, he's gonna be able to seduce the world. He's not gonna come as an outward evil, wicked man. Although I know he's not gonna be able to hold his temper for long. Because if you've dealt with any of these beings--for the most part, most of you probably haven't, but for some of those who have, they can only be nice for so long. Their tempers are very hot. They change quickly. And it doesn't take much to get them angry. And when they're angry, very quick to show their anger. And so, I don't know how long it's gonna take before the facade starts to disappear and they start to see these beings for the devils that they are. I'm sure most people will be trapped by that already. And it'll be too late to even escape that for the most part. The majority of the people. Because they're gonna work very quickly when they arrive.

I know they can't...they can't portray themselves as nice beings for very long. It's almost like asking a dog to put on a costume and act like a cat. Now, how long can he handle that? [laughs] You know. Because that's what they're doing. They're coming to earth and presenting a facade of things they're not. Acting like they're these ascended beings, these cosmic beings, their messiah, and wanna help mankind. They wanna eat mankind, they wanna destroy mankind. They don't care about--they hate mankind. Satan hates mankind. So that whole lovey-dovey facade won't last too long before people see the mess that they've gotten into.

Sananda Is the Antichrist Now, but Obama Being the Antichrist Is Definitely a Route

But this whole global reset that's coming, indicative of the arrival of these cosmic beings. This Maitreya and this Sananda. And I know--I was reading through websites earlier today. And, you know, Barack Obama being the Antichrist is definitely a route. And I've told you it's a route. Isaiah 14 says the Antichrist is the king of Babylon. Who's Babylon? The United States. He's known by many titles. But I've also said that that's a route. And I said to watch out for Obama giving the power and authority of the United States over to someone else. Over to a leader of the UN. However they're gonna disguise it. Because he's already made pacts with Sananda. Sananda is like the personification of Satan, himself.

And so, you know, don't be surprised if that happens. If he gives the power and authority of the United States over to Sananda who is the Antichrist. He's the character, he's the Antichrist, he's the Beast, and so. Maitreya will come first, or Saint Germaine. Whichever one. It's supposed to be Maitreya. But he's come and go. He's iffy. So I've said watch out for Saint Germaine to take his place 'cause he might. He's another cosmic being. He works in the background now.

Everybody works with Saint Germaine. Every government works with him, in economics. That's his thing. Money and economics. Works in the background. He's behind all this getting all the "t's" crossed and "i's" dotted for the global reset. Like I've said, that's Sananda's puppy. That's his thing. And so, everybody else is getting ready for him.

He wants to come in as the savior of the world. What's he saving? People from destruction. From, uh--I can really hear the weather outside picking up. [laughs] When you get hit by a DEW [directed energy weapon] in a fake thunderstorm, you start to question all thunderstorms, trust me. It's such a fake one. 'Cause every Monday night when I do a show, the fake storms start coming in. But anyway, I was just noticing this 'cause my window's open and I'm hearing the wind pick up outside.

Instead of Listing Only the 144,000 for Assassination, Their List Extended to Include Everybody Who Might Be a Threat to Them for all this to take place. Because I know people wanna get all hyped up over the martial law list. The red/green list. Uh, what is it? Red, blue, and green? Some people say there's orange. And, you know, when it all started years ago, when they tried to figure out who the 144,000 were, they wanted to get them, they wanted to assassinate them. And you know what? You can't touch the 144,000. They're protected. They're protected. And so, this list kept growing, and growing, and growing because they're trying to find these Christians or these Messianic Jews who could actually be one of these 144,000.

They know scripture. They know prophecy. They don't always interpret it right, but they know the gist of it. And so, now you have this Main Core list. And it's just extended to everybody who might be a threat to them. Anybody with a conservative website, anyone who's pro-Constitution, pro-Yahushua, pro-Bible, they're all threats to them. They wanna eliminate the threats. And so, people are getting all...I'm not gonna say distracted because if they didn't know it, they should learn it, but, you know, the learning curve is short here.

When the Global Reset Happens, It Might Put Money in Your Pocket, But We've Got Real Giant Invasions Coming as a Result of It

We don't have a lot of time for people to realize exactly how many enemies they have and what angles they're coming in at them. Because it's gonna come in all different directions from this time on. I mean, 2014 is really set up as an ugly, ugly year. And, you know, I said last year was the setup year. And we're looking at--with all the delays--this one being as well. But, you know, it's not gonna last forever, the delays. What upsets me is the fact that we might have to end up going through the wintertime dealing with power loss, invasions of Giants.

And this is another thing, folks. When this RV [revaluation] happens, when global reset happens, and disclosure happens, these aren't good things. Yeah, it might put some money in your pocket if you're an investor, but we've got some real Giant invasions coming as a result of this. You know, if you wanna, you know, read Joel, chapter 2. Joel's, chapter 1 and 2. The northern army. It's not a human army, folks. It's not the Russian army. I know the churches teach you this stuff. I've sat in the churches for years. I know what they teach. It's a extreme northern army. It's an alien army. It's a Giant army. These are Giants. Locusts go from the cankerworm from the time they're baby to the full-blown locust which is an adult. This is what we're gonna be dealing with. Giants of various sizes coming in. That's why it's called a Locust army, symbolic. And so, that is around the corner from when Sananda arrives.

Now, Maitreya arrives, himself. He's gonna arrive, I assume, a couple months before Sananda does unless they both arrive together. Change their plans and arrive together. Maitreya's the rider of the black horse. We're gonna see famine. We're gonna see his army, his forces that come with him. And they're not human either. Sananda being the rider of the pale horse. And he has, literally, Hell with him. Sananda is Satan, himself. He's the Antichrist. He gets his power directly from Satan. You know, they're almost like how we look at...well, how I look at the Father and the Holy Spirit. One person. And the Father's Spirit works through us directly of the Father. Sananda gets all his power from Lucifer. They're just kind of tied together as well. And so, you can't separate these three. Maitreya, Sananda, Lucifer, the Ashtar Command, they're all part of Satans's forces and his kingdom, and so.

Who's Running Everything Behind the Scenes? - People Will Be Shocked When They Finally See Satan for Themselves

People wanna know who are the ones running behind the scene? Who are the ones behind the curtains, lifting and closing the curtains? Who's running everything? Who's controlling everything? It's this Galactic Ashtar Command. That's who's running everything. And they get their power and authority from Satan. You know, Lucifer doesn't get lost in all the details, folks. He's not...he's not, uh...I don't know, what you say, um, the CEO that pays attention to all the details. He lets people go. He gives them a long rope. And that's why there's so many different factions, and groups, and religions on earth. He gives them all a long rope to do their own thing. As long as they're, ultimately, praising him.

And he doesn't care what name or moniker these groups or religions give the top being that they worship. As long as it's attributed to him. He's known by a million different names.

Anyway, just how things are run. He's know, I love that part in Revelation (or is it Isaiah), when Satan is, you know, being cast into, um, being exposed for who he is right before he's chained and cast into the abyss. And people are like, this is the one who deceived the world? They're like, shocked. When they see Satan. They're shocked. This is Satan? You know, like, this is Satan? Like they can't believe that's Satan. And that's the one that, you know, led worldwide deception against the Lord. Is responsible for billions of murders, and deaths, and destruction.

'Cause he's a slimy being. He's just a slimeball. I mean, he's not that intelligent. To say he is--OK, he has a extreme amount of intelligence. Doesn't have common sense. He just does not have common sense. And he makes rash decisions without thinking about them. Just complete narcissist. Everything I've ever learn and known about him, having to deal with him so much, he's just a worm. He's a worm. He really is.

And so, that part in the Bible always cracked me up, where people finally see him for themselves. And it's like, "This is the one who deceived the nations?" You know, like, "What is this thing?" "We were afraid of this thing?" Haha! I don't know how else to put it because it's just so crazy. He's not anything to fear. And if you're a child of the Lord's, you have nothing to fear. I think the auras he creates for people to fear. There's the fear aura, to make people fear. Feel fear.

Yeah, he's ugly. But I think the biggest thing is just how stupid he is. I mean, he's just so...does such unintelligent things. And yet, all these people--he has all these people wrapped around his finger that worship him daily, and sacrifice to him, and spend their careers working for him, and spend their lives worshiping him as a religion and a god. What a waste. He doesn't care about any of those people. Absolutely does not care about any of them. But puts on a show at occultic rituals to keep him fed and leading them on. You know, talk about sheep. They're the sheep. They're literal sheep. They believe anything he says. He lies to them all the time, so.

They Want Me Dead Before They Bring in the Ashtar Command Beings - Will Obama Be Forced to Retire on July 4?

But this is where we're getting in the year. Because July's always been dominant. And I've told you May is a dominant month. June and July. And June, for the most part, on the forefront, it's quiet. Behind the scenes a lot of activity going on because they're still trying to attack me constantlly. They want me dead before the RV. They want me dead before they bring in Maitreya, and Germaine, and Sananda, and the whole Ashtar thing. They want me dead by then, so they're not stopping. It's one attack after the next. And as you can see, I'm still here. But this isn't gonna--this can't delay the agenda forever. It has to go on.

So watch for the RV. Watch for disclosure then. What I found interesting was reading something somewhere on one of these New Age sites about Obama. Forcing Obama to resign on July 4 of this year. And I was thinking, "Well, that's that route that kicks in where Sananda [transcriber note: I believe Sherry means Obama] just gives the authority of the United States over to Sananda and Maitreya and the UN. This whole New Age alien agenda. I don't see him retiring, I just thought it was kind of funny that they're throwing that out there. "Oh, we're gonna force Obama to retire." Resign.

Was Michelle Obama Born a Male?

And they're doing a lot of amusing things. I was reading a thing on Facebook the other day. Some page news article about Michelle Obama, who was born as Michael Robinson. And how he had a sex change and became Michelle Robinson, who we know as Michelle Obama. That was interesting. Is it true? I don't know. I wouldn't doubt it. I don't have it confirmed it's true by any of my sources. But when you read those kinds of things and--you really don't doubt it when you read it, so. You know, it could go either way.

The whole thing about Obama's presidency has been classified. It's been an operation, so to say. This project. There's so many intricate things that go on and happen because you're not just dealing with normal humans. The puppet masters are controlling the puppets. And most of the time what you see on TV are the puppets. Operation Double Down has been going on for a long time, where they have cloned and replaced most of the humans that we see on TV. Celebrities, politicians, religious figures. The real people are long gone and the clones, the replacements, are standing in as them. And people don't know the difference. They don't know the difference.

You know, when I point out, you know, when you listen to this speech when President George Bush was speaking, that was the droid. They have no idea. Or, like I've ranted and raved on my Facebook this year during the presidencial debates, or last year, about droids being used. People don't know. The majority of the people would never know they're not looking at a human being. That what's in front of them is a what you'd call robot, robotoid, clone. So, a lot of that going on. Rothschilds now, Rockefellers, all of them, if you see them, they're clones. 'Cause the real ones are gone. A lot of celebrities, too. And so, you know, it just keeps getting deeper and deeper and more cumbersome because becoming so dominant among us. And people don't pick it up.

One of the Things That I See in the Bible Codes Is That I'm Appointed to Announce Things

And a couple of years from now my radio show will make sense to most people. Right now, probably just the choir that listens to this show. They understand what I'm talking about. Anybody else is like, "What is she talking about? She's crazy." Yeah, in a couple of years, all this will be old news. They'll understand it. I'm just ahead of my time. I've always been. And that's why people think I'm crazy. They don't understand what I'm talking about, so. I can't do anything about that.

One of the things that I see in the Bible Codes is that I'm appointed to announce things. And so, I do that because when I announce things, it's on record that I announced it. I've done my job. I did my assignment. You know? And that's all I care about. I'm here on Earth to be His servant. I'm the Lord's servant, you know. It really makes me angry when people confront me and they think that I'm claiming to be God, or claiming to be Jesus, or above Yahushua, or whatever. No! I'm a child. I'm a servant. I serve the King. I serve the Master. I really hate these false accusations that come constantly. And so, just throwing that out there.

They really don't understand anything if they start slinging mud. For no other reason than just slinging mud 'cause they don't like me. That's understandable. You're never gonna get everybody to like you. I certainly don't try to. You know? You can't do it. It can't be done. Hehe! If the world liked me even I would be doing something wrong because the world hated Yahushua when He was here. The majority hated Him. So if you're hated by a majority of the world, you're in good company. So was the King. So, just do what the Lord has you doing. Just fulfill your assignment, your calling. Don't worry about what the world thinks. That's all that matters to me.

You know, you hear the wind blowing hard at night and you know--well, you know what? They're bringing in a lot of ships. [laughs] And you just look and you find, oh, Osiris is here again. Oh, it's the Japanese--the Chapanese; the Chinese and Japanese. And the Russians right behind them. And everybody's taking their shots. Everybody's taking their digs. And you know what? You just realize how short time is. How it all could just end in one second of time, and so. You never know how much time we have. I don't. I can see in the Codes where there's things going on. There's events that are given multiple days, multiple months. 'Cause if it doesn't happen on this day, it could happen next month. Well, if things did happen as I see them in the Codes, we'd be up to our chin in horse dung just by November. So thank God for delays, folks, 'cause most of you are just not ready for the things that could happen so quickly. You know?

How Would You Feel If You Saw Obama on TV Announcing That Sharia Law Has Now Replaced the Constitution?

So keep your eye out on the global reset, disclosure, the cosmic beings coming. I'm gonna be writing an article. I posted one on my Facebook about Islam. And people need to acclimate themselves. Because this is not huff and puff. It is not huff and puff when you hear about all the Muslims claiming to take over the world and beheading all the infidels. And this is what's coming. This is truth. The Antichrist is Muslim. The fallen angels, they worship Allah. This whole New Age alien agenda, you know, these Ascended beings, these masters of wisdom that all these New Agers look up to, they worship Allah. Who's Allah? Satan. Allah is Satan.

So the whole New Age thing, the whole alien agenda thing is all pointing everybody and everything into Islam. The Antichrist is an Islamic beast. He's the Christian Jesus 'cause that's the image that's been portrayed for the churches to accept as Jesus. His name is Sananda. He's a Muslim. He's coming as the savior of the Muslims. And so, isn't that gonna be confusing when the churches see Jesus arrive and starts teaching the Koran instead of the Bible.

You know, I know a lot of, you know, even myself, have been warning about Chrislam; a mixture of Christianity and Islam. It's gonna be much worse than you think. Much worse. And all this stuff is coming around the corner. So, I'm gonna be working on a article this week on this whole Muslim/Islam agenda. Because it's kind of like the last nail on the coffin. Now look at the work I've produced over the years, and all the information I've exposed over the years. It's kind of like the last bit, really, that I'll probably have to say. I mean, Islamic beast. The Antichrist is a Muslim. I mean, all this huff and puff about Islam taking over the world is true. So it's all gonna come down to this. This is the route that I have seen years ago. And I just thought, "Oh, that's gonna be crazy." But it's here. That's what it's gonna be, and so.

We elected a Muslim president. He's got a lot of the [Muslim] Brotherhood in high positions in the White House. We have a whole agenda coming in based on Islam. Sharia law. I mean, how would you feel if you saw Obama on TV announcing that sharia law has now replaced the Consititution? Just boom, overnight out of nowhere. Because that could happen. Think I'm crazy? How much worth do you think the Constitution has to any of them right now? And so, yeah, would it cause civil war? They expect that. They expect civil war in America.

And you know what? Their old agenda of bringing in a race war isn't gonna happen. America's always been a melting pot of different races. We've never had a race war yet that wasn't instigated by the CIA. I mean, every riot in California has always been instigated by the CIA.

What would cause a huge civil war in America, other than trying to take people's guns, is to get on TV, if you're president of the United States, and say, "We're doing away with the Constitution. As of today, sharia law takes prominence." Now that would cause civil war. So watch for it. Global Islam is what we're facing, so. Anyway, thought I'd throw that out.

You Can Get People's Attention Through Humor

I know me and Daniel Ott spent a lot of time Saturday night just...humoring banter against Islam and that kind of thing. And, you know, even through humor you can get people's attention. You can make them listen through humor. There's a true percentage value of wisdom in humor. And using humor to get people's attention. It's not always just silliness and having fun. You can reveal a lot of information just in humorous ways and humor things, and so.

Getting people acclimated to Allah, Saturn-worship, the black cube. You know, and I've spent a lot of time on this show exposing all of that. And you can go to YouTube and type in the black cube (I don't know what the Islamic name for it is), or Mecca, Sananda, Maitreya. All this stuff. All this stuff that's coming, so. And I'm talking this year and next year.

So Many People Have Been Fed Apostate Doctrine for Years That They Don't Want to Hear It When You Try to Wake Them Up to the Truth of What's Coming

You know, towards the end of this year, we have Comet ISON. And I was just looking at some video and they were saying Comet ISON is Nibiru. It's not Nibiru. It's part of the Nibiru system though. There's seven planets. They call them moons. OK, seven moons of Nibiru--well, they're pretty huge--that are in the same system as Nibiru coming in.

And as soon as the Antichrist appears, the Lord's judgment is going to come on earth. The day of the Lord will begin. And so many people are gonna be clueless because they won't recognize the times we're in because they're all waiting for the telltale signs of a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and a rapture before prophecy ever begins, and tribulation period begins. They won't recognize the times we're in. They've been falsely fed apostate doctrines for years, and when you try to wake them up and tell them the truth, they don't wanna hear it, so.

You know, somebody made a good point. I don't know if I brought it up in my article or not when I wrote my article on The Day of the Lord [], but Scripture clearly talks about--I think it's in Joel, chapter 2, when the Locusts are here roaming the earth, the Giants. And the priests are in the temples praying, and seeking forgiveness for the people's sins, and trying to petition the Lord to take the Locusts away. They're here. The priests are here. The people are here. There wasn't a rapture that mysteriously took them off the earth to escape the judgment of the Locusts. And so, I thought, "Hey, you know, I didn't pick that off either." Good part of scripture saying hey, they're here, they're praying that the Lord removes the Giants from off the face of the earth. So, obviously, Christians are here. And priests.

So many people waiting for that mystery rapture. Prepare, folks. Even if you're a die-hard pre-trib rapturist, it doesn't say a thing in the Bible that America would not experience wars and invasions from Giants from unknown planets before a rapture. Hehe! Doesn't say anything that there would never be anything bad happening here. You know, some Chrisitians in America are so entitled. They have this entitlement that nothing bad will happen here. "Oh, we're the Lord's favorite country," and "We're favored by Him," and, "He would take us home before he allowed us to suffer." Really? That entitlement.

Where's the Chinese rapture? Where's the Russian rapture? 50 million Christians killed by Stalin and Lenin. Where was their rapture? Where's the Chinese rapture? They're sacrificed and murdered every day for believing in Yahushua the Lord. Where's their raptures? Prepare, folks.

The Trumpet and Bowl Judgments in the Book of Revelation Can Be Fulfilled by the Aftereffects of Nibiru Coming In

It's gonna be an increase in earthquakes. I see a tsunami somewhere. I haven't figured out where. I can see a tsunami coming. Earthquakes. I see that. And all these the effects of Nibiru coming in. And Nibiru, also known as the day of the Lord. A moniker for the name of Nibiru. Also Shiva the Destroyer.

If you look at the trumpet and bowl judgments in the book of Revelation, it can all be fulfilled just by the presence of Nibiru coming in, the aftereffects.

Things are gonna happen in ways you don't expect them. The Lord told me years ago. And that's what I pass on to you. And so, we'll just keep figuring out and learning as we keep going. But you can see how everything's starting to tie together.

I Still Need Your Donations for Bills, for Mission Montana, for Crystals, and for About $1000 in Aluminum Shavings

Anyway, folks, still need your donations. Get bills paid, stay on the air, that kind of thing. Also, Mission Montana. Working on getting orgone out to a Warrior in Montana so we can get a huge part of Montana covered with orgone.

Yeah, they really...sounds like they're trying to crank up the storm around here.

So, I need your help with that. If you wanna make orgone and send it to me to forward on, I can do that. Or just send donations so that we can buy the supplies we need. I need about $1000 in shavings. And so, if somebody wanted to send in $1000 just for that, I would hugely appreciate that. The shavings I need to--you know, suppliers don't want to just send out miniscule amounts at a time. We need to buy a bunch of them at one time, and so. Been dealing with that for the past month. That problem, issue, staring at me in the face. That need to come up with $1000 bucks just for shavings. Also with crystals. We need money just to buy all the crystals needed.

I mean, orgone's expensive. Especially when you're broke. When you think about the billion and trillion dollars they've spent for chemtrails, and building DUMBs, and building starships, and stuff like that, and then it seems like it only takes pennies of orgone to destroy that. Then you realize how cheap orgone is when you realize how many billions they've spent, and all the strongholds we can destroy for pennies with orgone compared to that much. But, you know, it still costs money for supplies. And so, still need to get that together.

Mission Montana. Somebody was asking me the other day if we're still doing that one. And, yeah, we are. Mission Montana definitely on. So I need help with that. I can't do that on my own. Especially just trying to get back on my feet from just about losing everything last month, and so. Been disrupted, but...set's me back, but doesn't stop me, folks. [laughs softly] So, always have a stronghold to tear down. As long as I'm here I'm always gonna be tearing down strongholds somewhere. Helping someone else do it, so.

And you already saw the success we had last week with their huge false flag of trying to disrupt the lives of 64 million Americans from Idaho to the east coast with their false flag storms and weather systems. And we pretty much deflated that. We deflated it with our orgone walls. People wanna mock and laugh at orgone? Look at our success with it. It doesn't take a genius. But you can't tell anyone truth who doesn't wanna hear it. You know, most people have already preconditioned in their minds they're gonna mock and hate me or us. Um...OK. But it's not gonna stop me. Not gonna stop us. This little ragtag band of Faction 4 Warriors, we're just kicking butt and we don't care who makes fun of us. [laughs] We can see the success we've had with our own eyes, so.

Anyway, folks, need your continued donations.

Until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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